I was planning to write more about the super fun Christmas countdown thingy I’ve been doing with Chloe and Zoey, because it’s been all kinds of awesome!

Seriously, I spent the WHOLE day counting down the hours to write about all the cute things we’ve given each other…but if I don’t tell you about what I heard this afternoon I think I might DIE from excitement overload!!!

But before I go any further, let me just say…


Okay, NOW I’m ready to tell you the story!!

I got dismissed from school today because I had a dentist appointment. I usually HATE the torture chamber that is the dentist’s office, but I’ll take that over fifth period math ANY DAY!

As I was walking past the teachers’ lounge to meet my mom, who was waiting outside to pick me up, I heard someone say my name.

I couldn’t see who was in there talking, but I knew it must have been a couple of teachers. (It’s the TEACHERS’ lounge, after all, not the students’/lunch ladies’/janitors’ lounge!)

At first I got kind of nervous. I imagined all the things they could be talking about, like…

“Nikki Maxwell…yes, THAT’S the girl who defiled MacKenzie Hollister’s home. She should definitely be expelled!”

Or, “Nikki Maxwell…yes, THAT’S the girl who supposedly has a dentist appointment right now. She’s probably just skipping math because she STINKS at it. She should definitely be expelled!”

Or, “Nikki Maxwell…yes, THAT’S the girl who wears cheap department store clothes. We don’t need fashion-challenged DORKS like that at WCD. She should definitely be expelled!”

Okay, so that last one would be highly unlikely unless a bunch of CCPs suddenly possessed their bodies…but hey, I was feeling super paranoid that they were talking about me!!

I couldn’t just leave without knowing what was up, so I leaned on the door and put my ear up against it…but it turned out, it wasn’t fully closed, so I fell in!

OMG I was SO mortified! I mean, they definitely knew I was eavesdropping! But I was also kind of excited, since this gave me chance to see what they do in there.

I always imagined it as this super fancy room with velvet couches, a fireplace, AND its own Starbucks! I pictured the teachers sipping espresso and eating caviar while getting neck massages.

Nope! Nothing like that! It’s basically a little cafeteria, with grimy tables and folding chairs. And I didn’t see ANY caviar…just a couple crusty bologna sandwiches.

(Man, teaching is SO not glamorous!)

Anyways, back to my story! I couldn’t think of what to say, so I stammered, “Oops! I, um, thought this was the bathroom!”

I wanted to just jump up and run out, but OF COURSE all my art pens had fallen out of my backpack. It felt like it was taking FOREVER to pick them all up!

It felt like I was in quick sand, moving in slow motion. I just wanted to get out of there! I SERIOUSLY considered yelling, “Keep the pens!” and running out!

Finally one of the teachers, who I didn’t recognize, got on her hands and knees to help me. Then after we got them all in the bag, she smiled at me and said, “Congratulations young lady!”

So I said, “Um, thanks. I thought I’d never pick all those pens up!”

Then she laughed and said, “No I meant the award…” but then stopped herself.

This other teacher, who I didn’t recognize either, gave her a look and then said, “Shouldn’t you be getting back to your class?”

It seemed like he was trying to stop her from saying too much, and he was kind of intimidating so I practically ran out.

But the cool thing is I won a super important award!!! I have NO IDEA what it’s for, but I repeat…

SQUEEEEEEE! I’m SO excited! :)


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      Hey Nikki, I’m so happy 4 u, I totally know how u feel.
      In the fifth grade I was moving schools and a few weeks b4 the year ended I just randoml went up to the teachers desk so he cld mark my English book but wen I got there, he was writing on this orange card.
      And on tht I card I cld c my name and b4 I cld read anything else he stuck smiley stickers on 2 it and handed it 2 the TA (Teachers Assistant) as quickly as he cld so I wldnt notice it.

      I was so happy, I thght I won a prize!!!!!!
      But turns out on the very last day the whole CLASS presented me with this book, it was full of colored cards with a picture of my classmates on each and beside their pics they wrote there goodbye notes.
      It was the sweetest gift EVER!!!!!
      I felt like crying :cry: :cry:

      I’m pretty sure ur gonna get an art prize Nikki I’m so excited 4 u!!!!!

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    Hey girlies, I’m also hosting a little something on New Years Day!
    Dork Diaries Role Play:
    – Nikki: Mai May
    - MacKenzie: Sammikinz
    - Brandon: MissDorki
    - Zoey: Ms.Smiley12
    - Chloe: Caroline
    - Marcy:
    - Jessica: ZozoPuff123
    - Nikki’s Dad:
    - Nikki’s Mom:
    - Theodore Swagmire III:
    - Violet Baker: Vivi
    - Brianna(Miss Penelope): Ninja Girl
    - CCP Girl#1: PacificaNorthwestlol
    - CCP Girl#2:
    - CCP Girl#3:
    - CCP Girl#4:
    - CCP Girl#5:
    - Brady Grayson:
    - Brady Grayson’s Girlfriend:
    - Jock #1(cute boy):
    - Jock #2(cute boy):
    - Jock #3(cute boy):

    Games That We’ll Play:
    - Make Me Laugh or Die.
    - Truth or Dare.
    - DD Role-Play.
    - Would You Rather.
    - Guess My Secrets-
    • This game works by when people say the most outrageous things and the person guilty must say “Guilty”…the person with the most guiltier wins a special blog post about them on my blog!
    ~ Be Honest Girlies.
    - Tell Me More Games You Wanna Play!

