Zoey's First TV Show

Yesterday was Zoey’s first show on our local TV station, and I’m super proud of her!

(If you have no clue what I’m talking about, read this post from last week.)

I was SUPER grateful for all your suggestions, and I ended up sharing them with Zoey so she could plan her first show (with me and Chloe, since we were her first guests!).

We decided that we’d start with a short conversation about crushes…because let’s face it: if you want a girl our age to pay attention, you start with, “Your crush would TOTALLY notice you if….”

Then we were going to do a segment called “Make It Work” where we restyle horrible department store clothes to make them look less hideous and cheap. (If you watch Project Runway, you know I totally stole that from that old dude, Tim Gunn!)

We planned to end the show with a segment called “They Did WHAT?!” where we would read letters from viewers about super embarrassing things their parents did, and give them advice to deal with it.

Sounds like a great show, right? I thought so, too!

And it would have been, if a million and one things didn’t go wrong!

When the show started, Zoey looked right at the camera and said, “Welcome to the Zoey show! I’m your host, Zoey. These are my special guests, Nikki and Chloe. My uncle’s name is Joey, today it’s super snowy, and I promise I won’t be too showy!”

Spontaneous rhyming…a sure sign she was nervous! Since the show’s live, Chloe and I giggled, as if she said the funniest thing ever. We didn’t want to make her feel bad!

When we started the first segment about crushes, I mentioned that you can get your crush to notice you by being yourself instead of trying WAY too hard, like some nasty, obnoxious people we know. (AHEM, MacKenzie!)

Then Zoey said, “Yeah, there’s nothing worse than trying too hard. It’s like Alana Thompson said, ‘Why try to be someone you’re not? Life is hard enough without adding impersonation to the skills required.’”

It was a totally awesome quote, like all the ones Zoey finds in her self-help books, but Alana Thompson is Honey Boo Boo’s real name, and I’m pretty sure she didn’t say that!

When we got to the next segment, the one where we planned to restyle hideous department store clothes, I went off camera and put on this horrible, itchy pair of peach overalls.

When I came back, Zoey took out a big pair of scissors to restyle my outfit.

I guess because she was still nervous she forgot how gravity works…because she cut both of the straps and the overalls fell right off me. Luckily, I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt underneath!

I thought maybe the last segment, “They Did WHAT?!” would be better. But nope! It wasn’t!

Zoey introduced it by saying, “And now, a letter from one of our viewers at home. This one comes from a girl named Caitlin, who writes, ‘My dad jogs wearing super short shorts. They’re pretty much daisy dukes…and it’s winter! I’ve asked him to stop wearing them, but he never listens. How can I get him to stop dressing like Miley Cyrus? He’s HUMILIATING me!’”

Zoey started great. She said, “Oh man, that’s a tough situation! It sounds like he can’t stop…and he won’t stop…” (You know, from the Miley Cyrus song!)

But then she said, “…so, um, well, if he can’t stop and won’t stop, then well, what can you do! That’s all we have time for this week on the Zoey show. Thanks for tuning in everyone!”

Zoey is the wisest girl I know, but she couldn’t think of a SINGLE piece of advice!

Yup, the show was a hot mess! So why did I write that I was proud of her? Here’s why…

Right after the show, Chloe and I gave her a big hug and said, “Great job, Zoey! You were awesome!”

And she said, “You guys are really good liars! But that’s okay. I had fun and I’ll do better next week!”

THAT’S why I’m super proud of her. She may be a total dork, but she’s my hero! :)

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425 Responses to ZOEY’S FIRST TV SHOW!

  1. Jamie (338) says:

    Aw! Hope your show will turn out better, Zoey! For the record, I think it was funny! :) kudos to you and Chloe, Nikki, for making Zoey feel better! :)

  2. Taeko Yasuhiro (846) says:

    Of course you guys be’d nervous…it’s your first time! I’m sure next time you’ll all have courage and have a rockin time on Zoey’s show Nikki!

  3. grace (1) says:

    dear nikki,
    what would you do on a tv show and what would you wear?

  4. starfiremelody101 (101) says:

    Aw I hope the show is better next week. BTW did Brandon ever have his party?

  5. L.M.H Shimmer Shine (218) says:

    No way! I was off from a few min from being first! LOL!

  6. ANA (176) says:

    omg sounds like the show was a huge mess!!!!!!!!!!!! that sounds sooo embarrassing… maybe it’ll be better next week?… :P lol :mrgreen: :lol:

  7. L.M.H Shimmer Shine (218) says:

    That is totally funny Nikki!!!

  8. #Love this book (35) says:

    Maybe next week you all can talk about friendships since you all are BFFs and a lot of people can relate to you guys. Then for “Make It Work” you can turn an ugly shirt from K-Mart in to an infinity scarf with tassels and some shorts out of jeans. Last for “They Did WHAT” at least look at the letter before the show and think of some advice next time because that show was a TRAIN WRECK!

