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"Nikki,chole and zoey" by Reyannie andrea misc, Alaska
"Nikkis perfect life" by Ellie, North Carolina
"Nikki Maxwell!" by Ellie, North Carolina
"Nikki as a diary" by Uyen Duong , California
"dork diaries (by: daphney)" by xCREEPERxGIRLx , New Jersey
"Jessica(CCP) V.S. Nikki" by Jessica, Florida
"JessicaH. and me" by Jessica, Florida
"Mackenzie puts on make-up!!" by Jessica, Florida
"nikki" by Jessica, Florida
"nikki’ s wedding dress" by lim yu xuen, kuala lumpur
"Girl gettin the party started" by Lucy, Kentucky
"Dork diaries" by Uyen Duong , California
"nicki cloe and zoey" by Alisha Dominguez, Texas
"Nikki and Chloe" by Jessica, Australia
"my book cover" by Emily, California
"Nikki..." by Yu Min, Republic of Korea
"Nikki" by Yu Min, Republic of KOREA
"That moment when...5" by Emma-Grace, Western Australia
"That moment when...4" by Emma-Grace, Western Australia
"That moment when...3" by Emma-Grace, Western Australia
"That moment when...2" by Emma-Grace, Western Australia
"That moment when...1" by Emma-Grace, Western Australia
"Nikki J. Maxwell " by Jaymie , Rhode Island
"Mackenzies Invitation book 1" by Fiona, Missouri
"Nikki" by Elizaveta, Florida
"BEST FRINEDS" by CHOLE, California
"nickis ID Card" by imogen, england
"Nikki in long hair & blue eyes" by Maegan, Illinois
"Mean girl makenzie" by Cemma, New York
"Mackenzie meets Nikki" by Zanai, Massachusetts
"How the dance should have gone" by Renee, Indiana
"Mackenzie" by Charlie, Texas
"NIKKIS BEST DREM EVER!!!!!!!!" by tatiyanna, Kansas
"Nikkis wedding dress" by Alyssa , Kansas
"The-not-so-talented-pop-star" by Emma-Grace, Western Australia
"Nikki and Mackenzie " by Kaya, California
"A case of dorkitis!!!" by Kayla, California
"Nikki Maxwell" by Mitzy, Texas
"Nikki is awesome" by Bunny lover😉, Michigan
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