    Things That Will Go Down.
    It will be at 1:00pm-11:35pm (U.S Time)

    People That Are Invited:
    Nobody Gets Left Behind!

    What You Must Bring:
    Fun Attitudes, Great Moods, Smiles and yourself!

    People That Are Banned:
    The “Hackers”.. -.-


    Xat (My Xat on MY website! )

    Things That Will Be There:
    Hilarious Videos!
    Emoticons Of Allllll Kinds!
    And morrrrrrre!

    ~••~ If you can’t make it please tell me!

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      Dork Diaries' #1 Fan! says

      Tomorrow,for school,I have a two hour delay.And there will be a winter concert.For the afternoon,it starts at 1:45.And at night,it starts at 7:00.There is a girl who was always mean to me.She is my enemy.She slapped my butt when I was at my gym locker.And when I was changing after gym,she said that my underwear stinks.I don’t care when people see my underwear or bra when I change for gym as long as they don’t make fun of me about it.I didn’t get a chance to tell on her after gym.But I will tell on her tomorrow.I’m so tired of her being mean to me!She is the meanest enemy I knew.A few of my friends are her friends.She was friends with that group of people.Then at the end of 6th grade and the beginning of 7th grade,I was their friends.

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    Kittycat says

    Haii girls u might member me I’m Kittycat plz call me kitty by the way guess what??? I got a new kitten SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s so cute

    • 114

      Lilly :) says

      Kitty! welcome! And everyone else who is new, welcome! chat to your heart’s content like Lulukinz said, and please have fun! I came on a last week, so! Ask anyone if you have any questions, they give great advice. :) welcome again! :) ~Lillykinz:), the DD kinz who smiles a lot.

      • 115

        Jennifer says

        WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! I’ve got a headache, fever, flu and cough — ACHOOO! Sniff! I want too cry!!!

  3. 151

    Chloe22 says

    Nikki I’m so happy for u!!!! It’s think it’s like the greatest thing ever!!! If it went to u AND Brandon u two could hold it together and maybe touch! :)

  4. 171


    awesome news, nikki!
    um…are you SURE she wasn’t talking about the award you won in the newspaper thingy?? cuz…maybe the other teacher just didn’t want her to tell you that she knows you’re miss know-it-all…look, i am TERRIBLE at predicting what happens next!!!

  5. 179

    Kittycat says

    Haii is anyone on?? I was eating dinner McDonalds nom nom nom :) anyways by the way if u wanna know more bout my new kitten here is some info: it’s a she, she is about 5 months old, she is 4 pounds that’s tiny for a 5 month old kitten and she is silver

  6. 185

    sarah!:) says

    merry christmas to those who celebrate christmas (im doing a countdown. i count the days till christmas and wish that many people a merry christmas.)

  7. 194


    Guys I have to bring in a picture of my pet. So I’m bringing an album of my cats. I have to bring in the album because my mom or me dont want the pics damaged. Those are the only pictures I know about so they cant get damaged. And Reggie died when I was like 4 I guess. And Minx died before I was born. Reggie was put down because of cancer. Minx died of old age. :( :( :( :( :( :( The worse part is since I’m allergic we cant get anymore cats. :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

    • 207

      Girlygirl says

      Vivi!! Omigoodness I’m so sorry I didn’t come on yesterday!! :( it’s kinda a long…. Terrifying story involving me downloading a virus, my computer being blocked by an FBI poser, a huge project that I hadn’t even started, and me being exhausted, :(

      • 208

        Vivi says

        No no its okay Gigi!! Don’t worry about it! :D I hope your computer umm doesn’t have a virus anymore :)
        Btw sorry I responded so late O.O

  8. 210

    sarah!:) says

    whos thought of their resolution and what are they? i want to start babysitting, but peeps will likely think 12 and 13 is too young, their parents are already there or they already have a babysitter :sad: :cry: / :cries: whichever it is

  9. 218

    dork of mcms says

    hey i am the biggst dork ever and today i was babby sitting and kat she is my little sister she threw her carrits i made in the cats food bowl and i think nick (the boy i am in love thin)looked at me and and smiled
    !!!!!!!!!see you tomorw :):):):);)

  10. 219


    mabe not because the other teacher told her to get to class and she said that she won a important award
    i don’t think thats important to teachers

  11. 221


    teachers are so odd some times one time a teacher got me in troble just for laughing she was like lesly (thats my real name) there is now laughing ever i catch you one more time and you get detention

