Advice Column Dec. 19

Today’s advice question came in anonymously. It reads:

My question is what do you do when you feel like everyone in the world hates you except your friend, and you feel lonely and sad?

My Advice:

Hi there, my new anonymous friend! I got SO sad just reading your question. It really bums me out that you feel this way.

I’m just glad you have that friend who you know is there for you, because everyone needs someone who they can trust!

Since there’s a ton I don’t know about you, it’s kind of hard to give you advice, but if I could help even a little, that would be awesome…so I’m going to do my best!

First, I think you need to figure out why you think everyone hates you. Is it because your parents aren’t really there for you? Is it because you don’t have a lot of friends other than that one? Is it because you’re being bullied in school?

Whatever it is, THAT’S the real problem. It’s not that everyone hates you. It’s that you’re dealing with something that makes you THINK they do. And there’s a big difference between those two things!

You’ll probably need to talk this through with someone to really figure this stuff out. Is there a relative you trust? Or a teacher at school? Or maybe even that friend you mentioned?

You might feel embarrassed to talk about it, but I’m going to let you in on a little secret: a TON of people feel this way!!

I Googled “everyone hates me” and got over 250,000 results!

(Really, they should ALL read Ask Nikki, but back to my point…)

If you open up to someone else, it will help with the second problem: that you feel lonely and sad.

I remember one time when I was playing softball in gym class. I could have gotten the winning home run…but I ran around all the bases and forgot to touch home plate.

I thought EVERYONE hated me after that, and I cried so much that I thought my eyeballs might dry up!

I told my friend Marcy and she said, “The same thing happened to me last year…and I could NEVER hate you!”

Then she came over after school every day that week so I wouldn’t feel so sad.

I don’t know if you’re dealing with something WAY more dramatic than this, but the point is you’ll probably feel a lot better when you let someone else in!

I hope this helps a little. And just so you know, even though I don’t know you that well, I like you. :)

What do you guys think? Do you have any advice for our new anonymous friend?

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  1. Jamie (327) says:

    I agree with Nikki! I don’t think that everyone hates you. They just haven’t gotten to know the real you yet. To make a friend you have to be one. Ask someone how they’re doing and what their interests are. Also if they’re dealing with something difficult you can help them go through it! What do you think of my advice? :D

    • Eden (137) says:

      I think this is good advice.
      I’m going through a slightly similar situation because I just moved across the country. I have made a few friends, and lots of acquaintances.
      But sometimes I feel really lonely because the kids in the neighborhood I’m renting in are pretty much ignoring me for no reason. They asked me to hang out with them a few times, and it seemed like we were friends. But now they never ask to hang out.
      And this one neighbor is really nice to me, but we don’t talk that much anymore because she has this friend, Vanessa, and spends most of her time with her. I really want to be better friends with her, and I want Vanessa to be my friend too. I was thinking, since we’re neighbors, I should bring Vanessa a plate of brownie cupcakes to be nice (I make really good brownie cupcakes, not to brag or anything).
      And there’s also this girl at church named Kayla, who’s friend’s with my friend’s sister. My friend doesn’t really like her sister that much, but sometimes we all hang out. Recently Kayla and I have become sort-of friends, which I’m happy about.
      My advice? If you want to make friends, I would suggest being nice to people. I’m sure you already are pretty nice, but I mean like really make an effort – especially if you see someone else who looks lonely.

      • Eden (137) says:

        (In the part where it says “friend’s with my friend’s sister” I really meant “friends with my friend’s sister,” just so you know. I’m a total grammarian . . .)

        • Supergirl (701) says:

          Yeah! I’m rocking this swag bold writing!

          • zayner4eves (93) says:

            how do u get the writing? It is dead annoying!

          • Pink Bubblegum (244) says:

            Hi guys, here’s a story that will help you :)

            Maddie Wallace had just moved to Las Angeles California from Stevens Point, Wisconsin. She loved the beach so she was excited to go there. She also had a pen-pal, Ethan, that lived there, so she was looking forward to meeting him. She had never seen him in real life, nor any pictures. The class was assigned to have pen pals two months ago, but since then Leo and Maddie had become good friends. Other than him, she had a few friends, and a best friend named Kaitlyn but that was it. She was shy.
            Maddie was sweet, funny and creative. She loved animals and had a pet dog named Coco, a bunny named Leo and five fish who were nameless. When it was her first day at school, she was nervous, but she new she would make new friends. Kaitlyn put on her favorite blue top, jeans and sparkly silver TOMS. She rode her bike three blocks to school and pushed open the door. So many new faces! She thought. She was in room 25. She made her way through e crowded hallway and pushed open the door. She was the first one. “Ah! You must be Madison Wallace. I’m Mr. McIntire.” The teacher said, shaking her hand. “Yes, that’s me. But, um, no one really calls me Madison. I kinda prefer Maddie.” She shrugged. “Oh, okay.” Smiled Mr McIntire. “Your locker is 105. You can put your books down and come to class.” He instructed her. Maddie nodded and searched for her locker. She hung up her backpack and sweater and made her way back to class. Mr. McIntire introduced her and she say down next to aboname Carl and a girl named Alexis. Carl had bright red hair and freckles and Alexis had shiny brown hair and hazel eyes that Maddie compared to her blond hair and green eyes. The morning began with an overview of what seventh grade was like and the some lessons and lunch. She expected someone to introduce themselves to her but she kept quiet. She sat alone at lunch but didn’t freak out because she knew it was the first day. The next day was the same: No one wanted to talk to her, and then the next day, the next, and the next. By the emed of the week she was feeling upset. She had made no friends. Over the weekend her mom took her to go meet Ethan, who lived five minutes from her house! At first it was awkward. “It’s so weird seeing you in real life!” Laughed Ethan. He had curly black hair and blue eyes. The moms chatted while Ethan and Maddie played video games on Ethan’s wii. They became god friends and saw each other often after that. But so far, Ethan was her only friend. Maybe even more.
            It was a month since school started and she still had no friends. There’s something wrong with me. She told herself. I’m ugly. I need to buy better clothes and wear makeup so people will notice me.
            Although he thought this, it wasn’t true. Infact, Ethan had even developed a crush on her, as she did to him. But they still acted like best friends. One night, Maddie was talking to Kaitlyn on Skype. “I don’t now what to do. I have made zero friends!” She sobbed. Kaitlyn said calmly, “Well, Eathans a friend, right?” Maddie stopped crying. “I wanted to talk to you about that. I really like him. He’s so cool.” Kaitlyn clapped. “Aww!” Maddie blushed. “We’ll never be, you know, together. I’m pretty sure he thinks of me as a friend, not a girlfriend.” She said. That night, Maddies mom asked her about school. “Why don’t you invite some friend over to see a movie?” She suggested. “Um…” Maddie bit her lip. “I think all my friends have seen that movie.” Maddies mom looked at her. “Honey, what’s wrong?” She asked. Maddie burst into tears. “I don’t have any friends at all!” She cried. She and her mom talked and they decided to take her to a councillor. She talked it out with Maddie and they decided Maddie never thought about talking to other people. She just waited for other people to say hi to her. She needed more confidence. So the next day when Maddie went to school, she had a conversation with a girl named Saige. Saige and Maddie had a lot in common, and they were fast friends. Saige introduced her to her friends and invited her to a party. Maddie came home very, very happy.

            The moral of the story is, be confident! Don’t wait for people to make friend with you, and speak up! If your wondering what happened, Saige and Maddie were BFFs, and Ethan and Maddie, lets just say they had a very romantic first kiss while playing video games. ;)

          • Sopmonkey (2156) says:

            And Im guessing this Maddie Wallace is you and this Ethan is/was your boyfriend

          • Pink Bubblegum (244) says:

            Actually SopmonkeyI just thought of it :)

          • Victoria :) (90) says:

            hi I am testing to see if I get bold writing starting now:
            hi hi hi hi hi hi

        • kit (the one and only) (287) says:

          How do you write in bold on a 3Ds…?

        • I’m testing out those HTML and other stuff

        • Crazy Dancer 27593 (244) says:

          Has anyone kissed someone before? I really like this guy he likes me too but I don’t know how to kiss him!

          • lexi (177) says:

            i did.click my name and check it out

          • Jade (30) says:

            If you both like each other go for it while you can. He might start getting interested in other gals.

          • teenangel.123 (251) says:

            I have! just pucker up your lips (do NOT lick them before kissing) and if your crush is looking somewhere else, sneakily apply a THIN layer of lip gloss. The best thing to do is to wait for him to make a move-that usually happens when both of you are silent-but if he DOESN’T make his move, you can wait, or if you’re really eager, YOU make YOUR move.
            Hope this helps,
            TeenAngel :)

          • Pink Bubblegum. (244) says:

            teenagngel.123 How old were you and whats it like? I am 12.

          • Crystal (1) says:

            I have the same situation. But I only see him at school, and we are only aloud to hold hands at my school.

