I am so SUPER mad at my Mom!! I swear she wants me to be the world’s biggest dork! Seriously, I think she starts each day with a to-do list that looks a little something like this:

1. Wait until Nikki has a friend over to ask her if she needs some super embarrassing product from the drug store, like anti-odor foot cream or lice shampoo.

2. Wait until a boy calls Nikki on the phone. Then pretend you don’t know she got a call, and scream, “Niiikkki!! Want to go shopping for training bras?”

3. Severely limit Nikki’s ability to climb the social media social ladder.

I would totally go with her to buy anti-odor foot cream, lice shampoo, AND a training bra if she stayed away from ALL social media sites!

When I first got on Facebook, getting my parents’ approval was about as easy as walking a tight rope, blindfolded, while carrying a trash bag full of squirming snakes.

My Dad asked, “What if you get a friend request from some strange guy?”

And I said, “I’ll accept it, give him our address, and then invite him over some night when you guys are out. I’M KIDDING! Seriously, do you think I’m BRAIN DEAD???”

Except I said it in my head so no one heard it but me. What I REALLY said was, “Don’t worry, Dad! I’ll only accept friend requests from people I know. Cross my heart!”

Then my Mom asked, “What if kids are mean to you online? I’ve read all about cyber bullying and I won’t let it happen to you!”

And I said, “Actually, mother, that’s precisely why I want to be on Facebook! Do you know that 10-20% of young people deal with cyber bullying regularly? I fully plan to start a Facebook support group to help these troubled souls, which I’m sure will look great on my college application someday!”

OK, so that was a total lie. But statistics are a great way to support your case, and you always get mad props with your parents when you throw out college application references. You can never start too early. Seriously, I’ve been doing this since I was 6!

It totally worked like a charm! Everything was great until the other day when my mom started her own Facebook page.

For her profile picture, she uploaded a photo of the two of us, wearing matching dorky holiday sweaters and hugging. In her profile, she wrote that her job is, “…to be a loving mother to two of the most precious, precocious young ladies in the world, Nikki and Brianna Maxwell.”

But the worst thing is what she did to my wall.


I didn’t even tell you yet, but just thinking about it makes me want to scream!

At 3:30 PM, she wrote, “Hi hun! Are you doing your homework yet? You’re HOME…and that WORK won’t do itself, KOK.” I assume she meant to type LOL but hit the wrong letters…even though it was SO not funny.

At 5:30, she wrote, “Hi hun! It’s dinner time! I just made meat loaf and creamed corn. Want to come down and make a salad with Brianna and me? We miss you down here!”

But the worst was at 7:30 when she wrote, “Hi hun! Who’s that boy who wrote “cute” on your picture from Christmas? I hope he knows you’re not old enough to date!”

For someone who didn’t want me to be bullied online, she was making me a MASSIVE target!

It’s bad enough I’m a HUGE dork at school. I SO don’t need to be a dork online, with a PSYCHO mom cramping my style!!!

I finally convinced her to delete her profile by telling her that 67% of kids whose parents “friend” them on Facebook do poorly on their SATs. (I can’t believe my parents believe this stuff!) I also deleted all the stuff she wrote.

I love my mom, but I really hope she’s off there for good!

Are any of YOUR parents on Facebook??


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      La'Rissa says

      my mom is on facebook. but she is not embarrising me on there!seh acually makes me look good on facebook. not in a dorky way Though!

      • 18

        Dorkgirl says

        lol! totally!! chocolate monstar, i am always wondering why Nikki theinks her mom is soooooooo embarresing!

      • 19


        i feel bad 4 u cuz i am 10 and my mom let me have 1 ps. if she says no (go nikki style)walk up to her and say GIVE ME A STINKING FACEBOOK MOM! lol i doubt u would do that :P

    • 25

      Julia says

      Ohh…I’m sorry Nikki. :( I dont have a facebook but I have a pinterest. and my parents are just the same. So know how you feel. My sister had the same prob on FB and My dad got a facebook. but she is lucky cuz he never goes on FB. :) Oh and I cant wait to read your nxt book. :D

      • 28

        Dorkgirl says

        OMG!! im soooooo excited! i hope brandon confesses his love for Nikki and then….
        she dosnt know what 2 do because brandon dosnt even know her that well. and she runs away and brandon is sooooo heartbrocken that he tells his grandparents he wants 2 tranfer schools!! then Nikki feels soooo totally guilty! and Makenzie is like “i dont mess up ur life Nikki u do that all by ur self”

      • 29

        totalnikki says

        i cant wait for #6!!!!ive been trying 2 find previews but i cant! :,( also im 12 and my parents wont let me hav a fb they say that some guy i gonna get on and flirt with me or somethin :(

    • 33

      ashleigh says

      my mom would but she refused to add me when i got facebook she warned me that she would never add me ever in any lifetime

    • 34

      Booklover4ever says

      I want a FB but my mom just laughs every time I ask!! I’m not sure what to do. My older sister has one, and I’m only two years younger!! What should I do?

      • 35

        Dorkgirl says

        you should find out why you want/need a FB account, then either put together a presentation 4 ur parents or hv a seriouse emo convo about FB and if she still laughs, ask her when ur older sister got her FB account, if she was ur age then c why u cant get one, this will make her nervious.

      • 37


        I luv it when my parents do that even though I don’t have one btw I just think they do that because they still think u are her little girl. U are very lucky

    • 38


      Parents can be really embarrasing! I know from personal experiance. The best thing to do is just respect the way they treat you. Of course they can annoy from time to time, but they love you and they need to know you’ve grown out of pig-tails and onesies.

      • 39


        Nope i don’t like my mom.Because she’s mean and bossy that’s why i don’t love her at all:(I only like my dad because he’s nice to me.And i get to buy whatever i want…….That’s why i love my dad and because he buy’s me stuff and treat’s me nicely:)My mom will never treat peaple nicley so i don’t even like her at all anyway’s so that’s the reason why i don’t even like her one single bit of her at all.She’s mean to me.I don’t like her at all:)

    • 40


      Ummmmm. ok my don’t have one but boo hooo hooo you nikki psss i love you books

      your being hacked by niah shay

      P.s. Nana niah milly and this not shay but shay

      • 42


        Me niether! All you do on there is post your info to people all over the world!
        Nikki heres some advice, tell your mom to KNOCK IT OFF!
        some she can’t publically humiliate ever again.
        I am smart, I know!
        Just saying! :-)

      • 44

        Amanda AKA am a bear says

        OMG i agree with gravity my mom has a face book ALL THE TIME SHE POSTS EMBRASSING photos of me oh ya and the reson why im replying to gravity is because i LOVED your comment also im elven too!

