Sometimes I wonder if my mom sleeps with her eyes open when I talk because it’s like she doesn’t know me AT ALL!!

The other day she was all like, “I’m so proud of you for doing well on your Math test!” And that’s kind of random since I actually got a 35 because I was super tired that day!! Maybe she just assumed I did well because she wanted me to?

Anywho, she was like, “Since you did SO well I think we should go to Target and buy you some new pajamas!”

Um, really? THAT’S my reward for doing well?? I know, I didn’t actually deserve a reward at all…but if I did, I definitely wouldn’t want Target flannels as a reward!

Then later that night, she was like, “How would you feel about having professional pictures taken, just the two of us?”

I guess there’s some online group where mothers post pictures of themselves with their daughters. I mean, it’s sweet that she wants to be close with me and all. And I love her and everything, I really do.

But there’s NO WAY I would want pictures of the two of us posted all over the web!

I mean I can just see it now: The two of us in matching sweater vests, doing cheesy pose with our chins on our fists.

I might as well just email everyone in my school and say “Please, cyber bully me now!”

Then my mom was like, “Do you think I should make a profile on the Facebook? We could be friends!” (I don’t have a personal page, but I have one for my books…in case you haven’t seen it, it’s here!)

But really…THE Facebook?? The site actually used to be called that like forever ago, but she doesn’t know that…which is just further proof we should NOT be friends on Facebook!

Then the other day, she came to school to pick me up and asked if we should give my friend Jessica a ride.

Jessica is SO not my friend!! If we gave her a ride, she’d probably plant some type of bugging device in the car so she could spy on us and collect dirt for MacKenzie.

OK so I guess I could tell my mom a little more about my life and stuff. Then maybe she wouldn’t seem so clueless. But sometimes it feels like she’s from a different planet or something.

I think she kind of feels bad because Brianna takes a ton of her time. That girl needs attention 24/7!!

And if my mom’s trying to talk with me about anything, Brianna does something totally crazy or bratty to pull her away.

Like the other day, my mom was asking me what I was going to cook for dinner. (Because Monday’s my night to cook now, remember?)

She told me she wanted to show me how to make her special lasagna, but then Brianna started going, “Mooom! Moooom! Moooooooom!”

Like just saying it over and over again. SO annoying!

Mom was like, “Just a minute hun. I’m helping Nikki!”

Then the next thing you know, Brianna’s crying because she was dancing around in the living room and she knocked this vase over and broke it.

So of course my mom had to run over to make her feel better. That was SO not an accident!!!

So my Mom was like, “Nikki could you use these pieces for some kind of art project?” Okay, I admit that was a kind of cool idea.

Maybe she knows me a little after all. But I’m SO not doing LAME mother-daughter photos!!!

Do you feel like YOUR mom knows you pretty well or can she be clueless sometimes like mine??


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      Opal says


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        Opal says

        Nikki, you should feel thankful you have a mom who wants to do professional pictures with you. At least when you grow up and show your kids childhood pictures, they won’t be embarrassing or anything…but with Jessica and everything…yeah I feel you…

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        nikki says

        See that’s the thing…I think the photos would be TOTALLY embarrassing! My mom is really good at embarrassing me. But I do feel thankful that my mom cares. :)

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        Opal, I totally agree with YOU! Professional pictures sound so CUTE! Besides, Nikki, who gives a rat’s butt about being EMBARRASSED of all things? Isn’t your happiness what matters? Not what Jessica and McKenna (or whatever the heck her name is) think?

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        Wel both my mom doesn’t really know me cuz my whole closet is pink and hotly and I only like blue and my mom knows me because knows I don’t like it when she imberising me and she does it

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        BandGeeksRock says

        Nikki, some kids have parents who have special conditions and can’t interact with their children. I bet those kids would do anything to get to be able to joke around with their parents for once.
        And Nikki be honest, would you rather have embarrassing, yet hilarious parents or strict abusive parents? You decide.

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    Opal says

    Nikki, you said, And if my mom’s trying to talk with my about anything, Brianna does something totally crazy or bratty to pull her away.

    The ‘my’ is supposed to be ‘me’

  2. 29


    So ture!My mom cant remember my name sometimes!Becuase i have three sisters and two brothers!One time she went though the whole list of my siblings names!

  3. 263


    This is my first comment on this website. 5th is not that bad, right? But trust me, I’ve been on this site for a year now. And what’s the big deal with the comments? Nikki loves her fans equally!

  4. 266


    I mean, my mom doesn’t know me a lot. But Nikki, if my mom wanted to take professional pictures with me, I would do it, because I would want to have that mother daughter moment. I would want to do that. Off if I get Frickin cyberbullyed. I would say, ” so what?! She is my mom, and I love her!” Forget the Frickin cyberbullies. They are all jerks. And if Mackenzie knew about it. I would say ” at least I spend time with my mother!”

    Hmm. Maybe I went a little overboard with this comment?

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      nikki says

      I think that’s really sweet Harmony. I’m thinking it would just be super awkward all around…I don’t even like getting pictures taken by myself! But I mean it’s definitely nice to have a mom who cares.