        • Hey um girl I don’t know, anyways, I have the same exact problem but it ain’t a problem cause I have a good best friend, she can be rude, but she’s something and so are you. :D

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        • chase (4) says:

          what to do when your mom met some one new and stops doing stuff with you…….I feel like……A PICE OF CRAP!! Im sorry I just feel bad………………………………

      • olivia (2057) says:

        My crush moved out of the neighborhood 3 months ago and now another family moved in. The parents have a son who is in sixth grade and he rides my bus. I used to think he’s cute (and he is), but when we walk home from our stop, its awkward! Im one of those girls who are shy and umm… UNPOPULER! But my new neighber? He seems populer…! He probbaly doesnt want to be seen with a loser like me. And when my dad asks me if I wanna go outside I just say no because im too shy… Now I kind of want to move because to be honest, I dont realy like kids who are “all that”! I think my life just got misserable by a boy who is 1 year younger than me… :cry:

      • Mustacheluv (1524) says:

        on the last blog post, didn’t you post a comment about your brother stealing the star on the christmas tree then you had to chase him and you neighbour-crush helped you?

      • Hijhg (1) says:

        You are unpopular and your spelling is bad.

      • Fatnessevercream (7) says:

        Its also hard when your going to a new school but nikkis advice was really good

      • zamzammy (2) says:

        i fell really bad for you

      • Minolleria Jonesy (59) says:

        Perhaps you should not worry about grammar accidents, unless you yearn to become an English teacher in the later future.

        – Minolleria Jonesy

      • funny bunny (7) says:

        that is really good advice i was in a similar promblem in year one there was a girl named Hannah i told her everything then in year 4 she started being mean to me im afraid she told my secret i try to stand up for myself but then she tries to act cute then everyone is nice to her but thankfully not everybody likes her and they predent to like her im scared they might dump her should i let them or be the nice person i am and tell will she ignor me because theres a dork in all of us and we cant leave her alone replay answers thanks

      • grace #DORKDIRIESFAN (1) says:


      • dkm (2) says:

        Eden you sound very encouraging

    • abigail brown (1) says:

      don’t ever think no one likes u because cloey and zoey like u and I am a big fan so is my friend Rebecca thanks I love you

    • Taeko Yasuhiro (667) says:

      And I thought I was the only one in class anytime I’m the only one talking, everyone is like:

      “Shh, Shut up Taeko!!”

      It’s so annoying when people do that! I agree with Jamie on this again, when people see another side of you that they don’t feel passion towards, they respond to you with negativity, then when it happens often, you get that feeling,

      “Why does everyone hate me? What did I do?”

      Just show them the YOU, the whole YOU! (I got that from an American Girl book.)show them how you always acted as yourself, regularly the way you always act around people, not change your attitude, just show them what’s behind those curtains.

      Everyone has that “Psychological feeling.” once in a while, after a while, when you talk to someone, ask them,

      “What do you think of me?”
      Not like a random person, your friend or someone closer than an acquaintance, I’ve had someone tell me how I’m weird and creepy, but I didn’t care because I had that side in me when I’m with my friends, that’s what makes up who I am.

      Now it’s your turn to find out who YOU are.

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    • Mustaches and Bears (244) says:

      Hi Im Katy and Im 12. I love to dance so when the talent show came around I thought it was a great was to impress my crush Ben. I did a dance to the song Winter Song and it was lyrical. I wore a flowy dress. When it finished they said I won! So after the show everyone congratulated me and Ben asked my out! So we went t the park and looked at the stars for a while. Then, he reached for my hand. He turned face to face with me. ‘Your a talented dance Katy. Your so sweet. Will you be my girlfriend?’ He asked. I said yes, or course. Then he kissed me for about 20 seconds. It was nice.

    • Manar (27) says:

      I agree with Jamie. Maybe some people don’t like you but at least you have some people who like your friends. That’s how I used to feel but smiling even if something’s wrong shows how strong you are. Maybe it doesn’t seem like it on the outside but in the inside, you have a lot of courage and strength.

    • werebuny;p (1) says:

      Hey be you and only you also dont care about others opinions.If any one should be hated itd me.I sieriously wear a bunny hat on my shoulders,have wolf ears on my head,wolf boot covers,and im really nerdy/anoying.Most cant even stand by me,so i just make friends with the people who could stand me witch is very hard.Im just tellin ya that if your as wierd and as anoying as me take my advice even if your not as wierd or anoying.
      P.S. this mostly works in 5th-8th grade trust me.

    • Victoria :) (90) says:

      awesome advice! everyone at school hates me because they’re ALL snobby and posh including the boys!!! but my brothers go to the same school and they’re nice so I don’t care. its lucky you have a nice friend. :) and can I ask for advice? I’ve been in crutches and a sling for the last month due to a car accident and this guy is always teasing me about it, and saying I deserved to have much worse things than a broken leg and collarbone and its SOOO annoying. what do I do to stop him?

    • Victoria :) (90) says:

      happy Halloween. I meant easter. I meant CHRISTMAS. or is it valentines day?….. no, wait, of course!! its bob the builders wedding anniveresarie. hey? why is there a tree in my room? oh yeah, its a Christmas tree! its Christmas yey!! :)

    • Victoria :) (90) says:

      my kind of super lame homework exscuse I used earlier in the year:
      mean history teacher: Victoria please say you haven’t forgotten your homework AGAIN?
      me: not quite, miss.
      teacher: what do you mean not quite! don’t get cheeky with me young lady!”
      me: I didn’t forget it. I dropped it in the pond.
      TEacher: what? why on earth would you take your history book near the pond?
      me: I was doing it up the oak tree by our garden pond. I was sitting on a branch over the pond and my brothers football ccidently hit me and I dropped it.
      teacher: Victoria I am not stupid. your brother jed is no football fan.
      me: no. my OTHER brother.
      teacher: oh?
      me: my brother Darren. he’s in a different form.
      teacher`: which form?
      me: 4e.
      teacher: that’s your form Victoria.
      ME: I KNOW. I meant a different form to YOUR form.
      teacher: oh, wait.. Darren. the one who got isolation for breaking 3 school windows with his football?
      me: it was an ACCIDENT.
      teacher: one more missing homework and you’ll get isolation too.
      me: :O
      teacher: now off you go.
      that homework excuse was true though. but I know it sounded super lame. i’ll be in isolation if I forget another! that teacher never forgets or goes back on what she says. ok that story was random. but never mind.

    • Victoria :) (90) says:

      wheres my comment gone?

    • Victoria :) (90) says:

      wheres my comment gone? it totally disappeared!!

    • charlotte (1) says:

      yes I agree with u

    • maya (6) says:

      will eden sorry to hear about that hear is advice if they are ur only only friends u should just ask them why there doing it if there arent do it the same with some one else in when they ask why u doing that tell them u was doing it to me first tHAT MY ADVICE

  2. abigail adams (14) says:

    my best commeny

  3. Cutegirl (2) says:

    At least im 2nd

  4. Cat-Girl (110) says:

    Yeah! They just don’t know you!

  5. Sarahjo2002 (44) says:

    YAY im the 3rd commenter

  6. Sarahjo2002 (44) says:

    btw great advce Nikki! XD

  7. lexi (177) says:

    i seriously agree with jamie.just be :cool: and everything will be ok.and i can be your friend here.♥♥

  8. Bacon Lover (181) says:

    PLEASE CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE:http://askaninja.wordpress.com/ I check several times a day and I will try my best to give you good advice. Even if you just need w friend to talk to I will be there.

  9. Dorkz Rule the school (21) says:

    Don’t worry! As long as you be nice to everyone and don’t act mean, I am sure no one hates you! And if you did, aplogize. =D

  10. tinkerbell (56) says:

    hi world :)

  11. bonjourcheerleading (8) says:

    I agree with Nikki completely. I think that everyone just is jealous of you and wishes they were you. And, this is TOTALLY what parents say and it gets on my nerves to, to where I’m totally fed up, but it’s true. And, if they really are being bullies, and come straight out and say, they hate you. Tell someone like your teacher or a principal or parent.

  12. olivia (2057) says:

    I feel you!! Im shy and SUPER bad at sports…and when the team captain gets to pick who is in their team, I get left out and the two team captains argue who is going to be left with me… I actually cried! :cry:
    I told my friend Sam, and she tottaly helped me out. I told her that EVERYONE hates me! Then she told me,”Well, I dont hate you! And God loves you and everyone else too!”
    That tottaly made me feel better! So remember… Not everyone hates you!

    I hope this helps! :mrgreen:

    ps. I suck at giving advice… :oops:

    • lexi (177) says:

      hey olivia.long time huh?! :?:

    • peaches (19) says:

      I felt soo embarrassed because I remember having the same experience! I NEVER got picked 4 a team and when I was the last one standing team captains would very childishly ARGUE about which one of them got STUCK with me. I still get bullied to this day but I have found a way to deal with it :being happy and content with myself (because with the exeption of the Lord no one love me more than me!) The best thing to say to the bullies if you have this team captain dilemma is saying, “Oh, thats quite alright that you two(or how many ever captains there are) are playing this very immature game but you guys are wasting everyone’s time so I would suggest that you put me o a team before I have to get ballistic up in here!” or just laugh right in the bullies face when they play there dumb game. Maybe you don’t feel comfortable going to that extreme,but just think of the friends and family you do have and pray for more friends . Bullies are only a small part of your life so be HAPPY .I figured out that bullies hate to see a smile on your face when you laugh in their face and say “Your taking time out of YOUR day to make mine miserable? HAHAHA,how PATHETIC!YOU got to go get YOUR life.” Hopefully the bullies will go away and you will feel much better. Hope this helps everyone out!

