Today’s question comes from Jasmine, who writes:

I’m 12 years old and in middle school. And as if that’s not bad enough, my friends have had parties over these past several months, and none of them have invited me.

I’m devastated! They never invite me over for anything. Should I even call them my friends?

My Advice:

Hey Jasmine! That totally stinks that they’ve had parties and haven’t invited you. I always feel left out when I don’t get invited to stuff…even when it’s something I wouldn’t want to go to anyways.

(I even felt left out when my dad hosted this bug barbecue at our house and told me it was JUST FOR exterminators. It sounded like the most BORING party ever and I STILL wanted to be included! Anyways…)

I can’t say for certain that you can’t call them your friends because there’s a lot I don’t know. But I DO know that it sounds super un-friendly-like to leave you out of their parties like that.

And then it’s even MORE suspicious that they NEVER invite you over…not even just to chill after school sometimes.

I mean, seriously, even the lunch lady’s invited me over, and we’re DEFINITELY not friends. (Something about, “My daughter would LOVE to see your artwork!”)

Maybe they talk to you in school because they like you, but because you’ve never hung out at night or on the weekends, they don’t feel like you’re THAT kind of friend yet.

If you invite them over sometime, they might think of you differently and start asking you to come over to their houses, too.

If you ALREADY invite them to stuff but they just don’t do it back, well, that’s a whole different story!

As Zoey once told me quoting someone named Maya Angelou, “Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option!”

If you treat THEM like good friends and they don’t treat you the same, then it might be time to find some new friends who realize just how AWESOME it is to have you around!

What do you guys think? Do you have any advice for Jasmine?


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      look for new friends. two of the friends probaly dont like you very much and the one that likes you feels like she shouldnt upset her BFFs that are like sisters to her.

      You should just forget the fact that they dont invite you to stuff and hang out with your bff when they have their parties. But u shouldnt talk to her about it. I’ve been through that it didnt turn out well :P

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      Hi!! So im really sorry about your situation,but let me tell you its there gloss (i mean loss).Just be your self and smile,cause take it from me that if you smile even ween the world sems like it wants to go blak if you show the world a smile youre day will try to turn out as nice as posible. ;D lol and dont get so worked up about it OK .I mean in times like those carma works like magic for some. LOLLOLLOL

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      I had the same thing happen to me
      over the past months we have had so many parties , but when it was 2 of my bffs parties I wasnt invited

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      if they don’t invite u to partys or sleepovers they are not good friends i had a friend like that and i talk to her maybe if u talk to ur friends and ask thum y they didn’t invite u to there partys or sleepovers or any kind of thing maybe they will tell u y and then u can fix the problem if they jusy say cause they don’t like u they start looking for new friends there are other fish in the sea

      from ur friend monster

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      That’s so sad! I was going to say that maybe they only had a limited number of people they could invite, so they couldn’t invite you (that’s why I don’t make a huge announcement whenever I have a party or three-person sleepover or something – so people don’t feel left out), but then I kept reading and saw that your friends NEVER invite you over for ANYTHING, and that’s just wrong of them! I think what Nikki said about them not feeling that comfortable around you yet MIGHT be true, depending on how long you’ve known them and stuff like that. I think that you should invite them over a lot, like Nikki said.
      I kind of have the same problem as you, but only with one of my friends. My BFF comes over to my house a lot, but she NEVER has invited me over. I have never seen her house. I even asked her why she never invites me over, and she replied that no one really came to her house. I knew for a fact that our other BFF who lives super close to her always goes over there, so I mentioned that. She said that I wouldn’t like her house anyway. I think maybe she might be slightly embarrassed about her house or something but more comfortable with our other friend seeing it (she HAS known her longer and sees her a lot more).
      I don’t know if your friends are embarrassed about where they live or something – probably not since they invite each other over – but that COULD be the answer. And they might just not like you. If that’s true, then your friends are jerks and you should find some new ones who like you.

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        your friends will miss u and think about what they done just say to them friends dont do that and think about people who make u feel like a friend . dus eneey one agree

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      amber says

      i 5totally know how you feel!! Once this girl who has been one of my friends for a while had her birthday party, and alot of my friends were invited, but not me. Then everyone kept talking about the party, and i didn’t want to be rude so i just walk past. i was SUPER sad and hurt about it, and somtimes when i got home or when i was on the bus i would secretly cry about it.

      i SO know how it feels, and your NOT alone! * :)*

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        my friends do that all the time and it kinda hurts my feelings i they would not do it anymore like tomarrow there going to a party after school and im not invited i wish the would just tell me why they dont want me there

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      Allya says

      I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes I feel left out when my friends don’t invite me to their parties or sleepovers. So what I think you should is invite them to your parties or sleepovers

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      Olivia says

      I feel so sad that your friends didn’t invite you to their party, the same happened to me once about 10 years back…

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    Jamie says

    I think you should talk to them about how you feel and invite them to a party at your house. If you do that and they still don’t invite you over to their house, I think you should look for some new friends! :) hope that helps! :)

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      Lovedorkdiaries says

      I know how u feel but I reckon u should just tell them or
      Hang out with other people u know <3

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      Gabby Edwards says

      Me to I have 3 friends who always take pictures together and get together after school and exctra. But you need to tell them how YOU feel! I know its hard ,i remember getting home after school and crying while i lock my self into the bathroom. If you tell them how you really feel then they might realize that what they are doing isnt very nice and if you ever need help with anything make sure to tell an adultwho knows what you are going through.

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        Allya says

        I think you should tell them how you feel even if you think it’s too hard or get a adult that you can talk to you

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    Brianna Tomlinson says

    Nikki,if you see this I need help. I’m trying to click the Ask Nikki link to ask you a question but it won’t let me! Big fan by the way :)
    ~Brianna Tomlinson :)

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    FashionChick:) says

    Sometimes I feel like this 2, my friend never texts me back but she texts my other friends while I’m with them! :( but anyways maybe you should tell them your feeling left-out OR you could throw this AWSOME HECTOR ALONZO (From SHS) sleepover party (Make good food, have a camp out or something they like) :) Hope I could help!

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    Ella says

    GREAT advise Nikki I agree!!!!!! And remember to someone you’re ALWAYS a friend!! So be happy for who YOU are. ‘Cause everyone has something about them that’s unique. And I promise one day you’ll find a friend that LOVES your unique characteristics.

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    leslie says

    Yes i do i think you should do what nikki said and see what happens and remember everything happens for a reason yay!!!! first time writing.

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    Alyson says

    I have had to be anti-social for a week at school, becasue of rumors. They make me so mad and sad. How do I ya know ignore them?

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    Samantha says

    I had that problem I just invited them round and they invited me back but when I was in primary school I invited the people there as much as possible round to my house but they never invited me back and I thought there was something wrong with me and there was i was caring too much of what other people rhought of me. It really bugged me that for 5 years nobody invited me round to a party ir anything and I just got on with life just be yourself get some new friends because they’re not worth keeping. Or talk to them and just say stuff like ‘hey erm I was wondering could I come round yours sometime please?’ But don’t sound pushy or they drop you like a fly. Hope this helped :)

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    Grace says

    I completely agree with you on that Nikki! And I’m sorry about your issue Jasmine. I can completely relate. But yeah, Nikki’s right, if that’s the issue, then I suggest that you find some new friends who like having you around. Anyways, I hope for the best for you! (:

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    omg i feel so sorry for u.If u still want to be ter freinds be honest tell tem how u feel about EVERYTHING and tell tem ur not a cushion to cuddle and sob on and THEN get trown away wen things get better im a person tat some people unlike yeh ACTUALLY appreciate i can make MILLIONS of other freinds well certainly better freinds ten yer been so if u want to use me as a cushion bye and if u want me as a freind EVERYWERE tat ur not just slyin off on THEN ill be ur freind but we need to take our freindship slower and more sirasly so tell me now wat u want cause i havent got time for u to keep changing ur mind so i asked for an answer and i want an answer NOW and if u mess up well i wont be ur freinds because i have seen better tan yeh and got better offers and i dinied to many good freindships JUST FOR YEH SO… wats ur answer.i now its long but i said tat before and it worked and i wrote it down so..i hope it worked tats all for now lov from,Roisin x :]

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    Ella [soccer dork] says

    Jasmine I think maybe they just dont think you are that close of friends yet i think you should get her a friendship bracelet or something like that to show her that you are really good friends now.

