This week’s question came in anonymously. It reads:

We’re having a dance soon. I kind of like this person in my class who’s a year older than me. He’s a bit crazy, but that’s why I kind of like him. He has a good sense of humor. He’s smart.

I think he kind of likes me, too, because at random times he’ll do stuff that involves me, like: picking me for this game called “Seven Up,” asking me for lead for his mechanical pencil, and saying I’m really nice. Does he like me? I kind of like him! I’m horrible at expressing myself. PLEASE HELP!!!!

My Advice:

I TOTALLY feel your pain!! It can be super tough to know if someone’s into you.

I can’t even tell you how many hours I’ve spent in the janitor’s closet with Chloe and Zoey trying to interpret stuff Brandon’s done!!

Like, “He just asked me if I like pepperoni or sausage better. Do you think he wants to take me on a real date for pizza, and THAT’S why he’s suddenly interested in my meat preferences??”

Or, “I just dropped my book and we BOTH bent down to pick it up. Do you think he’s just SUPER polite, or that he really wanted to touch my hand and knew that I’d bend down to get it, too?”

I wish they wrote a manual for this kind of stuff…but since no one has, I guess I have to do it!

The Dork’s Guide to Knowing If Someone’s Into You:

1. When he has a chance to pick you for something, he does!

That “Seven Up” thing…it’s DEFINITELY a sign!!

Brandon picked me to be his partner in biology class so that we can sit together. He chose me because he likes me, not because I get straight A’s in that class. (I DEFINITELY don’t!)

If he’s picking you on the regular, he might be crushing big time!

2. He compliments you on stuff.

He might just be SUPER OBSERVANT, and he needs you to know that from what he can see, you’re a pretty nice person. But that’s unlikely.

Sometimes, guys aren’t all that observant! I remember one time I wore the same shirt three days in a row because I convinced myself it was my “lucky shirt” and I needed it for midterms.

On the third day, Brandon said, “Hey, that’s a nice shirt. Is it new?” Maybe he just wanted to talk to me and he couldn’t think of anything else to say. Either way, it was a sign he’s into me…just like YOUR CRUSH calling you nice is a sign HE’S into you!

3. He turns to you in his moment of need.

Running out of lead isn’t a crisis or anything, but still, it says something that he turns to you when he needs it.

Out of ALL the people in the WHOLE world he could ask for lead, he asks YOU! (Okay, so that’s an exaggeration…it’s more like, “Out of all the people in your class who happen to also use mechanical pencils…” but you get my point!)

Some boys don’t like asking people for stuff because they like to pretend they’re all strong and independent, so when they DO ask you for something, it’s totally a sign they’re into you!

I actually wrote a blog post about this before…so if you want to learn even more ways to know that your crush is into you, check it out!


And oh yeah, about expressing yourself: you don’t really need to be good at it. It’s not like you have to prepare a speech letting him know how you feel or anything.

Maybe you could just say something cute and funny, like, “So the dance. I bet you want to go with a nice person who’s a pro at “Seven Up” and always has a ton of lead to spare…”

That’s what I’D say…but keep in mind, I’m a TOTAL dork!!

What do you guys think? Do you have any advice for our anonymous lovesick friend??


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    Jamie says

    Hey nikki! Is if me or did you totally just answer the question I sent you two days ago?! If not, it’s ok. Anyway, I think what you should do is pray to God about the situation. That if he is the guy for you, he’ll go out of his way to do nice things for you, or better yet, ask for your number! ;)

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        lebo says

        really i know what u feeling gal but it is sooooo wrong for a gal to ask a boy out trust me have done that before but at the end i ended knowing that it wasn’t good but dont worry its all growing

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        i am 10 and this is good advice but i need big help i just broke up with a best friend u can email me y but we were fighting and she said well i told ur crush sebastion that u like him and i have no idea if she told or lied to me but when she was my best friend she she said that she look at his year book and pointed at me to show his friend robert and she said that was all she heard and sall and i sall him starrying at me a couple of times but i am so scared to talk to him and we were in kindergarden to gether and my other best friends sall him at a tabel alone and she tried to make me comfort him but then he walked away so pleas help me i’m desprit

      • 10


        Hey Nicole K., I’m also 10 years old l like you, and also has a major crush on some one but I think he thinks I’m annoying <(^°^)\ .

      • 11


        I am also ten yrs old and i have a crush but i am to afraid to even tell him hi but one day i had a arm challenge with him and i won i was happy until i thought what if he didnt like me because i was stronger than him every guy wants to be stronger than every girl

      • 12


        I agree there’s a guy across the street who i have a crush on we walk home together but i don’t know if he likes me

      • 13


        WHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEED ONE BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • 17

        Wolfie says

        hey my crush kind of gives me a cute but wacky smile and he tells me my art pictures are either:
        A. cute
        b. epic
        C. awesome
        so do you guys think he likes me?

      • 21



      • 22


        well duh he likes you wofie!!!! but does my crush like me? this is what he does everyday at school.

        waves at me then blushes then comes to me and gives me a hug.

        so please tell me if he likes me! please!give advice!

      • 27

        Spring says

        He obviously like Soyuz if he does that! Most boys don’t even hug because they feel like its girly.

      • 29


        No, he hates you! Just kidding! He probably likes you if he wanted to be around you all the time! So go for it! A lot of girls try to get there crushes attention, so I SWEAR he will ask you.

      • 31

        Abbi says

        Hey, Nikki, i have a problem. i have a crush. he’s smart,cute,funny,and to DIE for!!!!!!!his name is Jared Leavitt. i don’t know if he likes me or not.can you believe we only see each other twice a week!!! i feel giddy near him, i blush!!! i need your advice!

      • 32

        Avrill says

        I have a crush name Caleb. He’s smart,funny and talented. I’ve one class with him for 5 years and now we are like best friends. Only one of my BFF like him to and she was totally crazy about him. Every time I was talking with her she always said that Caleb like her and blah,blah,blah.I need your advice.

      • 33

        angie says

        i think u should show confidence tell him how u feel about him and if he like u u might go out

      • 36

        Chloe-Angelina AKA Kitty Kat :) says

        How do you get the courage to do that?! I would just keep on stuttering like a complete dork, and eventually just walk away. I luv ur courage :)

    • 37

      Scarlett says

      HEY!!!! I just need to now IF he dose all of this, will he wanna go with me???? I LOVE YOU AND YOU ARE MY BFF FROM A DISTENCE

      • 38


        you need to take it down a little Izzy that posted June 1st at 12:49 am because you don’t know that this guy likes her you would have to see he way he asked her for lead and for the girl on the story I like you give him a little while longer because asking is the guys job :)

    • 39


      Ugh, I’m not sure if a guy asking you for lead is a sign of love. Neither is getting picked for a game,because people pick different people all the time! :(

    • 42


      hey I like this boy and I think he likes me too but he moved to a different school so I don’t know if he does like me and I need to know because I will see him at high school what do I do

    • 43

      jumper141110 says

      Does he sit next to you at lunch? My crush does. Everyday we sit next to each other. We even sit next to each other in class! Does he stare at you in class? My crush does. It would be totes romantic if he did that, because it would prove that he like likes you!!!! Eeepers!!! (I say eeepers when I’m excited and happy, because he might have a crush on you!)

      • 44

        D.J Rocker says

        OMG! you are so lucky! some of us dont have the guts to even talk to our chrush! but i like some one and i dont know what 2 do? im like nervous!

      • 45


        Jumper14110, thank you so much! Eric stares at me during class (we sit next to each other. I know he stares at me because I stare at him), and we sit next to each otner during class. Thanks!!!

    • 52

      Alliepug says

      I think my crush likes me!!!!!! And just like you Nikki I am the dorkest person in the school, I asked him who his crush was but he said he didn’t have one……. While he was blushing, and speaking in a squeaky voice. Also, he looked sad so I sat down next to him underneath a tree and asked him what was wrong. He said nothing was then scooted really close to me! We are like best friends. Does he really like me?

      • 53


        I have gone through the same thing when me and my friend both liked the same guy. what we did was that we wouldn’t fight over him, we would let him decide which one of us he wants to date, and if he doesn’t want to date either one of us then we say ok.

      • 54


        allie the boy likes you you should tell him you like him and have a big smile after and blink your eyes cutly and kinda tilt your head to the side and blush and laugh that got me to being my crushes girlfriend and boom it works!! go FOR IT GIRLFREIND BE YOU AND REMEBER YOU ONLY LIVE ONE YOLO BETTER DO IT NOW!!

    • 55

      fran says

      Wait what school do you go to Ethanlover. Theres this boy at me school who is also called ethan `and i might just know how to answer that if we got to the same school

    • 59

      Jade says

      I am the same way! My advice is try to be yourself around your crush. That’s what I do, treat him like he isn’t your crush, just a friend, and maybe he likes you and thinks you don’t like him so maybe you SHOULD ask him to the dance! He probably likes you to if he picks you for the game ‘seven up’. This letter sounded like it was actually written by me so I’m giving you my advice!

    • 60


      so squeee ! My crush is totally like that nikki . well not all but ..
      he is super nice and super smart (top 2 ) well he was top 1 from 1st to 3rd quarter until his friend got the position so he ended up top 2 .. (i’m top 1 !! in my section ) he’s a 3rd yr now and i’m grade 8 . yes 3rd year.. the k-12 ..
      he is super nice when i’m texting him. he laughs at my corny jokes.. he is so funny when he is texting with me and he said that .. ” I am cool person to hangout with ” SQUEE ! im so totally psyched right now im having RCS ! and he also asks me for stuff, like one time , he asked me for a pen, of all of his friends near him who has pens, he walked over to me and asked if I have extra ! and ofcourse, I lend him mine !!! <3 and we dont really talk in school ,, well he always smiles at me when he walks by me . and (June is the start of classes in our country , so June 10 is our 1st day of school. ) since the first day of school , whenever I sneak a look at him, I see him already staring at me. Like everytime I look at him, he's already looking at me ! so SQUEE ! oh yeah , and he's popular in our school, every student knows him coz he's a super great dancer and super handsome ! and me, i'm not as popular as him but many students know me coz i'm top 1 and i'm super friendly to students !!! and now, since vacation , we didn't txt each other, and now in school , we're super akward !! what should I do ?? should i text him ? ? please help guys!!! :) thanks !

      • 61

        Spring says

        Well it seems like you don’t really need help! :) what you should do is tell him how you feel! Someone in my class has a crush on someone and she tells him how she feels and the guy is TOTTALY COOL about it! All he did was a “WHAT” but that’s it! So good luck with your crush situation! P.S. You don’t really need luck, things are PERFECT for you! :)

      • 62

        Janna says

        well.. I have this feeling that he has a crush on my best friend C … :(
        I don’t really have the guts to tell him I like him … :)
        besides .. he’s totally avoiding me at school, my Bff Kam, she’s always with me and whenever my crush is around he’s acting like i’m not there .. he just says hi to my BFF… not me..

