This question comes from Sierra, who writes:

I don’t feel like I’m pretty. I feel like everyone is prettier than me because not one boy has a crush on me. I’ve been really desperate for a boyfriend. I tried doing my makeup and hair to make me feel better about myself, but it doesn’t help. I need advice!

My Advice: 

Hi Sierra! This might sound hard to believe since all I’ve seen of you is six little black letters in my inbox, but I’m willing to bet you’re A LOT prettier than you think!

Why do I think this? Well, first of all, we’re all WAY more critical of ourselves than other people. I remember this one time I was CONVINCED my nose looked like a cat’s nose.

Then I told Zoey, and she said, “A smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose.”

Yeah, I didn’t see the connection either! But after I said, “OK, thanks for the self-help quote! Now what about my cat nose?” she said, “I always thought you had a perfect nose!”

You want to know WHY she thought it was perfect?

Well, for one, I’ve looked at it WAY longer and WAY more critically than her.

But also, she loves me and thinks I’m beautiful on the inside, so everything on the outside looks beautiful to her.

That’s how I feel about all the people I love. When I like them as people, I like everything about them!

(And the opposite applies, too. Even with her perfect hair and wardrobe, I think MacKenzie looks like a crusty old troll!)

So maybe the key to feeling prettier is to stop thinking about boys so much and instead, focus on yourself and your friends.

This one time, Chloe, Zoey, and I wrote down all the things we like about each other. I felt pretty awesome about myself after that!

Maybe you and your friends could do the same thing!

Trust me, if you feel more confident about yourself in general, you’ll feel AND LOOK a lot more beautiful, because confidence is beauty. Take it from a dork with a cat’s nose!!

What do you guys think? Do you have any advice for Sierra?


  1. 1

    Allysa says

    You dont need to be pretty just remember be kind to all people …..you may not beautifull outside but your beautiful inside

    • 2

      Alliepug says

      Remember, it’s the inside that counts. Not the outside. I still think I’m not pretty but all my friends say I am. I bet a lot of boys have crushes on u but u don’t pay attention coz ur worried about ur looks! I was always worried, but now, I realize some of my best friends (that r boys of course) have been acting weird around me. If u want a boy, be the best u can be on the inside, and it will show on the outside! U don’t need fancy clothes or makeup! Just be ur self! Good luck!

      • 3

        Mikaela Bulan says

        You don’t really have to be pretty. You’re beautiful on the inside. Maybe, you can use lip gloss! It always works with lip gloss!

      • 4

        Animal lover says

        I am a Princess.

        I am brave sometimes.

        I am scared sometimes.

        Sometimes, I am brave even when I’m scared.

        I believe in loyalty and trust. I believe loyalty is built on trust.

        I try to be kind, I try to be generous.

        I am kind even when others are not so generous.

        I am a Princess.

        I think standing up for myself is important.

        I think standing up for others is more important.

        But standing with others is most important.

        I am a Princess.

        I believe compassion makes me strong,

        Kindness is power,

        And family is the tightest bond of all.

        I have heard I am beautiful. I know I am strong.

        I am a Princess. Long may I reign.

      • 6


        OMG I love that saying SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much I could totally see someone walking up to princess whatever and saying that right to her FACE!!!!

        P.S I’m not the Sierra from the storie she wrote:)

      • 11

        Lizzie says

        How do you come up with that?!?! You just have to be some professional poet that is posing to make Sierra feel better.


      • 12


        Every night, before you go to bed, some one thinks about you
        Atleast 10 people in this world love you
        Atleast two people in this world would die for you
        Somewhere out there is the love of your life, waiting just for you
        No matter what happens, someone will always be there for YOU
        The world is your oyster and your the pearl
        Your a dimond in the ruff
        If friends were flowers there would be a million people lined up to pick you.
        those are the words of candycuddles. don’t worry someone is bound to like you. I thought that no one liked me and there was a time that i thought i wasn’t pretty. Then on valentinnes day, when i thought i wasn’t going to get anything, i got a valentine gram from someone i dont know who because all it put was :)(the reason i put it is because from the handwriting my friend thought that a teacher gave it to me but i’m pretty sure it was aboy)don’t worry i think that tons of boys like you. and with a name like yours your bound to be pretty.

      • 14


        Thanks so much Peaches! I am going to start one but not yet. i was thinking a video blog advice column, but its taking too long.

      • 15

        candycuddles says

        U realise thoose were the words I said and fran gave me credit for it thanks fran :)

      • 18


        Come on don’t say that! you are not a loser! Don’t call yourself that! And I bet that also happens to you, you just don’t know it!

      • 21

        Caramel says

        Oh, P.L. plz change ur name to princess proud or something. I bet u have tons of friends and are really pretty.

      • 23

        StarWarsLover2000 says

        you’re, not your; rough, not ruff; Valentines, not valentines; and sorry for the corrections, but I’m a self-acclaimed grammar police :)

      • 26


        I don’t know why u would say something like that !! you are proud of being a snobby pity !! u are only saying this because u are truly insecure about yourself !! u are being downright dirty and I can see your true colors!! the boys probably only like u for your looks!!! but you will settle for that !! you need to calm down on the insults !

      • 31

        StarWarsLover2000 says

        I agree! Jokes are only funny when the person who the joke is aimed at thinks it’s funny. When you post something on the internet, you can’t tell if a person is joking or not. Even if she meant it to be a joke, she could really hurt someone’s feelings!

      • 33

        River says

        dorkpower!!?? calling a stupid rich kid that thinks shes pretty a snob and stuff is dorkpower!!?? dorkpower, is ignoring stupid, idiotic people that want you all to fight! And besides, this is a website! How do you all know what shes saying is true? what if P.P. is some sweaty fat guy that likes to bully lil’ girls on the internet!? You never know, after all, this is the internet…

      • 34

        GeekChic says

        If she were, I think she would say that and explain what she REALLY meant to say.


      • 35

        DorkDiariesLover says

        darn right I agree with you all the way Alliepug


      • 36

        Duaa says

        Yeah you’re obviously lying, joking or kidding. Nobody would be happy to say they’re spoiled. That’s pretty much insulting yourself! At the very least you say sorry. She probably is not the right one for some boys but others will crush on her! I should call you Spoiled Princess Snobuperp the 4th (pimple). Don’t say things to hurt others. Obviously you just didn’t think at all about writing that.

      • 38

        Duaa says

        Nikki is probably more ashamed of P.P. And they probably didn’t know she was joking and she was being mean even if she was joking and they just cared and all.

      • 40

        Duaa says

        And saying “shut it” is not so nice either. Sometimes jokes can affect someone even just a little when they don’t actually say it’s a joke

      • 41

        holychickennugget says

        i agree, it must be a joke. seriously, nobody would write something to stupid and clueless on the internet. She just wants you guys to believe her comments so that she can create drama. I bet she’s just some girl that was bored and started posting dumb comments. Don’t listen to her and call her names. You guys are just makin’ it worse.

      • 43


        i’m also a CCP but atleast i have a heart! what u told sierra was completely HORRIBLE!!! ur giving the poor girl a bad time! i have a question for u- r u Mackenzie’s clone?

      • 44


        sierra if ur reading this….. i think ur really pretty even though i’ve not seen u in reality! dont listen to others wen they say ur ugly their just haters being hateful!n they probably say that cause their jealous!!!

      • 45

        dominique angela t. adoro says

        nice nikki thats the one i want brandon will always love you and besides you look pretty and i readall your books

      • 46

        Marine Biologist says

        Okay, that was really rude.Take no notice, Sierra. You may think that all boys go on the outside, but that is false. There are boys who go on whats inside. After all, its whats inside that matters most!

      • 47

        StarWarsLover2000 says

        So true! I don’t like boys because of their looks, I like them because of their hearts. And I don’t like boys who look on the outside more than the outside.

      • 51

        Kk says

        That’s extremely mean and u shouldn’t say that to people u don’t know! Sierra, ur very beautiful. I know it for a fact. I don’t feel pretty either, but remember to just ignore the haters and be yourself.

      • 53

        Mary says

        Fran,you are very kind.That was really nice of you to say.im sure you are very pretty like Sierra.

      • 54

        mo says

        lyndsey you are right. sierra is pretty. if sierra is reading this, i want her to know that she is not alone. im not as pretty either. DONT LISTEN TO PRINCESS P!

      • 57

        hieveryone says

        so your saying we shouldnt take this seriously and this wont hurt sierra? take a piece of paper for instance.crumple it up and throw it on the floor. now say sorry and try to unwrinkle it. does it ever get better?

