This question comes from Kate, who writes:

My friend is going to a private middle school next year. I said that she should stay. She said it’s because her parents care about her and mine don’t care about me. I want us to stay friends, but will she stay in touch?

My Advice:

Hi Kate! Let me just start by saying that was WAY HARSH of your friend to say!!

I mean, if my dad wasn’t OBSESSED with bugs and I didn’t have a scholarship, I probably wouldn’t be in a private school either, and my parents DEFINITELY care about me!

(Although, sometimes I question that when I see the HIDEOUS, cheap stuff my mom buys and expects me to wear, but I digress…)

I know your question was more about keeping in touch, but I feel like I HAVE to give you some advice about the other part first.

I’d HATE to think that you’re sitting around feeling all not-cared-about, all because your friend made some rude, thoughtless comment!

I’m guessing she might have said that because she’s sad about leaving and she kind of took it out on you.

If I were you, I’d probably bring it up to her and say something like, “I’ve always been super grateful for our friendship, which is why it surprised me when you said what you did. My parents DO care about me, and what you said was kind of cruel, so I’m curious why you said that.”

As for the part about staying in touch, if she’s really a good friend (and you’ll know based on how she responds when you call her out on the other thing), she’ll want to stay in touch.

I mean, it’s not like the old days, WAY back in the 50s, when there wasn’t any Internet or anything. You can IM, Facebook, send emails…and you can still hang out after school sometimes if she isn’t moving far away.

It’s really a matter of whether both of you want to stay good friends. I just hope that she IS a good friend…because from the one tiny conversation you told me about, I’m not so sure!

What do you guys think? Do you have any advice for Kate?


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    first of all, that was RUDE! if she was your REAL freind im sure she wouldn’t say that…but maybe she was kinda sad she was leaving… anyway, great advice Nikki! you give KILLER advice!

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      that was rude for her to say if she dose not have anything nice to say she dose not need to say it at all and I think u should ask her why did u say that u fool

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        Lil kiki says

        U r soooooooooooo right if my friend said that to me I would have to have a talk with her about our friendship! I also feel the same way because my BFF is leaving me too and I don’t know what to do!!!

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        That’s happening to me to and want to make her somthing but don’t know what I’m FREAKING out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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        Hannah says

        Mann! Guys i totally feel all of you! MY bff is leAVING ME TOO! I sorta feel like no one is like my bff like i cant find someone as amazing as her! If you know wat i mean we still have sometime but im really sad!

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      Minty says

      Hi kate! Dont feel bad!
      This sorta happened to me to, but I moved schools, not my friend.
      I think I might call my friends.

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      That was a bit crewl but way don’t you just ask her why she had said that. Mybe its because she was relly upset about leaving and she would miss you . If this happend to me what I would do is after a bit go and just check if she is all right. Why not just talk to her.

      I hope this works pleas right back

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      Hey if this is about what Nikki said u should ask Nikki if u can why she said what said.And hey maybe is right.

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      I think that was tots rude why would she do that? I will tell her that I really care about her and she should not scream at u. If she was really your friend she would tell u everything politely and nicely why she can’t stay

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      First off all,if that person was your friend the would not say that.Also,i am changing schools i am sure you make new friends and get all of your friends information so you can keep in touch.

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      The Derptor says

      1st of all that was stupid to say. private schools cost money, and I don think her parents hav the time and money 4 that

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      I also need the advice 2 best friends are leaving are school so giving me 1 friend left but one of them i will miss for the last week we became good friend and now i am going to miss them and the 2nd friend I knew her when i started school but she choose over me them me and another friend took her under are wings and we started a club .i need your help now i need to start to choose between them for 7th grade it’s 2 over 1 i don’t now what to choose helpppppppppppppppppppppppppppp?

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      Dork4ever says

      Hey guys most of u might not care but im leaving DD it’s not just because the moderation thingie it’s just I have moved so yeah bye guys love u

      Lucia out!!!

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        Bye guys! Me and Beverly (my bestie) have had a great time here. But because of the moderation we gtg. It was nice knowing you and you guys gave me great advice when me and my bestie were crushing on the same guy. Thx you so much and we will vist all the time.
        Love *Stark* & ~Beverly~

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    Tabitha says

    You can always hang out in the summer time which will be a lot easier because you don’t have to worry about school in JULY!!

