OMG I NEED some new summer clothes!!!

I know a while back I wrote about creative ways to turn old clothes into SUPER CUTE summer clothes. And I’ve come up with some totally awesome stuff to wear!

But you CAN’T make your own bathing suit. (I mean, I guess SOME people can…like people who make bathing suits for a living!)

But I definitely can’t make a bathing suit, and I only have two old ones!

I realize there are starving kids in other countries and they would be SUPER grateful to have two bathing suits. If I could give every one of them a new bathing suit, I would!!

But my Dad always says charity starts at home. I have NO idea what that means, but I think it means my mom should buy me a new bathing suit!!

Since she already bought that kiddie pool for Brianna, I’m thinking now’s a good time to ask her again. Of course, I need to be SUPER compelling, so I made up a list of 10 reasons why I get should some new summer stuff ASAP! Here’s my note:

Dear Mom,

I need some new summer clothes!! Here’s why I should get them:

1 I’d be totally willing to do extra stuff around the house to earn some money for the clothes…and that means you can use this as an opportunity to teach me about the value of a dollar!

2. My FAVORITE shirt from last summer has a big hole…right in the stomach! Don’t ask me how that happened. If I had to guess, I’d say Miss Penelope got hungry!

3. There are currently THREE pairs of shorts in my trash barrel because I don’t fit in any of them. Yup, that’s right…THREE! I’m a healthy, growing girl, which means I will eventually NEED new stuff!!

4. I plan to play with Brianna A LOT and we all know that girl can make a HUGE mess. If I get some new clothes, I can get a TON of paint on my old ones and it won’t matter!

5. The more stuff you buy for me now, the more stuff I can pass down to Brianna someday…and she’ll really like that! She’s ALWAYS trying to be like me!

6. I’m TOTALLY okay with buying some stuff from a cheap department store. I don’t even care if it’s all the cheapest stuff on the clearance rack!

7. You can buy me some new socks while we’re out so that you don’t have to give me any at Christmas, like you do every year. And wouldn’t it be nice to save some money around the holidays?

8. If I look really cute in the clothes, you could take pictures of me in them and maybe the store will want to use those pictures for their website. You could TOTALLY take a huge percentage of my earnings as a Momager (Mom-Manager) fee. Wouldn’t that be AWESOME?

9. If I get some new clothes, I can donate the old ones I don’t really love to charity. Wouldn’t you be so proud to know your daughter’s helping other girls in need?

10. Anything I buy this year I could sell on eBay next year if the people at the charity place don’t want it. OK, so that probably won’t happen…but my other reasons are all REALLY good!


Your super grateful daughter Nikki

So that’s my list of reasons. I’m pretty sure after reading this my mom will just hand me her credit card and tell me to go nuts buying what I want online.

Yeah right! That probably won’t happen, but maybe I’ll at least get that yellow bathing suit I wanted.

Fingers crossed! :)


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      Raechelle says

      Nikki! I’m invisible at school too! Well not tottaly invisible. Im the smartest one in class! But the rest of the schol doesnt know me only my class. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was me pulling my hair out. BUT IM A BIG FAN OF UR BOOKS! When is number five coming out?

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      Lady.Of.Memories says

      Umm..please reply to you’re message…you wasted 4 perfectly good spots that others could have used

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    Nessie says

    Nikki that yellow bathing suit you are talking about sounds supercute! I hope your mom gets it for you!!

  2. 31


    And i soooooooooo get you nikki i need summer clothes to all of the ones i have are from 2 years ago or are hand me downs

  3. 53


    i wish i could go crazy shopping online with my moms credit card that would be sooooooooo totally Awesome !!!!!!!!!! :-D

  4. 58

    Ashley says

    Just explain to him that you aren’t really interested and hopefully he can find a way in his heart to understand. If that doesn’t work, tell him what your mom said, you’re too young

  5. 87

    cheeses and toodles says

    One time me, my friend and my bf <3. We were at a reception and we took a short recess so we walked around talking and Mikah (mean girl)started walking up to us and my bf grabbed my hand and pulled me away. he said, "Listen, less Mikah less drama" so I said ok. we avoided her and then she yelled ASHLEY! and i said what. she marched up to us and said, "WHY ARE YOU RUNNING AWAY FROM US!?" My bf held my hand and squeezed it. i took a hint. I said, "listen mikah, we were not running away from you!" Her friend said, "see they weren't mikah." i luv her friend. shes so nice. and mikah said, "i know they did!" and and my bf walked off… drama!