    • 65


      Its kinda hard to tell whether he likes you or not. Like the boy in my school, the one i asked about. he sits next to me and my friend alot also. So you can almost never tell. I dont think its about who likes him the most, but more about if he likes you. If he knows that you like him and he still likes to hang out with you. then its probably a yes. he probably likes you. Hoped this help
      P.S. how come you can tell who likes who but not who likes you. ;)

    • 67


      ok on Monday we had a little bit of chat time while my teacher got are math lesson ready and i relized my crush thro his pencil at my desk just to get up and say umm u look really pretty today i was like did he just say that i was in shock there was a sock hop this Tuesday and i was really hoping he would aks me… and gues what he did at lunch he plotted himself right next to me and said u wanna be my date to the dance i was so cheesey i could’ve pasted as the worlds most biggest smile i said excitedly yess he then said lets walk together at recess once recess came he asked me ot be his girlfriend omg i said yes we holded hands as he ran off just befor he kissed my cheak and went and played soccer it sounds crazy but my wish is granted btw his name is marcos

    • 68

      eriksonlover says

      Hi, I like this boy named Erikson, we used to be really good friends and we are both homeschooled. We laughed at each others jokes (no matter how dumb they were) but when i told him that i liked him, every thing got really awkward!!!! HELP!!!! someone?? anyone?


      • 69

        eriksonlover says

        catalina, is that message for me (eriksonlover)? just wondering. like i said we are home schooled, but in different homes. Our parents have been friends since i think high school. and no, i don’t wear purfume.

  2. 71


    hey gal does he awalways sit next to you? because if he does he either:
    a)likes you
    b)likes your perfume (if you wear some)
    c)likes your mom and is trying to kiss up to you so your mom thinks he is a good person.
    lets hope its A and B!!!

  3. 79

    Immabeastar says

    Great advice NIKKI. Today is the first day of my summer vacation and let’s just say I’ve needed this advice ALL school year! Thx! :-D

  4. 85

    Creative Cookie says

    Hi Anynomous!!
    OMG!! I think that guy likes you! You should just be yourself right now and maybe out of nowhere…BA BAM!! He says he likes you!! :D I dunno :) .And him saying your really nice is a huge clue!!! And Nikki’s right-Out of all the people in his class he could choose for some lead, he chose you! :D
    -Creative Cookie

    • 88


      u go girl there both right the guy can be crushing on u or he really likes u u should ask for his # maybe he will ask u out over a text or the phone call that wat happen to me and was happy bout it so u should tos ask for his # u never know wat might happen

      from ur friend monster

  5. 112

    girlwhoscrushprobablyhatesher says

    I think you should ask him yourself if youre the type of girl who does that easily. If not, smile and dont let HIM get in the way of school. Even if he does not say anything, doesnt mean he doesnt like you! :D :)

      • 122

        Alliepug says

        I’m not allowed to date till I’m 15 or 16……….. But you can hang out with him, like ask if he wants to go to the park with you and some other people in your class!
        Hope it helped!

    • 123


      don’t ask him a date u should wait cause if u date to early all the guys are so little and don’t know wat love is i say wait but not to late start dating when ur 13 or 14 those are the best time to date and don’t ask a guy to a date thats the guys job not the girls so just wait in tell ur older take it from me i wait and know i have a bf who loves me so just wait and see u will thank me later

      from ur friend monster

    • 124


      Ok we’ll I like this boy and he is nice to me, all the boys in my class don’t says hi to me and stuff like that but the boy does do that. And if I am reading a book he talked to me about the book and in math class I said i am not that good at Math and he said I am not that good to so don’t feel bad

  6. 130


    If he’s into you, he’ll definitely “spy” on you. I put quotation marks because he’s not trying to find important info, BUT because he likes to look at you or he wants to see if you like him too

    • 131

      ihaveaboyfriend! says

      if u feel special inside when his name comes up or when he looks at u, i think u might be crushing! Express your self! I’m in forth grade too and when i expressed myself to my crush, he liked me back! now we r DATING!!<3 i know i seem to young to be dating but i dont care. im in love!!<3 i hope this advice helped!!

      • 132

        Anonymously Lovesick Friend says

        Thanks!I don’t know what to do though!I’m a shy person and NOT outgoing.I don’t like being noticed IN FRONT of people either.Sorry ihaveaboyfriend.I don’t think your advice will work.

      • 133

        Alliepug says

        Just be really nice. I think anonymously lovesick friend and I were like switched at birth twins or something because I have the SAME EXACT PROBLEM!!!!! Except I am 12, and my crush is my BESTEST FRIEND EVER!!!!!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEE!

  7. 134

    Nikki J. Maxwell says

    I belong in a mental hospital. So I’m in 4th grade and my BFF likes a guy, he likes her back. We started talking about him and her when I realized… I don’t have a crush on anyone! So I started thinking about it and then noticed that I don’t know who my crush is because I don’t know anything about liking someone!

    There is a guy in my class. He sits by me. I tease him a lot (Not in a bullying way) and ruffle his hair (Cuz it’s so FLUFFY!) a lot. I don’t know if I like him. Sometimes a part of my head says I like him, but I keep denying it. How do I know I like someone?

    • 135


      If your heart randomly starts pumping fast, if you are daydreaming more, and if you have a total break down when he looks at you. That’s when you know you like someone. >_<

    • 136


      @Nikki J. Maxwell
      Sometimes love gets you so confused u dont realize u like someone.

      From ur description, it seems like ur very close frnds w him, so sometimes it may feel u like him, but it cld just b tht loving feeling you wld hav w a friend or a cousin or sibling even.

      I agree w MangaManiac.
      Wen u hav a crush on someone ur heart starts beating fast and everyone time he looks @ u, u get all self-concious.
      And if he starts randomly appearing in ur dreams as prince charming (or something like tht)then u definitely hav a crush on him.

      And also from ur description it seems like since ur frnd has a crush on someone u feel like u need to hav a crush on someone as well. Which gets ur feelings for him jumbled up between ‘friend’ and ‘crush’.

      Also since ur still just in the 4th grade (and u’ll maybe b super annoyed w me for saying this) its probably just puppy love.

      Which means if ur in love w someone while ur very young u probably dont really like tht person, u just like the thought of being in love. But hey, i cld b wrong, love comes very slowly and by the end of they year it may turn out u really DO hav a crush on him. And better yet, he likes u back. :D

      Try not 2 get 2 paranoid over this, wish u all my luck (cuz trust me, u’ll need it ;) )

      H.T.H (Hope This Helps):mrgreen:

    • 137

      Anonymously Lovesick Friend says

      Help is on the way,Nikki J. Maxwell!

      How To Like Someone
      1.He’s NOT obnoxious,maybe a fair sense of humore
      2.(This may sound weird but)He has good looks
      3.He’s nice
      4.He doen’t cheat or do anything to you
      5.(This also may sound weird)It’s just that your heart YEARNS for him!

      Hope I helped!

      -Anonymously Lovesick Friend

  8. 140

    viviana arellano says

    And i know how you feel i same problem too, girl :( don’t you wish what guys are thinking of?

    • 141

      Anonymously Lovesick Friend says

      YEAH!I wonder what goes on inside of boys’ heads.Especially ones that DON’T have problems but are just…..PSYCHOPATHS!

      • 142

        question? answers are here!:) says

        I know right? im thinking of writing a book called simply, “the boy handbook, what goes on inside those little minds for girls eyes only!” catchy, right? anyway, I would get the ways of boys from my friend madi who is like…… well……BOY EXPERT!!!!!! I would write the words, draw the pics, stuff like that though……. so yeah…. maybe in a couple years when im 15 in 2016 u might see it at a book store! lol!
        -Question? answers here!:)

    • 144

      eriksonlover says

      hi, i really like this boy named erikson but we both home school. anyway, i have cought him staring at me an we laugh at each other’s jokes but when i told him i liked him things got a little awkward. HELP!!! advise? anyone?


  9. 146

    Angel says

    1. Again. So,yea,do what Nikki said. If he acts like Brandon acts around Nikki,he TO-TAL-LY likes you!!

  10. 147

    Nenigirl2002 says

    My advice to this confused girl is that,well, you will know if he likes you if you just look out for signs!

    • 148

      Anonymously Lovesick Friend says

      What kind of signs?B.T.W,I’m the “Confused Girl”.I hang around this website a lot.



  11. 156

    Dorkalicious says

    well i say you should add all that data up and just be yourself girfriend :) …what do i know i am a total dork… Good luck!:)

  12. 158


    My boy exposer is extreamly low right now.There are three boys in the town that I know that are around my age.It stinks

  13. 159

    ToriMaple says

    Ohmygosh…. We play seven up at our school too :o
    And i have no idea what to do. Just be aweshum.

  14. 162

    Rose says

    This is exactly whats happening to me only that the guy makes fun of me sometimes.
    but i still like him he is SUPER*100000000000000000 HOT

  15. 164

    Voldemort says

    Oh I totally feel for you. I have got a crush as well and it’s kin of hard to know wether he likes me or not. Well hopefully he likes u! :-)

  16. 166


    This is really great advice, Nikki! I’m sure SO many girls on dork diaries go through this same thing!
    if u guys are going through this same thing, comment and say, I’m going through the same thing!

  17. 169

    julia says

    uhm I just wanna ask: How would I know that my crush likes me? actually whenever were in the church and he’s playing the drums, I’m looking at him. there’s a time that when I look at him, he’s looking at me too. he’s 2 years older than me. but age does’nt matter right? we go in the same school and when we passed at each other we smile :) sometimes I can’t stop blushing. and whenever I tell a joke like I Love You, he says ”is it a joke? because when I tell I Love you I’m serious”
    then last week I told him my feelings for him but he just turned around and ran away from me. what does that mean?

