This question came in anonymously, from “Lovesick Friend,” who writes:

My iPod made a little beep sound when I was teaching my best friend Mylie how to paint with water-colored pencils. It was from my secret crush.

Mylie got real mad when I mentioned his name. She took my iPod and threatened to tell everybody. I begged her not to. She said she wouldn’t if I stopped crushing on him because that’s her crush too!

She told me to text him an “I’m-Not-Your-Friend-Anymore” message. But I couldn’t do that. It would break his heart. So, now I am looking on Facebook, paranoid that my secret’s going to be the next latest gossip! What do I do? Please help!

My Advice:

Hi Lovesick Friend! I was SO psyched for you when I read about your secret crush messaging you…and then totally bummed to read about what Mylie said!

It sounds like she’s dealing with a MAJOR case of crush blindness. That’s when you’re SO into a guy that you lose sight of everything else that’s super important…like friendship!

I mean, threatening to expose your secret is pretty low.

And then trying to force you to send that lame message…I wouldn’t even do that to MacKenzie, and I like her about as much as I like cleaning my toilet with a toothbrush!

Since she IS your best friend, and she’s probably feeling pretty sensitive and insecure right now, I think you should be honest with her, but do it a lot more nicely than she did to you.

You could tell her you didn’t know she had a crush on him too before you started being friends with him…but even if you DID know, you have a right to be friends with him, too.

You could also remind her that if she really likes him, she wouldn’t want him to be hurt…which he WOULD be if you sent some dramatic “I-can’t-be-your-friend-anymore” text.

Then lastly, you can tell her the obvious…that her threatening you and making demands hurts YOU, and best friends just don’t do that to each other!

It might be kind of hard for her to really see your point here (that whole crush blindness thing!). But hopefully, when she has time to think about it, she’ll realize your friendship is more important than any crush.

What do you guys think? Do you have any advice for Lovesick Friend?


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      Alliepug says

      Wow. That’s literally all I can say. Wow. That Miley girl, she seems like she doesn’t know one of the rules in the girl handbook… NEVER LET YOUR CRUSH GET IN BETWEEN FRIENDSHIP! She’s pretty insecure. I mean, not like on the scale where she would be best friends with Mackenzie, but she REALLY wants this guy! Ya probably know how RCS works. It’s makes u KOOKOO! U don’t know what ur doing, u say random stuff, etc. she wants this guy soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much that she would break both of ur hearts! She may not realize that though. U need to tell her that she is hurting ur feelings. But remember not to break up coz of a boy. Me and my friend Britney like the same guy who just happens to be my BFF. A couple days before school ended, she fell and he helped her up. Then he led her to a teacher coz she got hurt. I got a little mad coz he held her hand 4 a little, but then I realized I was being silly coz he was helping her and being his considerate self. She was OK though, when she fell. Then on the last day of school he hugged me before he left. (Then he said “I luv u Allie!” Then he kissed me! Just kidding! I wish though!) then I was like all happy and dazy 4 a while and Britney asked me why so I told her Isaiah hugged me (that’s his name.) then she was a little mad then she started laughing and she said “oh, I’m being childish! U 2 r best friends! What should I expect! I got his number!” Then I found out another one of my friends got his number so I forced it out of her. And then my friend Halie came 2 my house and I told her that I got his #, and she called him and was going to ask him who his crush was, but then his dad answered and said he wasn’t home, and asked if she could tell him what she was going to say so he could tell Isaiah, then Halie looked at me and I gave her the pleading “no” eyes, so she said never mind so she hung up the phone, and we sat there in complete horror, then we laughed it off, and told each other what would’ve happened if we did something else. (Anyone confused yet?) my point is, talk 2 her, come to a conclusion, and laugh it off! It’s tricky to crush on the same guy, but sometimes it can be fun! Trust me!

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        to glamgirl

        Your friend sounds so sweet my friend named kassidi me and her liked this guy but she changed her mind becuase she wanted me to be happy. Glamgirl that kind of friend is a jewl she will always be there for u and dont forget that!

        to love sick friend

        Im glad you and your friend laght it off
        i hope your friend ship with her never ends just make sure not to mean and ask her to stop then if she dosnt tell a adult but im always here to talk to u in coments. :) and dont for get that!:)


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        This happened to me in 3rd grade and now I am in 4th but still!! When this boy was in my class I totally liked him,but so did 2 of my best friends!I felt crushed because I wanted to tell my friends,but I didn’t want them to get mad that I liked him too.So one day I decided to tell them. I said “that I don’t want to make you guys mad, but you know Nick yeah I sorta like him too”. Of course they were upset because they were already at each others necks with him, but I don’t want to make this the longest comment but they ended up being happy with me and It was happily ever after so if ur friend is crushing on ur crush just talk about it and make it funny or nothing so thnks for letting me comment ,Love Jordan P.S if you need info on anything else I could comment on that too if you like my comments

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        SOME HELP ME!!

        Im in 5th grade and I have a crush on this really hot dude. I don’t know if he knows I like HIM or if he likes ME. Hes is going to middle school and im going to another middle school so i can onyl see him for 2 more days. WAT SHOULD I DO!!. HELP!!?? ;(

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        Don’t let your friend have control over you. If you like your crush & you want to text him just do it. It’s a free country. Don’t listen to her just be strong. I’m falling really hard on this guy that it hurts like a lot. I want him to be mine & I have his number, but he blocked me when I told him it was me. Guys hate me :( I’ll never get a boyfriend.

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        Jordin says

        Don’t say that. If he’s so mean to block you, then he’s not worth you. So don’t get down, just stay strong and wait for the right boy to come along

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      GlamGirl227 says

      ur friend is so mean and dumb. If she goes to this website too, I hope she’s reading this comment. My bff used to like my crush, but she told me the reason she forgot about him was because she wanted me to be happy cuz I never had a bf, and she’s had like, three or four. She’s so sweet. A little stuck up sometimes, and believe me,you she’s actually proud of that, but she’s very sweet.

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        GlamGirl227 says

        oh and guess what, last school year, she found out from him that he sorta liked me. Ok, so one day she came up to me and said,”umm.. Well… Jenna? umm… Sorry to say thus, but I kind of told **** (no, I’m not posting his name here) you like him. Me: “what? I can’t believe you did that!” I started getting freaked out, nervous and angry at once cuz she spoilers when she interrupted my moment of shock. “but wait! He said that its ok cuz if he was 16 he’d ask you out! He’s not allowed to date till hes 16!” my mouth just dropped wide open and I didn’t say a word for like ten seconds……. SQUUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! So later in the year I asked him out after chorus in may I think. Me:” so natalies(my bff) been wanting me to ask you if you would go out with me sooo…. “ok…(continued convo) long story short, were unnofficially dating. Oh, and as for ‘livestock Friend,’ if ur “friend” does spread that gossip about you liking him, shrug it off and go for him. also be on the lookout for signs that he likes you. If he talks to you a lot and thinks of you as a good friend, then what are you waiting for? got for it!and in case it doesn’t turn out well, say, “I’m totally cool just staying good friends.

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        GlamGirl227 says

        oh sorry I sais livestock friend, it was my spell check. I meant to say lovesick freiend

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        can someone send my message to nikki ok here it goes: I like this guy but he says I am ugly and that he already has a girlfriend but before I rejected him he was always asking me out is he trying to make me jealous or what I am so confused.

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        This is to Selena-
        Sorry I can’t send your message to Nikki as I don’t know how as I have just got on this website but I could TRY to give you advice, I think you’re crush is being mean to you because he feels sore that you rejected him and is being mean. Yes, he probably is trying to make you jealous so you should ignore him and act like you don’t care as it is horrible to say you are ugly and I bet he doesn’t have a girlfriend, He may get over it.

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        i think he really dose like you ,i mean like some guys just say stuff like that to you but really they like you(sorry if it is kinda confusing)anyway, my friend told me that some boys make fun of other girls but they really like them.Another thing is to the person who these comments are rstfor…… i liked this boy since like first grade(i am in 5 grade , next year i am going to middle school so if it sounds a bit wierd, sorry) anyway …. i liked him for sooooooo long and always kept those feelings inside and he was kinda of a (bad boy you know and most people didn`t like him) thats why i always kept thoses feelings .And one day (this year)i thought to myself why do i even like him? i kept saying that over and over to my self and realisde i don`t even like him!!! so i just went on with my life…. not worrying that people will know that i like(i am not saying his name sorry!!!!!! :(! ) oh and since i am kinda in drama can you help me out to thx (sorry if i commented to much!)

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        Phoebe the prettiest CCP! says

        OMG feel so sorry for you! Your so-called ‘best friend’ is technically bullying you. i advise u tell someone or let your crush know that she will spread lies. but dont under any circumstances text him about HER, saying the that she hates him, because that’s just about the most immature thing you can do.

        I hope this situation has a happy ending. By ‘happy’ i mean your crush ends up being YOUR boyfriend, not your bff’s!

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        Natalie says

        I have this one friend that manipulates me. So, a couple months ago her crush did something that she didn’t like, so she decided to have a crush on my crush! I am so annoyed!I am not acting like I am annoyed, though.

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        help says

        my crush likes my bestie and shes only just started iking him wicth is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo unfair.:( now he’ll never like me

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        i have a bff and she tould me that she likes this boy and he haves a girlfriend and he likes my bff and he tould me that he likes me to and she likes the boy to but i reliz i like him a lital and i tould her she got mad at me what do i do

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      Pay says

      That’s the worse feeling in the world to have your friend liking the same guy as you!! You should tell your friend that it hurts alot!!

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      two of my friends had the same problem. Well kinda in a way. Lets just call them M and J and the crush E. Well one day at school, we were eating lunch and J and my other freind A wrote the crushes on there hands with an invisble pen. E asked what they wrote and they told him. He promised to do they same thing if they told him who they liked and they did. So at lunch he boworrowed my invisble ink pen and promised to tell everyone who he liked if they didn’t watch him write it. Well( I couldn’t believe I believed him) He didn’t tell us only told one perosn, J, A few days later J told A and I and then it spread out that he liked J. Then J found out that M liked him( M is like super pretty, kinda looks like a barbie doll) J got jelous and M and J were fighting about who liked him first. It was a big kinda private fight but at the end they forgave each other and became friends(and me knowing E he wouldn’t tell everyone who he has a crush on. He probably used to like her and then doesn’t anymore so he told everyone.) (when he wrote who he liked i kinda peeked and i think he wrote my name)So the point of this story is that a boy shouldn’t get in between a friendship, it’s probably best if you fight it out or talk about it and then realize that it doesn’t matter if he likes you or not and laugh about it or forgive each other. then in the furture look back on it and laugh and be like that was so silly. hoped this helped.

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      Miely is probably super jelouse. And when a peron is super jelouse you need a strong, confident but also comferting and kind person to help them. When yout talking if she starts shouting remain calm and cool. And if that doesn’t work, go to your bed and scream in your pillow! XD

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      glittergirl101 says

      The same thing kind of happened to me and my bff
      she went out with this guy called Oscar and i had a major crush on him ever since yr 4! then they broke up and i finally had the nerve to tell her. at first she was furious but now shes actally trying to hook me up with him! me and Oscar r going to go to the same secondary school and my bff is going to another and now oscar has finally has asked me out!!

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      Lovesick Friend, If she said that to u, maybe you shouldn’t b friends with her anymore. If she was your true friend, she would think about what she wants to say, before she says it. I’m sorry she said that to you!

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      Keke says

      The only thing I think you should do is be honest with her like Niki said and maybe… just maybe she’ll come around and if she STILL wants to be that way let her you sound like a good friend sooooo… i’m sure she’ll miss YOU more than you miss her and it will kinda be a win win situation… I mean you might get the guy and keep your best friend in the end…. okay not really a win win more like a win lose but still im sure it’ll be fine in the end!!!