      • 59


        Sierra, I used 2 have the same problem, but, one day, I stood and looked at myself in the mirror and repeated over and over, ”I am God’s gift, and I am beautifull!” I did that for like, half of an hour! Then, after that, I felt SO beautiful! I am sure u are a beautifful girl!
        `Ima B Courtney~ ;)

      • 60

        StarWarsLover2000 says

        YES! God makes everyone in their own image, and He loves you no matter what! I love your comment, Ima B!

      • 65

        Cute Cool & Popular says

        Wow, Princess, that was REALLY mean. If your so pretty then why don’t you show us? Post your picture on your profile. Then you can talk.

      • 67


        I can’t believe you think that is a joke, I’ve seen a TONNE of other nasty comments done by princess unpopular, and if someone sent them to me I’d be hurt and angry, why can’t you see from Sierra’s view and NOT only princess unpopular’ s?!

      • 68

        werewolf+vampslayer says

        your right. i bet she like to eat coconuts at night and then sleep on kiwis! dont let her bring you down guys, she just knows that rocket boots are going to float in air and destroy the world. its unfortunate, but soooooooooooooo true. dont let that bucket dipper get past us!

      • 70


        Sierra, every one has at least one thing pretty about them, including their personality, so just ignore princess unpopular ok??? My hair is always in a mess, I’m pretty weird, never wear lipgloss and have loads of spots, but somebody has still asked me out!! Boys don’t only like you cos of you’re looks. Be yourself!!!

      • 73

        werewolf+vampslayer says

        PP after what you’ve done, no twinkies for you tonight. the world my have cake, but you will burn in freezing lavaaaa! batman is waiting to punch your arm till you start to fly into the universe ad never return!!!

      • 74

        River says

        No she wouldn’t, nobody does that! She would just get on with life and not care about a thing you girls are saying!!!!

      • 75


        are you serious. people like me who go through every day trying to figure how to be and feel beautiful and you just gait about yourself. your ego is the most ugliest thing I ever seen and it can come back at you physically if you don’t stop and think about the damage you could do if you say something like that. Get your Life!

      • 76

        Dustin says

        What!? Wow way to go, crushing her self esteem! Maybe you’re pretty or whatever on the outside but NOT the inside. Let me say THAT.

      • 77

        BeemoDaPug says

        There are too many people like you in the world. We all know you don’t mean that, please stop trolling. Literally. It hurts people.

      • 78


        pp u shouldn’t go around teling people they r not pretty I mean what if some one says that to you how would u feel think twice before u says something pp. siearra u r beautiful on the inside, don’t mind what people say to u, just let your inner dork shine

      • 79

        Heyit'sMeep says

        I’m gonna call you MACKENZIE! Go fall off a cliff and get over yourself.

        If she feels that way, You should be nicer because what if you felt that way? And someone left a comment or said something like that?

        You wouldn’t like it very much, Would you? Yeah, That’s what I thought.

      • 83

        cokegirl says

        that is so true but nobody likes me and are very mean to me want am I suppose to do because no boy like me can you help me please

      • 85


        Maria, not everyone has to be pretty. It’s like when somebody says that they are pretty, someone that hears that comment and will say that they are bragging about them selves. I do something myself like that but not prettiness but about my smartness. :)

      • 87

        M.K.I.A says

        Everyone is created equal in their own ways. Even if they beat you at something, you have something better about you, even though there is always someone better than you, just work at being the best YOU. Fran was right. If you feel like your friends use you to do things, then they arent your friends. Would you rather have no friends or bad friends? There are people who would give everything for you. Now look at yourself in a circus mirror. Pretend thats a real mirror, and then see a friend. Do you think they look better than you? No, they don’t! And if they do, they feel the same way about you. In those mirrors, you can really see that everyone is different. We’re all ugly in circus mirrors, with our special things that really shine. Now go find your Chloe and Zoey!

    • 88


      I feel like that a lot. What I do is get a friend and we point out what we like best about each other! Also what I do is go to the thrift shop and pick out clothes that shows my personality! I let my inner dork shine! Hope that helps!!! Remember ignore what everyone else says, your beautiful.

    • 94

      Lovedorks says

      Beautiful girls or girls who think they are better than everyone else aren’t beautiful on the inside but girls like you are beautiful on the inside and the outside.

    • 97

      catiebubble says

      Well Sierra there is this boy at my school and almost everybody thinks he likes me I have been to so many schools, so what I have to say dont listen to the critics your pretty now matter who you are okay so there will always be someone for you okay you just haven’t found him yet okay.And ps.. the boy is a football player and really weird I guess right.

    • 98

      cokegirl says

      sure is who is in middle school that is a very scary place but now I am okay about it but I am still a little scared about it is the same thing with every thing just follow your dream and you will be fine just like with a boy never let him go

    • 100

      Lizzie says

      You don’t need to be pretty to get a boy to like you. I’m not pretty, and a boy started crushing on ME when he saw how good of a skater I was. You could tell by his high-pitched voice he had when he talked to me.

  2. 101

    mariajose says

    well i feel the same and everybody tells me im pretty it a lon g time but i kind of consuder myself prettier, well preitter the a month ago

  3. 106

    animelover12 says

    this post really helped. i thought the same thing for a long time and stuff like this makes me wanna cry cause it helps.your awesome niki!

  4. 107

    Jamie says

    Hey Siara! Try writing down I’m beautiful inside and out on a piece of paper and taping it to your mirror! That way, you’ll know you’re beautiful every day or if you’re a Christian like me, try writing down Psalm 139:14: you are beautifully and wonderfully made by God. Hope that helps! :)

  5. 110


    Hmmm, even if I don’t know you, I can say that you’re prettier than you think !
    2 years ago, I thought I was the ugliest thing on this world because of my ex-crush and he said that I was horrible and all my clothes are horrible, but I have a new crush (from last year) and he said that he likes the way I dress.. I don’t feel pretty, but I want to ask my crush (actual one) on a date, but I think he will make fun of me, even if we’re good friends since we’ve met each other. We chat on Facebook and he asked me if I like him, but I said “I like you as a friend”, and I regret a lot…when my worst enemy tried to take his attention by interrupting us, he stared at me a lot and smiled a lot and once, he told her she look like a Dots chocolate.. I laughed that hard…and he knows I don’t like her.. Once, my classmates thought we were together !!!!! But we are just friends…

    What should I do? Should I ask him out, or to tell him he’s my crush ?

    • 111

      Dork lover :D says

      I had a similar situation a few months ago. :D My old crush told me he liked someone else but I didn’t tell him that I liked him. My most recent crush complimented me and people said that we liked each other. Anyways I played truth or dare with him and asked him who he would say yes to a dance if the person asked me. We gave each other hints and we were finally forced to accept the fact that we liked each other. So….. Make sure you like each other first (not blatantly, for fear of rejection) before you do anything like asking him out. :) Hope this helped

      • 112


        Thanks :) I want to go out with him, but just like friends or to go out with a group of friends and him.
        But I don’t know him enough, even if we know each other for a year! I’ll try to know him better :)

      • 113


        I know how u feel I don’t really want to like get all whatever I totally do not like it but I must admit I do have boys as friends but not that type of friends

  6. 118


    First I have to start off by saying this advice really helped !! I’m going through something similar accept I’m not really worried about boys yet !! I really mean no harm but you don’t really need a boyfriend to feel happy.My parents wouldn’t even allow me to have a boyfriend anyway !! I do think kids these days are too young to have boyfriends and girlfriends .But you are very beautiful in the inside and that’s enough. If boys don’t pay you any attention don’t worry about it . They probably only care about looks !! But don’t worry you will find the right guy when the time is right. Sit down with friends and think about every thing good about you and I promise you you will feel better !1 Good luck!!

  7. 129

    mac says

    hang in there I totally understand I feel like that sometimes but enjoy a boy free life it will go by quickly and when you do have a boy friend you will be tired of the boy drama trust me

  8. 130

    chloane says

    you are perfect the way you are , my simple advice is that every girl is beautiful , there is so many cupcake flavores, chocolate banana … maiby my friend does’nt like the banana flavor but that doesnt mean that the banana flavor is not delicious , it means that my friend likes an other kind of flavor , but THERE is someone on earth that will love that flavor as mush as I do ! The point is , you don’t have to change for boys to like you ! I bet there is a boy that will fall in love with you the way you are and that special someone will see the beauty that is in you ! That someone will love you the way you are c: ♥

  9. 131

    JustAskMillie says

    Hi Sierra! I had (well, actually, I still kind of do) the EXACT same problem as you, and I TOTALLY feel your pain!! In fact, I had the same problem just a few weeks ago!!