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    Star says

    Yeah, I don’t know how long you two have been best friends or how your best friend is but by the comment she made I wouldn’t want to stay in touch! Maybe she was just hurt and took it out on you like Nikki said! I think you should either clear it out or forget about it and move on and your best friends probably feeling quite guilty right now so yeah! And there’s loads of ways to stay in touch cause we have technology! :-)

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    Taylor Swift says

    Kate, Maybe your friend DOES miss you. Don’t think she won’t keep in touch because no matter what she is still your friend. I mean, she was probably sad about leaving so she didn’t think and blurted out a rude, nasty thing. When I was switching schools, I told my friend that she was a careless brat who got whatever she wanted, even though she was like the sweetest, most hard-working friend in the entire universe. So still keep in touch with her. If she doesn’t start, maybe you should and send her a text/email. Hope it helps! Oh, and FIRST!!!!!

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    LayLyann Tarabay says

    What a phony friend! I should say you told her -”Hey, friend, my parents DO care about me!”-.

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    Nuby says

    Hey Nikki for your next diary you should make it Tales From a Not So Big Sister when your mom has another baby girl, but Brianna is going CRAZY for attention and you guys start to bond until there’s a spoil alert…
    What do you think?

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    Hi Katie I feel super bad for you and she might be saying that because she thinks she is rich and special but private school is REALLY expincive. If she says sorry later on then i would execpt it. take Nikki’s advice.

  8. 59


    That is really hurtful. Private school is BORING there are not other people to hang out with and i dont know how her parents would have the money

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    Derian says

    hi niki first of all im a big fan of yours and seconed of all im just wondering how to deal with not having any friends in town I have two amazing friends but the live 30 minutes away I only get to see them once a week and will soon not get to see tham at all but when I do hang out with tham I feel like a third wheel what do I do I just feel so alone

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    Hey Kate! By the way I’m first but since its on moderation I get bumped down! Anyway, Kate, my friends are sort of that way. They say stuff that are cruel but they don’t mean it. They just want to let anger out. Do that with your friend. Help her with her problems. Talk to her and let her explain her issues then help. If your friend won’t listen, she’s not a friend in the beginning! :) hope I helped!

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    5boys1direction says


    Wow. That was rude. She’s not much of a friend if she’ll say that. I go to a private school (filled with snobs, rebels, CCP, dropouts,) and its great! :D! Most of the time.. Hang in there ;)

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    NiallHoran's#1fan!!! says

    WOW!! Like Nikki said that is way harsh, if I were u I wouldn’t want 2 stay in touch!

  13. 72

    NiallHoran's#1fan!!! says

    But also I may or may not be taking that the wrong way, sorry if it sounded rude.

  14. 77

    Vanessa :D says

    Kate, I know it is hard. I felt that way too when my BFF left to go to a gifted school. I felt like we never stayed in touch until….. one day @ school, I GOT A LETTER FROM HER!!! Long story short, even though friends are far away, doesn’t mean there are far away from friendship. Hang in there, you’ll be fine. I promise.

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    Kate, try talking to your friend and tell her you still like her and want to stay in touch. If that doesn’t work, I think if you have a cell phone you can text or call her then.

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        Hailey says

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        WOW Really good well I was thinking you could help me with something lol well I hav a crush on my bff he is so HANDSOME but there is one teeny tiny problem HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND! SHE is so mean to me idk why but she is NOTHING like my crush he is so NICE to me and I think we will NEVER BE together we were bffs since we were 3

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    The pic looks like ur friend is real mean but you didn’t draw it……I want to upload it but it looks weird to me for some reason..
    HAHAHA I almost done season 3 of MLP!!!!!!!!! I JUST NEED TO SEE APPLE FAMILY REUNION!!! YAYS!! :D :D
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      Minty says

      Hi guys, do you watch my little pony? Pinkie pie and fluttershy are characters from my little pony.

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    Kate you should speak with your friend and if she understands she’s a good friend. I’m sure she’s just angry and didn’t mean what she said

  18. 103

    CutieMarkCrusaderMember7 says

    maybe your friend doesn’t want to leave, so she made an excuse to look brave or strong??

  19. 106

    nicole says

    Ur friend is kinda mean saying that, talk to her about it and talk to her about certain ideas u have to keep in touch. ie: Facebook, IM, email, Letters. Maybe u could even meet up at the weekends or something?xx

  20. 107

    Nikki maxwell rules!!! says

    Don’t worry Kate I’m sure you will still be friends but if she isn’t staying in touch then make new friends while your at it! I’m also moving schools as well. Wish me luck! Because I would wish you luck as well!

