This question comes from Lauren, who writes:

I have a hard time liking myself sometimes. Sometimes it’s like I don’t have any talents. Sometimes it seems like my friends don’t like me. There is a guy I like, but he is two years older than me and we just started talking a week ago. What can I do?

My Advice:

Hi Lauren! If we were friends off the web, I’d grab you by the shoulders, shake you a little, and say, “Girlfriend…you’re awesome, so own it!!”

But since we’re virtual buddies, let me just say I get where you’re coming from…but you don’t have to stay there!

It sounds like you’re having a confidence problem. We ALL deal with that every now and then! I felt super insecure when I first got to WCD and SOME PEOPLE started treating me like grimy gum on the bottom of a Jimmy Choo flip flop!

As for feeling bad because you don’t have any talent…maybe you do, but you just don’t know it yet.

Before I got into art, I had NO IDEA I’d be so awesome at it that people would be BEGGING me to do fake tattoos for them.

There’s probably something YOU’RE awesome at too! You just have to try new things and give yourself time to figure it out!

As for your friends, you probably think they don’t like you because YOU’RE not feeling great about yourself.

I remember this one time when I accidentally dropped Chloe’s iPod in the sink. (Note to self: brush teeth first and THEN listen to tunes…)

I felt so guilty about it…like I was a HORRIBLE friend! I thought for sure she was totally mad at me, but really I was the one who was mad at myself.

It’s possible it’s the same deal with your friends. Since you feel so insecure, you’re getting paranoid!

I know you mentioned that you’re talking to this guy you like, and that’s awesome! I’m so happy for you!! But I think maybe you should focus on doing stuff to feel better about yourself first.

Try some new hobbies and focus on noticing all the stuff you’re good at. Maybe you’re really good at some subject in school, or you’re an awesome listener, or you make perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. (Hey, it’s an art!!)

Then you’ll like yourself more…AND you’ll feel more confident with your friends…AND you’ll definitely feel more confident around your crush too!

What do you guys think? Do you have any advice for Lauren?

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    Thais says

    I have a crush but my crush is going to a different school next year and a lot all my class is going to the middle school I’m going. I will really miss my crush :(

  2. 24


    Take a picture of yourself. Then, look at it, play with the colors, the lighting, and the frames until you get something you like. Then, print it and hang it up right where you look every morning the moment you open your eves. Each day, you will see yourself…beautiful, awesome you! Then you’ll say…is that me? Yes, that’s me! I look beautiful and awesome! Don’t be afraid to think of yourself sometimes…and don’t worry about what other people will think of you when you do that. You don’t have to let anybody know! Except your diary! (Tip: KEEP A DIARY!!! It’s your new best friend!)

  3. 36

    Jamie says

    Try writitng a list about what you think is good about yourself and tape it onto a mirror or where you can see it! Or write “I am beautiful” on a piece of paper and tape it where you can see it! :) hope things go well for you, Lauren! :)

  4. 45

    tolly says

    Feel beautiful and you will be beautiful. I also have a major crush! So if he is going away, best time to tell him you like him!

  5. 47

    Agata says

    I’m going to a different school than my crush next year! He is my best friend! Now probably mean girl hannah will get him and i will look and our school photo every day killing my emotions! :’(

    • 48


      I think you should join girls on the run or girls on track. They teach you all about feeling good about yourself!:) ( thats why I do girls on the run )

      • 49


        I love dork dairies and i hate Mackenzie when she says bad about Nikki. i love Nikke,Chloe and Zoey.
        back hania

  6. 55

    Dork Diaries Biggest fan! says

    Don’t b so hard on yourself Lauren!
    Your Awesome and don’t u forget that and
    true friends will love u for u!

  7. 56

    Michaela says

    I have a crush but he is a year younger then me. I always get nerves talking to him and it’s always hard to even be around him. My crush even has a crush on one of my friends, and yes I’m jealous.

  8. 58

    ariel says

    ya i kinda have that problem alot 2 i might have depression but when i try 2 tell my sis she thinks i just want attention and idk how to tell my parents

  9. 59


    Try different things like, drawing, dancing, music or even makeovers! Once, I thought that I was terrible at everything (cuz I was so clumsy) and everyone else, could do gymnastics and the splits. I felt sad, that I wasn’t flexible (physically) like all my other friends. But then I tried to do things that I always enjoyed like drawing. Then, I heard of a drawing technique called “manga” and I rocked at it! But also I’m now totally addicted to it! Do something that you rock at, and then it’s time for you to SHINE! Like, at my school, we’re going to be having a talent show and I’m going to be singing with all my BFFs. If something like that happens at your school, TAKE THE SPOTLIGHT GIRL! But most important of all, believe in yourself! You’ve got to stop looking on the bad side of yourself and look on the bright side! I’m not telling you to look on the bright side of everything, but don’t look down on yourself. Everyone different, YOU are the only YOU. hope it helped! good luck Lauren!