  9. Kaitlen (2062) says:

    7th comment!!
    I think Zoey was nervous because it’s just her first show.

  10. #Love (35) says:

    I’M THE SAME AS #Love This book I just changed names!!!

  11. Kaitlen (2062) says:

    OMG!! History class was so wierd today!
    We had a subsitute today. And while we were watching a video, everyone was raving on how this guy Edger likes this girl Lexi. They both were like, super embarrised! Then in the middle of class, Edger out of no where yelled out, “Lexi, would you be my girlfriend?!”
    OMG!! Everyone was laughing so hard, and saying, “OOOOH!!”
    “Yeeess!” Lexi said laughing. OMG!! It was such a wierd scene!
    Then after class Edger was had his hand around Lexi and they were flirting…
    It was so wierd!

  12. DorkDiariesLover (2) says:

    Omg I feel SO sorry for you Zoey! Better luck next week!!!! :)

  13. Kaitlen (2062) says:

    I like the oufit that Zoey had on!
    And that must have been embarrising! But who knows, maybe the people watching the show might like it because of the “comedy”!

  14. Shy reader (159) says:

    Didn’t sound too good but I’d watch it. BTW I’m new

  15. #Love :-) (35) says:

    Next week for the show to run smoothly you guys can talk about BFFs because everyone can relate to that. Next for “Make It Work” you can take a pair of horribly made jeans and add rips in it and make them look cooler, or take a shirt from K-Mart and turn it into an infinity scarf with tassels! For “They Did WHAT?!” you could try to read the letter when you get it before the show. And last don’t be nervous Zoey you can ask Chloe and Nikki to be with you. P.S- This week’s show was a HOT MESS!

  16. Mariam (194) says:

    I actually think the show wasn’t THAT much of a hot mess….people like comedy :) Besides, it’s your first show, the first try isn’t always gonna be perfect.

  17. Mariam (194) says:

    We got our report cards today….I was happy with my grades, but when it came down to gym and health: D for gym, B- for health. I wasn’t THAT worried about health, but when I saw my gym mark, I felt like crying. I’ve NEVER gotten a C or D IN ME LIFE!

    When we went to our lockers, I was kept out of my locker by my 2 locker buddies, they were hogging all the space -_-

    So I waited at my friend’s locker, which was right beside the classroom. One girl was bragging to everyone that she got a B+ in health. :/ She normally does that.

    My teacher was telling everyone not to be discouraged, and when she saw me, she called my name. She told me to come into the class.

    When I went into the class, that’s when I started crying like crazy! I know someone here might think I’m a crybaby, and I admit, I am sometimes…

    My teacher gave me tissues and encouraged me. She’s one of my favourite teachers :D

    But, I’m SO scared! I don’t want to tell my mom! :( But, tbh, I think my gym and health teacher has something against me. Probably because my brother wasn’t a good student in her language class a few years ago…

    Does anyone have any advice? :(

    • Dara (546) says:

      Maybe you should talk to your teacher and ask her what you need to exel at or maybe if you think you can do better in those classes like always offering to help or paying attention I am sure your grades will change

    • ARIYA (2685) says:

      Oh wow! I feel sooooooooooooo sorry for you!
      I wouldnt feel embarrased though.
      But aren’t gym teachers also suppose to grade by effort??
      I hope they didnt lower your grade because of your brother. Like, WHAT?? Its your brothers fault you got one of the WORST (sorry) GRADES EVER??! Was he even THERE when you that class??
      Case Closed… I think

    • Kaitlen (2062) says:

      I’m not getting my report card untill friday… And i’m sure I did WAY worse than last time in Gym… I keep on forgeting my gym clothes!
      And also in math. I didn’t pass a SINGLE quiz my teacher gave us!
      Even in Science, my favorite subject! I forgot to turn in some Vocabularys!
      But i’m trying to improve… trying.

      • Taeko Yasuhiro (846) says:

        For collage, it’s going to be tough, I’m scared the fact that what if the grades I get in my freshmen year now, will reflect on what collage you’ll need the grades for? It’s just like in how Middle School you need at least an %80 in each course to pass! For us they always checked your 7th grade report card to match high school records.

        • Kaitlen (2062) says:

          Realy? OMG!! I’m in 7th grade, and I have like, 6 more years untill college! But at least my school started a new class, Career Investigation, where you learn about high school, college, etc.
          I realy need to start studing!

      • Mariam (194) says:

        Oh, well good luck! :)

    • Mariam (194) says:

      I told my mom, and she was a bit angry at first, but when I explained the whole thing, she understood. :D

      I think I might talk to my gym teacher about so I’m a bit more clear about it…

    • Anna (345) says:

      Don’t feel bad I have a C in math

    • just try harder and work good then you’ll get good grades.its not with ur brother.BTW what the full form of tbh?