      • 270


        Hehe, thanks! :3
        Yeah, I agree that it would be awkward.
        But having a mom that wants to be with you and do things with you is what I would want.. My mom doesn’t even spend a lot of time with me. I wish she would spend more time with me… But she spends a lot of her time on the computer or doing work(she works at home, but still!). We spend SOME time together. But at least we spend time together…


  5. 273


    …I’m adopted and my mother knows everything about me. I don’t even go out of the house or have any friends, but then again my mom thinks everyone is my friend even though they aren’t. ._.

    • 274


      i know how u feel!!!!!!
      ur adopted?
      ummmmm not to be nosy or anything……how does it feel to be adopted?
      plz reply

    • 276

      nikki says

      That was a really bad choice of words on my part. You’re right…lots of moms adopt kids and then know them really well. Sorry about that!! I changed it in my post. It sounds like are moms are kind of similar with the friend thing though…

      • 277


        @Tori, Sorry! I forgot to. >.<

        Nikki It's okay, I don't even know my real mother. But I guess it's just depends on the person who was adopted and the parents who adopted them.

      • 278


        And then the people who actually gave birth to them. And the adoption agency, because a lot of times they don’t tell a lot about the parents. I actually heard that a lot of kidnappings are happening in Guatemala(where I was born).

      • 279

        nikki says

        You were born in Guatemala? Were you a baby when you were adopted, or were you older? That’s horrible about the kidnappings!

      • 280


        Yep. Central America. I was a baby, so I don’t remember my mother or father, let alone what the place looked like. But it was born in a normal hospital like always. My mother told me that EVERYONE had a phone when she was there to sign the paperwork.

      • 281


        And the kidnappings are terrible. I wish I could go to Guatemala to see everything, but since I need to get my passport updated, the kidnappings, and all that jazz.

      • 282


        my baby cousin was adopted it was a sad story: her real mom abandoned her her mom is a teenage mom and my aunt A.K.A my doctor adopted her sad story the teenage mom gave birth in a jeepney

  6. 288


    Am I taking too many comment spaces? FORGET I JUST SAID ANYTHING!! It doesn’t matter what number is next to your commert. Nikki still loves her valued fans.

  7. 291


    I skipped my own comment! Reply promising you’ll never mention numbers again. Unless you’re on my side. My dad is my “nice’ parent

    • 293


      yeah ashley!!!!!! great job!!!
      im ALWAYS on and whenever there is a new blog i comment as fast as i can

      • 297


        My mom BARELY knows me. And bad days, she doesn’t even know my NAME. She wakes ip in the morning and goes like, “hey Deena!” I stare at her like she’s crazy. My dad knows EVERY SINGLE THING.

      • 298

        Sheila says

        Wow, my parents haven’t done that. YET. But I guess my mom doesn’t know every detail of my life. Unlike she thinks she does.

  8. 303

    Cake says

    my mum dosnt REALLY make me feel like that. except i sometimes think that she likes my twin more than me. :(

  9. 309

    Avalon says

    also if you got a pro pic with your mom, you could crop her out or something. But i think it would be nice to get a professional photograph! :D

  10. 316

    vicki says

    How can your mom NOT know you?But I really like all of your books!Today in computer class,I did a project about your books.As soon as I add some pictures and print out 2 copies,I’m finished.My BFFs and I are looking forward to your new book.

  11. 318

    Aimy says

    Yo . U know wat u should do ? Go window shopping with ur mom . Window shopping is when u go to different stores and look for stuff u lke . But dont buy it . That way ur mom knows wat kind of stuff u like .

    • 324

      nikki says

      I meant 35%…I was half asleep that day and I really a bad job. I think I’m going to try to get a make-up test or something!

      • 330


        Nikki, to be honest, I was kinda upset when you said if you were adopted… Because, first, you sometimes don’t really… Respect your mother. Besides, you should love her for who she is and don’t care about the meanies(Cyberbullies. *-*) Also, I have some friends who are adopted too and it doesn’t mean that their parents don’t know them that well. T~T Sowwy if that sounds mean or anything but it kinda came out offensive when you said that… But my mother doesn’t really know me that well, so yeah! xD <3 <3 Good luck with the photo shoot though. <3 <3
        *** STAR ***

      • 331

        nikki says

        Yeah I realized you’re right Star. I changed my post because I didn’t mean to be offensive to kids who are adopted. That’s not what I meant at all so I’m glad you pointed it out!!

        Also, I get your point about not worrying about people think, but I’m STILL not a big fan of the online mother/daughter photo idea. I think I’ll let her do that one with Brianna!

      • 332


        It’s alright Nikki, I’m pretty sure you never meant to say that in a offensive way. :3 So, no biggie. ^-^

  12. 335

    Yoyojo says

    Im adopted and my mom some what knows me
    Except for when I want to go shopping she always goes
    You have enough clothes, or ooo isn’t this cat shirt soooo cute?
    And as for the photos
    I would do it but ony terms, no tacky clothes and no stupid poses

    • 336

      nikki says

      I didn’t mean to say that moms don’t know you if you’re adopted. That was just a really bad choice of words!! I know some adopted kids who are super close with their parents, and then kids who aren’t adopted who aren’t at all. Anyways, sorry about that!!