    • 60

      Lauren says

      Cool I just got a fashion designing book at an art store I hope I can get awesome at art because I am sure not an athletic.

  10. 75


    Good Luck Lauren!
    <3 <3 <3 Just know that you are AMAZING, and nobody should make you feel otherwise!!!

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    Melanie says

    I like this guy but I just want to get to know him as a friend first. But I have never talked to him and I want to become a really good friend of his. What can I do?

  12. 84


    So helpful! I think you can also talk it out with your friends and family. But if you’re shy, I get it. I hate talking about my problems with my family too! Just, this might be a little extreme, don’t kill yourself, kay? It’s a bad thing so DON’T DO IT.

  13. 85


    Hey^·^ I have a problem.I have a best friend.But she been so bossy.Just today,She told me that I couldn’t draw.And she takes credit for everything I do.Just today,I showed her how to do pi on the calculator and then she was like”TEACHER,I KNOW HOW TO THE PI SIGN”So I told the teacher that I show her and told my friend to stop being a liar.Then she was like What you say?I say that I have to stand up for myself.Should I have said that?Should I stay friends with her.HELP!
    Reply Please^·^

    • 86

      Dahlia says

      Hey girls listen up! this is about true besties. If you have a best friend who is physically hurting you hurting your feelings or being bossy my advice is stick up for yourself and go tell an adult. You should not be this person’s friend. It’s hard but remember everything gets better

  14. 89


    I`m a kid, so, my mom says when I`m old enough I can stay home, but I really want to stay home every Wednesday, WHY? Because my brother has piano class and it takes 30 minutes, so dreadful! And I get to do whatever I want! But until I`m eighteen, I can.

  15. 101

    Angle says

    I know every words I am only 10 years old is that amazing? I think my little sister is because she is only 6 years old and she know 50 words I am proud of her not like Nikki, she is not proud of her sister.

  16. 102

    Courageheart says

    Hey Lauren, I had (well, have)the same problem. Sometimes I think I’m worthless, and that there’s no reason for me to be here. Then I think, “That’s not true.” Think about all your friends, and what they like about you. You can even go up to them and ask, “Hey, what do you like about me?” And write down all the good things that they say. If you still feel bad, write down what you like about yourself, like “I like my eyes, I like how smart I am, I like…” And always remember that to a special someone out there, you are the most beautiful person in the world. Don’t let yourself feel down. Love yourself, and don’t do anything to change yourself. “Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else!” Remember, your perfect in your own little way!! :)

  17. 104

    Greenowl says

    Hi Lauren! First of all, I totally get what you mean! I used to feel that way all the time. Try writing it down in a diary or talking about it to a pet, a parent, a best friend, a stuffed animal, or a little sibling or cousin who can’t talk yet. Just make sure that the person you tell won’t tell anyone, if bullies find out you lack self confidence you could become an easy target and they might make you suffer. Also, try every day telling yourself, “I am beautiful. I am worth more than gold! I respect myself. I’m awesome!” Look up the song ‘Gold’ by Britt Nicole. It is amazing, totally clean, and can really put you in a good mood. The message is having self confidence and realizing that you are worth more than gold.
    :) Know that you are beautiful, hang out only with people who are nice and encouraging, and respect yourself. I’m positive that if you do these things you can regain the self-confidence that you deserve.
    :) :) :) :) Smile! Love yourself! It helps! :) :) :) :)

    Hope I helped! :D

    • 105

      Lauren says

      I love that song thanks for the recommendation I have the CD and I put it on my Walkman! :) Now on my way to school I can listen to it.

  18. 106

    Auroraborealis says

    Lauren, the thing is, we ALL feel that way at least once! and when you feel like your friends dont like you, well, its not their fault OR yours! it just means that youve got so close to them, you want to be absolutly sure that they’ll be there! And about the talent problem…….try something new! you have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD to do so! you could play an instrument, try a sport, do dance, the list is endless! go for it chica! Im cheering you on!