    Sometimes, when I’m crushing on a guy, I just convince myself right away that he doesn’t like me back. Obviously that’s not the right thing to think because it just increases my self-consciousness.

    Thinking that you’re not pretty does NOT make you feel any better and doesn’t help in ANY way. Instead, try to think of all the things you’re good at on the inside!

    And, as a plus, look around you! You’ll notice tons of guys and girls who are, you know, boyfriend and girlfriend, and lots of them won’t seem THAT pretty.

    Finally, think about this: are looks REALLY what matter? Honestly, I’m sure you’re pretty. But even if you were the most GORGEOUS person on earth, you wouldn’t necessarily be the most loved and appreciated. Those who are loved and appreciated are those who are gorgeous on the inside, and simply average-looking on the outside (they could be pretty too, but that doesn’t matter)

    Good luck!
    Don’t worry, you’re awesome!! And I bet someone IS, or at least WAS crushing on you, you just don’t know it!
    Hope I helped!
    (aka Stacey12)

  10. 145

    NeverTooLate says

    Aaah! I know EXACTLY how you feel! I constantly worry about how I look and I’m a pretty insecure person, but don’t try to let it get to you too much! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! You might think you’re ugly but I bet there’s at least one guy out there who thinks you’re absoloutely gorgeous!

  11. 148

    FashionChick:) says

    Great Great Grrrrrreat advice Nikki! :) Oh yeah and Sierra I’m sure a boy is crushing on you! He just probably didn’t say anything because he’s shy or nervous! :D Always remember: The prettiest makeup is a smile! ~FC

  12. 149

    FashionChick:) says

    Oh yeah and is it just me or does the boy closest to the road in front look like Logan Lerman? :)

    • 152


      Come on, I bet you are way prettier than you think! I used to feel the same way.. but I read some books on self confidence to prepare me for middle school this year. Check those out!

    • 157

      catiebubble says

      Hey you know I think that if you ever have a problem like this again you should start your own blog. You should tell everybody about it and we can see what your problem is. Tell me what you think of the idea.

  13. 168

    sheepykinz123♥ says

    Dear Sierra,

    You shouldn’t lower yourself to such a standard where you have to put on 30 tons of makeup and have the cutest clothes from Gucci and Louis Vuitton in order to convince yourself that your beautiful. I’m sure that you are amazing just the way u are(love that song :)) And I’m sure that the right boy will come along eventually girl.


  14. 169

    Melisaaaa_MaxWEll says

    Hiya Sierra !!

    Sometimes we all feel like that …
    Trust me if you believe in your self your find that your probably prettier them all the girls in your class ..
    Is there anyone who says your ugly?? Because if there is dont listen to them that’s there opinion ! Your probably a beautiful girl Sierra just believe in yourself and no body else..

    Melissa Xxxxxx

  15. 172

    Mary Wenner says

    Sierra, I honestly know what you’re going through!But I bet that you’re really beautiful. If you really want a boyfriend, then be yourself around boys. Your boyfriend should like you for who you are, and shouldn’t want to change that. It’s like that song that Bruno Mars sang: Just the way you are :)

  16. 175


    Sierra, I had the same problem your having! I wanted to look beautiful so I died my hair, put tons of make up on and, bought a ton of new clothes! I though I would feel better about my self after, but I didn’t! Then one day my mom signed me up for my schools track team, it helped me so much! It didn’t make me prettier but it made me confident! Track helped me feel like I was good at something it made me love my self! After that I started to see that not only I saw my self beautiful but others did to! I always get complements now, but its not like my looks have changed its my attitude! You can’t expect people to love you unless you love your self!
    -I’m crossing my finger for u Sierra

  17. 176


    First!!!!! Its okay Sierra. I feel the same way and my i just say Nikki advice’s is total ….. awsome! I couldn’t say it any other way!

  18. 177

    Long Version says

    Advice 101:
    Everyone is beautiful in their own special way, (sorry if corny)! Not everyone is ugly or. Has facial flaws! We are awesome! There’s no doubt about that! Look just check if you have a beating heart. Then your no E.T! You are a human like everyone else. And what Nikki said was helpful! Please reply if helpful, anyone!
    ~ Longer Version :)

  19. 178


    I bet your really pretty Sierra! In fact, their might be a boy how really likes you but he’s keeping a secret! Boys just tend to keep those things for himself

  20. 180


    Listen, beauty lies in the heart that shines through. If your beautiful on the in your beautiful.Your beautiful just being yourself, sure you dont look like selena gomez, but thats because your you and the only you in the entire world. And about boys, I feel the same, but you know how when your looking for something and you can’t find it? but when your not looking it turns up? keep that in mind and somewhere out there a boy is there looking for you.

  21. 181


    I should be posting something like this on my website soon (click on my name) but I’ll tell you something: Soon the right person will come along! You might think you’re not pretty but your boys will think that you are! But love isn’t about looks. It’s about getting to know the person and to love them for the inside, not the outside! You should never feel un-pretty. If you’re beautiful on the nside, you’re sure to be beautiful on the outside. Remember, life isn’t about beauty. It’s about just being yourself!

  22. 183

    Trinity says

    Nikki, I have a serious problem… Like you.. I have a bratty cousin… He ALWAYS bothers me and humiliats me in front of my friends. He believes that the tooth fairy is horrid like Brianna… I CANNOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES BE NEAR HIM!!!! Sometimes I just wonder if he’s dooing that just to embarass me… PLEASE HELP!!!! :(

  23. 184

    HayGurlHay says

    Every one is beautiful in their own way! and inner beauty is so much more important! Just be yourself, and whoever doesn’t like it isn’t worth your time

      • 187

        Stacey12 says

        nvm i know how 2 make a blog now!! :D
        your website/blog is SO cooooool!!!!! i really want to make one but I dont know what it should be about…. i like dogs….. lol idk….. maybe ill make a blog about animals and nature? IDK….. any ideas?

  24. 190


    Awh! It’s ok Sierra! I didn’t feel pretty once either but then I realised that beauty is something we all are born with that we can’t change but our personality is something that shoes that we are on the inside and that’s what really matters! So, I hope you feel better about yourself because I can tell you are beautiful!

  25. 191

    Rocker says

    If u still Feeling self conscious than try to ask other people how u look like. Like ur family because they know you. “There still a great place for u in the flowers, because u look and special than a flower.” my self quote cause I felt that way when my classmates used to tell me I look like Ghandi and I look like Mr. Bean when I smile. But I used to laugh with them. Don’t be self conscious, cause ur inside counts not outside. I m pretty sure u are not like Mackenzie. :):)

  26. 193


    Hey sierra a little lip gloss, blush, and curls for your hair would be good be yourself if u been friends with a boy for a long time and u like him tell him how u feel he probably would like u too

  27. 196

    raeanin says

    very girl has something that they don’t like about them self but you should not feel like you are not pretty. You don’t need a boy to tell you that you are pretty

  28. 199


    1st one. Yay! By the way Nikki, you give great advice. As for Sierra, I think you don’t need a boy to complete you. You should think more about yourself, friends, and family. And honestly, you don’t need make up to make you feel beautiful. Just believe in yourself yours and your best qualities. It will show. Good luck.

    For any dork diaries fan, go to the dork diaries wiki.

  29. 202


    Hi. First one. Sierra, you don’t need a boy to complete you. Think more about yourself, friends, and family members. You’ll feel better about your self-beauty if you think of your best qualities and believe in yourself.
    Good luck

  30. 207

    ❤❀❤Lollypop4life❤❀❤ says

    Lol Nikki!! I LUV when u said take it from a dork with a cat nose !! Btw I LUV cats :) :D .

    Sierra(NICE NAME :mrgreen: ) , don’t worry about if u don’t have a boyfriend or some boy that has a crush on u. Also don’t worry if ur not pretty!! U r YOURSELF!!! It doesn’t matter if ur not pretty,what matters is that u r YOURSELF :D . U r spending too much time worrying!! And like Nikki said ASK UR FRIENDS FOR HELP GURL!!!!!!!!!!

    Bye and remember to BE YOURSELF :cool: ,


    P.S. Has anyone’s school started!?! Mine started today! :cool: :lol:

  31. 212


    nikki is right i dont foucus on boys mostly cause i am in the forth grade anyways trust me boys arent good at expressing thier feelings so maybe you have a secret admierer some where or you are the secret admierer so got out and have fun life is to short to worry

  32. 213

    Celine says

    Oh… I had a problem like that before… EVEN TILL NOW~! I still don’t have a boyfriend yet… But all of my friends say I look pretty even when I didn’t ask them. THAT made me better.