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      but i’m not taylor swift’s biggest fan. everyone says that and it’s obvious they’re not because there are too many “number one fans”

  21. 113

    Samantha:) says

    Seriously why would anyone say to someone else “Your parent’s don’t care about you”?!!
    Nikki’s right listen to her :)

  22. 121

    emmacalifornia says

    I know how you feel that happened to me except my friend went in a public school . Of course you’ll stay in touch i had sleepovers with her at least once per month but now since i moved it’s harder . You will always find people to hang out with sure i won’t be your BFF but at least you’ll have friends!

  23. 122


    Im moving away from my best friend and I’m sure my friend Alina feels the same way you guys should keep in touch as much as possible I still have a friend I get to see that I met 5 years ago!so don’t worry about it??

  24. 126


    PS, I think you should do what
    Nikki said, but also, you should
    give your friend a little bit
    of time to just think it over.
    You should just relax. She might
    just be sad because what you said
    she might think that your mad at
    HER because she’s moving.

  25. 128

    BlazeFlameMagic says

    I think you shouldn’t let your friend being mean to you get you down, Kate! I’m sure you’re an AWESOME person and your so called ‘friend’ had no right to say that your parents don’t care about you just because they’re not sending you to a private school. I’m the the 6th grade, and I’m starting 7th grade this year. I got scholarship offers from four different private schools but I rejected them all for a great state school, that outperformed them by far. Just because you’re parents don’t send you to a private doesn’t mean they don’t love you! ( And yes, I know this is a very dorky comment, but I consider myself a HUGE dork. How am I even a CCP at my school?! I don’t get it!

  26. 130


    O my gosh if someone told me that my parents didn’t care about me i would tell them to shutup!But on the other hand she is ur friend, but if i was you i would tell her that my parents care about me and just because she is going to a private school it does not mean that her parents care for her more than ur parents care for u.

  27. 131

    Scarlette says

    You know what I honestly think Kate? If your friend says something as harsh and cruel as that, she isn’t worth your time! I’m sure you could do better that her! She seems like a snob, abit like Mackenzie!

  28. 132


    Hi Kate! you know if she really is your best friend then I think she was out of her mind!!!!! I mean she would not say that to u suger and i’m not kidding…….

    P.S. SOS!!!!!!!!!!!! (JUST KIDDING LOL)


  29. 133

    Ddluverforever says

    So hi kat i have a bunch of freinds like that well there ccps and iam a dork i am a animal lover iam soo upsest whith cartoon shows and more dorky chilesish stuff and the wanted to chang me they almost made me sell one of my pets they buged me an threaten me they will chang there school one day i realised they wearnt my frend OMG that was so crule my real freind know is doing the sam thing and iam ignoring them and made new frends

  30. 139

    Mackenzie says

    Well, I don’t know anything about your friend, Katie, but based on the thing she said, I’ll consider her as a rude girl. Unless she is just sad or mad about leaving, like Nikki said, or maybe something happened between her and your parents? I hope things get better or already got. xo

  31. 140


    wow what a mean thing to say i really think you should stop being friends with your friend but if she is normally a gr8t friend then it is ok but only if she is a really good friend.But if you think you should stop being friends with her let her down easy like say:”hi blah blah blah(i don’t know her name!)i was thinking about what you said and that was kinda mean and all i said was i think you should stay here in this school so you would know i miss you :( but i dont want to be hanging around you any more” dont say it like this :”you are the worst friend ever i never want to see your nasty face ever again you are just terrible no dont talk to me(and start sobbing and poping tick-tacks in your mouth.

  32. 142

    TaterKat says

    OK, so here’s my advice

    If she doesn’t say sorry in awhile, or will ignore you, maybe she’s not a REAL FRIEND. That is kind of cruel to say anyways. If she says mean things to you, and doesn’t tell you sorry, then that means she’s not a friend of yours.

    When you people use Ask Nikki Advice, you need to EXPLAIN MORE!! Like, you say…”I have a problem at school. All the kids are mean to me for no reasons.” You need to explain HOW they are being mean to you.

    Kate, well, you also need to tell Nikki if the girl who said that cruel thing says AWFUL things to you.
    Hope this helps!! I feel bad for you.