  19. 110


    im actually extremely insecure too lauren, your not alone! i only think of myself as weird,lonely,and ugly and stuff, hey, its hard not listning to almost everysingle girl and most guys calling me names! and i started to believe them in 3rd grade….now that i’m in 5th i still do! only i dont have anything to cheer me up. no friends, and my family doesnt know :/. but for the past week i’ve been getting better, so hopefully by the time i’m finished with my self esteem,cofidence,and insecurity problems you will be too :)

  20. 111


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  21. 115

    Venus Beauty says

    You should do that. I also never knew that I could be the dancing diva and make school proud after I won the inter-school dance competition.

  22. 116

    Valerie says

    I have a crush too and recently he told me he liked me back I’m like so happy hope that will happen to you too, Lauren~!

  23. 117

    Claudia Kate says

    Hey Lauren, I don’t know you but I already like you. U seem amazing. If ur friends don’t see who and what u really are then they don’t deserve you.
    The guy that u like, well i have a motto for boys ‘If a boy likes u that much that he wants to date you then he’ll ask u out, if not he’s not worthy. :) P.S. Good Luck <3

  24. 119

    HOAFan says

    It sounds like you need a confidence booster! Try doing new things to see what you like. In the meantime why not write a list of all the things you like about yourself. Leave it somewhere you can see it everyday. This will help you feel better about yourself and eventually you will feel more confident around your friends ! Hope this helps!!!!!

  25. 123

    Cakepops says

    Moderation, modertaion, moderation! AAAARGH!!! PUH~LEEZE NIKKI!!!! WE DON’T WANT MODERATION! :(

  26. 124

    Georgi says

    is everyone commenting on here from America, or are there some dork diary fans in Australia like me?? btw my name is Georgia not Georgi idk why i had wrote it like that!!! :D

  27. 125

    Voldemort says

    Hey Lauren
    Never underestimate ur self!!!!!!!! Who knows that a sudden burst of talent cud come u kno!!!! Take up different activities maybe u are awesome at them????

  28. 126

    emmacalifornia says

    Girl keep it together! I’m sure you are awesome ! and i know how you feel I’m not really pretty. i found out my talent while thinking me and my friend love acting like some people we know and I’m good at it maybe u should think about it 2 . I hope this makes sense lol

  29. 128

    Evi!!! says

    Hi! you could write a story about how your feeling, and I do not mean a diary – if you want you could change your name and how u look. Or you could just keep a diary but it just might be a bit more exciting!!! Just an idea =D


  30. 130

    Musical Bookworm says

    I feel very sorry for you! My crush was also 2 years older than me and we just became friends but he is gone now. I also miss him like how Thais feels. :(

  31. 133

    Kisha says

    All I could say is to try to make friends and go to a hobby that you like. I’ve also go through that before, and I had said that I hated my life. But after that year of bad things, I had decided to move on, making friends and finding who I am. So this is my advice for you: Make friends and go to a hobby that you like.

  32. 134


    Lauren that’s not true.everyone has a talent.singing in my case,guys ignore me but I’m really popular with the girls,so find your inner talent and shine through

    (**) cookiekinz (**)

    • 139


      as in comments… anyways, I have a crush, he’s cute (like, duh!) and he’s funny and pretty crazy (in a good way)… but I mean, he’s…. IDK, me and my BFFs, well… I liked that person (I still do!) where no one else (I think) has… or had. And, my BFF, she has a crush on a trouble maker (but he’s SO cute! Like Zayn… but Zayn is WAY cuter) and my other BFF likes the person that almost all the girls in my grade likes… though he IS nice and funny and a bit cute…. ANYWAYS! There was this suspicious moment where my other BFF (Valerie) liked that person (Luke) and Luke’s best friend, John, said, “Ummm, *my name*, Luke told me to tell you-” and then it wasn’t clear… it’s very suspicious…

  33. 141

    Kitty leong says


    Actchally i felt bad for you.But i had a crush on my classmate too,TIPS BTW find a BFF that you can share your heart feelings:0

  34. 144

    Cherry says

    hi everyone :D .
    i loooooove: dd.com,dorkdiaries,rachel and of course NIKKI

    PS: Please moderate my comment Nikki

  35. 146

    dorky me says

    i know how you feel lauren…
    anywho, lauen,you are awesome-believe me, i get SO annoyed at myself and start crying sometimes, sooooo…
    lets just be internet friends :D SMILEEEE :D ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪
    stay awesomely dorky :)