    • 170


      I think that it means that he’s not ready for something so serious. Maybe you shouldn’t have told him how you feel, because he just didn’t know you that very well. You have to admit, it’s kinda weird if someone you don’t know randomly says things to you. Get to know him a bit more. Just forget about what you said, and act cool as if it never happened. Maybe now that he knows how you feel, he’ll try and talk to you more or something.

      hope it helped! >_<

      • 171

        julia says

        actually , were friends. some of his friends told me that he likes me. OMG I’m so flattered <3

    • 172


      Once again i agree w MangaManiac

      also u hav 2 remember tht guys and girls r 2 totally different species
      guys arent used to putting their feelings out there
      guys arent used to talking about their feelings
      guys arent used to- well u get my point dont you, with guys there feelings dont really go very far they just feel them and get over it

      whereas girls will think about their feelings, maybe write their feelings in their diary, call their friends and tell them about their feelings, act out their feelings using their old collection of Barbies etc.

      so wen u told him about ur feelings it probably startled him and wen u scare a deer the deer will run away. okay im not saying he is a deer but men r like tht wen u put feelings out there its like shining a spotlight on them they get really nervous and run away

      and from ur description julia, i think he does like u he is just not ready to date, he just wants 2 continue being friends with u, cuz thing about this: wat if u do start dating and u guys break up, then u wld lose ur friendship! :(

      so the next time u see him either ignore wat happened if ur lucky he will ignore wat hppnd as well OR u cld come straight out and say “Look im really sorry about wat i said last time, i know i made things really awkward so can we just forget about all that and just continue being friends?”

      Hopefully he will agree
      i wish u all my luck :mrgreen:

      • 173

        Anonymously Lovesick Friend says

        Age doesn’t matter.My mom and dad are married ant 2 years apart.

  18. 174


    SURE!Britney Chung of ENEMY of Mackenzie comments first!!!!!!!!!!The advice is…Don’t be so much love or….people gossiping about you.Another one is…Just acting to be normal if you love it or not.Otherwise…PEOPLE will embarrass you like,whole world.Got another advice,Nikki?

  19. 177


    Two girls were fighting over one boy in class. One of the girls said, “Look, Rachel, I’m sick and tired of your idiotic nonsense. I’m gonna settle this with a wedding with that boy!” Rachel started to cry. I saw Grace (the other girl) ask the boy something but the boy wriggled out of her grasp and walked over to Rachel. He said, “Hey…wanna date?” Rachel nodded. “Awesome.” He cradeled his hands over her face and kissed her!

  20. 183

    Jaahnvi says

    Thats great advice Nikki! I have a crush on this guy in my class and I think he likes me too!

  21. 192


    Hey Nikki is this a way to find if a guy like you too? Because like a million guys like me at my school… I had a nightmare about one.

  22. 202

    Emily says

    Well, I think he is interested. Just kestufep being friendly and talk to him. Flirt with him once in a while maybe. If you make friends with him or are already friends with him, then you know a lot of stuff about him, right? If you dont then try to get to know him better. You may just be lucky and he may just ask you to the dance. You never know.

    • 203

      Anonymously Lovesick Friend says

      I don’t flirt.I really have one friend in my class.She’s nice.I email her and stuff.

  23. 204

    I_Am_A_Teen_Titan says

    I love dat Song!

  24. 206

    :) says

    Im happy for you. Just don’t get you hopes up. I liked this boy and asked him out. About a month later he said I was fat and ugly and he dumped me. But it does sound like he likes you so give it a shot! Wish you better luck than me. GOOD LUCK!

    • 208

      Teo says

      I think he likes you. I don’t know if my crush likes me, even if some of this advices fit my situation perfectly. I think he does all these things for being polite, just sayin. He said I have a nice blouse, nice trainers and nice skirt, we talk almost everyday, but I think he knows I really love him and he doesn’t want to make me sad.
      What should I do?

  25. 212

    hanoof says

    Well at first you should know that your lucky cuz I didn’t see my crush for 4 years and 2 you have to ask him to the dance or a date befor the dance then he will ask you to the dance and ask him how he feels about you and you tell him how you feel. And if you couldn’t talk to him text him or something

  26. 213

    abby says

    i think you should just ask him to the dance and if he says yes, yay, and if he says no, just go on acting like it never happened.and if he says no, hes just may not be the right boy for you but dont worry cause there are lots of other fish in the sea.

  27. 216

    real life chloe and zoe says

    Terrible advice! He doesn’t like u for god sake! He’s using u to get to somebody he reall does like

  28. 220


    Hey Anonymous! I think that it’s great that you’ve got a crush. From what I’ve heard, it sounds like you REALLY like him! :D And I’m pretty sure that he likes you back as well, but you never know. I hope that what I think is true, but I could be wrong. After all, I’m not psychic! :P But I want to tell you a story that took place earlier this school year:

    I had a HUGE crush on this guy in my class, and I SO sure that he liked me. He always would talk to me, help me, and he asked me ALWAYS to sharpen his pencil. I was like SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! HE SO LIKES ME!!!!! But the thing is, when you like someone, you usually exaggerate, A LOT. It turns out that he didn’t like me, but he was just being nice to me for no real reason. But I’m pretty sure that your crush is falling for you! ;D

    Go for it girlfriend!! :)

  29. 225


    I think that you should invite him over or have a fun day doing something together and talk about information about yourself. Hope that helped!

  30. 228

    Melody says

    I think he likes u. Someone from class always tlks to me..always smile to me..like he do..that day we ply truth or dare…he told me he like me…

  31. 231

    Gracie says

    That’s really good advice! i think my crush likes me but i’m not 100% sure. But now I am. He always picks on me and is complementing everything I do and wear! Thanks so much Nikki you rock!

  32. 232

    JoJo says

    Omg, when we did Seven Up this guy I sorta like picked me every time although I never guessed him.
    What’s funny is when I picked him, he kept saying the person that was picking him all the time (a.k.a me although he didn’t know) hsd soft skin. Weird or what or a hint?
    Well anyway, we’re friends and we’re the kind of friends that pretend to hate each other and lightly bully each other but we never mean it.
    What do you think? Cause I’m still kinda confused on that…

  33. 235

    Starwarsgirl says

    My crush lives in Florida and that’s where my family lives but I only get to see him once a year .he is a year older than me but is like 3 heads taller.after one of his friends asked what’s beautiful he said me and then cleared his and said ” I mean that tree.”Also it doesn’t help that I’m a total tomboy . What do i do???

    • 236


      Well, first of all it’s pretty obvious that he likes you. When do you hear a guy say “You like very cute,” right in front of your face? When he HAZ a crush on you! DUH!!! Next, he’s trying to cover up what he said. That means that he doesn’t want you to know because he’s shy or something. But of course, he might want to hide who he likes from his friend, but he “accidentally” let it slip. So, you’re a total tomboy. SAME!!!! I hardly know anything when it comes to relationships, but I know everything about boys because I was raised with a big brother (sigh) :P When a guy has a crush on me, I’m totally clueless. I have a feeling that you’re in the same boat. ;D In fact, just two days ago, I found out that some guys think that I’m hot. I was like OMG!!!!!!!! And apparently, one of my classmates dads said that when I was 16, I was going to be the prettiest girl in high school. I was like… WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU SAYING DUDE???!!!!! So, it does matter if you’re a pretty girl or a tough one! People will always fall for you! Good luck! ;D

  34. 239

    angel says

    i have crush on this boy at my school and he sees me but i dont know how he feels about me one time he bumped into on pupose in the hallway not like a bulling way though and then i thought he liked me but i dont know how he feels.

  35. 241


    It seems like it’s been years since I’ve been on this site. Anyways, I’m posting this because I don’t have anywhere else to post it. What I’m posting are some tips for not being as depresses when a character from your favorite book dies (BTW, the book I read was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows [I'm not quite finished with the book, but I know most of the spoilers], and the character who died was [SPOILER ALERT] Fred Weasley [SPOILER IS OVER].)

    1. Pour a cup of your favorite drink (for me, I poured two cups of Coca-Cola and chocolate milk, one of each).

    2. Watch South Park (or any other funny show. But South Park puts me into a good mood whenever I watch it, so that’s my choice).

    Now I’m going to read some more, and end up using these tips again once Snape dies.

  36. 245

    erialc says

    i think it is a big possibility he likes you!
    last year, a boy that i liked started getting along with me very well. my bffs, steph and chloe insisted that he liked me, especially he started walking with me after school! but he gets along with so many girls and so many like him. he is cute, smart, a great piano player, and he is artistic, with a lot of humor. but during the summer, he told me that he likes me after a truth or dare game when i asked him “if someone asked you to dance and you said yes, who would that person be.” just be careful, he moved away and we only kept in touch for a month and he suddenly ignored me, 5 months later, he told me he moved on. So be careful, i will be rooting for you

  37. 246


    Hi. I really need some advice! Ok, so I have a crush on a boy 1 year older than me. Im pretty sure he likes me but he keeps denying it! I also kinda have a feeling he has a crush on my BFF, Jayla, WHAT SHOULD I DO, HELP!! Thanx :)

  38. 249

    fartfacebumbum says

    well im a guy so well yeah, it sounds like he kind of likes you we dont do that stiff for nowt good luck

  39. 250

    kathy says

    it sounds like he is totally into you, don’t worry you will be okay i am in a very similar position too :)

  40. 258

    carmelyn says

    seven up is a game here in the Philippines..
    I guess he likes you though… He seems to show he likes you- A LOT!

    • 259


      OMG! Are you from the Philippines?! My Mom is Filipino and my dad is Canadian. So, I’m half and half. I remember when I went to Cebu for the first time to visit my cousins. The Philippines is awesome! Pumunta Pilipinas!

  41. 261


    hey nikki am on summer vacation and a boy that live a cross me ask me out but i didnt say anything back the thing is i dont like him i like a other boy in my school what should i tell him yes or no

  42. 262


    U guys r lucky- most of your crushes like u. My love life is NOT a fairy tale like some people’s. Nikki’s advice helped, but I’m still confused. Three guys like me, and it’s got my mind boggling. Plus, whenever I tell my crush a joke, he hangs his head and giggles. Do I have bad breath? And I’ve gotten to know him pretty good, but there are no signs of crushing yet. What do I do? PLZ HELP!:(

    • 263


      Hey Maddie! It seems like you’re totally bummed out! I’m pretty much in the same situation. Almost every guy in my grade thinks I’m cute, but I’m totally clueless about what to do! What I do, is just act cool and get to know all of them as a friend, NOT a crush. Just because you don’t like someone doesn’t mean that you give them a cold shoulder. Be kind to all of them, and because you’re friends with them, just chill with them every now and then. Now about your crush. I don’t think that you have bad breath, but just to be sure, BRUSH YOUR TEETH! You never know what dudes think of, so you must take precaution! Don’t worry, I’m just kidding! :P I think that he hangs his head to hid that he’s blushing or something like that. Just because he’s not showing any signs of crushing doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like you. Most guys hide their feelings, because they want to be tough, or something KA-RAY-ZY like that. I hope it helped and I’m rooting for you! ;D

  43. 264


    a boy ask me out but i didnt said yes or no the thing is i like him i like a boy in my school what should i tell him yes or no

  44. 265


    Hey peeps!!!

    I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!! :(

    I kind a like this guy but there’s a catch…. he’s my BFF’S BOYFRIEND!!!!!! What to do what to do!! Advice????