      • Eden (137) says:

        That’s also really sad, peaches! GREAT advice. I will so do that if that ever happens to me. I have gotten picked last before too (but there wasn’t arguing – those team captains sound so immature!).

        • Supergirl (701) says:

          Ouch! It depends on what sport or game we’re playing. If we’re playing cops and robbers, I’m usually first or second picked. Maybe even captain. If we’re playing basketball, I usually am towards the end. We don’t really play other team sports which we choose. The teachers usually do it for us.

      • Mustacheluv (1524) says:

        I like your attitude :D

      • teenangel.123 (251) says:

        Me too! At-tit-ude :)

      • LayLyann Tarabay (144) says:

        I know, right?! We’re SUPER, DUPER, EXTRA, MEGA, ULTRA horrible at sports!!! We were packed last on EVERY SINGLE SPORT (Except on swimming lessons, everyone knows were SUPER good at swimming, NOT to brag…), and the team captains were Stephanie and a guy named Edgardo, Who TOTALLY hate our guts! Really, each time we had to play either basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, softball, kickingball, or ANYTHING that ENDS with ‘ball’, we had to get hit by the ball…

        • LayLyann Tarabay (144) says:

          Actually, ALMOST everyone hate our guts in our classroom, except our BFFs (They are SO nice and cool, BTW!). And not to mention that in school, We’re well known for being the only twins in school, and because we are… Let’s say… Clumsier than an ox in heels (We’re always tripping on the floor)… And because we get good grades… But still, I REALLY doubt EVERYONE hates you! At least, in DD no one hates you! :D

        • LayLyann Tarabay (144) says:

          Picked, NOT packed, sorry

    • Eden (137) says:

      That’s so sad! :( But Sam sounds like the BEST friend EVER! :)
      I think it’s great advice. :D

    • Jade (30) says:

      I suck at every sport but gymnastics.freinds are great for support.

  13. Chocolate 12 (1) says:

    Don’t worry everybody feels lonely sometimes!!!! :)

  14. lizzaboo_3 (6) says:

    Let your inner dork shine ;3

  15. #Love this book (35) says:

    Nikki is totally right maybe you feel lonely and said, but at least you’ve got some friends at your side to make you feel better.

  16. Sopmonkey (2156) says:

    just be yourself

  17. Otaku Girl (2) says:

    I felt the same way about school. I thought everyone disliked me and ignored me because I’m an Otaku! This really helped me a lot because lately I have been feeling the same way! Now I know that it is all in my head!

  18. Madbunny (13) says:

    Awww…. I wanna give anonymous friend a hug.

  19. lexi (177) says:

    Attention.new post that is super romantic.plz click my name :)

  20. Lulu (10450) says:

    Heyyyyy PEOPLEEE!!! :D :D :mrgreen: :P :lol: ^__^ :3 ^3^ U.U :) :D ~(O.O)~

  21. ARIYA (2633) says:

    ‘Frozen’ is kinda a sad movie… Am I alone on this??

  22. ed sheeran (1) says:

    i have the same problem but just remember that not everyone hates you they dont know you and always stay true to your close friends

  23. Chloe (1) says:

    ive never seen frozen

  24. olivia (2057) says:

    Hi guys! What are you guys doing over the Holidays?
    I just noticed that Nikki didn’t write about her Thanksgiving…
    Anyways, Have a great Christmas! :cool:

  25. BRITT (97) says:

    I remember Marcy. What happened to her in the 6th book?

  26. Lily (2985) says:

    count your blessings. you know which people in my life seem to hate me the most? MY SOON-TO-BE USED-TO-BE FRIENDS. seriously, i have seven best friends who are actually nice.
    they either
    a. live in florida, which is across the country
    b. moved to east timor
    c. are from girl scouts and we’re on scout break
    d. THEY’RE ELECTRONIC. (yea….my bff is a COMPUTER.)

  27. lasayva (1) says:

    I love your book I have the hole intire book

  28. olivia (2057) says:

    Tommorow is the last day of school before WINTER BREAK! SQUEE!!! :D

  29. olivia (2057) says:

    Ughhhhhhh….. I wish I had the power to make stuff DISSAPEAR!! :twisted: Like my new 11 year old neighbor who makes walking home from school AWKWARD! That would be AWESFOME! :evil:
    (Not realy… :twisted: )

  30. Hailey Wuolukka (1) says:

    I just ignore them and walk away.

  31. christian connie (16) says:

    The same is happening to me. This kid hates me. He whispers stuff that is not true to my friends. He trys to get me hurt. I thought he got everyone to hate me. But when he was not there i had a great time with other kids who he is mean too. It was fun. He still hates me but i know i am special.

  32. Princess Directioner (101) says:

    I don’t think EVERYONE hates you. Well if you are mean maybe that is the reason. But I am sure if your nice and kind. Everyone will be your friend.

  33. GemofSilence (149) says:

    Nikki gave you great advice! Don’t worry, nobody should hate you without a really good reason.

  34. Bunkey boo (47) says:

    Always know there’s a plan for you and although the road may seem rather curved,there’s always a good ending. And don’t forget:

  35. Sopmonkey (2156) says:

    I just love doctor who watching it right now

  36. pie20588 (87) says:

    Hi,New Friend! I feel bummed that you think EVERYONE except your one friend,hates you.Well that’s not true,cos’ everyone here wants to help you as a FRIEND. ;)

    My advice:

    1.It helps to think positive about yourself.Instead of thinking: ‘Everyone hates me’,you should think: I’m awesome since I have one friend,and she likes me because I’m a great friend.

    2.Go out there and make new friends! If your shy,go out with your friend and do it together!The more friends you have,the less sad and lonely you’ll feel.

    Hang in there! Your friend,pie20588 :D

  37. pie20588 (87) says:

    Please rate my advice:

    1 star-Horrible
    2 stars-Bad
    3 stars-Fair
    4 stars-Good
    5 stars-Very Good
    6 stars-Super Good
    7 stars-Great!Keep your dork quality advice strong!

  38. annie (89) says:

    HEY I am soo bored I don’t have any homework

  39. annie (89) says:

    any one on

  40. Crystal413 (4) says:

    I felt like this before but I then think all of the reasons why they don’t hate me. Yeah sure some people hate you but forget them, you can hate them too. But the good thing is that you have a friend to stick by your side and to talk to.

    1. You could talk to your friend or relatives about it and ask for their opinion; don’t just keep it to yourself because they might worry.

    2. You should always think why people like you though; the positive things. Like, “they don’t hate me, they just don’t know me yet.”

    3. If you still think everyone hates you after trying those, think about why they might hate and how you could prevent them from hating you. If they just hate you for no reason, ignore them!

    Hope I helped! :)

  41. Mustacheluv (1524) says:

    Dear Anonymous,
    Dude, thats deep, but seriously, everybody feels that way sometimes. It’s just a matter of letting it get to you.
    Take a ship for example: An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless the water gets inside the ship.
    Similarly the negativity of the world can’t put you down, unless you let it get inside of you.
    So hang on to that life preserver- by that, I mean those things that make you smile, even the little things, like a good movie, or a funny bestie- and keep afloat.
    And if you feel that certain people hate you then immediately get them out of your life, because nobody should feel like that, you DON’T need that kinda negativity all up in yo’ personal space.
    The only person you need to please is yourself, you are PRIORITY, if people don’t like certain things about you, well they can pack their bags and LEAVE.
    Hope you fell better.
    H.T.H: Hope This Helps
    -Mustacheluv ☺

  42. Kathryn (5) says:

    I feel you SO MUCH !!!!!! I don;t know what to do or what to think .. It’s just !!!!!!!

  43. Rightmare XD (1591) says:

    That’s great advice!! Thank you so much Nikki! I needed it ;)

  44. Secret GUrl (41) says:

    Hey, Nikki!
    I think this is such awesome advice… I felt like this for a long time last year- even some of my best friends! Then I found out it was only one girl who was making it seem like, to me, everyone was hating me. I asked her why and she told me she was jealous of me because I was good at everything and everyone wanted to be my friend- so she tried to make herself better than me by comparison. I understood, I had felt the same way before about someone else, but I would never try and put them down. I explained to her that the reason I had a lot of friends was because I would never do something like what she did to me. She told me she was sorry, and just like that, we made up!
    Secret Gurl <3

  45. Starry (21) says:

    If you have low self confidence, it isn’t always easy to open up to someone… just think positive and everything gets better.

  46. lacey (2) says:

    I have no friends and it feels like everyone hates me help!!

  47. Supergirl (701) says:

    Just trying out another type of HTML

  48. Cool Dork (31) says:

    great advice nikki!but i also feel like that sometimes :( once we were playing sports and i was the last 1 placed in a team and the team captain went like he was praying to god or somethin’ 4 me not 2 be on his team!!! it is really depressing!!!

  49. Princess Directioner (101) says:

    Hey there! Can one of you give me advice about how to get a phone. I always wanted one and one of my friend is going to get a iPhone 5. I want a phone that only costs like 299. Plz give me advice!!!

  50. kailey (13) says:

    my dad wouldn’t be the one so competitive it would be my mother!!!!
    seriously she is worst then nikkis dad!!

  51. English Girl!! (1) says:

    I’m guessing all you Guys are American?