  36. 150

    dorky me says

    i feel flleugggghhhh.(which, btw means RUBBISH) i dont like break at school ’cause i HAVE to go outside and i dont have a friend to hang out with… :( plz help nikki i cant just go up to someone and be all like
    “wacha doin’?” because i’ve tried that…I’M INVISIBLE BAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHGGGGGGHHHHHHH >:(

  37. 153

    Noelina says

    Try setting a reminder that says i’m amazing on your phone so when you wake up it says i’m amazing and then you will feel much better about yourself. maybe try talking to your friends more so you get more confident. Try to do really good stuff and try really hard in everthing so people will compliment you and yo will much better. gooooooooood luuuuuuuuuck Lauren

  38. 155

    Blablabla says

    Lauren, I’m SURE u hav a talent, in fact, I KNOW u hav 1! U should follow Nikki’s advice! Trust me Lauren…. I’M ON YOUR SIDE!!! ;)

  39. 157

    Anonymous says

    One time, I was at a new school called Castlemore, just like you, Nikki! But everyone doesn’t treat me very well, but luckily, I don’t have a CCP girl, or mean girls like MacKenzie Hollister that humiliate your life. But, when I was use to it, everybody liked me! I’m just sayin’! I’m not jealous of you, Nikki, because you have Brandon Roberts, but it’s juvenile, right? Anyway, I NEVER have CRUSHES!

  40. 158

    Katelyn says

    I feel like that ALL the time!!!! I feel like im not preety at ALL!!!
    anyone have advise?!!!!!!!!!

  41. 161

    Ardini says

    Yeaa, sometimes I feel like people hate me without a reason. My bestfriend told me a bunch of 3rd Grader Girls hate me because I’m dating this GUY. Any advises on how to make them stop. I dont wanna break up with him, hes super sweet.

  42. 162


    I have one but i dont know if he likes me and we been friends forever and it’s my best friends brother so i feel u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. 163


    Wouldn’t it be so awesome if you could ask for help on the comments, because Nikki doesn’t always reply? I see you guys do it, but I’m kinda afraid to ask a question myself, cuz’ you guys don’t know me, but I’ll give it a try…

    There’s this really popular guy at my school. I have a really big crush on him but I’m a… dork! He barely knows me, but he’s leaving at the end of the school year and I want to wok some nerve to talk to him! I get so tongue tied and I stammer a lot around him. Help! Before it’s too late!

    • 164

      Marissa says

      Here is what I think: Try thinking if you don’t know what your going to say something like for example Hi (his name)!!!! Hows it going? (If you haven’t introduce your self) Im (your name). Do you like (your favorite hobby or place to go to)? That s my advice. I know it probably won’t help. Sorry.


  44. 175


    nikkk I no how you feel it happens to me to and also I have a feeling one of my friends are stalking me can you help plz? p.s I love your books they are awesome!!!=-D I am such a dork to so you are not alone and you go girl

  45. 177

    kitten lover!!! says

    Hey Lauren I got advise for u.
    keep a notebook and each day write down something you’ve accomplished.
    then u will feel good bout yourself. :) :) :)

  46. 178


    HI Nikki. I love your diaries. They are interesting. I know how u feel about MacKenzie. I know that having an enemy is hard to deal with.

  47. 181

    Adviser says

    Wow Nikki!! You really gave Lauren some good advice. I felt that way when I broke up with my boyfriend, but now I’m 20 years old and have a great new boyfriend:);):);):)

    • 183

      annaysa says

      I go to my friend and play with them if my mom let’s me or dad or I just play wii or watch tv or all my friends if my parents don’t let them come over or I can’t go to there house I call them and we talk allot on the phone.

  48. 184

    cant like my selfe says

    i have troulbe liking my selfe becose people say that i’m fat and stuf like that they even punch me . nikki pleas tell me what to do.

    • 188

      Denise says

      I do I like this guy named Blake he goes to my school he is just so cute I get shy when I talk to him because he is in the same class as me which is really hard for me I just hope I don’t embarrass my self because I have to work on a project with him and we are going to work at my house witch I’m gonna make a fool of myself because my mom get’s so exited when I bring a boy home and my dad is gonna be like hey hey witch like he is gonna be like he is my boyfriend wich I think he is.

  49. 189

    carsas says

    never ever ever eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever ecxeption when i baugh a dork diaries book

  50. 192

    Kate says

    Love your advise Dorky Novelist!!! oh and I checked out your website its really good but I think what would make it even better if you wrote about lots of things other than owls. I think it would be good if you gave advise to people your really good at it.