      That’s a good point about the photo on your own terms. Maybe I’ll do that!

      • 337

        Yoyojo says

        I wasnt actually offended or anything.
        I’m rly not even very close to my mom, I’m not rly close to any of my family.
        I guess some ppl r close to their adopted parents and some aren’t.

  13. 338


    hey nikki,
    I think u and ur mom should spend a little more time together…….
    but im sure u both are very close
    i came back from a trip today
    it was sooooooooo interesting and fun

  14. 341

    Lily says

    Um…No offense, but I just want to ask why you’re practically shouting your birthday across the web-but happy birthday!

  15. 343

    Lily says

    Nikki, I know u are pretty upset about your mom and everything :(:p. However, she’s your mom and u should love her (but I’m pretty sure the facebook thing is the opposite of a gr8 idea, cuz I seriously don’t want u to be cyberbullied). Also, can you release your next book early? I’m dying 2 read it!

    • 344

      nikki says

      I do love her…she just drives me kind of nutty sometimes. I wish I could release it early! I’m SO excited!!

  16. 347


    OMG nikki my mom and your mom are almost IDENTICAL!! Once for a spelling bee I got like 13th place and my mom said shell get me something if I get like, 1st 2nd or 3rd place! And when I told her that I got like 13th place she was all like,” Oh we’ll that’s pretty good so you can get a couple of new shirts or jeans!” I wasnt going to give up new clothes so I just went with it! I swear it was such a crazy day for me!! Life can be so TRAUMATIZING!! ;)

  17. 352

    Carter says

    Ugh,I feel the same way.My mom SOOOO doesn’t get me!It kind of get’s on my nerves…A LOT.

  18. 353

    Emmalynntaylor says

    Hey people.
    You’re probably going to scroll right through this.
    But, if you read up to here, You’re awesome.
    I’m trying to write a book.
    I am 10 years old and even my best friends say I can’t do it.
    But I believe I can.
    So, I wanna see what people outside of my hometown think.
    So, here it is.
    Well, only chapter 1…
    Her ya go!!!!
    Hi. My name is Winter Shays.
    My family and I are on our way to spend summer vacation at Tampa, Florida!!
    I’m so excited, but the car ride is sooooo long.
    So, I grabbed my headphones, picked a chocolate-glazed donut from our snack bag, and started reading my favorite magazine.
    We started on our way to Florida all the way from Brookfield, Massachusetts, so it’s a long drive. But we’re almost there! Right now we’re in Savanna, Georgia and we’re probably going to make our last overnight stop here over at the Sleep & Snore Inn. My dad just has to make a left turn at the next light.
    “Winter, Melanie; we’re going to spend the night here at the Sleep & Snore Inn for tonight, okay?” My dad explains as if he just read my mind.
    “Ok, dad.” I said.
    “Fine by me.” My 17-year-old sister Melanie said.
    My dad was looking at us and not the road and almost missed the turn. When he made the sudden turn, I almost slid out of my seat! But thanks to my seat-belt, Mary-Ann, I was safe.
    Yeah, I name just about everything I can. Seat belts, cars, railings, televisions, shoes, clothes, EVERYTHING! I know it’s weird, but I just can’t help it!
    Anyway, Melanie’s phone started ringing. It was her nasty boyfriend who thinks kids are stupid.
    I hate that stupid word, stupid.
    Stupid? Me? Excuse me, but is he in his school’s GATE class (Gifted And Talented Enrichment)? I didn’t think so. So WHO’S STUPID NOW MARSHALL?! That’s his name. Marshall. What a stupid name. What a stupid boy. I feel bad for his parents. I wonder if he was dropped on his head as a baby… He’s going into his 3rd year of the 11th grade. By the time he’s a senior, (and graduates, if he can make it that far) I’ll be in my mid-30’s minimum! I’m already in the 8th grade. Just 3 more years till I’m caught up.
    Anyway, since when did he have the right to call people STUPID? He was a kid once, too. In fact, he was a pretty bright kid. Not GATE material, but smart enough to spend only one year to a grade. That’s normal. Now, he’s in his early 20’s and is still POPULAR. He doesn’t even SHAVE.
    Either or, back to my life. My dad pulled into the currently vacant lot and checked us in. He helped me carry my heavy pink and green painted bags into our room. Dad’s lucky they had an elevator, or he would’ve faked a heart attack to avoid carrying my bags up the stairs.
    While we were standing in the elevator, I decided to lighten the mood a bit.
    “Dad, you SURE you don’t wanna take the stairs?” I asked, then rolled on the floor laughing. My eyes even teared up a bit. Dad just rolled his eyes, but I could see him hiding a huge grin behind his small smirk and annoyed face.
    The elevator made a Ding! sound then opened. We exited two at a time. First, Mom and Melanie, then me and dad.
    As soon as we walked into our room, I silently-to-myself named the bed Laura and fell into it. Automatically snoring enough to cause an earthquake.
    Special News Report: “Hi I’m Dan Trotoman here with you in Savanna, Georgia; where we are starting to feel small quakes. An 8.2 on the Richter Scale as I’ve been now alerted of. The quakes seem to be coming from the Sleep & Snore Inn off of 75. I advise you to- RUN!!!!!!!!!”
    That’s how loud I was snoring.
    Or, at least, that’s how I dreamed it.
    I felt like it was only 3 seconds before I woke up. But, it was actually all night. I woke up with a major headache and an even LARGER stomachache. I got up and ran to the bathroom but was interrupted by Melanie.
    “Winter, do you have any ponytai-“ Melanie was interrupted by me puking my chocolate-glazed donut all over her brand new Osiris sneakers. “ Winter! What was that for?! Mom! Dad! Winter vomited on my sneakers!!!!! UGH!”
    My mom ran out in her towel with soap still in her hair. With my dad following close behind from the small kitchen.
    “What’s wrong, Winter? Are you sick? Are you hurt? Winter? Winter!” My mom was practically screaming at me. I couldn’t respond because I was so light-headed. I started to fall over while Melanie was yelling at me, mom was screaming, and dad just looked confused, but I could tell he knew I was sick.
    Melanie is so stuck-up. I just fainted and she was ignoring me because I ruined her Osiris’; even though she has plenty more. She claims I ruined her favorite one. It’s her favorite because it’s purple. Yet she has about a GAZILLION more in every danged color of the darn rainbow! That stuck-up little rich DIVA! Right now is one of those times when I’m so happy Melanie can’t read my thoughts. Because I’m actually really nice. Believe it or not, I’m the nicest yet most popular girl in my grade. Soon to be my whole school. Not counting Melanie since she is in high school. I guess I should apologize. Maybe…
    More to come!!!!