  6. 88

    Nessie says

    Ignore my comments guys I sound SO weird. I’m really sorry. I’m new and this is my first time commenting here.

  7. 105

    Kate says

    Wow! I think this will get your mom pretty convinced! My mom just bought me a bunch of new shorts, shirts, tanks, and a new bathen-suit! I’m so excited! :)

  8. 115


    I need help;
    My mate keeps asking me out,I’ve given him the let’s just be friends talk,Anybody know what to do?

  9. 121


    I used to like this on boy in my class and I kinda still do I want it to be school again so i can talk to him because were friends somtimes i think he forgets I’m a girl and he is really fun. Ps i need a away to talk to him

  10. 126


    Lulu,tell the guy that you are terribly sorry and also say ”I really didn’t mean to hurt your feelings ________________ (put name in line)Offer some way to make it up to him
    Here are my top 15 suggestions :

    1.Offer to go to the nearest school dance

    2.See his favourite movie in the cinema

    3.Go to the bowling alley for a bowling night

    3.Spend a whole day doing whatever he wants with him

    5.Go out for a pizza

    6.But him the newest CD that his favourite singer/band has made

    7.Make A sorry cake with sorry written in icing

    8.Create a mini book on why you two can be good friends

    9.Buy him his favourite book/DVD

    10.Throw a sorry party at his favourite place(you cannot if it’s at:library,cinema,mueseum)

    11.If you have enough money,take him to see his favourite band/singer on the next concert not far away from you

    12.Help him with anything he needs help with

    13.Don’t tell him:surprise him at his house (find out the address) with a bunch of balloons ,with a little card attached to it saying:Sorry I hurt your feelings ______,please accept these books/CD/DVD and these Football match tickets/your favourite band/singer tickets and the invite to come along with me to see them!

    14.Bake a whole batch of his favourite cookies,with his name iced on them!

    15.Buy him a bunch of his favourite flowers (I know,it’s a boy) with a little sorry card






  11. 130


    I had a little accident on Monday:

    We was playing a game of off ground touch when Keeley caugh me by the wrists and flung me to the ground,and my neck went right back,I have Whiplash,I haven’t been to school,apart from Monday

  12. 133

    EmErald says

    Hey guys, sup? But some news I have really sucks! I have a cough! But it’s summer, aww yeah! So the other day, I got DD4 and it was the best book ever! I was so ticked when I found out it wasn’t in my hands yet because I have an Amazon card and we haven’t registered it yet, soooo…… But then my dad took me to get it! Woo! I was so happy and I finished it in one whole hour! It was the best day ever! The red ribbon part was my fave! And Nikki, I loved your good heart when you helped Brandon by skating for Fuzzy Friends! Even though you had troubles at first! You learned something new to save your crush! – Em

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      Katniss Everdeen says

      **************SPOILER ALERT*************
      ~Katniss E.

  13. 143

    Emmanuella says

    Hey you guys I need you advice on something I am writing a book.What should be the name of name of my charter she’s a princess with blonde hair and green eyes.
    P.S.-She lives in France.

  14. 149


    Guys Or should I say my BFF’s. I need your HELP!!!!!!
    Okay do my crush told me i’m ugly. So I don’t like him any more. So I gave him a letter. And my friend said she didn’t give it to him. And she apologized. Because she was to late. Anyways yesterday was his last day. And he was flirting with me. So I wasn’t falling 4 it. So I heard that Elroy not coming back next year. And it was his first year. So I been crying all day. So how do I move on and GET over him. Please I’m dieing.