  52. BendingSticks (6) says:

    Actually I have felt that before. I tried telling it to my family but they even made it worse for me. I don’t know what to do. So how can I solve my problems without telling my family? :(

  53. Sopmonkey (2156) says:

    I gave some pretty sucky advice so I decided to rethink what I said people will tell you it gets better or that everyone doesn’t infact hate you but in this world you can never know in fifth grade I had what I thought were good friends then I came to found out that none of them had even liked me but now we are all friends but still people are stupid and idiots you never know so I can’t really help you there because I feel almost the same way all I can say is maybe its Parnoia over something like that,that happened to you.

  54. dORKY KID 4EVER (35) says:

    ok no airyouii best

  55. Adihah Dayah (1) says:

    I got this feeling too…but I’ve figure this stuff out! thanks goodness….I’m sooo stress before figurew it,but after I figure this,I got very released…

  56. aimi (49) says:

    awesome advise nikki!!

    my life is getting cruddier by the minute….
    just because i got good results in the sixth grade,im going to be shipped to this boarding school.

    with rules that say:no handphones,no slacking and all dicipline..

    im separated from like everyone i know except myself and its like im shipped to a military academy!!

  57. Bacon Lover (181) says:

    PLEASE CHECK OUT MY SITE!!!! JUICY DRAMA AND HILARIOUS TAILS http://talesfromanaveragedinosaur.wordpress.com/

  58. yazmin (22) says:

    when everybody loves you

  59. dORKY KID 4EVER (35) says:

    ok is no the

  60. Brandon (2) says:

    I actually have a girlfriend named Nikki! What a coincidence! Or, is the author stalking me or something…

  61. Hope the dork (34) says:

    i feel that way……..

  62. lexi (177) says:

    to all dd lovers.
    Merry christmas!!And to my new friend anonimous,Dont let anybody intimidate you.Whatever they think of you just ignore it.Its enough you have a bestie and all of us here can be your friends.And its not always that they hate you.They might not know you better Anyway goodluck and if you want a friend count me one.♥♥♥ :mrgreen:

  63. L.M.H Shimmer Shine (218) says:

    Lexi I went on your blog and I need to hear more about your crush! I need details on your date!

  64. Broopyta4Life (8) says:

    I know how the person feels but after reading Nikki’s advice all i can say is thank u Nikki :)

  65. Broopyta4Life (8) says:

    Also Nikki i have a question:
    How can i get my crush notice me on twitter? His name is also Brandon (not Brandon Roberts!) And I’ve been trying to get a follow from him but nothing happens :( . Can you help me please?

  66. lexi (177) says:

    @ L.M.H Shimmer Shine
    you will get the update really soon.and thanks for visiting my blog.dont forget to comment :mrgreen:

  67. olivia (2057) says:

    Im Official On Winter Break!! :lol:
    Today at school they were handing out candy canes that your friends bought for you. Alot of kids got some, and some kids didnt get any. I think my teache felt bad for those kids who didnt get one because he gave the kids without candy canes and candybar. And I was one of the kids who didnt get a candycane. My teacher is so nice! But I almost cried… :cry:
    I alwase feel like a TOTAL LOSER at school! And a LONER!
    I thought the holidays were about love… :?

    • Supergirl (701) says:

      People can be so excluding! At my school we get candy canes and christmas cards for the whole class. (Not because we’re inclusive, but it’s cuz we have a tiny school) Anyway, I’m really sorry about that.

    • Savannah (5279) says:

      They are! :s really. Aww, girl, I’m so sorry!! At least you got a candybar!! :mrgreen: *Buys whole box of candy canes just for you* *huggies* You’re not a loner! ;) You’re my BFF!!

      ……..now, about the candybar, did you eat it? :mrgreen:

  68. olivia (2057) says:

    For some reason I only have friends at church who actually care about me… And at school? Not so much.
    At least im going to church today…

  69. Isabel (23) says:

    when I was new at my school,coit creative arts acadadamy,I felt very lonely.

  70. Savannah (5279) says:

    “Merry ALMOST Christmas, and Happy ALMOST new year! I have so much homework on the holidays, I barely get time to spend with my family…” -says no one ever

  71. Savannah (5279) says:


    41. Sopmonkey (1972) says:

    December 20, 2013 at 6:42 pm

    “Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life, but define yourself.”
    ― Harvey Fierstein
    “About all you can do in life is be who you are. Some people will love you for you. Most will love you for what you can do for them, and some won’t like you at all.”
    ― Rita Mae Brown
    “Many people need desperately to receive this message: ‘I feel and think much as you do, care about many of the things you care about, although most people do not care about them. You are not alone.”
    ― Kurt Vonnegut, Timequake

    “Every morning is a fresh beginning. Every day is the world made new. Today is a new day.”

    SO DARN RITE!!!!! owo

  72. afeefa (10) says:

    15,000,000 results

  73. lovergirl16 (73) says:

    She’s right! At some point I’m sure everyone deals with this, even those so called CCPS! You’re not alone, we’re all friends here :D

  74. ARIYA (2633) says:

    I think I figured out HTML YES!

  75. ARIYA (2633) says:

    The last few days of school before winter break… Always something to share!!

    On Thursday, instead of two periods of PE, our gym teacher let us watch FROZEN instead! Me and Lauren got the two middle seats in the very front, lucky us :D !!
    Half way through the movie, our coach let us go to PE office to get FREE popcorn! But by the time Lauren and I got back to the room, this guy was in MY seat.
    “Get outta my seat, Darren. ”
    “Well Ri, the early bird gets the worm so-”
    “Yeah, I AM the early bird. I’ve been sitting in this spot for almost an hour.”
    *Then Lauren got in to her seat (which is right next to my spot but was sitting in).*
    “Never mind. Here Ri, you can sit here. I don’t wanna sit next to Lauren…. Or ANY girl!”
    Finally! Then he went back to his seat behind mine and started talking to his friends….
    “It’s okay, I don’t wanna sit there anymore. I spilled salt on the chair anyways…”
    Ughhhhhhhhhhh. I got up right from my chair, whipped my head around, and looked straight at Darren.
    But he put his hands up looking offended, as if to say, “WHAT?? I didn’t say or do anything!”

    That was my Thursday. So clearly, I was pretty mad having to wipe off all the salt that was on me. But now that it’s winter break, I’m past that :lol:

    • Maythedork (87) says:

      My thursday! Pretty similar ;)

      Our class invited 5M (the other class) to watch a movie with us. As I was enjoying the movie, Jacob and Marvin and trying to make me jealous by kissing each other and smooching and hugging etc. LOL u should have been there! They looked like total gays! Though they were trying all their might to make me jealous, I only stared at them like they were crazy. Watch a movie, chat with CCPS, embarrass myself by dancing like a reindeer dancing gangnam style in front of jacob, run around the field with hafsa obviously trying to annoy jacob, so yeah That was pretty much my Thursday.

  76. HannahXCapacite (1) says:

    Or maybe you should tell them how you feel that’s how i feel

  77. Savannah (5279) says:

    Okay, girl, listen to my advice.

    Not EVERYONME hates you! In fact, no people hate you at all!

    If they DO hate you, or act mean toward you, then just ignore them. Trust me, I hear this like a THOUSAND times, but seriously, I’ve done it, and it really works!

    Just walk away like you’re better than them (of course, you really ARE better than them, so…)!

    Otherwise just GRIT YOUR TEETH and GO WITH DA FLOW!!

    Sorry if I was kinda ruff. .-.

    Peace out peeps!



  78. olivia (2057) says:

    What is html???? I keep seeing people say that and I dont know what it is… :?

  79. Elizabeth (8) says:

    Sometimes,things like ‘everyone hates me’ doesn’t exist,cause something,you felt it yourself…that’s why THINGS that makes you think like that…you have people you love,so don’t be sad :)

  80. olivia (2057) says:

    Oh! Thats cool! So how do u do html?
    Sorry for all the questions! Im kind of new…

    • Mustacheluv (1524) says:

      I’m so freaking excited, thanks SO much, Miss Know It All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • olivia (2057) says:

        OMG!!! I bet Mackenzie would be jelouse! When is it comeing out?!
        I JUST HAVE TO KNOW! SQUEE!!! :lol:

      • ARIYA (2633) says:

        Nikki Maxwell and her friends star in their own reality TV show in this seventh book of the New York Times bestselling Dork Diaries series!

        Nikki is in the spotlight! A reality TV crew will follow her and her friends for the whole month of March as they record their hit song together. But will the excitement also cause unexpected problems, now that cameras are everywhere Nikki and her friends go?

        OMG IM SOOO EXCITED!! :D I THINK THIS’LL BE THE BEST DD BOOK EVA :lol: PLS PLS PLS BE OUT PUBLISHED SOONER!! Oh, and when is nikki gonna hold another contest?? Its been long :) !

    • olivia (2057) says:

      Do u think Brandon,Chloe, Macus,Theo,Zoey, and Violet stars with Nikki too?

    • queen of the dorks (165) says:

      Thanks for posting the HTML!!!!!! Thanks for posting the HTML!!!!!! Want to be besties??!!!

  81. Starlight Sparkle (18) says:

    Nikki is exactly right, and you should never thing people HATE you because there is a difference between dislike and hate

  82. Mustacheluv (1524) says:

    I wonder what the covers gonna look like and what the colour its gonna be.
    Any guesses?