  19. 355

    Tabitha says

    My mom gets me sometimes,the only time when she doesn’t get me is when I pick out new clothes^^’

  20. 361


    WHATEVER! Just don’t expect me to put on a cheerleading skirt when you are the closest comment you’ve ever been. >:(

  21. 363


    My mom gets me…usually. By sometimes, she DOES NOT AT ALL. like this one time I was just ranging ms a I like, burst out and yelled an answer to some question she asked me. And she was all like “Whoa! what happened to YOU?!! get up on the wrong side of the bed?!!” SO NOT COOL!!!

  22. 364


    I really hate my life right now.

    My singing teacher needs a ride to his house, so my mom is taking him home…*stares at teacher* grr.. Teacher: “Skyler, I need you to help Harmony with her sight reading.” Me: o-o * says in head* “grr”

    I really hate it when little kids help me with something. It makes me feel stupid.

  23. 366


    Nikki, the glitch is happening again. Can you fix it? Hey Dork Diaries fans, did you know Nikki mostly reads comments that are farthest from the top?

  24. 368

    Emmalynntaylor says

    We learned about planets in Science today.
    So, I have something cool to show you that I learned!!!!
    Okay, first pick out your fave shirt
    Next find the color(s) of your shirt.
    Now find those colors one this chart.
    If you’re shirt color(s) is…
    Pink or red: You’re Mercury.
    Orange: You’re Venus.
    Yellow and Green: You’re Earth.
    Blue: You’re Mars
    Purple: You’re Jupiter
    Indigo: You’re Saturn
    Sky Blue: You’re Uranus
    Violet: You’re Neptune.
    Black or white: You’re Pluto
    If you’re Mercury…
    You love to be the center of attention. You’re first in line for EVERYTHING. Everything revolves around you, Miss/Mr Mercury!!!
    If you’re Venus…
    You’re firey hot and stand out from the very rest of the crowd! You have a lot of friends and set the coolest trends. Keep your streak of fashion and popularity, Venus!!!!!
    If you’re Earth…
    You love animals and everything on theplanet of EARTH. Earth is your home and you wanna make sure it stays healthy and happy, like you! You go ,Earth!
    If you’re Mars…
    You are full of life. You’re a total science dude or dudette and you and a billion other scientists think there MUST’VE been life once on Mars. Keep thinking! Your BFFs are like the moons, Phobos and Deimos, close to each other and never seperate! You go Mr/Miss Mars!
    If you’re Jupiter…
    You stand out just like MrMiss Venus! You’re the biggest planet in the solar system and you stand out from every other single planet, even Earth!!!! You get any cooler you’ll EXPLODE with AWESOMENESS!!!
    If you’re Saturn…
    You are the most beautiful and amazing planet in the UNIVERSE. Everyone knows Saturn for their rings, right? You’re known for your style and personality! Everyone LOVES you! As far as you know… :DDD jk lol
    If you’re Uranus:
    You have an amazing sense of humor and still know what your planet is. It sounds wrong but that’s the name! You’re totally funny and know how to make ‘em laugh! Keep up the jokes, Uranus!!
    If you’re Neptune…
    You love to cuddle up in the winter and easily feel cold. Either way, you’re still fun to hang out with and always have the latest winter styles. You go, Neptune!
    If you’re Pluto…
    You definetely stand out… just not in any way you’d understand… sorry, Pluto. At least you’re named after a dog…
    Let me know YOUR planet!!!

