New Years Eve Sleepover

I can’t believe I made it a WHOLE week into 2014 without telling you guys all about my annual New Year’s Eve sleepover!!

As you may remember from last week’s post, it almost didn’t happen because my mom wanted me to babysit Brianna.

But I had a whole list of things I’d rather do, like: read the Wikipedia page for pickles, write a 20-page paper on fertilizer, and watch grass grow.

Luckily, my dad’s back was killing him so he stayed home, meaning I could have my sleepover, as planned. (NOT luckily for him. I’m not that heartless and sadistic…you know what I mean!)

I’m sure you’re dying to know what happened. And I’m dying to tell you, so here goes!

The night started AWESOME! Right before Chloe and Zoey arrived, I put up a ton of pictures of us from 2013.

They were so psyched to walk in and see all of the fun stuff we did throughout the year!

The first thing we did was watch our favorite movie from 2013…Teen Beach Movie!

Then after that, we listened to a ton of our favorite songs from 2013, including “Roar” by Katy Perry, “Come and Get It” by Selena Gomez, and “We Can’t Stop” by Miley Cyrus.

After that, we decided to each write down three things: the best thing that happened in 2013, the most embarrassing thing that happened in 2013, and one thing we WISH happened in 2013.

This was my list:

The best thing: I ended up at the same 4th of July party as Brandon, even though he was away at photography camp, and we got to watch the fireworks sitting super close together!

The most embarrassing thing: My mom barged into my homeroom to give me the lame pink elephant backpack she bought me that I “forgot” at home.

The thing I wish happened: I wish I got to be part of Chloe and Zoey’s best thing. (See below!)

This was Chloe’s list:

The best thing: She got to go to a special Taylor Swift concert with Zoey. (And I missed it because my phone was on vibrate…and, well, I was hanging out with Brandon so I didn’t think to check it!)

The most embarrassing thing: A bird pooped on her head outside the mall, right in front of her crush, Marcus!

The thing she wish happened: She wished Marcus asked her out after the Sweetheart Dance. (Maybe it will happen in 2014!)

And this was Zoey’s list:

The best thing: Same as Chloe’s.

The most embarrassing thing: She walked down the hallway with toilet paper sticking out of her skirt…on the ONE day she wore one!

The thing she wish happened: She wished she cut her hair into a pixie cut, like Jennifer Lawrence from The Hunger Games, when her mom suggested it over the summer.

Since I couldn’t go back and make it to the Taylor Swift concert, and Chloe couldn’t get Marcus to ask her out several months ago, we decided to focus on the one thing we COULD make happen: Zoey’s hair wish!

I knew my mom had hairdresser scissors (because she used to give me HORRIBLE home haircuts using a bowl to trim my ridiculous-looking bangs). And we found this YouTube video with a tutorial for cutting a pixie haircut.

So I sat her down in my kitchen, chopped off all her hair, and now she looks totally awesome!

Okay, so that didn’t happen. I would NEVER try to cut someone else’s hair! Unlike my mom, I know that the only hair I should ever cut belongs to a blond plastic doll that’s 11.5 inches tall!

As luck would have it, I actually had a long blond wig from when I dressed up as Barbie one Halloween, so we decided to chop that into a pixie cut to see how it would look on Zoey.

I know…it wasn’t QUITE the same, but now she can decide if she should do it for real! What do you think? Should she chop off all her hair??

And more importantly, what did YOU do for New Year’s Eve??

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  1. britney (5) says:

    I think we should try different things and so I do ,so she can experiment it once and if she doesn’t likes it she can wear a wig.

    • L.M.H Shimmer Shine (218) says:

      OMG! Nikki For New Years Eve I also had my BFF stay the night. My fav movie from 2013 was Teen Beach Movie too! My fav song from the move is Crusin for a Brusin! Plus you should totally cut Zoey’s hair! She looks cute is that wig. Plus I am in LOVE with THE HUNGER GAMES! I watched Catching Fire that 2 months ago in the theaters and it was a total SHOCK! You can ask me if you want a spoiler alert because I will tell you what happened.

    • kaeyln13 (6) says:

      I dont think she should what if she changes her decision she should joust wear the wig

    • rachel (1) says:

      i think zoey should get her hair cut, it would be toatally fab! btw, those songs you listen to are awesome. and i also love teen beach movie. you girls have nice taste! <3

    • Pink Bubblegum. (244) says:

      I almost refused to ever read Dork Diaries again after she told me her favourite movie of last year was Teen Beach Movie…i despise it! The actors stink and there no good plot!

    • Rabbia (4) says:

      I love this entry and i t
      think anyone would look good in a pixie cut

    • Holly (11) says:

      Heres a story please rate 1(bad)-10(amazing!!!) its called Geek

      My name is Harriet Manners, and i am a geek. I know i am because ive just looked it up in the eight dictionaries i own. Oh, and then there’s the word geek written on my satchel in red marker pen. That was done yesterday. I didn’t do it, obviously. If i did decide to deface my bag it would be a fancy line or a fact that not that many people knew. And i definitely wouldn’t do it in red. To be candid with you, i don’t actually know who decided to write on my bag- although i have my suspicions- but their writing is bad. They clearly weren’t listening in English last week, when we were told that handwriting is an expression of the self. Which is quite lucky because if i can find a similar shade of red pen, i might be able to slip in the letter R between the G and E. I can pretend its due to my love for ancient history and feta cheese. I prefer cheddar, but nobody has to know that. The point is, both my 8 dictionaries and my satchel seem to agree, i am in fact: a geek. Did you know that in the old days the word ‘geek’ was used to describe a carnival performer who the head off a live chicken as part of their act. Exactly, only a geek would know that. I think that’s what they call ironic.
      Now that you know who i am, youre going to want to know where i am and what im doing, right? Character, action and location: that’s what makes a story. I read it in a book call What Makes a Story, written by a man who hasn’t got any stories at the moment, but knows exactly how to tell them when he eventually does. So…
      its currently December,im in bed- tucked under about fourteen covers- and im not doing anything but getting warmer by the second. In fact, i don’t want to alarm you or anything, but i think i might be really sick. My hands are clammy, my stomachs churning and im significantly paler then i was ten minutes ago. And there are little red spots dotted on my face at random and not at all symmetrical points on my cheeks and forehead. With a big one on my chin. And one just next my left ear. There’s no doubt about it: im clearly very ill. It would be wrong to spread this infection to other, possibly less hardy, immune systems. I shall just have to battle through this illness alone. All day. Without going anywhere. I look at my clock on the opposite wall. Then i close my eyes and mentally count: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2… At which point, absolutely on cue as always the door opens and the room explodes. Hair and handbag there, and coats and arms everywhere. Like a sort of girl bomb. And there, as if by very punctual magic is Nat. Nat-for the record- is my best friend, and we are so utterly in tune that its like we have one brain, divided into two pieces at birth. Or (more likely) two brains, entwined shortly afterwards. Although we didn’t meet until we were five years old, obviously im talking metaphorically or wed both be dead. What im trying to say is: were close. Anyway. Nat takes one step into the room, looks at me and then stops and puts her hands on her hips. “Good morning.” i croak from under the covers, and then i start coughing violently.
      “Don’t even think about it,” Nat snaps. I stop coughing and look at her with my most roundest confused eyes. “I mean it. Don’t even think about thinking about it.” I have no idea what shes talking about the fever must be making my brain swell. “Nat,” i feebly said ” i have bad news.” ” let me guess,” she says in a dry voice. “Youre sick.” she steps towards me “Also i want my lipstick back.” i clear my throat “Lipstick?” she answers me ” the one you’ve dotted all over your face.” I open my mouth then shut it. “its not lipstick.” i say in a small voice. ” Its a dangerous infection.” then she says ” then your dangerous infection is glittery and just so happens to match my new shoes perfectly.” i shift a bit further down in bed. “Infections are very advanced these days,” i say with as much dignity as possible ” they are sometimes extremely light reflective.”
      ” featuring small flecks of gold”
      “Sometimes.” i raise my chin defiantly.Nat nose twitches and she rolls her eyes. “Right, and your face is producing whit talcum powder, is it?” I sniff quickly. Oh sugar cookies. “its important to keep sick people dry,” i said as airily as i can. “Dampness can allow bacteria to develop.” Nat sighs again. “Get out of bed Harriet.” “B-But–” ” Get out of bed.” “Nat, I…” “Out. Now.” i look at the duvets in panic. “But in not ready, im in my pyjamas!” im going to give it one last desperate shot.
      Nat lungs and tugs the covers off me. There’s a long silence. “Oh, Harriet,” Nat says in a sad and simultaneously triumph voice. Because in lying in bed, fully dressed, with my shoes on. And in one hand is a box of talcum powder and in the other is a bright red lipstick…

      • Holly (11) says:


        Ok, maybe i lied a little bit. Twice, actually. Nat and i are best friends but sometimes our passions and interests divide us a teensy bit. Or-you know- alot. Which is why i might have said i was feeling a bit sicker than i actually felt this morning, which was alot: i feel fine! And that’s why Nat is a bit snappy at me when we are running to school as fast as are legs could carry us. “You know,” Nat sighed ” I watched that Russian Revolution thing and that was on for like a hundred hours. So the least you could do is participate in an Educational Opportunities to See Textiles from an Intimate and Consumer Perspective with me.” “Shopping,” i huff and puff, “Its called shopping.” Nat just said “That’s not what’s written on the leaflet, its a school trip: there must be something educational about it.” “No.” i wheeze “its just shopping” to be fair, i think i have a point. We are going to the Clothes Show Live, in Birmingham. So called- presumably- because they sho clothes to you. Live. In Birmingham. And let you buy them afterwards. And lets you take them home. Which is otherwise known as shopping. “It’ll be fun,” Nat said,” Theyve got everything there, Harriet. Everything anyone could possibly want.” “Really i say in the most sarcastic voice I can find, considering that im now running so fast my breath is starting to squeak. ” Do they have a triceratops skull?” “…No” “Do they have a lifesize model of the first airborne plane?” “Probably not.” ” And do they have John Donne manuscript, with little white gloves so you can actually touch it?” ” I don’t think so.” “So they don’t have every thing I want there.”

    • Victoria :) (38) says:

      Who goes on minecraft?

    • Sweetie pie (14) says:

      I think don’t cut Zoeys hair by the way I love your comment l.m.h shimmer shine Ttw plz get an easier name

  2. Madi (27) says:

    I stayed up till midnight! And watched the fireworks off in the distance

  3. nikkki m. (6) says:

    pretty cool it sounds like a you had a fun night with chloe and zoey!

  4. Aisha (1) says:

    I went and saw the midnight fireworks. THE WERE AWESOME!!!!

  5. Kaitlen (2062) says:

    Am I second? WOAH! :D
    Today school was cancled because the temps are in the negitives, so I get to stay home! :)

    • ALEXIS (22) says:


    • Taeko Yasuhiro (881) says:

      Lucky you! We stayed home Friday because of the snow, then it stopped snowing the day after, then began raining, MOST of the snow washed away so…we had to go to school.

      Btw, I also had a sleepover with my friends! But, it was kind of like a get-together in the afternoon until dusk, so my other friends came and stayed until it was dark, also can you believe that one of them took the HUGE Doritos bag and ran out home with it, they eat A LOT!

      We also put on the songs of 2013 everyone knows like, “What does the fox say?” by Ylvis, “Royals” by Lorde, also Roar and We Can’t stop, “Can’t hold us” by Macklemore, I can’t remember after that, but we had a lot of fun though!

      • Taeko Yasuhiro (881) says:

        I wanna try the best thing too, let’s see….

        Best thing: The school dance we had recently, I got to dance with all my friends, mostly fool around with my crush! :)

        The most embarrassing thing: I failed a baseline test (9 out of 30 questions correct) and the assistant who saw my score said it out loud to the people who were also taking it on the computer!

        The thing I wish would happen: Progressing to become a good writer, and getting to go to a cruise with one of my friends, (she said she was going with one of her OTHER friends, I could’ve ask because I wanted to, but didn’t.)

        • Kaitlen (2062) says:

          I wanna try too!

          Best: My crush came over for a sleepover at my house with my brother!

          Embarasing: It was dark outside and I was running to go inside, ( im scared of the dark ) and I thought the door was open but it wasnt so when I came to it, BAM!! Everyone was staring at me.