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      warriorcatgrl19 says

      Love sick Friend,
      I know how ya feel grl.
      I agree with Nikki, friends don’t threaten each other lik that!
      Never let a boy get the middle of u and ur friends friendship,:3

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      the best thing to do is be straight up honest with your friend and tell them that someone hot other than your crush is crushing on them! they will drop intress in him/her and you can date them!

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      if only i started reading DD sooner!!
      :/ i had to struggle w/ this problem for soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
      my friend Bekah had a crush on the same guy i did for so long then she had to move away i still see her sometimes and ik she remembers me but she would’nt talk 2 me i dont have a crush on the guy now but i can’t tell her that because she won’t acknowledge me at all when i talk to her uuuuuuuuugggghhh!!!!!!

      i hate when things like this happen.


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      Jes says

      Now,just,wow. Mylie for god sake!!!
      Anyway lovesick friend if she does that wow how could she be a best friend if she acts like that?!!
      Tbh my bff and me have the same crush but tbh I don’t mind cos he’s going out with my friend.And she can’t be your friend if she does that.She might well be Mac ‘&’ D’s. Get it?!! MacKenzie ?!!!!! Evil freak queen?!! Anyway if she does that’s just wrong cos he texted you doesn’t mean nowt tell her to mind her own bee’s wax cos you can do as you please and tbh if I were you I’d honestly say “It’s my life I can crush on anyone I want I don’t want your opinion just because we got same crush don’t mean nowt!”

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      Hopeless Freshman says

      Help please i have a crush on guy. He is going to be a junior next yer i am only going to be a freshman. I am afraid to lose him to his own grade the girls i mean. I don’t know if he will still hang out with me still what do i do?

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      #Heartbroken says

      I was getting a ride home in one of my friend’s car, when I hear one of my other friends talking about my crush. I ask what they’re talking about, and she says, “K has a crush on B. She obsessed with him!” Of course, I am speechless because now I know that K has a crush on my crush!! I don’t want to let him get in between our friendship. I just don’t know what to do! Jealousy is one of my fatal flaws. Of course I am jealous of my friend, K!! She’s much prettier than me. She doesn’t know yet that I feel the same way about him that she does. K is going into 8th grade, and I’m going into 9th grade, which is the same grade as B. It should be an advantage, but it probably won’t do me any good. I don’t know what to do!!! HELP!!! I’m heartbroken!!

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      a person named person says

      my friend is doing the same to me right now. she has decided she doesn’t care if i liked him she wants him to herself. this usually happens because i like guys i cant get but in this case he kind of likes me back, but he liked her not too long ago and she will use he charm to get him back. shes got the looks that every guy falls for, but is a player. she dates them for two days and then dumps them for the new hottest guy. it makes me mad. i really like this guy to he has been my friend for a while and he is crazy funny. i asked her if we would be nice together and she agreed she also told me i had a good chance of being with him. i dont know what to do. i dont want to be mean but i also dont want this chance to slip away!

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    Oh, I TOTALLY feel your pain !!!
    My ex-best friend had a little crush on my crush. He talk to me more than he talk with her and she told me that he hates me or stuff like that and I shouldn’t be his friend, because she won’t be my friend anymore. I didn’t realize how mean she was, so I talked to him only when she wasn’t at school, or when she didn’t go out. Once, she busted me and when we had a deep serious conversation, she and my worst enemy tried to interrupt us. Since that day, I didn’t talk with her, and I still talk with my crush.

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      This “friend” of yours is such a jerk! She shouldnt threaten you! I think you should tell her to buzz off. You have the right to have a crush, and so does she. Shes mean.

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        Honey says

        Yeah. I bet she is gonna keep your secret as long as you back off and she will get the the guy. Hey! You or her don’t know if the crush has feelings for her! Good for you!

        Your advisor,
        Honey :)

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        I’m really sure that he doesn’t like her, because she moved and he asked me out!! YAAAY!
        I had a little RCS near him, but it was really cute, because we’re both really weird. And I love his weirdness.
        But I’m not sure if he likes me, but all of my friends (just two, I don’t have a lot of friends, I’m a total dork) told me that I have a chance with him, because we’re like the same person! But no. Even if we both love drawing, writing and blogging that doesn’t make us perfect for each other, just saying.

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      Skyler Summers says

      my best friend stared to crush with my crush and stared to wear makeup to school and go in party dress and when i wore a little bit of make up and a pretty summer dress on the last day of school and she said she wasnt my friend anymore and was jealous and stared to be friends with people who hate other people

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      Nikki (not nikki maxwell but I wish I was) says

      omg, my bff is crushing on my crush as well, and my crush only talks to ME waaaay more then her, so her next step is to make fun of us, which is BTW, SUPERembarrassing. i dont mind when she makes fun of us, its bff fun like in dork diaries book 1 how chloe and zoey sang “Nikki and Braaandon, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G”

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    Kendall says

    Dear lovesick friend, if Miley was your real friend she wouldn’t threaten you , tell you to write that text , and let a boy come between your friend. Tell her that what she said hurts you a lot.

    Best wishes,

    • 69

      Chelsea says

      I had the same situation. Me and several girls had giant crushes on a cute boy and when the boy wasn’t around, we keep talking about him and fighting over him. Then, my ex-BFF overheard him that he likes me and she totally got hurt. Then the day after that, she looked all swollen up and an angry face! She told all the girls to come at one corner and told them that he likes me instead. Those girls looked really mad! Then, since I overheard them talking, while hiding behind the fountain, I realized that that cute boy stood right next to my ex-BFF, whose name is Kristina, we call her Kristy for short. Kristy looked surprised to see him there and she turned bright red. Okay, I don’t wanna say it anymore. Next time!

  3. 70

    Jamie says

    Hey Lovesick Friend! Tell your best friend what she did was wrong and you didn’t know she had a crush on your crush and introduce your crush to your best friend! That way, you all can be friends! Hope it works out! :)

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    WeirdRandomness says

    Great advice! But if the ‘best-friend’ who threatened to spread around that you like, never thinks about the situation and may continue to threaten her, It could be an end of a friendship. The anonymous should also say, “If you were my best friend, you wouldn’t stoop so low just for a guy! If i did know, you should’ve just help work things out between us! If we were best friends, a guy should never become between us. So, if you’re ready we could become best friend now. Best friends don’t that to each other!”

    That’s what I think, If it doesn’t make sense…I was just blabbing my thoughts out, so at times it doesn’t make sense.

  5. 72


    Wow that sux 4 u. But u should just tell her that its mean 2 do that. 2 of MY friends liked the same guy but they got over it- when they found out he didn’t like either of them. I know that doesnt help but anyway… maybe u should ask him out! And NO thats not uncomin. I asked my crush out. My friends all did. Lol and we all failed but that doesnt matter. Anyway goodluck!!! And NEVER CHOOSE BETWEEN A BEST FRIEND OR BOY!!!!! IT’LL ONLY LEAD 2 TROUBLE!!!!! ;(

    • 73

      Alliepug says

      ALWAYS CHOSE THE FRIEND! Well, unless ur best friend is the boy that ur crushing on, then chose both. Well u should ALWAYS chose both coz u have every right 2 be in *sigh* LOVE!:D well, if ur friend is really nasty like Mackenzie then chose the boy but blah blah blah………(says even more confusing input that u can barely understand.)

  6. 77

    Elizabeth says

    Wow the same thing happened to me a couple months ago I had a crush on a guy in my class and so did my best friend and when I told her that I liked him she said that I had to tell him that I didn’t liked him or she would tell him that I was crazy in love with him but it turned out she was just bluffing.

  7. 79


    I gave the guy I like my number he said he was going to call but he hasn’t and it’s almost time to go back to school plz help!!!!!!!!!!):

    • 80

      GeekChic says

      Hmmm. Sorry for intruding here since this was probably meant for Nikki, but I saw this and was like, “Whoa. I GOTTA try to help!”

      Anyway! Maybe what you should do is wait until school does start and act like the whole “call” thing never happened. If you got to this point, you’re probably thinking, “Are you CRAZY?! I’m not listening to you!” But just wait, please!

      He MAY bring up the topic and say sorry, but if time passes, just bring up the subject you self- casually, of course! The worst thing is when a SECRET crush knows the secret. Then he may start avoiding you for fear of awkwardness.

      So, if you bring this up CASUALLY, you can talk again. If he said he was going to call but didn’t, maybe he was just really busy and forgot. HOWEVER, it might be the opposite… which I won’t mention. But, hey! You never know!

      Anyway, you can trust me. :) I’ve spent my WHOLE life talking to guys and befriending them. I haven’t really had CRUSHES on them, but friending is kinda close, I guess. ^_^ I’m just used to guys and how they think. :)

      Best wishes,

      -Skylar is TOTALLY Geek Chic! ;) <3

    • 81



      Hey Maya. Your crush said that? Lucky. Anyway, he probably forgot that he said he was going to call you. Text him and see what happens. You never know, maybe you’ll get to know him better :)

  8. 89

    Leana says

    i think that she has to tell her how she feels about it. it may be hard but if you build up you courage you can do it. your beastie may be mad at you for a wile. mine was mad for around a MONTH! well she will realize what she is missing soon. if she is really your best friend she will apologize. if she do’s not, its time you get a knew bestie that will stick by you. anyway you have the right to like this guy. he probably has the boy qualitys that you guys both love.

    being mad at you is already being a bad friend but if she sais the to magic words ” im sorry” you should forgive her. but a best friend is not that cruel. if i was in your place, i would NEVER forgive her. but its up to you.

    so to rap things up, no apolagie, no friendship

  9. 91

    vicki says

    For Lovesick Friend:
    Mylie might be doing this to embarrass you.And when she tells people about you and your crush,she can’t get away with it.Bad people can’t just do something bad and get away with it.

    I do something about it because I know what they’re doing.Many people think I’m always nice,but sometimes,I’m not.One of my friends is a very bad person,and she tries to do mean things to me.But I stop her because I know what she’s doing.Most of the time,I know what she’s doing.A few weeks before summer break,one of my friends thought I had a boyfriend,so she told people.And I know that she told other people during class.She tried to embarrass me because of that.Plus,it was posted on her website.And she won’t tell me what it’s called.I don’t have a boyfriend and told her that,but she doesn’t want to admit to it.My friend never wants to admit to anything.And she lied that she told only her mom.When I have a problem,if it’s not so bad,I fix it by myself.If it’s very bad,I tell an adult.When people ask me if I have a boyfriend,I say no.Some people think I’m lying,the others don’t.And she got mad because later,she’ll get in trouble and will have to fight people.

    I know how to stop Mylie from embarrassing you.On Facebook,you have to check whatever is posted.If it comes from Mylie and it’s about your secret crush,tell your parents and show them what she wrote.Then they can talk with her parents.Plus,don’t feel bad if she gets mad at you.Mylie will be grounded,her Facebook account will be deleted,or both.One thing to remember:Bad people never get away with doing bad things.

    • 92

      Liz says

      Dear, Lovesick friend
      A true friend would never let a boy get in between friendship it’s breaking the girl code you need to talk to her and tell her this: mylie we can’t let a boy get in between a friendship like this, he isnt the only boy in the world! *If you went to let some boy get in between us then I don’t think I want to be your friend!