    • 46


      I’m so sorry Nikki! My mom is on Facebook ALL OF THE TIME. She’s on there more than ME! I probably wouldn’t have gotten a Facebook if we didn’t move around all the time. She wanted me to keep in touch with my friends. Though it turns out now that I don’t actually want to keep in touch with my old friends. Anyway, my mom doesn’t bother me on Facebook much. I know not to friend people I don’t now or like inappropriate pages (pages with bad words in them). But I’m only aloud to friend boys that my parents know too (like my dad’s friends…it’s weird I know but his friends are awesome!). She just doesn’t get that I’m may be eleven, almost twelve, but I’m not in the boy crazy stage. Unlike all of my old friends…

  1. 51

    NeverTooLate says

    I’m not even on Facebook myself! I’m not really bothered, but I guess I’d like to make one one of these days.

  2. 65

    Chelsea says

    my dad has Facebook but he never uses it thank god. My auntie has it but she doesn’t tend to look at my profile much but she does talk to me:)

    • 66

      Chelsea says

      Chelsea, I cannot believe YOU copied my name! I mean, I picked that name first and came here first! Now you are copying me?! I cannot believe you!

      But if its your real name, it’s okay.

  3. 68

    HottyXOXO says

    my mom has a facebook but instead of posting stuff she goes through everything on my wall and she even goes on MY account on MY computer and cheacks me facebook its super annoying

    • 69


      Consider yourself luky CeCe………. My mom AND my dad have facebooks and it drives me NUTS!!!!! I dont even HAVE a facebook and my parents torment me on there! They put up my pictures and they put stupid comments on there like: See the girl posing? thats my daughter! and the even have the nerve to put a SMILEY FACE at the end!! Are they severly BRAINDEAD?!?!?

  4. 71

    CeCe says

    OMG my mom doesnt do that but she comments on ALL my photos and puts LOL and love you at the end and im thinking,”I KNOW YOU LOVE ME AND IDK WHATS FUNNY ABOUT MY PICTURE!!!” T______T ugh!

    • 72


      Blah! Once I posted a photo on a zoey franklin facebook page BUT my father managed to FIND me posting.
      and he commented like this
      “I must ask who is this girl and……………………”
      It’s really annoying! :(

  5. 76

    Angel says

    WOW,Nikki! SO EMBARRASSING!!!!!!!!!! I think it would be cool,though,if you started a Facebook support group, though!

  6. 83

    Pixy girl says

    I don’t have a Facebook anymore. I used to. My mom also had a Facebook. We both closed down for a good reason. My mom always checks on what I do and I appreciate that. And I really don’t care I’d I’m the biggest loser on earth cause I love my mom and I want to see her happy until the day she dies. The reason why both closed down our accounts was when some kid thought I post a threatening message on my wall and called the police and the police came to arrest me at school the next day. Thank god I was pleaded innocent or I’ve could’ve been in jail for a long time. And I’m only 15!!! Then my mom and I decided to shut down our accounts due to the mean people out there who try to destroy your life. No I am not joking on this.

    • 84

      Isabella says

      Exactly Pixy Girl!I don’t even know why people make such a big deal about their mothers.Their moms are just making sure they are safe!I don’t know why some (not all) people feel unappreciative of their moms.I feel just like you!I’m glad someone at least thinks like me!I want to enjoy my mom while it last because when she dies,I will be glad that I at least spent time with her!I hope she lives a long,good life with me so she will always know I loved her.

    • 89

      VitaminR says

      Wow, I just wanted to see what the dork diaries website was like and I’m already disappointed. I guess I didn’t like how you, Nikki, totally didn’t get that your mom just wants a relationship with you, but that cyber bullying comment vexed me off. Why would you lie about something like that? And that is so hurtful to anyone who has been cyber bullied, that you would lie like that. Moreover, the dramatic sarcasm you used was just.
      My heart and prayers go out to anyone who has been bullied in any way. God bless.

      • 90

        Isabella says

        I understand how you feel VitaminR.How could Nikki do this to us,especially her parents!I would not lie like that!Now that I think about it,I am disappointed of the Dork Diaries blog.

      • 91

        Vitamin R says

        Thanks, Isabella, for agreeing with me. I used to really like Dork Diaries, but this stuff isn’t really funny.

      • 92

        Isabella says

        I like Dork Diaries but I don’t like the parts where Nikki misunderstands her parents.It’s part of wanting to grow up fast but i’m not like that.It’s disobeying your parents and not being respectful.I will have to act like a kid before my childhood ends.

    • 93


      My mom also deactivated my facebook coz I was being a jerk T.T but I really wanna communicate with my friends. Isabella is right! Our moms just wanna keep us safe…though my mom is overeacting

  7. 94

    Angel says

    BTW, Nikki,do you know what goes on with the comments? On WHAT TO DO WHEN PEOPLE COMPARE YOU TO YOUR SISTER, I posted the first 6 comments. But the next day,MY COMMENTS WERE NOT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you know what is going on?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  8. 102

    DorkyGirl says

    Hi.I have my mom on Facebook,and sometimes she writes pretty embarrasing stuff. What should I do.

  9. 104

    hannah nix says

    i always get compared to my sister…. exsept she is a total ginger and I’m a blonde, she doesn’t care what she looks like or who likes her.. I CARE WAY TO MUCH ABOUT MY LOOK AND BOYS…i even have a boy friend and i am considered popular but trust me just because ur popular doesnt mean you dont have “MKENZIE’S” coming after you

  10. 106


    OMG! That must’ve been HORRIBLE! My mom has Facebook,and I’ve been BEGGING her to let me have a account! My parents don’t even let me go on youtube, or let me get a twitter account! But I still love them to death. :D

  11. 107

    real life chloe and zoe says

    I blocked my mum on facebook but I sed no offence yo her and explained to her why. I’m not a cruel person! I love my mum but seriously,women over 30 should not be commenting on their childs facebook wall!