  83. hey i m back people i just went over a vacation and if u remember me i don’t need to give my itroduction just wanted to tell you that ask me anything you want and i can give you the perfect advice look out for me and my plans for you

  84. rojin (5) says:

    Hi there,
    see never listen to others if they hate you and tell bad stuff about you that’s because they are melody about you and never think that nobody likes you you are perfect :-)

  85. lexi (177) says:

    I just updated the blog post.click my name and comment!

    • rojin (5) says:

      hi there,
      see nobody can make you sad except your
      self so don’t let anyone disturb you should never think that nobody likes you in this world
      everyone likes your mom your dad your family your friends your teachers etc……. see everyone likes you so never say that when you think nobody likes you then that will cause you no more self confident anymore.

  86. queen of the dorks (165) says:

    this happens to me all of the time : :( : :-( :’( i need advice!!!!!!!! status: mad and sad

  87. queen of the dorks (165) says:

    I bet nobody’s going to help me!!!! I’m so mad!!!!

  88. Hi I’m Tamara so none of u think I’m Zyialah. ANYWAY, Well she is not my only friend in the world but she is the only friend I see everyday. there is this new kid, he is so mean I feel sorry for people who have to put up with him and then a bossy mean girl she says I’m rude, whatever, then my whole class cusses but me and my best friend zyialah is like the greatest friend I had, even if she is rude. so I don’t mind being unpopular because u might as well try your best to be yourself and make people accept u. I’m starting an advice column right here so reply here and tell me your problem. Also because I handle this type of stuff. OK I almost cried ONCE.

  89. Savannah (5279) says:


  90. Kaitlen (2057) says:


  91. Kaitlen (2057) says:

    How come when u change ur DD name it just says awaiting moderation

  92. olivia (2057) says:

    Sorry if its all confusing, Im realy bad at explaining… :cry:
    Sorry. :(

  93. Adeline (8) says:

    Wow! Nice that Nikki lives a happy life! I better go to bed now, so I’ll comment you soon!

  94. lexi (177) says:

    hi guys.just wanted to tell you best wishes with your crushes,bffs,bratty siblings etc.And i will be leaving dd for three months from January because I am being taken to a boarding school.We can keep in touch if there holidays.I will miss everyone very much :cry:

  95. rojin (5) says:

    how do you guys ask nikki i really need her advice

  96. Supergirl (701) says:


  97. anen (1) says:

    That is just mean you should show your temper

  98. Maythedork (87) says:

    You seriously should chill

  99. Maythedork (87) says:

    That’s so wrong hijhg

  100. Snow Shimmers (101) says:

    Hey I can also give some advice

    OK it started at the start of the school year when I did now have any friends. Then a new girl, Lora came ( Then I hated her read my other comment then you will no why.) She was nice but I never got to know anything then when I walked to the other people I started to shake so then Lora and I became friends then BBFs then enemies.

    My advice is to be to be kind and try best to be a good friend.

  101. Mustacheluv (1524) says:

    Stop cyberbullying.
    It makes people want to quit the internet.
    And nobody should wanna quit the internet.
    There are so many cute animals here.

  102. Aoife Cleary (1) says:

    I so agree with Nikki!BTW,girl,you rule your school!When everyone one thinks its the snobby airheads that rule the school,its actually you and your fellow dorks.Always remember to let your inner dor shine through!Lots Of Love,Aoife.xx

  103. Dance (2840) says:

    Dear Anonymous,
    I had the same problem too. In school, people would talk to my friends more than me and I felt like they were bigger than I was, and everyone didn’t like or care about me.
    In August 2012, the first time I came to DD, everyone ignored me and I felt the same way. However, with time and friendliness, you will make friends! People probably do like you, but it seems like you’re the quiet one in the room. Since you’re quiet, maybe people don’t gossip about you?
    But trust, someone, someone out there likes you.
    Good luck! ~Dance

    • Isabel (23) says:

      thats not how you spell diaries.

      • Dance (2840) says:

        I didn’t say diaries at all…o-o
        I feel bad for you :( For me, it’s the opposite. I only have friends at school, and I don’t even bother to make new friends, I’m too shy. And lazy .-.
        No,I mean literally…I saw people commenting at THE EXACT SAME TIME AS I WAS, and I even said hi to them, but they didn’t respond. They just were screeching for their friends or someone to come. One time, I literally got angry at someone ignoring me and I typed out my sadness ._. Then they had the nerve to reply that they hated when people do that, and to cool off. But they just started to ignore me again, so yeah…
        IKR? Me too .-. I’m too talkative with my friends, but not with anyone else…

    • Kaitlen (2057) says:

      Good advice Dance!
      But im the quiet one at school. Im like, the shy girl! But I dont talk AT ALL at school. I only talk when people asks me questions.
      Something that I get asked alot is, ” Why are you quiet?” or ” Do you talk at home?”
      But I just shrug my shoulders and walk away.
      But at my school, I hear people say stuff behind my back like, ” She has no emotion!”
      Everywhere other than school im just shy but not quiet. I have my friends at church and no friends at school…

  104. sailormoon (39) says:


  105. sailormoon (39) says:


  106. sailormoon (39) says:


  107. Isabel (23) says:

    I feel this way somtimes too.

  108. Dorkdiaries.com (345) says:


  109. Kaitlen (2057) says:

    Im kind of new to this website… But I read ALL the books of DD!

  110. Supergirl (701) says:

    E:E::E:E:E:E:E::EE:EE:E:EEE nGifcnwwjsteamsnendiriesskskmwnwixdjcxnci

  111. Kaitlen (2057) says:

    I just noticed that Nikki didnt write about her Thanksgiving! What if she doesnt write about her Christmas?
    Anyone else noticed? :?

  112. Supergirl (701) says:

    Poptropica gives your computer a virus… well it did to me.

  113. Supergirl (701) says:

    So I don’t play it.

  114. Supergirl (701) says:

    I’m trying to get to like, 800 comments.

  115. ARIYA (2633) says:

    your half way there

  116. ARIYA (2633) says:

    although I really don’t think comments matter

  117. Supergirl (701) says:


  118. Supergirl (701) says:

    Ok this is getting boring………………

  119. grace (1) says:

    omg I love dork diaries it is hilarious you should make one where Niki has to do a presentation at Briana’s class and Macenzie trys to get a video and show it to the hole school.

  120. ARIYA (2633) says:

    Dear anonymous,

    Okay, so giving advise isn’t really my thing but I’ll try my best…

    Not everyone hates you! Because not a lot of people talk to you doesn’t mean they hate you, they just don’t know you.

    If your a shy person, I get it. You’d rather wait for them to come to you then the other way around right? Its actually okay to do that, but don’t think it will ALWAYS work.

    Maybe you need to be a bit more social. Join a club, enter a contest, talent show, ect…

    That friend you mentioned? She might have a couple of friends who’d like another one too! Ask your friend if she could plan a slumber party with you, her, and her friends.

    If it doesn’t work, do what Nikki said. Talk to your friend, tell her that sometimes you get a little lonely and that you wish you could have more friends.

    Hope it all works out new friend :D

  121. Supergirl (701) says:

    @ ARIYA
    You mean etc, not ect, right?

  122. Emma (3) says:

    Nobody would hate you. Maybe you’re shy and people don’t know you much, so maybe just introduce yourself to someone.

  123. DD Lover (264) says:

    Don’t ever think everyone hates you.

  124. kyrstin (5) says:

    I think you should chat with the person/people that are making you feel bad!
    Whoever it is even if you’re scared if them just talk to them and ask them why they’re making you feel bad :)
    Hope this will encourage you anonymous whoever you are!!!

  125. ddfan (7) says:

    hey im new :-)

  126. Dr.FunTimesXD (561) says:

    does anyone know how you got your picture on dd? I want the website because I forgot. Thanks!

  127. Dr.FunTimesXD (561) says:

    can someone help me!!!???

  128. La la la can't hear you! (7) says:

    I feel like this ALL THE TIME I lie awake at night and cry.I dont get bullied but 2 boys in a class above me are really mean and they hate me for no reason:(

  129. ❀Anna Serra❀ (10) says:

    This is just my problem… :’(

  130. kirsten (13) says:

    did you really have to hide your name?

  131. lexi (177) says:

    its almost time for chrisrmas.Woo hoo!

  132. Kaitlen (2057) says:

    Tommorow is Christmas Eve!! :mrgreen:
    Feliz Navidad y prospero año nuevo y felizidad! :D

    Tommorow is Noche Bueno and Los Tres Reyes Magos are comeing to leave us presesnts! :mrgreen:
    Happy Holidays Dorks!!

  133. joy (44) says:

    omg i feel so bad for you. i am so sorry! but don’t worry just follow Nikki’s advice.

  134. Savannah (5279) says:

    I’ve just about had enough this week.