  12. 59

    Duaa says

    Take Nikki’s word for it! Besides that, I think you should ask them and talk about what you’re NOT invited to! Make them feel guilty- not exactly guilty, make them feel they should invite you. You know like,…:
    “OMG! That sounds like an AWESOME party! I hope you guys have fun without me!” Okay u may not wanna say exactly that but maybe. Remember to always be yourself, not different just to be invited.

  13. 62

    Dorkaliciously Cute says

    As for MY advice, I think that if its someone else that made the party, you should just look cool enough or something to that person, AND THEY’LL INVITE YOU. Trust me, it totally works :D

  14. 63

    Maryreid says

    I totally get that! In elementary school, people always invited people over and they would talk about it and I would feel left out.

  15. 68


    i think ur rite nikki! there could be alot of reasonable explanations y u didnt get invited though. like nikki said mayb ur just not “tht” friend yet and their parents said they could only invite a few close friends. or mayb their parents only allowed them to invite ppl that they know or mayb some of the kids r their relatives and they could only invite relatives to the party.

  16. 69

    Daisy says

    Jasmine, if they don’t ever invite you to do stuff, they don’t sound like very good friends! Tell them how much it hurts you when they don’t invite you to parties. But if they don’t care, then it’s time for you to find other friends who WILL invite you to parties!

  17. 70

    Alexandra says

    I hear you the same thing happens to me. IT SUCKS!!!
    Hang in there & if worse comes to worse find new friends. It may not be easy but give it time. Hope everything goes well. :) <3

  18. 74

    trisha says

    jasmine I think since they are not inviting you to hang or to parties then just ignore them and maybe maybe they will invite you to hang out

  19. 75


    I have to agree with nikki if they don;t want you to come over for parties then they are not really your friends you have to maybe try and show hoiw much fun you are and how awsome you are and shgow them that yeah this ios someone i want to come to my house for parties.But if they still won;t invite ypu to parties then you need to fine best friends that are mopre better for you and somwe that will invite you to their parties to just like in smile!!!

    Yours truly

  20. 76

    LayLyann Tarabay says

    That is happening to us, Jasmine. Our BFFs are going to the movies and they don’t invite us!

  21. 77


    Jasmine,if they are your close friends and don’t invite you to stuff and you invite them to stuff, don’t be their friends anymore

  22. 80

    Sabrina says

    I agree with nikki, this girl in my glass used to shut me out of her parties all the time even thogh i let her come to ALL of mine which made me upset, so if you invite them and they dont invite you back ask them why, and if they give a bad reason well like the song say ” forget you!!”

  23. 86

    Alexis {^-^} says

    Hi Jasmine!It stinks that sometimes your friends have parties and don’t invite you.Maybe your friend had a Girl Scout party or something you had to be included in to get an invation to.Or was it a Birthday party?Which ever one it is, don’t go sulking over your bed saying:”Ugh, why didn’t Penelope invite me to her party?!Does she not like me?”(In this sentance, your friend’s name is Penelope.)If it WAS one of your friends birthday party and you KNOW for a fact that it was her birthday and she was having a party, then try talking to her.(It’s better to talk to each other in person, not on the phone because sometimes phone lose battery and you accidenty hang up while your friend is SO mad at you for hanging up at her.Also, it’s better to talk to her by NOT passing a note in class.Most of the times, the teacher finds out or people read your note and gossip happens.) When you talk to her, it should might go something like this:
    You:Hi [insert your friends name here] !
    Friend:Hi Jasmine!
    You:Did you have a party yesterday?
    You:I don’t think I got invited.(Try NOT to sound bratty)
    Friend:You didn’t?
    You:Nope, I did not get invited.
    Friend: [Says nothing]
    You: [Your friend's name] , are you ok?
    Friend:*Sighs* Listen Jasmine.There’s this thing…
    Then she tells you what’s up!If she doesn’t say anything, just say (Your friends name is Zoe in this sentence) : “Zoe, when you feel like talking,call me.” This lets Zoe know that she can call you when she gets herself together.
    Good luck Jasmine! I hope you and your friends can work this out! :)
    I’m outta here,
    Alexis =)

  24. 87

    Madison says

    FIRST!!!!whoa oh yeah!
    Okay hon!! Sorry about my freak out feast. Just have never been first before!!
    Anyways, Ive kind of been in that same situation. Okay do it’s like my frien has parties every year for her bdy!! I knew that girl 2 years.
    For her second bdy I expected her to invite me. But she didn’t!!!:(
    I was really fuming fire outta my nostrils! Anyway, I talked to her at karate class. I told her gently aren’t u my friend. I’ve known u for two years.
    She said yes. I told her why didn’t u invite me after u promised ud invite me to every party. She said I don’t know. I said, look if u are just going to be blowing me off, we can’t be friends.
    She tottally freaked and after that invited me to every event.
    Maybe u can di the same !! Hoped it helped!!

  25. 89

    Alexis {^-^} says

    Oppsie’s! I made a typo!Before the fake conversation with Jasmine and her friend I wrote, I said ‘It should might go something like this’ when I meant ‘It might go something like this’. Sorry peep’s! *Blushes*

  26. 91

    KitKatTack says

    I completely agree. You need to be warm and welcome if you aren’t already, or they might feel left out themselves.

  27. 93

    dorkalicious says

    Jasmine they should at least tell them you feel kimd pfnleft out so they know what you feel!

  28. 95

    ProfessorLaytonFanFOREVER!!! says

    Hi Jasmine! I totally understand!! I am NEVER invited to events outside of school because my “friends” think I’m uncool! But at school they say I’m cool!! They just don’t know me and won’t give me the chance!!! I hate It !!! I want new friends but I don’t know how to tell them!!! They also insult me and I just put up with it!!! But when I say something to them they get all offensive!!! SO I say get new friends who actually want to hang out with you and aren’t afraid to ask you to come over!!

  29. 97

    Jenna says

    Another tip for Jasmin: She might feel shy to invite her friends over, or maybe she has a personal reason not to.

  30. 99


    I think you should talk to your friends directly and ask them if they’re doing this on purpose. If they aren’t and they didn’t notice that your feelings are hurt that you should tell them.