  12. 115


    Nikki my mom is on facebook and is forever putting up old embarrassing photos of me when I was little, and was Brandon the one who commented cute on your pic?

    • 116


      My mom thankfully hardly ever posts pictures of me. For privacy reasons, she thinks some weirdo is going to steal my photo or something like that.

  13. 117

    FashionChick:) says

    Haha! I totally get that, my Mom always tags me in pictures and ALWAYS pokes me! Ugh! But anyway, who was that boy that said “cute” Brandon? :D

  14. 119

    Miss-Know-It-All says

    only my mom.
    she lets me play games on her facebook.
    My favorite game on their is Sims Social.

  15. 121

    esther says

    Yea. But i dont mind. She respects my privacy and such. But she does comment and like my stuff. But thats okay, thats what Moms do. :)

  16. 123

    I heart Nikki says

    My dad has Facebook for my older sister but has actually got ‘man friend’s’ on it. But my parents would never do a think like that. :-)

  17. 125

    Imy says

    Well, I’m on Instagram but none of this happens since my parents are more into Facebook instead of Instagram but I’m totally vice versa.

  18. 137

    Lena says

    Whoa Nikki! I totally get where you’re coming from. My dad has a FB, but we’re not “friends” on there. Thank goodness!

  19. 140

    Maya da Dork says

    Ohmigod i feel so bad for you. I’m never gonna make a Facebook for my mom and if she makes one, i would make an excuse for not friending her.

    • 143


      yeah, i totes agree!! i mean look at brandon!!! he doesn’t even have any parents!! no offence nikki but, you probably have NO idea what he’s going through!!

  20. 144

    DorkGirl:) says

    OMG!!! that is the TOTALL opposite of me!! i dont hv a facebook account, but my mom does! i dont know about nikki’s mom, but my mom is NOT embarressing! i love her soooooo much and i think nikki maxwell needs 2 relize what life would b like without her mom! she would b totally freakig out! omg, i think that should b a dream nikki has 1 night! lol, wouldnt that be TOTS funny!

  21. 148

    jumper141110 says

    OMG! My mom is OBSESSED with Facebook! She does it on her phone AND on her laptop. I would just DIE if I saw her on Facebook on BOTH her phone AND laptop AT THE SAME TIME! She tells me to get off the laptop just so she can go on Facebook! That is how obsessed my mom is with Facebook.

  22. 150


    im 11 so i dont have a facebook….yet! anyway that’s terrible that she embarassed you!! my older brother used to have a facebook but than my parents deleted it cause he was putting bad stuff on it!

  23. 153

    Cathy (The one who gave all fan stories 1 star) says

    how bout you give ur mom the talk? tell her about dorks and stuff and tell her to stop ruining ur life!

    P.S: I actually love my mum. shes 43 but some peoples actually ask her if shes 28! she doesnt use make up or anything and really is up to date. I wouldn’t mind having you as a sis. i could teach u a thing or 2 bout reality ;)

    • 154

      Isabella says

      My mom is exactly like yours!My mom is going to turn 43 this year and everyone thinks she’s young.And my mom tells her real age to those people and there’re like wow you’re that old?!

  24. 158


    Oh Its good that you deleted the stuff she wrote what if Brandon see’s it or Mackenzie!
    it great that you convinced her to delete it

  25. 161

    Total Pegasister!(mlpfan) says

    OMG! how EMBARASSING! My mom would never do ANYTHING like that on FB. If she did, i would automatically delete her from my friends list! At least she deleted her profile and you erased every wall post. talk about humiliation nation!

  26. 164

    Allison says

    Omg Yes but my mom doesn’t bug me like that only when someone cyber bullies etc. I would freak at my mom if she did that

  27. 168

    Nikki maxwell rules says

    I’m new also I need advice I’m a popular girl but I think a dork how should I be me

  28. 170

    koolkid says

    Nope, my parents are not really on facebook! At least your mom cares ’bout you right?? I am a HUGE fan of the DD books!!:)

  29. 172


    Hey OMG! I love your blog I just started reading today and my mom is on facebook but she really doesn’t talk to me! she doesn’t know how to talk in english yet. she is going to classes thought!

    • 175


      yeah, i totes agree!! i mean look at brandon!!! he doesn’t even have any parents!! no offence nikki but, you probably have NO idea what he’s going through!! BTW my parents think facebook is flippin CRAP!

  30. 182

    LayLyann Tarabay says

    Our mom AND dad have Facebook, like us. It’s really bad, cuz we are twins and they inly let us have ONE account for both of us!

  31. 185

    Gee-gee says

    I try my hardest to persuade my mom to get me a Facebook. But she’s more afraid of “stranger danger” than cyber bullying. Can you make an account on dork diaries? I need help getting use to this website. Can somebody help me or something.

  32. 188


    both my parents are on Facebook,but I’m not old enough yet,and my brother is and wants one,but my mom won’t let him(well,she keeps saying”later” and stuff)

  33. 191

    CookieMonster says

    Omg, this is co awesome. The closest I’ve ever gotten to first on one of these was five. I thought I had the third comment, but instread of sayin something like just 3, i wrote 3!!!!! omg, ive never been this close to first before! But then other people posted and my comment ended up being fifth. lol fail

  34. 192


    omg nikki! like your life sometimes sound perfect but sometimes not! But Nikki, my parents are on facebook but i dont have one! haha wish i did:p Later nikki!!*

  35. 193

    Batman says

    I don’t have a “Facebook” account.

    And I don’t really want one because I’m kind of scared to get one……

  36. 199

    Batman says


    In the beggining you said that your mom is trying to make you a “Massive dork.”

    I’m not trying to be smart alecky but isn’t being a dork good?

  37. 201

    Batman says


    No none of my family members have a Facebook account.

    Well maybe my cousins but they’re like 20.

  38. 204


    Well honestly sometime parents are a bit clueless on what you like ar stuff.

    Like maybe she didn’t know that you didn’t like her on your Facebook wall saying those stuff.

    Well I mean if I ever do get a Facebook account and my brother does to of course I’ll emmbaress him!

    Isn’t that what siblings are for?

  39. 205

    Delia says

    My parents are not on Facebook, but OMG, I feel SO sorry for you! Especially the “training bra” part!