  18. emma (3) says:

    i love dork diaries :)

  19. saron (91) says:

    Wow Zoe is optimistic that’s something I really like about her :D

  20. LayLyann Tarabay (144) says:

    The show sounds funny! LOL! XD

  21. Just_Me (209) says:

    this is so much fun right

  22. Just_Me (209) says:

    i have the book

  23. Just_Me (209) says:

    i go to this wesite almost every day

  24. Just_Me (209) says:

    how to go on face chat

  25. Just_Me (209) says:

    i can not type anything no more i am so disappointed right now

  26. Just_Me (209) says:

    i can not type anything no more i am so disappointed right now

  27. kitten play with the puppy (55) says:

    omg theres a kid in my class that has never reed dork dieres so im lending her my 6

  28. Shy reader (159) says:

    Ok maybe it wasn’t a total hot mess but I’m sure it was hilarious

  29. Elle (470) says:

    Wow!! I am so excited 4 zoey!!

  30. Gemma Sampson (2) says:

    Wow, it takes a big heart to still have confidence after what had just happened. I would like to say that i too, am proud of Zoey. I wish i could be more like her. I admit i’m not that confident. When i got into the essay competition, i skipped a whole page of my story, and i felt sick for the next week, embarrassed. I got last place, and i just wanted to cry. Thank goodness, i have such wonderful friends that helped me get through it! :D

  31. Elle (470) says:

    Hope she does better next time though

  32. Layla Rolsehoesen (2) says:

    You know what? I actually think that was a GREAT show! :D It had everything a good show should have, some advise, a slogan (not really but it still did), and a good sense of humor!

  33. Batgirl (1) says:

    Peeps LOVE comedy! trust me, you will get even MORE people on the next week. :D

  34. katie (3) says:

    i thought it was funny i dont think you were bad at all zoey at least it was not boring like history class and math and well school is just boring

  35. katie (3) says:

    i thought you were funny and cool not at all bad or boring like school mabey you need to work on not cutting straps off but other that you should not change the show at all

  36. Miss.Pikachu (1050) says:

    and my worst nightmare came true today

    • cutiepie (53) says:

      What happened?

    • Sarahjo2002 (223) says:

      wow what happened? ik my worst nightmare would be if Tyler duenkel (a guy who’s prettymuch boy Mackenzie) asked me on a date cause there would be hardly any way out of it. i wouldnt ever want to hurt any1′s feelings, even if they seem like a jerk to me, but i also have a crush on sum1 else and don’t want to date :/
      but i have a bad feeling that may happen :(
      any advice for future reference? just wanna be safe about it.

  37. Wiz pop (6) says:


  38. Kristen (1) says:

    Maybe next time for Zoey’s show… she could think the cameras are under-wears instead of well, a CAMERA!!!! it could get away the nervousness (for me it helped)

  39. Elle (470) says:


  40. Elle (470) says:

    I’ve been on this sight for 1 1/2 years I just don’t post much

  41. Elle (470) says:

    U can do better next time ;)

  42. Anna (345) says:

    Its ok.
    You hav great friends to help u out like nikki and chloe

  43. ARIYA (2685) says:

    Hope you do better next week Zoey!

    Im going to China next week :(

  44. lovergirl16 (76) says:

    Heheheh…You could name the first episode of the TV show: First Episode: Comedy! That would be a perfect title. A TV series has episodes with different names, that could be the first one’s. :D I actually think it was pretty funny, I’m sure next time Zoey could give better advice!

  45. BasenjiLuvahPJO (3) says:

    Wow! The next show will totally be better. Thank goodness you had extra shorts on! xD I cannot wait to get book seven! SO EXCITED!!! R@and0m question: Who wins: Percy Jackson or Carter Kane? Anyone else huge Rick Riordan fangirls??? X)
    P.S. I’m new here! lol

  46. Makenzie (1) says:

    OMG! Hope you do better Zoey! I Totes understand your feelings! It happened to me when I spoke in front of my class and was caught taking itty bitty little toot. :/ Was sooooooooooo embarassing!!!!!!!!!!! Good Luck!

  47. Raven Rocks:) (9) says:

    hey i hope they give us a sneek peek for dork diaries 7 :) that would be soooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)!!!

  48. Raven Rocks:) (9) says:

    zoey youll do better next week :)

  49. ARIYA (2685) says:

    New posts that you probably haven’t read…


  50. Meredith Cookie (3) says:

    OMG Really????? Well… at least Zoey was on TV at all! As they say… Stay Strong Beautiful, because things will get Better,
    It May Be Stormy Now, But It Can’t Rain Forever! :D Oh, and please click (or tap) my name for my blog!

  51. Meredith Cookie (3) says:

    XD ;D ;) :) :(

  52. Tori (43) says:

    Maybe the show should not be live so she doesn’t get so nerves

  53. lilly (1) says:

    hi i need advice how do you know if a boy likes you

  54. Kaitlen (2062) says:

    Just stopped by on your blog! It’s so cool! And at least you are doing better in swimming! But I tottaly can’t swim! It’s one of my embbarising secrets… :oops:

  55. Kaitlen (2062) says:

    I’m so happy!! There might be no school tommorow because there’s gonna be freezing rain!! :D
    YESS!!! :lol: No more Gym class!!