  33. 216

    Justice says

    When I think oboist stuff like that I think ya some girls aren’t pretty and you think if you are they notice but if you really weren’t very pretty they care or notice as much as you care or notice other girls but I bet if you feel non-pretty your probably prettier than you think

  34. 218

    Milly Ann says

    I don’t know anything about you, Sierra, but you seem like a friendly, awesome girl. YOU ARE PRETTY ON THE INSIDE!!!!! If a boy doesn’t like you, it’s not the end of the world.

  35. 219

    Milly Ann says

    Oh my gosh Mackenzie! No wonder your name is Mackenzie. You are evil! Stop this evilness. You are going to hurt Sierra’s feelings. Actually, you already did. Some people are just so rude. The world needs caring, beautiful, unique, trustworthy, funny, nice, dorks. Not evil divas who scream insults.

  36. 222

    Musical Bookworm says

    Nikki is right. You don’t need to look pretty on the outside. Boys prefer girls with a pretty, cute-like, cool inside type who doesn’t blab about fashion like MacKenzie

  37. 223

    Aless says

    Omg! I know how u feel, and once I made a HUGE fuss over it at school,it didn’t make me feel better. I think Nikki’s right. I like the idea of the writing things down about each other. I think that would make me feel a lot better!

  38. 226

    Louis'Girlfriend_true says

    Come on girl!just be flirty and pretend like your a CCP (if you had a friend who is a CCP)

  39. 227

    S0NIK@ says

    When you are a teen, the way you see yourself it’s a lot different than any other time in your life. you seem to be a lot more critical about the way you look.

    But one thing i can say is that:

    Being a teen myself i know it feels that way, but you should never change the way you look or feel about yourself just because of someone else!

    And a relationship that will truly stay CAN NOT only be based on beauty! and remember, beauty isnt only skin deep. even the most beautiful girl can turn into a monster when she becomes consumed by envy and hatred!

    so basically, dont compare yourself to your friends… you are all individuals and are different.. so treat yourself that way!

  40. 228

    Janil Teves says

    Don’t feel bad about yourself, and there might just be some guys who like you, Just rememebr like Nikki says: Let your inner dork shine through! :) <3

  41. 234


    Sierra, just be yourself! Like, EVERY grade there’s a boy that likes me! I’m not THAT pretty…I’m not that soft-hearted either! So, just be the way you are! Someday, you’ll probably get noticed.

  42. 236


    Hi Sierra,
    Actually,I dont think that I look pretty at all.Even though a boy likes me.So I don’t think that it is that important to be beautiful.

  43. 237


    Nikki’s right confidence IS beauty!
    And you don’t need a GUY to have a crush on you to know your pretty, infact you don’t even need a BOYFRIEND to know your pretty.
    Those things don’t matter, happiness, thats the key.
    And don’t let anybody tell you your not worth it.
    Who wants to be a Barbie doll anyways?
    And remember everybody is beautiful. Not everyone is pretty, not everyone is gorgeous but everyone is beautiful.

    - Mustacheluv :{D

    • 238

      GeekChic says

      I see where you’re going with the Barbie doll thing, but people do alter themselves to look like her. I think it’s ridiculous. I mean, I like Barbie, but I think it’s overrated to try to look like her.

      I mean, since Barbie is plastic, I don’t think it’s the BEST idea to compare her to people. But great advice! I <3 it!

      p.s.- Sorry if I sound rude, I just tell people what I think.

      -Skylar is TOTALLY Geek Chic! <3 ;)

  44. 244


    You look beautiful just the way you are. Be you and everyone will see you are. Great be yourself and everything will be fine

  45. 247

    CharlotteStone says

    Omg Nikki is SO right. Sometimes I just look in the mirror and i go: i look really bad. IS THAT A ZIT ON MY NOSE??????!!!!!!! I AM SO NOT GOING TO SCHOOL WITH THAT! But then i end up having to go to school, and NOBODY said about my zit. The next day, i asked my BFF,”Did you notice my zit yesterday?” And she said” WHAT? Really? Oh, I think you look pretty with no zit or with zit. The thing is your mind, and how you treat other people, and not how you look like. Try to see the bright side of yourself. Everybody has their own awesome personality and style.” Then I started to focus on being an awesome myself and awesome friend. Then everybody started to like me more, and i even got a bf after that! So i hope i helped! -Sincerely

  46. 252

    Cheyenne says

    its OK,Sierra. I feel the same way. Well, i did until people saw what could do. I can bake, i`m the best volleyball player on my team, and I know i`m beautiful inside and out.

  47. 254


    OMG!!! I feel the same way about my self…I have long wavy red hair green eyes and freckles. I look ugly but 3 boys like so yeah I can’t exactly help you. But I bet you there is a boy in ur school crushing on you. Trust me there is someone…other than that it hasn’t happned to me so sorry.

  48. 255


    You are most likely super cute Sierra. I love your name! I know how you feel…I have medium brown hair brown eyes I am short and a little fat I look ike a mouse. My bff is so much prettier red hair green eyes and freckles. 3 boys like her and not one boy likes me :( . first of all Nikki look whos talking. Brandon ur dream crush likes you and you always focus on him. so here is my advice be yourself there is some boy out there for us. even though everyone else has a guy tht likes them when we get older all the cute boys will like us. thts wht my bff Stark told me take advice from her she is so smart talented funny nice popular pretty tall skinny sporty everything!

  49. 256


    Thx Beverly! You are my BFF and I luv you. DD friends and Nikki thx for giving advice about bffs having the same crush. we had tht prob and we are no t fighting anymore we are the best of friends. :)

  50. 259


    So here’s how we compromised on the our same crush prob. you see I didn’t like anyone else so I ll just wait till a guy comes tht ill crush on more than our other crush. I decide to let *Stark* keep my crush because he likes her already and I want her to be happy

  51. 261

    Chloe says

    This time being first YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So any way I think even though I haven’t seen you befor I think beautiful just the way you are. :-D

  52. 266


    Well I don’t know I feel the same way to about this boy I had a crush on in school he was dating at least four girls but in class he stares at me and he told me if this girl doesn’t like me I will ask u out I like him and all but I’m in eighth grade what should I do

  53. 271

    Nenigirl2002/Marlena says

    To: Sierra

    My advice to you is, instead trying to be pretty on the outside, work on the inside. If you are pretty in the inside, then you are pretty on the outside. It’s that simple! Good luck!

    From: Marlena/Nenigirl2002

  54. 272


    My sis says being pretty don’t matter just being nice matters(unless your Mackenzie in her mind its comepletely the opposite in her CCP mind

  55. 273

    GeekChic says

    Wow, MacKenzie. You don’t even know the chick. Give her a break and just, like, get a grip. Not everything in the world is about make up, fashion, and YOU. :/

    Btw… GEEKS ARE COOL! Take it from a self -proclaimed geek. :D

    And Sierra, I bet you are VERY pretty and there is at least ONE guy crushing on you!

  56. 274

    Catnip says

    Hey Sierra, you don’t need to worry. It’s the inside that counts, not the outside! Just be kind and cheerful and you don’t need to worry about your looks. And don’t be so desperate for a boy friend, Mr Right will come eventually!

  57. 275


    Hi,Sierra!Name is pie20588.If you saw my advice on the website before,you would know how much people compliment my advice.

    My advice:

    1.ALWAYS believe your pretty,no matter what people think.

    I know this might sound hard,but you need to trust me.I have been here a BUNCH of times myself so I have TONS of experience.

    2.Ask your friends for what they think about you on the inside.

    If they think your pretty on the inside you SURELY pretty on the outside

  58. 277


    Please rate my advice:
    1 star-Horrible
    2 stars-Bad
    3 stars-Fair
    4 stars-Good
    5 stars-Very Good
    6 stars-Super Good
    7 stars-Great!Keep your dork quality advice strong!

  59. 278

    Guina says

    I have the same problem, But everyone tells me that I’m such a pretty girl or I’m pretty and etc. And i didn’t believe them for nothing. Even my crush told me I’m pretty and i don’t believe him but when i asked my beast friend and she told me what she thought I was sooo happy and that made me start believing so start asking your friends, and more importantly, your mom and your best friend because they know you much more then anyone else. And if those boys don’t notice you, don’t worry, they will Maybe when your a little earlier but you just haven’t found the right one, and those boys don’t know what they’re missing :)

  60. 280


    Hi Sierra! Listen just because boys don’t notice you that doesn’t mean your not pretty. Many of times girls look in the mirror and just look at the bad characteristics of themselves instead of the good ones! Think about it the only person that thinks your not pretty is YOU! I bet many people love you! Also, you have to have a great personality make jokes and make people laugh talk to people more and more people will notice you! Don’t be shy girl just go for it! But, if you can’t use this advice then change your style, or in other words make yourself stand out! Change your hair wear pretty clothing! On the other hand, you don’t really need a boyfriend to be happy, if you focus on other things like hanging out with friends your grow more confidence and positive things will flow in your mind! So just be happy for who you are! Hope this helps!