  31. 102

    ARIYA says

    You know jasmine, u could just go up to your friends and
    Say ‘what’s going on? I mean like, why can’t I go to these parties and stuff? U always invite ALL your friends
    Except ME, so what up with it?u can tell me’

  32. 106


    I know I’m not the first comment because this was posted awhile ago.Jasmine,take Nikki’s advice! it sounds hard to do,but t just might work! try asking them why they haven’t invited you over,and try to make arrangements for sometime

  33. 110


    YES frist comment

    I totally know how that feels really I do.
    I try to make them see me but that just make things worst! :(
    If you want to know more about me go to
    Deviant Art xoxo-Dork and you & me could be really nice friends there :D And if your reading this go there get an account & talk to me, and comment on all my art work :D

  34. 117

    Dorky03 says

    wow…. i have a story for you okay so when i was in 1st grade ( im in 3rd now) so as i was saying i was in 1st grade and there was this girl in my class named neveah. she said she was going to have a flower party. and then she changed it to a justin bieber party. so the day her mom came to school to hand out invations….. AND I DIDNT GET ONE!!!!! i was soo mad cuz i loved jb back then. so i asked her mom “wheres mine” and she said “you dont get one” and then i said “why???” and she said “cuz you have mean to neveah” i was like WHAT!!!!!!when i went home that day i cried so hard! and get this i was the only girl not invited. so yah i still dont like that girl

  35. 118


    Jasmin just talk to them and tell them how you feel! Just because they dont invite you to stuff doesnt mean they’re not your friend! If they listen to you, they are true friends, if not they were never friends to begin with! :). Hope i helped ^_^

  36. 120


    I’m 11 years old and I’m in middle school. Everyday after school my three best friends hang out together and post funny videos on youtube. I live in a different area so I cant hang out after school with them. They talk about a lot of stuff together! What should I do! I live 20 mins away from them. I feel left out. My mom said that she will not drive me there because its to far away. I feel left out. What should I do?

  37. 121


    I think they are just being straight out MEAN!!! I DONT think they like you any more sorry tho they are not even cool if they do that.

  38. 124


    Nikki I need advice, the amusement park, Lagoon doesn’t seem to be famous for anything except maybe the smallest coaster puff a little fire dragon and I love that park. I’ve seen plenty of top 10s and 5s and no Lagoon and I love that place. Help!

  39. 127

    Sandysmiles47 says

    Dear Jasmine, those are not your friends. Your real friends would include you in anything fun they do and they would DEFINITELY hang out with you 24/7! Just tell them that you are not happy that they are leaving you out in everything they do and you are NOT happy about it. Don’t worry, you will find friends of your own who care about you. Go get them, gal!

  40. 130

    Amanda says

    Hey Jasmine! I know how you feel. My “friends” always left me out of stuff. I don’t know what happened though!! It can be stressful but my advice is to just look for new friends. If you are everyone’s friend, you’ll feel happier. Just don’t stick to the same group if they treat you badly. Good luck!!!

  41. 131


    Mabie you should just drop hints like,”heard your having a party.sounds like fun.” Or,having a party?good for you.
    Just don’t sound desprate.

  42. 136


    Here’s my advice, tell your friends how you feel, and tell them you are THAT kind of friend, but, if they still don’t invite you to their parties and stuff, maybe it’s time you find some better friends. Okay, that’s my advice, what do you think guys?

  43. 137

    Tara says

    Hey! I think that if your friends are treating you like this, Maybe you should try to talk to them! Find out more about why they’re acting like that! I know what you feel like. Or If they simply dont want to understand you. Make new friends! They’re obviously not worthy if they’re acting like that.

  44. 140

    fan girl says

    Dont worry too much. Its a bad thing to not invite your friend, but there r 2 things I know:
    1-Your friend has done wrong, NOT YOU, so dont feel bad.
    2-I hate to say this, but it IS her party and she can invite anyone she likes. That doesnt mean its right. She could AT LEAST mail it or give it to others privitly, but still.

  45. 143


    Hey!!! I always send my probs to ask Nikki but it doesn’t seem to gat sent… Which really sucks cuz Nikki is such a valedictorian when it comes to giving advice…

  46. 144


    Yay!!! I was first!!!
    Follow me on twitter anyone???
    The XD is included. Anyone follow me. Especially those hardcore obsessed and dedicated Directioners!!!,

  47. 145


    Nikki’s right but just so that they often take you the wrong way then it’s time to take legal action! you have to speak to them in person and tell them how you feel being all left alone ’cause if I were you I’d start thinking they’re just using you or something like that, friends are supposed to be treating others with respect
    that each of you deserve, who would want a friend who treats you like your left alone right?

  48. 149


    Well, yeah. You’re right. Maybe you do need some new friends and that maybe that you are still just close and NOT friends, try to be more close to them.
    By the way, I’m 10. I can’t imagine being 12.

  49. 152

    Supergirl says

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally, someone who has the same problem as me!!! In fact, maybe you could come over and we could form a club!!! Get it, you coming over could finally have someone to have someone at our houses!!!! Yay!!! So here is my advice:
    You have to do more school activities or stop being shy so you know that girl who sits at the front of class? Say hi to her. And when you’re in the school stuff you’ll definitely meet someone your age! Say hi to them and soon you’ll like them. Ta ta!

  50. 153


    Wow Jasmine that really sucks, i’d like 2 giv u advice but i think Nikki said it all; you shld host ur own parties and then maybe ur frnds will start inviting u 2 theirs, and if they STILL neglect u then i say get some new frnds, some ppl just arent worth it.
    H.T.H (Hope This Helps):mrgreen:
    Mustacheluv :{D

  51. 155


    Ooh I feel sorry for you Jasmine, you should stick to Nikki’s GREAT advice! Maybe they are your friends and maybe they aren’t, it’s up to you, invite THEM places and you might become friends again! :) <3

  52. 156

    sairah says

    Hi my name is Sairah and I have just to much stress in my life and I’m already 9 years old my mom says just don’t think about it but I just want to untie all of the stress

    P.S. YOUR BOOKS ARE AWESOMELY AWESOME some of your books help me out :D

    • 157

      ARIYA says

      Lol I’m 9 too! Plus usually I have stress too. There’s a talent show in my school and my BFF is in it! But I wanna be in the talent show with her but I don’t want to ask her! It seems…… DESPERATE. And my mom might take away my iPad for the rest of the summer, I’m not addicted to it or something. It’s just that all my work is typed in there, what should I do?

  53. 159

    LovelyM says

    Jasmine, if your friends don’t invite you to anything, and you invite them, it’s time to say goodbye. Otherwise, show them you are good enough for a party. Hope this helps!

  54. 160

    dorkdiarieslover says

    Omg. I sorta feel the same way. I’m friends with one of the most popular girls, but her friends don’t invite me or talk to me!!! Why??

  55. 161


    I know how you feel. Recently I didn’t get invited to my friends party. I mean I praise her for trying to keep it low key but the people who were invited don’t.

  56. 163


    Okay everyone, here’s my advice: tell your friends about what you feel, and that you are THAT kind of friend, if they STILL don’t invite you to any of their parties and stuff, I think it’s about time you find some new friends!. Okay, that’s my advice, what do you guys think?

  57. 169

    cuitepop137 says

    Yeah i think you should do what nikki said and see what happen and remember everything happens for a reason hope it work ttyl:-) .

  58. 170

    carmelyn says

    Isn’t this supposed to be under ask nikki???? Ugh… I guess there’s just sumthin wrong with my phone -_-
    anyways nikki, great advice!

  59. 171

    Chaela1099 says

    Hey Jasmin, I’m going through the same thing. One of my friends was having a party and I’m the only one who didnt get invited. Ater her party, everyone was talking about it :( BUT, I got over it after a month. I tried to invite her to my party but, she had plans. I want to say this is my advice but, its not………Maybe if you just take a deep breath and hope maybe one day they’ll let you come over to their Parties. Hey maybe someone else might invite you to a party and there not your friends but, they become your friend after a while and you two through parties all the time!!?

  60. 173


    THAT’S soooooooo sad!
    That’s happened to me before.
    Follow Nikki’s advice , but also tell them how you feel.
    Maybe they didn’t invite you because they knew you didn’t like horror movies?
    Or that you didn’t like their annoying little brother?
    Whatever it is, MAKE SURE THEY SAY SORRY!