  40. 212

    Katherine says

    Nikki no offense but don’t over react so much and calling her a psycho isn’t really right I mean I love my parents but still it isn’t right…. they’re just trying to be a parent….

  41. 221

    DorkieJen#1 says

    I seriously want Facebook!
    But, like I can’t ’cause… I don’t know!!!
    I wish I had it though! :/

  42. 224


    My parents ARE on Facebook. It’s nice, but kinda embarrasing sometimes when they post weird pictures of me with super-frizzy hair making jokes about it. :(I’m not on it yet, but based on what happened with you and your mom’s thing, I’m gonna make my parents SWEAR not to put anything on MY wall!

  43. 227

    Katie says

    I’m still not OLD enough to be on Facebook yet. But yeah my mum’s on Facebook, and if I ever joined I would SPECIFICALLY tell my mum not to add me or send me embarrassing messages. And I betcha she would listen to me.
    Wow I’m SO lucky compared to you!

  44. 231

    CutieMarkCrusaderMember7 says

    OMG, so sorry, Nikki! MY mom is somewhat the same. WISHES OF THE BEST OF LUCK!!~

  45. 233

    katherine says

    i hate it when my mom post my pics on facebook or instagram mom delete it now aaaaaaaaggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh i get so mad at her

  46. 238

    Reyna says

    Yeah I’m not feeling so excited today. I feel peaceful. With a bowl of granola and berries mixed with pumpkin seeds. Yummy.

  47. 239

    Amelia says

    And my parents to on Facebook and their my friends but they don’t post any weird stuff in fact both me and my mom are on FB right now :P

  48. 245


    Here’s a story you might wanna hear:
    I am 8 IlovemylittleponyandH2Ojustaddwater.


  49. 255


    That comment I posted was just a lil’ joke.
    My real name is Isabella,and this 5th comment.
    And I still can’t belive I was first!
    And that was my first comment EVER.
    I wish I had a blog :)

  50. 257

    Mackenzee says

    Omg Nikki, I feel so bad for you! Something JUST LIKE that happened to me once. Moms are SO embarrassing (/.\)

    • 258

      Isabella says

      No they aren’t!They try their best to take care of you everyday but you’re over here ignoring them.No offense but you have to stop thinking all that fake stuff!

  51. 261

    Mackenzee says

    My mom posts stuff on my wall ALL THE TIME. And she signs off “-love you a million my baby girl,
    Mommy <3.
    I love her, but she can be so embarrassingg xcc

    • 262

      Isabella says

      Don’t think that.Actually,I like being called her baby girl because I appreciate her and I want her to have a good life before she dies.

  52. 272


    What happened to my smiles?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • 275

      sydney says

      I feel so bad for u I mean ur mom is worried about u being cyber bullied she’s just making it worse. I’m in 5th grade and almost everybody has a You Tube, Instagram, etc. I really want one, but my mom and dad won’t let me cause of internet safety. Im hardley aloud 2 watch You Tube.

  53. 276

    AliceBeautiful says

    My parents JUST made me a Facebook and I’m ~ . And my dad is the most embarrasing dad I know, he friend me on Facebook and he said: ” Who is that boy who said your Valentines Day photograph is cute?
    OMG! I was humiliated! I understand you Nikki.

    ~ AliceBeautiful () ~

  54. 286


    My mom and dad and sisters (not the little one) go on Facebook me and my little sister and grandma and grandpa don’t. My Little sis is six and is going to turn seven and I am eleven going to turn twelve. (My birthday is on June 12,2001 my little sis is on June 11,2006)all my friends who are the same age go to Facebook I feel like the only one! I am pretty much a goody goody and will do ANYTHING to make my friends happy or let the stay my friends. It doesn’t bother me it just my friends keep asking are you on Facebook and I say no and then they walk away as if the only thing they can talk about is Facebook. :( but it doesn’t bother me I just mostly sit at my table eating and drawing.:mrgreen:

  55. 288

    jois says

    1 my parents are on facebook but they are a little shy so thankfully thay don’t bother me at all. of course my mom has to check on my page to make sure nothing bad is going to happen

    • 296

      Jennifer says

      It’s not like I don’t love my dad, it’s just that he can embarrass me a lot at times. I still love him! <3

  56. 301

    Isabella says

    Umm…Nikki?Did you forget that none of the kids at your school go to your Facebook page anyway?So that means only your online friends (which are us) will only go to your Facebook page.And we know your secrets anyway so we won’t make fun of you!You told us your secrets on you blog anyway so why is it such a big deal on Facebook?

  57. 302

    Jess says

    Omg …yes ! My mum does the exact same thing :P She comments saying “come down stairs to help with the washing!”, When she could have just yelled out to me ! It really annoys me :P But what can we do ? parents are parents :)

    • 303

      Isabella says

      No offense but your mom is too modern that she would prefer to communicate with you through technology.

  58. 305

    Denielle Gonzales says

    Pretty Much, but i’m not embarrassed about my mom online cause she knows what to post and just asks me about who i chat in Facebook

  59. 306

    Denielle Gonzales says

    One time she asked me who was i chatting, like “Who are you chatting online? is he a Boy? What do you say to him? and etc.

  60. 307

    Isabella says

    Um,your mom is just enjoying you before you move out.If your mom is acting like that,just try your best to agree with her.Because if you don’t,when you move out,you’re going to wish you spent more time with your mom.If I were you,I would just enjoy my childhood or something.

  61. 310

    Isabella says

    First of all,listen to your parents because they are the ones who know better and will help you get through your life.Second of all,you shouldn’t care of what other stupid middle schoolers think of you because they are stupid their ownselves for thinking like that and they should mind their own personal business.Third of all,you should only care what your parents think of you rather than everybody else because your parents aren’t the ones that judge you and they will never do that to you and they will never leave your side.And most important of all,care what you think about YOURSELF.That’s the most important thing to remember.And one more thing,don’t make such a big deal of your parents or people that make fun of you because your parents sacrifice for you every single day.And if something is bothering you,just ask them for advice because you don’t want to get bullied till’ the last minute when someone tries to physically hurt you.Because,when someone tries to bully you when you are still kids,it’s not intense bullying that could happen when you are an adult.So,it’s better to tell your parents now before you can actually get seriously injured.