  51. 194

    Farah says

    Don’t feel bad about yourself! Try asking friends for help or try something out of the box! That is guaranteed to work!

  52. 195

    Duaa says

    Lauren, I have some advice for you. You first said you don’t think you have talents. That surprises me. Everyone has a talent! You should make a list of things your good at, or like and think of a talent that relate to those things. For example: do you like helping friends, and are you good at it? You could be and advice girl like Nikki! There’s lots of other things, too. The reason I chose this because it’s one of the most unlikely to have a talent in it. But you can find a talent in anything. About your friends, why do you think so? Trust me, their probably not disliking you. The guy the usual relationship stuff. To feel better about yourself, set goals and achieve them. Take notes of good things about you, and what others say. To remember, that who you are is a person who can achieve goals and be good in other’s eyes.

  53. 199

    Mystery Macaronni says

    Clue #3 Hey guys M.M. here. Okay here is my next clue. I have commented BEFORE this comment and it has 2 parts to it. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) r :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  54. 200

    Angie says

    Don’t feel bad. Everyone gets that feeling every now and then but u need to over come it. Look at the good things u know r true about yourself and hopefully u will realize that all the little things count ;)

  55. 201

    lonely nerd girl says

    Hi.My friends and I were doing a talent show but at auditions they said that they were scared to perform. I decided not to audition. When i was leaving the auditorium, I saw Them audition with my enemy and they got in. I asked them why and they said i was an emberessment. They said that i didnt have talent and laughed. Im being bullied really badly at school. the only good thing is my crush. He gave me a love note before school ended and i didnt know what to say. i need advice about everything i wrote.

    ,Lonely Nerd Girl

  56. 203

    Meika says

    Hi, I LOVE DORK DIARIES! Because it is AWESOME!!
    I Can not wait until their the next dork diaries comes out I’ve just read ‘How to dork your diary’ and it is GREAT! Now I am reading ‘skating Sensation’ and I am enjoying it so far! I do sometimes feel really bad about my self because my worst enemy (Who is alot like MacKenze) Bridget, because she is always putting me down and she is a PATHETIC CRUSTY-EYED, HAIRY- LEGGED BEAST!! I’m the dorky, funny, cool one because well… IM A DORK!!!!!!!!!!!:) :)

    P.S my crush doesn’t know I alive! What do I do? Please reply to my comment! Thank you for reading my comment


  57. 204

    ImaDORK^.^ says

    Um Nikki (a.k.a Rachel R. Russel. Im IN LOVE (<3) with UR BOOKS.. my fave thing about u is yu consider yourself as a DORK.., But me too! im a Comic Book Fan i like Negima Soul EATER XD but they mostly are Manga.. But its always fun too Read your Amazingly Awesome Super-Tacular Crazy Books ^ . ^ Rachel I will Write u more Next time .. by Your Favorite Fan. Meow.

    • 205

      DDGIRL:) says

      hi lauren i tink i know u literally (we r in de same class) n dont think that your friends dont like you cos i love ya ta bitz (as a friend) i hope u read this Lauren. luv always Elizabith cornflake silver (the name u gave me) do u know who i am yet?????? ps.i hope this is u!!!:)

  58. 207

    raeanin says

    Hey Nikki,I don’t like my self because very butty tells me that i need to do stuff to my self like deed my hair,puc my brows,shave my mus tash. I don’t now how to feel???

  59. 208


    Just go talk to some one see if they have the same interest, and if not that’s ok cuz there are other people. Also be yourself.
    – Lauren
    P.s we have the same name how cool.
    See now you have a some what friend:)

  60. 213

    Lauren says

    Thanks guys. You really brightened my mood. But thats not the worst part. I actually thought about suicide and I won’t ever see my crush again. My dad is in the military and you know they move every 3 years.

  61. 214


    Well, I sometimes feel just like that too when it’s lunch. Nobody really talks to me, even if their my friends. You still have something special like what Nikki always says to make your inner dork shine through. Don’t think about the people who don’t even think about you. They don’t know what’s the inner self, trying to break through! If they try to bully you, then stand up and “Say that I’m a lot better than you.” Next thing you know, you feel bad because you have never done that before, and you also feel good about yourself because you’ve just shone your inner dork and your other talents are always waiting! Time to shine!!! :D Good Luck, Lauren!