          Wish: School would be canceled FOREVER!!! :twisted: MWUAHAHA! JK… :lol:

  6. Kaitlen (2062) says:

    I hope in 2014 Brandon would ask out Nikki and Marcus would ask out Chloe and Theo would ask out Zoey!
    That would be so cool! :oops:

  7. Kaitlen (2062) says:

    Anyone else staying home because school was cancled?

    No? Ok…

  8. Shelby (54) says:

    3rd and I went to Dubai at new year to see fireworks at the tallest building

  9. nosyparker2003 (12) says:

    we had a massive party with the new and and dec im a celebrity get me out of here game. it was disgust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant beieved i survived. but it was soooo cool tho!! i saw the cutest dos ever (bro and sis) playin together im first :-D

  10. Anouk (36) says:

    maybe, a new haircut is always fun!!
    I celebrated it with family and lots of presents. :) then firework and games

  11. Haylee (1) says:

    Hi you guys!!!

  12. Kaitlen (2062) says:

    My new years was ok.
    We went to church on new years eve for our church dinner. When we were counting down my crush was next to me and my friends. When it was finnaly new years, “Alex” (Thats not my crush’s real name, but lets call him that.) hugged my brother, because they both are like, best friends. I was hugging my friends then “Alex” came up to me and put his hand on my shoulder and said,”HAPPY NEW YEARS!”
    “Thanks…! You too!” I replied. He was about to hug me but I guess he was shy so he just smiled and cracked one of his cute funny jokes.
    He’s just so ADORABLE with his cute green eyes and dark brown hair.
    My new years was so flippin’ AWESOME! We ate cake and watched the fireworks.

  13. Kaitlen (2062) says:

    Anyone else at home? :?

  14. Rebecca (6) says:

    I hope it will be fun for all of you in 2014 (except Mackenzie of course)

  15. Music dork (7) says:

    Went to friends house!!

  16. Smiles Big (11) says:

    12th comment! Woohoo! Anyways, I went out to a fancy restaurant with my family, but met my crush and we had dinner together with his fam and mine. My dad and his became really good friends, and invited him to our New Years party, I hanged with him, and at the stroke of midnight, we kissed!

    • Smiles Big (11) says:

      Ok, that was a big fat lie… I ate dinner late at the fancy restaurant, then watched the ball drop, and fell asleep at 12:30! Awesome New Years!

  17. Jamie (347) says:

    I think a new haircut would be nice!

    The best thing that happened to me in 2013: My crush and I slow dancing at prom! :)

    The most embarrassing thing: my dad recorded me and my crush slow dancing!

    The thing I wish that would happen in 2014: Getting my book published and my crush telling me that he liked me! :D

    New Year’s Day was awesome! I stayed up until midnight and watched fireworks with my sister. :D

  18. DD Lover (264) says:

    Hi Kaitlen

  19. LILAAAAA (40) says:

    i think zoey should get a new hair cut

  20. LILAAAAA (40) says:

    number 10 is the closet i have ever got to first

  21. lizzy (2) says:

    I had fun on new years! it was awesome!

  22. Isabel (23) says:

    I missed zoes old look,mabe mackenzie will laugh at her!yikes!

  23. camo girl (2) says:

    I had a great new years I spent new years with my friends at xetream winter youth trip so much fun cant wait till next year!!!!!!!

  24. Kaitlen (2062) says:

    Finish This:

    2013 MEMORIES

    The BEST day of 2013 was________.
    I was___________.

    The WORST day of 2013 was_______.
    I was_______.

    The most EMBARISSING moment of 2013 was_________.
    I was________.

  25. Luci (11) says:

    best thing: I went to the ilse of white with my family for a holiday

    embarrassing thing: I shouted my friend over to play and everyone in my class and other classes stared at me…cringe

    wish: dunno

    • annie bannani (89) says:

      best thing: when I went to a charismas park
      worst thing: when my crushes friend likes me but right then my friend likes him
      wish: idc

  26. lolagram (2) says:

    hi im 10 years old im writing a love story please rate out off 10 i hope u engoy

    i was sitting on the bench breathing like i was sufficating my crush harry walked slowly past me with flowers and a seceret note he was in all black i wonder what he was doing he walked to my locker and put them in ran out of the corrider and then he bumped into his other crush paige who me ella is worst enemys with and then got some flowers and put it in paiges locker both notes said meet me at luch table 99999999 but there was no such thing . we weree wundering across the lunch tables then i saw paige going down the janitors closet i followed it lead to a dance party with all the coolios i didnt even have a dress so i told harry hii harry i was wondering i jusst
    he blushed and said all ur clothes r in that closet i looked AND AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH there was a date request and the next minute paige did that same scream next day we both went to a slammin hit itallion resturant and i saw harry and said why has paige got it to shes my worst enemy then harry replied shes my sister. before he said sister we kissed on the lips and then he said sister
    then a scream came WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT thenn he was about to propose after that scream he left the resturant with a note i read it it said dear ella sos umm i was gonna propose butt ermm then came signs with BLODDY BAIIBEE and swearwords i cried when i went home all i did was cry cry cry the next day at the middle off the corridor everyone stared with a proposal ring in harrys hand he said will u marry me but then paige inturupted um look fyi ella hates harry shes using him becuz off the money but then i was speechlass it was paige all along who did that note so then asap a started crying i ran home hid in my closet for the rest off my lifee the next day was weekend FEWW i got a letter i opend it it sed meet me at the park anon so i walked there it wasnt harry it wasnt paige it was CUPID she wished it was this really hot boy she saw at skool sometimes but he transferdd he was her first crush she blinked he blinked she grinned he grinned a bright smile rose like the sun was jelous they kissed right when harry came i wass devistated i rann home and cried again my bed was a sea by now making a part 2 soon after first comment

  27. lexi (185) says:

    hey guys.The day i have been dreading has cime.Tomorrow on 8th Jan 2014,i will finally go to a boarding school for three months.I will miss you guys.thanks for everything you have done for are the best.Bye girls.I will miss you :cry: :sad:

    • Taeko Yasuhiro (881) says:

      I’ll miss you too! I hope you have a great time there Lexi! Cuz, I’m not going to forget you, EVER!