  62. 319

    Alex says

    My mum and dad have Facebook, but I don’t think they actually check my timeline or anything. they don’t mind. :) I feel so sorry for you. :(

    I hope she doesn’t humiliate you this much any time soon, I don’t think I would be able to put up with that much public defeat in less than a month.

  63. 320

    Georgia!!!!! ;) says

    yes, but my mum doesn’t like super stalk me. In order to get fb i had to be her friend, AND she had to know my password! Im sooooo glad my mum doesn’t do that to me!!!!

    • 322


      AND took hers and the worse part of that is…WE LOOK ALIKE IN THOSE PICTURES!I mean same eyebrows same smile same uniform SAME AGE SAME EVERYTHING!it was so scary but she let it out to Facebook and my cousin shared it and her friends might have shared it too!AHHHHHHHHHH!

  64. 325

    Janil Teves says

    OMG!What you’r mom did to you was SUPER DUPER NASTY!!Don’t let her treat you like Mackenzie embarrasses you,Do’nt let Mackenzie treat ya like a pushover if she calls ya a LOSER don’t ignore her if you are SUPERMAD because you’r brain will EXPLODE,If she calls you a LOSER don’t talk back beacause it will get worse,The minute you talked back she will just talk back again so what you have to do is say something nice like:Mackenzie,What you’re saying is SO not Nice,Who tought you how to say those words?!?,But if she says that it’s a bad thing,You probably should just tell the teacher!!! Clue:I’ve learned how to be a not pushover from Chloe,Zoey and from Youtube!! :3 :P

  65. 326

    Georgia!!!!! ;) says

    everyone look at the 138 comment. Brandon Roberts (yes its the real one) found her blog… and website. If he reads previous posts to ur blog….. well it should be interesting

  66. 330

    Immabeastar says

    Poor NIKKI! I would be SO embarrassed by that last part! Thank goodness she took her page down and you deleted that stuff.

  67. 331

    Emma says

    My mom and my sister are on facebook and i don’t think i’m gonna get one my sister said there’s alot of drama on there

  68. 332

    Cassia says

    my whole family is on Facebook!
    There is no escape! I have 9 aunts and uncles one mum (my dad HATES facebook) a brother a grandma a grandpa a step-grandma…you get the picture. Personally I try not to touch Facebook …but thats impossible!

  69. 333


    Hey, Nikki!
    Can I first just start by saying that I really don’t think what you just did was a good thing? You’ve told lie after lie to your parents! Who cares what other people think? Your parents are your parents. Are you really caring what Mackenzie thinks? Who’s more important to you? Mackenzie or your parents? I know how much you love Chloe and Zoey, but also make time for your family too. I’m not trying to be mean!
    Your mom is being nosy, yeah, I agree. I have Instagram, and my aunt started following me. I posted something and she was like, “DEAR!! What is this??” I was like, “Um, none of your buisness?” but I just said that in my head. I feel like I have limitations to what I post now, but I try to be over it sometimes. I mean, it’s like, whatever.
    Just know this Nikki: Family is family!

  70. 335

    audree and allen says

    As some of u know my ex bf dumped me after a couple of days. Well he still likes me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’!!!!”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’!!!!!!!!!!!””””!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. 338

    :) says

    Omg Chelsea! Our family are twim facebook buddies! And Nikki, can’t belive a 14 year old can’t date and when i was 11 i could date! But what was EVEN MORE emmbaracing than your blog it that, when i was 10 i was taking a walk with my mum and she asked me ”do you have a boyfriend, or do you have a crush, and do you want to go out with him?” That was MAJOR EMMBARCING!

  72. 340


    Oh yeah, Nikki, believe me, my mom is much worse. Once she went to my school for the PTA meeting, and she ACTUALLY ROLD MY CRUSH I LIKED HIM! Ugh. That was one of THE worst days of my life…

  73. 341


    Hey, Nikki!
    No, I don’t have Facebook as I’m only 11 and not old enough for those sort of sights. When I’m older I probally won’t use Facebook anyway because my friends chat to me by my BB (BlackBerry phone) I advise you to get one cause you only have to pay some cash then ta-da! You get to text your mates for free :D
    Hope this helps.

  74. 345


    FB is WAY overrated. I HATE IT. not trying to be the spitting image of one of those cyberbullies or something but seriously I hate FB. I’m more of a Google+ girl. When something gets too popular, it’s total crud.
    I swore I wouldn’t get an FB until I was 14 and that I wouldn’t use it except for homework help.

    • 347

      Isabella says

      I agree in a way too Lily.I’ve heard there will be glasses called Google Glasses and I so hate it because first of all,it’s a distraction for people second of all why do you even need computer glasses and third of all it’s too futuristic and it’s so stupid because the glasses could keep you distracted and addicted and you don’t even know what is going on with your surroundings!Like,a bad guy could be coming.No offense to the makers of Google glasses but it’s a stupid distraction.

      • 348

        Supergirl says

        True but they are pretty advanced technology.Like it is voice controlled which I still can’t believe that they have developed that but I still agree that you can’t see that something is coming!Like you could walk into a burning building and all you’ll be doing is trying to find the nearest McDonalds.
        :) :( :P :()
        Sorry I am just doing that because I feel like it.

  75. 349


    Thank goodness my mom neva humiliatesme online lol! i feel bad 4 u Nikki. :( dont worry she’ll stpo at one point. :) OK i need advice people! i know u dont know me but i have a bff who is gonna ask out my crush 4 me so i dont have to do it… on FRIDAY!!!!!!!!! should i let her do it or not??? i really like the guy tho… :( oh SO hard!!!

    • 350

      Rose says

      Don’t let her do it. I know the feeling when that happens and trust me it’s horrible! Instead.. You write a letter or something and ask your friend to give it.. AND the best.. If you have guts Go and ask him out yourself. There are more chances of him saying yes. :)

    • 351


      dear kaitlyn you should ask him out its better to hear it from the person that wants to go out then from her friend so go for it if he says no than that’s his problem you could find some one a lot more sucsessful than him

  76. 354

    Sybil says

    omg! im so sorry for you Nikki! both of my parents have facebook. i dont though. they say im, To young!oh well

  77. 355

    1Dbabe says

    No my parents don’t embarrass me like that cuz they love me and they don’t want me to hate them ^-^ anyways who even cares what people think of you? :3 i<3dorkdiaries!