  56. Sopmonkey (2170) says:

    Before you open your mouth mouth to rain on someones parade remember you can’t blame them if they choose to leave.(maybe forever) I think I would like to share some things with you guys. A while back on instagram on an account I posted a coset cosplay nothing more than some fun. Then it seems someone else posted my picture saying my cosplay was horrible. Not a big deal right? yeah but my friends found this they took to telling this girl off her response was quite simple a few words actually “why don’t you all go back to your queen sophie” once again not a big deal I guess but them there were comments so many ones like “oh her shes so annoying” and others like that those got to me but the word Queen is very similar to the one used by my tormentor back in fourth grade it was a usual gym day and I can’t remember quite what was said but thats not quite important the word she used quite sarcastically was “princess” this girl called me a spoiled brat, stupid, a fly ect and I started to believe everything. As soon as the simialar word was brought back in a similar use I started to cry and my whole day was ruined. This girl has not stopped with insults she has said I draw like a nine year old and so on. So thank you princess monica for decided to make me your target like countless others have in the past

    • Kaitlen (2062) says:

      Aww… I’m sorry to hear that. But some people don’t know that they have to think before they open their mouth. Like, there’s a saying: If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say ANYTHING!

    • Sopmonkey (2170) says:


    • Taeko Yasuhiro (846) says:

      Kaitlen’s right, it’s usually the people who always try to pick on their “easy targets”, but in really people who speak from their minds, don’t think before they speak, especially on Instagram, someone’s made a hate page bullying this poor girl called I_HATE_BRIANNA_LUSK, and calls every one of her pictures ugly, thinking she can get away with it, but you’re a strong person, and people who believe what this girl was doing is just wrong, they told us on Tumblr if we had an Instagram, block her and report her, she didn’t deserve to do something like that.

      They may look down upon you, but however what talents they don’t have for them to do such a thing?

    • LuckyNumber2 (108) says:

      When recently I read a book about cyber bullying, I was, well, horrified to see the things people dare to do on the internet. That girl, even though you may not realize it, she’s a cyber bully. The one who told you that you were a brat, well for one she’s wrong, and two, she’s a regular mental bully, which means she hurts you with words. For about a year and a quarter, my now friend used to bully me and others my age. After my mom told her and her sidekick they got nicer. So now she’s my friend and in my class and stopped bullying!

      • LuckyNumber2 (108) says:

        I just edited this.
        When recently I read a book about cyber bullying, I was, well, horrified to see the things people dare to do on the internet. That girl, even though you may not realize it, she’s a cyber bully. The one who told you that you were a brat, well for one she’s wrong, and two, she’s a regular mental bully, which means she hurts you with words. For about a year and a quarter, my now friend used to bully me like that and others my age. After my mom told her and her sidekick they got nicer. So now she’s my friend and in my class and stopped bullying!

      • Kaitlen (2062) says:

        Yeah. You’re right. Remember over the summer on the advice post: when you think your’e not pretty, or something like that, there was another cyberbully… I forgot her name. I think it was Princess something.

        • Taeko Yasuhiro (846) says:

          There was another girl, Lulu Nicole, she used to get on EVERYONE’S case, and specifically reply to people’s comments on how her life is richer than Mackenzie’s, and we’re all just dorks, seriously I got on that girls case all the time, she can seriously be some old man eating chips out there sitting on a laptop, I may be wrong but there is always a troll/bully on a website doing such stuff.

  57. LuckyNumber2 (108) says:

    It says I’m 28th comment but I am probably 79th comment

  58. ARIYA (2685) says:

    Gotta go back cookies. Be back in 30 minutes!

  59. Pandypolo (57) says:

    Wow… the show was kind of a mess but I know it would turn out better next week!!!
    Good luck for that ;)

  60. LuckyNumber2 (108) says:

    I <3 this website! Everybody's friendly and I fit in! At school, I feel lonely. :-( Well, at least I fit in with my crush! one he actually said we were meant to be together! :-)

  61. ARIYA (2685) says:

    I absolutely hate it when people try to use people with low self-esteem. Its just wrong.
    Example: A mean girl calls a very pretty, social butterfly ugly. But the pretty girl wont feel bad, she'll just call the mean one a bad name.
    BUT, if that mean girl calls someone that little self-esteem, shyness and thinks she not beautiful girl ugly. She'll get really upset and her feelings will be hurt A LOT.

  62. Anna-pug-girl (1) says:

    OUCH! That must be mega super hard 4 you and zoey! good luck nest time! ( you need it ;)
    he he )

  63. ARIYA (2685) says:

    YAY! I finished my cookies and they look so yummy!
    Must. Take. Bite.

  64. Sofia (99) says:

    Hope it turns out well next week!!
    I agree it was funny!