  25. 369


    Dork Diaries 4:
    Brandon helps an animal shelter and is running out of buisness. Nikki, Chloe, and Zoey try to help by earning money in an ice show. But NOOOOO! MacKenzie wants to save the day. p.s. on DORK Diaries 3 there is a spelling error. Page 238, toward the bottom, its “Choe” rather than “Chloe”

  26. 370

    Brianna Coogle says

    My Mom doesn’t know me i’m turning 10 in July
    and for my 9 b-day she got me a Barbie dreamhouse.So this year I hope she gets me a
    I pod or makeup and let me get my ears pierced cause there not

  27. 374

    Mika says

    i am not alloud to do sooooo many things untill i am 18 when it comes to my mom. she is sooooo strict! no ear peircing no hair dying no drivers licence, no pg movies untill i am 13!!! no laptop, tablet or phone! no i pod touch! no tv or dvd player in my room!!!!!

      • 376

        vicki says

        I’m 11 years old!I’m turning 12 at July.Which,BTW,I one year older than you.

    • 377

      vicki says

      My mom is very nice.She said that my sisters and I could do so many things before we’re 18.She said that we could get a laptop when we’re in 2nd grade or higher.We’re allowed to get a cell phone when we get to middle school,do activities that are after school and participate in the talent show.We can have most of our things in our room.I’m so obsessed with the talent show.But I need to keep it a secret from my mom.I need to lie to her about going to the computer lab after school so I can go to my auditions for the talent show at June 5th(the new book is coming out at that day!).I’m the most popular girl in school!My my math teacher,Mrs. Zee,wants me in her group.But I need to show them how talented I am.For the talent show,I’m singing the song “Caramelldansen”.I can’t tell anyone at school because once one person knows,they end up telling other people.Then everyone wants to do that song.

      • 380

        Mika says

        she always thinks that!!! Trust me, i’ve tried all those things, and it didn’t work!!! She a non-perswadable mom! (But my dad is really soft and ver perswadable.) Only he always says waterver you mom says. Which is always “NO!” Thats how lucky you don’t have an asian mom!

      • 381

        Mika says

        when i told her this she said that i have to buy it and pay for the bills! as in the electric bills!!

    • 383


      i have been allowed to have thoose stuff but not the driver stuff but your mom does that because she loves you very much.literally my mom got me pierced when i was just 1 year old i watch spg and pg stuff to because my mom is trusting me to nt doing the stuff seen on movies i have 3 cellphones and and ipod touch i have a tv and mini fridge insid ethe room but my mom only let me do those things because she trust me enough

      • 384

        lily says

        Mika, I feel really bad for you. That MOM is just crazy! PG movies are appropriate.

  28. 390


    lol. yesterday, i was at the mall and my mom practically shouted “Hey hun! Why don’t we buy a bra right now?!” And I was like FACE PALM! And my dad turn on some oldies music while picking me up from school in his car. I was like okay… Until he opened the windows FULLY and turned the music on high! The music was busting my ears, but then my dad started to sing OFF KEY to the song! Then some guy in another car was staring at my dad! I was sinking into my seat!

    • 391


      lol i know how you feel tense my whole fam is bugging me to buy a bra :P hehehehe lucky me my dad is not like that but i never met my dad in person actually he and mom are divorced….i think

  29. 394

    sophie says

    yesterday i did a tri – fold on hawaii for my school.57 or 58 people came . but the kid next to me who was dressed as some miner took a flash light (even though it was like 2 pm ) and yelled “FREE BOOKMARKS’.i mean he ended up with like 128 people going to his !!!!

  30. 395


    Well my mom knows me alot wen my friend came over we played drawing cotest my mom knew which one was my friens and which one was mine andd the drawing were very alike i was like mom the amazing cuz she always picked my friend purposely sio i wat to takke a picture of us and post it on facebook i would love that im only in fouth grade soo all the kids would thijnk its nice plus i love my mom and thats all that counts

  31. 400



    I mean I can’t even sneak something downstairs with her eyeing me. :(

    Sometimes I wish my mom wouldn’t know me THAT well. Just half. :(

      • 402


        at least your mom loves you….tense my mom is close to me she even bought me an early gift for my birthday and three years in a row of getting electronics for christmas and my birthday im lucky to have a rich family :D………..but you so dont want to hear about my past it is complecated but i only tell somebody i am really close to……….like…..PhoenixWrightFOREVER.

      • 403


        My family is kinda poor. Well, not /that/ poor. I mean like we can get the essentials and stuff, just not most of the things I want.

        @Lara :’) Fank yew for thinking me of a friend close enough to tell me that stuff!