  33. 143

    Serena says

    Wow I can’t believe she really said that to u. But don’t worry I have gone through that my whole life and I’m already 11 years old. If I can stand up for myself so can u Nikki

  34. 144


    Don’t worry Nikki if I can stand up for myself so can u. I have gone through fighting with friends and then getting back together as friends my whole life and I’m only 13 and I’m in seventh grade.

  35. 145


    Wow! Soo rude of her to say that,Kate! Talk about hurtful.Just remember that your parents DO care about you no matter what. And you and her can still hang out on weekends or after school!:)

  36. 149

    Secret Gurl says

    Hi Kate,
    Well first of all, whhat your friend said was just plain rude… And horrible! My BFF would never say that to me! If she’s a bad friend to you, make new friends! You seem super nice!

  37. 151

    caralee milbourn in michigan USA says

    i would tell her the same thing scarlet says. i have the sane problems but they are not with my friend they are with a girl named darshay johnson! so bye for now <3

  38. 156


    My friend switched schools and ever since then I seem to have lost my friends. Two of my friends are in a fight so they stop hanging out with me so much and the boys in my class are too wrapped up in their own lives to care and the other girls in my class are so snobby because they only hang out with each other.

  39. 157

    I_Am_A_Teen_Titan says


  40. 161


    Seriously?! “Your parents don’t care about you”?! Oh, so you’re just gonna let her walk all over you? Please. I’ve heard that one before.

  41. 162


    Hey guys. If anyone sees ‘dis, I made a new blog entry a couple days ago. Just click my name to go on the journey to my blog. It’s a real adventure.

  42. 164

    kayla says

    ok 1st of all why on earth would ur friend say something like that?!!? trust me iv learned from stuff like this and i would ask her why did she say that like i agree with niki on that part and i usually stay in touch with freinds by facebook and video chat :) like skype and on facebook u can talk to freinds there

  43. 165

    kayla says

    lily why would u want to die you should not want to die think about the stuff u would miss like getting married and having kids and prom!! u dont want to miss that i recomend u talk to ur freinds and parents about this comment and why u would do something like that

  44. 168

    Vivi says

    Haii guys :)
    Wow Kate what your friend said was a little harsh O.o Maybe try talking to her and ask her why she said that. Maybe she was a little stressed out.

    Btw Nikki that was an awesome advice :D

  45. 170

    josie says

    hey Nikki my best friend is going to move east and I can’t be with her or call or text her what should I do!!!! :(

  46. 173

    Unicorn Power! says

    the same thing happened to me!
    My Friend moved to the US,
    and then when she comes back she´s
    going to another school and i´m so sad!
    I miss her so much!
    what do i do?

  47. 175


    That was so harsh of her! If you want to stay friends, you can text, call each other on the phone, and invite each other over. But your parents do care about you, Kate, even if she says they don’t. (Not that I’m trying to be mean, but she doesn’t know whether they do or not!)

    Hope this advice helps and makes you feel more comfortable! To you, Nikki, GREAT advice!

  48. 178

    Jessica says

    Well I can totally relate to this. I am going to a high school next year that’s really far away from the school that ALL my friends are going to but, I am calm about it and i would NEVER say anything like that to any of my best- friends! ;D

  49. 179

    Jessica200101 says

    Well I can totally relate to this. I am going to a high school next year that’s really far away from the school that ALL my friends are going to but, I am calm about it and I would NEVER say anything like that to any of my Best- Friends! :D

  50. 180

    horselover#1 says

    dead hamsters!
    well,you sure don’t feel my pain!
    my grandpa died on april first and i am still hoping it was all a dream!

  51. 181

    horselover#1 says

    Kate, I totally feel your pain!
    except my friend took my 2 best friends away from me!
    the way she did it was first taking my friend Moriah away and not letting her even talk to us!!!then she took my friend Katelyn. and then she tried to take me, but did i let her,NO!!(what i mean by “take away”i mean, basically take her arm and pull her away and say”lets go play Moriah but not with these two!”)
    i just said leave me be your not my friend. a friend does not take my 2 best friends away from me!
    and then my friend Moriah started saying:”since you don’t like my friend(the one who did what i just told you her name is Caroline Wolf)your not my friend!”that was hurtful but my other friend Macie helped me and now we are friends again.
    at least you were not in my situation!
    my advice is, do what i did, tell a friend ask them to help you.
    hope it works!