  61. 174

    Olivia says

    I don’t get invited to parties a lot either :( I get really dissapointed when i here abount a party that was totally awesome but i wasn’t invited.

  62. 175

    Julie says

    That stinks! I hope you find true friends in other people and even in them too!

    (by the way, am I first? :) )

  63. 178

    amy says

    Hi Nikki some one makes fun of me because i’m not that good at sport so i dont care about them just keep calm and have fun

  64. 180

    katie re says

    Try to get to know these girls more jasmine i mean their has to be a reason as to why they don’t invite you to stuff. Invite them for a sleepover one weekend and if you find it fun sugguest to do it more often but at other peoples house if you need to talk email me :)

  65. 184

    hanoof says

    Well at first hi I’m 12 too and my best friend doesn’t hang with me too and if she did she acts like a total jerk but I try to talk to her sometimes and it works and you should invite them and if it didn’t work talk to them p.s yay I’m the first one who comments

  66. 186

    summer says

    i hate that because i was not invited to a party i was liked what the heck girl i thought you liked me whats the prob

  67. 190

    Aamna khan says

    Hey, that sounds like me! My friends brag about stuff like oh I’m having a playdate and blah blah blah.

  68. 191

    Kenzie says

    Well you should confront them and ask them directly. Maybe they’ll give you a reasonable answer, maybe they won’t. If you’re kind of shy and not really “out there” like Nikki said I understand your friends a little. But if you are always trying to invite them, then maybe they’re not good friends. Just maybe talk to them, one on one for answers.
    Hope this helps

  69. 195


    Well,I think that if they didn’t invite you to stuff for several months, then I think that they are being bad friends. Try talking to them, and telling them how you feel about that.If that doesn’t work then it’s time for you to get new friends.Friends that will be friendly to you.

  70. 196

    Zuhruf says

    Hey, there is a girl in my class named Jasmine, and she is 12 too!!! Well, it might not be the same Jasmine…but it could be! Who am I to think that? :)

  71. 199


    I so agree Nikki! And Jasmine, I know what your going through I feel left out whenever my friends are talking about something and I have no clue what it is. My advise would be to tell them how you feel, I know it may seem scary, but once I did that I wasn’t left out anymore, if it worked with me it should with you. And if that doesn’t work I would consider getting new friends.

    Hope my advise helped GOOD LUCK :)

  72. 200

    kirsten says

    im just about to finish my primary but im a bit worried about my first day in middle .some of my friends are going but im afraid we will grow apart i want to stay friends but i want to make friends aswell … got any advice ????

  73. 202

    CutieMarkCrusaderMember7 says

    I know how you feel Jasmine, but I know that inviting them over once or twice might lift the I’M SORRY, YOU CAN’Ts. :)

  74. 207

    Angel says

    OMG,first!!!!!!!!!!! !!
    Anyways, I agree with Nikki.
    If they are actually GOOD friends,tell them that you feel left out when you here them talkin about the recent event that you weren’t invited to. If they don’t understand and/or continue what they’re doing,get some new BFFS. Hope this helped Jasmine!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck!!:D

  75. 209


    I love this series so munch i can not stop reading it. i hope Makinzey learns her place you just have to keep up the awesome work. i have been reading this book sine last month and my mom get mad at me when she sees me with it so i might want to stay here at the libary so i can read. LOL. i get what you are trying to say about Highschool and middle scool. P.s.,i am ambresed to when my dad drops me of in his huge white truck. LOL. Keep it up

  76. 214


    Hey Jasmine! my name is Maria you know what!
    I don’t think they are your true friends because if they are true friends then they should invit you I hope we become friends !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. 223

    lilsquirrely says

    if they are like that then they are probally not even real friends ,so I say you should ignore them……………………….(and you should only forgive them if they get on their knees and beg…………. THAT IS THE ONLY EXEPTION)

  78. 226


    by the way Jasmine, i kno how u feel. my friends NEVER let me do stuff with them. i gave my last jolly rancher to my BFF and she did the same thing.

  79. 230

    Nat says

    Hi im nat and my “friend” always are telling each other secrets and im always asking them why and what they are telling each other.they never ever answer me when I ask that.im not shure if i should be this girls friend because she even admitted that at one point she was faking our friendship.i almost started to cry.she is not Chloe of Zoe……she is more like Mackenzie!!!

  80. 234


    I’m 11years old and I’m dealing with the same problem as Jasmine my Best friend doesn’t invite me too her birthday parties even though she doesn’t invite me I asked her if I could come she just ignored me we been friends since kindergarten I invite her too my parties so what should I do

  81. 235


    I also “HATE” it when my friends don’t invite me to parties!-.- Its like I’m invisible or “THEY” IGNORE ME! I think they are NOT true friends to ME! I have a friend named Jessie… She is such a good friend but what should I DO! About the “friends” that ignore ME! -.- :p :( :/

  82. 237

    Cat says

    Wow, I have been there. I think what you have to do is talk it out. There may be a reason and it is easier when you actually know it! :D

  83. 239

    audree and allen says

    I feel the same jasmine id love to party but no one invited me over to a party or to chill at home. They say to me ” Do shop at the mall” or ” u need to go shopping” when I’m busy that day. And I’m the work at home girl in middle school who does crazy stuff. That’s y I always get in trouble

  84. 242

    cutiegirl211 says

    hi peoples of america! so get this. theres this guy in my class that likes me and we have to go to this thing at school and u have to bring a date! he asked me to go then i said yes! to be honest i kinda excited! give me advice!

  85. 244


    I totally know your feeling jasmine. My old bff didn’t even bother to invite me to her bday last year so i did the same back to her on my bday!

  86. 248


    the same thing has happened to me, but I don’t mind it because i know that one of my friends and I are not as close as she is with my other friends, but i understand.

  87. 251

    meli-me says

    i think nikki is right,my old bffs didnt treat me like a friend at all(they treated me like a doormat)so i went out,looked some new friends and i found some.But that was becuase i loked for someone else.mabey u should do the same

  88. 254

    Saffron says

    I think you should ask some other people to come round and don’t ask them then if they don’t ask YOU to come round then ask them to come round and ask them why the they won’t ask you round! Maybe they just forgot to ask all this time

  89. 258

    Fnu says

    Hey its ok becausemy friend dont even invite me either.Make them reakize that u care about them. Maybe u should invite them to movies or other thing. Tjis will help them realize that they are missing a friend. I know how u feel, because I am in the same shoe. Compline to them about how you feel because I did the same thing and it pretty much solve the problem.

  90. 259


    I agree with you Nikki. Those girls just don’t sound like real friends. Jasmine, I’m sure there’s someone out there just dying to be a real friend to you =)

  91. 263

    cutiegirl211 says

    hi nikki. if a guy asks you out and your friends don’t know that you actually like him,how do you say yes without making it obvious that you like him?

  92. 264

    Campbell Crowell says

    I have absolutely no friends and the ones I have are like ccps which are sweet but kinda act like Mackenzie. Help?!!

  93. 266


    Wow! They are certainly not good friends.
    Try to invite them too, if they don’t come, sorry, you might need new friends, not fiends!

  94. 268

    Chloe says

    I think you should tell them how you feel.
    I have the same problem with my friends and I have no friends where I live(I live in the country far away from my friends). Maybe that’s why they don’t invite me to there house. They probley have a reason they don’t. You should ask them. I always here my friends talking about going to each others houses and that makes my mad, jealous, and sad.

