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"dd girlz all together" by kimi, Texas
"Best friends forever" by Eleanor, Uk
"nikkis daughter " by Emma, California
"Mackenzie, Queen of mean. :3" by Amelie, Alberta
"Nikki and Brandons first kiss" by Jenavie , California
"Nikki and Brandons first kiss" by Jenavie , California
"CCP Nikki" by Vida, New York
"Mckenzie Hollister " by Katherine, Montana
"Nikki J Maxwell" by Ari, New Zealand
"Miss not so perfects" by Ari, New Zealand
"Miss perfect" by Ari, New Zealand
"Nikki sees Brandon face" by Karlsson, Taiwan
"Cool Nikki" by Priyanka, India
"i love dork rules" by Tamara, California
"Confused zoeysha" by Zoeysha, Virginia
"Chubby Nikki and Brandon" by Ari, New Zealand
"Nikki & Mackenzie" by Annie, United Kingdom
"“Blushing and smiling by Ruth" by Ruth, Texas
"Ticked of cinderella (nikkie)" by Sophie, California
"Nikki as Miss Know-it-all" by Priyanka, India
"Nikki Maxwell" by Pawanpreet, Virginia
"MacKenzie VS Nikki" by Rachel, Hong Kong
"dork diaries" by cindy, Illinois
"Me and Nikki puffed style <3!!" by Tyena, Michigan
"Mackenzie Hollister" by Siddhi, U.A.E
"Nikki and Brandon!" by Hannah, Pennsylvania
"forever enemies" by alicia25, singapore
"Nikki and Brandon studying " by Imogen, Melbourne
"My dork diaries book mark" by Annabelle, Western Australia
"Nikki and Brandon 😍 " by Julia, Colorado
"Nikki as a ccp" by annabelle, Western Australia
"Nikki as a ccp" by Annabelle , Western Australia
"Nikki freaking out!!!! :)" by cecilia broyles, Alabama
"nikki" by oneli, australia, canberra
"Nikki as a pretty princess!!!!" by Hannah, Texas
"dorky Nikki Maxwell" by ziena, ontario
"Nikki Maxwell" by Happy Gal, Florida
"the evil Mackenzise" by sarah, united kindom
"Brianna" by Julee Rai, New York
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