    • Kaitlen (2062) says:

      OMG! Lexi, you are like, the bestest friend I had at DD. Im gonna miss you! :cry:

    • Sopmonkey (2170) says:

      I will miss you even thout we don’t talk that much anymore also ((sorry spelling errors are a petpevee)) its spelled Kawaii

      • Supergirl (1215) says:

        I’ll miss you Lexi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Excessive punctuation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Hey Sopmonkey! I agree! I hate spelling errors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        You misspelt though with thout

    • Rightmare XD (1591) says:

      I’ll miss you :( :( :( anyway hope you have a great time in the boarding school :D

  28. Milzy Girl2345 (4) says:

    My answer to the pixie cut is yeah cause you never know it might get her attractive!!

    Also I stayed up all night for new years eve cause we were at a party so I was having my first 2014 dance.

  29. Smiles Big (11) says:

    Hey Katilen, u seem pretty rad, if u were at my school, we’d b pretty good friends! XD! Unless, u go 2 my school, I sit next to you in Band, and we play trumpet… (If this isn’t the right Katilen, just lol!)

    • Kaitlen (2062) says:

      @Smiles Big
      LOL!! Actually, I am in fact, in Band. Seventh grade Band. But I play the flute, not trumpet.
      It would be cool if I went to your school. :)

  30. Madison (14) says:

    New Year’s Eve was awesome! We AWALYS have a party at our house, and we wanted to watch pitch perfect. But my little cousin was there and her mom Didn’t want her to watch it. We also played a super long game of left center right! But my cousin won both times:( I stayed up till after midnight too! Anyone else staying home today because school got cancelled? I am!

  31. #Love this book (35) says:

    Nikki should totally do Zoey’s hair for real.

  32. Mysterious Miss M (83) says:

    Best Thing: I left the house one time and it wasn’t just to run errands!

    Most Embarrassing Thing: When I was going to school, on the first day we had to introduce ourselves, but instead of saying my name I froze and almost started crying. Nobody knew my name for three weeks.

    Thing I Wish Happened: I would’ve gotten to finally move and get out of this pathetic excuse of a city.

    I think Zoey should cut her hair. I have no idea who Jennifer Lorence is, but yay for her.

    ~Mysterious Miss M
    May the Kumquats Be With You

  33. lovegurl :) (172) says:

    Here is my list:

    The BEST thing: When me and my BFF’s danced at the Halloween Howl in front of the stage and TOTALLY rocked it!

    The most EMBARRASSING thing: When I walked around school with UGLY bangs. That I cut!

    What I WISHED happened: That my crush told me he liked me

  34. siri (4) says:

    I stayed home from school and read the english version of an amazing book I know. I LOVE new years. we did sparklers and watched THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG.(:my sisters fell asleep, though.):

  35. SkyBlueAnd DD lover (135) says:

    Well I had food and stayed up till 12 and watched the ball drop on tv
    Pretty lame
    But whatever, I am not really sure about zoey cutting all her hair.

  36. Bacon Lover (181) says:

    I cut my hair short because my mom suggested it and I regretted it SOOOO much after! I hate it, but now it’s 2 inches past my shoulder.

  37. Ultimate Minecrafter! (135) says:

    Me and my BFF stayed up til midnight watching Lord of The Rings ^_^

  38. WHOVIAN4LIFE (3) says:

    I wanted to start the year off watching my favorite tv show but I had to watch the ball thing drop instead. \-.-/

  39. Queenie Wang (13) says:

    oh my god…. I just finish reading this on the website and it is so shocking.oh my god, oh my god ,oh my god.okay while I take a chill pill you guys go on this website, Google and type in
    Dork Diaries ,Brandon and Nikki kiss.

  40. elsie pearson (1) says:

    I love the tales from a not so happy heartbreaker.

  41. Dork Diarie Writer (1) says:

    I stayed up all night but before I counted down i fell asleep but woke up 30 seconds before the ball droped then went back to sleep. LOL

  42. Mary (1) says:


  43. kat or kathryn whatever (29) says:

    I blew up a bunch of balloons and threw them around :)

  44. Supergirl (1215) says:

    @)!# @)!# @)!# now @)!$ @)!$ @)!$

    Anyone guess what I said

  45. Kaitlen (2062) says:

    Lexi is going to a Boarding school. What does boarding school mean?????????? :?

  46. 123 Please Repeat (490) says:

    The Best Thing of 2013:
    I won 2nd place in a county wide art contest and won the fifty dollar drawing at my school.

    The Most Embarassing Moment of 2013:
    I complained to my principal about a substitute who was causing us to lose class time by telling us stories in math that had nothing to do with anything. I had rallied a group of kids in my class, they backed out. I complained, the principal interupted me and I felt stupid for thinking the person in charge of the entire school would listen to me, the person who stands up to teachers and other people who tend to think they’re more than I am.

    The Thing I Wished Happened In 2013:
    I wish I had been able to finish writing the book I want to publish.

  47. Elizabeth (490) says:

    I actually would like to say I posted number 49 but I was a bit embarassed by my fan story and wanted to try again.

  48. WonderwomanTaylor (13) says:

    HEY GUYS!!! Ok so i am kinda loving the whole rick riordan thing right now so i decided to make a story . Nothing like his but my own.

    I woke up to the sound of alarm. I leaned over and slapped the stupid thing. Remember Demeter only two more days of school. Finally I stumble out of my bed ( which i really miss right now) and went to the kitchen. I sat down and waited. MOM!!! ” Right I know” Rhea ( my mom) came rushing down the stairs. “here is your lunch and bye i’ll see you after school”
    I walked to school and found a little girl on the street crying. She looked at me and said ” Demeter! I got lost going to school! ” ” your crying cuz of that? Well I’ll take you” We walked together and i dropped her off at school. She was a sweet little girl.
    I looked around at my high school. Artemis and Athena. They were my friends. Aphrodite was too but she was always more focused on boys.Then Zeus came up behind me and said” How’s my little princess?” ” Fine, Why are you talking to me? ” ” Because I want to” Yes i know your probably saying but he’s her brother. That doesn’t really matter here. Most of our parents choose who they want to keep and let the others go. Zeus is my crush. He never really talks to me but he calls me his princess because he liked me in third grade. I don’t think he likes me now.
    So today the worst thing happened. I got called in the middle of school to go to the nursery. I love children quite a bit. But that is the good part. I went over and sang to a little boy and went back.
    I went into class. We were dismissed. And then the hallway cleared. Hera walked into my sight and whispered ” Have you been claimed” ” Hera you know I don’t have a power! I’ve been trying hard but nothing! ” ‘Yes i know. But i have given you a warning. ” A warning to what?” Then the ground split and i fell but Hera grabbed me. ” Your greatest fear will occur. You will have to choose” THen she let go and i was swallowed by the darkness . I screamed but no one saved me. I woke leaning but standing on my locker . I hear Athena and fell into her arms……
    Also i am only eleven so I would like someone to actually read and rate because no one ever has