  61. 282

    ❤❤❤Fasiha❤❤❤ says

    It’s okay sierra! I used to think I was ugly too and that no boys liked me. But I don’t care. A guy once told me I was ugly. I didn’t cry or even get upset about it once! I thought to myself “Why do I care what HE thinks about me? It’s not like he’s good-looking either!”

    Just forget it and enjoy life! Chill with your friends!


    I hate boys!! Girls are better and smarter!

    You’re probably very pretty!

    And if any guy says anything to you about your looks, diss them! Be like “Well you’re not very good-looking either, you loser!!!!”



  62. 288


    Hi,Sierra!pie20588 is my name and giving advice is my game!I’ll give you 3 tips to get that “Believe-You’re-Pretty” in the RED zone.(Which means awesome zone ;) )

    My advice:

    1.You heard of Tyra Banks yet?If yes,you SHOULD know her quote:”You must find your inner beauty and ignore all the HATERS”

    Take that as an inspiration.Ignore people who make fun of you and hang out with your friends instead of obessing over people who think your not pretty.

    2.Believe that your pretty.

    I know from time to time,people will try to call you mean names about your beauty but trust me,I had been through this a BUNCH of times so I have TONS of advice to give.

    3.Ask your friends about what they think of you in the INSIDE.

    If they think you’re pretty on the outside,(which you surely are,)you’re pretty on the outside TOO!

    Hope this helps. :)

  63. 289


    Please rate my advice:

    1 star-Horrible
    2 stars-Bad
    3 stars-Fair
    4 stars-Good
    5 stars-Very Good
    6 stars-Super Good
    7 stars-Great!Keep your dork quality advice strong!

  64. 292

    ag lover says

    your pretty just the way you are inside and out me haveing blue eyes brown sholder lenth hair and freckles i used to think im a sad ugly loser byt now im a happy the way i am

    hope this helped


    ag lover

  65. 295

    chloe says

    You’er prety just the way you are no boy has a crush on me and my BFFs say that I’m prety so if it can happen to me then it can happen to me then. It can happen to you try and were a cute her piece to get them to noteice you or were cool shoes and if you don’t have to were uniform then were something that is cute :-D

  66. 296

    Patricia says

    Hey dont feel bad even in my school there’s this total mean girl named Chloe, is so mean and she makes me feel very insecure of myself. Chloe also bullies me and alot of other kids, but her main target are me and my best friend, ditches people, and thinks she’s popular but she isn’t since she’s so sassy and nobody likes her.
    If Chloe is reading this, think about what we feel. What would you feel if I did that to YOU?

  67. 297


    Dear sierra,
    I know you think makeup and rich clothes is all that really matters but if you look in the mirror you would find somthin other dorks have seen (self- beauty) i would say to anyone like Mackenzie or anyone who says im ugly ” I’ve had with your nasty comments you dont own me i do what i want to and i think i look beautiful i think me and my friend are unique unlike you clones!

  68. 298


    And you know what sierra? I was over excitement when the hive called me to there table my friends tina and ryan ( my crush) said there bad luck but i didn’t listen angie the queen bee and the worlds biggest diva was so sweet to me and nasty to tina and allover Ryan and ryan told me that tina and angie had a bad start and what came next was NOT expected! Angie splated yogurt all over tina’s super cute but dorky blouse and shorts! I ran to me locker i had jeans and a 1d shirt tina was kindof slimmer then me so it fit as for Angie non- the-angel tina Ozzed purple jello in her hair and snaped her with a insult dorks rule ccps droll! ;)

  69. 299

    claudia says

    yep, i felt the same.
    Your not the only one; trust me.
    However, if you focus on your inner beauty- good things will come.
    Listen to nikki.

  70. 302


    Hey everyone! What’s up :?: :!: Click on my name please to go to Build-A-Bearville! Make an account for free! It’s for all ages. :D My username is LeelaBallerina4. Lookout for me. I am on U.S.A. and on Bear Boulevard. :mrgreen:

    Hope to see you there :) .



  71. 303


    Hey, I’m Ernie B. I’m usually bored when I’m online. If you have a website, put the link in your name and I’ll look at it so I can check out some new things!

  72. 304

    ~Gravity~ says

    Great advice, Nikki! And Sierra, you never know, someone may have a crush on you. But remember, it’s not the most important thing in the world. The most important thing is going to Hogwarts. I mean, the next grade. So, uh study hard and forget I said anything.
    P.s. I’m tired of my screen name, I’m changing it. I’ve quite a lot of ideas. Though none of them are non Harry Potter related. Sorry.

  73. 307

    Reyna says

    Sierra- YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! I AM BEAUTIFUL!the ugliest person you think you have ever seen is BEAUTIFUL! wanna know why? because we are all unique and we are all TOTALLY beautiful in our own special ways. if boys don’t like you, that’s their problem- not yours! you don’t all those fancy lipsticks and crazy hairstyles to be beautiful! and if you really want a boyfriend, look around or wait! some boy is out there who’s perfect for you! you probably just haven’t found him yet.

  74. 312


    You sound like a jerk! How dare you say that to Sierra! I don’t like spoiled girls, and I hate jerks. I’m a girly-girl, and like makeup and clothes, but I”m not spoiled, and I don’t pour over boys!
    And Sierra, I’m sure you’re prettier than you think! Remember, what’s on the inside matters more! :)

  75. 313


    U obviously don’t know the meaning of beauty .u really need to look in a mirror before judging anybody !!! You look SOOO ignorant saying mean things about a person you don’t know !! If you don’t have any thing nice to say don’t say it at all !!1

  76. 316


    Your beautiful Sierra. I had the same problem but my friend told me I’m pretty and kids in my class did too. Let your inner beauty shine! If your beautiful on the inside your beautiful on the outside. I’m pretty sure that one guy is crushing on you. You’ll find your true love someday!!! Your beautiful, no matter what anyone says.

  77. 318

    Haleyawesomeness says

    sierra, when you find that right guy you will know it most ccp girls get trashy guys but we nerds will have the love of ours life! but thats not the point im trying to make,The Lord sees your beauty and has a perfect plan for you i know u probably have a million comments like this, but they are all for you and hope they change the outlook on your life and future.just hold your head high!!

  78. 321

    Lucy says

    I’m homeschooled and everyone keeps telling me I’d be one of the prettiest girls in school but I’m having a really hard time believing them.

  79. 322


    Hi Sierra….Im just too young for having a boyfriend, but I feel the same way… When i face many people, I just refuse when they are telling me that I’m beautiful, but inside i just say thank you… But being pretty is not with makeup on your face, a lipstick to your lips, but being pretty is just being yourself… Everyday you feel that your not pretty, just say to yourself “IM BEAUTIFUL!!”
    Just be yourself!! Goodluck!

  80. 325


    Psalm 139:14
    I praise you because you made me in an amazing and wonderfull way. …
    This verse helped me out . God made me to love myself in many ways. I hope this helped you sierra!

  81. 327

    Duaa says

    If Nikki adds a report button and removes moderation, then we will still have to see the rude comments and some people were posting mean and even scary fake stories :( And wouldn’t we have to read it first to report it? It would make a difference so someone else wouldn’t have to read it, but someone will still have to well, kinda suffer.. :(

  82. 329

    Duaa says

    Nice imitation, “mackenzie”. I personally liked how you didn’t add a capital to your M, didn’t add your last name spelt Nikki wrong, and before you said “loser” but after you said “losers” to represent Mackenzie’s IQ, the IQ of about… A potted plant. Sure, I bow down to a person I don’t know.

  83. 330


    hey everyone! it dosent matter if your pretty on the outside its what matters on the inside and sierra im sure you have read all of these comments and they all sound the same but there meant for you. a lot of girls (maybe even boys) may feel like there self confidence is in the trash and hat can change the way you feel about your self, but sierra here’s my advice to you, if you keep your self confidence high in the clouds and higher than rude bullies your bound to feel pretty on the inside and on the outside but its not all about looks and shape that get guys to really notice you its the way you make him laugh or smile, were all the same in little different ways so don’t compare or put your self down find a friend of yours who you feel comfortable sharing this to. hey and im sure that she is going through something similar. Oh and sierra I wish you the best of luck and confidence and courage!