      * this line will just be you bluffing she’s obviously going to choose u over this boy

      Lots of luck

  10. 98

    carissa says

    hi i am not giving away my name but i am a girl and i have a friend and i think she is using me everyone in school was telling me that she said Carissa is so stupid and makes dumb faces and i never liked her i asked her if she said that she said no i knew she was lying and i felt sad she is sooo spoiled she has to get her way we are fighting right now and i am not going to apologize first this time i don’t even want to be her friend my old friend t wants me to hang with her and i want to also but c hates her and she hangs out with the most popular girl in school m t and she is such a fake she wears b cup bras and says bad words and dates and i dont want to become into her i am fighting with her beace we have a swing in my front yard and she broke it and so we used it as a rope swing and she decided to stand on the tip of the chair and i sat down to keep wait on the chair she jumped off like tarzan and i was laughing and then her back hit the tree and i was still laughing but i was trying to calm down my laughing when i saw she got hurt and she told me to shut up and locked me out of my house so i ran on the other side of the street and before we went outside she told me everything i say is stupid so then m dad came in a car looking for me and her saw me across the street and asked me why did you run you know your friend is hurt and i was crying with waterfalls of tears because she blamed me for everything i hate that girl she is not a true friend and then i ran in my house crying in the back yard and c did not even care so then her mom came to pick her up and my mom told her its been three days and she still has not apologized and that day my mom was yelling a me in front of her saying it was my fault it has been three days and she still has not apologized but i am not apologizing to her what do i do please help me i feel like i am going crazy p . s i only gave away my name not the other girls because the they would know that i wrote this ;)

  11. 106

    hayli says

    well she is your best friends you should talk about it to her and tell that best friends never do that to eachother.

  12. 108

    CharlotteStone says

    Omg that so… Bad. I have awesome BFFs but i have a crush on a guy but my best friend is his friend they
    Are normal friends i think and hope . I want to tell her i like hi but t kid of embarrassing since i her BFF AND MY CRUSH her BFF too!!! Help!

    • 109


      Well if she’s as awesome as you just described than i’m sure she can help make friends w your crush. I say you should just straight out tell her how you feel. I’m almost positive the results will be good ones! Good luck girlie :D !

  13. 112

    Long-term Friendship. says

    It really hurts when friends do that to one another. But what makes us strong, is acting like an adult, Me and my friend Alondra Limon have been friends for 8 years, an its about to be 9 years we will be attending high school in late August. Ive had fights with her. Like the one we had in 3rd grade, shee forgave me because I went outside,pouting, and she stayed in her room. I left her a note in her window, while I waited outside to watch her read it. After she read it, sshe ran to me, crying. I cried too. She and I have been together thick and thin since then, and I swear to always protect her, cause thats what friends are for. So celebrate your friendships with others before they leave or break your heart. Thank them for standing by you at your worst moments, and weakest points. Be Yourself.

    • 113


      That… was…. beautiful!!! ♥♥♥
      OMG, I like, teared up just reading that :cry: .
      You should definitely consider writing poems or, like, those inspirational quote thingies.
      You’d be really good at it!!!! 8)

  14. 115


    Hi lovesick friend! I TOTALLY know what you’re going
    Through! This happened with my BFF. We had major crushes on the popular boy in class, but I didn’t realise she had a crush on him ’til I blurted out I like him. I knew she was a jealous coz she looked mega mad. The best thing I did for her, since she wanted to tell him that she likes him somehow, was giving her tips, which I was willing to try since she didn’t want to do it herself. We made a deal that if she asked him about her liking him, she would have to tell him I like him too. Know he knows that we like him, plus he said he likes us a bit too!
    (Meaning probably just ‘friends’). Try out the advice. Good luck!

    • 118

      I says

      OH OH OH OH OH OH OH!!!! I JUST HAD AN IDEA! There was this one movie I watched when I was younger called Aquamarine where the two best friends had the same crush and the were still best friends! you should watch it I bet it will give you great advice, and make the other girl watch it too!

  15. 122

    ❤❤❤Fasiha❤❤❤ says

    OMG! What kind of a friend does that??

    Here’s my advice, I hope it helps:

    1. Firstly, tell her that she’s being mean and that YOU have the freedom to crush on any guy u like! I mean, how does she have the dignity to tell you to stop crushing on him. Love is a feeling you can’t control! I think SHE’s the one that deserves to get the “I’m-Not-Your-Friend-Anymore” message from you! Your not stopping Mylie from having a crush on him, are you? Well she should do the same!

    2. This is what I would do: Grab your iPod back from her, tell her that he’s YOUR crush and that you have every right to like him, and furthermore tell her that if she DARES to spread the news about your crush, you will tell everyone about her crush first! Lovesick Friend, you should go to Facebook and post a status about HER crush. After all, she has a secret crush too!

    3. If all else fails, and Mylie does tell everyone about your crush, don’t worry. If this happens, don’t be her friend, a TRUE FRIEND would never do anything to hurt you! FIND SOME NEW BETTER FRIENDS!! If your crush asks you, “Is this true? Do you like me?” Tell him that it was a lie and that Mylie’s the one who has a crush on him.

    If Mylie does spill your secret, it’s okay!! It’s not the end of the world! People have crushes, no big deal! Most people in my class know about my crush.

    BTW, if your crush is texting you,then there’s a pretty big chance that he likes you back!!

    HTH (Hope This Helps):d
    All the best!


  16. 124


    THIS GIRL IS NOT YOUR FRIEND! WHO DOES THAT? DUMP HER EMIDEANTLY! Sorry about the cap’s. Your friend can’t tell you whether you can be friends with your crush or not! I REAPEAT! THIS GIRL IS NOT YOUR FRIEND!

  17. 126

    ☮Lollypop4life☮ says

    Dear Lovesick Friend,

    That’s a tough one,since I’m pretty sensitive and don’t like other people telling me what to do.I guess I’m hard-headed that way…..Anyway I think you should tell your friend that I can crush on the guy I like too,and you can’t tell me what to do.

    I know it’s a little mean,maybe say it like in a nicer voice.But what the point is that you can like who you want!! And you should tell her that if I told him the thing that she said he will be sad like Nikki said.

    I hope this works out,fellow dork.

    Your friend,


  18. 129


    Your ‘friend’ sure dont sound like one!!!!!!! She don’t have the right to threaten you like that! Like I said, think about you, but think a little bit about her. To make life easier, you could tell her that maybe both liking the same boy doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. It’s not that every girl in the world can’t like the same boy! I know jealousy might overtake you or your friend time to time but, if you try to explain to her that life hasn’t ended, she might think back to what she did to you, apologise for what she did and take it that you both like the same boy. If this don’t work, go stick with Nikki’s awesome advice! Good luck, again!

  19. 131

    Stargirl says

    Poor her. I would feel terrible to look Miley in her face again. I really don;t know what I’d do, ’cause I don’t really have a best friend. I’m kinda new here.

  20. 132

    Julia's a Smart Unicorn says

    It TOTALLY sucks when your best friend is crushing on your crush, too, but it doesnt mean you have to ruin a great friendship over a guy! Just promise each other to not ruin your friendship over him! -I learned THAT from experience!

  21. 134


    I totally agree girl! Grady’s tip 1: ALWAYS MAKE SURE R FRIEND DOESN’T TRY TO LET U NOT HAVE A CRUSH ON HER CRUSH its also like MH and NM HAV a crush on Brandon

  22. 135


    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY MIGHT MAKE A SEQUEL TO TEEN BEACH MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AS IF WE HAVEN’T SUFFERED ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. 139

    ☮Lollypop4life☮ says

    Does anyone play Build-A-Bearville here? It’s so fun!!My username is LeelaBallerina4.



  24. 141

    Amelia says

    Well if she was really your friend She wouldn’t threaten you, even though Nikki And Mackenzie are enemies Mackenzie doesn’t tell The entire school Nikki like Brandon! If I were you I would tell everyone she has a major crush on him! And you won’t unless she send him that text then she’ll know how u feel and If she doesn’t care I would just tell your crush that she’s making u do this then he probably won’t like her…

  25. 144


    You need to tell your friend to back off you are friends w/your crush and let me say good for you ( not sarcasticlly) and your friend is trying to blow your chances because she is crushing on the same guy.
    You should let your friend tell the whole school bout your crush…
    But before that yout should tell your crush how you feel bout him so its not sprising to him and if you get teased you can to yourself i can deal with this, because i am in ,own way amazingly awesome!
    I hope my advice works!

  26. 146

    Duaa says

    Also if the WHOLE SCHOOL figures about the crush, your crush will too and realize how rude it was of her to do that and probably won’t like her. Tell her that. DEFINITELY LISTEN TO MASTER OF ADVICE NIKKI!!!

  27. 148

    Starlight Sparkle says

    i think u should tell ur “best friend” that wht she is doing is like being a bully, and if she is still going to do it, u Should’nt be friends with her anymore

  28. 149


    Thankfully I don’t have this problem. Although there are times when I question the fact if my BFF is crushing on my crush even though she says she isn’t =P But she would never do the whole “I’m-gonna-tell-everyone” thing or force me to stop being friends with him. That why we are such awesome besties!!!!

  29. 152


    omg!just tell her that if shes going to be mean to u ,then she isnt a good friend.

    friends can turn on you in an instant.my bff kandyse went to a new school and on the first day,a ccp named chrissa was ACTING like she was friends with kandyse,the second day chrissa told kandyse that she was to ugly and fat to be her friend and join her stupid dance crew(omg just like tales of a not so popular party girl!)
    anyway,just remember,if she is still mean like that she is not a true friend.

  30. 155


    you should tell your friend
    “well if you like him and i like him i think we should ether not be friends or both like him but not ask him out” and see what you both have in common about liking him and you both will still be friends and nothing bad will happen that is what happen to me.

  31. 156

    Nenigirl2002/Marlena says

    To: “Lovesick Friend”

    I bet you are thinking that your best friend isn’t really ACTING like one.But crushes
    can actually make you feel like, umm , a sick elephant who can’t eat peanuts!

    I’m telling you that your crush shouldn’t get in the way of you friendship. So you should tell your friend that you never meant to hurt her or anything and that you didn’t know that you guys both had a crush on the same guy.

    Pretend that you were dating your and your best friend’s crush,how would your friend feel?

  32. 157

    Nenigirl2002/Marlena says

    Now pretend that your friend is dating your guy’s crush. How would you feel?

    So I think that you guys should still have a crush on him, but not date him. So you can try to get close to him but not TOO close. That’s what I would do. I wouldn’t want a rush to get in my friendship! GOOD LUCK!!!


  33. 160


    Don t let her get you down it’s ok try to talk to maybe it will help and I am sorry for what she could be a friend you dont want to have. If you like my advice reply lovesick

  34. 163

    Olivia says

    Tell your friend that IF she IS your friend she wouldn’t do that and that her crush would not like for doing that

  35. 164

    kittzykk says

    Then same thing happened to me but my friend threatened to tell & she did he ignored her &the face that she liked him & kept talking to me

  36. 165

    Secret Gurl says

    Okay, that REALLY wasn’t a cool thing for Mylie to do! My BFF and I have crushsed on the same boys lots of times- but the thing is, it’s fun! Maybe Mylie doesn’t realize that crushing on the same boy can also be fun, she thinks it will be more of a competition and that she will lose you- her BFF. But really, my BFF and I don’t care about competition- our friendship comes first. We already told each other we wouldn’t care if the boy picked one girl or the other. But the thing is, we’ve never let a boy get between us! Girlfriends come first!

  37. 171


    Ouch! Maybe talk t her and sort itout the worst thing that could happen is if she tells everyone and everyone will know how awsome you are cos he likes you1 :)

  38. 172


    girl, what ur friend said was so low. just because ur bffs does NOT mean ya cant crush on the same guy! and if it does end up on fb, then, miley is so crazy to do that even though ur best friends.she shouldnt let a guy that u both like come between u.

    thats my advise, well, not really. i was sorta just pointing out the important stuff ;)

  39. 174

    †å®å Spå®k∫éžż says

    Try to let her know how IMPORTANT her friendship is to you but also how its unfair to do that. I mean, you could have told her the same thing if you knew, but you didn’t right? Thats what best friends are! If your both crushing on him you guys can share secrets and stuff. Did she not know that you were crushing on him before? I mean, you guys share secrets right..? Anyway, GTG. HOPE THIS HELPED. BUH BYE :D

  40. 175


    Hi there,Lovesick Friend!I’m pie20588.I helped of folks in my life before so I’m gonna help you!