  65. Sofia (99) says:

    My momm i9s making me apply to all girld school but i dont want to go to an all girl schol i tried to tell her but she wont listen i like having boys around

    • Taeko Midori (2634) says:

      Try comparing to her how the different varieties of being in a regular school with boys AND girls are, what are the things they have, and don’t have, things you can do in a school of both, and for just an all-girls school, your mom has to listen to you either way!

  66. lilly (13) says:

    who loves valentines day

  67. ARIYA (2685) says:

    This’ll show how bored I am:

    Don’t do love, don’t do friends
    I’m only after success
    Don’t need a relationship
    I’ll never soften my grip

    Don’t want cash, don’t want card
    Want it fast, want it hard
    Don’t need money, don’t need fame
    I just want to make a change
    I just wanna change [5x]

    I know exactly what I want and who I want to be
    I know exactly why I walk and talk like a machine
    I’m now becoming my own self-fulfilled prophecy
    Oh, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh

    One track mind, one track heart
    If I fail, I’ll fall apart
    Maybe it is all a test
    Cause I feel like I’m the worst
    So I always act like I’m the best

    If you are not very careful
    Your possessions will possess you
    TV taught me how to feel
    Now real life has no appeal
    It has no appeal [5x]

    I’m gonna live, I’m gonna fly,
    I’m gonna fail, I’m gonna die,
    I’m gonna live, I’m gonna fly
    I’m gonna fail, gonna die, die, die, die

    I know exactly what I want and who I want to be
    I know exactly why I walk and talk like a machine
    I’m now becoming my own self-fulfilled prophecy
    Oh, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh

  68. ARIYA (2685) says:

    So a few days ago I made a new website, and I seriously want you guys to check it out


  69. Chloeed (15) says:


  70. hey my exams r over and i passed with full marks :D

  71. Melissa (8) says:

    Hi guys! Can you please help me out and tell me how long this moderation thing is going to hang on if you are a new user? I am and I really want to know when you can chat instantly. Please help me out! Thanks! ( this message is also going to be moderated so yeah)

  72. Rightmare XD (1591) says:

    Hey anyone here? Aaah no one comes .-.

  73. DD Lover (264) says:


    Is that going to be on TV.

    Oh and OCS is having a 2 hour delay today. Just go on http://WWW.wstw.com/snowatch. You will see all the schools that have 2 hour delay and stuff. THAT IS ONLY FOR DELAWARE!!

  74. Fairy Tail (4) says:

    Hey Guys! I’m new… Anybody be friends with me? xD

  75. Fairy Tail (4) says:

    Would any of you be friends with me?

  76. yes i hope so too :D LOL

  77. Dorky Demigod (18) says:

    I know this is off topic, but wasn’t Brandon’s birthday a couple of days ago?

  78. yasmeenn (1) says:

    hi my name is yasmeenn

  79. pretty safiya (4) says:

    they didnt talk much about crushes…..but i like it…hope zoye next time would do way better

  80. pretty safiya (4) says:

    they did not talk much about crushes why…??

  81. Laura222 (206) says:

    Well,Nikki did not mention Brandon so I was disappointed because I like Nikki and Brandon tales

  82. bryonybb (12) says:

    sounds sooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!! how do u make ur own blog????? x

  83. ARIYA (2685) says:

    *sigh* ANOTHER new email :roll:

  84. Kaitlen (2062) says:

    Hey can you guys please click my name? I just made a blog, but when I click on it all it says is that they can’t find it…

  85. Kaitlen (2062) says:

    Okay! NOW click my name! IT WORKS!!!
    I just forgot to confirm my email.

  86. Kaitlen (2062) says:

    Umm… How do you put a picture on your name?

  87. Taeko Yasuhiro (5) says:

    Ugh, couldn’t comment

  88. Sopmonkey (2170) says:

    new website hope it shows up

  89. ARIYA (2685) says:

    Step six is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy gross.

  90. Taeko Yasuhiro (1) says:

    I have to change my email address, couldn’t comment anymore for some reason.

  91. ARIYA (2685) says:

    You use yolasite too?

  92. Miss.Pikachu (1050) says:

    hey princess monica your back heyyyyy (evil bish) wha-what i didnt say anything *scratches back of head* soo how ya been

  93. Miss.Pikachu (1050) says:

    never mind princess monica had a pic of an eye crying this chick (comment 56) just wants attention sooooooo lame

  94. Taeko Midori (2634) says:

    I just realized MSN was with Microsoft.

  95. Anna (345) says:


  96. Taeko Midori (2634) says:

    At this point i’m going to comment like excessively because this seriously had to happen at the WRONG time, I just hit 400! XDDD

  97. Kaitlen (2062) says:

    What are you talking about? This is kind of confusing… :?

  98. Taeko Midori (2634) says:

    You’re going to have to break it to the guy, and tell him that, you’re…kind of taken, or else people’ll keep thinking you guys are a “Match in Harmony” or something, that’s the thing about Februaries, it’s like weird things ALWAYS happen near Valentines day!