  52. 183

    horselover#1 says

    you know comment 75, that is what i meant for you, i did not know the “reply” button yet….

  53. 184

    ally says

    that was really mean of her to say!!!!! maybe you should consider not being as good friends as you used to be ,but still be friends:) :)

  54. 185


    I looked on Makenzies blog,and I feel sorry for her.she only has two posts and one coment.But she’s a brat so I’ll get over it easily

  55. 186

    BlazeFlameMagic says

    I just read my previous comment. I want to delete it!! It sounds WAY too posh!!!! Noooooooooooooooo!! I’m not posh! :0

  56. 188

    Emily says

    Hi nikki that was seriously mean thats like something the ccps would say any way one of my bffs is leaving and i would just stay friends and make here last day great and she will feel better and email her about all the gossip to stay in conntactand if she doesn’t then she isn’t a good friend and if you have another friend then hang out with her
    p.s. i am your number 1 fan !!!

  57. 192

    SammiKinz says

    Hey! Is anyone on here? BTW, I’m now 13!!!!! My birthday was Thursday, and I was given a lot of money. I now have $300! :D But still not enough to buy an iPad. The cheapest one is $330. :(

  58. 197


    I know what it feels like because i got moved to this new school and my bff was at my old school and i might go back to my old school next year and my bff said she was moving to San Deigo and so i do not know what to do because the only person i know there is my WORST ENEMY!! yeah so if you keep in touch here’s what i did i told her that she can come over to my house and she said that i can to so we are still bffs and i get to see her once and a while because her brother is my cousins friend so yes i get to see her still + we have been bff since we were probably like about 1and we are 9 now and we will be bff till we die so if she is that nice do what i am doing or if she is mean get a new friend thats my advice bye

  59. 201

    ~$#1PINKLOVER1#$~ says

    Ok, like Nikki said, that was super harsh. Btw, I’m new. She shouldn’t have said that! Maybe u should say something about it. Or break up. Whichever works for ya sweetie pie :D.

  60. 202


    CHEWY COOKIE BITS! Kate, that’s what happened to me. My friend harshly told me she was transferring to another school and I got so mad, that I smashed a dictionary in my laptop and the glass broke. It fell on my foot and I had to go to the nurse. Anger management is a HUGE problem. So remember, hold your temper no matter what and try not to get hit on the head

  61. 203


    Lily? What are you talking about? Don’t do anything like that! You’ve got a long life to live, and It’s not worth throwing away. What’s wrong? You can tell me, I’m super with advice.

  62. 204

    heyyyyyyyyyyyy says

    omg i know this must sound like totally cray-cray but i like totoally agree with nikki well part of it. your friend was just overreacting i mean she just might be mad and sad and frustrated that your pressuring her to stay maybe your not but im just saying it is nothing to take personally. my best friend moved away and were still chatting sure i found other friends and so did she but you can always plan hang-outs and skype and cell. just remeber dont worry

  63. 205


    Ok, what your “friend” said was actually pretty harsh, Kate. But if she’s not always like that and is usually nice to you, she’d totally wanna keep in touch with you! IF she’s usually that harsh and mean, … you might want to consider not staying as such close friends… As in, you can IM her and Email or whatevs, but you don’t need to be so devoted. Hang out with other friends too! You don’t wanna be a sad loner, do you??

    • 207

      Emily and grace your number one fans says

      what does that mean and what are you actually trying to say i don’t get chinese

  64. 208

    Rachel says

    BRANDON ! BRANDON! BRANDON! Nah, just kidding , but it would be nice to see a post that has at least his name in it soon. Maybe after one or two more , maybe three blogs….? ];)

    • 209


      My best friend is leaving to. Honestly when I was texting her she was like omg I dont like my mom she doesn’t care about anything but herself and I felt bad cuz her mom is way overprotective and won’t let us have sleepovers if I what to do my bestie is leaving and my head and heart hurts

  65. 211

    kittycat says

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    • 213


      sounds SO cool kittycat but u need a username and pass 2 get in and i dont hav one :( sorry girly!
      cld u tell me the pass so i can check ur blog out it sounds really cool! :mrgreen:

      • 214

        kittycat says

        oh you don’t need a pass and you don’t need a username too! (its because its a private blog) but ill make it into a public blog! so everyone can see it ^-^