  62. 218

    Jenna says

    u should love who u r. god made u for a reason. if u dont belivie in god or have a different god still listen. u were made for a reason ok u need to know that ok dont think no one loves u because they do. i was the same way and on top of it i got the crap beat out of me everyday. u need to belivie in yourself or people will walk all over u. this is what i think u should do make a list of everything u love about u. and then go to someone (a friend) and ask them what they like about u like how u r easy to talk to or how u r very talented. because if u cant love urself and love who u r then y were u given a chance to be born u could be the person who cures cancer. think about

    • 225

      Massive fan says

      Your the best Author ever!!!!!!!! I absolutely love your writing other authors arent convincing but you are real life Nikki!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. 230

    Kiera says

    I say be yourself.don’t feel bad about yourself.I used to think to myself,I’m not good at anything.and I hate the way I look.but then I was like hey,I can’t be anybody else and this is just who I am.so BE YOU.

  64. 232

    Lara says

    Dear Nikki,
    So the guy I like likes my best friend and we figured out last summer and it’s so awkward being around him now! I can’t even talk to him, plz help.

  65. 233

    Angel says

    Hi Lauren! I TO-TAL-LY get how you feel. How about you try the following:
    1:Try new things. If I didn’t try new things,I never woulda known I was good at singing and acting
    2:Draw a pic of yourself and beneath it,write EVERYTHING that you like about yourself and what you’re good at,and stick it where you can see it.
    (As usual,great advice,Nikki!)

  66. 234

    hanoof says

    Well for starters I know how it feels I mean last year I hated myself I used to think that every body hated me I had no talent until my mom said honny why won’t you write a story I said ok ill try and now I have a blog I started last monday its called befor sunset and I’m now happy with my self. And you know what go talk to your crush more and more and get to know him hope you like my adivice

  67. 235

    hanoof says

    Hi again so I was out with my mom and her friends and it was so boring so I started thinking about you and I have a grait idea look you can have a youtube show called find me a talent so every week you can try something like drawing swimming gymnastics singing and dancing and you can do games. And tell my what you think and don’t worry about that guy you like he can be your gest star ok that wasint right but I would totally do that.

  68. 236

    Danyelle says

    I feel the same way because i sometimes think of my self as a fat hairy monster and im going to middle school next year and i want to be well i want to look nice not a fat hairy monster what should i do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. 237

    Angel says

    Hi Danyelle! I have an idea for you. If you want to look good,try this:Try on your outfits,experiment with hairstyles,and if you want to wear makeup,that’s your decision. Then,decide which ones look good on you and show your personality. And remember,at school,just be yourself. You’ll get better friends if you do.BTW, you wanna be my friend? I don’t have any friends here. What do y’all think about my advice? I’ll be happy to answer y’all’s questions.

  70. 238


    Dear Nikki,
    First of all I have a problem it’s super major like ASAP I have a crush on a boy named Anthony cornejo and I have a strong feeling about him and I just want to know if he has a strong feeling about me 2 and I’m worried!!!

  71. 239

    Angel says

    Hi Idaly Jannelle! First, maybe you should watch how he acts around you. Does he hang out with you much? Someone who TRULY likes you will want to hang out with you. If he seems like he likes being with you,try casually telling him you like him and ask if he likes you. Hope this helped!
    P.S.: Good luck! You’ll need it!

  72. 240

    Angel says

    Hi Lara! Try to see how he acts around you and your BFF. No, I’m NOT saying be a creepy stalker! They might be better together than you would be with him! And later on,you MIGHT find somebody that you like and he likes you back! Hope it helped!

  73. 242

    Titana says

    I sometimes think that i am a total looser BUT…
    nobody’s perfect!!
    and it takes a while to physically have a perfect talent for yourself, right!
    people say life is a box of chocolates, but sometimes that is not true. and everybody once in a while thinks they are a total looser, especially me. so you are not alone! and if you think that way again, just remember that you are not alone and life is a box of chocolates.!! hoped this helped!!

    • 245


      PLZ dont hate ur self! U r probaly a wonderful prson! My grades also went down from ALL A’s to 3 C’s 1 B amd I FFFFFFFFFFFF.
      An F! PLz just try to hang with people that make LESS trouble! Im not saying Dont hang with jose and Valeria. im saying try to hang with other people also and i have a 50 50 hunch that ur grades will MABEY go. Just TRTY PLZ!