    • ARIYA (2728) says:

      Great story! It could use a little more detail, and is a bit fast paced because your not really talking about all the main characters’ personalities in your story.
      But I hope you continue~

  49. Elsa from Frozen :) (214) says:

    Hi how was the 1st day back to school for me it was torture

    Nikki I also LOOVEEE Roar by Katy Perry

    Love you always

    Elsa From Frozen:)

  50. Mizura (3) says:

    I think Zoey should try something new if she wants to, I know you Chloe and Zoey like Miley Cyrus, and Taylor Swift and stuff, but could you guys listen to some new music, its a new year you could develop new tastes and stuff.

  51. Caitlin (2) says:

    2014 cool

  52. Elsa from Frozen :) (214) says:

    This Are My Favorite Songs From 2013 Let It Go,Counting Stars,Brave,Roar,Applause,Come and Get It,Slow Down The Sun,Little Things,Story Of My Life,Let Her Go,Best Day Of My Life Unconditionally And Diamonds

  53. Pandypolo (57) says:

    I went to see the fireworks in the city and it was AWESOME!!!!
    I hope that all the things that you wished for, happens in 2014!!!
    P.S. I LOVE your books ^_~

  54. 2014! (283) says:

    I like Roar-best!song!Ever! Btw, Zoey should totally get a pixie cut! She’ll look so cute! And New Years-WATCHED THE BALL DROP!

  55. 2014! (283) says:

    Btw, I also like Applause, Wrecking Ball, Royals, blah, blah, blah forgot the rest…

  56. 2014! (283) says:

    Oh yeah! Firework! Second best song cause…it reminds me of DD and it always helps me when I feel down…like I feel when I’m mad at the world and when the world is mad at me. I am listening the song now.

  57. Supergirl (1215) says:

    My favourite 2013 songs are:

    Rude, Like A Drum, Get Lucky, Team, Wrecking Ball, Royals, Tennis Court, Come And Get It (Na na na), Unconditionally, Let Her Go, Happy, The Monster, Wake Me Up, Hey Brother and Demons.

    My favourite of all of those is Like A Drum.

    My favourite of all time is Raining Diamonds, Toxic or Like A Drum

  58. 2014! (283) says:

    Oh yeah, I like The Monster too.

  59. 2014! (283) says:

    thx for reminding me

  60. Why is life so Hard?? (7) says:

    OMG, I LOVE demons!!! I like Imagine Dragons

  61. LuckyNumber2 (108) says:

    sorry but noooooo

  62. LuckyNumber2 (108) says:

    I mean ask her if she likes the wig and try it on

  63. annie (89) says:

    hey any one got no hw cuz 2014

  64. lexi (185) says:

    MY FAVE 2013 SONGS
    Roar by katy perry
    Applause by Lady Gaga
    Slow down by Selena Gomez
    Monster by Rihanna ft Eminem
    Royals by Lorde
    Crazy Kids by Ke$ha ft will i am
    Get lucky by Pharrell Williams
    MY FAV 2013 MOVIES
    Teen beach movie
    Rise of the guidians
    Dhoom 3(its indian.I dont understand indian but i read subtitles)
    Twilight Saga
    Second chance
    Dead silent(a horror movie of ventriloquist dummies that cuts peoples’ tongues.

  65. lexi (185) says:

    MY FAVE 2013 SONGS
    Roar by katy perry
    Applause by Lady Gaga
    Slow down by Selena Gomez
    Monster by Rihanna ft Eminem
    Royals by Lorde
    Crazy Kids by Ke$ha ft will i am
    Get lucky by Pharrell Williams
    MY FAV 2013 MOVIES
    Teen beach movie
    Rise of the guidians
    Dhoom 3(its indian.I dont understand
    indian but i read subtitles)
    Twilight Saga
    Second chance
    Dead silent(a horror movie of
    ventriloquist dummies that cuts
    peoples’ tongues.

      1.Hummingbird Heartbeat By Katy Perry
      2.Roar By Katy Perry
      3.Hot n Cold By Katy Perry
      4.Firework By Katy Perry
      5.California Girls By Katy Perry
      6.Teenage Dream By Katy Perry
      7.The Weekend Whip By The Fold
      8.Call Me Maybe By Carly Rae Jepsen
      9.We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together By Taylor Swift
      10.Super Bass By Nicki Minaj
      AND MUCH MORE!!!!!

  66. Supergirl (1215) says:

    I am soooo much like you Nikki! I LOVE Teen Beach Movie! I have all of the songs! My fave character is Layla! And those songs are AWESOME!

  67. Supergirl (1215) says:

    WOOH! I didn’t have red cordial but I’m still hyper! Maybe it was those 3 pitcherfuls of coke? Who cares! :D :) :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :) :D

  68. ARIYA (2728) says:

    Um.. No I don’t think she should cut off all her hair, not everyones hair the same. What if her hair doesn’t cooperate with the style?

  69. Supergirl (1215) says:

    @ ARIYA ( )

    I think pixie cuts can look good on everyone. Bobs, curls, bangs? Not so much. But bangs are a definite yes when it comes to anyone.

    • ARIYA (2728) says:

      But girls with cowlicks(or whatever spell it)shouldnt get bangs. Because when they do, their bangs would be up instead of flat down.

  70. Supergirl (1215) says:

    New name link!

  71. Secret Gurl (41) says:

    Nikki, you never said Chloe’s “BIG SECRET”!!!!

  72. Mustacheluv (1566) says:

    Oh my God, I love Jennifer Lawrence SO much.
    Wannna know why?
    Click the link.
    I dare you.