  45. 270


    I’m sad. I have now realized none of my crushes ever liked me. Actually I have a boyfriend-sorta- but he goes to Watkins middle school- I go to kahla. Anyone here know him??? His name is julian t. Tell me if u know him!! I think he still likes me- a couple weeks ago my friend saw him on Saturday and he told her he misses me!!!! YAY!

  46. 274

    Elizabeth says

    I have a problem I have a crush on this guy in my class he is really cool and I need to know if he likes me but I have another friend who is a guy he likes me and he just asked me out what should I do should I say yes or wait for the other guy plz help

    • 275


      Ouch, thts a tough one
      if u like the guy who asked u out then u shld definitely go out w him
      cuz sometimes ur crush might not always like u back
      if u dont like him tell him tht u dont wanna date him, but break it to him gently

    • 276


      If you don’t know if the other guy likes you, then you might as well wait for all eternity. It’s SUPER rare to have a guy ask you out! Go for him girl! If the other doesn’t want to ask you, but this guy does, then it’s perfect. After all, you know this guy more since he’s your friend! Good luck! :P

  47. 283

    M.C says

    I know this guy in karate class and his name is Jeffery . I don’t know , mayb I have a crush on him, . Ok I admitt it. I do. I daydream about him all the time. Last week our hands touched. He always smiles at me or blushes when I talk to him and so do I blush or smile. But I don’t know if he really likes me. What should Ido?

  48. 284

    M.C says

    This goes with the other part of comment 95.
    Also I’ve never ever felt this way about boys. And sometimes when people ask me who my crush is, I immediately think about a green eyed black haired boy. But I can never tell anyone,because of how people would react.
    I always stare at him but look away when he looks at me, so i don’t make it obvious. But I can’t stand crushing on him and keeping it a secret. But I don’t know how to break it to him. Mayb he has his eye on another girl and if I tell him I like him he’ll blow me off. We are r kinda friends. Should I tell him how I feel and see him blow me off. Or should I just keep my mouth shut???


  49. 287

    Katherine says

    hey guys please come to my blog :( only one person goes to it THANKS YOUNG AUTHOR YOUR THE BEST E-FRIEND!
    oh please come to it :) if your commenter of the week you get to make your own post, ill make a collage for you and more! also no moderation, and no hackers, bullies are there….
    so pretty please come?
    link?: http://myamazingblog101.wordpress.com/

  50. 290


    im not being mean but if you like this feeling thinking that he likes you i suggest you stay quiet i made that mistake and trust me it is not a good feeling hopfuly you didnt tell your friends and one of those friends just so happens to have broken up with his twin brother so she thinks that hes cute too so just to make you miserable she asks him out and says yes then you find out and you ask her to break up but you dont feel bad for some reason then a whole month later he stops talking to you for an unknown reason till a different friend tells you that they never broke up and you make a plan to cuss her out cause your so mad but the plan goes wrong and you just start yelling at her with your crush just looking at this with an i hope theres a chick fight then you and her talk and you ask why and shes just says cuz i like him and your other friends keep saying i knew and i wanted to tell you but i didnt want you to get mad but inside you know that they just wanted to be jerks and not tell you but them a good guy friend and you start talking and you have a good laugh but inside this is just tearing you apart :cry: :mad: not that that exact thing happened to me O_o

  51. 293

    Dork says

    A few ways to know of someone likes you. ( I can tell cuz my crush admitted he liked me last year SQUEE)
    1. He compliments or notices you
    2. He walks with you
    3. He finds excuses to hang out with you
    4. Picks you to do things
    5. Stares at you with a goofy smile on his face
    6. Talks to you more than any another girl
    I’m rooting for you!!
    Btw, I asked my crush who he would say yes to if a girl asked him to dance when playing truth or dare!! Maybe you can try something similar???

  52. 294

    julia says

    Nikki how come nothing happens when i click the “Ask Nikki” button? I want to ask you something on that but it wont work…. :(

  53. 295

    Hope says

    I have the same problem but my crush is my neighbor. So if I tell him or have someone else tell him I am doomed! I see him every day! How could he not say something or anything. But anyways I did have a guy who would ask for stuff when he needed it. And he picked me for 7 up too! He did have a crush on me. But I learned he wasn’t let just say a”nice guy”.~Hope

  54. 296


    yay! summer is coming soon! that will give me plenty of time for new clothes, new binders, new school supplies And NEW SHOES! plus a better chance for my crush to like me ;)
    Woo Hoo! here i come heat wave!

  55. 297


    God. I’m sorry if I’m whinning but no one hardly talks to me here. Or gives advice. Does anyone go to Watkins middle school cuz if u do tell me if u know Julian Trevino. PLZ!!!

  56. 298

    Elizabeth says

    Hey Nikki I have a crush on this guy in my class he stares at me a lot and picks me for seven up. Does he like me or not cause IDK

  57. 299

    anonymos girl says

    thanks is it mine because i am having that trouble but he hardly talks to me and i see him stare at me

  58. 304


    I know how you feel too…I have a crush but I don’t know if he likes me because he always play with me,he always make me chase him or I make him chase me when he grabbed somthing to me or I grabbed somthing from him…And the best part,he tell me that someone’s taking my diary! Thank goodness,we’re just in time when we see my classmate grabbing my diary in my bag…But I’m sure I’m just a friend for him..And I don’t really expect,because maybe we would just get hurt in the end..So I’m happy being friend with him..

  59. 305

    BELLE says

    My cousin has a big problem the boy she likes is really cool and SUPER CUTE, even I have a crush him and I don’t even know him! Anyways back to my cousin, he always acts really weird
    around her, once he even said “I love you”
    but afterwards he said it to a 4th grader who moved up to their math class. I keep telling her that he likes her, but I need a lot of advice I may ask for later. HELP I WANT TO BE RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. 307

    BELLE says

    I also need advice on my own love life whenever I am around the boys I like I talk A LOT! A conversation I have with a boy I like goes to about 20 subjects so how can I SHUT MY MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really need help on this.

  61. 308

    Caroline says

    Hey, Nikki, there’s this guy I really like, and I think he likes me too, but I’m not sure. I want him to ask me, but what if he’s thinking the same thing? I’m moving this year and I want him to know I like him. The problem is, I’m really shy,(yet very talkative) and I can’t find the courage. I think he likes me because he’s real nice to me, and I’m pretty sure I’m kind, smart, funny, and a talented artist (at least that’s what my friends say) so how do I know?
    reply soon!

  62. 309

    Purple dinosaur says

    hey nikki,
    there’s a guy i like. when i told him, he said ‘we can still be friends’. What is that supposed to mean? he doesnt like me? but i really like him because he’s nice and funny. what am i supposed to do?

  63. 310


    OMG the boy your crushing on does the same exact things this boy I’m crushing does! squuueee! Well I’m no love expert i’M A TOTAL DORK but if I had to give one advise it would be, be yourself don’t try to change yourself just so he could like you, he should like you for who you are not what you wear or how you look. Well I hope this helped you in a way to make you more confidant ;)

    p.s I think you two would make a very cute couple just from the description you gave us of you and him ;) <3 <3 <3

  64. 311


    I’m just going to say:FOLLOW YOUR HEART!Maybe he likes you or not,but it’s not good to JUST give up!So keep on being FRIENDS!(OR MAYBE EVEN……….MORE!)your fan,DazzleGirl!:)

  65. 314


    i feel the same way my friend is dating my crush but they never talk,sit or pass notes.but i talk to him and he laugh at my jokes so i dont know if he likes me.

    P.S.i am in 5th grade

  66. 316

    Cat-Girl says

    OMG! That really, really helped! Thanks, Nikki! I have a crush too, (I think so anyhoo, as I don’t really know what a crush feels like…) But the only problem is he already has a girlfriend…

  67. 317


    I have a crush I don’t know if he likes me and what’s weird is most of his friends are girls we are in different classes and I’m afraid to tell him that I like him his class is next to mine out at recess he plays four square we have a thing called the million word challenge and I haven’t got a certificate yet and I want him to know that I’m smart so I don’t know

  68. 318


    I have a crush, I really don’t know if he likes me, but he told me (online) that I looked really pretty at this assembly we had to preform in. But at school, he’s so shy, he doesn’t talk to any girls, but I always see him staring at me and noticing stuff i do, does he like me?

  69. 320


    Lovesick girl here is some advice to know if your crush likes you think, is he one of your close friends,is he nice,you decribed him so well. You DON’T need to be afraid to show your feelings!!!

  70. 322

    Cami Crimin says

    I have a crush to. He is in my class and is SUPERcute and funny. Sometimes I think he likes me, but other times I don’t have a clue. After all, I am kind of a dork:).

  71. 327

    izzy says

    it is quite easy you know your crush likes you he will act nervos all around you a boy did it to me and he will this is a might flert with you as well

  72. 332

    Anna says

    Oh, he totally likes u! You should be real!y happy all u have to do is be calm cool and collected I’m not that good at doing that mysel but…XD

  73. 333

    Gibble says

    So there’s a year end dance for the grade 8′s at my school and some of the guys have asked girls to the dance but I havnt been asked. Also I like this guy and he’s like really musically talented but I don’t know if he likes me. We aren’tin the same class at all besides gym so I don’t really talk to him a lot. And I’ve thought about going up to him and just talking to him but I never actually do cuz I get like really nervous even though I’m a generally outgoing person. I need some advice.

  74. 335


    ther’s a boy named gabe and i like him but he has a girlfriend and were in elementery school but he likes her because he got zapped how do i tell my friend she knows i like him.

  75. 337


    i am bare nervous around boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 338


      WHAT DO YOU DO if you have a crush on YOUR BFF FOR 11 YEARS but HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND I mean SHE IS SO MEAN and he is SO NICE WHAT DO I DO!!! PLUS HIS NAME IS Daren Walker and hi girlfriends name is Rachel mcouski and she like HATES MY GUTS!

  76. 344

    crystal saguil says

    hey Nikki! :)so i read these stuff about your crush i have a crush! But i have something to say boys are cute and lots of people think im cute its true!

  77. 346

    Wan Nadiah says

    I absolutely have a crush but it was stolen by my bestfriend !! UUGGHH !!! How annoying seeing her flirting with him…

  78. 347


    Cute!Well if your crush IS near you,see if he’s blushing,looking @ you,or smiling!He COULD be smiling @…..YOU!Good Luck 2 ALL you love birds out there!:)

  79. 348


    F.Y.I,if YOU need ADVICE……….reply & ask…..ME!PLEASE remember i might NOT get back 2 you right away,but I WILL sooner or later.From:DazzleGirl

  80. 349

    Vanessa :D says

    I need desperate help with my crush…..
    A few weeks ago when i was talking to him ( i still can not believe i talked to him!!!), he winked at me!! Do you guys think he likes me?? I need advice and everyone here at Dork diaries website is great at giving advice.