  99. Kaitlen (2062) says:

    I created a WordPress blog!
    Just click my name or go on:

  100. Kaitlen (2062) says:

    You feel me… :oops:

  101. Kaitlen (2062) says:

    Is this true or is it something else…? Why do I feel more clueless than ussual!?

  102. Elle (470) says:

    Is anyone on?

  103. Taeko Midori (2634) says:

    ALRIGHT, I’m waiting until tomorrow, if they don’t let my other account comment I’m going to stick to this one, I don’t know my number goes up for Taeko Yasuhiro, but my comment doesn’t even display! XDDDDDDDDDD

    I’m so frustrated!

  104. Taeko Midori (2634) says:

    Check comment 56, I think that’s her.

  105. Elle (470) says:

    Omg I have a really really cute crush and he like always looks at me then I blush

  106. Elle (470) says:

    Wow that’s rude when was she on

  107. Kaitlen (2062) says:

    How guys can be pigs? But also, what is a Feminist?

  108. Sopmonkey (2170) says:

    I never typed love okay something evil has happened now I sound like someone trying to be british idk ignore the last part

  109. Elle (470) says:

    Lol no problem

  110. ARIYA (2685) says:

    I watched a show and the end was so adorable! I actually teared up a bit :oops:
    And then, well, after Zack woke up from a thirty minute nap, he realized he was stuck in a janitor’s closet so he had to climb up a vent to go back to the orchestra (which, BTW, is where he was suppose to be because he’s in it), falls out of the vent twelve feet off the ground crashes into the drums, and breaks his back right in front of the audience.
    He tried to be all, “TaDa!! oww…”

  111. Miss.Pikachu (1050) says:

    that reminds me :!:
    MISS.PIKACHU TIPS AND ADVICE FOR SURRVING DORK DIARIES: when someone comes onto the website acting all that or calling us names or whatever just know that they’re fake and are just seeking attention and maybe want to become well known on this website but in order to do that you have to do what we all did stick through it and one day you will become DD famous :mrgreen:

  112. Miss.Pikachu (1050) says:

    that reminds me :!:
    MISS.PIKACHU TIPS AND ADVICE FOR SURRVING DORK DIARIES # 2: when someone comes onto the website acting all that or calling us names or whatever just know that they’re fake and are just seeking attention and maybe want to become well known on this website but in order to do that you have to do what we all did stick through it and one day you will become DD famous :mrgreen:

  113. Miss.Pikachu (1050) says:

    testing 1 2 3 testing testing

    testing 1 2 3

  114. Miss.Pikachu (1050) says:

    wich HTML tag is the one that makes a link

  115. ARIYA (2685) says:

    Yeah but Princess Monica is using a new email, which means she might not have the same pro pic

  116. Miss.Pikachu (1050) says:

    umm why not
    [blank] or [blank] part 1
    jeans or skirts
    flats or vans
    t-shirt or tank top
    hoodie or dresses
    cookie or cupcake
    black or pink
    bad girl or good girl
    don’t care or feminist
    strong or weak
    hottie or nottie
    pony tail or pig tail
    my answers: jeans,vans,t-shirt,hoodie,cookie,black,bad girl,don’t care,strong,hottie,pony tail :)

  117. ARIYA (2685) says:

    If you could meet only three people on DD, who would you pick??

  118. ARIYA (2685) says:

    I wonder what this does…

  119. ARIYA (2685) says:

    What the…

  120. Penguins! (9) says:

    OMG! The show was a disaster! But it was your first time. I know you’ll do better next week though. BTW I haven’t seen the cover for your seventh book yet!

  121. Mustacheluv (1566) says:

    Wow, thats beautiful Sopmonkey.

  122. Supergirl (1215) says:

    Wow Nikki! It is so lucky that you were wearing a shirt and shorts underneath. And also, it was the first episode, so there won’t be as many viewers. There will be more the longer the show goes on for.

  123. Supergirl (1215) says:

    My school currently has a loom band craze… Why, why couldn’t have they had an easier craze, like Furbies?

  124. DD Lover (264) says:

    Shy Reader,
    Its OK if you had a 2 hour delay YESTERDAY.
    I could not get to go on http://WWW.dd.com

  125. Elle (470) says:

    *desk to head* another day of school :(

  126. Elle (470) says:

    Who do you think the MOST FAMOUS dd users
    *my answers*
    Miss pickachu
    Taeko Yasuhiro,

  127. Taeko Midori (2634) says:

    I don’t know why but for some reason I can’t comment on my other account.