    <3 :)

  84. 332



    Sometimes I feel the same way! My advice is to stop worrying so much. The only beauty that matters is the inside! If that doesn’t help, try a LITTLE makeup. Also write on your mirror in lipstick ‘ I’m Beautiful ‘
    (By ” I’m I mean YOU! :P ) Always remember hold your head high! :) ;)

  85. 333

    DerkaDerka says

    hey it’s alright I don’t think I’m that pretty ethier but I don’t care I just like to hang out with my friends and have fun and a guy will become interested in u when the time is right so for now just have FUN!!!!!!!!!! XP

  86. 334

    DerkaDerka says

    plus u don’t need make up and a crazy hairstyle ur beautiful and u just don’t know it yet u never know when a guy is crushing on u I surely don’t so for now be urself and flow through life and have fun because ur perfect someone could be around the next corner

  87. 335

    ShadowGirl says

    Dear Sierra,

    Alot of the time guys don’t just look for beauty, though lets face it, that count too and your probably really pretty. Try thinking more positively for example instead of focusing on the bad things about you maybe focus more on the good things, maybe you have really pretty hair or you have a body that has your clothes fit a perfect way. Also, try and be more confident, if its obvious you don’t have much confidence then guys will think your insecure, and thats NOT a good thing! I’m not saying flaunt everything,other wise you’ll be a CCP, just have some confidence and it’ll go a long way ^^

  88. 336

    nerdy chick says

    Personaly I don’t feel pretty sometimes and then I think if I wasn’t pretty then why would a guy like me… :) your very pretty trust me I bet ALOT of guys have crushes on you!

  89. 337

    Robyn says

    If somebody told ME I looked like Ghindi I’d ask if I acted like him too because I believe in peaceful protest!

  90. 338

    anabia says

    sierra remember the inside is whats pretty not the outside you see mackenzie is a troll in the inside just be yourself

  91. 339


    sometimes i feel pretty but sometimes i dont some people tell they like the way i look but some people say i am very ugly which hurts my feelings and makes me very sad i look in the mirror everyday like mackenzie to see if i look pretty so maybe a boy one day might come up to me and say that im pretty and they like me

  92. 343


    Thanks every one that wrote nice comments it made me feel so much better and I found out week after you posted it a boy does like me and he used to be my worst bullie

  93. 346

    TigerQueen says

    Aww Sierra dont be so down:( I felt the same way!But i took a nice GOOD look @ myself and said i am beatiful God made me for a reason.EVERY ONE HAS BEAUTY<3 ~Your dear friend Tiger Queen:)

  94. 350


    my top three tips for getting him 2 stop r:

    1- write down the time ,date, place,and what he
    said.once u have some solid proof,people will be more motivated to help u.
    2- have a family meeting,talk 2 your parents AND your bro so u can work something out.
    3-(last resort)scream 2 your parents,make yourself heard.

    good luck:),

    think pink girl <3

  95. 351


    Hey Sierra! And everyone else!!! If you looking for a blog that totally rocks as much as this website, you should totally check this one out: dorkaliciousdorks.blogspot.com
    It’ has great advice and stuff!!!

  96. 352


    hey! Sierra, I just want to say that you have a beautiful name.
    You know when I was smaller I always wanted my skin to be fair, but as I grew up I learned to appreciate the way I was made.
    And guess what one of the usher’s in church told me I was beautiful and that could she borrow my skin colour and the person was fair, now I know that I need to love my dark colour cause it’s mine and it suits me too well.
    You shouldn’t wait for some guy to think that your beautiful, you should Know it yourself, when you know it you feel beautiful as well.
    Y should also know every body has something about themselves they want to criticize, even super models, actors, stars every one so know even if you have imperfections its part of what makes you perfect, so boost yourself by knowing your pretty so it can show on the outside.

    I hope I helped.

  97. 354

    Just a Random Fan says

    Yes, I know what “Princess Popular” said was mean, but does it really help anyone to be mean back?

  98. 355

    gvcghj says

    Who says people arent pretty. Wven overwieght ( not too much) pizza faces aka people with too much zits ( like me) and ” losers” are pretty. Ur u thts important though. Try tocatch boys staring at u. but here is a VERY IMPOTANT RULE. NO NEGATIVE OR BAD THINGS RHOUGHT ABOUT U INUR HEAD. ITS NOT PRETTY!!!!

  99. 358

    Annonymous Advisor says

    Hi Seirra!

    Ok I feel just the same way. I am covered in freckles head to toe. Well, actually just on the face! EVERWHERE on my face! Not one plain spot in sight when it comes to me. Well, that would be called exaghurating!

    ANYWAY! Yes I SO agree with Niki. You are a lot prettier than you think you are. The right boy is probably just round the corner.

    Things will get better!
    I promise xxx

  100. 359

    ashlyn taylor says

    Even I felt the same way but now I ve understood dat thinking bout this would make me more anxious….now I’m never nervous bout mi looks n i now a person has a crush on me:-) :-)

  101. 361


    How do you know no boys have a crush on you? They may, secretly. And a good boyfriend wouldn’t really like you because of what you look like, personally, I prefer friendly people more than pretty people! Just be yourself!!!! :) don’t worry, I’ve got LOADS of spots so I’m not exactly pretty either!!!

  102. 362

    Summer says

    I understand exactly how you feel.But remember to just be yourself and dont try to be someone else you aren’t just to get the attention.

    • 365


      omg! her comment is gone!!!! how did she delete it!! im so sorry for having this happen it was an accident but i swear it was here guys for you guys who did see it please spread the word it was a remarkable comments fromo her and for some sad strange reason it is gone. and again im sorry for the inconveniece.

      ~Googly Eyes~


  103. 366

    Lucy says

    I like this guy but I always feel stupid and ugly around him like I went to a dance and danced with for a couple sons (some of them were slow) and I said some pretty stupid things I just hope he doesn’t think I’m ugly.

  104. 367

    Gwendolyn says

    If advice about feeling pretty, or not thinking about boys is given, shouldn’t the person giving the advice be confident in those areas as well? At least somewhat? From what I gather from your ‘diaries’ you really aren’t confident in those fields as you are telling this girl to be. I know no one is perfect, it’s just…c’mon.

  105. 368


    Hey princes popular thank you for the apologies but you don’t have to leave dork diaries .com if you post nice comments then everybody. can be friends you know my feeling were a little hurt but your apologie made me feel better thank you and you don’t have 2 leave dork diaries come on stay if you be nice to everybody elsethen everybody will be nice back

    • 369

      Sierra de la torre says

      I have freckles to all over my face dark brown hair and eyes reading glasses and I still think im buetiful but some people don’t think that about me but I don’t care what other people think of u sierra

  106. 374

    litteprincessnikki says

    my friend is from a different contry but eveery one likes her shes bigger than me shes in year 4 shes ten i no you guys are in middle school

  107. 375

    francis says

    that’s not rue your beautiful and if you think negative thoughts you’ll get really sick your beautiful just ignore negative thoughts or comments and forget them it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a bf or anyone crushing on you know because there someone special waiting for you in the future :)

  108. 376

    Ava says

    Being pretty is not important. It’ what on the outside. I am not going to say who was wrong because everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But princesspopular, did you have to say that?

    • 379


      Hi Ava,
      I know how u feel.I just moved to L.A. from Canada,and I spent a lot of time on my image.But I realized if other people don’t think I’m pretty,than I hold my head up high and strut my stuff.And if they say I’m not pretty,I just look them in the eye and say “grow up!”
      think pink girl <3

      • 380


        Dear think pink girl,

        YOU LIVE IN LA?! My uncle is one of the main camera men for American Idol,which I think is in LA! I’m from Mission Viejo,CA,go to Los Alisos Intermediate School,and go to Saddleback Church Lake Forest! Oh,BTW,my name is Rachel! There was a Summer Camp through church that I attended,and I was on the black team! I’m also a good singer,according to a lot of my friends,which is why I nicknamed myself Imagood Singer! Why am I telling you all this,Idk,I’m just so so so so…BORED! I’m just sayin’!

  109. 382

    dorky dork diaries fan says

    Hey Sierra,

    Okay I TOTALLY know how you feel. And like Nikki said I’m so sure you are way prettier than you think even though all I have really seen you is a question and your name. Anyways back to the advice… Sierra think to yourself when look in the mirror what do you see??? If what you see is basically as pretty as a pimple faced green troll with oozing eyes then you are totally wrong!!! What you actually see is a beautiful young lady with glowing skin and flowing hair and stunning eyes… What I like to call this is beauty blindness… it’s basically when you look at yourself in the mirror and what you see is what you believe you look like but it’s not or what others have influenced you to think you look like.