  81. 350

    Dracie says

    For people who have crushes…Don’t keep it a secret in 2nd grade I blurted out my crush, but now I dom’t want to repeat with all my crazy love friends chasing boys.Plus just ask him it might be hard but you’ll probably get a positive review

  82. 351

    ilovefinn123 says

    My DREAM guy (Who has a crush on me TOO)sadly moved away last year. As my name suggests, his name is Finn and he’s got all the best qualities!!! I’d NEVER go out (even though I 10) with ANY other boy in my class. UGLY/GEEKY/JUST PLAIN WEIRD are the only catagories. Well, there IS always Steffan Elias, and he’s HORT!!! But he’s a mega “date-and-dump” sorta guy. He’s crushed on practically EVERY girl in our class except ME! Mrs.I’mTheBiggestDorkEverAndLostTheGuyOfMyDr-eams!!!!!!!!!
    Nikki please write more guy advice! I NEED IT! <3
    P.S. Dork Diaries HAS literally changed my life, and I mean that so bad.
    P.P.S. Can't wait until Thursday when Holiday Heartbreak comes out. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. 352

    ilovefinn123 says

    There’s a girl in Year 6 who’s like a real life MACKENZIE HOLLISTER, though her name is Izzy Morgan and I wanna… I wanna… SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMM right at her pointy nose (I think that thing has powers…..) …….

  84. 353

    dorklover16 says

    i know how you feel on one hand i thinnk this guy in my class likes me but on the other if he does i dont like him like that but my advice to you is go for it and if he shoots u down like an enemy plane dust off your pants and GIRL UP!!!!!

  85. 354

    lovesick says

    what in the heck of the world do you do if you like 2 guys, but if one you don’t know very well but is extremely hot and the other you know very well but doesn’t show any interest in you?

  86. 356

    Leah Grace says

    Hey girl, I feel you. I absolutely couldn’t get my crush to ask me to a dance. So, I asked him. I mean, really, what was the worst he could do? say no? And he did. He said no. But ask your crush out. You might find out if he’s worth waiting for.

  87. 359


    My friend Sarah’s crush has a crush on me. The following steps is how we found out:

    1. We caught him looking at me during class when my other friend Fatima saw him looking at me the LOVE look.

    2. When we go to the cafeteria he sees me ordering a chocolate muffin everyday so his new hait is to buy a chocolate muffin.

    3. On valentines day I hid under the teachers ddesk to see what was he doing and he put a slip of paper under my desk. During Maths I read the letter and it said: I loved you from the very first momment I saw you. Your laughter, your voice and your angry/frustration voice is all music to my ear. Hope to see you for ever till the end. respectfully, a lover.

    See that means he is totally into me.
    PS: I kinda like him (Dont tell Sarah plzz)

    • 361


      Okay, you HAVE to tell the truth. If you’re older, you have a better chance of being friends. If you’re younger, good luck!If he likes you, keep the relaysh a secret. And when your friend Sara knows that he does like u,she would have to find somebody else. Besides, Sarah doesn’t have a relaysh with him right?

  88. 363


    OK I TOTALY KNOW HOW YOU FEEL but mine is kinda worst well my crush is on my BFF he is the BEST we were friends since Pre K so he sits BY ME in class and at lunch he always comes over to my house to play video games and stuff like that but there is one teeny tiny problem… HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND!!! I mean he is SO nice and not to hurt his feelings his girlfriend is TOTALY NOT NICE I mean I think she’s jealous Cuz he hangs with me more and she always gives me warnings like U BETTER GET AWAY FROM HIM or ill SLAP the Ugly out of your face AND im like WHAT AND she litterly like tried to fight ME!!! I JUST u know that maybe he will BREAK up wit hTHAT SHE DEMON! I like like him but he doesn’t feel the same way oh plus one time when he was walking me to school SHE came and pulled him away from and SCREAMED at me TO NEVER SEE HIM AGAIN I mean he only knows her for 2 years and knows me for 11 YEARS and then she and my crush got to an argument and then she stomped away with MY DAREN that’s his name I feel weird saying it in Public I just hope He will come back to me one day

    • 365


      I feel so sorry for you but need to stand up to her and not like I’m saying the same thing but you need to slap the stupid sence that she had too tell you to keep away from him or just I really Don’t know because I’m new to this love intrest thing I’ve been around kids in school whom had BF’s and GF’s Okay well tell her she’s wrong like nikki would and tell Your “Daren” the truth!!

    • 369


      Okay look girl, get this straight. HE likes you, for the other girl,he DOES NOT!Tell her that he likes you and she should find somebody else in her LIFE. Okay, breathe in, breathe out. I’m calm now. :)

  89. 372


    I think that what your going through is just like my situation. So what you need you need to do is just talk to him about his fav things to do hobbies and talk about him. Then he will see that you might have some things in common that will make him attracted to you even more. Then he will tell you how he feels and you explain to him that you feel the same way. But just in case he doesnt feel the same way just know that he isnt the only guy out there there are other fish in the sea and when you find the one for you, you will know! :)

  90. 373


    Nikki my friend has a crush on this dude we are all the same age and she had told me in the middle of the year but Every time I see him I have a nervous break down because of my miss understanding last year long story let’s just say I was nice to a boy and this other boy told him I liked him and he told me He liked me and my life was ruined ever since. so every time I see him I try and hold in the secret and hopefully I won’t end up in the same class as them again next year but either way I’m still holding it in until… Forget what just said I need help

  91. 374

    Jojo says

    There is this guy I know we are in the same middle school class. In 5th grade we were good friends even though we were in different classes. When ever he passed by he would say hi or wave. We are in middle school now and one day the beginning of middle school he kissed me under the tree and ever since then he has not talked to me I don’t know if he is nervous to talk to me or he hates me. And our once a month dance is coming up and I don’t know if he will ask me. NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 375


      Okay number one, since when was he allowed to smooch? Number two(lol number two I’m so immature.) That’s adorable! Instead of waiting for him, ask him instead! Or else you’re going to be waiting a century for him to ask you!Good luck.

  92. 376

    Allie says

    well my friend is obsessed with this boy and she can’y leave her eyes of him what should she do?

  93. 378

    the epic puffball says

    hey nikki! My problem is a humungo 1! my crush is totally cute and we used to be dating in third grade but now he dosnt know that i EXIST and he is dating some1 else now! help meeee!!!!

  94. 379

    the epic puffball says

    ps. he has dated like 3 more girls, they are all the splitting images of MACKENZIE HOLLISTER!!!!!!!! (exept teensy bit nicer)

    • 380

      LOLOLOL says


  95. 381

    Vanessa :D says

    Hey. This thing could have been writen by me!! I am soo clueless when it comes to crushes. Here is my problem: I like this guy who is REALLY CUTE. But, i am super shy! My BFF told me that he might like her sister!! That is crazy! Nikki, do you have any advice for my crazy love life.

  96. 383

    Erica says

    I have a crush on this boy and I’m so sure he likes me but two of my friends told him one can’t even keep a secret about her brother and other pretty annoying. But I think he likes me.

  97. 384


    Hi Nikki ur my Miss Know It All right now! OK so i have a crush and were actually friends and i have a CRUSH ITIS!!!!:/ Anyway i went to his B-day not to long ago and the invite was a text from his mom and 1 of the parts was “She was one of the girls HE wanted to come.:)” and i had butterflies!:) Any advice I NEED IT!!!!:)

  98. 385

    shy girl says

    well me and this boy (im in yr 6) hit off really well but when it comes to talking we always seem to eather blush or have a really good deep convo.
    We always get along well and never had an argument when i usaully do with other guys but theres one thing thats getting in our way its wether or not that he likes me coz i like sorta like him and we also seem to have a really good friendship and a couple of times when im down at a park down the road from mine he always seems to notice me and sorta look and stare at me… talk about AWKWARD!

    • 386


      I’m not just like all the girls who has a crush at their school.Well all the year sixes at my school (including me) we all go to a formal and all the cool kids in my grade were all like.
      ‘Oh i hope my boyfriend is going to dance with me and have such a good night!’ UNBELIEVABLE!!!

  99. 390

    ALEXIS says

    hi I’m also struggling with your situation I like a guy but don’t know he’s all about me to or worse if he likes my enemy so your not alone!:)

  100. 396


    Sniff…sniff.. Is that… the rare smell of… ROMANCE?! Girl he’s chasing after you!!! NIkki, I also have a situation… think you could help plz reply p.s IT’s.. kinda weird.

  101. 398


    Hey girl That happened to me ONCE But what i want to Tell u is That he does like u nice thing he said That means he likes so if i were u should ask him OUT than after That u will have your happily Ever after story t’he end I HOPES HE LiKES Uuuuuuu:D<3

  102. 402


    I’m not sure if nikki got me email but just in case, i need help. On valentines day i got a valintine and cant figure out who gave it to me. It could be this boy that i really like or a boy i dont like at all. HELP!!! i really want it to be the boy i like. its hard because the handwriting is so common. ( my bff thinks its a teaacher!) but what teacher would put a smiley face for from. So in need tots help. I cant wait to find out. HELP!!!

  103. 403


    Ok theres this boy that i liked since last year. We were in the same class last year but not this year. We used to be in the same table all year. Hes super funny and sweet, dont forget cute. I started liking him because he was super sweet. He brought me a tissue when i started crying and tried to make me laugh when i was in the nurse with him. Well idont know if he likes me and this past year we were in separate classes. we almost never talk because i get a little nervous around him. Now i kinda like this other boy who is kinda wierd but i like him for that. Now i have two crushes and kinda think one of them likes me. Last night i had a dream that my original crush pointed to the words just ask me. Im confused and need help this year(btw, this year, im going to middle school) HELP!!!

    • 404


      plus, whenever hes around me he doesnt act like himself, hes usaully outgoing but around me,hes kinda seriuos.
      hope that helps with helping me.

  104. 406


    i really like this guy his name is JOSE GUVEARA AND when ever he falls asleep in class.he always is facing my direction.(and he falls asleep A LOT!!)i barely talk to him and im not dure if he likes me and i dont wanna ask him myself.what should i do

  105. 409


    There is this boy I kind of like. He is cute and silly. I told everybody that I did not like him and now it’s like we might stare at each other and I am not sure if he still likes me. Like today we were arguing because he butted into me and my friends conversation. I said “who cares about me. so why are you in my conversation.” Then he said”I care about you.” and stared at me. Does that mean anything between us? Or is he just being silly? What do I do guys??????????