  66. 216

    Emily and grace your number one fans says

    Hi Nikki,I know how that feels one of my friends is leaving in July why does it have to be so soon any way my advies is to make her last day great and stay in conntact by texting, emailing, phoning, writing letters and skyping and tell them all the gossip that is going on at school or high school okay now grace is going to write something love Emily

    p.s. I am your best fan i am sure loads of people say that to you but realy me and Grace are mad about you not in that way a bit like chole and zoey oh and also i am dressing up as zoey or chloe for book day i would have been you if half of the class where not dressing up as you and this one last question ARE YOU REAL and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE REPLY TO THIS IT WOULD MEAN THE WORLD AND UNIVERS TO US
    hi Nikki,
    i have been bullied too.i wish those stupid people who think they are more better and powerful than us.thats why i find it is easier to agnore them .so thats why i find your books so inspiaring because they help me along the way. Plus your books are really populer in our school .
    P.S.im your biggest fan!(me and emily are best friends)and the PS emily wrote earlair was true and from both of us! please come to our school if you want to its in England to in cambrige in cambourne in the vine please ( and our head teacher has purple hair)oh and i have a really anoying little sister to Emily thinks so al well LOL okay i really need to go now my sister is nagging me to play babies with her as you would do AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH so gotta wizzzzzzzzzzzz bye bye

  67. 217

    mer says

    my friend moved schools and i was really mad but we still keep in touch by txting call and we go to the same church. she wasent rude about any thing though.we met in kindergarden and if you are true friends you will always be. her name is madisyn but i call her maditwin because we look alot alike.we even tricked endom people at the grogery store to think we were twins!!! i love that girl

  68. 218

    Dorky Toucan says

    Hi that is soooo mean how could your friend say that, since I’m typing this on my iPad and i somtimes make mitsakes, you cant relly read it that well but still, you dont deserve a mean rude friend who cant interact with you the right way.

  69. 221


    HMM I HAVE A QUESTION AND A PROB TOO I have a crush and its my BEST FRIEND BESTEST FRIEND But he has a girlfriend SHE IS REALLY MEAN TO ME but he is nothing like her I mean my crush is really nice to me but hi GIRLFRIEND IS SO MEAN TO ME and IDK why? me ans him were friend since we were 3! NOT LYING

  70. 224

    Erin Wilson says

    What she said was mean, I agree with Nikki, tell her what you feel about the comment. And I would get her phone number, call or text her everyday and she will hopefully text you back.

    Hope this helps :-)

  71. 225

    cynthia says

    Hey kate don’t worry about it even if she moves,stay in touch!email,txt,call,I know how u felt cause I moved skools 4 yes thts right 4 times and NONE of my friends cared but if ur friend is stil talking ect 2 u ask her y she was so rude 2 u and try telling her in a nice way (on the phone and not at her house or she might kick u out)y did u say that my parents don’t care about me cause they actually care about me A LOT oh and BTW if she says that 2 u she’s prob just jelous that u might hav better loving parents because my old friend was always jelous of me and tried to make me feel bad just cause I had something better that her even if it was just a PENCIL CRAYON but anyway hope ya feel better!! ;D

  72. 226

    spish says

    Let me start by what Crazy thing your friend said.

    I feel the same about that.

    My bestie was in a graphics art class. She was playing with me in an online game. She was uploading graphics that she drew to the moderators. She woke up the next week and went online and she said she got banned FOREVER. It said she stole graphics. But I watched her make them!

    She even makes her own templates. I sent a dear nikki letter.Help!

    • 227

      Anna says

      I think u should not be friends with her that is just so rude what she said! Ariya is so right!

  73. 229

    Carina & Nicole says

    You should try to convince your friends parents to let your friend stay at the school she originally went to with the help of your friend think of a unique way to convince them.

  74. 236

    Emily says

    When your friend said that her parents cared about her and yours dont, she was obviously upset about leaving. She was just sad and needed to express how she felt. She did not mean it, I am sure your parents care about you a lot! You seem nice. Make sure you support her and ask her to stay in contact. If she was your real friend, she would love to stay in contact.

  75. 237


    I know how Kate feels, I have had TWO good friends of mine leave my school, one of them was moving because one of my other friends was
    bullying her, and she wouldnt let me play with
    her only my BFF, and the second was the one bullying the first one she followed her and did
    it bc she lived closer to it, so close she could run and not break a sweat or hypervenilate, she was a STRANGE kid……………………………………………………………………………

  76. 240


    Hi Kate!