    My advice:

    First,that’s really CRUEL of your so called BFF to spill the beans about your crush!But let me ask you,when did Miley start crushing on him?Was it before or after you started crushing on him?

    If it’s before you,ask her why she has a problem with you crushing on him too.Maybe you and Miley can smoothen things out if you ask her what’s wrong.

    BUT,if it’s after,then that’s a whole different story!If she has a problem with it,then stop being friends with her!And if she tells everyone about your secret,including you crush,tell your parents or teachers about it and she WILL get punished because what she did would be considered bullying!And if she doesn’t,remember YOU will have the last laugh!

    Hope this advice was helpful.

  41. 177


    Rate my advice please.

    1 star-Horrible
    2 stars-Bad
    3 stars-Fair
    4 stars-good
    5 stars-Very Good
    6 stars-Super Good
    7 stars-Great!Keep your dork quality advice strong!

    • 178

      ☮Lollypop4life☮ says

      Dear Pie20588,

      I rate your advice ******* stars!! You are awesome at giving advice :D .

      See ya,



    • 179

      Izzy says

      7!!!! :)
      I also have some advice for “Lovesick friend”

      First of all, that WAS really mean of your friend… and just, pathetic… But that shows that her self-esteem was really low when she found out that you guys text each other. Tell her why it’s a problem that you both like him, and if she says that, say, she just can’t stand to see him with someone else because it makes her feel awful, but apologizes later for saying what she said, then she’s a good friend who just suddenly got, like, REALLY jealous but couldn’t help it. If she’s nice and apologizes, then you shouldn’t leave her for your crush. But if she stays mean (unless if she’s just really CRAZY about him but in that case I don’t know what to do) then I guess she doesnt care about your friendship, but only about her and him. In that case, she’s not a good friend. But if you do end your friendship, it better be because she’s a bad friend, not because she’s a good friend but you just don’t want to have to deal with all these problems and have your crush to yourself.
      HOPE I HELPED!!!!!
      by the way, in case she’s a good friend, but just loves him SO much that she can’t help being mean, instead of being mean back, which, I promise, will make her depressed and her confidence will be smaller than a peanut, be sensitive. Try to get her closer to him. Or, if all else fails, be strong, and help each other get over him. This is a really touchy subject and being mean back to her is a bad choice. Be sensitive, but don’t go overboard.

  42. 182

    Chill says

    No offence but that was WAY low of ur BFF to say that to u!!!! If that was my BFF and if she had a crush on mine she would be totes happy 4 me!! Lol! But go up to ur BFF and do what Nikki said but if that doesn’t work go straight to her face and say, “Girlfriend, I think u need to just CHILL about the whole crush thing! There are probably over 10 girls in the whole school crushing on him!!! Go get angry at them if ya want!!!! And if u think me texting him that I don’t want to be his friend anymore why don’t YOU do it!!! It was ur idea in the first place!!!! And if u really want u can ask him for his number so YOU can text him aswell!!!!” that my advice!!! Hope it helps!!!!! And remember…… LET UR INNER DORK SHINE THROUGH AND JUST CHILL!!!

  43. 183


    wow your best friend sounds like she totally stinks! I think that you should either ask your crush out what can she do about that or tell your crush what she said maybe he will ask you out. so either way you probably will go out with you. dump your best friend find a new one she`s so spiteful. good luck

  44. 184

    Cat-Girl says

    Flippin’ Heck! Lovely friend you’ve got there. But if you really like him, don’t give him up, and if he likes you, he won’t be bothered.

  45. 185

    Kelsie says

    That is super stupid. I mean who in their right mind would tell their BEST FRIEND to
    1.STOP crushing on some guy just cause she has a crush on him too
    2. And to send him a text saying “I’M NOT YOUR FRIEND ANYMORE”

    Your. “friend” is just sad.

    Well I totally agree with Nikki .
    I wouldn’t worry about it to much . I mean worry (if u want 2) but not so much that all u think about is “OMG OMG OMG plz plz plz don’t tell me she’s told anyone”

    Also if she tells anyone there will be people who might all giggly at first but then think why would she do that to her best friend. And (if u want2) u can say she’s telling people cause she has crush on him 2 and she wants him to herself.

    I have experienced something like that.

    We were on our bus and a girl called Ellen had a crush on this boy, David and me and a girl called Evie had a crush on a boy Calvin.

    Everyone knew that Ellen liked David so I whisper shouted “Ellen likes David” since everyone knew it didn’t matter. But ell was mad.

    She screamed “Kelsie and Evie like Calvin”

    I was like OH NO

    but after that what I told people was that I didn’t have a crush on him I just made that up because Ellen said that Evie only likes her because she said it.

    For you situation u could say I don’t have a crush on him I made that up because I thought Mylie might think I’m more interesting.

  46. 188

    Confusedchic says

    Help My secret crush just found out i am crushing on him!The only person who could of told him is my best friend!Unless my worst enemy told him but how could she have found out about it. Please give me some advise!!!!!

    • 189


      Well hopefully your (not-so) secret crush isn’t to weirded out by it. Cuz guys can be sensitive to mushy stuff like that. What you should do is:

      a. If you really feel like you cant cope talking to him while knowing that he knows about your crush on him then maybe you should just pretend like you don’t have crush on him. If he asks about the rumour he’s heard about you liking him just say that you have no idea WHAT he’s talking about and wonder why anybody would spread something THAT unbelievably crazy! Hopefully in a few days that little titbit of gossip has passed and you can continue being like the way it was.


      b. Fess up to your crush and admit to hs face that YES you do like him. And fingers cross he might like you a little back so you guys could be an exclusive couple ♥ ! Hey a girl can dream!

      And you should just chillax about who spilled the beans about your crush. It’s not worth it, since it’s already happened there’s NO way you can change it, like it or not. And if it turns out it IS your friend who spilled, dont be angry @ her. Chances are she didnt do it on purpose- and even if she did maybe she did it for a good reason. She’s probably feeling super guilty so theres no need 2 punish her.

      So good luck girlie ;)

  47. 190

    Shy Girl says

    I have a very mean classmate in school that makes gossips about everyone! She would invite you to her GANG and the next day she would just kick you out for no reason! What should I do? Be even or just go with it?

  48. 192

    n#1dorkdiariesfan says

    i suggest u do wat nikki told u 2. or if it gets really out of hand just threaten her to tell one of her secrets if she tells urs and pray ALOT!

  49. 195

    charlotte says

    really care, but you wont be my betsfriend anymore and thats ok with me, if you can live with such guilt than im ok with that and then when your crush asks you baout ti says “yer i do have a crush on you” and just hope for the best :)

    • 196

      Gabriella says

      that’s kinda harsh… i wouldnt do that if i were you because you and your crush might not even last a long time but if you stay her friend and try to be friends youll be friends for a long time …….

  50. 197


    totally follow Nikki’s advice, let your friend know how you feel and that when she say’s stuff like that it really hurts you. and maybe you guy’s will be able to be BFF’S.
    I’ve been in that situation for some reason one of my friends is always having a crush on the guy I liked… it happened twice.

    any way I didn’t get mad at her I was cool.

    hope I helped.

    • 199

      my dorky self says

      I mean does! Where did odes come from? Maybe it was incorrect. I MEAN AUTO CORRECT!!!! To Whoever invented auto correct, it usually doesn’t help.

  51. 200

    I'm a dorky bear says

    Me and my best friend are both crushing on the same dude… Where as I am good friends with him, but she hardly hangs out with him. I told her I didn’t like him anymore- just to make her feel better! I got over that crush a little…. But she doesn’t know that.

    • 202

      my dorky self says

      Maybe it is the comment awaiting moderation. I always think I’m first because there are no comments and I end up being 65 or something. Hope I helped! ;)

    • 203


      Nikki moderates stuff, so it’ll seem like you come up on top. But Nikki justs takes a bit of time checking other peoples comments so theres not any rude/nasty or mean comments.

  52. 204

    Deb says

    GIRLFRIEND! If she does that to you, stand up for yourself! If she was your best friend, she wouldn’t tell you to do that. That’s just immature and mean!

    • 205

      samesamecru. says

      awsome! my sister is going into middle grade and i am going into 4th so i hope that my crush will be in my class

  53. 206

    LayLyann Tarabay says

    God! We both have a crush… ON THE SAME GUY!!! Abraham! He’s so cute and so smart! Our favorite class is history ( Ancient Egypt, Ancient greece, Roman Empire… We just <3 history!) and he likes the same class too! And once, we found him saying -"I don't know… Ask the twins, they are smart!" He talks about us! (OK, so That's not romantic, But still, he TALKS about us!). But we made a deal between us, "We're twin sisters, we shall not share boyfriend! We shall not date our crush! We shall forget him!". The point is, he gets cuter everyday! And our friends are starting to notice we like him! Nd there's son their girl… We shall call her "Believer" cuz she <3 Justin Bieber. She's always hugging and kissing (in the cheek) Abraham! Once a guy told Abraham to -" go and hug the girl he likes!"- and he hugged "Believer"! But we don't care (OK we do! :cry: ) cuz we made a deal between us.

    • 207

      LayLyann Tarabay says

      My advice!

      1- you can make a deal like we Did (OK, sooo, That’s LAME! Let’s go to #2!

      2- tell your BFF -” you know what? I have a crush on him! It’s NOT nice to tell me what NOT to do! So either you go away and leave me alone or stop it!”-

      Hope we helped!

      • 210

        Shine says

        that is like, the best advice i have EVER (in my whole entire life) heard. OMG! you could even help nikki by giving advice!

  54. 211


    You might be pretty angry with your friends right now, but she’s probably just feeling really bummed that you BOTH have a crush on him but he messages YOU and not HER!

    That probably dented her self-esteem.

    So what I think you should do is buy a big tub of Ben & Jerry’s and two spoons march on over to her house and try to let her know that you not trying to steal your crush away from her. And maybe even try and help her get closer to him by, say, sitting down somewhere near his lunch table and starting a conversation with him then “ACCIDENTALLY” leave your lunch money in your locker while your friend and him continue the chat.

    I guess this is a pretty big sacrifice seeing as you have a crush on him AS WELL, but hey, it’s sister’s BEFORE misters!

    Hopefully you guys can still be friends good luck girlie!!! :D

    H.T.H (Hope This Helps) :mrgreen:
    -Mustacheluv :{D

  55. 218

    Emma says

    Well, you need to tell your friend you like him a lot, or give social ques. Accordion to the “Girl Code” if you had him first, he’s yours. But if you decide that you don’t like him as much as your friend, let her have a chance. You may find out that he likes you too.

