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"Nikki, entering the PARTY!!" by Hyojoo, Seoul
"Dorky Singers" by Hyojoo, Seoul
"Dorky Singers" by Hyojoo, Seoul
"Briannas nightmare" by yasmine, Bangalore, India
"Chloe" by Kathryn, Oregon
"Dork Rules" by Dawon, California
"Nikki Maxwell" by Kiley (, Illinois
"dorky bffs" by sofia, USA California
"skating sensation" by sarah, england
"Mackenzie hollister😠" by Bunny lover😉, Michigan
"Macs makeover from Brianna " by Bunny lover😉, Michigan
"first day of school" by Emma, canada
"BFFs" by Kita lauchard, United Kingdom
"Day Dreamin" by Acacia, California
"TRUE LOVE!!!!!!" by kwayera mahabir, trinidad and tobago
"Nikki Maxwell" by Gwen Wheeler, Vermont
"Nikki and the crew" by Eunice, Puerto Rico
"Nikki & Brianna (Fall version)" by April, North Carolina
"Pretty Nikki" by Kulsoom, Pakistan
"In love" by Ellie, New York
"Chloe sometimes wears glasses!" by Sarah, Singapore
"Nikki CCP version!" by Rachel, Ohio
"Niki" by Bailey, Illinois
"Nikki Maxwell" by Caylin, Newfoundland, Canada
"Omg i love nikki" by Mariah, Georgia
"Can i have a little privacy" by Emily, California
"niki" by sumaya, Minnesota
"🎃Trick-or-treat Nikki🎃" by 🎀Asia🎀, Texas
"dork diaries twister fourth me" by Rianna, Iowa
"Nikkis World! (;" by Mushtaaq, Minnesota
"Chloe" by Eva, Singapore
"Mackenzie Hollister" by Niamh Barrington, Hornchurch, Essex, England
"ADORKABLE!!!!" by Kayla, California
"one of my fan art drawings " by lihanacr03, California
"your awesome nikkie ;) :D" by Mia, Wisconsin
"Nikki ♥ Brandon" by Sam, Netherland
"nikki" by dhwani appasamy, india
"Nikkis imaginary phone" by Diaz, Victoria
"dork darys" by caramcdonald, scotland
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