    Don’t be to sure that no one has a crush on you girly you may think you are absolutely sure but it may be who you least expected that has a crush on you.

    Now, Sierra sweetie wear makeup or whatever you need to do to help boost ur confidence just don’t let it change who u are ok BE TRUE BE YOU.

    Hope my advice helps :)

    Sorry if it doesn’t :(

    Dorky dork diaries fan :)

  110. 383

    ShyGirl says

    Quotes to show bueaty is in the inside:

    I am beautiful no matter what they say

    Remember someone wants your looks

    Beauty gets the attention,
    Personality gets the heart

    The mirror can lie. It dosent show the inside

    A smile is better than makeup

  111. 384


    Dear Sierra,

    I don’t think you know me,but I’m going to tell you this! Maybe those boys that know you don’t think you’re the prettiest girl in your school,but,even if I haven’t seen you, I think otherwise! I don’t expect you to be a CoverGirl on a magazine,but you do rock on at least 1 thing:Being you!:)

  112. 385

    Sierra says

    well Sierra im in the same spot you are im in the 7th grade and I haven’t had one crush but this guy Greg in the 8th liked me but I found out that one of his friends made it up and I thought that somebody actually liked me but now Im just going to focus on my friends and grades and see what happens you should do the same and you are beautiful

  113. 386

    Sierra de la torre says

    hey sierra im in the same spot u r im in the 7th grade and this boy greg in 8th he liked me but I found out his friend just made it up and I felt really ugly because he was a type of nerd and I thought that nobody was going to like me at all but I didn’t worry because I still had my friends and I wanted to keep me grades up and I told my self that wait and see what happens cause every boy has a different type and I know that out there some where there is a guy and u are his type

  114. 387


    Dear Sierra,

    Maybe those boys that know you don’t think you’re the prettiest girl in your school,but,even if I haven’t seen you,I think you are! I don’t expect you to become something like a fashion model,but you do rock on at least 1 thing for sure:Being You.

  115. 388


    Dear Ava,

    I bet you’re a really beautiful person. Just because you’re a foreign girl,it doesn’t mean you’re ugly! In fact,I love people from foreign countries! It’s like seeing somebody different from the crowds of identical people! So don’t feel bad about being a foreign girl,because,trust me,it’s great to be different!8)

  116. 389


    Dear Littleprincessnikki,

    Instead of saying helpless things about yourself, maybe you should compliment yourself! There’s nothing wrong with being a short girl from another country!;)

  117. 390


    Trying hard to fight these tears
    And crazy worry
    Messing with my head this fear
    I’m so sorry
    You know you gotta
    Get it out
    I can’t take it
    That’s what being friends about

  118. 392

    lotte says

    thank you very much for your apology princess popular, Fran you have amazing advice!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sierra my advice is don’t worry about it I bet you are very pretty.

  119. 395


    C’mon,am I really the only person postin’ comments now?! It makes me want 2 fall asleep! :( But whatev,right. At least that’s how everyone else seems 2 handle it! Ya know,everyone else seems 2 be 2 lazy 2 go on Dork Diaries.com/Dork Days,other than me?! Somebody other than me post a comment,already! I’m starting 2 feel like a loner,even though Idk anyone else!!! :(

  120. 400


    Dear Sierra,

    You just have to be yourself! Don`t worry about not getting a boyfriend, I`m pretty sure you`re amazing inside and out! Just don`t date a jerk who only cares about your looks. Look for a guy who thinks you`re beautiful on the inside and out. `Cause, Once he sees how beautiful you are on the inside, you will look beautiful on the outside to him! I`m sure your Prince Charming is looking for his Princess somewhere. Your future boyfriend may even be your closest male friend! Or maybe someone is crushing on you but you don`t know it! B

    • 401


      Believe in yourself! If you do date someone, and he dumps you for someone else, just get back up on your feet and be brave to look for your Prince again! If the guy who dumps you does hurt you, just think, “I can do soo much better than him” and SHOW it to him! Prove that you`re worthy of other people`s love, not just his, to be happy.

      Hope you find your Prince Charming!


  121. 402


    im the same! ive got a mole on my face which is getting removed soon!! (PHEW!!) I’ve got bullied!! and im not kidding bout these!!! ok ive been asked out and a couple of boys have liked me. one apparently is the hottest in the class and picked me!! but i really dont like the way i look! and worse ive got the boy who bullied me in my form!!!!!! HELP!! listen your friends will luv u and ur family will and o be honest there are probably boys in ur class who fancy u too!!! :)

    • 407

      fabfran103 says

      Jessie, it wasn’t very nice for you to say she;s a loser, i bet she was only trying to stand up for sierra. besides she did apologize.

  122. 408

    Horsemad!!!!! says

    Most Girls when they get older start 2 think there not pretty, popular etc. But if the boys into you they wont care what you look like, they will just care about what your like on the inside :)


  123. 410

    Helena says

    So…. I can understand you very well! My opinion is that you are what you believe! If you believe that you are ugly, you’ll look ugly, but if you believe you are a beautiful girl you will! Maybe your problem isn’t that you are ugly vut unconfident! Believ in your self! You are pretty! When you see aa happy person you don’t think if she is ugly! So be hapy and regain your confidence!

  124. 413

    schoollover fashionadvicer says

    if anything,(since I’m so popular at school cuse I give out fashion advice anytime) you should clean yourself. It’s important to have good hygene.
    If you have any other questions (and fans too!) about fashion and hygene, then contact me.
    my adress is tgentile@cfl.rr.com :)

  125. 415

    dorkie662 says

    hi sierra,

    i feel like you all the time.if you want,what usally help me is saying affrimatios like,I am pretty,I think im pretty,and others like that.hope this helped!


  126. 418

    I hate being bullied says


  127. 420

    Love your self❤ says

    You are beautiful just the way you are just because
    A boy doesn’t like you doesn’t mean your not
    Beautiful! Besides when you look in to your reflection
    You don’t see your true beauty! Inside you seem like
    One of the beautiful girls I know!No one is ugly on the
    Outside BTW sorry bout the bad grammar and or spelling

  128. 422


    Join the club sistah! I feel the same exact way I’m not the prettyest , smartest , coolest , Im a dork from the heart like Nikki both of us are dorks and I don’t know about you but I’m proud to be called a dork , geek , weird , or a freak when ever someone like the CCPs in my school say somthing like ” Brooke you are a weirdo and a dork get a life!” I say thanks and I have a life unlike you” so speak up make a good come back and remember somthing inside us makes us beautiful in our own way

  129. 424


    Sierra you’re not the only one who doesn’t feel pretty. I don’t feel pretty neither. My friends say I’m cute, but I know that’s not true. I’m ugly. And I know it :’(

    • 425


      Dear GYPO,

      Sometimes,if u love somebody,you got 2 meet them halfway. Here’s a fable:

      Once upon a time,there were 2 sisters named Jenny and Mary Ann. Jenny,who was a popular chic,was beautiful on the outside,but evil on the inside. Mary Ann,who was a so-called loser because of her name,style,and flaws,was not that pretty on the outside,but beautiful on the inside. One day,Jenny and Mary Ann both fell in love with the same boy,whose name was Ricky,and he already knew. When Mary Ann found out,she was dissapointed,but didn’t try to hurt Jenny. When Jenny found out on the other hand,she and her top 2 BFFs started bullying Mary Ann,physically and mentally in public. All the adults thought Jenny had the IQ of an angel and trusted her,so Mary Ann couldn’t tell on Jenny and her BFFs. Yet,Ricky saw Jenny and her BFFs bullying poor Mary Ann. Mary Ann loosened their grip of her and escaped,and no one noticed Ricky watching the whole scene since they were all cheering for Jenny and her BFFs. Ricky found Mary Ann sitting by herself outside,flooding with tears and hugging herself to avoid freezing in the cold air swarming her. Ricky sat beside her and wiped her tears away with a tissue. Mary Ann covered her face with her arms and told him,”Don’t look at me! I know you’re only trying to help me because you feel sorry for me! Why not ask out Jenny? At least she’s beautiful and popular! I’m just a mistake!”
      Ricky told Mary Ann,”You aren’t a mistake,Mary Ann. Maybe not everyone can see it,but you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known. Jenny means nothing to me compared to you, Mary Ann.”
      “Really?”Mary Ann said as she removed her arms and blushed.
      Ricky put his arms around Mary Ann and kissed her on the lips.
      Then he responded,”Really.”
      Jenny angerily stomped in the same place saying,”Listen,Mary Ann! You totally brainwashed my boy! Now,you’d better confess what you did and promise to never talk to him again,or you’ll be sor-”
      Jenny didn’t pay attention where she was going and fell into a full,stinky trashcan upside down. Word got around quickly about Jenny and the full,stinky trashcan,and now everytime people see her,they laugh at her. Even her old top 2 BFFs got a kick out of that incident. Hey,if you snooze,you lose! And Ricky’s girlfriend,Mary Ann,never thought of herself as a nobody again! The End! Or is it?
      Did you like that fable? I made it up myself! The theme of it is,you don’t have to be beautiful and popular to get a boyfriend and/or feel good about yourself! You just have to be proud of yourself! Just celebrate you! ;)

  130. 426


    hey sierra.
    I know many people might feel the same way, but they NEED TO STOP. Even if people ACT as though you that you aren’t pretty, you need to think…. why would they tell you that? The answer:
    Been there, done that…….