  106. 410


    Hi Nikki, I have a crush at school. I’m not sure if he likes me. (P.S.BTW, his name is Brandon too!) My friend Bianca asks me if she could tell him but I don’t want anybody to know but my crush and BFFs. Brandon has humour and is really nice to me. What should I do?

  107. 412

    Mackenzie says

    I had a crush on Vinsent and he is crassy when he is around me and at the last day of the school year a boy
    named Bob said to Vinsent”do you like Mackenzie”and he said maiby so sloo and my little brother wanted to invit him to his party and he said !!!!!!!!!,!,!,!,!, yes

  108. 414

    Chill says

    OH MY GOSH!!!! I wish I knew if my crush liked me!!!! We are both really shy lol btw last yr, I was walking with my sis to a shop near my house and I was walking in the street that was like a mini circle really. And I saw this guy wearing the school uniform riding a bike and I wasn’t sure if it was the school uniform so I was practically staring him down coz I was squinting at the logo coz I didn’t have my glasses and he must of saw me and he said quietly, “umm hi” and I freaked when I saw it was my crush!!!!! I didn’t say anything I just ran for my life!!!! And his little sis( who is sooooo cute)must of asked him who I was coz I overheard him saying that “she’s in yr___)<— (my yr last year) I'm sorry but I was squinting at him and then I run away hysterical! Ud think he would count me as a complete dork!!!
    Thnx for reading my comment!!!

  109. 415

    naomi says

    right so i have this super crush on this boy his name is garen he’s new and from France he speacks english. I pretend i don,t like him but i do i told my friends but they ran off and told him luckily he does not no me.And when they told hem he said he does not like me.i don’t know what to do should i tell him it was me or not.

  110. 418


    Yeah that is totally right. A boy had a crush on him and I liked him. One day we were going down the stairs and he was like..erm…erm..Will you go out with me? AND I WAS LIKE YEAH! So just wait until he asks you out! ;p

  111. 419

    Juliet Baker says

    There’s a guy. I like him and I think he likes me! Should I tell him how I feel or what. Help me!

  112. 420

    Penny says

    I DEFINATLY know how you feel. There’s this boy who I like, and I’m not sure, but I think he likes me back, because sometimes he’ll stutter when he talks to me, and he’ll always want to either sit next to me or be on my team on games. I guess you can tell if he likes you if he’s nice to you, and that’s all that matters to me. I hope it works out good! :D

  113. 421


    I like this guy he is my class.Everytime when I drop a book he takes it and give it to me. But my friend says that my other friend likes him too . Now i feel bad my friend says that love inside the classroom. last time, my crush said to me that love inside the areas. Was he talking about me and him or was he talking about my friend and him?

  114. 422


    Hi guys i have a guy problem. At the 2nd to last day of school i went to powerplay and i had a lot of fun but the thing is i met this cute guy from my school but he has a girlfriend. That’s the thing that sucks. I have a crush on him. I really am not that good with guys.

  115. 427


    i have a crush on someone but i don’t know if he likes me he dose not often talk to me he is very quiet when i’m near him and i seem embarrassed when the first word came out of his mouth when he tried to talk to me but one problem he likes to girls me and my enemy she makes me mad trying to be pretty around my crush and he often talks to her because there only bff if he was my bff he would talk to me too but he looks red when he is near me but when he is near to my enemy he is completely normal but the first word when he tried to talk was ‘hi’ which was embarrassing so i need some help here i need it most fellow dorks ps leave some examples plz :)

  116. 428


    my dorky self is getting worried but my enemy is still doing the same thing each day but the worst day was when my lunch fell i was embarrassed but the only reason why it fell is because my enemy she threw something weird on the end of my plate and its made out of these plastic weak things it was not strong to hold some thing large so that was my worst day but lucky me i didn’t have my food splatter on me if it did i would be like nikki which was ok because i’m not the only one who had that problem ps find some ways so she can pay back o and pps what do you do if he triped and fell on you because i had that problem and it was the most out of all of the problems i had that was embarrassing help me dork friends :(

  117. 429


    guys by reading my username you might think me of some crazy freak banana and nunchuck obsessed girl,but……….I NEED GUY AND FRIEND HELP!!!
    So there is a guy that i totally crush on,lets call him G.
    ok.so me and my frd are crushin on G (call her m).G likes both of us,but he likes M better.And somehow it makes me feel clike G hates me so much!!I DONT KNOW WHY!!!!HAVE G TURNED ME INTO A CRAZY SAD FREAK OR IS M MAKING ME JEALOUS THAT G LIKES HER MORE ARGH please help me it would mean a lot

    kaylor-needs-boy-and-girl-help xoxo

  118. 431


    i am 10 and i just broke up with a best friend we got in a big fight and she said she told my crush sebastion that i like him and she said he said he does not like me but she might be lying to me cause back when we were friends she said that that in the year book and he pointed to me and told his friend something that is all she new and pluse when we r outside i cach him starring at me.well we were in the same class in kindergarden and i am so scared to talk to him and i think alot of people like him pleas help me i am in 4th grade going to 5th grade i mite talk to him if i see him but i have to have advice and when we tried to cheer him up cause he was alone now all of us girls were over there
    then he walked away pleas help me

    • 432


      he probably likes you. :)but maybe he walked away because he didnt like all the attention. IDK much about it but probably this helps.

  119. 434

    Gillian says

    If he doesn’t hang around you a lot, it doesn’t always mean he doesn’t like you, he is just shy.

    • 435


      for me I’ve been through the same thing as u have I think u should start talking to him or play with who ever he is. u should tell him u like him so u can get it over with and that u don’t have to fell uncomfterble around him and if he likes u back it wouldn’t be that awkward. just talk to him and kind of hang out with him. don’t feel weird or like I should stop hanging out with even though people are talking about u and staring at u and saying to u that like, don’t hang out with him or if u hang out with him then were not going to be ur friends well it doesn’t matter what they say. say in ur head that their not the boss of me and u can hang out with who ever u want to hang out with even if it’s a person ur friends don’t like they can’t tell u who to be friends with. THANK U FOR READING HOPE U LIKE THE ADVICED

    • 438


      well i would love to help you kay, but i got to know more about him or your story. i dont know much about it but i know enough to help you. ;)
      P.S. tell me more about him, he probably does.

  120. 442


    I like this guy but I don’t know if he likes me back. In my class my teacher had us write some good things about that person. We put our names on a piece of paper then put it in a basket. At the end of the day we would pick a name out of there and my crush got my name. He wrote that I’m great in everyone’s life and that I’m sweet and funny. Does that mean he like, likes me. Please tell me or help me PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 443


      Lindsey, i dont know anything about this, but i think he does like like you. he probably likes you alot, but just to keep in mind i dont know much about these things. You should go for it. or if youre to shy, just put a note in his locker or backpack or desk or anything saying that you like him or that you feel the same way.
      P.S. how come you can tell who likes who but not who likes you. ;)

  121. 444


    NIKKI how come I can’t talk to my crush. can u please tell me why, PLEASE NIKKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. 446

    Holly says

    Same problem here, thing is im crushing on a guy I haven’t seen in 5 years but hes coming back to my school and its all wacky. I know his mom likes me caus I´ve known her 4ever but does he????? Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  123. 447

    ❤❤❤Fasiha❤❤❤ says

    Okay, so I had a crush on this guy since 6th grade (that was my first year at his school). I honestly don`t know why I like him. It`s just that he`s so smart, nice, cool, athletic, cute and we are SO similar! Everyone thinks that we are made for each other.
    We both like the same sports in the same order: HOCKEY, then BASKETBALL, then SOCCER.
    We both go to this Religious School after school MONDAY to FRIDAY. I see him there all the time, though he`s not in my class.
    And this year (even though schools out) in 7th grade, I started to like him more and more each day. Sadly we were both in different classes. He was in 7A and I was in 7B. I would see him a lot between classes though, and at recess and lunch.
    Then one day in about mid April/May, I realized that I was deeply in love with him.
    I didn’t know if he liked me or not.
    He didn`t talk to any girls, but he would stare at me a lot. We would both make eye contact.
    Since last year I noticed that he has been staring at me a lot. I would catch him staring at me, but then pretend I didn`t see him, because I was so shy.
    He was always so shy and quiet in the 6th grade when I was in his class, but some of my friends tell me that he`s so energetic and talkative when I`m not around. Even now, when he`s around me, he`s so shy.
    Then, about a moth a go, I was on my email, and I saw an email from HIS name. It said, ”Is this Fasiha?”(That`s my name, LOL)and I was like ”Yeah… who is this?” even though I clearly knew it was him.

    Okay if you were in my position, you would be like WHAT IN THE WORLD??
    At first I thought it was one of my friends pranking me, but I asked them and they had no idea what I was talking about.
    Me and my crush, we kept emailing back and forth. We still do.
    In his email, he admitted that he liked me from 6th grade. He said I was the prettiest girl ever!
    In one email, I asked him if he liked me he told me he loved me and he`ll always be there for me.

    Wasn’t that so sweet?
    I love him, and he loves me



  124. 448

    ❤❤❤Fasiha❤❤❤ says

    Oh yeah and just yesterday, we both went to Canada`s Wonderland together!!!! (Well not TOGETHER since it was a trip from our evening class).
    He looked soo cute!
    It was so fun!
    I miss him since school`s out, :( :`(

    But I`ll always love him no matter what.



  125. 450


    When a guy does the same thing you do that’s a clue but when you tug your ear and he does too that means he likes you and you can try and ask his friend because I had the same problem and my best friend asked his friend and he said very much

  126. 451

    Mickey says

    Do y’all think my crush likes me? I’ll describe him first, absolutely perfect… looks and all! His personality would match any girls! Anywho, this is what he has done:
    We were moving seats in band and he had been sitting next to me but when I was told to move, he cried out “Noo!” I asked him why at the end of class and he told me that he likes talking to me, he said this while blushing!
    It was raining during lunch and he and his popular friends sat on the other side of the tables from me and while he ate his lunch he stared at me.
    We spent an entire baseball game talking and cheering on my bro’s team(he came there to cheer on the other team origonaly)! He even bought me popcorn and candy!
    He complements everything I do even mistakes I make, he makes me happy in everyway on everyday!

    • 452


      Mickey it looks likes he is into you full time. I dont know much about this,(mainely because i dont even know if my crush likes me) But it looks to me that he likes you ALOT. try to ask him out or something because if he didn’t already ask you out, it looks like he’s kinda scared about your reaction. so go for it!
      P.S. how come you know when someone likes someone but you don’t know if someone likes you. ;)

  127. 453

    Soraiah says

    I have major crush fever! I get this tingly feeling whenever I here our names together like when we ‘e the only two people who got a good grade on our math tests. Since he will never see this comment, I would like to say: I LOVE IAN THOMAS!!!!!!!!