  95. 269



  96. 270


    Don’t trust them. You sit down gabbing away about your friends/crushes while some superCUTE girl wearing waaay too much hair extensions, fingernail polish and hoop earrings comes over to you. She bats her long lashes at your friends and glares at you in disgust. Finally she throws invites to her sleepover to everyone except you. Then she stalks off to put on her lipstick. You’re so mad at her, that when she comes out screaming that she broke one of her fake nails, you…
    Finish the story in comments! :D

  97. 271

    Danielle says

    There is this guy that I like and I don’t know what to do. I try to talk to him, but he never even tries to even to make eye contact with me. I just want to to know what he is thinking about. I need help ASAP!!!!

  98. 272


    I always feel left out because of my friends mickhala and parker and I treat them nicely and they dont treat me nicely.

  99. 274



  100. 278

    Kasey says

    Hiya Jazmine,I’m The Same….I Never Really Get Invited To Parties.. (A Shame Really)So What I Think Is,
    “Meh,______ Party Is Probably Gonna Be Sooooo BORING.I’ll Go Hang With _______ (Probably My Best Friend Ashleigh Whos In The Year Of School Above Me) She’s/He’s Not Invited” Hope This Helped Kasey

  101. 279


    I’m having a sleep over this Friday & I don’t know what games to play,what food to serve,& what movies to watch!I was thinking that we could play truth or dare & have pizza & also watch the power puff girls. what do you think I should do?:(

  102. 280

    makella says

    i totally feel you Jasmine, my best freind and me could not be seperated, but when it came close to her birthday she lied and told me she wasnt having a birthday partie but she had one without inviting me and put a picture of her and her other freinds a her prtie on facebook. I havent takeld to her since.

  103. 281

    DragonWarriorGirl says

    OMG, I swear, Jasmine, you are my EXACT TWIN!! Yeah, I’m new to this one school, and NO ONE has invited me to anything, though they sometimes chat with me at school. I mean, I invited every single girl in the GRADE to my epic roller-skating B-Day party, but nobody really talks to me like one of their gossip-girl friends. I feel kinda like an outcast. Also, I feel like I’ve been thrown around and treated like a literal dummy and ragdoll. Every word that shoots out of my mouth sounds like dumb talk and I instantly regret it. Dang, I wish I knew what to do!

  104. 283

    FashionChick:) says

    Dear Lauren age 9! I hope you haven’t already had your sleepover….:p but any ways, they are just your friends so play games that they like and serve foods they like (Ex: Twister, Candy Land, Apples to Apples etc.) Pizza is a good choice! And you can have pop or juice! Anyways just have fun, it’s hard to be host at a sleepover so don’t think ‘I hope my friends are having fun…’ over and over again, chances are if you are they are! Movies to watch? Not everyone likes the same movies, so go with the safe choice of ‘Comedy’ movies like Fred the movie! :) OR (This is just an idea) You could look up Animal Crossing the movie on YouTube, it’s AWESOME!!!!!! :D (Or so I think!) Just have fun and be safe! -Fashion chick:)

  105. 284

    Havana says

    Take this from me. I’m in high school and i know what it’s like to not be invited to parties by friends. If they’re not inviting you to parties for one you should just not be friends with them because REAL friends would invite you to parties and spend time with you and stuff like that. But another thing, don’t let it bother you. There are so many other people you can hang out with and you can get to know. Just don’t get involved with the worng crowd. Make sure the friends you have are true to you and will accept you and will invite you to parties. Ya, it may make you feel excluded but brush it off like it’s a dust on your shoulder. Hope this helps. :)

  106. 285

    cutiegirl211 says

    hi peoples of america! so get this,there is this lunch at my school where u have 2 bring a date and this kid in my class has a crush on me then he asked me 2 the lunch! i said no at first but then the next day i said yes! i dont really like him but there is guys grosser then him! the guys have to pull out your chair and all that stuff but to be honest i am kinda excited! give me advice and tips!

    • 286


      that is really COOL in ur school lunch but first of all what grade r u in? & GOOD LUCK for u & ur date! :D :) Enjoy! :D :)

  107. 288

    TaterKat says

    Well, you shouldn’t really ask kids to make them let you go to their parties because that’s rude.

  108. 291


    PPL r starting to act MEAN to ME! I don’t know if its because I’m NOT friends with a girl! & they like her so much & since I’m NOT her friend they r starting to tease ME!:(
    Anyways SHE never cared about ME! cause she told ME so!! Should I be her friend again or just leave it how it is, nikki? :(

  109. 292

    FashionChick:) says

    Cutiegurl211, I’m excited for you!!!!!! :) :) :) I have never been on a “date” but I have watch a lot of movies!!!!! Okay, first be youself, if he has a crush on you he likes the real you! :) Second…talk to him, about school, I don’t know stuff YOU want to talk about! And if your having a good time, smile! :D -Hope I help you!

  110. 294

    horselover#1 says

    I’m so sorry to here that!!
    what I would do is talk to to them, ask what you did wrong.if you did say your sorry and ask to be friends again!:)

  111. 296


    Lovers of Dork Diaries-
    I know you all feel intimidated by this whole moderation thingy, but it’s for a good cause. It’s not really going to help if you say you’re leaving Dork Diaries because of the drama just for attention. We kind of all have bigger problems to deal with. Like the fact that people always think they’re first. Well, I kinda have bad news. So many people have been doing this. EVERYONE. Every time they come on, they’re comment is marked 1st. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Next time your comment’s sent and you can’t find it on 1st, well, there’s really nothing wrong. It’s all normal. Back to the mod. A LOT of people have been going. It’s making fans get the wrong idea. The reason put this whole moderation thingy on is because Dork Diaries has been FULL of hackers. I swear, guys. Would you rather cope with a bunch of liars, cursers, and cyberbullies who try to oust you and take over this site? Or wait patiently for your comments to post, nothing going wrong? Believe me, I was griping over this mod too. But one day, it all came to me. I kind of understood. Just thing about it and let me and Nikki know. Thanks! You guys rock! :D

  112. 299

    Crushgirl :) says

    I felt the exact same way when my friend did that. To be honest, I would STAY AWAY. treat people the way you wanna be treated!!!! :)

    -Crushgirl- :) :D

  113. 302

    Immabeastar says

    Follow Nikki’s advice. If you invite them over and they don’t invite you, that seems rude! Find someone else who appreciates ur company or tell them how you feel.

  114. 303


    im so sorry. :( that happened to me once. a girl invited all the other girls in the class and i was the only one not invited. but, nikki is right, maybe you guys just arent close friends yet or maybe they didnt realize that they were hurting you. i hope this helps. <3

  115. 304

    alysa says

    that happen to me once it sucks there just using u but u have other friends i hope so just hang out with them

  116. 305

    Jessica Chen says

    Aww i feel really bad for you Jasmine i feel the same way as you since it feels like im the entire nerd at my school. ;)

  117. 306


    today my friend was bragging to me about her trip to the mall with kaitie, kailyn, and amy and she said “u should have been therer!” so im like ” an invatation would have been nice…”

  118. 307

    Musical Bookworm says

    That’s the same for me! I have NEVER received any invitations in my 11 years of living. I FEEL SO SAD FOR YOU :(!

  119. 309

    Airi B says

    If I were you, I would be feeling really upset. :’( Jasmine, just tell the truth. And go to the pool or something together. Let all your worries and stress dissolve into the water. Hope this helped. <3

  120. 318

    Charlie Swailes says

    Hi Jasmin,
    why don’t you go up to someone you would really like to be friends with (but not a CCP because they will probably say no and laugh at you) and ask them to go and do something like swimming with you. They could bring friends and you could all become friends. Maybe your other friends would come too!
    Thanks, Charlie xxx
    (There you go Nikki)

  121. 319

    cutiegirl211 says

    hi my people! thanks for the advice and comments!btw i am in 5th grade.the lunch is on thursday! which is in 2 days!the guy has to pull out your chair get your food and take your jacket off for you!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE! i NEED more comments and advice thnx!