    • 246


      Jessy, thanks for the support, I just started middle school and as you said I dont get to hang out with Valeria anymore plus besides there is another Valeria in my school, and she was the one I hung out after your comment but it seems like…. she left! ok! SHE LEFT! She went to live in USA because her parents got divorced and her mother is marring another man! So I went back to the first Valeria. I dont hang out with Jose anymore because HE IS VERYYYYYYYY ANNOYING! I don’t know what to do with myself. I am a very bad student because:
      1) Im starting to like boy stuff
      2) I am addicted to minecraft and i never ever study.
      3) I AM LIKING BOY STUFF!!!! I dont like for people to do my nails, massage and stuff like that. Before I did but now I dont. And anyways I have NO classes with Valeria an now we only facetime. I need my old life back please help me, I love minecraft but I dont like the other girls in my school that are…. ”girly”. Valeria is the closest friend I have now, but I dont belive in BFF’s anymore, Im not the same. I hate looking at posters that say: Life is a miricle, Friendship is the onlything that never breakes up, blah blah blah! I feel my heart broken into a million pices. HELP!! I feel like the only friend I actually have is my dog Ally. A DOG! OMG i even like Call of duty, Jessy I just like stuff boys like exept girls, I still have a crush (boy) HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am gonna fall into depression if i dont get help…

  74. 247


    ok, so look Nikki, 2 years ago I wasent in the same class as my BFF called Catalina, so we really got seperated and so I made another BFF named Sofia which was a BIG mistake. (you’ll see why) So after that year all the 3 of us were in the same class, and luckly both of them became VERY good friends, like Chole and Zoey. BUT this year we got in the same class AGAIN and we had problems, so back in November (which is also my Birthday) Catalina and Sofia send me a note saying this ” hi _____, ummmm… this is “hard” but um……. i dont want to be your Bff anymore, if you want we can be Bff again NEXT year, love Cata” …….. wait i’m crying right now…………………………………anyways it only looks like CATALINA my 8 YEAR BFF HAD THE IDEA TO WRITE THAT NOTE!!! So I’m not mad at Sofia. But CATALINA?!? So now Catalina is ALWAYS with Sofia, and they are BFFs because of ME! The only kinda good news is that Sofia became a CCP….. well…. CP, shes not cute. Shes not like OMG I AM SOOOO POPULAR, no, shes like OMG I’M AN OK POPULAR! LOL. anyways so right now I’m with a girl named Valeria and a guy named Jose but its not like before, now, I admit, I’m the funny one, before ME And CATALINA were the funny ones. I dont laugh that much right now, my likes and dislikes have really changed, now my grades went down, I made a VERY VERY VERY bad thing at school, and just because i did it with Valeria it means that I cant be with her while I’m grounded. PLUS my mom is being really annoying telling me to hang out with other people and not only one person, WHICH is none of her beswax!!! (buissness) PLUS the guy I like is 2 years older than me and he is in the same class as my brother! So I need to know:
    1 make Catalina’s life miserable
    2 know how to tell my mom that if she wants me to be happy then to just let me handle friendship things alone
    3 make my crush like me
    there is more but I’m not suppose to be writting this, as I said, I’m grounded

    plz anybody tell me how to solve my Problems!! bye

    love, ______

  75. 248


    i feel super bad about myself because when we were picking a progect from the state when i picked winsconsin people where like ohhhhhhhh and i thought that means im going to fail.

  76. 250

    Angel says

    Hi IHATEMYSELF. Fist off,Catalina doesn’t sound like a good friend! Anyways……. Ok. First,revenge is NOT the answer. If you did payback,it could come back to haunt you. Try to tell her with body language,”You did something bad to me,but I’m not gonna let you make my life miserable.” That might work. Then,with your mom,try to tell her that you don’t want her helping. I made a script for you!
    Hi Mom,I know that I’m grounded because of what I did with Valeria,and now we know better. I know you don’t want me me with her because you think I’ll do something bad. Well I won’t! I promise. I’m old enough to look after myself and decide what I do. I’m still grounded, I know,but I should be able to pick my own friends. That should help. Then,with your crush. You can’t really MAKE anybody like you. If you try to make him like you, you’d kinda be like Mackenzie. Just be nice and a good friend. He’ll probably like you if you’re a good friend. Just don’t let it be obvious! Hope it helped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Good Luck,

  77. 254

    Lauren says

    OMG! my name is Lauren too! lol. ok so, i think you should, quit worrying about what others think about you girl! You are you and thats what matters.dont feel bad about yourself. i end up doing the same thing all the time, and it just takes over my life. You may not think you have talent, but everyone has somekind of talent. it would be from cooking, to singing, to writing. And if you feel your friends dont like you, heres a random story, my so called bfss, call me ugly, stupid, words i cant say, punch me, kick me, if they do that to you, just walk up and say, I dont like how your mean to me. real friends dont call eachother names or hurt them. If you dont stop, we shouldent be friends anymore. If they dont stop, just walk away and make some new ones. Im with you buddy! GIRL POWER!