  12. 226


    i ment to say i have a question there is this boy and he is always staring at me and once during our dig groups he sat on my desk (cause we aren’t in the same class and i wasn’t using it and i needed a pencil and to be somewhere else) and he almost grabbed my hand then a few weeks later he was running by and he stopped by just to say hi and he laughs at all my lame jokes ( that my friends act that are funny but they aren’t that cool) and a week later there was a fire in the class (why idunno) and he was in the front of the line he moved away to the end were i was right next to me and when we came outside he said are you okey lookin in my eyes stupidity i said hu oh ah ya and today we sat in the same lunch table and my friend said to him hey kimberly (the mackenzi of my life) said that you like her and i thought well he isn’t gonna ask me out he said eww oh god no she’s ugly and i felt so much better so dose this mean he likes me or is he just a really good friend I MUST KNOW

  13. 374

    Beccah(NailsWearPants) says

    Nikki!! Omg!! You lucky!! I wonder what its for!! Of course, who woldn’t?? Am I right? aha. Annyway, so what will Brandon think? He’s probably going to be all like “Nikki you’re sooo much better than Mackenzie!” except that Brandon isn’t rude at all. So yeah, I’m so happy for you!! It’s probably for all of that great art you do or something like that.
    Idk but I know it’s something good….
    Have a happy day <3
    Btw… I can't wait for you to post the next "ask nikki" answer ;)

    Love, Beccah

  14. 377

    Charlotte says

    Nikki, its either reward for “Best Friend” or “Best Person for Putting Up with MacKenzie Hollister So Long”. I personally think the 2nd one. :D

  15. 395

    dorky audz says

    SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Guess wat pple! There is a dance us sixth graders may go 2. I bet allen will ask me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Btw allen is my crush.

    • 400

      Rightmare XD says

      Hii Yellieyellow!! :D I like your name!! Welcome to Dork Diaries (also called as DD)
      and hope you enjoy here and have much fun!! :D

  16. 416

    CookieGurl says

    I think when the principle winston announces. It, MacKenzie will make your life even more MISERABLE because she’s jealous or something…… And Brandon would be. Like,” Great Job Nikki! Can I take a picture of you for the school newspaper?” And your photo WILL BE on the school newspaper and he MIGHT keep another copy of it in his room

  17. 422

    Isabella says

    Wow Nikki, congrats! Be sure to act surprised when u get the award! I bet ur wondering wat the award is, I know I would!!! So I’m sure ur next blog will be about the award… I guess. I bet u can’t wait!!!! :) :) :D :D

  18. 436

    Taylor says

    @Dance I SO agree. Oh and I like when ‘Nikki’ said: I usually HATE going to the torture chamber of a dentist! I was like: ME TOO! Omg, you don’t know if their gonna clean your teeth or pull all of them out! (._. )

    • 437


      dentist: i’m just gonna gently rock your tooth to see if it’s wiggly enough…
      dentist: see, all done and your tooth is out!
      me: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *thinks: i’m gonna sue this guy*

  19. 438

    Taylor says

    Hey! I noticed its the 12.12.12! At school I was on math and I wanted to count down until 12seconds but I forgot and I looked at the clock and it said 12:13 PM and I was like “UGH!” I waited all week and I MISSED IT! Wait, I can just fly to Hawaii! The timezone is different there!

    • 450


      i have full trust in you, chloe. i’m not gonna believe that you’re a hacker unless i check with all the other girls and check their blogs and they say you’re a hacker. if then, it’s like “okay, fun’s over, majority wins!” not to rub it in…

  20. 481


    SantaKinzy: *faints*
    Guest1082 has entered the room.
    Guest1082 has become Ninja girl.
    Harry Styles: r u ok love?
    Harry Styles: *runs to santa kinzy*
    Harry Styles: *runs to santa kinzy*
    SantaKinzy: Kinda
    Harry Styles: you got me worried there
    Ninja girl: Im leaving DD peoples
    ZippyChat is Amazing!
    Ninja girl: @NM be back in 25 mins
    Harry Styles: oh ello ng!
    audree davis: y
    Harry Styles has to make carrot salad for louis.. brb loves!
    Ninja girl: Hi Harry i like Liam and louis better but “ur” third
    Vanessa: o.O
    Ninja girl: Whos leavin DD
    SantaKinzy: I LOVE HARRY

  21. 485

    chenell says

    First of all good job nikki with the award and second of all how embarrising would that be teachers talking about you and then falling in. Akwark!

  22. 487



  23. 514


    Nikki!!!!! Finally another post! :) You know what?! I personally think there’s a dopleganger
    that is pretending to be you because you didn’t enter ANY contest!! Be careful, Nikki!!

  24. 556


    Hi Lulu I know you don’t know me, but its always good to make friends anyways what I was going to ask you is if you go on this site every day? cuz you reply to things a lot (its not a bad thing) :D

  25. 569

    Emma says

    wow i kinda would be scared if they were talking about me and then if i would have heard that i got an award i would have screamed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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