    Greattttt. Just….terrific. There has been a seriously HORRIBLE smell in my neighborhood. We have NO idea what it is. You’re probably thinking, “Aren’t you better off not knowing what that awful smell IS?? It can’t be that bad”! Well, it IS. Seriously. -__- It’s AWFUL. I can practically SMELL it in my sleep. Actually, I just pinch my nose and lie there until I go to sleep. And believe me, THAT’S hard. Even worse we have neighbors marching over to every house in sight and demanding to inspect their house. It’s THAT bad. Worse than you can EVER imagine. We have friends and family coming over TOMORROW. For Christmas Eve. All I wanted was a nice, quiet, peaceful dinner where we could talk and have a good time. Not a house filled with people pinching their noses and wondering what the HECK could be in the food that smells so bad. I hope it’ll be okay.

    :cry: wish me luck, girls. If they don’t get rid of the stink real SOON….


  135. Brenna (9) says:

    Not everyone hates you there is always ways some one who will be your friend you just need to be you and look.

  136. Maricielo (11) says:

    Okay i think that u might seem people hate u because 1 they dont know the REAL u.People sometimes judge u really fast sometimes.Just hang with ur bff because i think sometimes having one bff can be the awsomeness thing ever .I only have one and my life is awsome! thats my advice.Its okay if u think it is bad kk

  137. Miss.Pikachu (1034) says:

    well I usually don’t do these things but here goes nothing: so there’s this guy (we’ll call him Jason) so I have a huge crush on him and I kinda think he likes me and but I don’t think so but his best friend always says me and him are dating and says stuff like hey Jason why don’t you do kiss your girlfriend or its soo obviouse you two like eachother and sometimes he’ll even push us together so that our chest touch and every time his friend says that kinda stuff about us he never says she not my girlfriends or I don’t even like her which makes me tink he likes me also he out of all the girls in my class he talks to me the most he is single (he broke up with his girlfriend which is my bff she always tries to make me jelouse by flirting with him she knows I love him) he also teases me in a good way and I guess im kinda pretty I wear tight jeans cute tops and t-shirts (cute jackets in the winter) boots or vans for shoes I cant say my skin is perfect but its ok I guess I have a deep voice for a girl (I sound like a person from naruto my fave anime yeah that deep) so wassup do he like me and I just want your honest opinion even if its something like: ur like supper friendzoned don’t even think about it I want your honest opinion I will keep ask until I find an answer please help and thanks for taking the time to answer its means a lot and if you think this is stupid I understand sorry for wasting your time but plz honest advice

    • Mustacheluv (1524) says:

      Miss.Pikachu!!!! Missed you!

    • Maythedork (87) says:

      This same problem happened to me in second grade and it’s still happening to me today! Except that Jacob (my boyfriend) didn’t say stuff like I hate her, stop it, etc. but u know what? If ur confident enough, go up to him when u c him and say: now I’m confused here. People has been saying that u like me and things like that… Is it true? Then if he’s feeling nervous confess to him like this: Now, I don’t know if this is true but I just want to tell you that Ive been having a major crush on u and blablablablabla… Tell him how u feel! If he does t feel the same way u do, move on! I’m not telling u that u guys should be mortal enemies, u can still be friends…
      Hope I helped! ;) Maythedork

    • Kaitlen (2057) says:

      I have the SAME EXACT problem, so you tottaly feel me!!
      At church I have a crush that I have known him since he came. He is like, Best friends with my brother, Eduardo(Eddy).
      His family and him sit a row infront of us during church and he is alwase playfully teasing me. Eddy is ALWASE saying that I like him infront of my crush Aiden! But all Aiden says is,”Wait what?” And then he just blushees and laughs shyly.
      After church we ussualy play four corners. And when Aiden is “it”, He is alwase chasin ME out of the other girls and boys playing! One time
      Aiden was tickling me and I fell on top of him! But he just laughed and tickled me agian. Thats why I call him the tickle monster. I dont even know if he likes me either! :?

      But my honest oppinion about you and your crush Jason, I think you two would make a perfect item! :mrgreen:

    • Jade (30) says:

      I love your style! Are you popular at school? It sounds like you and Jason are a perfect couple. : )

    • Dance (2840) says:

      I would say he likes you, but don’t just assume it…I would ask him, to be honest. I don’t think he wants to friendzone you. Just remember, don’t force him to talk/hang out with you, or he’ll probably get annoyed. Or let your friends push you towards him, because that’s what my friends did to my other friend.
      By the way, I love Naruto! But I’m only on episode 30 or so, and there’s 100+ episodes .-.

      • Savannah (5279) says:

        OH….MAH…..GAWD!!!!!!!!!! :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG O….M….G OH-EM-GEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I just saw SANTA CLAUS!! I AM SO NOT KIDDING!!!! I heard a REALLY loud thump, so I ran downstairs, and…. St. Nick was putting gifts under the tree and eating the mince pie we put out for him!!!!!!!!!!!! :shock: After he saw me, he slung a sack over his shoulder, and just, like, POOF! he….he just DISSAPEARD!!!!!!!!!!!! owo :shock: :? I think I am going crazy………

      • Miss.Pikachu (1034) says:

        naruto rocks you really need to watch them all who’s your fave character i love sasuke and itachi

  138. Kaitlen (2057) says:

    Tommorow we have dinner at my brother’s wife’s parent’s house and my grandma also invited us.
    Mostly EVERY year we go to my grandma’s house and celabrate, but tommorow we are just going to the dinner. But when my dad told my grandma she just said,”Thats fine…”
    But she looked dissapointed. :(

    I HATE,HATE,HATE, having these kind of problems!
    Anyone knows how to solve these problems??

    • Mustacheluv (1524) says:

      Well maybe you can give your grandmother an extra-special xmas gift or maybe spend some more quality time with her and let her know that you love her just as much as any relative and that she shouldn’t feel neglected.
      Because the elderly always have that worry that people are neglecting them (atleast thats what I keep reading in books) so just let her know that she isn’t being neglected.
      H.T.H : Hope This Helps
      -Mustacheluv ☺

  139. Mia Daniels (9) says:

    It doesn’t matter if everyone hates u. Making people like u is a waste of time, believe me. Stick to your friend!!

  140. lexi (177) says:

    hey guys.its Christmas Eve!

  141. Dr.FunTimesXD (78) says:

    Hi guys! Do you like my picture? It’s the wanted and One Direction together! I am in TWFanmily and a Directioner! Thanks!

  142. Hopefulgirlinahopelessworld (10) says:

    *Note if you don’t like spoilers then don’t read on!!!

    This is what the 7th book will be about!!
    Nikki Maxwell and her friends star in their own reality TV show in this seventh book of the New York Times bestselling Dork Diaries series!
    Nikki is in the spotlight! A reality TV crew will follow her and her friends for the whole month of March as they record their hit song together. But will the excitement also cause unexpected problems, now that cameras are everywhere Nikki and her friends go?

  143. candyfloss1 (1) says:

    I love dork diaries they are hilarious and also i think you should make one where nikki trys to show off and sing and pretend she is good at everything when she does something wrong and the whole school sees it and brandon helps her get more popular and she makes mackenzie jealous #funny!

  144. Sweet Cupcake (1545) says:

    Merry Christmas guys! (it already is in my part of the world, but it’s almost 2 a.m. here… y’know staying up as usual – no one can stop me anyways… right?

    But that’s beside the point. What I really wanted to say is – besides wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas – is to say; whoa. That can’t be possible. I mean, not EVERYONE can not like you, right? The exception can’t only be your best friend.. maybe the person who actually thinks you’re cool is being influenced from peer pressure. It happens a lot, believe me.

    If you feel lonely and sad, you shouldn’t! I mean there’s a saying right, “Haters gonna hate.” ? Hahaha. So yeah, maybe they’re just jealous of something you have…? Something they could never have. For example you won something and got a school award and they got jealous. It’s possible.. but just ignore them and hang out with your friend/s. Maybe even try to make them like you and just be yourself. Don’t start pretending just so they would be your friends.

    Also, think. Have you ever done something to them? Something that made them feel offended? Something you really didn’t mean but got out anyway.

    Or, they didn’t realize they were acting hostile towards you. I don’t really know. There could be a lot of reasons why they may not like you. But just ignore them, if they bully you and call you names and stuff and you keep ignoring, they’ll soon get tired and give up trying to make you wind up or cry.

    And by the way, I agree with Nikki =) It’s really good advice. You should really talk to someone if you haven’t.

    Hope this helps and if it doesn’t… hope it helps to other people with the same problem. :P

    Sweet Cupcake ;)

  145. sailormoon1 (14) says:

    i always feel the same way! don’t feel bad! :]

  146. TWFanmilyDirectioner VEVO (78) says:

    Hey guys! I’m new in this site.

  147. AWESOMEGAL17 (9) says:

    Yes, everyone! Happy holidays to all in the US and possibly UK! Merry Christmas! :) x100

  148. Dance (2840) says:

    Hey, guys. I have something to say…
    I’m wondering who started chatting on DD in the first place, so if you know who was the first chatter, please tell me!
    I think DD so have a little ceremony…I wanna talk about DD’s past and it’s future, so please tell me anything you know about DD’s past in the replies! Thank you!

  149. Miss.Pikachu (1034) says:

    well maybe you can write from when you first started to now and i would suggest that you write about harmony (rember her she was like a dd celebrity i miss her so much)

  150. Angeline (87) says:

    Hey guys I’m maythedork but I changed my name to Angeline, my real name. Hope u guys don’t think I’m new!