  56. 219

    Tahleah says

    if i know anything from reading holiday heart break that you might feel angry and upset but try not to let that get in the way of your friendship but if she really cared about you then she probably wouldnt do that

  57. 220

    Rillie says

    OMG i know exactly how your friend feels and i know exactly how u feel. If you don’t want to lose your friend then you have to be nice about it. What Mustachluv said is good. Don’t get all angry at your friend or tell her to stop, She probably just feels really upset that he texts u and not her, and that he’s closer to you. I can understand her but I understand you too.
    Tell her that you understand how she feels and try to help her. Also remember boys come and go but friends are forever!!! and the problem here is that either YOU have to get over it and forget about him, or she has to. If that’s impossible, BOTH of you should forget about him and be friends. Becuase 2 friends+1 crush=REALLY BIG TROUBLE.
    So I’m sorry, but often the only GOOD solution that never ends up in a disaster is for BOTH of you to forget about him. :( I’m sorry that really sucks that that happened ,…

  58. 231


    Omg lovesick friend it’s ok I feel your pain :( it always has to be the BFF which turns into BFNE also known as “best friend not ever”but I hope the best for u luv clarita

  59. 233

    Nicole says

    I know how you feel except for the part when you are also crushing on him. My advice is tell her what she is doing to you. maybe after she hears what she has done to you she’ll stop it.if she doesn’t then maybe you should keep away from her at least until she is over her crush faze

  60. 234

    crazybaby says

    It will backfire if you tell your crush that she is forcing you to send a message talkin’ ’bout you don’t like him at all.This will only make her look bad.So follow my advice and tell me how it goes!

  61. 235

    Cerear says

    I had no experiences like that. I believe that I will try hard to win the guy’s heart and compete fairly with my friend.

  62. 240

    K and G says

    that was super mean of your friend. You should tell your crush u like him. Then see what he says. if he says he likes u back tell mylie that he doesn’t like her. If he says no you can try to help mylie be closer to him. hopefully this helped

  63. 241

    JustAskMillie says

    Hi “Lovesick friend”!
    Ouch. This is really a tough situation. Your friend is really jealous and bummed that you and your (also her) crush are texting each other.
    Either way, she has no right to threaten you like that! When she has calmed down, talk to her and tell her that you understand how she feels, but that threatening you isn’t the right thing to do.
    Let her know that if she DOES tell you secret, and acts all mean, you guys can’t be friends, because real friends don’t do that for each other!
    If she calms down though, and apologizes, maybe you could help her get a little closer to him as well, or tell your crush you both like him! But, if nothing works, the only solution might be… to forget about him, both of you.
    Oh and also, if your friend is really a GOOD friend, she would eventually realize she’s wrong, and that she shouldn’t be mean to you and sacrifice your friendship for him. A true friend would never let a crush come in between two friends.
    hope I helped!

  64. 247


    friends for evr grl
    dont let a love triangle ruin your friendships
    who says we cant have it all
    although you cant both have the same guy
    you can still have the same guy :as a FRIEND
    both of you

  65. 249


    I totally feel your pain too! Only my BFF’s crush likes me instead …. But she was still sweet about it! ( ok she was super mad at first) but she said she was sorry and said it wasn’t my fault also that i didn’t make him like.

  66. 251


    To lovesick friend,

    Im sooo sorry she did that to you thats sooo cruel and mean you should say ” i if you were a true bff you wouldn’t blackmail me because would not want to hurt me and if you really liked him you would not make him hurt too! I still have the right to like him if you really want as a friend please dont do this!”

    I hope it works

    From, brianna

  67. 253

    Disney fairies fan says

    Dear lovesick friend.
    Tell your friend to BACK OFF……….. Best friends do not threaten each other.Or ask her to have a little mercy on you.If she still threatens you, ask her to BACK-OFF-AND-NAVER-COME-BACK, you can find another BFF!

  68. 254

    gwen says

    Oh my goodness! You have a crush on your best friend’s crush. This is definitely difficult, but it’s also not the end of the world.

    Vent your feelings. Whether it’s to a diary, a best friend or just your mirror, it’s extremely important not to keep it bottled up inside. If you can let it all out, it won’t weigh you down. Write a song, a poem, or some type of art to express your feelings.

      • 256


        When I am stressed out I do a routine.
        1. Cry out my eyes in my noisy room (younger sister) for an hour.
        2. Go to my “secret” room.
        3. Try to think positive and find a solution.
        4. Take a nap.
        5. Pray to God(my religion).
        6. Invite my BFF over and tell her my prob.
        7. By then I am cooled down and I etheir go on DD or email my crush.
        8. By then I have got a solution and I start on fixing the prob.
        Ok so my rountine seems long but it works. I know #1 seems werid but it’s true. After you cry yourself out almost all the stress is out. 4, 6-7 don’t think about your prob because you end up getting stressed or crying all over again.

  69. 257


    Dear Lovesick Friend,
    If Miley said that she really isn’t your friend. I’d try to work things out too.
    She’s probabaly just JEALOUS!!!Like Nikki said, don’t worry. You and your friend’s crush…. you should try to be his friend. Miley should too. You shouldn’t try to be his girlfriend either. Think about it. Your crush or your friend? Give up your crush. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t talk to him anymore.Try to chat when Miley isn’t around. Good luck!!!!

    Peace out!

  70. 258


    I had that problem before it almost broke my fredship!!! but after a day or so my frend came to tems with it. p.s. my frend is reely nice.

  71. 265

    Anouk says

    if you both have a crush on him and you don’t wanna loose you’re friend, both don’t take the first step… (so i mean not ask him out) because that will break the friendschip!
    PS: icecream or chocolat helps allot if you’re in love ;)

  72. 266

    Rock Angels says

    Dear shy girl,

    i don’t think so. You should actually form your own gang and make her jealous! Then, everyday in your own gang you either bake them some muffins or get them some concert tickets then our mean enenmy will be SOOOOOOOOOOO jealous that she is NOT in your gang and start begging you to give her a membership.

  73. 268


    ]http://thepixartheory.com/ when I was at my friend’s house yesterday for her little brother’s first birthday, one of my other friends showed this to us. IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!

  74. 269

    Nikki's fan #1 says

    You should tell your friend that you don’t want to do that so if she tells everyone about your crush you should tell about her crush too.

  75. 270


    Hi I know how it feels to have your best friend liking the same guy as you I liked this boy and I found out she liked him too but I moved on though but then I moved on from the crush after him and I moved on and I found out she and me had a crush on the same guy again but this time she moved on I still haven’t though I did get mad at her though

  76. 272

    Janil Teves says

    HEY! This was totally the advice i have been looking for! My BFF is still crushing on my SC~ Worse, He likes me not her, I’m hesitated!! GRR!

  77. 273

    Bella says

    I have a crush on this boy in my class and my bff told him that I have a crush on him but the good part about this story is he told my friend that he has a crush on me but what i dont get is that he can be very confident around other girls in my class but not me HELP NIKI

    • 274


      OK I know i’m not Nikki or anything but mind if i reply anyways?
      Anyways, i think he might not be that confident around you because (like your friend said) he has a crush on you!
      Since guys arent use to showing their feelings they often try to deny it or forget about them.
      So whenever he looks at you or talks to you he acts all shy because he’s afriad to embarrass himself infront of you beacuse HE HAS A CRUSH ON YOU!!!!!
      Sorry, i just had to emphasize that part because it’s SO exciting. Because even though in most books and movies when the girl has a crush on a guy, the guy almost ALWAYS like her BACK but in real life?
      Eehhh….not so much.

      So if you want him to be more confident around you, just try chatting to him on normal basis so he learns to relax because of how cool your acting. And try not to make him feel awkward NO MATTER HOW FUNNY IT IS- because c’mon, isn’t it adorable when guys mess up?

      Good Luck Girlie!!! :mrgreen:

  78. 277

    Dolphin Lover says

    I had the same problem but I never told her and she never found out and no she moved away so I can date him. I know I give bad advice

  79. 278


    Why don’t you be on with her own game like if she keeps treating you like that then treat her the same way and if she even thinks about telling YOUR crush you like him then send her that I’m- not- your -friend text.

  80. 279

    Abigail says

    WOW!! Me and my friend like the same guy but she would NEVER do that!!!! I say break up the friendship! She is being a selfish BRAT!

  81. 282


    i am going to show every one how to do emotions the right way
    : + ) = :)
    :+D = :D
    :+( = :(
    8+) = 8)
    : mad : = :mad: NO SPACES
    : evil : = :evil: NO SPACES
    : mrgreen: = :mrgreen: NO SPACES
    ; + ) = ;)
    :+| = :|
    Moving emotions
    : cry : = :cry: no spaces
    : oops : = :oops: no spaces
    : lol : = :lol: no spaces
    : ? : = :?: no spaces
    : ! : = :!: no spaces
    : arrow : = :arrow:
    : idea : = :idea:
    : omg : = :omg:
    I think thats it and now i said to make all emotions that i know of REMEMBER NO SPACES your welcome

  82. 298


    This is my first time being here! But my edvice is that you should really have a conversatio with your friend! Because Buffalo are like “sister promise” that you don’t want to break! Especially. Not for a boy!

  83. 310


    Fasiha I agree with most of your advice I just think you should re-think about telling Lovesick Friend to tell her crush it was a lie if he ask her does she like him. Listen Lovesick Friend your doing good so far with your crush he even texted you on your ipod that’s so awesome! But, you won’t be lovesick if you just tell him. And all this stuff about Mylie will be over! If you don’t want to talk to him face to face send him a text or give him clues. Think about it, your not going to be in school with each other forever so tell him before it’s too late. Although, if he rejects you don’t show that it bothers you just shake it off! You can always have other friends to support you. Wish you luck. :+)

  84. 313


    My advice is: Go for it! If you like this guy and he likes you back then who cares what your friend says! She’s probably just trying to intimidate you. If she threatened you like that also, she’s not a true friend! Only backstabbers (and Mackenzie) would do that!

  85. 314

    DJ Blitz says

    I got some advice,
    A best friend wouldn’t do or say that so if she does that to you I suggest you tell her your piece of mind. Tell her how you feel about her THREATENING you and demanding you do some thing. If you did nothing like that to her she dose not deserve YOU as a best friend. She doesn’t deserve to be friends or crush on YOUR crush. So tell her your piece of mind and let’s see how she likes it.

  86. 315

    Hanoof says

    That was so not cool just tell someone your sister mom or even him and tell her that she’s not your friend anymore cuz what she did was low

  87. 320


    WOW!!!This chicka better have a good reason for hurting you!I know idk you,but REALLY??!If she was really your friend,she wouldn’t have done that.But i think y’all should talk it out & decide what to do.But if he likes you & you too start dating,she’ll just go out of her way to make your relationship miserable,so why don’t you just decide to all be good friends & whatnot.