  78. 356

    Kate says

    I can’t have Facebook yet, I’m only 12 so I have to wait till October. But if my mom ever did that I would DIE!

  79. 358

    katebirdlover says

    my dad is but he dosent like do anything embaressing to me he .. actully he dosent use his facebook much

  80. 360

    TaterKat says

    We, ALL of your fans probably want you to post blogs everyday!!
    You shouldn’t care what others say to you or think of you. Just saying.. :)

    • 364

      Natasha says

      Nikki ur very lucky that ur having parents that love u so much even my love me a lot and even if mckenzie harreses u just ignore her she is just a pain in ur nose ur also very lucky having chloe and zoey as ur friend and ur sister she may be a lot if pain but i thing u and ur sister make a good pair of sisters and i love ur books all the credit goes to rachel renee russel for making this book this book rocks and i love the way that rachel has shown a high school life for a girl. I m very happy that i m reading this book. I love u nikki. Till then cheers

    • 365


      My mom has a FB. She puts stuff on my wall like: so honey, how was school? Was Math hard? If so, I can totally give you help. And GW… She clicked “Marry” on ME! OMG. She put: hey sweetie, what does the word, marry mean on here? She likes ALL of my statuses. And know what’s worse than being asked, WHILST ON THE PHONE, about shopping for a training bra…? BEING ASKED, ON YOUR FRIEND’S WALL, REPLYING TO YOU, WHAT SIZE YOU NEED, FOR ALL UNDERWEAR.
      She said it was an “accident”.
      My mom would never delete her FB account, so I’d better delete mine…

    • 366

      TaterKat says

      like this ; ) this is a that without spaces. or if you want to make those green faces with smileys, do this…. : mrgreen : without spaces..

  81. 374

    Olivia(: says

    OMG, YES!!!!! I’m 11 and my parents STALK me on facebook!!!! (even my grandma!)Well, at least I’m not the only one!(:

  82. 378

    Ishika says

    Awwie! I feel pity for you. I am on facebook.. And I can understand when my mom comments awkward comments on my pics. I did the exactly SAME thing which you used to get your parents off facebook. Cheers. :)

    • 382

      Supergirl says

      You do a face like you do sideways like this : ) but with no spaces and it looks like this :) and you can do more different things like a capital p for the mouth to make this :P and to make a green one by writing : mr green : except without spaces so it makes this :mrgreen:

  83. 386

    Miji neko says

    My mom posted my ballet pictures and tagged me but I looked so nervous! And her friends kept liking it! :( high five Nikki

  84. 387

    Yasminay247 says

    My dad added me as a friend on Facebook.. Now, every time I post something or comment on a picture, he starts asking 4 details. I mean, I loved my dad and all that but sometimes u just need some “anti-parent” time in an “anti-parent” zone

  85. 389

    Maisie says

    My mum and my dad have Facebook so do i but i don’t tell them there always on it like every min of the day. also there always taking pics of me when im not looking and then post it on there. luckily they dont know im o there and cant post stuff on my page. :|xxxxxxx

    • 392

      Isabella says

      I think Facebook is stupid too because you don’t know all these people who are trying to friend you.They could be trying to cyberbully.

  86. 397

    hanoof says

    Hey nikki your mom is better than my DAD so he rented a car an ugly RED one cuz our driver is new and he doesn’t want him to brake our car so anyways that car is my worst nightmare when dad first rented the car I wrote on facebook I hate RED and I hate red cars more my father is sarcastic and annoying so he commented you asked for the red car hun I told him not to tell any one about the car. I guess that our moms and dads live to make us sad ugh.

  87. 403


    Yo nikki kids dont really go on fecebook that much… We go on instagram…
    So you might want an instagram account cuz most parents dont have them so your mom cant embarrass you.

  88. 404


    dear nikki you remember that guy I was asking you about if he liked me well today a friend of mine just told me that Kimberly the Mackenzi of my world ask him out for a nother one of my enemies and he said yes but why would he say yes if he doesn’t really care about her and every time she gets hurt all my crush or ex-crush depending on weather or not this is true would say it doesn’t matter so I need advice to from whoever read this thank you please I need advice :cry: :( :cry: :(

  89. 406

    :D I :D LAUGH :D TO :D MUCH! :D says

    MY MOM! I get 2 have Facebook when I’m 13. Anyways, she’s on it ALL THE TIME! Whenever we’re watching a show, she’ll find out results on Facebook! Like Dancing with the Stars

  90. 414

    Sash says

    Yaa..!! I kno hw it is…!! My dad is gr bt my mom srsly.. Oh crud…!!I cn understand wot yu’re going thru…! xD sad babe..

  91. 420

    Vanessa :D says

    I feel so bad for you nikki. I hope u figure things out. I feel like the only one who doesn’t have facebook.

  92. 432


    Nikki, don’t let her embarrass u like that, just say STOP! OR u could make up some story like, “If u say things like that about your daughters, they will get ciber bullied and the person that said it would get I virous!”

  93. 436

    Carriei Nicole Williams says

    So, um, Mrs. Tomlinson….you’re like louis’ wife or something? …No offense but does’nt he have Eleanor?

  94. 440

    Natalie Harris says

    HELP! I’m at the mall and my 3-yr-old brother, Timmy is embarrassing me at the mall. And I’m having a shoe problem. I can’t figure out what to shop for. Should I buy UGG classic short boots or the UGG mini boots they’re both pink. I would have been so embarrassed if MY mom would be texting stupid stuff about high school. BTW what kind of boots do you wear? UGGs, Bearpaws, or EMUs?