  151. Kaitlen (2057) says:

    OMG!!! ITS CHRISTMAS DAY!!!!!!!!:megreen:
    But I feel like I’m missing something…
    OMG!!!! MY PRESENTS!!!
    Gonna go look under the tree with my bro now!!!!! :mrgeen:

  152. Theresa (270) says:

    Merry Christmas everyone! :D :) :P >_<

  153. ARIYA (2633) says:

    Merry NOT Christmas. My X-mas ended twenty minutes ago! Yes, that is what time it is :shock:

    • Kaitlen (2057) says:

      Why did it end twenty minutes ago?
      My X-mas lasts all day because I spend time with my family… and I barely spend time with them cuz they are usualy busy.

      • Dance (2840) says:

        Because she probably lives in a time zone where Christmas ended…Christmas ends at 12:00pm, so that’s the time of where she lives .-.

  154. ♥♥♥Fasiha♥♥♥ (109) says:

    Hey guys, we don’t have any activities on DD anymore!!!

    So let me try one, even thou I doubt anyone will do it.

    1. What is one MAJOR thing you want to do before you die?

    2.What is your favourite colour and why?

    3.Do you consider yourself to be a dork, or a CCP?

    4.Are there any possibilities that your crush will like you back? Explain why or why not.

    5. If you had the chance to go sky diving, would you do it?

    6.What is your favourite day of the year?

    • Angeline (87) says:

      1. Say good bye to ALL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY, which will take forever to do so I won’t die.
      2. My favorite color is dark blue because I love the stars shining out in the dark blue night sky.
      3. I am kind of both: I’m in a dorky gang, but is a CCP at my school.
      4. My crush likes me back because he now tells EVERYONE that he likes me and when anybody interferes when he and I r talking in clash of clans, he tells them, ” I’m not talking to u.”
      5. Nope, I’m too afraid of heights, even when I swing.
      6. Actually, I have 2: August 20th (my birthday) and November 9th (my crushes birthday)
      So, there u have it!

  155. ♥♥♥Fasiha♥♥♥ (109) says:

    1. I’m not sure yet..

    2. Turquoise!! Because I love the colours blue and green, and blue + green = TURQUOISE!!

    3.Somewhere in between, I guess.

    4. Well, there are a few. He always stares at me.

    5.DUHHH!! Who wouldn’t?

    6. December 21!!

    • lexi (177) says:

      here are my answers
      1.have a family i guess…
      2.purple.Its soothing to me.
      3.Am a dork.The ccp in my school hates me.am more like nikki.
      4.Yes.he even kissed me.
      5.Yeah why not
      6.May 26(because its my birthday)
      :lol: :cool:

  156. Theresa (270) says:

    I chugged down too much eggnog. Now I’m HYPER!!!!!!! Hehehehehehehe!!!

  157. Marissa (206) says:

    Merry Christmas! :D


  158. TWFanmilyDirectioner VEVO (78) says:

    Wow, this advice has touched me. I always feel that when I feel hatred in the people I love.bThanks for the advice Nikki!

  159. Miss.Pikachu (1034) says:

    OH EMM GEE :!: dance mustacheluv smileykinz if ur out there go to tvmusic chatzy just type in chatzy people from dd whar we feared has come

  160. iluvdisneychannel (5) says:

    You might not believe me but I have a crush on a boy named Brandon. But he is shy but so am I therefore I think we should be toghether!
    p.s merry christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  161. TWFanmilyDirectioner VEVO (78) says:

    poll time!

    Nathan Sykes or Niall Horan

  162. dance.freak (1) says:

    when will your next book be out?!:)

  163. Traumerei (585) says:

    ANYONE ON NOW? >.<

  164. TWFanmilyDirectionerVEVO (78) says:

    This happens to me sometimes when I think the people I like feel hatred.

  165. TWFanmilyDirectionerVEVO (78) says:

    Ello mates!

  166. ser (1) says:

    i Nikki! i love your diaries and commets.YOU R AWESOME!!i have a crush too and a annoying person my family.we are like sisters or twins!Plz send back to my subscription and i hope you like it.bye!

  167. Angeline (87) says:

    Heya guys? Anyone on?

  168. lexi (177) says:

    new post.check it out.just click my name.

  169. lexi (177) says:

    Pop quiz♥♥♥♥♡♡♡··

    Fave dd book:Holiday heartbreak
    Fave dd character:Nikki
    Bffs name:Beverly
    Nationality:American and a little bit African
    Best moment in life:When i kissed my crush
    Worst moment in life:When the ccp in my school insulted my mom
    Best subject:Science
    Please do the pop quiz.please.

  170. lexi (177) says:

    i mean hey gals

  171. teenangel.123 (251) says:

    Hey people, where’s Lulu? I miss her… :cry:

  172. Angeline (87) says:

    Hey guys I’m actually maythedork but changed my name to Angeline, my English name. Hope u don’t think I’m new!

  173. Its a secret (23) says:

    Nobody should hate anyone.
    If you think that, tell your parents
    they’ll probably tell you the same thing.
    Since I read your question, I know you have a friend so ask her.
    I felt the same thing, I asked my friend and heres what she said.
    “I never knew you felt like that. If you even THINK anyone hates you, you’re wrong.
    The world is a lonely place for people with no friends. If you are someone lonely though, doesnt mean everybody hates you.”
    If that didn’t help (I wouldnt walk around and ask people if they hate me though) I’d just deal with it.
    I mean, it shouldn’t go on forever. When you get older, you may develop new friends.
    Hope it helped!

  174. Angeline (87) says:

    Guys check out my story Who’s the One? On watt pad and tell me if it’s good or not?

  175. TWFanmilyDirectioner VEVO (78) says:

    Hi guys. I like the wanted and one direction. #MondayMax #TuesdayTom #WantedWednsday #ThursdayJay #SaturdaySiva and #SundaySykes! If uouddon’t know what I am talking about, these are youtibe videos!

  176. ♥♥♥Fasiha♥♥♥ (109) says:

    Is eggnog made of eggs? If it is then YUCK!
    (No offence to anyone)

  177. Animal lover ❤ (22) says:


  178. savanah (2) says:

    this advice is funny and really good!!!

  179. Imagood Singer (94) says:

    Nikki’s right.I know that because I am always feeling the same way. Everyday, when I’m alone, which is almost all the time, I can’t stop going through the emotions. I cry with uncontrollable anger, and if anyone sees me, they’re always asking what’s wrong, but I am pretty shy nowadays, so I just tell them I don’t want to talk about it. Okay, maybe it’s not that I’m usually shy, I just have a painful, dramatic love life fiasco! Everyday, I have to deal with the students in my 6 classes trying to embarrass, annoy, or ask me about my crush, and did I mention that he hears it all in my 3rd period class?! And, unfortunately for me, I have a blushing problem, and before you know it, my face looks like an extra red tomato! Not only that, but now it looks like my crush is trying to avoid me. I told his cousin, since she asked me why I wasn’t hanging out with him, and she said that means he likes me, and I found out before from the girl he sat next to in class, although it was awhile ago, that he’s been staring at me. Okay, sorry, no offense, but in what universe does avoiding someone mean that you like-like them?! I mean, I thought I was attending Los Alisos Intermediate School, not Psychoville Intermediate School! I know that his cousin and the other girl are probably both trustworthy, but their conclusion still doesn’t seem to make sense, even if I believe the quote, ” Everything is not as it seems…”! I’m just saying! Anyways, this love life problem breaks my heart, but I don’t know what to do about it, because I don’t know at this rate if I can trust anyone I know of! The only thing I can think of is to tell my crush how I feel, since he knows already that I like-like him and all, but how do I tell him how I feel in a way that he’ll actually care? Can anyone help me? :(

  180. ANH TRAN MINH (19) says:

    how old are you? NEW? welcome to girl’s world!

    i love your blog, girl!!!!

  181. Its a secret (23) says:

    Hey guys! Writing stories isn’t my thing
    (except for wisdom notes and advice)
    Please don’t judge.
    Its called
    “An amazing story forever told”
    Its about a boy and a girl.
    You’ll get a kick out of it.
    Chapter 1

    “Maria! George is here,” my mom said. “Mom can’t you see I’m umm SLEEPING?” I ask.
    My name is Maria. Maria Carlson. My family is
    rich. In fact, I’m getting married to George the prince. I never really liked him. I mean, he’s so, weird. “Get dressed! He said he has a surprise.” My mom said. I get my normal clothes on. Whenever I’m near George, I’m supposed to wear a dress. My house has five stories, and an elevater. I don’t know many houses with elevaters, but it’s better than walking five flights of stairs. My room is on
    the fourth floor. I jump off my window.
    I keep a mattress at the bottom, in case this day will come. I land on a mattress. I see my mom at my window, “Maria Jane Carlson! Come back here this instant!” She yelled.
    “Make me old lady!” I said.
    “Maria Jane!”
    “Can you stop calling me Maria Jane!” I said.
    My middle name was Jane though.
    I run far away from my house. But I trip on a stick. Then I’m tumbling down a cellar door.
    I must’ve been to heavy, and crashed threw the wooden door.
    What happens next?
    Find out in chapter 2
    “Maria’s true love”
    Peace out!