  78. 255

    Depressedloner says

    Why does nobody listen to me? my life is so horrid I have no friends and its so sad!!! Please answer back and help!

  79. 256


    i totally feel the same way when i dont score a goal when im playing a soccer game! just try to ignore it and tackle new stuff like football. (you wont hurt yourself!)

  80. 258

    princess muky muky of gummybear island says

    i hear they plan on making two books this year
    this June on the 4th and one October 1st

    • 260


      Dont worry i have glasses TOO! B)-(me) im also know as a nerd. I have a plan that u and ur bff can try and if it deosnt wrk then just look on the bright side such as- think of somthing exciting thats coming up! Or talk a bout somthing that happened in the past and bring back memorises!
      ok, heres the plan. Take thier insults and turn them into insult back at them like if they call u a nerd tell them “Well Guess What! I can c better than what u can so weh im not stuggling reading YOULL be the one struggling! So back off man!” try that if that doesnt wrk then tell an adult. They call u a tattle-tale say ” so wut! at least IM responsible!” hope it wrks out u and ur bff

  81. 261


    CAN SOMONE HELP ME. me and my bff have nothing to feel good about. we cant even be our selves. people see us as nerds. we are our only friends. i have another HAPPY bff but this is me and my first and only bff. so can i have some advice please. i mean just because we have glasses doesnt mean were nerds. SOMEONE! HELP!

  82. 262


    I have this problem all the time. I feel bad even
    around my best friends, because anyone
    compared to me is a social butterfly.Also
    because a lot of the pretty girls have blond
    and blue eyes and I feel unimportant to
    life like a freak of nature. : (

  83. 263


    When I’m home alone I will ask my parents if I can rent a movie ,because watching names movie will take my mind of of scary things.

      • 266


        Dont Feel bad.That mole u have makes u be known for who u r! im not saying go around letting every 1 no u as the mole girl or sumthing, but GOD gave that mole to u cause he knew that mole was ment for u! Peace girl! hope u take my advice and keep ur mole!

  84. 267


    I feel bad about my self cause i have a mole. but my mom said its only small and it kinda is but i’m getting rid of it soon. Its sweet u like him but if he’s super cute then he may have a gf but i’m sure your pretty so he may get to no u. GOOD LUCK!! :)

  85. 269


    Listen this is for izzy k
    i no how that feels. i had a crush in first grade. then i second grade i moved schools! It really sucked man!

  86. 272


    my mom does not like my friends i like them but i have to pretend not to like them just to get along with my mom like this girl named lamya we have be BFFS since like 2 grade we have the same things in common but my mom calls her and i quote:”that girl is an ugly yellow bucked tooth giraffe”!what do i do?

  87. 273

    Crystal says

    hi i am new but i have a question who is excited about the new book dork diaries holiday heartbreak?? ♥☺

  88. 274

    eshal says

    nikki im a nerd and a dork in my school nobody likes to hang out with me ccp girls are my friends there nice. i have a best friend who I ALWAYS hang out with anyway my problem is should I stay a dork cause i sort of like being one or should i turn into a cpp girl? well i cant but ill try thanks! ps when my best friend is not at school those are th lonley days ps my best friend is kiersten bye

  89. 280

    Lauren says

    I think you should just be yourself and don’t worry if somebody is mean to you even though that’s not your problem. P.S.we have the same name that’s cool.

  90. 282

    grace says

    I know a guy in the other class in school and he’s SOOOO Cute and we’re friends and stuff but I really like him!! One of his best friends my friend told him I like him and he just acted normal. Then one day I rang my friend (the one who told him i like him)and he said he liked me back i was so happy and i told hime to ask him out for me so I litterally ran to their street and got my friend to help me do my my hair all pretty like. But then it turned out to be a big prank!! I know he knows and he knows I kno he knows and he gave me his phone number and i texted him but he told me the next day he had no credit. We are going to differant schools in 2 years and I want him to know how I truly feel not just a little crush!!! Help me Nikki!!!
    True Story I swear!

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