  122. 321

    horselover#1 says

    hey I need help peoples!!
    my cousin is getting picked on bad, like name calling and kids throwing balls to her head can you people give me some advice?

  123. 323

    julia says

    Hey Nikki, just to let you know the ‘ask nikki’ button thing dosn’t work for me.

    How do I ask you for advice?

  124. 325


    Look, I know friends like this aren’t all sunshine and rainbows,:), but sometimes it’s O.K to give up. If they’re just being plain mean, just ignore it, and hang out with someone else!

  125. 326

    cutiegirl211 says

    the etiquett lunch was sooooo fun but the list was changed at the last minute so i had to go with an ever grosser guy! the guy who actually asked me to go had to sit with another girl.the guy that likes me was giving the guy i was sitting with dirty looks and i whispered to him help me help me at first i said idk but then i said yes! i have a boyfriend! the guy who likes me asked me out!

  126. 327

    Anonymous says

    Look, Jasmine, not everybody has awesome and fantabulous friends. That’s ok! I need a whole bunch of help with friends. I only have 10 super awesome great friends that I will cry if I can’t hang with them. I barely get invited to parties anymore because I never had a party I just instead went to Chicage for my birthday. But don’t worry! U will get invited places. Nikki invited u here, right? Isn’t that awesome? So, my advice is to be grateful for all the awesome things, got it? Have a great day!

  127. 330

    ally says

    you know,that isn’t very nice of your friends to be treating you that way :/I belive that all people should be treated fairly and that my friend was not fair.:( :(

  128. 331


    omg that happened to me it was in the 1st grade and this SUPER MEAN person invited all my friends and her mean friends she invited like the whole school but me which sucked cause she said i got sick but i didn’t so i had a party and invited everyone but her and her bffs and she said i get invited to everything i am all like no no you don’t you didn’t to my party and she felt sooooo weird because she got stood up by someone and now she is NEVER invited to anything cause she lied and demands people to invite their party now they say NO to her :]

  129. 332


    Maybe they’re embarrassed to have you come over to their party so they didn’t invite you. If they invited those mean CCP gals she-or, rather,they- wanted to impress them. Of course you care, because they’re your best friends. Maybe the CCPS said you were a dork so your friends didn’t invite you to their party. They wanted to impress them, of course, so they didn’t want them saying,”OMG! You’re friends with a DORK?!”. Okay, so this is a long way of saying that yes, the CCPS are mean, and your so-called friends are NOT FRIENDS! Time to find new friends, Jasmine.

  130. 334

    Toni says

    the same thing happens to me I’m so happy it’s the last day of school,because if i were there i’d just be exculed.

  131. 335

    gracie says

    i feel so sorry so you should just go out and do something fun with your family and then when you go to school you should brag about how much you loved what you did and when they talk about there party keep on talking about the fun thing you did i tried this it works

  132. 337

    Emily says

    Dont worry! Everything will be OK!

    Have a calm chat with them and tell them you feel left out and that you feel upset that you never get invited to anything. Tell them how you feel. If they WERE your friends, they would listen.

    Things will work out

  133. 338

    Millie Molly Nicol says

    Well My advice:

    Just dump them like a boyfriend it is hard to know that. Once their was this boy called Dan and he invited my best friend Danni to the party and not me it was so unfair so I came over it and thought up my own party to play with and It soothed me. Try it and reply to me. x
    Millie Molly Nicol advices company.

  134. 339

    Millie Molly Nicol says

    By the way I’m not an advice company it just sounds great!
    You can see I’M A TOTAL DORK!

  135. 341

    JustAnotherrrDork says

    Seriously, don’t worry about it.
    Your friends may think that you won’t want to come, if you don’t hang out with them too often.
    Why don’t you confront them?
    Just tell them that you’re feeling kinda left out because of all the parties they’ve been having over the past weeks, and ask them why they haven’t invited you.
    If it goes on after you’ve asked them, I suggest you find some new friends who appreciate your awesomeness and won’t leave you out of fun parties and activities.
    Hope my advice helped!


  136. 343


    you should tots find a new friends. i had to do that. one time my friend didnt invite me to her b day party and then she told my other friend that i like a boy who gets bullied so i told a teacher who the kids were that bullied him and she just told that i like a person who i dont even like. but she told my best friend that is not cool.but then my best friend stood up for me and told her off

  137. 344

    Emily Ford says

    If they are good friends and you ask them why you don’t get invited I am sure they will have a good reason. But I feel really sorry for you because that happened to me last year and I had to sit in my bedroom until I got the courage to ask them.

  138. 346

    destiony says

    if they are true friends they will see that you are upset and you want to no why they are not inviting you .but if they just see you and talk about in front of you then I am sorry to say you will have to find a new friend

  139. 348

    I'M SUCH A DORK! says

    THAT’S SO UNCOOL! I don’t like that like my BF Adil wasn’t invited to Danny Allinson’s party D:

  140. 350


    Well, It might be because they had a limit. Or they didn’t choose to invite. I once had this little party, my limit was eight friends. One of my friends who didn’t know my parents that much and my parents didn’t really know hers didn’t get invited, She wasn’t exactly happy when she found out I had a party and she wasn’t invited, I told her that my Mom sent the invites and she just gose: “Whatever” or “Yeah Right, SURE” :(

  141. 352


    First things first, those are terrible friends!! Did they ever even talk to you about the parties?
    Did they start ignoring you? If so I prefer to talk to your friends…if they deny everything then try asking someone about it. If that doesn’t work then try finding a new friend who is having the same problem.


  142. 353


    Dear Jasmine,

    Jasmine, I can really relate. Now that a certain grade [I didn't put my grade because of privacy] of middle school is over, I’m really upset. They didn’t invite me to ANYTHING all year long even though they had lots of parties and meetings after school. And I mean, nothing. They didn’t invite me to anything. …Not even for projects. I had to invite THEM to meet up with me for a project. Anyway, the whole message of this is is that you aren’t alone, and awesomesauce friends would invite you if you invite them. I made the mistake of not inviting people to anything except projects, so learn from my mistake!!! They might just be too shy to invite you to anything because they don’t know you that well.

    With lots of love and kindness,

    Dear Nikki,
    I know you get this all the time, but I really mean it. I just found this blog, and it’s already helping me (I’ve read a lot of your books). Yes, of course I just HAD to find it once school was over, but I know it will help me for years to come. It would be fantastic if you could reply, but I know you are busy. I just wanted to thank you for all of your wonderful advice.

    One of your biggest how-to-deal-with-problems fans,
    Haley Stanton

  143. 354

    the epic puffball says

    that’s just awful how they treat u. i really feel sorry for u. beleive me, ive been through the same things. see, i have a best friend and she is epic. but she got split up classes with me in 4th grade and put with this other girl. at first me n my bff still played together, but afterwards, she started hanging out with that girl. i was left out so i just hung around my other friends who were in my class. i told my bff that i wanted the best for her so i just played with my 2 other friends in my class. it was almost the end of school and so i went to their class and gave my bff and her friend goody bags. they hugged me and we were all bff’s again. that’s a way u can make up. give them something special. hope i helped! (:

  144. 357


    Every 2nd last Friday of the month, my school had a disco, and the rest of the school are going, and when i was in year 2 it was my very first disco. And i don’t feel like going and i went, all my friends were there, at the end of the disco. I sat in the kindy group!!!
    And i’m never going there AGAIN!!!!!!!