  88. 323


    OMG!!! I have the same prob! So like Beverly my Bff is crushing on my crush but he likes me too. So she’s mad at me too and is gonna do the same thing on Instagram! I tried to tell her exactly wht u said Nikki but she said I am the one who should stop crushing on him cuz she liked him first which is true and then later I liked him (cuz I didn’t like anyone first then I got older and fell in luv). Then she said she had been crushing on him forever and she loves him and doesn’t luv anyone else as a crush as much as him. Then she burst into tears and ran away. Now I am looking at the instagrm screen crying my heart out cause I feel so guilty. :(

  89. 324

    Brianna (NOT Nikki's bratty sister!) says

    Me and my BFF are crushing on the same dude! :-( I can’t get too close to him! :-(

  90. 325


    that is so horrible having a friend like that tell your crush before she gets a chance to, so he won’t be suprize when she tells him and tell him that she also threatened you and he will think that was dumb of her and maybe even ask you out because you know you told him you like him and if he doesn’t ask him out and if he’s not ready for dating yet or just says no then tell him you really would like for him to go out with you but you also really enjoy being his friend

  91. 326

    Mickey says

    I have been crushing on this one guy for 2 years now, he acts like he likes me. He says he’s not crushing on anyone but he’s always talking to me. He was the first and last person I text each day and he always sends the first message. He’s shy, and he’s popular each year, but my generation just seems to reject me.
    We’ve spent a whole little league baseball game together, he even bought me popcorn! He gave me his number that day.
    He’s super sweet, he’s kind, giving, caring, loving, humorous, handsome, he’s perfect. I’m really shy, and when I talk to him my brain basically goes stupid mode on, ding! We go to a music school and he’s a great musician, while I sit there and try not to be noticed for my lack of musical playing.
    I don’t know what to do because he’s every girls crush! He likes the books, kind of music, shows and movies, I like. It’s so easy for him to make me laugh. What do I do? :oops:

    Love, Monkey Girl

  92. 327

    SportyGSG says

    This is a tough case. Your friend acted pretty unacceptable to you, and that was her wrong. However, she’s not completely at fault, you know. You made the mistake of hiding it from her until she found out about it herself, which is NEVER a good thing! Maybe she’s liked this guy for a REALLY long time! Who knows, he might like her back! You never really know until you ask or they tell (or vice versa). It’s always a good idea to tell your BFF what’s going on in your life and how you feel about certain things (for instance, the guy you like). But, you should explain to Mylie that you can’t help your feelings! They come and sometimes they never go! (Trust me, I had a crush on the same guy for 5 YEARS!!)But also, it’s important to get Mylie’s side of the story as well. She’s had a crush on this one guy for so long it aches her. Then, she finds out that her BEST FRIEND likes the same guy, and he might like her back! You’d be HEARTBROKEN, and maybe even mad! Imagine, you’d worked SO hard to win him over, and then your best friend likes him and gets him without even trying as much as you did! I mean, you (being the kind and understanding person that you are) can understand that, right? Just think about what REALLY happened between you and Mylie and apologize to her about what happened. Offer a sort of comfort, maybe a hug or a friendly text, or even a sleepover! Just find some way to let her know that you care about the feelings that she has and that you’re ready to hear them! Hope this helps!

  93. 330



  94. 331

    advicegirl says

    I have a similar problem.
    I have been in love with this boy for over 3 years now, his name is Charlie.
    Now over the 3 years I have had 2 boyfriends. Both off them I have broke up with because I love this boy so much. Anyway, this girl, who’s name will be idiotic girl, I agreed to be her best friend and she is also totally in love with Charlie, but she always falls in love with people who everyone else loves.
    Also there’s this other girl, I’ll call her girl snob, because trust me she is a snob.
    Anyway, she also loves him and she told Charlie that she loves him.
    luckily he said he didn’t want to go out with her, but when I told idiotic girl that I loved Charlie she was like “OK then,” and then she kept on shouting out “Charlie, Charlie,” trying to get on my nerves so she was threatening me to tell him, so I told her
    that I actually don’t like him any more but obviously I do. so I just want you to know if you need any you need any help ask me and if any one else douse to ask me because I have changed all off my friends life (in a really good way though) and so I could change your’s to.

  95. 332


    i think you should just start doing interesting stuff do get the boy your crushing on to like you not your friend. Ill give the stuff you could do below.

    1. Help him in work
    2. Invite in school dancing
    3. If there is some kind of activity that need partners get him o be your partner
    4. Tell him an amazing talent you have
    5. Talk to your friend that you had him first and that your friend shouldn’t get in you business

    Well that’s about it hope it helps:)

    With love Dork Diaries pair girls

  96. 333

    flora says

    you just need to tell here that even if you both like the guy you to are best friends and your friendship is a million more times important then Brandon and say you really badly don’t want this to stop your friendship! once me and my best friend found out that we both liked the same guy to but we put our friendship first we said that we can both like him, and we love to talk about him! in fact I think it made our friendship
    stronger. take my advise and hopefully it will end up as your story to!

  97. 334


    Dear advice girl,

    I have a serious problem. can you help me?
    there’s this boy I so like him and I think he likes me to, but my arch enemy who name is Sara, likes him to and she has been spreading horrible rumours about me saying stuff like “guess what, problem girl (that not my real name)is such a dork and she told everyone she was related to Adele and she so isn’t” I never ever said that.
    what should I do?


  98. 335

    advicegirl says


    what you need to do is you need to tell the boy who you like that you like him and get it other with. Then tell Sara to back off and to stop telling lies about you. Just shout at her, you know 20 seconds off bravery, just get it other with. its like pulling off a plaster, quick and painless, just rip it off.

    good luck, tell me how you get on.


  99. 336


    dear advice girl

    this girl has been spreading horrible rumours about me and has been telling my crush who she also loves to all the lies and there really nasty and not a single one is true.

    what should I do?


  100. 337


    I totally agree with Nikki! You should NEVER let a guy get in between you and your BFF!!!! Because you know what’s going to happen if things don’t work out with you and him??? He’s going to break your heart and up BFF-less, because SOMEONE thought it was a good idea to break her bffs heart. And not only that you’ll be all ALONE because of a stupid threat?!?!?!? Always remember this….. SISTERS BEFORE MISTERS anyway I hope my advise helped byeee

    • 338


      Look if you like fight for him but if you figure out that he dosent like you, hes missing out so dont waste your crying for him you should feel that your a special girl and that there are plenty of fish in the sea ;) good luck

  101. 339


    OMG!! ok so I have this huge crush on one of my friend and hes so funny! anyway my friend ha**** and I where talking and I said I liked jack and I was like hey who do I like? Well she said haha… well I kinda like jack! I was like o no she didn’t just say that! and she starts say it all started when we me and him whent to raging river together(his mother is her toter)I was all like o PLEEE-ZZZ ( no one heard it but me ) 8( I was so mad!!I don’t know who he likes! but I like way more then she does!! what do I do fight for him or give him up??

  102. 341

    #1TrueDorkDiariesFan says

    OMG! I have the same problem exept at 4 other girls,my bff, and myself like him. IT’S SO WIERD!!!!

  103. 342

    Authorsoontobe says

    My bff totally does that to me all the time!! So to see how much we know about him we quiz each other who ever wins gets the guy in our “crush book” and the other backs off. I have won 2-4 of our chrushed matches

  104. 345

    candycuddles says

    Hi love sick friend. I feel so sorry for you. But whoever you are, remember this:
    Every night, before you go to bed, some one thinks about you
    Atleast 10 people in this world love you
    Atleast two people in this world would die for you
    Somewhere out there is the love of your life, waiting just for you
    No matter what happens, someone will always be there for YOU
    The world is your oyster and your the pearl
    Your a dimond in the ruff
    If friends were flowers there would be a million people lined up to pick you

    Best of luck, candycuddles

    • 346


      that was so sweet of you candy cuddles and I agree one hundred percent. I thought that know one in the world liked me but then on valentines day I got a valentine from someone :) I was so happy. so theres always someone.

  105. 347

    joana says

    I Don’t Think Mylie Likes You.You Should Stop Fighting Just Tell Her That You Don’t Wanna Be Friends Don’t Be In Her Side Just Tell Her How You Feel You Know What I Mean :)

  106. 348

    candycuddles says

    Hang in there love sick friend! if I were you I would try talk to miley.
    Tell her that what she said really hurt your feelings because chances are she was just a little jelous of you
    Because you got a text from your crush.remind her of the number one rule in the friend book; never let a boy
    Get in between friendship. Maybe organise a suprise funday! You guys could go see a movie together then blindfold her and take her on a suprise shopping spree

    Good luck!

  107. 349


    OK WHAT DO I DO?!?!?

    i am really pissed off . cause she can only talk about him! an he is 2 yearsolder than her . even tho everyone says he is full of pimples , she does not care! well ,neither would i . WHAT SHOULD I DO NIKKI!!!!!!?1

  108. 350

    The dork. says

    Can you give me advice?
    Okay here it goes. Theres this guy.Hes nice and sweet but my friend and i have a crush on him should i like someone diffrent?

    • 351

      Just nothing says

      actually you should like someone that is your true love and just don’t talk about him on your friend because if you talk about him in front of her then she would be jealous and starting to ignore you like you are not her friend

  109. 352

    The dork. says

    i dont want to hurt her feelings your is but it dosent matter were not going to the same school…

  110. 354

    kennedy says

    I think that if you’re best friend likes your crush she is just jealous. She feels as if she likes him too maybe to make you mad or just for revenge. Or she just likes him too either way you shouldn’t have a stupid little crush get in between you’re friendship it really isn’t worth it!

  111. 355

    kennedy says

    Mylie is not a good best friend! I Think you should not be paranoid and she tells you’re secret don’t let it bother you because then that will just make her bully you more.

  112. 356

    Camille Rose says

    I hear ya! I’m currently in that same situation! From the looks of it, you are pretty close with your crush! Same here! Believe it or not, there are SO many people out there just like you, just look at the comments! I’m really close with my crush, too! My crush and I are best friends, and this can be pretty tough! If you know that this isn’t like your BFF to say something insensitive to you, then you should sit her down and talk to her about it, sometimes we let our hearts get the best of us! You’ve probably heard this a squillion times, but the last thing you want to so is get your crush the better of your friendship! You need to hang on to your BFF, same crush or not. It wasn’t ok for your friend to expect you to text your crush and ruin that friendship, but as I said before, her heart is just getting the best of her, and that is totally normal. It might be best to give each other to soak in the whole same-crush deal. You guys are BFFs for gosh sakes! Don’t let a guy get the best of your friendship. If you guys get upset when it comes to you guys having the same crush, then don’t bring it up around each other. But the strongest friendships can survive the most roughest roads. Including guys. ;) You guys are true-blue friends, just because you two like him together, doesn’t mean any friendship should be in jeopardy. I wish all the luck to you, your BFF and your guys’ crush! Things might get harder in the future. So hold on! Especially to your BFF! YOU CAN DO IT!!

  113. 357

    Camille Rose says

    Does anyone know how to ask Nikki a question? I need to really bad and am so totally clueless when it comes to this stuff!;) Thanks!

  114. 358


    The only thing is that, my friends are smart enough not to tell anyone who she is liking or rather who is her/his crush, and she will not make it sooo obvious and just hide it or something and i think Mylie is sorta dumb bcoz she’s like telling you that she is liking your secret crush.(IN AN INDIRECT WAY) LOL….. but most importantly, its of course, i am siding with you!!!

  115. 359

    Just nothing says

    if your best friend is really a good friend to you, she should not fight just like my best friend :) and the thing is that can collapse your friendship

  116. 360


    i know how it feels. my edvice is to make fun of it! pertend you dont care about the fact u and your sis like him (mr.radom guy.)
    even joke about it. say hi to him (mr.radom guy.) but not in your sis’s face or she might think ur trying to STEAL him. :cry So anyway. be nice and if she goes all in your face…walk away and pertend to be so sad and she may be sorry and try to make you feel better. AND ALSO its sisters BEFORE misters!

    H.T.H “hope this help”


  117. 361

    Sunshinepanda says

    Man I have the same problem too I think Nikki’s advice rocks, but I’m way too afraid to tell my friend about this problem and I could easily tell that she’s gonna say that she liked him first. Plus I don’t even think my crush even likes me I mean he already dated this girl but they broke up, now I’m afraid that my friend and my crush might go out(but she says he probably doesn’t even like her), I’ve been trying real hard to not show I like him but it is way too hard. I need some big advice!!! PLEASE HELP
    p.s I didn’t tell anyone that this boy was my crush at all!

  118. 362


    O.K, I know u r reading about a million replies but just tellin you, your friend is going WAY overboard!! Just tell the guy u like him and hope for the best. Your “friend” here does NOT deserve him, but YOU do!! U liked this guy first and you’re NOT gonna let him get away!! If ur pal doesn’t wanna hang with ya just cos she is crazy jealous, well then! Be that way!!