  73. Mustacheluv (1566) says:

    And if you still don’t see my point, then I suggest you click this link ↓
    But that post is kinda old (Dec 7)

  74. Kaitlen (2062) says:

    I never watched the whole teen beach movie. I stopped when Brady was dancing and Mckenzie was all confused with the dancers.

  75. dorky dork diaries fan (89) says:

    I went to my dads house and we went to go and see the hobbit the desolation of smaug and yes I do think she shoulg get a pixie cut

  76. Venessa (5) says:

    Best thing:My 12th Birthday party
    Most embarrassing thing:When I was saying something to my friend and it became extremely loud and everyone started starring me!
    The thing I wished happened in 2013:Going to France
    I think Zoey should have the pixie hair cut it would suit her!
    The new years was really good I went to my friend’s house where we had a total recall of 2013 ,we really enjoyed it

  77. 1directioner (88) says:

    Hey guys today i had to go t school but i got sick so i couldnt

  78. Cutiepie5703 (1) says:

    OMG!!!!!!!! I am so jealous of Chloe and Zoey’s best thing, I love Taylor Swift!!!!!!!!!

  79. alexis (22) says:

    hi kaitlen i just joined but wgat i was saying was that its 8.00 dollars for 1 month and free for 7 days so every week you have to change your account but im still on the other game, fantage,i’ll be looking for you and my name is the same it is on here…see you there God bless and dont forget John 3:16-your friend, alexis

    • Kaitlen (2062) says:

      Hi! Im not a member in Fantage… my useename is ony50. But its a cool way to spend time on the computer!

      And john 3:16 is my FAV verse!
      For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. :D
      BTW, wanna be friends? :mrgreen:

    • Kaitlen (2062) says:

      Hi! Im not a member in Fantage… my useename is ony50. But its a cool way to spend time on the computer!

      And john 3:16 is my FAV verse!
      For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. :D
      BTW, wanna be friends? :mrgreen:

  80. alexis (22) says:

    … i meant i just joined fantage… :)

  81. Erica (116) says:

    omg and for new years we stayed up really really late when we went to bed it was like 2:00 am then after that we went texting friends and family happy new year!!! and I don’t think Zoey should cut it it looks great the way it is :)

  82. Bryan (3) says:

    I LOVE YOUR BOOKS. MAKE ONE ABOUT THE SWEETHEART DANCE FLASHBACK. ps it’s crazy but I’m a boy and love these girly books! But their for awsome kids! :)

  83. Deyo❤❤ (32) says:

    Yes Zoey should, Jennifer Lawrence looks so nie with her pixie cut!!

  84. Dork diaries reader (6) says:

    I think it was a good idea that Nikki did the wig for Zoey. That way Zoey can decide if she likes it that way or not. I think she should keep it the way it is though:)

  85. joy (3) says:

    no! so looks good the way she is. if her crush likes her the way she is that means she shouldnt change coz if she looks weird with the hair, her crush might dump her

  86. WHOVIAN4LIFE (3) says:

    Hey I’m new here is anyone on

  87. Miss-Know-it-all (162) says:

    i had a great new year, i stayed up till midnight and watched the fireworks.

  88. Britiney (1) says:

    I had a horrible new year found out im moving and my sis throw up on me, but i had some good times i got This is Us, my furby woke me up at 5 im the morning, and I got to babysit kids lol i got bit from a 4 year old so ya you can say i am having a ruff life.

  89. Elsa from Frozen :) (214) says:

    My Favorite Movies/TV Shows From 2013 are…….
    2.Despicable me 2
    4.Teen Beach Movie
    5.Liv and Maddie
    6.Good Luck Jessie NYC Christmas
    7.Jessie’s big break
    8.Special Delivery

  90. Dork diaries reader (6) says:

    I love despicable me 2 and liv and maddie

  91. Haven’t you heard “Undercover” from Selena Gomez? Or at least “Slow Down” or even “Stars Dance”?

    But other than that, that sounds like a great sleepover!

  92. Esther (9) says:

    I love sleepovers you and Chole should definetly do Zoey’s hair I looks very pretty in the picture

  93. Mustacheluv (1566) says:

    I wonder what happened to Paul Preston, that guy who liked Zoey.
    Does anybody else remember him?
    And does anybody else remember Patrick Clark (Pat the Rat)?
    Lol, my nostalgia tour.

  94. Traumerei (594) says:

    OI! I LOVE 2013! LOL!

  95. Kaitlen (2062) says:

    Going to school… :cry:
    Ugh! Why does school have to be TORTURE?!

  96. kyleigh (1) says:

    omg nikki you have no idea how much i hate my life i am a total dork its scary any ways my year was a bust so im not gonna talk about it lol

  97. Yeah,School IS torture.Man!I wonder HOW COME mom and dad is SO OBSESSED with school? o_o

  98. ARIYA (2728) says:

    So, what your saying is I should put Sara’s feelings first before Emily? Example: Three hours later Iwas tired, and so was Emily.
    Or something like that??

  99. Cookieyay (413) says:

    I think that Zoey should go to a wig shop first and see how it would like like in a proffesional way!! :) Put a smiley face on your comment if you agree with me!!

  100. kelly$smileyface (2) says:

    my birthdat is in march so i’m just planning stuff and i stumbled across the problem of:
    sleepover or cinema?$?

  101. DorkD_FOREVER (35) says:

    OMG! Nikki, you must had sooo much fun!

    BTW, Why school is so torture, Jessica(My MEAN girl in my school, she’s Spanish) SHE actually was exotically like MACKENZIE HOLLISTER! ( Please excuse my spelling because i am rush.) I have diary too. Sooooo, I really have all series! Yeah! I really want Nikki and Brandon kiss! When book nine or eight will come out??? I AM DESPERATE!!!!
    :( !

    I have awesome new years! NOT TELLING! :-P

    Bye for now! LUV YA! :)

  102. Musicluvsme! XD (17) says:

    Best thing:Me and my friends gettting closer.

    Most embarrassing thing:Singing really loud at school.

    Something I wish happened:Going to see One Direction:This is Us

    I totally think Zoey should cut her hair. The pixie cut is adorable!

    Favorite movies from 2013:
    Teen Beach Movie
    Nothing can top that!