      • 404


        i only relate to lots of people but none of them knows my past only my future and present because my gang can have visions that reveled the getting something……and ill recieve my cellphone 90 days in the future O.o

      • 405


        i found pictures when i was cleaning the attic for some cash :/ i used to be poor before super poor now i live in a house near a beautiful sight of the sun set and living the dream but my allowance is broke :/ i was saving that for my cellphone :/

      • 408


        i have parranormal beleifs but i only have visions in my dreams like the time or day my grandma is going to the hospital i was right and she died 5 days after i was right literally i am sick of seeing ghost at my haunted near a semetary school

  32. 449


    Ok so today I went to my friends grad party and we went skating (roller) and I kept falling down. I kept trying and now I’m not too bad!

  33. 453


    @ nikki: nikki just fell for a parent trap……i would know cus i fell for it too my mom got it from a magazine i found reverse physology ‘.’ WARNING never fall for that or else your mom will bug you till your forced enough to buy something you hate .-.

  34. 455

    Yoyojo says

    I wish my mom would give me treats and stuff when I get good or bad grades
    Whenever. I do rly good Shes just like oh good job
    Wut no candy no shirts no ice cream?
    Awwwwwwwww :(

  35. 464


    Hey everyone!! How are you? I am in a totally AWESOME mood. Hey, have any of you guys read Freaky Friday, OR Freaky Monday? I’ve read both. I love them!

  36. 469


    i was the only one wearing shorts in my ice skating lessons because my pants are ripped and i was used to the ice cold place when having lessons i fell on my butt and i ended up with a ice cold wet butt for a whole day at the mall and yes in the philippines has ice rinks insides malls.It’s more fun in the philippines because of chocolate hills and all that(chocolate hills is not made from chocolates it is made from dirt and grass)

  37. 477


    status update: tring to de-frost my mini fridge to get my bad hair day mini bombs to attack the flower so they will have smell lol jk im de-frosting it because my ice lollies are stuck inside

  38. 487


    My Wierd family: Aunt lynn the oldest one Aunt babe the dentist who gives me anything i want tito jun the one who is drunk and usualy fights with his wife aunt flynn the person who wanted her name in my name o.O uncle ricky the disabled one and who lives with my mom and me and who is not yet married my mom the youngest one and the one who is streesed out and is always depended by the family uncle roy the one who died early aunt chona the doctor who gave me my ipad for christmas uncle glen the healty one now the children of the family kj the one with cancer isabella the adopted one martha the wife of lord moldy butt (her nick name XD) diego the big foot me the family rebel kenneth the one who is like his dad uncle jun candy the one who works abroad frizian the black sheep of the family uncle richard the chocolate man XD aunt anett the one who fights with his husband uncle ricky (a diffrent one) the one who is young at heart aunt helen the nice one who is amused by me my dad who i never met in person uncle dolor the one who is dead uncle wolfgang the one who i call Mr.Porky (mother side)grandma died on 2010 grandpa died on 2003 (father side) i never met them before ‘.’ that is my huge family tree

  39. 489


    My Family:
    Me: Me, Kay. Born on Oct. 23rd.
    My Sis: Not my Sis. She’s a cousin but I call her my Sis. April, she’s 17.
    My Brothers: They’re from Guatemala. One is 17 and one is 19. Never saw them.
    My Sis: Also from Guatemala. She’s 18 I think.
    My Mom: My adopted mother.
    My Birth Mother: Never saw her.
    My Dad: My Dad. He’s Filipino.
    My Birth Father: Never saw him.
    Robbie: My uncle.
    Jimmie: My other uncle. My mother was the middle child.
    Crystal: Aprils sister and my cousin.
    Samantha: My cousin and Aprils sister.
    Little Jimmie: My cousin and Aprils brother.
    Grandma G: Deceased.
    Grandma M: My grandmother.
    Grandpa G: My grandfather. He’s 99. He was in WWII.
    Great Grandpa William(I think that’s his name): Deceased.

    That’s all I can think of. Not a big family, I know. ._.

    • 490


      if you are in the samson family (yes that is my real name) you would experience wierd stuff like: being squashed by my cousin martha or forced to massage cousin diego and his hairy gorila-like legs and big feet or have a cute irrisistable moment with adopted isabella

    • 495


      My family:

      Me: Sapphire, born April 27th. 14 yrs.
      Mom: She’s from Hawaii and she’s 36
      Dad: He’s from California and he’s 37
      Sister: She’s 7.
      Grandma R: Deceased at age 54.
      Grandma T: She’s like 59, yeah 59, that’s it.
      Grandpa A: He’s like 62
      Grandpa A (i have two grandpa A’s haha): 63

      That’s just my immediate family and my grandparents.
      ________________________________________________________♫ᔕᗩᕈᕈᖺᓮᖇᙓ ჯ

    • 498


      My family:
      Me: MT, turning 15 on 16th August
      My Mom: she’s 49
      My Dad: turning 50 on 31th May
      My Sister: turning 13 next Monday
      Aunt M: my godmother, age 4… I mean 41 XD
      Aunt P: age?
      Uncle J: 51
      Miguel: my 14-year-old cousin
      Grandma A: age?
      Grandpa J: age?
      Grandma L: deceased at age?
      Grandpa C: age?
      Mami: my mom’s stepmother, and she’s like a grandma to me