  119. 363


    Dear (You know who I’m talking to, right?) Owner of Website/Author of Dork Diaries,
    Ok. So, moderation! Before I made like, 3 posts about moderation. Now this is me begging.
    (Sorry for being so annoying…But I have my reasons).
    I got 2 more weeks of school left. I want to spend that time with my friends. My friends here.
    You must know I’m really persistent right? So…I will not give up! Not even when school is over. We need our friends. Seen the blogs? Abby’s blog has 19 comments or so about moderation. I got more than 10 people on my website who post about anti-moderation. And I think I saw a petition about ending moderation!
    Please? Yeah, you’re doing this for the people who just come to this site for Dork Diaries, but what about the other people?
    And I know-Those hackers said things that will never be repeated *shudder* But we can just ignore them.
    Everyone regrets the emails and complaints. And there for…
    Please? At least, as Abby (Another DD member) said, can you turn down mod for a few days so we can talk again?
    It’s been 7 months since mod started. The hackers are-hopefully-gone.
    DD was my home…On the Internet!
    So…End it? FOR THE CHILDREN! xD Sorry, just gotta have some humor in here for old times sake…
    If you wanna contact/chat with me, go to Dorky Weekly Newspaper (click my name). Or my Fanfiction (I only give out my name on request, though).
    ~Dancey Pants

  120. 364

    A true friend says

    I’m totally clueless about these things but here is what I would do I’d just say if we’re friends we can’t fight! Lets forget a bout the boy and be friends!! I don’t know if it will work but try it maybe it will work!!

  121. 365


    O.o Poor Miley. I get her… I like my Freinds crush and she is like THE most popular girl in school. But, still, she shouldn’t of threatend you! If you can, tell her that feeling like that can be ok!! But, if you’re bffs, then don’t tell REALLY SUPER PERSONAL secrets- or any!

  122. 366

    Saddest lover says

    Lately my bff is mentioning my crush’s name alot.She thinks he is my arh enemy but he is not.Everyone else also thinks so…but some thing is surely fishy…it may be her doubting me or i need to doubt her…..but this has not come between out ffriendship….

  123. 367


    I know how it feels I thought I was going trough the same thing with my bff, but your best friend is way more important than your crush:]

  124. 368

    Lucy says

    Me and my cousin like the same boy and he likes both of us. But I don’t want to steal her crush what do I do!!!!!!!

  125. 370

    Viynal says

    Dear LoveSick Friend,

    OMG! If my BFF said that to me, I would totally dump her! Listen, a true friend would NEVER say that to you! Trust me, a true friend would NEVER stoop so LOW to do that!

    Bye for now,
    Viynal :)

  126. 371

    Kk says

    Well I don’t think she’s your best friend if she does something like that…. Best friends don’t do those kind of things, so just confront her and tell her that what she’s doing is wrong or tell and adult and they’ll make her stop. Don’t worry, I went through this too, so I’m kind of an expert at this lol

  127. 372


    i like this guy but i’m not sure if he likes me my friends teel me they see him looking at my butt and i once caught him does that mean anything

  128. 376

    Annonymous Advisor says

    Hi Lovesick friend!

    I would hate to upset you, but if your “best friend” was REALLY your best friend, she would NOT do that. She would actually CARE about your feelings. She is making you not like him so she can step in and grab your crush! You gotta do something! I say have a word with her. Say, “if you were really my best friend you would not do this!” she can’t make you do anything. Don’t let her control you.

    Good luck!

  129. 377


    Your friend is physically evil! that is kinda like blackmail. I understand if you are shy. She clearly isn’t afraid to hurt your feelings so don’t be afraid to hurt hers! No, don’t be mean just say something like, oh yeah, what if I accidentally let it slip that you’re crushing on him too? You tell on me, I’ll tell on you, girlfriend! Then she won’t tell!!!!!! Well, if she does, she is NOT a good friend, but I suggest NOT letting her secret slip, you don’t want to be as bad as her, and DO NOT send that nasty message to your crush! Tell Mylie how you feel, because she may have a problem and is taking it out on you. Is she usually like this?!

  130. 378


    If you ask me it sounds like your best friend is turning into a Mackenzie Hollister. I know my best friends would never do that to me. Just ask yourself: would my real BFF do this to me? After thinking over it for a while, I thing you will have made the right decision. Hang in there. :)

  131. 379

    Ruby says

    If a so called friend tells you to send another friend a text that says, “I’m not your friend anymore.” then I’m sorry to break it to ya sister, but that is not a real friend. :(
    I had a friend who got mad at me every time I hung out with someone else, now I don’t talk to her, I don’t want to be friends with a person like that.
    And if you share a crush, either realize that friends come before boys, or have fun with it! Talk about how friggin cute he is with her.

  132. 380

    Meredith says

    OMG all of my friends think my crush is cute and say stuff like “Oh, h smiled at me in the hall today!” or “I sat next to him in Spanish!” and they KNOW that I liked him first! I met him at band camp BEFORE any of my friends met him either later in band camp or if thy aren’t in band, they have a class with him. And it makes me really sad :( all of my friends except one promised they wouldn’t go out with him or anything, but this one acquaintance-friend of mine texted me the DAY after I told her that I liked him and said “Hey I like Mittens.” (that’s his drum line nickname so we call him that.) and I awkwardly replied “Oh that’s okay! As long as you don’t take him or anything! I DID like him first! LOL” And she replied “Too late I like him now, and if he asks me out, I’m gonna say yes.” I mean WHO does that? :( and now whenever I’m around her, he’s ALL she talks about! She says stuff about how he’s sooo hot and dreamy and perfect >:( and I try to be polite and just smile and nod, but in my mind I’m thinking “DON’T YOU DARE LAY A FINGER ON MY BUTTERFINGER GUUURL!!” *snaps with sass* I mean am I right?!

  133. 381

    francis says

    I say you tell your friend to stop threanting youand give back your iPod if she doesn’t tell and adult if she still doesn’t spread a rumor about her crush to make her feel sorry and hang out with other people. Your BFF is just cruel, stupid, totally someone you shouldn’t hang out with. hopes she sees this comment

  134. 382

    dorky dork diaries fan says

    Dear lovesick friend,

    Ok first of all it is so NOT cool for your BFF to treat you like that. Second it’s ok for you to crush on him and her to crush on him trust me three of my friends have the same crush on one dude and they make it work and I can tell you how to (hope this works if it doesn’t then sorry I’m just doing what I know they do) anyways first of all I strongly suggest sitting down and having a talk with her I suggest saying “Miley we are friends. Fiends are supposed to co-operate with eachother and try to work things out and are supposed to be there for eachother and know that nothing can tear us apart. Look we both have a crush n the same person and we should be able to except that. And when you threaten to post my secret that I have a crush on him on the Facebook (or wherever she was going to say your secret) unless I say I can’t be friends with him that just isn’t right. I really don’t thin we should let some boy come between us I mean like seriously we are friends and no boy should EVER come between us. I really just want things to be how they were before you found out and I found out we both have a crush othe same person. I’m ok with you having a crush on him if you are ok with me having a crush on him.”

    Now this is how my friends make it work. you guys can make it work by you both being his friends.You can both enjoy hanging out with him and he can enjoy hanging out with you guys. And you never know he might not have a crush on either of you (not like no one has a crush on both of you) or she might not like him after she gets to know him more.

    Hope my advice helps :) : mrgreen:

  135. 383


    The boy I’m crushing on said on the last day of school that he might visit me sometime,but he still hasn’t come,even though we live nearby in the same neighborhood! I’m starting to get worried that maybe he just said that to make me feel better,or to get away from me! Lately,I’ve been by myself in my parents’ bedroom at night,crying because I feel like such an idiot for believing he might actually visit me! I just don’t know what to do! :(

  136. 387


    chances are if shes being like that hes gonna like u more than her! cause a boy “APPARENTLY” likes me but my mates saying he likes me now and saying im jealous but when i said she was jealous she had a go at me (:(. people are saying he likes me and ive got his number but hes not said anythinng. maybe i should just wait a bit.but i dont nknow?! i kinda like him and ive been wondering if he ever would now people are saying he does!!!!! so just keep ur hopesa up!! im sure if u like him and youve got his number and your pals not being a pal at the minute then he’ll probably like u more. sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo………………………………………………….. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  137. 394

    jiajia313 says

    Maybe you could make a plan.You could text your crush a “I’m-not-your-friend-anymore” message, and then secretly tell him about your problems later on.Gather up your courage,and ask him if he likes you or Mylie better.Let me tell you,that Mylie (well,to me)isn’t a very good friend.Well,good luck with all of the advice posted for you!!! jiajia313

  138. 395


    First of all if she’s ur friend she would tell you to do such a thing second of all she doesn’t have the right to take away ur iPod read the message and tell u to write that third of all he likes you not her .. If I was you I would be like what’s your problem it’s non of ur business , ur not the boss of me chill

    Well I hope my advice help you !!!!

  139. 396

    Sophie says

    Please tell her to calm down all you have to do is say Miley it won’t hurt if we like the same guy.then let her calm down and understand it.Then have a little talk about what’s going on about the crush thing.
    Good Luck :-)

  140. 397

    Fuzzy80485 says

    All I can say to Mylie is.. wow. Srsly.. Wow. A BFF wouldn’t do that! My BFF and I were crushing on the same guy, but we stuck together.

  141. 399

    Adelutza says

    Well…i also had a crush wich was also my bf’s crush..but i helped her to make up with him because it was obvious that they liked each other…now i think if it was better to confess to him…now i moved in another city and i will probably never see him!!

  142. 400

    Mary says

    Hey! The exact same thing happened to me last year… My advice, which worked out well for me, is to just tell her nicely that you are crushing on him, and would like to remain friends with her no matter what. Try to make a pact that you two will always be thisclose. remember, sisters before misters!

  143. 401

    Lucy says

    okay so there are these two boys lets call them K and M okay so I like K and one of my best friends likes M and another one of my best friends likes K and M so it’s a little confusing. But my problem is should I still like K?

  144. 402

    SWEET says

    My crush is one of the popular boy in our school and he always does funny things to me and my friend######## had been so angry because she’ve been crush on him too!My crush called***had always talk to me than her and she always making her pretty and made him look at her(she’s like Mackenzie)But one day my bff ask my crush who he likes and he said me and my friend####### heard it she got so angry she burst into tear and never talk to me again.But anyway bffs always on side.

  145. 403

    DORK says

    *SIGH* she is sooooo mean.
    i totally agree with nikki.
    but dont stress girlfriend that leads to mentality and you dnt want to be traped in a white room just cuz your friend was gonna post a message up on facebook.she has noooooo proof and im sure she wouldnt really. you’ll be friends again in NO time!

  146. 405

    Lara The DORK!!! says

    i have a crush, and he likes me and i like him, it all started in Kindergarden, well i don’t want to write it here because it is actually a secret( even if everyone in my class knows ) i just don’t want to so, lets start with the best friend crushing thing. well, no one likes my crush!!! :) so i can have him all to myself :) (well he likes MY BFF ) :(

    • 406

      molly says

      dear imagood singer. if you really like this guy, then get to know him. get his address, phoe number. get him to like you. then after a few months of “getting to know each other” ask if he wants to go out. or ask his friend to do iit for you. one way or another get this guy to like you. if you like him enough ASK HIM OUT. you twohave to be together.