    Favorite shows from 2013:
    Liv & Maddie
    Sam & Cat
    Good Luck Charlie
    Austin & Ally
    Is it just me or did A&A make lots of seasons in 2013?

    Favorite songs from2013:
    Avicii – Wake Me Up
    Lorde – Royals
    Lorde – Team
    Victoria Justice – Gold
    One Direction – Midnight Memories
    One Direction – Story of My Life
    One Direction – Best Song Ever
    Katy Perry – Roar
    ZEDD – Stay the Night
    ZEDD – Clarity
    One Republic – Counting Stars
    Ke$ha ft. Pitbull – Timber
    I’ve got many more fave songs but its WAAAAAAAAAY too much to type. See ya! :D

  103. WHOVIAN4LIFE (3) says:


  104. sparklydiamond (17) says:


  105. hagen (2) says:

    Hey i made a list toooo! Listen the best is the new person in my life

    The worst is the meanist girl in my keeps trying to make fun of me

    The thing i wished happened was that the speacial peraon got me something nice for christmas but all he got me was a pack of gum :( lame talk later got to go to sleep

  106. jessica (6) says:

    I love you nikki because I am a dork too.

    • kit (287) says:

      NO FAIR @ELSAFROMFROZEN! I live in Tennessee. I was REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hoping for snow omg. P.S. for all u peeps who love to correct spelling, meh sis made it to the national spelling bee. Ever heard of it…?

  107. Elsa from Frozen :) (214) says:

    Hi Guys is school canceled for you people in florida because of the floods the rain made I Don’t have school SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!

  108. Elsa from Frozen :) (214) says:

    Anyone on???

  109. Elizabeth (2) says:

    Omg! My fav. movie is Teen Beach Movie to!

  110. elizabeth (1) says:

    I found a new friend and my bff is jelous

  111. DorkD_FOREVER (35) says:

    I am so freaking out because this is first time MY BFF IS COMING TO MY HOUSE!!!!

  112. kit (287) says:

    I love that song roar! You can’t stop, though is a good song… but the video is very weird. She is good at singing but if you look at her vids you think Miley Cyrus has gone a little funky. Or is that just me…?

  113. kit (287) says:

    Favorite movie 2013? That would HAVE to be CATCHING FIRE HUNGER GAMES!!! :) XD

  114. Hope (105) says:

    I NEED YOUR HELP! ANYONE!! So I have a huge crush on a boy! So I told this girl and just today she told him! I got so ticked! My crush and I were on a good page! But she ruined it! So I lied to my crush say saying I had a crush on a different with his name. I felt so mad at the girl! What should I do? Tell her crush that she likes him? Should I tell her I cried for hours about! PLEASE HELP!!!

    • Madbunny (13) says:

      The same thing happened to me! Though I haven’t figured out the answer yet to our problem, I will tell you this: if you lay down with the dogs, you get fleas. (Metaphor) Don’t tell her crush and don’t do revenge. Also, do you know this girl very well? I mean, you don’t want to be telling gossipers and people you don’t trust. Sorry if I didn’t help you. Just wanted you to know your not alone.

    • Funky (6) says:

      Just keep cool so he won’t notice. You shouldn’t do what she did to you.

    • sparklydiamond (17) says:

      i can i can help you.if you want me to reply back and ill give you advice.

    • ❤️ (10) says:

      Try emailing the Ask Nikki page! Good luck! =)

    • i know what u could do,u just don’t tell ur probs to others (others than ur friends)but for the recent problem U did a MISTAKE, u shouldn’t have said ur crush that u liked someone same like his name, u could like said him the truth like “yeah,its true”!!!u might think i m crazy but that girl didn’t know u didn’t want ur crush to know that u like him!!u don’t hv to blame anyone for it…for the time being forget it and when the time comes if u hv the courage or someone said it to ur crush then u might need to say the truth (by the way if ur crush likes u he might say it himself ;D be patient
      i think it will help!!if any prob ask me

  115. Madbunny (13) says:

    Best thing about 2013: I got presents
    Embarrassing: Drama involving friend, friends boyfriend, and old crush.
    Wish: That I kept my mouth shut

    • Elsa from Frozen :) (214) says:

      jessica wanna be friends ? I’m Totally Nice I like the color: Red My Favorite Song:Roar My Favorite Movie is: Teen Beach Movie My Favorite Tv: Show Good Luck Charlie My Age:9 Grade:4th Grade

  116. jessica (6) says:

    I am happy I am on love
    you Nikki.I am 7 years old and. I am in 2nd
    grade.I am doing good in 2nd grade.I love your
    Dork diaries because your diaries are funny,
    awsome,and they make me happy.I am going to
    be 8 soon.My birthday is on February 9.I hate
    bullys because I have a lot of them at my
    I am a dork Nikki.

  117. sparklydiamond (17) says:

    my bad i said i can twice.

  118. Kwok yan ting, Bernice (1) says:

    I have never have a sleepover with my friends by myself!! You are lucky!!!^^

  119. IB Soccer Geek (5) says:

    I wish I could have a sleepover with my best friend, but her parents don’t like sleepovers. Still she’s my best friend and she’s awesome. It’s like having Zoe and Chole in one!
    That’s sounds like an awesome party by the way Nikki!

  120. skyler (1) says:

    I feel the same way about your life

  121. DorkDiariesLover (3) says:

    You should do it! :) I think Chloe’s hair would be adorable!

  122. ❤️ (10) says:

    Wow cool! Zoe looks so awesome in a pixie cut! I mean, new year, new do! Right?? XD

  123. ❤️ (10) says:

    Last comment but… My fave movies were Frozen and of course Despicable me 2 I mean just take a look at the minions! Oh yeah and also Teen beach! that was good too ;-)

  124. $arah17 (339) says:

    No more mod? Times have changed…..

  125. $arah17 (339) says:

    And, even though my fam and I have moved far from DC, go MYSTICS!

  126. $arah17 (339) says:

    Gotta go before I get roped in again…

  127. $arah17 (339) says:

    Bye Dance

  128. Nicole (8) says:

    Here’s mine

    Best thing: I made friends at my school(I’m new)
    Worst thing: I did something embarrassing
    What I wished: My Best Friends would have come to the school I go to

  129. Queenie Wang (39) says:

    So are you going to post anymore stories?