    First of all,that word MY PARENT CARE ABOUT ME AND NOT YOU is totally harsh!But if you want to be friends when she’s in another school,just make a communiacation with her or chat her on facebook..Or,if you know their house (or your parents would allow you to visit her) go and visit her..I feel what you feel…It’s kind of sad but you can make friends in to your other classmates but nothing can replace your friendship.. <3

  77. 241

    JustAnotherrrDork says

    That is really harsh. To be honest, I’d consider if this girl really is your friend. Friends, even in the worst times, don’t say such harsh things to each other, especially about each other’s parents.
    If you do still want to keep in touch with her, Facebook chat her! If she hasn’t got a Facebook, or you haven’t (in that case beg your mom)then swap numbers. You can text each other as long as you keep your phones topped up!
    Hope my advice helped


  78. 242

    cupcakecrazygurl says

    u must have felt hurt when ur friend said that……Well anyway, NiKki’s advice was awesome…hope that makes u feel better

  79. 243

    Nikkirocks says

    Number one, that was R-U-D-E! True friends DO NOT say that kind of stuff! Nikki, I like your advice! That was KILLER advice, girl! BTW, Kate, Here’s a few options you can choose from:

    1. Don’t be her friend
    2. Talk to her about it
    3. Make it up with her

    Good Luck! =3

  80. 245

    Amy says

    Me too. I get so scared when I’m up making speeches. but good luck! Nikki, ps i love dork diaries 6!

  81. 246

    taylorswift9586 says

    I need advice Im a ccp at school and my dorky friends think I hate them because I never hang with them but that’s not true!!!
    one of them is really mean but the other two are really nice I don’t hang with them because they hang with mean one ALL THE TIME! please help!

  82. 247

    serenity says

    look what she said was cruel and you need to talk that out. start out with what ur feeling. say “look your my friend and I love you and I don’t want you to go because once your gone ill miss you. and if theres any way we can stay in touch then I will be ok with you leaving so plz talk to your parents” that’s my advise

  83. 248

    Secret says

    First of all, if you and she got a phone (which I think you both have) get her mobile number so u could text or call her.
    Second of all, tell your friend how YOU feel about what she said. If I was you, I would say something like “How could you say that to me?! Do you know how much it hurts me? Are you even my friend?”
    I had happened to me three times but instead, I agued.
    That’s my advice, Kate. Good Luck! :)

  84. 249


    oh you poor poor thing! in third grade i told my friend see you next year and ended up moving so i havent seen her since..the worst part i never got to say goodbye..it just makes me feel really bad how i didnt say bye to her.i also think that your friend was really harsh about the whole moving thing.. I MEAN LIKE MY PARENTS CAE ABOUT ME AND YOUR DONT>> IMEAN WHAT IS THAT?! one more thing if you want to remember your friend ask her for a picture of her. HOPE THIS HELPED!!! -penguincutiepop101

  85. 250


    OMG I cant believe your friend actually said that it is very rude and no offense but is she really your friend?

  86. 254

    laurenluv2002 says

    Your friend (and it pretty much kills me to call her an ACTUAL friend) needs to know how that ruthless snooty little comment made you feel because and please dont take this the wrong way even if she has more money clothes toys beauty whatevs her parents do NOT care about her anymore than your parents care about you she has 0% right to ever think that

  87. 259

    Julie says

    I totally get what your going through my BFF (now former BFF) went to a private school and because we haven’t been keeping in touch she totally is different then I remember. scheldule slumber parties and face chat, trips to the mall etc. just DON”T speak to each other every month make it more recent than every other month.

  88. 261


    that was a seriously mean thing to say, I’m in fifth grade and in two years time only four people will go to private schools. that doesn’t mean your parents don’t care. Some people go private schools so people don’t! sheesh!!!!!! Lol

  89. 262

    BFF247 says

    I would feel SO upset if my best friend said that to me. Although I can see why she would be mad. I mean, she is moving schools, right? And she will probably miss you to bits! But that was pretty harsh

  90. 263


    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!LIKE,I MEAN COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!(that was me screaming my head off!!!)that was sooo not true!!!Of course your parents care about you!!!your friend was probably just upset about it!!!But that was just plain RUDE!!!THAT insult sounded like it came from a 5 year old!!! :)

  91. 265

    Panda Girl says

    If someone said that to me i would stand up for myself. No one is a REAL friend if they say that. Going to a private school isn’t better. She should really think more before she says really mean and hurtful things like that. I hope she is happy with herself because if i said that, i would never be!