  95. 442


    I think this book is good they use good words and its all about her life and her diary I like the book # 4 and when she gets locked in locker # 17 and uses chloes phone to call thrie moms and the last call they called was nikkis phone and Brianna awnser it and then she says Brianna we are locked in a closet and chloes phone is about to die and then Brianna says look it is Brandon the guy you’ve got a crush on put Brandon on Brandon we are locked in locker # 17 and he did not hear her and good thing Brianna came with him because she hared her but I laughed

  96. 454

    #1nikkifan says

    i don’t have a facebook page im only 10 my mom and dad say i cant have a facebook page until i’m 13 but my dad is on facebook and my older brother

  97. 455

    Cheyenne says

    I have one, but I don’t use it at all. My mom doesn’t really care for facebook, which is a good thing in my opinion. My aunt on the other hand, Is a facebookaholic. This is what she posts. “Omg isnt mah neew harestile soo kute???? “, and “Im liek totalee enjying lunch rite noow. aIm eatin ah yurkey sammich wif cheezze n tomateo. N an da side, Im hafin srwberys wif chocklit on dem.” and another one, “Meh n mya(my cousin) jus cam home frm da moveez. Wee watchd Wreck it Walf n it wuz sooo kewl! Mya liekd da prt wen vanellope trnd to a princas. Ah fellt so bd 4 qbert. He gt unpluged:’(” And she does this almost everyday. Plus she updates her status everyday. And I’m like, I. DON’T. CARE. But I guess she doesn’t get it.

  98. 458

    Leah says

    My mum AND my dad are on Facebook, but my mum actually set up my dad’s account so she could get more prizes on her game’s!! She embarrasses me DAILY!! And she is always asking me to do things for her online like e.g. Signing up for a game that I’m only going to play once just so I could send her some lame stuff that she doesn’t even need because she already has like £2 billion on her account in the game anyway, and she could buy like 29 trucks full of them!
    She monitors my page constantly and my emails. She even made me reset my password so she could get into my account!! She is such a pain in my side!!

  99. 459

    saigegirl22 says

    OMG!!! I would DIE if my mom was on facebook. I MEAN IT!!! I would actually like… DIE OF EMBARRESMENT!!!!!!!!! But luckilly, she isn’t, so my repputation is safe… FOR NOW!!! Because I have a little brother JUST LIKE BRIANNA who is allways embarrassing me in public. Also, I get picked on at school because everyone thinks I like my friend, who is a boy. (duh!) So basicly, I’ve got A LOT of problems!!! :( bye nikki!

    • 460

      nerdgal@101 says

      omg i get the same prob only i have a younger brother. or a younger bother. pooppy bye saigegirl22 and nikki :/

    • 461


      I always wanted a little sibling, but after reading this series, I decided it was just better to stick to babysitting. I like kids and all, but I would like to be able to live my life in peace. Thankfully, there’s nothing embarrassing in my diary.

  100. 464

    Mackenzie says

    My mom, my aunt, my grandma and most of family are on Facebook! Even my best friend is. I can’t have a Facebook page until I’m 13. I’ll be 13 next July. I can hardly wait!!

  101. 470

    ronni says

    i”m sorry Nikki i don”t have a facebook page because i’m 10 but when i get older and i have one i hope my dad doesn’t invade my private life. i have the same life like you do in your books

    m 10

  102. 472

    Singer2B says

    Hi Nikki, so sad your mom does that, my mom is on Facebook but she doesn’t embarrass me online she does it in front of my friends and CCPs at my school so I’m kinda thinking your the lucky one. At least you got her to delete her account. <3

  103. 475


    Hey Nikki, i just want to say i love your book, they inspire me and my older sister.i have never had that experience but i know some people who have. Please help me feel better i have no grandparents i have never met any. What would make me feel better

  104. 478

    princess muky muky of gummybear island says

    look if your friends don’t want to hangout with you then get new real friends if they don’t want to be your friends anymore get new friends even if you were very close >best wishes<

  105. 479


    hey,who else likes to make stuff out of duct tape? it’s an obsession now for me! lol,my friend wants me to make her a bracelet out of one direction tape(it has the boys’ pics on it) and I would if they had smaller rolls of it(like 5yd. ones) but the ydon’t yet

  106. 488

    i luv cupcakes says

    I actually have 2 facebooks:one for my mom,dad;and other relatives, the other one with all my friends. Execpt my parents know my password

  107. 489

    crowdstar says

    I made my own cute math equation (even though i HATE math), and its not complicated at all! :) It’s called the Romanceo Theorum. Just put a boy and a girl in the equation. I have a SUPER cute one!

    Nikki+Brandon= <3


  108. 490

    Starwarsgirl says

    My sister told my crush I like him and now I don’t know if i should I txt him or not ADVICE PLZ!

  109. 492


    my parents never do that stuff on my facebook
    (thank goodness)and im NOT PLANNING to.but i feel really sorry for you i wish i could help you BTW i wish i could write an entry too but i dont know how to if anyone knows how to would you please tell me how? it would make me happy. that aside i love this entry keep up the great work:)

  110. 493


    My mom actually doesn’t embarass me alot, mainly my dad. Like when we were at the zoo on Saturday, they were having an Earth Day Party. I played Earth Day Jeopardy and won a shower timer. And my dad says “She’ll need this for the hour long showers she takes!” Thankfully, nobody else spoke English at the table. One of the good things about being here. I actually only wash for about five minutes and spend the rest of the time singing, thinking and doing multiplication.

  111. 494


    In just 102 days, five hours and 49 minutes….I turn twelve! Though the minute part is a bit estimated since my mom can’t remember three lousy numbers from 11 years ago but can from 24. I’m the sweetest child she has. So I doubt I caused that much pain during childbirth. Gosh, be realistic when lying mom!

  112. 495


    I’m not sleepy but I need to go to bed. I have school tomorrow, and since I spent most of my day at the doctors with my mom, I got no work done today. Phooey. I really want to finish school in May! Thankfully, if I keep my pace, I can get done soon. But my dentist appointment on Wednesday may get in the way of work. Why so many appointments this week? I have to get my wires changed and get springs. I don’t want to get springs and I wish they would stop changing the wire, it’s fine!
    And I smell popcorn everywhere, it taunts me with its buttery maniac laugh. Muahahaha you now you want to eat me, oh but you can’t, Muahaha. Stupid popcorn.

  113. 497


    I totaly agree my mom on FB is humilliating she totally ruins my social lfe whenever a boy says i am cute she tells him off in PUBLIC so now my crush does not dare to say i am cute in front of my mom!!!!

  114. 499

    Trista says

    I have had a facebook for a couple years even though im 10 and my mom doesn’t embarris me quiet as much

  115. 503


    I don’t have a facebook :( but I will have one in two years :) I do have a kidzbop account though! :) And a blog! If you want to go to my blog then click on my name or go to

  116. 505


    Sheepish, Nikki be brave and tell your mom the truth by the way my mom pays me stuff that i buy for Facebook like princess charms perfume and she never embarrassed me. She just a shopping buyer.