    • 499

      Babou says

      My immediate family and grandparents are:

      Mom: she’s from the UK and she’s 36
      Dad: he’s french and he’s 38
      Brother: he’s 9
      Sister: she’s 2
      Grandma A: she’s 60
      Grandpa H: deceased at age 51
      Grandma S: she’s 62
      Grandpa T: he’s 63

  40. 506


    i just noticed my room and bath room is awesome: my bath tub use to be a hot tub my room is the master’s bed room and all of my stuff is electronic and my strange hobby is: after i sew i poke the needles on my plants vs. zombie zombie plushie i am a strange kid O.o

  41. 529


    MY VACATION ROCKED! HERE IS HOW IT WENT: We were at baguio teacher’s camp then we went to out cabbin and rest for a while over night.the next day we left early to go to sagada and then when reached sagada our rest house rocked cable internet bunk beds that place is a paradise :D…. then we went treking the next day we treked 4 hours just to reach hanging coffins there were lots of poop on the trail(yuck!) then the next day we woke up early to leave so we can go to banaue rice tareces and slept over night at a motel the next day we went back home here at taytay rizal

  42. 533

    puppylover says

    my mom is clueless i would talk to her and next thing you no she says”i’m sorry,what did you say’?ITS annoying but i STILL LOVE HER!!!!!!!!

  43. 535


    Hi Nikki… You should be thankful with your mom ’cause i dont have one… My parents broke up when i was 8, but we still keep in touch. :) Hey, i think the picture idea is okay, but NOT for Facebook, it might ruin your rep, especially with Mackenzie and Jessica watching on you, how ’bout make a collage with those pics and just post it on your wall, in your ROOM, not in FB. :) Hope I was able to help…

  44. 550


    @Nikki 2, what glitch? if you’re talking about SLOW SLOW SLOOOOW internet i totally get you… (Emphasize on Slow)

  45. 554


    Yep,that’s the thing about moms,they can sometimes be really clueless.Even my mom asked me to click some photos of us to make an album and submit it in the loving mother and daughter contest at my school.I tried to explan to her that it was really not compulsory but she said that with this I can become the talk of the school,as if she is posting my photos with Justin Bieber.There are only 3 students who are ready to post their photos with their moms.But she still is my mom.

  46. 558


    Nikki, my mom sometimes is completely clueless! Like, she thinks I’m friends with everyone and that I have a wrong idea about everything. But over all she knows me well :)

  47. 566


    My mom knows me very well. She always drives me to dance so we have a lot of time to talk (since my dance classes are a hlaf an hour away from my house!)
    My mom’s really nice and she always tries to make me feel happy no matter how bad something went.

  48. 569

    op says

    STAR!? YOU’RE HERE!? AWESOME!!!! OK, take this test to see if you’re a geek or a “popular”
    1. Where are you most likely to be found at?
    A. The Library
    B. The MALL!! DUH!
    2. What are you’re outfits like?
    A. Whatever is in my closet.
    B. My NEW outfit that I JUST bought!!
    3. On a scale of one to ten, what’s you popular points at school?
    A. 1-5, + I don’t care WHAT people think of me. SO TAKE THAT POPULARS!!
    B. 6-10, DUH! I don’t go to MALL after school for NOTHING.
    4. What would your dream car be?
    A. Whatever I can AFFORD.
    5. What’s your dream house?
    A. An apartment, or ANYTHING that’s NOT a dumpster.
    6. Where do you prefer to shop at?
    A. Anywhere for clean, cute, and NOT ripped clothes.
    B. Didn’t I ALREADY tell you!? The MALL!!!!!
    7. What’s your favorite movie genre?
    A. Sci-Fi, Comedy, anything good? Maybe a good Romance movie.
    B. Hmm…DUH!! DRAMA!!! OR Romance!! *sigh* Josh shouldn’t have gotten back together with Mary Ann on The Drama Club!!
    8. When do you go to sleep?
    A. I don’t know, 11, maybe 12 because I’m up so late studying.
    B. 1 AM, maybe 2, when I get back from PARTIES. Duh!
    9. How do you speak?
    A. Like a normal American? O.o
    B. Like this: you’re SO totally ridic! Lates. What and Ever.
    10. Do you care what people think of you at all?
    A. Not really, no.
    B. Of CURSE!! Duh! Moi is VERY pops!
    Mostly A’s:
    No offense, but you’re boring. Smart, but boring.Being smart is AWESOME, but you should REALLY get out more! Have some fun! Be YOUNGER. You’re not 900000000 and can’t move, you’re between 9-??. Go outside and run, play, jump, DON’T CARE WHAT, just have some MAJOR fun!
    Mostly B’s:
    You’re a popular. You like to go with pops. Populars, but you need to study a little more. Stay down a TAD more, cool it. You DON’T always have to go to the mall for EVERYTHING. BUT, if it’s WHO you are, then that’s WHO YOU ARE. You’re fun and spunky, and a LITTLE overly dramatic. (NO OFFENSE).
    Mostly C’s:
    You have your OWN style, you’re a perfect match between pops and dorks. Neither is a bad thing, but you’re pretty neat. Not lame and boring, and not popular and mall-ish. You’re fine the way you are. Your own style is JUST the way YOU might want to be right now.