  92. 266

    Jam says

    She might be a good friend usually but can be rude occasionally – my best friends are like that. Sometimes they can be downright horrid, but within a couple of days we’re best friends again! Like Nikki says, you can keep in touch easily. Even if it is hard for you, it’s not the end of the world. I moved school and left my best ever friend… but she still is my best ever friend. Trust me, it’ll be OK! :)

    • 268

      JustAskMillie says

      Hi “Dorky friend”! One of my best friends moved half-way across the earth, and it’s been nearly 2 years since she moved!

      But guess what? We still keep in touch, and sometimes she even comes to visit! There are SO many different ways to keep in touch with your best friend, no matter HOW far away she is!

      1) email her
      2) call her
      3) send her letters
      4) use social networking sites (facebook, twitter, ect.)
      5) I don’t know if skype is considered a social networking site, but it’s AWESOME to keep in touch, because you actually get to see and hear your friend!!

      And also, don’t forget that your BFF isn’t your only friend! Try to make some new friends, your BFF will always have a special place in your heart!

      I hope I helped!!!!!!!!!!
      -Millie 8) :mrgreen: :D

  93. 269

    Ella says

    Right, Kate!
    TOTALLY feeling your pain. Also, what a mean way to say why they are moving schools! Firstly, you need to go up to her and say:
    A) Girlfriend, if my parents didn’t care about me, why am I wouldn’t have been friends with you because when they first saw you, they thought ICK. Lucky for you, I did wanna be friends with you, so GROW UP!
    B) Aw, is you a daddy’s girl? WELL THEN, GO FIND A BOTTLE COS I DON’T WANT YOU AS A FRIEND!
    C) Hi.. I know we had a little ‘argument’ but I don’t want that to ruin our friendship. Maybe my parents don’t care for me, maybe they do, all I know is that I love them.
    Sorry, it’s not the best advice… I try!
    Good luck babes,

  94. 270

    Kylie says

    OH MY GOSH!!! if u have ur friends email you should really send this link to her show her all these comments people think about her!! shes so rude!!!!!

  95. 272

    holly says

    I agree with Kylie send her this link and try speaking her tell her how you feel and if she doesn’t respect how you feel then she isnt worth stressing about!

  96. 273

    JustAskMillie says

    Hi Kate!
    First of all, that was really mean of your friend to say! But I have a feeling that I know EXACTLY why she said that…

    You see, you’re not the only one who’s sad that she’s leaving. I bet that she’s even more upset than you are. So, to make her feel better, she said that her parents care about her and yours don’t.

    She probably wants to stay at the same school herself, but has no choice and came up with a lame excuse that will make her feel better.

    Let her know that you understand that it’s not her choice, and that you can still keep in touch! One of my friends didn’t JUST change schools, but moved practically all the way to the other side of the world! It’s been nearly two years since she left, and I STILL keep in touch with her!

    I mean, there are SO many things you can do:
    -send emails
    -call each other
    -since your friend didn’t move onto the other side of the world, you can hang out together
    -and of course, sending letters! Everyone loves sending and receiving letters from their best friend!!!

    In fact, since you guys won’t be seeing each other every single day, you might end up even closer than ever and happier than ever when you’ll see each other again!!!! :)

    Hope I helped!!!!!
    -Millie 8) :mrgreen: :lol:

  97. 275

    JustAskMillie says

    also, to add to my advice, let your friend know how her comment made you feel. It was NOT cool of her to say that, and make that clear to her. If any decent friend, she’ll apologize. Even if she doesn’t want to change schools and just let it out on you with that comment, she has no right to say such a mean thing!

    So yeah I forgot to add that :mrgreen: good luck Kate!!


  98. 277

    Dorkz Rule the school says

    that was super bad of your friend to say but I would be upset if I had to move away from a friend who cares about staying in touch and can forgive you for what you said you when you were (most likely) upset! ;)

  99. 278

    Alana says

    Way harsh way of breaking it to you. This same thing just happened to me today, I found out that my best friend was transferring, and today was her last day. I am still so heartbroken. We went to the same school for elemantary school, but not for middle school and part of high school. We stayed in touch, so don’t worry.

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