  147. 407


    Ok! This is probably the most sad/wierd love story in the history of,I don’t know,EVER!!! I used to have a crush on the boy who,on the last day of school,said he’d visit me sometime,but he still hasn’t! Bacon Lover,if you’re reading this post,yes,I DID read your advice,but I don’t have his phone#,and I don’t have any way of contacting him. Plus,I’m in middle school now,and since he repeated a grade a long time ago,he’s still in elementary school! And I know he will try to attract any single girl he likes pretty easily,so about the only thing I could do about that is give up! Anyways,in the 1st week being in middle school,there was this supercute boy who was in a lot of the same classes I was in,and even though he seemed kind of crazy,I started crushing on him,his friend found out,and it kind of got wierd when my face was red during World History class.I’m just glad the teacher didn’t see that! But at the same time,I also liked this boy that I’ve seen at a public library,and ironically enough,I saw him hanging out with some people I know as well,but didn’t know about them hanging out together. But I’m not sure what my friends might think or say about that,and I mainly mean the people who went 2 my elementary school! Let’s just say it got pretty wierd often. Well,the school staff said they might be moving a few people 2 different classes,but it probably wasn’t us. I was relieved 2 hear that because I was in a lot of the same classes with the supercute boy. Well,when I went 2 the gym this morning at my school 2 get my new locater,well,I didn’t know about anyone else,but I wasn’t sure the unlikely 2 be switching classes and a few classes thing was really true! And now I don’t have any classes with the superute boy,or his friend! Although,I now have 2 classes with the other boy I like. I never really had a conversation with him or anything,but still! I can’t stop thinking about the supercute boy,though,and his friend who doesn’t know the whole story and probably still thinks I like the supercute guy,like a lot of others who either heard about me blushing,or saw me doing it that time in my old World History class! I seriously need some help here! Can anyone help me? PLEASE! HELP! ME!

  148. 408

    Katherine says

    Just ignore her.Good friends will come and go…there is nothing you can stop it.

    PS:Zoey,Chloe and Nkki’s Friendship will last like foever!And talk about Brandon!

  149. 409

    helene says

    Ok, don’t be so sad about this, first, don’t be her friend anymore because she’s NOT a REAL friend of you, second, tell your crush all about this if you want to (well i will if was you, because i’m not so shy)
    third, um..idk

  150. 415


    this must be hard I can remember me and my friend Lauren use to crush on a boy and she used to always give me the evil eye but then we realised how ridiculous we were being he was just a boy and when we really got to know him he was a guy obsessed with sport and really mean. I can not believe I am still nervous to sit near him but you should just say I did not know you were crushing on him also and there are like a million guys in the world what’s so special about just this one?

  151. 416


    Why is her friend crushing on her crush because every girl knows it always ends up like this,The girl always gets the guy but then the other girl thanks that she stole the girls guy and then they start to fight when all along the other girl got the guy far and square and then the friendship is distrouded and they will never be friends again.

  152. 418

    Jenny says

    My 3rd grade BFF Gwyneth was in love with Ross as well as me. So whenever she saw me staring at him, she’d just say “stop staring” and then draged me away. But I ignored. You should try it too.

  153. 421

    Jaiden says

    I found out that at my last sleepover that my best friend has a crush on the same boy named Cameron. We are both in a race to see who can become his boyfriend first, but I don’t want to race.

  154. 422


    That totally sucks! Tell your friend that the boy will pick. Oh well if he doesn’t pick you. Tell your friend she being really mean to you.

  155. 423

    molly says

    well, I would be kinda stuck there. If it were me i would tell everyone. Then i would try to convince her to be my friend again. you guys shouldnt fight over one guy. find someone else in your school to crush on that she doesnt like likke that. because nothing is more important than friendship. but you would also have to make a deal. neithr of you could date him. but still be friends, because its not healthy to fight over a guy in your friendship. take my advice and dont fight and be best friends for eternity!

  156. 425


    don’t b friends with this girl, “Mylie”. she sounds like a total jerk. friends shouldn’t do that to each other, especially bffs. my bff left me in the dust for my second grade enemie ****** :( . but then I made new friends and eventually got over her. we still talk sometimes, but not like we used to. I think you should do what I did and make new friends.

  157. 427

    puppylove says

    OMG! I cant believe you r friend would do this to you!!!! what I would do:

    in a calm, mature way, ask whats up. She might just be soo jealous and lovesick she cant think straight, and she thinks you’re getting in the way of her “happily ever after” or something just have a reasonable talk with her!

  158. 429

    Claire says

    I would try to get him first ,but try not to make her mad or sad, and if you can’t talk to him then you have to stand up for yourself!

  159. 430


    so last year in year 5 i was best friends with a girl named chidera she was the most nicest ever friend ever until year 6 came. me and her where not in the same class also i had non of my closest friend in my class. so before i asked her that when were in different classes is she still going to be my best friend forever for eternity she said yes she is still going to be my best friend so when we started in the new year she started getting very close and she promised she is still going to be my bff. how do i ask her is she still my bff please help me

  160. 431

    Julia H. says

    Dear Lovesick Friend,
    I think you should tell your friend off if she’s threatening you! Real friends don’t act mean towards each other. If she threatens you again, tell your parents, or her parents how mean she’s acting.
    Sincerely with best regards,
    Julia H.

  161. 432


    if she threatens to tell every one unless you send him a im not your friend message then you say you cant tell me who and who not to crush on me and my friend have a crush on the same guy but hes friends with my other friend and they text all the time it doesn’t bother me at all and it shouldn’t bother your friend if shes threatening to share your secret then you shouldn’t be her friend

  162. 433

    ayla says

    First of all, Nikki, you spelled Mylie M – i – l – e – y when it’s Mylie, M – y – l – i – e. Not Miley, Mylie.
    Second of all, is this Mylie girl REALLY your friend. What kind of friend tells you to send a TEXT MESSAGE that says I’m not your friend anymore?!?!?!? WHAT!? Seriously, Lovesick Friend, THINK!

  163. 435

    InLoveGhoul says

    Hi, basically i have a crush on this guy for 4 months or longer and suddenly my Best Friend has a crush on him too! I am really not like happy about it. And she said she will ask him out and everything even thought she knows i have a big crush on him!
    Help please what should i do? I really need it!

  164. 436

    Maya says

    You should tell your bestie that you are not my mom and you shouldn’t be bossing me around even if we’re best friends. Even if she breaks friends with you, she’ll suddenly realized that just fighting for a crush equals to being ridiculous and she’ll be running back to you.

  165. 438

    megan says

    Me an my bestie had I big fall out today lasr night she told me she has a crush on my crush ,curtis,today iwouldnt speak to her and she gave me the silent treatment back.as we all know its valentines day tommorow and I can feel a big fight coming on,luckily I’ve got anothe bestie to back me up. Why is life this way, I’ve been friends with her for ages if she says she gave him a valentines card I’m going to tell everyone about her crush, I know itscreL but that’s life and I don’t want us to become enemies its weird cause at first she was making fun of it.:(

  166. 439


    I have a crush on the like most popular guy in the class so I kinda have the same prob but not really I bet my friends have a crush on him too they just won’t tell meh…. So yah

  167. 441

    Olivia N. :D (AKA Dork Diaries LOVER) says

    Thank goodness that has never happened to me because all the boys in my elementary school were ugly expect this cute boy I liked since 2nd grade. His name was Adrian and he was small for his size, but he was cute! Then there was this one day when my two best friends forced me (and yes they forced me) to tell them my crush. I did and in 5th grade, I was in this thing called Name That Book and Adrian’s cousin was there and it was competition time and this other boy named Eric had this little rubbery puffy ring and I was wearing it and Kaylah said, “Are you married to Adrian?” And I was like embarrassed when she said that. Then when we were getting in the car to get to the competition, Adrian’s cousin Jose asked, “Do you like Adrian?’ And I was like “No, I don’t!” OMG! That was the most embarrassing thing ever in 5th grade. I am in 6th grade now and my middle school is an all girls school in Texas and I have to take Pre-AP classes. I hate my school because there is no boys at all to crush on or date. :@

  168. 442

    April says

    gosh this is a bit shocking for me..! also i’m in 7th grade and my best friend likes my crush, although… she would never threaten me as to do something as mean like that! what i think you should do is have an emotional talk with her about your crush. try to solve this problem

  169. 443

    @suzie says

    your friend Mylie is soooooosooooo rude I used to have a friend like her if I told her my C she would tell him so I stopped being her friend then she told everyone in the school to not talk to me and worst of all she was popular. Now im lonley.Help can somone send this to NIKKY. PLZ I BEG UUUUUUUUUUUUUU I dont have acsess to her.

  170. 445


    I have a crush on a guy, but it seems like we never get time to hang out. I have a confident feeling to tell him, but it would be totally awkward if he brings something up (I like-I am-) I would have no idea what to say! How can I try to make time and not loose my confident feeling? Can you guys please help?

  171. 446

    RainbowCakes says

    Hi everybody!
    My problem is kind of similar to Lovesick Friend’s. My BFF has a crush on my old crush that I’m still getting over. He’s a really nice guy (and my religion :) and I’m glad for her, but I’m still getting over it. To make matters worse, tonight I found out my other BFF has a crush on my new crush who goes to our church. I want to ask him out when I’m older (cuz I don’t feel that if you can’t get married, what’s the point of dating? I’m 12. But I’ll probably get over him before then :/) but if I do, what if my still likes him and gets jealous? Please help!! :O D:

  172. 450

    otohime uchia says

    I say if you Nikki want go out with Brandon you should go slow. First you have to become friends with him next u need to get to know each other like invite him over to your house and you should be yourself. After try to take him to a restaurant then BAMM ask him out. And hopefully he will say yes. And you’ll live happy and in love! Advice came from otohime uchia. To Nikki Maxwell.

  173. 451

    grace says

    your friend used to have a crush on him or still does have one ore has a bad time with him once or they have a past

  174. 452

    Juliana says

    OMG! Literally I’m going through that with my friend Jade, and my crush, Hector. She already has a boyfriend, but she says she’s breaking up with him, and that leaves me super worried. Whenever they talk, I get SUPER jealous, like I tease him, not her! Me and Hector aren’t friends though, we’re like looking at each other, blushing, and the same time we argue and we both tease him. I don’t want to hurt her feelings, but he doesn’t have a phone, and me either! I thought Jade likes his friend, Izahn, but she doesn’t. I’m similar to you, Jade comes every other week to church, so I mess with him more. But here’s something like my advice, your friendship is more important, don’t get distracted, there are SO many guys out there, tell that to yourself and your friend. Maybe she’ll get him, and you get some else. Maybe she likes someone else, but I doubt that. You and your friend look around for other people. He’s a choice, set him aside, and see, you’ll never know what happens! Maybe another guy comes, you never know. But if he’s all you can think about, there’s no other guy in the world but him, at least try! You still need to be honest though, no matter what take Rachel’s advice for being honest. :)

  175. 453

    Ally says

    omg i have liked this guy for ages and he likes me too but he also likes my best friend and he is going to ask her out,she also likes him back but she said she will say no if he asks her out because i liked him longer and i really really like him and she doesn’t want to loose me as a friend but then if she says no he will ask me out but i don’t know what to say because my friend said no for me. should i say yes or no. what should i do ?

  176. 454

    A NOBABY says

    My story is way different…..me and my best friend meet when we were 6 and ever since then we had a crush on each other….but when we were in 4th grade we lost contact and we never got to say see u later….and one day I ask my friend if he remembers him and he said yeah then me and him started texting then….i got he’s at 12:30 and then he text me and I text back and then we talked on the phone until 4:10 and I still have a crush on him but he has a girlfriend and she is way better then me she does sports….well i rather read a book the only sport I do it track…..and he keep putting his gf on pause so me and him could talk but I don’t wanna be friends…. But he doesn’t life near me and doesn’t go to school with me….every time I think of him my heart starts going cray cray….what do I do?!?!??!

  177. 455

    pinkkitty850 says

    i have the same problem but my friend is trying to steal him from me and is using phisical violence, and she knows that i LIKE him

  178. 456

    keke says

    Yea my friend and I have a crush on the same guy but keeped saying we were a good couple but every time someone said it we got in a fight and this one day she wi told her i like him and he wanted to know who i liked soo she almost told him but now he nos soo now we are good i think

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