  49. 571

    op says

    Ooohhhh….. I am doing violin right now……AND I HATE IT. HAT HATE HATE HATE HATE!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I don’t practice that much, so yeah. But thankfully it’s over soon!!!!

  50. 572

    lily says

    The Diary of Karan Evans

    Karan Evans (protagonist main character):Phoinexwrigforever
    Tasha Russo (Karan’s best friend):Mika
    Rebecca Shay (Karan’s best friend):Tori
    Katie Juergans (Karan’s friend):Harmony
    Christie Adrian Reed (Karan’s friend):Nikki2
    Gloria Wanse (Karan’s evil enemy):Lara Flyyn S. Gonzaga
    Dorianne Smithens (Gloria’s best friend):spottyfur
    Jade Ford (Gloria’s third in command):krazzzeyyykatgirl
    Ryan Rodner (cute senior boy):Kat
    Mrs.Evans (Karan’s mom):op
    Lisa Boranscino (Member of student goverment):Maria Teresa
    Ashley Bowman (Karan’s close friend):April
    Hollie Evans (Karan’s lost sister who Mrs.Evans told Karan abot a lot):Olivia

    If you like your part, tell me. I can change your part.

  51. 583

    Bookworm (Aine) says

    My mum knows me pretty good, she knows what I like, who my friends are.

    She cannot remember what the names of my teachers, what tests i have, when I have homework due for.

  52. 589


    Nikki: Oh my mom and I are super close.I would TOTALLY do the professional photos with her. Your mom cares about you.. A LOT, and btw, I’m actually going to be friends with my mom on FB, and ACTUALLY you SHOULD have given Jessica a ride home. Because that would prove your a genuinely kind person.
    And when I pass a test I don’t WANT or NEED any reward at all, and since you actually only got a 35 you should be telling your mom the truth-you didnt do well, so why are you being picky about the reward?

      • 592


        Yeah, well,

        1st) For summer I am going to be working on math with my mom. So I can get into this school.

        2nd) I don’t have any friends that would come to my house, hang-out, stay the night, and/or have a sleepover/party.


        3rd)I will have to go to choir camp.. And I REALLY DON’T want to go anymore. Because I am SICK of it.

        Soo yeah… I would just be bored my whole summer.

      • 593


        Things I’m Doing This Summer:
        1. Homework to get into Middle School. #BORING I’m just kidding! Go to school everyone!!!
        2. Going to the beach…But there will probably be so many hurricanes and tropical storms.
        3. I might see Men In Black 3.
        4. Tumblr.
        5. Going to the park to actually get some friends. ._.
        6. Despite the fact no one views or cares about my blog, I will continue to spend the majority of my life updating it.

      • 596


        I always think my Summer will suck but it always turns out to be awesome :) I’m sure that will happen to you too! Maybe you’ll make new friends, who knows? :D :D :D

      • 597


        My Summer is always the same, I go on tumblr, something wrong happens to my mother so she has to be in the hospital for 2 weeks, I get sick, I have homework, and before I know it, Summer is over. ._. Seriously, that happens EVERY. SINGLE. SUMMER.

  53. 612

    Babou says

    My mom knows me very well, but sometimes she has those ‘blind’ moments LOL ;)
    You should have gave Jessica a lift by the way, then she could see your are a kind person.

  54. 615



    Hi guys! I’m starting the Best Book Awards for all the authors here on It’ll have 2 fases, the Joining and the Voting.

    For the Joining, you have to:

    1.Create an account on Figment and make/upload your books there;
    2.Let me know which books of yours are you going to use for the awards (you can tell me here, on my blog, or email me) *deadline TBC*

    1.You can use at most 3 books;
    2.Each book must have at least 2 chapters.

    That’s all for now! In a few weeks (depending on the participants I get) it’ll be the Voting, and I’ll post the rules and the categories here and on my blog. Any questions, just talk to me.

    Please join, have fun, and good writings!!! :D :D :D

  55. 688


    YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 OMGOGMOGOMGFIOISADO,LD,M D OMGOGMGOGMGMOGOGMGG OH OKAY OKAYGHGG OKAY GOOD NEWS!! MY SIS IS COMING TO FLORIDA THIS SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 MY SUMMER WONT SUCK AFTER ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D

  56. 693


    At least nikki got owned by her mom i owned by my music teacher o.o it all started because of my hair style it lasted a month o.o here is how it went: i was absent last week then my teacher in music called me to get a handout i missed then he yelled: “ladies and gentlemen siamsi supsup” ‘.’ (siamsi supsup is a filipino who joined a beauty pagent once and she is well knowed)and people kept on calling me that for a month (ok 3 months)i swore never wear a fancy hair clip and hair things during or after a beauty pagent :/