  131. 427

    DaMediatorSeries says

    I always feel like I’m not pretty. I believe my self sad to say. I’ve never been popular but I know many rude snobby butt face popular girls who hate my freaking guts. Some times I feel like my friends are keeping secrets and talking about me behind my back. My crush can be very annoying and kick my desk during class. But I still like him I don’t know why but I do! I know this has nothing to do with this story. My parent expect me to get perfect grades and when I don’t they freak. I’m what you would call an oddball crazy kooky DORK!! I love to read my mom thinks instead of reading books I’m actually eating them. I always find my self wishing my life were sorta like the books I read. People hate me for no reason. I love to sing but am afraid to sing in front of people. The funny thing about that is I don’t mind singing randomly at home depot! I know virtually no one that has a crush on me. Though this one really annoy kid who is always trying to talk to me during lunch. But I don’t like him and he is kinda weird. I am fat. I feel like I have the hardest time making friends and that no body but the friends I have now like me. All in all my life is a mess, I’m sorry if I wasted any of your time I just had to get this stuff off my chest…. :(

    • 432


      Dear Panda Berz,

      Sorry,no offense,I don’t like One Direction because:
      1. The 1st time I heard them,which was Summer last year when I was listening to music from Pandora Internet Radio,I honestly thought they were nothing more than some screaming guys who wished they could sing from the 1950s!
      2. According to the magazines,Zayn from One Direction is SUCH a heartbreaker,and
      3. Listening to music isn’t the same as solving crush problems!

  132. 433

    mac says

    listen to Bruno mars heres some lyrics

    “girl your amazing just the way you are. And when you smile the whole world stops and stares for a while cause girl your amazing just the way you are. It always makes me feel better maybe you will too!!!!!!!

  133. 434


    Oh my gosh, I feel just like you some times I just feel like hiding but I learned that is not how to handle it it is NOT how u look to a boy it is u, your personality how u r to a boy plus you should not spend your life worrying about boys have fun with your girls!!!!!!

  134. 435

    Sydney says

    Hi I’m Sydney and I do not feel pretty at all I doubt any cute boy likes me and I put my my hair up to see if it helps but it doesn’t I NEED ADVICE!!!

  135. 436

    mac says

    hi Sydney im going to call you syd. I understand how you feel but maybe you could try something like one day use a curling/straightening iron on your hair and try some makeup. but you know that’s not what makes you pretty its how you act. and be happy with a boy free life maybe you have read my comment about the boy dating thing. before you can let somebody else think your pretty you got to think that for yourself. hope it helped

  136. 437

    Caroline says

    I know exactly how you feel but maybe guys are just afraid to approach you but unfortenitly that’s just life but don’t worry your someone is out there just wait!

  137. 441


    I think that’s really good advice, nikki! and sieraa, i know that you’re great and pretty on the inside! it doesn’t matter about the outside! I’m not that perfect either, but at least i no i have a good heart!

  138. 442

    i am always your best friend says

    your natural beauty and character traits will make boys think your pretty. don’t put makeup on. trust me on that one. tons of boys crush on me and i leave my hair and face natural, take this advice and only in a matter of time will you have a boyfriend.

  139. 443

    Heyit'sMeep says

    I’m sure you’re really pretty. Any boy that doesn’t like you is stupid, And you shouldn’t be interested in him.

  140. 444

    Jenny says

    Maybe they really really really like you but they are too shy and speechless to see you. So you should approach who you like.

  141. 445

    Squirrelflight says

    There is a boy that I like and I think he likes me too.I want to tell him that my sister thinks that he DOES like-like me, but when i try to tell him in Language Arts class (he sits next to me) i always freak out and forget.We only have two things in common, we are both brunettes and we have a medical problem(we don’t really talk about it to other people). He looks at me and he keeps on looking at me and I know that he like-likes me because of the look in his eyes. I want to tell him that my sister thinks he likes me but I don’t know how. Please help me!

  142. 446

    Princess Andrea says

    look I thought I was not pretty too because no boy likes me and I wanted at least one boy to like me. and now that I entered middle school at least one boy likes me will two like me one just looks at me which I hate because I feel like I want to punch and another boy asked me out.

  143. 452

    kathrine says

    i have the same prob! when i see a guy that’s over the top cute i turn the other way around!
    i also have a story that is horrible!
    so i don’t know if i should share it!
    i was only 4!

  144. 453


    OMG, Sierra! I totally feel your pain and I’m only in the 5th grade! I feel so paranoid and I’m probably the only girl in the school who checks the bathroom mirror frequently!(even more than the ccps, Jordan and Gabby)I don’t want people to think I am self-centered, because I am not! And it does not help that all the boys at my table are SUPER-ANNOYING. Especially Arjun, he’s all like ” Your face looks like a wart,” and,” Are you trying to draw trash?!!” Ya, he can’t even draw a stick figure, better yet, my awesome doodles. I feel so stupid and ugly sometimes and at the same time a want to slap him silly. (which,btw, I would if I didn’t get suspended and grounded for, like, ever!) And it DOES NOT help that in school there’s a stupid rumor going on that we both like each other! AAARGHHHGGHGHGHGHGGHGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!?!?!?!!?!?!? But I do feel your pain. Poor you and me.

  145. 459

    OlympusRulz says

    i so feel you’re pain. i always feel ugly. i even got bangs to cover my forehead zits, and i hate bangs (no offence people who have bangs, i meant i hate bangs on me) :(!

    • 463

      ashlyn says

      #1.Check out ur fb, gmail, whatsapp, myself n c whether he sends u messages daily or not
      #2. C whether he smiles at u in a shy manner at u in skul
      #3. Check whether he tries 2 act more mature when ur around.
      Gud luck!!!
      :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  146. 467

    Somebody u used 2 kno says

    I’ve fallen
    I’ve been hurt
    Im a human and I’m not perfect
    But I’m thankful….
    And seiarra i have the same problem! Ur not alone!

  147. 469

    BeYourself says

    Sierra, you can do it. Just be yourself, and always bring a friend and laugh with them. The only way to get boy to notice you is pretend he doesn’t exist. It always works

  148. 472

    Sora says

    Ya know i have the exact same problemo i never feel pretty.Here is what you do put on make up and do your hair or even cut it.Then if anyone says ew you look gross just think they are wrong.Hope it helps

  149. 473

    gabby says

    1.what do you do when your boyfreind is not flirting with you when you do

    2.how can you make your self pertty and hot in 30 min

    3.are you a one direction fan

    4.what do you do to someone when they are being rude

  150. 475

    missy says

    hey everyone i want to be Missy Franline some day! wish me luck! also i tots have the same prob! i am kind of a ccp at my school but sometimes i feel like a dork! can you guys help me decide?

  151. 477

    Ayla Moon says

    It’s okay EVEN if you aren’t pretty! I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ugly and not pretty at all. I’m not even the teeniest bit AMERICAN! Although I was born here and lived here for five years… Don’t worry about how pretty you are because it just matters about who you are. Not what you look like…

  152. 480

    Kenzay says

    I have to agree with Nikki, Sierra. The key to beauty IS confidence… That’s what my BFF taught me… No matter what others say about or to you, just know this… “I don’t care what others say… I know I’M beautiful.” Hope this advice helps… I know it helped me…

  153. 482

    Jenny Anne says

    Hi, I’m dealing twitch the same problem. but I wanted to let you know EVERYONE’S BEAUTIFUL! Anyone who says you are ugly, gross, or whatever… THOSE are the people who ARE NOT beautiful. Stay gorgeous!

  154. 487

    fergie says

    a little advice when you feel bad about yourself try to listen to “india arie video”
    that’s the perfect song for you

    (thats the poem that i made inspired by India Arie from the song VIDEO)

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