  128. Miss.Pikachu (1050) says:

    :idea: MY BRILLIANT IDEA :idea:
    so some people on this website make awesome stories (plz continue doing that) or give amazing advice (trust me when i ask for advice you guys always give the perfect answer) and me well i make quizes (no very intertaining ones but hey i at least have people that answer :D ) and of course the imfamous miss.pikachu’s tips and advice but i want to do something that has never been done before im going to make-well i dont know really what to call it but im gonna give advice post things that you guys can relate to and you guys can tell me what you wanna see next and i think i’ll post what you wanna see next for example on Tuesdays,Fridays,And Saturdays i will post and as for the advice i figure i’ll post some chatzy link and you can tell me you issue there . so every Tuesday i’ll answer the question that catch my eye (ex: does this guy like me,my parents are soo embaressing, i hate how i dress etc.) so advice people make sure to post yours before every Tuesday kay let me know what you guys think down below (replies :) ) and maybe a suggestion on to what you want to see ite Miss.Pikchu out

  129. hannah (1) says:

    i heart dork diaries ps. nikki rocks

  130. i hv friends.maybe u don’t hv that’s y u r askin’ here.first of all look upon urself and take this rudeness outta u.

    • Elle (470) says:

      It dosent matter how popular you are or what you look like, the only thing that matters is your personality! I’m sick of people saying that ” oh in mire popular than you so I’m better that you.” NO everyone has a heart it dosent matter if they might seem rude. Just remember that every one has a heart and they all feel things the same way everybody else does, some people don’t think about others some people only think about them selves!

  131. Erica (113) says:

    omg sounds like it kinda went bad but also good at the same time and maybe next time will be better don’t worry Zoey it’ll get better

  132. alorna (116) says:

    Thank you, Erica, for changing the subject!
    YAY! No more fighting!

  133. Supergirl (1215) says:

    Yes but that’s happened many times and miss pika chi continued it on, like I remember like, mid last year or something, I wrote a story and someone told me that a stupid, crazy idea (The person leaved after that) so I just simply said “I don’t care what you think, because it’s my story, not yours.”.
    But they were both wrong

  134. Elle (470) says:

    No I don’t agree now I rea the 2nd comment u were both wrong

  135. The show sounded like a hot mess! Me hope Mackenzie didn’t see! Me also really hope you guys do better next week, too! Toodles!

  136. kawaiipanda29 (17) says:


  137. Kylie (23) says:

    I think that’s cool about Zoey. I always wanted to go on TV. plus, Zoet, that is a good record.

  138. Renee1D (8) says:

    This is really not that bad, i mean its your first time. You should have some new things though. You could have what you already have cos i think they are pretty awesome and you should have a Celeb column. I am close to your age and who doesnt like celeb gossip? Its just a opinion.

  139. DDStar (86) says:

    If the show was actually real, I would totally watch it!!!
    OMG!! I just went on Amazon and saw the Dork Diaries 7 book cover Tales from a Not-So-Glam-TV-Star.
    I cannot wait!!!!! MAN!

  140. DDStar (86) says:

    I SO wish I had a blog… there would be a DD section in it and an Anime section. I am SO addicted to it these days lol.

  141. DDStar (86) says:

    Oh man, did I just see a FIGHT before I posted…?
    I dunno what u guys are talking about, but I am SO NOT gonna interfere…
    Let’s talk about…umm, unicorns?!

  142. DDStar (86) says:

    Ok, that was dumb. :/

  143. Hi (1) says:

    Hi I just wanted to say it must be sooooooo weird writing a diary then it becomes a random book called
    DORK diaries…But can I say the books are funny and really help me through middle school !!!!!!!!

  144. Miss Know it all. (77) says:

    I have a PERFECT mystery story for Dork Diaries!
    “Principal Winston’s daughter”
    At school I noticed that Principal Winston was upset. Okay, more than upset. “Whats wrong?” I ask.
    “Oh nothing, except for the fact my daughter has been kidnapped…” Principal Winston said.
    Kidnapped? Oh boy….. I tell Chloe and Zoey.
    “Nikki, shouldn’t we stay out of Principal Winston’s buisness?” Chloe asks.
    “Guys this is serious…” I say. “Fine..” Chloe says.
    After school we get super cute spy gear on. Like sunglasses, hats and other stuff.
    Then I see a photo drop out of Principal Winston’s pocket.
    “Is this her?” Zoey asks.
    “Must be,” I say.
    OMG, we were like those guys from that TV show “Law and Order” I imagined that theme song in my head.
    Dah,dah dah dah,dah, dah,dah, DAH
    Okay, back to the story.
    So, Chloe Zoey and I saw a building made out of gray stone.
    “Should we check inside of there?” Chloe asked?
    “Yeah,” Zoey says.
    When we get inside we see a man. Chloe takes his picture.
    “Why did you take his picture?” I hiss.
    “He’s a suspect.” Chloe said. She did have a point.
    “What are you doing here?” I ask.
    “What are three girls looking ridiculous doing here?” The man said.
    “Oh you’re going to get it now!” Chloe said.
    “NO, Chloe, its not worth it.” Zoey said.
    “Sorry about our friend,” I say.
    “Did you read the sign, no trespassing.” he asked.
    “What are YOU doing here?” Chloe asked suspiciously.
    “I work here.” he said.
    Chloe Zoey and I run out of the building.
    “So, our first suspect Mr. Grumpy pants,” Chloe said.
    We head to Crazy Burger for lunch. “This is going to be harder than we thought,” Zoey says.
    “We only have one suspect,” I say.
    Then our very MEAN waitress comes over. “Will there be anything else *snort* *snort,” Chloe
    took her picture.
    The lady went crazy.
    The next day….
    After school….
    We go to the gray building, and we see the same man. Chloe, Zoey and I hurry up. We try to open the door. Then I saw the waitress from crazy burger too!
    “Its locked,” Chloe says.
    Zoey grabs a rock and she’s about to smash a window. “WAIT!” I look threw the window. I saw, PRINCIPAL WINSTON’S DAUGHTER!
    “What is it?” Zoey asked. “Oh my gosh.” Chloe takes the rock from Zoey and smashes the window.
    “RUN!” I tell Principal Winston’s daughter.
    We call the police.
    “You figured this out?” The policeman asked
    At school Principal Winston found out.
    Brandon gave me a big hug!
    And Mackenzie and Jessica were so jealous!