    • 163

      livylooosta :P says

      yeah I’d do that but I only have a little brother… that would just be awkward for everyone

  15. 181



  16. 194

    bethanny says

    I would totally buy you some new clothes if my mom would give my credit card back. >:(
    Tip: If your mom wont buy all of the cool and expensive stuff just but stuff that looks the same.
    Also you should get a pet so you don’t have to spend so much time Brianna. You should get a horse,a dog, or a rabbit. i have 3 of each except for the horses. I have 6 horses. Best of luck!!

  17. 214


    Hey Nikki I’m trying that out to. I NEED new shorts!!! Seriously I have none I have to wear any more. Thank my mom’s boss she got payed and guess who is going shopping for some shorts…ME that’s who!!!!

  18. 222

    Lily says

    did anyone get the picture of the anime girl with dark brown hair that’s a little below shoulder length? i need it by at least Sunday by 11:30!!!

  19. 223

    Lily says

    TODAY WAS THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! I’m going to help my brother do tae kwon do-hands on style…>:)*evil smile* mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha…! *cough, cough* Water, please.

  20. 231

    livylooosta :P says

    I have a really big problem : yesterday
    my friends boyfriend texted me and asked me out !!!!! I said no but today he broke up with my friend and said he was going out with me!!!!!! why are some guys such jerks????
    my friend isn’t talking to me anymore and when I told the guy that I never said I was going out with him he went and told my friend and now she hates me even more!!! she said “your just breaking everyone’s hearts now aren’t you!?” and she won’t believe that I never said yes to the guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  21. 242

    Lily says

    You know what you should do,livylooosta :P?
    2. Get your friend’s friend who is also your friend to tell your friend the truth.
    3. Make a big show of it by:
    a. Writing “I’M NOT GOING OUT WITH ____(your friend’s ex)” in washable marker on your arm.
    b. Going to a crowded area or on “high elevation” (a row of lockers would work) and “yell it from the rooftop.”
    c. Going to drama queen level and say in a really tragic voice “Oh, my dear friends! Help me! (friend’s name) is truly devastated and she thinks it’s all my fault!” Warning: DON’T do that with your friend paying super close attention to you.
    3. Go to the student counselor or find a teen counseling hotline.
    That’s about all. Please note I’m only NINE and am turning TEN on July 16th, so I have NO experience with this. I do have a wild imagination, though.

    • 243

      livylooosta :P says

      lol I love the yelling from the rooftop one :D
      I’m only a few years older then you, and I’m not really interested in having a boyfriend so it doesn’t matter that your only 9 ;)

  22. 244

    Lily says

    Hey people! read number 72! I give decent advice! Not to brag or anything. I actually just finished fourth grade (APAAS-I used fifth grade ELA and math). AND I DIDN’T get held behind or skip a grade or something that changes your grade. So people:

  23. 248

    Lily says

    I mean, for poepe who live in distant countries, southern California, the thrid largest state in America

  24. 251

    Lily says

    good night everyone. I hope my advice helps. I’m going to bed. Now, it’s 10:40 *yawns* good night.

  25. 252

    Lily says

    Actually, I woke up with a great idea-again.
    I mean, advice for number 3.
    d. go up and yell “CHEATER WHEATER PUMPKIN EATER!” and give him a disgusted look.
    5. Spread rumours about him being a cheater.
    Now, I’m going BACK TO BED! I’m three hours behind on the time here on DD because I use the Pacific Time Zone. GOOD NIGHT!

  26. 254

    Lily says

    ha ha. I just had to check something on the computer now that I remember so I stopped by. You’re thirteen hours ahead. how amazing. good night. Or to you, good day. or whatever time it is in your city. I’m going to BED.

  27. 262

    Alyssa says

    And I totally understand you Nikki. I really need a new pairs of jeans, or a least shorts, that are not lame hand-me-downs ASAP!