  145. 359

    kunzu says

    I know how u guys feel! my friend is having her annual end-of-the-school-year pool party that ive been to sence pre-school and didn’t invite me but invited this really annoying disgusting person! I was sooooo mad! but anyway ive found new friends that invite me to stuff all the time, and were going to see monsters university in theaters together!!!

  146. 361


    hi jasmaine if you worent invited to your friends party or something else why ddont you ask her nicely to your friend and say why dident you invited me to your party or [something else] i was just asking in a nice way i feel a little bit sorry for you:(

  147. 363

    melodythedork says

    hi jasmine lets get down to business. i didnt get invited to parties a few years ago but i realized once i read the first dork diaries book that ive got to be me . and so i did now i have four awsome bffs and i had to say i couldny go to a party because i already had a party going on on that same day . so what im saying is be yourself and yourll find true friends good luck . i hope this advice helped

  148. 364


    My friend is having a costume party and my worst friend ever is telling my friend not to invite me. Can you believe her. The nerve. Anyway, I used to help with the party but I said I did not want to come because of my worst friend ever. Should I talk to her? Or should I just let them say stuff until they are tired of this game and until the end of school year?

  149. 365

    alexis ^.^ says

    OMG i TOATALLY freaked when a ccp invited me to her party,But the only thing that was in the invintation was a paper that said dork! your NOT invited… and then whenn i opened it she laughed and took a picture of ME and it went viral so then crumbled the paper up and THROWED it at her FACE. p.s,u should try it ttyl

  150. 367

    laurenluv2002 says

    In my opinion there has GOT to be a reson behind this unless yiu so called friends arebackstabbing crazies who wanna takeadvantage of you whi btw i hope is not theactual turnout ya knowfor your sake

  151. 370

    Penny says

    OMG I know EXACTLY how you feel! One time one of my friends had a Valentine’s Day party, and I heard from another friend that she didn’t invite me because I was too shy. It made me feel AWFUL, even though I’m not a huge fan of going to parties. Then I started to think of it differently, like maybe she didn’t invite me because she didn’t want me to be uncomfortable. Anyway, if your friends don’t invite you to things, then maybe you should ask them why they don’t seem to like hanging out with you. I hope I helped! :)

  152. 373

    Natasha says

    Well, there’s lot of possibilities.
    Natasha’s Advice Line:
    1. They maybe don’t like you, you could try and find someone better, but if they’re really good friends.. that’s hard. It happened to me once. My really close friends and BFF’s wouldn’t talk to me or hang with me and I just thought they wanted to hang with someone else, so I hung with my other friends that I don’t hang out with much but soon I started to feel that they didn’t want me around. I talked to them, and they said that I’m acting like a queen and like they’re the grannies then walked off. I felt so sad I actually cried. But now we’re friends again. But that not might happen to you, don’t worry. It’s just that my friendships are complicated now because of my ‘friend’ Jessica. She feels more like an enemy than a friend sometimes to be honest (tbh) with you.

    2. Maybe they did want to invite you, but
    a. People are saying to them ” Don’t invite her/him, or else I won’t come/ my mom/dad says I can’t go near them/ I hate them/ They’re an embarrassment or why would you invite them?”
    b. That certain person’s parent says they can only invite for example, four friends. So they pick four friends, and they really want to invite you, but they can’t because they can only invite four people.

    3. They ARE your friends, but they don’t want to invite you because
    a. Maybe you’re an embarrassing person (I can be :D But lots of my friends are crazy! Like the time I started dancing at a pizza party and my friends were like OMG! Then one of my friends were asking everybody if I was embarrassing and they said yeah. So, if you are embarrassing, there’s nothing to be ashamed about!
    b. Maybe you’re a shy person, and they don’t want to put you in a difficult situation.


    Maybe try talking to them, discussions are a good way to find out. Talking is always the right thing to do. And also, NEVER assume they don’t like you until they show signs that they dislike you or tell you themselves.

    ♥ Natasha’s Advice Line ♥

  153. 375

    ash says

    My so called “friends” do The same thing to me All the time. :/ It really hurts seeing them all at each other’s birthday party. I mean is there something wrong with me or something.!? I ‘m stopping being friends with them after seeing this. Thank you, they’re apparently jerks.

  154. 376

    Chelsea says

    I’m going through the same thing. My friends have been doing things without me and posting the pictures on Instagram. So, I confronted them. They haven’t responded (I texted them) but hopefully everything will be good.

  155. 378

    Aubrianna says

    Hey Jasmine!
    Honsetly, my BFF hasdone this to me quite a few times, and yea I get my feelings kinda hurt sometimes… but the best thing to do is talk to your friend about it in a calm way, or you can forgive and forget.
    If she’s your BFF then I’m sure she isn’t trying to hurt you on purpose.
    Hope this helps!! :))

  156. 379

    Joni says

    This still happens to me. It’s really sad, but you can deal with it! Just talk to them, and see why. If they still don’t invite you anywhere, then they probably aren’t your true friends. If they are mean about it, then just tell them you are done and find some new friends that will hang out with you!

  157. 380

    Krystin Layfield says

    My friend Amira has this same problem with MY bff Becca! its hard to hang out with them both and try to make everybody but we always get into a fight! :(

  158. 381

    Tess Louisa The Great says

    I think you should go straight out and ask them why you weren’t invited. If you don’t say anything, you’ll just keep assuming the worst-until you aren’t even speaking to each other.Once my BFF Chloe didn’t invite me to her party-I was really upset about it, so i asked her why she hadn’t invited me. It turned out she’d given the invitation to my mom to give to ME, but my mom had forgotten about it.
    Chloe was really upset because she thought i had missed it ON PURPOSE. Finally we were able to figure the whole thing out, and we are BFFS to this day. :)

  159. 383

    Lucy says

    Okay so here is my story… I have bff but then another girl comes along and she and I are pretty good friends then my other friend has a girls night out with new girl and was not invited when I was completly frre. R they becoming better friends than I was with either uv them? HELP!!!!

  160. 384

    Maria Brennan says

    believe me i haven’t been invited to a party with my friends since i was in third grade. so i feel your pain i sucks when ur friends invite ppl to a party and ur not one of them. i hope u do get invited some time. :)

  161. 385

    Bailey says

    Wow- I feel like I know who asked Nikki that! Taylor, if its really you and you just made your name Jasmine- I’m really sorry! I didn’t invite you to my birthday party because I was only aloud to invite 2 people!!! Sorry! and sorry jordan didn’t invite you either… if this isn’t Taylor… OOPS!

  162. 386

    Sophia says

    I have the same problem… 2 of my “BFFs” are closer to each other than anyone else, and that’s fine with me, but they don’t have to rub it in the rest of our faces. They’re always squealing about this awesome sleepover that they had, and we’re on the side checking the time and wondering when they will stop talking. The easiest thing to do is find some other friends, ones that think of everyone equally, who don’t have a best friend in particular. I did, and it really worked for me :)

  163. 387

    Elli says

    OMG that kind of thing happens to me too! I got used to it and when it happens I think about all my other awesome friends that would NEVER do anything to make me happy.

  164. 388

    leah says

    my oldest friend and my newest friend are pulling me apart. they both like different thing. they both hate each other.what should i do?

  165. 389


    i totally know how u feel my best friend invites evreyone but me! Does it mean she forgot to invite me or does it mean she doesn’t like me?