  128. 454


    Totally happened to me dozens of times but my last on named Jimme Hill liked me at first but then I sent him a love letter that was um awkward he stopped and I had completion with two of my bff’s sarah and Christina he just kicked back and relaxed at all of us

  129. 455

    Jam says

    I really like a boy at the moment, but I know he doesn’t like me. In the past, though, I have had boys like me. Once, this boy gave me some hand-picked flowers from the school grounds. I was like, “What?” And he finally confessed and said he liked me. So maybe he likes you! It’s sometimes easy to interpret boys’ actions, but it can be really hard too. Maybe he like’s you, maybe he doesn’t. I’ll leave that descision to you! :)

  130. 456

    sasha says

    I get all my ” boy advice” from my step mom
    I have a really big crush on this HOT boy, my step mom helps me out with him

  131. 457

    Lucy says

    I need help. A boy that I know totally likes me, but if I like him back it could RUIN our friendship, cause’ when I am around a boy I like everthing gets really akward and for some reason I talk ALOT and say really dum stuff. Please anybody how can not like a cute sweet boy!

  132. 458

    Bella says

    I like this guy breaden super cute,! This year when we go back to school I am going to ask if anybody likes him. The ods of getting jealous for no good reason is 10′/,
    Well thanks for listening to my weird conversation

  133. 459

    Bella says

    It’ me that conversation that I just said was weird so this how it is going to go first I am going to see if anybody likes him and then have the nerves to go to him and ask if she wants to be that girl girlfriend and here’s we’re it gets to the dorky stuff well my plan will work if he says yes to that girl somehow I will try to hang out with her and breaden will get jealous of me taking his girlfriend I will say sorry well because at some point I will feel sad. I just hope that breaden will be in my class when school starts so yeah . Pretty dorky right.? Well my chane is 10′/. So that is what I said before but I am so desporet that he will be in my class so yeah and I also hope that we will sit next to each other I hope you get to read this sone sorry for all my spelling mistakes BTW: Nikki is AWESOME!

  134. 461


    I can’t ask questions on Ask Nikki, so I’ll ask here :D
    I have a BIG crush problem. We met last year and he’s 2 years elder than me. I started liking him a lot. We talked a lot at school, but it’s summer holiday, so I won’t see him. We chat on Facebook and he said he knows I like him and he asked me if I like him. I said I like him as a friend and nothing more and now I’m so sorry for that. I don’t think he likes me, even if he gave me lots of signs: when we were at school, he used to stare at me, even if he talked to my best friend. He used to smile at me when we talked and he doesn’t smile a lot. I’m scared to ask him out and to tell him the truth.
    What should I do?

  135. 462

    Olivia says

    I can understand what your going through, my crush was super nice to be and he wouldn’t let me say mean things to myself and he really understood me and I didn’t know if he liked me or not, a few months later my friend “knew” ( you’ll see why I put that last part in quotes in a minute ) that he liked me, about 3 or 4 months later I found he and one of my gal friends were going out, I was shocked I was so freaked out I didn’t know what to say!

    • 470

      Soraiah says

      He is so cute! He has brown floppy hair, deep blue eyes, and a-and… excuse me

  136. 474


    Also, my crush is named Eric, has a girlfriend, and is adorable! By the way, his girlfriend has nothing in common and we have a lot in common. Like we like the same cartoons, games, and other stuff. Problem is, he thinks of me as a friend. I am going into fifth grade and I am ten. HELP!!!

  137. 477


    I’VE had a crush before and we liked each other but then he left to the place he was born and lots of people crush on me.i say if you like someone and want to make a good impression on him just be yourself.

  138. 479


    My friend has somebody we think is crushing on her and she doesn’t have a crush on him. She is freaking out and grossed out. Nikki please help her!

    • 480


      Listen, if she does not like him like that she should just say that. I have had past guy problems. I have had three boys fight over me. But Eric is the only guy I like. Do you have any advice for me?

  139. 481


    Hi! How do you deal with McKenzie and Jessica??? I mean, in the books you barely do anything about it, I guess. There is someone who bullies me. She pushes me, sometimes screams at my face, it’s like she gets annoyed just because I am there! Nikki please help!!!

  140. 482


    I met this really cute guy yesterday and I have a crush on him we are gonna keep in touch but I don’t knows if he likes me like when I met him he seemed perfect and he told me his age got me a chair from some one else and was helping me defeat me cousin in an in-water war. I really like him but what am I supposed to do? He’s a year older than me being 13 and hawt but can you please help me if my friends know about him they will try to get him too!:(

  141. 483


    im not nikki an i dont even go to school with guys (i go to st. marys) so i dont know but just b yourself!! if u dont he’ll probably like u for who u arent!! :( and then if u reveal yourself to him he’ll 1 think your a phony2 begin to NOT like u:(

  142. 484

    stuck in the middle girl!!:(:( says

    hey ,i did something horrible and feel terrible about it i’ll tell more about it now.

    It all started when i became besties with two girls called briannagh and sarah .They are the best friends in the world but i did something horrible !!:( :(

    I’ll tell you about that in a sec.Anyways ,soon enough a girl who had wanted to be my bestie for ages became my bestie and ps.she’s way more popular and prettier then me everyone wants to be her friend so why me ,that’s a question that will never be answered !! anyways ,sarah,briannagh,ashling and me all became besties together but i found out something ,that briannagh and sarah hated ashling and that ashling hated sarah and briannagh .i also found out that briannagh was moving to newzealand !(soooo far away )!!:( :(

    then skipping on abit ashling and sarah went on to not be besties and heres where things get even uglier !!

    one day i was with sarah and we made up a word pretty !! that ment something bad, like ugly but worse !!

    and sarah said lets test it out on ashling ,since sarah didn’t like ashling !!
    she forced me so i did (it’s a form of bullying )!!!!
    when i did i said ,”hey ash those shorts look so pretty !!”

    after i said that ,sarah of corse had to laugh and ash said wait a minute why is she laughing at me !!????

    and sarah said ,coz ……..

    so i had to say coz it means something !!:( :(

    she said WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and sarah said no,it doesn’t mean anything bad , it only mean beautiful !!ash said no it doesn’t and i said it ment what it ment and she got all sad and upset !!

    obviously !!
    then she told everyone and i got upset so we ran out to the toilets and even worse i got in trouble with a teacher but thanks goodness it wasn’t my teacher and he did not tell her :) :)
    and even tho it was sarah i took the blame !!:( :(

    then for the rest of the day ash was all upset and so was i ,i lost my bestie !!

    so then at the end of the day when i got home my mam called ash’s mam to tell her what happend and i spoke to ash to .

    she said it’s ok i understand !!
    and now were besties again !!
    but i’m still besties with sarah too and it’s making my life miserable having them fighting with eachother and me in the middle of it all

    can you help?????!!!!

    -stuck in the middle girl!!:( :(

  143. 487

    Lucy says

    Okay the boy I like HATES my cousin for no reason he also (for no reason)hates one of my best friends so now I am getting the feel that he does not like me anymore. HELP how do I talk to him???????????????????????

  144. 495

    Daphne says

    I think my crush likes me because:
    1.He said I look pretty
    2.He picks me to do stuff
    I hope he really does but he has a crush on a “want to be miss popular girl”. I dislike them so much! I am ruined!!

    • 497


      I don’t know because I am the popular girl. But, you should pay attention to how she acts. It could just be puberty! If she stops hanging out with you, confront her.

  145. 498

    Bacon Lover says

    I need help! I like my best friends brother (but don’t worry, she is totally cool with it) and i dont know if he likes me. First off let me say I’m not the nicest person in the world to him. I tease him when I get the chance “but not super mean tease, I know he probably thinks it’s funny to. And I”punch” him. Not real punches, just like weak punchy on the arm, and it’s only when he teases me. But I’m working on it and I’m trying to be nicer. Oh yeah you probably knows he is 2 years older then me and I am a tomboy. So,when I go to their house (since we both love nerf) my friend will say something like “what should we do”and he will run up and say I don’t know about you but me and *my name* are going to have a nerf war. He always talks to me when I go there and tries to hang out with me when I am at their house. A long time ago their little brother goes ” *my crushes name* likes you!) And I said “Eww! Cause I didn’t want anyone to know about my crush. And he said “no!! As a FRIEND!” I don’t know… I think he likes me but at other times I don’t think so. One time hid brother whispered something in my ear and my crush said “what did he say?” I said That your in loooovee with me. :P and he said “What?! no! Why would Iike some half my age?” (NOT TRUE)BUT he used to sate my friend who is 3 years younger then him. I just don’t know.. please help!!

    • 500


      Dear Bacon Lover,

      What I think you should do is try to act a little romantic around him,but not too much! You don’t him to start thinking you’re wierd! Then,if he seems fine by that,try to be more romantic around him. If it works,keep on slowly and cautiously increasing how romantic you might be around him,and try to hang out with him often,and if you’re in the middle of a problem not having to do with him,try to tell him about it and see what he says to you. That way,he will understand you. If it eventually works, great,but if it doesn’t,try to post another comment on this website about the issue,and I’ll see if I can help!
      PS:Start by just complimenting him and hanging out with him often!

  146. 502


    Dear nikki,
    I don’t think if my crush likes me because whenever it’s free time my crush always come to my seat and he always pinching my cheeks and i don’t know if he likes me pls! i need an advice?

  147. 503

    Lara The DORK!!! says

    i’m really sure my crush troy likes he me, how i know? well in kindergarden he said I WANT TO MARRY YOU!!! (SQUEE!!! :) ) And well in 1st grade he ALWAYS wanted to sit next to me and play with me, in 2nd grade, in recess he said;if i put a thumbs up,he likes me, and if he puts a thumbs down, he doesn’t like me. and well he put a thumbs up :) , now finally in 3rd grade i really didn’t ask him yet. :( well i WILL ask him soon :)

  148. 504

    Crushanne says

    Oh,, i had a crush, and he has liked me too, but im not sure if he likes me now, theres no sign if he likes me or not too. Actually, i dont tell anyone that i still like him, but i quitted too….i knew it that theres more pretty girls that he can like, im sure he likes the most popular girl in our school, i feel left out in our class, i feel like im worth nothing. No one likes my ideas, and like no one supports me either, i hate myself. I dont even have a singing talent, when everyone has it. I dont even have a talent, im not smart and pretty, to be liked by my crush, I just loved it when he told me he likes me, but now, no, he likes another girl. So i quitted then,p

    • 505


      Dear Crushanne,

      I feel so sorry 4 u!Funny u mentioned that,though,because I felt the exact same way when I was still in elementary school!But what I learned was that sometimes,good can come out of a problem when u hold on 2 the little specks of hope that could come and love the least of hope there is,because I’ve felt that way 4 ages,and it came 2 the point where I got a councelor because I’ve said that I wanted to commit suicide,and even the councelor made everythin’ worse,but through all the struggle I felt like I was goin’ through,I thought of the few things that I DO have that others don’t,and if u don’t picture yourself as an invisible person,you can see at least 1 thing u should be thankful 4!