  145. Olivia N. :D (AKA Dork Diaries LOVER) (17) says:

    I can’t wait for Dork Diaries 7 guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s coming out June 3, 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  146. awesomeness (27) says:

    Hi, everyone I’m so,so glad to finally beable to chat. Hey Nikki,great story keep up the good work! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  147. Olivia N. :D (AKA Dork Diaries LOVER) (17) says:

    OMG!!!!!!! This story is so amazing!!! Are you from England? I give you a 1!!! Just kidding. I give you a 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. Flying Dog (18) says:

    :D guess what Dork Diaries Fans? THEY RELEASED THE COVER PREVIEW FOR DORK DIARIES 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its AWESOME and it has BRANDON on the cover! You can see it by looking up Dork Diaries 7! What do u guys think of the new cover?

  149. BFF (1) says:


  150. GemofSilence (150) says:

    The time is just so confusing here.

  151. Dara (546) says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM 162TH SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  152. Isabel (23) says:

    What!?she cut down your overalls?tell zoe that she is not a very good friend for doing that!

  153. alorna (116) says:


    Dork Diaries 7 is coming on June 3rd, 2014.
    It’s called Tales From A-Not-So Glam TV Star.
    Nikki is in the spotlight! Now that their recording their own song, their doing a reality show! But will the glamour also cause unexpected problems, while TV cameras are following her and her friends everywhere?
    And will Brandon and Nikki’s friendship be ruined because of the reporter’s nosy ness?
    Find out in the book this June!

  154. McKenzie (1) says:

    I can’t wait for the new book!!!!

    It’s gonnna be AWESOME

  155. Neve (18) says:

    OMG I soooooooo love reading dork diarys but reading her blog is way more exiting.

  156. zoe (2) says:

    brill story! hope the tv show turns out better next time! :-)

  157. Gossipgirl (6) says:

    June third will be the best day of the year!

  158. alorna (116) says:

    That’s what I thought!

    I’m literally going insane! I miss my DD EXCITMENT! Sure, I own four books and their totally awesome, but I’m DESPERATE for the new humor, drama, and EXCITMENT!!

  159. zoe (2) says:

    can’t wait till June 3rd now!! :-)

  160. Ifur (1) says:

    But. why Nikki didn’t enter on the conversation before the show ends so, Zoey can be saved by the question?

  161. lovedorkdiaries (6) says:

    omg omg omg i cant wait for the new book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  162. j (4) says:

    GRAM TV STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  163. Sabrina (5) says:

    Great,Now my had hurt by eating all that oro in that box.Also becuz I stayed up all night for 5 hrs.Thanks a lot,brain

  164. mollyistocoolforschool (2) says:

    my friend alex is embarissing help

  165. dorks rule123 (18) says:

    ill do better next time my stories not really detaily!

  166. Dork blogger ^.^ (1) says:

    SO did you guys like it? I hope so! I will write a longer one, I promise! Give me some ideas for the next story! Because I want this to be huge for Nikki!

  167. dorks rule123 (18) says:

    just say dont embarass me plz thats all the advice i have molly

  168. dorks rule123 (18) says:

    my fan story on the wrong coulumn sorry enjoy its
    the principal one…PrincipAL Wiston was standing at our table and he said we are going to meet taylor swift squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  169. dorks rule123 (18) says:

    my sis is sooo embarassing grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  170. brynjja (3) says:

    poor zoey i wish that it was much better :(

  171. brynjja (3) says:

    if you guys dont like dork diaries…I WILL SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR…AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH soz

  172. elsa (9) says:

    I love dork diaries :smile:

  173. elsa (9) says:

    hey i am 187 i think go me!! :wink:

  174. HI (2) says:

    Funny i love it

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