  166. 396

    Makenzi says

    Hi Jasmine My name is Makenzi! I agree with Nikki and also try finding new friends who have hobbies like you and the friends who don’t like you you can always make new friends oh yeah i am a 5th grader and yeah so tell me if everything goes ok :)

  167. 397

    Anomis says

    Jasmine, dont get 2 stressed That has happened 2 me before you need to sit down with your friends and calmly ask why they didn’t invite you to there party if they don’t reply or respond rudley then maybe you should go find some REAL friends remember real friends are people who like you for who you are! be yourself remember don’t yell at your friend she might have a good reason 4 not inviting you like

    Limited amount of peeps
    Maybe your not being nice 2 your friend
    Maybe she invited someone u don’t get along with
    Maybe she’s invited a girl that’s a show off and you might start a fight with her….. Etc

  168. 398

    I am so sad right now says

    aww poor thing it happened to me tonight all my best friends were invited to my friends party and I wasent :( your not the only one.

  169. 403


    friends don’t do that if they was your friends they wood never do that to u trust me . just let them do what they have to do how about u hide and see if they are keeping a secret behind your back. how to get friends meet some one who has got like lost and lots of friends be nice to them and be friends with them and boom you u got lots of friends and your old friends with be sorry for what they have done. have fun ho i for got just try it dont be scaird

  170. 405

    mai says

    I would say get out of my life

    my two best friends have been really mean to me they talk behind my back and even say really means stuff about me in front of me they send loads of mean messages on Skype I just don’t answer

  171. 409

    leah weston cy says

    if someone won’t invite you to stuff like parties and their house you should probally

    a)ask them why you were not invited
    b)try looking if any one else wants to be your friend.

  172. 410

    Nikki Maxwell says

    Dear Jasmine,ask them why they are not inviting you. say “if you don’t invite me to your parties, i won’t invite you” then they’ll probably stop not inviting you. if they didn’t invite you because they could only invite a few people, say “ok can you PLEASE invite me to your next party” i’m sure they’ll say “sure”, and you’ll be friends again! :)

  173. 412

    lissa says

    My friends are the same! Except I was hanging out with them when they were organizing a sleepover, so of course they invited me, but they sounded reluctant so I didn’t end up going because it was obvious they didn’t even want me to come. :(

  174. 413

    Molliee says

    my friends are exactly the same don’t worry!:/ it’s like they’re looking down on me and when they invited me round now and again a while ago it was all fine but then they started to fade away from me but it’s my birthday soon and I really don’t know what to do cause I don’t know if they will turn up or if they will make up an excuse cause they don’t like me… or I might just be paranoid but I feel always so nervous at school so I don’t talk as much… Maybe that’s whyy idk:/ I’m quite a shy person anyway but maybe but it’s just that they invite each other to day outs and town and stuff infront of be but yet they still don’t invite me!! :( sometimes I just feel so alone :’(

    • 414

      Natasha says

      Exactly the same for me but I’m so kind and caring to them but they just through it back in my face and it’s so annoying and plain rude. Like today I said do you want go see a movie and they replied we are already going but ‘it’s a date’ how pathetic and then I asked why can’t we all just go together and they said ‘because WE are going on a date’ not only weird but rude.

  175. 416

    Natasha says

    I feel your pain and this has happened to be once or twice and I never know how to handle it. It’s hard to walk away from the ‘friends’ you have now, you can’t just move ‘groups’ well you can’t in my school and I’m in year 9. Best thing to remember is – ‘never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option’ that really opened my eyes. Your not alone not his one

  176. 417

    Dani says

    Hey, recently I just had a birthday party and I couldn’t invite all of my friends due to me not being able to fit everyone! In fact, my parents told me to only invite 10 people and I invited around 14. Yet, one of my friends is still angry with me because I didn’t invite her. I feel horrible…and yet all of my friends say I shouldn’t feel bad because I wanted to invite her but I just couldn’t. My advice is you should go talk to her and find out the real reasons why you weren’t invited.

  177. 419

    Alex says

    Today my friends had this huge hangout in lunch time, and I don’t even know why they didn’t invite me. And know, I am desperately crying because they all went to a sleepover in my “BFF’s” house, and……. I need help, somebody please give me advice, etc

    • 420


      Look if they didn’t invite u there not good friends tell them how u feel and if they don’t get u there not worth getting called “friends”

  178. 421


    Hi I’m Sarah and I have 2 friends well I have more but there’s these 2 girls I always Hang out with them @ school and they always say I’m there best friend or BFF they invite me over 2 stuff but the day before it happens like they ask me come over and I say yes then the day before I come over they always sorry never mind u can’t come I’m busy then later in though out the day they txt me and we talk for a while then they ask wat I’m doing then I say nothing really just watching tv then I ask them wat there doing then they send me a picture of the two of them and it really hurts my feelings that they would do that i don’t know if it’s that they don’t like me or if it’s that they don’t want me coming over it just hurts my feelings a lot and I just feel like crying wat should I do please help me I’m desperate:(

  179. 422

    nobody says

    That is so true my friend always wants to come to my house and she invites herself but she has never invited me to hers!!

  180. 423

    Hayley says

    I am sorry, this has happened to me. One day my friend’s birthday was coming up. Instead of inviting me she invited her enemy.

  181. 424

    doureallythinkimatellu says

    i have had something similar…….this girl is nice but i dont particularly like her. But we r still friends anyways. She invited my friend to her birthday party. I was the reason they became friends. Then i see this invitation lying around at her house. I don’t get an invitation! IM DEVASTATED!!!! :( :( D: D: :’( now, im not sure if i can call her a friend or invite her to my birthday party. Anyways, i may sound very…..very……easily offended and stupid. but, put urself in my shoes and think deeper. Im so sad! can someone reply to this cuz idk what to do!!!! :(

  182. 426


    Sell most of the Times i throw the parties and habe sleepovers but ahenevad mu friends throw them they “accidently” forget to text me to come over. Don’t feel Bad they just want Some space thats all. :)

  183. 427

    Racoongirl8000 says

    My problem is that I don’t do anything with my friends so they don’t think to invite me to parties. Chocolate party or Movie Marathon?

  184. 428

    Megzii says

    Hey so uhmmm I’m very upset and I don’t know why, it all started when my best friend en my cousin started talking to each other and I don’t know how they got each others numbers but anyway, When they first started talking he asked her out and said he likes her more than me and all those stuff and I was very upset and they stopped taling to each other but now they started talking again and I’m even more upset then the first time they started talking and I’m like super despressed and stuff and I don’t know how to deal with this feelings I want to talk to my cousin but just when I start talking or writhing the message then I just stop and feel like I wanna cry and I feel like he doenst even care about me or he cares more about him and I really need to know how to overcome this feelings ~ please reply

  185. 432

    Anonymous says

    Hey…I just wanted to say that this friend just accidentally told me about this party that one of my BFFs had that I wasn’t invited to. You’re not the only one in this situation believe me

  186. 433

    Anonymous says

    I had a best friend at one school,but then i moved out and changed school and then my parents divorced and i came back and then he wasnt my best friend anymore cuz he got other friends and i am “not cool”.then a few weaks it was his birthday and he didnt invite me that day.I eavesdrooped his conversation about him and some guys go at his house at wensday and then i came on purpose and said “Whats on wensday?”and he was like “nothing”.He was just not trying to dissapoint me or something so i was like ok.He thouth i was stupid and that i am sensitive.I dont have any friends anymore today.Only buddies,no friends.

  187. 434

    Jackie says

    Sup,I would just not be their friend,tell them why and find new trustworth BFF’s IT’S HAPPENED TO ME ONCE.

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