  117. 507

    iLoveSelenaGomez says

    okay this is just akward… My mom goes through my Instagram, Kik etc ( NOT facebook im not allowed) she doesnt understand it and misunderstands a bunch stuff , true i get a bit upset and explain it but i dont blog it and write rude things like that. Sounds like Mackenzie moaning about her mother. PLUS i was wondering that nikki posts totally private stuff like she likes brandon and dooesnt realize that he could actually SEE this and read the crush part. -.- no hate just fact.

  118. 515

    Kirsten says

    my mom is on facebook but sometimes she alwaya comments on my photo like: my lovely daughter it was so emberrasing if i say so to myself

  119. 517


    I wouldn’t like it if my mother made a instagram page and commented on my pictures!! So, I don’t really know how you feel but I wouldn’t like it !!

  120. 518

    Katherine says

    Nikki? really? I think im dissapionted in this blog and “Im a HUGE dork at school so I don’t need to be one online!”- Nikki . I think that IGNORE… don’t worry about people thinking about you and calling your mom a pshyco?? theres just trying to help nikki… Isabella is right don’t make a big deal about people and it only matters what you think about YOURSELF not other people it kinda looks like your ashamed of your parents… but look FAMILY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN YOUR LIVES.. im not blaming you Nikki just my opinion!

  121. 520


    When I went to Glasgow me and my cousin started to spray a hot cross bun with after shave. I posted it on Facebook and every one was all like “why?”. My dad is on Facebook and my mum. My aunts uncles cousin and friend’s.

  122. 521

    Anouk says

    my parents aren’t on fb. but sometimes they wanna look on my page what i’m writhing and stuff like that

  123. 523

    mouse says

    my mum has fb but I have to help her with some other things and guess what she hates when I say mum on facebook!

  124. 525

    lexxe says

    I’m 9 and a bunch of kids in my class have a Facebook accounts and I think that since I don’t have 1that is unfair

  125. 528

    bookworm says

    lol! yes i do have a mother on facebook and shes ALWAYS tagging me on there! But,i really don’t mind.I love my mom to DEATH!! Anyway,if you get picked on at school,just remember how AWSOME you are to us!And that i will get back at whoever picks on you! :P

  126. 530

    dorkdiaryluver says

    i have a facebook page but my mom doesnt want me on it because it shows her inapppropriate comments to her friends! i hate facebook because shes on it 24/7!its sooo not fair!

  127. 531

    Rachel Rachy says

    I have a facebook! BUT my Mom doesn’t embarrass me. My grandmother does ! It’s scary, I think I wanna quit

  128. 533

    moon10363 says

    Nikki, why did your mom get a facebook page in the first place!? To torture you like Ms. Grouchy-butt?! I mean Ms. Hollister. Whatever the stupid teachers name is. If your mom is going to be on facebook, DON’T let her friend you. Then everything will be fine.

  129. 538


    My mom AND dad DO go on facebook. But I do luv the pictures she puts! Although, she puts embarassing pictures of me in an album and in the yearbook. Some moms can be like that. I reccomend you to keep deleting the comments like you did and take a CHILL PILL. I’m just sayin’!

  130. 545

    mustache girl! says

    yes!!! but my parents dont really care at all
    i dont want to say this or b mean but btw she pretty awesome
    and few months or years your mom will make you cool or get off of facebook, nikki! does your mom have friends?

  131. 547

    Brittney says

    Yes my mom also posts these weird looking pics from when i was little.She is always looking on my pictures and stuff even the rest of my family too (most of them).It’s the same with twitter im almost 13 and i don’t need to be spied on with everyone.

  132. 552


    Nikki I feel for you, I have a mom that’s like sooooooo embarrassing!!!!! :( But instead of doing that on Facebook my mom does that to me in my pathetic life. Hopefully one day, they’ll understand that they can’t do things like that, in PUBLIC in front of millions of people!!!! :(

  133. 554

    Trista says

    My mom has 1 but she knows her boundaries…..sometimes.Like 3 or 4 months ago she posted baby pictures of me.My aunt is the 1 who embarrasses me.:(

  134. 556


    thank god that my mom doesn’t have a Facebook!
    but for worst sakes my Dad is the problem!
    every time we go somewhere he takes pictures and then he randomly posts them on my account!
    but at least he doesn’t answer my friends when they massage me!
    From -The One And Only Failed Dork

  135. 558

    musafloraroxystellatecnathewinx says

    Hi Nikki,
    I totally know how you feel. My mum helped me
    start a facebook account but she doesn’t allow
    me to add my school friends at all so I kinda don’t
    have any real friends on facebook. All my facebook
    friends are either my family or my church friends’
    Yours Sincerely,
    musafloraroxystellatecnathewinx(a.k.a. Erin Joy)
    P.S. I have a crush who’s totally into me and we are
    really shy around each other. How can I be more confident around him?

  136. 559

    bieberfever4ever says

    Lols 2 funni nikki°°°•••°°°•••°°°•••°°°•••°°°•••°°°•••°°°•••°°°•••°°°•••°°°•••°°°•••°°°•••°°°•••°°°•••°°°•••°°°•••°°°•••°°°•••

  137. 560

    Jane says

    The only way I could get one is that I had to friend my mom and so I did and luckily she does not post anything on my wall or imbarriss me

  138. 561

    Itzel says

    Luckly you have a face book but omg if that was my mom id delete my face book(if i ever get one :( ) then go for somthing simple like twitter

  139. 565

    keisha says

    OMG my mom asked me for my Twitter name and password and I have been dodging her every time she asked for the info.

  140. 567

    Happy out says

    My mom’s on Facebook (btw, have you noticed it seems to be moms who go on Facebook, but not dads), but I don’t have my own account.
    But she knows what NOT To post online.

  141. 569

    Amy says

    both of my parents are on facebook, but my dad hardly EVER goes on. i’m just waiting for my mom to say “ok, you may create your own facebook account!”, but that might not be untill i’m in highschool or college or something because everytime i ask she says, “i dont’ know now quick asking me!”

  142. 570

    Sofia says

    Mum is in the book buisness and she used to do Facebook a lot. Now that I have a google plus account though, she doesn’t stalk me. The only time she contacts me is when she needs to skype when she’s on her book tour.

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