  28. 289


    I really like your blog is awesome! And I like Your idea from top 10 reason you need a summer clothes. I need some summer tips…. :D

  29. 297

    Bella says

    10 replies to this, I’ll lay on the ground and shout PHOTOSYNTHISIS while moving my arms up and down in a wal-mart. 20 replies and I’ll go to a total stranger and sing nugget in a biscuit. 30, I let my bro in my room for ten minutes (It wilk be WAY worse then you think…)
    40, I do the stanky leg dance while eating an apple and having a banana on my head wearing a hula skirt and a coconut bikini, singing Carmelldansen in the middle of target. 50, I go to the biggest mall I can find, and shout, FIRE DAH LASAHHHH!!! while I do the hokey pokey ober and pver again intul someone calls the cops.

    • 337

      Bella says

      when they turn I start singing along and pretebd to be katniss and pull out a bow and arrow

  30. 342

    Bella says

    guess what
    they arrested goooeerrrgggiiiaaa
    and put her in jjjuuuuvvviiiiiiieeee
    and reese is in a wwwhhheeeeellllllccchhhhhhaaaaiiiiirrrr
    she’ll recover sssoooooooooonnnn

  31. 347


    I just came from my prom (here in Portugal we have two proms – one in the end of 9th grade and the final prom in the end of the 12th) and I’m feeling so sad because I’ll miss my school friends :(

  32. 377


    AAAAAAAAHH! Call 911!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE THE FAKE LULU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! |: ( BACK AWAY FROM MY FRIENDS RIGHT THIS INSTANT, YOU IMPOSTER!!

  33. 380


    Nikki I think that’s an awesome idea it will prove to your Mom that you can be mature! Plus you get new clothes!


    ~Alexia XD

  34. 387

    Bella says

    hum de dummmm..
    Hey ProffesserLaytonFanForever,
    do you have a cousin named Bella
    and a stepsister Juliana?

  35. 433


    Imma change my user name.
    It will be:
    Giant Friendly Mushroom and Avatar forever!!!
    I miss avatar, but legend of korea is good, too.

  36. 443

    Bella says

    find the e.

  37. 453

    Joyce says

    I only get a new bathing suit when my old one is too small for me or broken….Nikki, you are lucky to have 2. :)

  38. 552

    Little Miss Anonymous says

    Dear Nikki,
    I think the 10 reasons why you should get new summer clothes you made up are really good and I hope they actually work!

    I wouldn’t be asking for summer clothes right now though – I’d rather winter clothes! Brr! :D

    From Little Miss Anonymous
    (My name used to be different but now I’m Little Miss Anonymous which is much more safer than my old one!)

  39. 556

    Amy says

    Wow, that’s A LOT of comments XD I like the quote thing Don’t do something permanently stupid just because you’re temporarily upset PhoenixWrightFOREVER :)

  40. 567


    One minute I held the key
    Next the walls were closed on me
    And I discovered that my castles stand
    Upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand

    I LOVE THIS SONG, by the way :)
    These are the lines I going to sing in a performance next week. I’M SO NERVOUS!

  41. 572

    EmErald says

    Emerald’s status: SQUEE! That was me screaming cause I got the hunger games book 1 yesterday! Yay! I was at target and my dad told me I could get it so I already, like, read 100 pages! Omg I

  42. 576


    Lol I hate shopping with my mom sometimes because she always takes a while deciding what she wants to wear and we have to store-2-store. :lol: It takes a really long time! :D

  43. 626

    Fiesta Geek says

    I need advice!!! My mom wants me to sign up for martial arts and i don’t want to! What do I do?

  44. 632

    Amy says

    1. Do you have a nickname?
    2. My parents have fights, once they fought so much they had to see a counsellour so I know how you feel ;) They’re better now though- WAY better
    I LOVE NUTELLA 222222!!!!!!!!!

  45. 644

    Amy says

    You remind me of
    my used-to-be best friend
    (why didn’t i just say ex-bf?)
    when she was nice! XD

  46. 665

    vicki says

    Not fair!How come my mom does Lisa and Sabrina’s hair and NOT me?I need to take the hair ideas and use it on my own.I’ll do my hair when anything special happens.

  47. 675

    Lily says

    Hey people, I’m hosting a “yo mamma” joke contest. Here are the rules:
    1. They must be new (sorry, Bella)
    2. I will check the time to make sure who the copycat is
    3. Only five jokes allowed
    Good luck!