  182. Its a secret (23) says:

    “Maria’s true love.”
    I wait until I hit the hard ground.
    I never did. In fact, I felt my shoes dangling.
    in the air.
    Then I notice the face of a boy.
    “Are you okay?” he asks.
    “Yeah whats your name?” I ask.
    “My name is Tim,” he said.
    “My name is Maria,” I said.
    “Maria Carlson? Aren’t you marrying Prince George?”
    “Yeah, a total PAIN!” I said.
    “Okay,” He set me down.
    Then we laughed.
    “How’d you fall into the cellar?” Tim asked.
    “Quite a fall.”
    “I know, I didn’t want to marry George, so I jumped out my window, I ran really fast and I
    tripped on a stick and fell head first.” I said.
    “You don’t want to marry Prince George? Every girl wants to marry Prince George,” he said.
    “I know, I’ll pay for the damage to your cellar door,” I said.
    “It’s okay. My aunt was going to replace
    the cellar door anyways.” Tim says.
    “You live with your aunt? What happened with your parents?” I ask.
    Tim just looked away.
    “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t of asked,” I said.
    “It’s okay. I really just don’t want to talk
    about it,” Tim says.
    “TIM! WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO?” Came a grumpy ladies voice.
    “That’s my aunt. I got to go.” Tim said.
    I climb out the cellar door.
    “Maria, where were you? George had to go home
    because of you!” My Mom scolded.
    I just ignored my mom.
    “Maria Jane! I don’t appreciate being ignored!” My mom said.
    “You don’t appreciate anything!” I said.
    Chapter three, “Forbidden”
    out soon!

  183. Its a secret (23) says:

    I was still wondering, should I tell mom? She’s probably get all grumpy and say, “Now, now Maria stop actin like that! Marry Prince George is a golden oppurtunity!” (Snort snort).
    “Mom, I met someone today,” I said. “Why do you want me to know this BEEP.” “Because, I like him better than George.” I said. Mom dropped her sandwich. “MARIA JANE CARLSON GO TO YOUR ROOM THIS INSTANT.” My mom scolded.
    “Yeah, if the world was exploding I would.” I muttered. “MARIA JANE! DON’T YOU BACK SAS ME MISSY!” That wasn’t even back sasing or whatever it’s called! It’s called muttering.
    “And my name isn’t Missy! It’s Maria.” I said. “Forget about that boy you met today,”
    My mom began “it’s forbidden!” She shouted.
    I almost burst into tears. I thought I didn’t HAVE to marry George! I mean, isn’t it supposed to be MY choice. According to my mom, she must think it’s HER choice.
    The next day………..
    I jump off my window to the mattress. After that, I run to Tim’s. He was cleaning out the cellar. “Mind if I come in?” I ask. “No, but
    first grab a broom,” he said. I start sweeping once I grab the broom. After we got
    the cellar cleaned, we sit down on a couple of crates. “Glad you came to visit again,” Tin said. “Yeah, my mom is SUCH A PAIN.” I said.
    We both laughed. “Maria I haven’t had a friend in so long, you know after the “accident”.” Tim says. “What accident? Do you mean about your parents?” I ask. Tim just looked down to the floor. “You know Maria I think I’m ready to talk about it now..” Tim said.
    Chapter 4
    “Tim’s story”
    Comes out soon
    Peace peeps!

  184. Its a secret (23) says:

    Chapter 4
    “Tim’s story” and Chapter 5 “Should Maria tell him?” because chapter 4 is kind of short.

    “Well, when I was a kid my parents HATED me. All they ever did was lie around and do nothing when I did all the work. When they went out, I was home alone. One day they went out, and they never returned. I called 911
    and my aunt came since if my parents died, my parents wanted my aunt to take care of me.”
    Tim says. “I’m so sorry.” I said. “Well it wasn’t your fault so you have noting to be sorry about.” Tim said.
    Chapter 5
    “Should Maria tell him?
    When I went home, I was glad my mom didn’t notice I was gone. I liked Tim. I wanted to tell him but it might ruin our friendship.
    The next day…………
    I jump out of the window onto the mattress.
    I was going to tell him I thought. Even if I was shy. “Umm hi Tim,” I said. “Maria, I’m glad you came, I have something to tell you too, you can go first though.” “Well Tim, I like you..” “I like you too!”
    So there I did it! I was so proud of myself.
    But how will I let Geogre down?
    Chapter 6
    “George” Out soon!

  185. mylittleponyluver (5) says:

    my sister thinks everyone hates her but i say deep deep deep deep down in there heart they love you.

  186. mylittleponyluver (5) says:

    my sister is writing

    one of my friends thinks that everyone hates her but deep down in there heart they love her. its me mlp luver if you think everyone hates you your wrong watch unfabulas feeling invisable my sister makes me watch it but i hate it plus im only 8 my sisters 7 and my friend says is we kill a spider we grow a mustace and move to paris so do just that
    plus no one will recinnise you

  187. sophievip (6) says:

    i feel exactly like you everyone in my school thinks im a total jerk. i have friends one minute and the next minute they’re hanging out with someone cooler i totally feel for ya sister!!!!!!

  188. La la la can't hear you! (7) says:

    Does anyone have a blog with an advice column

  189. Ria (5) says:

    I agree with you Nikki maybe not EVERYONE hates you, but you feel about left out. I definitely understand how you feel because I always feel a bit left out

  190. 2014! (283) says:

    Don’t think that! That thought is horrid! Everyone loves you if you just believe that dream will come true!

  191. isabel (2) says:

    i’m sure everyone doesn’t hate you it might just feel that way and i know how much it stinks to feel like that but just be confident and try to get to know some of those people better . trust me it will get better ;)

  192. Haven (2) says:

    You and me have the same prob!

  193. Kylie (21) says:

    Hi. I don’t think it’s right to think that everybody hates you. Show other people the real you. Do you really want to make you as an nobody?!! If you keep thinking that, you will sometimes get a lot of concussion or have a lot of headaches. Get that problem out of your head!

  194. Lisa (1) says:

    I live in this astate and every around their hates me when I call them to talking they just say I’ll come out later how will I talk to them and what will I do?

  195. Anime girl (2) says:

    Do not worry. I was in lots of situation like this and didn’t have a friend for years and it wasn’t fun, but I am getting closer and closer for these things to stop and so will you. Remember that at this website everyone is your friend and we will support you all the way along. Don’t feel alone because I felt this way and so did a lot of people, but we got though a lot of it like you. You can try many things to help you like meditating for 20 mins. A day to relax you and relieve any stress you have now. I can totally relate to this, but this is about you, so try your best, believe in yourself, because you can get rid of this feeling like I am doing now. I know it takes time, but please wait like I did for years and it’s still there in me. I hope I helped you.

  196. orla (26) says:

    i think that after you have found out why people are you know that you should stand up for yourself and make a point

  197. art lover (2) says:

    Everyone doesn’t exactly HATE me, I’m just jealous of one of my friends being popular. I really want to be popular too, but my plans don’t seem to work.I feel SUPER sorry for you.

  198. Kayla (1) says:

    I’m always lonely but I have some friends thank goodness! But the thing is they always sit together at lunch without me and I just don’t want to ask them to sit with them and ruin there fun. I don’t know what to do. Plus I don’t get along with the CCPs

  199. Sapphire (2) says:

    Well, anonymous, I guess we have the same life.

  200. pinkrose (10) says:

    I know how you feel..The same thing is happening to me..I FEEL Useless and horrible and I just dont have anyone except my Bff who lives somewhere else.I was on the internet and my friend on instagram posted a video and pictures to a birthday that I wasn,t invited to….And I saw how much fun they were having..I now feel so excluded

  201. lightning dust (5) says:

    I feel that way to because nobody picks to be in their group at gym.

  202. CoolGirl (2) says:

    I just became popular and kind of pretty (that’s what my friends and three guys said not my words I don’t think so the pretty part). I live in Barbados this year I’m turning twelve and going to secondary school (high school) In Barbados you start secondary school at eleven I’m sure everyone will like me at my new secondary school(kinda)Now my mom is internet dating some guy who lives in Florida and she says we might move there. I don’t want to leave my friends, family, dad and dog. (My mo m hates animals def won’t let JJ (my dogs name) come with me. Help?

  203. poodlettacrazy (1) says:

    hi i don’t think they hat you! i agree with nikki

  204. Sailor Moon (2) says:

    How do you tell your secret admire that you like him??? xxxx

  205. Chloe (1) says:

    I don’t think they hate you,maybe they are just busy with something,like planning a SUPRISE PARTY!SQUEE! And if they do hate you,they’re not worth bothering with or even knowing!If they act like this for…say 3-5 months,here’s some good advice GET SOME BETTER FRIENDS!

  206. Kaitlyn Heitman (4) says:

    Dear Nikki,
    I am a huge fan and I was wondering how do you get the courage to ask some one out or get them to notice you?

  207. Amina (6) says:

    Um…hey Nikki just wanted to comment and say hi

  208. Kadison Phillips (1) says:

    I feel like everyone hates me even though I don’t know what I did.
    I feel like running out of class I hate it I want to enjoy and love school but I don’t cause it feels like everyone hates me and everyone thinks I am ugly well I think I don’t know what t do please help me by telling me your thoughs

    • Emma (5) says:

      ur probs not ugly…everbody is harder on themselves then on others…..hey “kadison phillips”wat school do u go2??….not tat im a stalker….i just wana make new friends!!!!!!

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