  149. 507


    OMG!OMG!OMG!Definetly nevermind about what I posted before,cuz there’s more 2 the story!Yeah,the boy who I said was supercute wasn’t my type,likely because he thought I was psycho,which I thought he was myself,so I gave up on him!Anyways,I had also mentioned that I also like-liked that boy I’ve seen at this public library.Well,surprisingly,1 of his friends used 2 go 2 my elementary school years ago,but I could tell who he was,and his friend and him are both in my science class,along with some gorilla guy I winded up being forced to sit next to,and this other girl who was still goin’ to my elementary school like me the last school year.I have lately been sittin’ next to my crush during lunch,although I’m always gettin’ nervous when I’m around him and havin’ a lot of mood swings,so I don’t usually say much.Plus,after a little while of thinkin’ about romance,I literally blush so much,that there’s been at least a dozen people who’ve asked me if I was wearin’ any blush makeup,which I don’t,and the last time I visited the doctor,he assumed my cheeks were red because of symptoms,which I know isn’t the real reason,and he just judged by glancin’ at my face!A few days ago,my crush’s friend,the gorilla guy,and the other girl found out that I was crushin’ on the boy who I’ve seen at a public library.So,I heard that my crush’s friend and the gorilla guy told my crush that I like-liked him(my crush),and 1 or 2 days after that,they both said that he’s crushin’ on me himself :D ,yet is 2 shy 2 ask me out ,and that I should ask him out myself,yet I still haven’t since my friends said it would be abnormal 4 me as a young lady 2 ask a boy out,so I felt very awkward when I was walkin’ to pre-algebra, when I saw my crush and the gorilla guy,and the gorilla guy chirped my name in a way meanin’ that my crush was nearby and that I should ask him out,which,btw,was Thursday.Well,the next day(aka:yesterday/Friday),my crush was apparently assigned 2 put glue on the back of the worksheets we all got 4 science,and his friend and the gorilla guy were tryin’ their best to call him over to the table we sit at 2 tell him I wanted 2 ask him out,which I didn’t tell them 2 do.Did I mention that a lot of people know who I’m crushin’ on by now?Whatev!Eventually,my crush came over to the table since his friend and the gorilla guy were callin’ him over so much,and they told him I wanted 2 ask him out while he was puttin’ glue on the back of the worksheets,and when that happenned,my crush said that he already knew about it,and let’s just say I covered my face with my hands and ducked my head so that my crush,his friend,and the gorilla guy wouldn’t see me blushin’ like crazy!Durin’ lunch,I said hi 2 my crush,but I felt 2 scared 2 say much other than that because of what happenned!So now,I desperately need someone 2 tell me what I should do!Please help me! :(

  150. 508

    Gabrielle says

    Help me,my crush was passing notes to my freind saying that me and her were cute! Should I be worried about it?

  151. 510

    Dorky Diva says

    Wow Ima Good Singer! My advice is that youe try to find a chance to talk with your crush and spill the beans… Tell him that you have a crush on him and that you know that he’s crushing on you. Also tell him that your to shy to ask him out and give him the choice to ask you out or leave… His choice. Hope this helps! Good luck! (You’ll need it! ;)

  152. 512

    joce says

    wow, he doesn’t compliment me but, sometimes he talks to me doing jokes I crack up on. but he says that I am his enemy but he still talks to me. he is the second fastest boy in 6 grade. there are two girls in my class who are pretty, athletic , and smart.(my friends) that boy goes to the same class as me. I am scared that he is going to ask them out instead of me!

  153. 513

    kylee says

    What if your in the 5th grade and your best friends big brother that is in the 6th grade for sure likes you and your friend knows her brother likes u and she thinks you think he is totally gross what do u do

    • 514

      Dara says

      okay so there is this boy at school that the WORLD okay all the girls at school have a crush on and his name is Asa he is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot and I think he might like me he is always always, ALWAYS staring at me and he helps me when some girl is trying to kill me looooong story any whose he is the hottest boy at school and he might like me do u think pls reply!!!!!!!!!! :)

  154. 515

    kylee says

    it is so awkward because the dude tristion I was talking about stands next to me in choir he knows that I know he likes me and that happened on Tuesday in choir tristion wrote a note and gave it to my friend janiya why I don’t know but I said I like Kylee he made a big seen when the teacher went to the restroom she still didn’t give it to him as soon as the teacher walked in he sat down and she had no idea what happened so then she spilt us in groups to warm up so tristion was in a different group as me and janiya she told me that tristion liked me I was like what on the out side but jumping up in down on th in side

  155. 516

    Amy says

    I like this guy who has a great sense in humor and is smart and is a HUGE geek like me. And we started to hang out in the beginning of the school year and my friends think he likes me back because he always tries to entertain me when we’re both bored like trying to crack his neck and not being able to do it on propose and stuff like that, but my friends don’t know a thing about what guys like and me being a tomboy I became one of the guys so I don’t know about what guys do when the like a girl. ‘: / Can someone help me?

  156. 517

    Amy says

    Also he helped me pick up my stuff when it fell in hallway and no one else helped me.
    P.S. my friend said “awwww! ^_^” and so know one would know I liked him I acted like I was confused and didn’t know what was going on like I usually do…

  157. 518

    Emily says

    Hi I looooove this boy in school, the problem is we cant put on makeup or other stuff :P well he looks at me in science and in other subjects, but mostly science. Can you help me to make sure if he REALLY LIKES me!!!!!!!!!!1

    • 520

      Mira says

      Hey Lois!!! I’m 12 as well. I have the biggest crush on a guy in all of my classes except 3. I think he already likes me like Nikki said about her crush. So the odds are he already likes you or he never will like you it’s a 50 49.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 <——— that number is the percentage for him just falling for you. You can beat the odds if you just be yourself no matter who your with or talking to especially around your crush. Smile ALOT like never stop. Stay nice smelling I suggest.

  158. 522


    There is this boy i like in my class he is funny and cute and he is not mean to me and one time i dropped my book and he picked it up does this means he likes me because i am thinking about asking him out because their is a dance this friday and i really really like him. what should i do?

  159. 523

    kmcc43 says

    hi Nikki first of all i just have to say that i love your diaries so much they are the best books i have ever read and also i am in a situation with my friends and thought you could help me with it cause you also have three friends so three of my best friends keep fighting and I’m in the middle of it. then one thinks i choose the other and will totally ignore me. then she wants to best friends again but then one of friends treat the other sort of carefully and i feel left out and don’t know what to do. should i tell my friends how i feel or just keep it to myself and keep being their friend

    thanks,kmcc43 :) <3

  160. 525

    Jessenia Patricio says

    I have this crush whose name is Lee he is cute sort-of a gamer boy and is nice. His and my friend (just friend) Charles told that Lee liked me but Lee denied it I’m not sure if it’s true or not. Plz reply need help/advice in my crush!
    P.S. I don’t have trouble talking to Lee and Charles

  161. 526

    Jasmine says

    I like a guy and he gives me signs that he likes me :3 he sure smiles at me all the time and smiles I think he likes me what do you think oh and btw he liked to ask my friends if I like him. Once one of my friends ebarassed me in front of him saying “Jasmine thinks your cute” and he smiled. He tells my best friend he likes me but I have self esteem so idk for sure.

  162. 528

    Amelia says

    Hey I am in grad nine and I like this guy from wood work and I don’t know if he likes me one day he did not keno were to go for class and sow me and asked me after I did not mean to run into him but he tuched me and said sorry and then started a conversion with me when we walked to class and then I sow him in the shops and he said hi and every thing then next time we were in the same class he comes and stands right nere me. Sorry if it makes no sense I am confused about it and stuff

  163. 529


    Hey. What if your crush is kinda mean to you but In a playful way? But like you sit by him in one of your classes and he said something kinda rude but then says I’m just joking? Does that mean he likes me? But me and him are friends to……so I’m not sure!

  164. 530

    Vanessa says

    Hey umm I have been having a crush on this guy at my church and I have told his cousin and she says that he likes me too but I don’t think so and now I’m moving away what should I do?should I first give him a note saying:why do you like me? And then give to him and then after that I should give him my phone number?

  165. 531


    i don’t know if i never noticed that he had a crush on me but now i don’t know who to choose? pls. and now i am running to get away from him and his been telling my friends this BLANK BLANK HILARY

  166. 532

    Racheal says

    Hey, we’ll I have a huge crush on a guy and till about yesterday he will look at me and smile and sometimes stare at me and things but today he was looking at. Another girl and wen I looked at him he asked wat I was looking at :/ so what does this mean coz till about lunch he was looking at me after that thus happen

  167. 533

    RUMI says

    i also like a boy but i dont know wether he likes me or not we chat on whatsapp n share jokes know our secrets n laugh too do he likes me plz suggestions

  168. 534

    Emmanuela says

    Ok so I like this boy called Noah. He’s super cute and he’s a surfer. We’re friends and this girl Grace is really mean to me and I think she likes him too. He kind of likes Grace and Me, but he thinks I’m a little annoying. I’m pretty much the smartest girl in my grade and the ugliest too. I really like him but he doesn’t know. Please help me!

  169. 535


    my mom sez that if a boy trys to tell u wut to ware he likes u its wut my crush did omg my kitten just sneezed to cute!!!!!!!!!!

  170. 538

    Hayli says

    Well I went fishing with my poppy and met this kid that came with us he was really nice and every time I looked at him he was already looking at me and I thought that he was just doing it because he never seen me before but then we got each others numbers and he always texts me now! And then we started hanging out then last night he kinda just came up to me and was like what ever I’m gonna just do it and I said do what and he kisses me and yet when I asked him if he liked me he said no but most of the the time he’s always tuching me and always wants to be in a room with just me and sometimes it’s awkward but I did ask him if he was just saying he didn’t wanna say he liked me because of our ages because he’s 15 & I’m only 12 sooo it’s like ummm but I don’t know how to tell if he likes me or what but I need help with this!!!!?:/

  171. 539

    sneha rao says

    i luv arnav bajpai and he too luv me but he don’t know me . he used to stare me. i luv him a lot. but he hate me.

  172. 542

    Clo Clo says

    There’s a new boy at my school. I’ve only known him for 4 days but I already like him’ sometimes I catch him looking at me in math class then he looks away quickly. He hangs out around me at break and always says hi.do you think he’s interested? Should I ask him? Should I write him an aynomonus note? Advise PLEASE!!!

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