  130. Queenie Wang (39) says:

    Is anybody on this website?

  131. Queenie Wang (39) says:

    WHERE IS EVERYONE? ????!!!!!!

  132. Queenie Wang (39) says:


  133. Elsa from Frozen :) (214) says:

    Hi @Queenie Wang I’m Elsa from Frozen :) Wanna be friends? :) :) :) :) !!!!!

  134. Dork Dancer (16) says:

    I was two states away from my BFF so we couldn’t hang, but I didn’t care. I had a stupid cold so I fell asleep and didn’t stay up till 12 D,: nor see fireworks or use sparklers… Even though I have stayed up till 12 sometimes 1, 5 years in a row… Stupid Cold and Flu season!

  135. Traumerei (594) says:

    Hey, anyone on?

  136. Last year?Ok!
    Best thing:I’ve gone to vacation(I LOVE VACATION)
    Worst thing:My birthday was a disaster
    Embarassing thing:that I got whipped in front of my crush and started crying ULTRA loud(I’m emotional)

  137. Wish:that I get to meet Katy Perry(It never happen and it NEVER WILL)

  138. $arah17 (1) says:

    BYE GUYS, forever, unless I meet one of you who is actually who you say you are.

  139. Yaya (6) says:

    I ❤️ these blogs! I love these blogs

  140. Yaya (6) says:

    Best thing: Getting new understandable friends who don’t go around talking behind people’s back like my old friends.
    Worst thing/s: Embarrassed with many reasons
    What I wish: To have the best life I could have even though I might already have one
    :) )))

  141. Elsa from Frozen :) (214) says:

    Anyone On If Not Sent A comment I’ll Anwser u back

  142. Elsa from Frozen :) (214) says:

    Best Thing:Went To Walt Disney World and 3 theme parks Magic Kingdom,EPCOT,and Hollywood Studios
    Worst Thing:Missed The Ice Skating Trip With My Summer Camp (I threw a BIG Tantrum)
    Emmbarsing Thing:Somebody told My Crush I liked him and he had no feelings for me :( :( !!!!!

  143. i didn’t go anywhere on new year’s eve but i spent the time with my family. on December 31st just five minutes before i went to my buildings parking to enjoy the fireworks (by the way i live in Dubai,UAE)at the burj khalifa world’s tallest building (lucky me, my building is in front of it)so,burj khalifa had the world record of the most fireworks used



  146. i have a crush (BTW who is my cousin)and i like him and i think he likes me too….(OMG,OMG)do U think ur crush LIKES U too?(i mean whoever has a crush in here)

  147. peace1639 (1) says:

    Im thinking of starting a blog but idk what to right about or if my mom would even let me :/ what do guys think I should so it on if my mom lets me or if I should even do it

  148. Addson CCPK (1) says:

    Lol I do not like my cousins!!!!
    And why do u?

  149. Alexis Carrillo (2) says:

    I love my new book♥

  150. jenna (1) says:

    well for Zoey’s haircut I think she should do whatever she wants to do. it would look super awesome btw!
    My favorite moments and not so favorite moments of 2013 were:
    favorite: When I went on my trip to Hawaii and watched this magic show. it rocked!!!
    Embarrassing moment: when I played sport in my sports uniform and my pants were on backwards. OMG I didn’t realize until I was walking home from school when I was trying to put something in my pocket. Another moment was when I walked into a pole.
    Wish that happened: that one of my old crushes came to my high-school and we could be really good friends.

  151. WildCat (1) says:

    You guys are lucky, I am an Indian. The weather is very cold still we have to go to school. :(

  152. i don’t exactly hv dork diaries but i have the double dork diaries

  153. LILAAAAA (40) says:

    yay schools in 2 days

  154. LILAAAAA (40) says:

    im in U.K

  155. LILAAAAA (40) says:

    i live in U.K btw

  156. LILAAAAA (40) says:

    i live in U.K what about u

  157. T (28) says:

    NO. i live in U.S.

    btw:today is my 1st day back from Winter Break.

  158. T (28) says:

    that note’s for YOU “awesome star girl sidra”.


    no capital of comma(BTW i m not a member in club penguin)

  160. Alyssa202 (84) says:

    Hey could ya’ll please come visit my blog? It is or I think you can click on my name. Thanks! Love your books Mrs. Russell! :)

  161. mockingjay (26) says:

    Hon, if we’re talking about Jennifer Lawrence here, then YES, CHOP OFF ALL OF HER HAIR LIKE THAT!!!

  162. Ana (46) says:

    Best thing:I made friends with the nicest person I know,Alexandra Rawson (and part of the best thing is related to her:SHE MIGHT TAKE ME 2 A 1D CONCERT!!!!!SQUEEEEEEEEE!)
    Most embarrassing:Everybody laughed at me after I did an awesome dance that was suupeer awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
    What I wish happened:I tried out for Shake It Up’s Make Your Mark with my dance group,I heart dance!!Or I got to meet DJ’SMix or 1D

  163. I wish to meet 1D! (: Badly lol!

  164. Eva (1) says:

    I looooove roar by Katy Perry!
    The haircut really fits Zoey but that would sort of take her extremely awesome dorkiness away. I think she should think about it first and not cut it so short.
    BTW, I looooove dork diaries!

  165. Pixy-Girl (53) says:

    AWWW man!! I thought one of your guys’ favorite songs were gonna be “Heart Attack” or “Neon Lights” by Demi Lovato. I LOVE DEMI LOVATO!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! There’s gonna be a concert of her for her Neon Lights tour and I’m PROBABLY gonna be there!!! SQUEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited!!! I also probably gonna have backstage passes!!!! GAAAAHHHH!!!!! :D :D /:D

  166. Pixy-Girl (53) says:

    LOLZ my birthday is on January 6. I’m 16 people!!! :D

  167. Pixy-Girl (53) says:

    Some idiot impostered me and pretended they were a senior or something O.o just saw that in another blog post….

  168. Pixy-Girl (53) says:

    Some idiot impostered me and pretended they were a senior or something O.o just saw that in another blog post……

  169. Amy (2) says:

    some of my friends think I am crazy because I don’t like staff they like

  170. Neve (18) says:

    my hair looks just like that wig exept mine has bits of pink [light] <3

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