Remember last week I told you about my plan to have a garage sale? No? I’ll get you up to speed!

Mom usually makes me and Brianna help her clean for a WHOLE weekend once a year, which is all kinds of LAME.

So this year I convinced her to let Chloe and Zoey help so we could do it all in one day…and THEN they could sleep over, and the next day we’d sell all the stuff we don’t need anymore at a garage sale.

Totally awesome plan, right? I thought so! And I was SO right!!

Saturday was actually kind of fun. We all woke up super early and made brownies so we could munch on them throughout the day.

Brianna made a HUGE mess of the kitchen.

Every time we bring out the bag of flour, Brianna throws handfuls in the air and yells, “Yay! It’s snowing!!”

I have no idea how she gets away with that….I leave a wrapper on the kitchen table and my mom FREAKS OUT but Brianna can turn the kitchen into a flippin blizzard and it’s “SO clever and creative!”

Anywho, Chloe and Zoey came over around 10:00 and we had a TON of fun cleaning!

I’m not being sarcastic or anything. We really had a great time! We blasted some music, and I confess, I turned the broom into my microphone a couple of times.

(What else would you expect from a not-so-talented pop star?!?)

At one point, Zoey spilled a bucket of soapy water all over the kitchen floor, so we tied old rags to our shoes and skate-cleaned it.

It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like: you kind of skate around the room to clean the floor. If this sounds familiar, it’s because I saw this an old movie called Pippi Longstocking!

I have to confess, this was kind of dangerous…I came THIS CLOSE to slipping.

(Guess I’m a not-so-graceful skater…which you’ll find out pretty soon!)

We finished cleaning everything by 5:00, and we had two big boxes of stuff to sell at the garage sale!

I couldn’t believe some of the stuff we found to sell in the living room closet! First there was a ship in a bottle.

I wonder what made my Dad buy that. I picture him standing in a store with $10 thinking, “Hmmm I could buy a DVD to watch tonight OR I could stare at this tiny ship and pretend I’m a tiny pirate!”

We also found a Thigh Master. I can’t believe my Mom had one of those! It’s like this weird contraption you squeeze between your legs to help tone your inner thighs.

I asked my mom about it and she was like, “Oh it was an impulse buy. It was a big deal in the 90s. I thought I’d exercise all the time while watching TV.”

I guess they didn’t have Wii sports back then!

We also found some other more normal stuff, like hats my Dad doesn’t wear anymore, a bunch of old DVDs, and some of my Mom’s old romance novels.

Then after that it was time for the sleepover!

At 5:30 my Mom decided to take Brianna out for a special dinner, leaving me, Chloe, and Zoey with my Dad to order pizza.

I totally owe my Mom!! First she agreed to let us have the garage sale, then she gave us money for pizza, and then she took Brianna and left.

It was flippin awesomesauce!

We were kind of tired from all the cleaning, so it was a pretty chill sleepover. After the pizza came, we decided to veg in front of the TV for a while and make a few more posters for the garage sale.

Chloe came up with a really clever one that read, “You want our stuff and we want your money!”

That pretty much summed it up!

Oh man, I have homework to do, and I didn’t even get to tell you about the garage sale yet!

To be continued….

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  1. Tori (2049) says:

    Eeeeppppppppp!!!!!!! I was 2!!!! I was 2!!! I was ttwwwoooooooo!!!!!! Ive never been #2!!!!!!

  2. Tori (2049) says:

    U guys…. I really need help…. like, badly!!!

    • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

      Can you tell us the problem so we can give you advice?

      • Tori (2049) says:

        Ok…. here goes….. so I have a crush on a guy who makes my heart MELT.. and he is going to a different school next year!!! The school year is almost over, so im getting frantic. Ive taken TONS of quizzes, and all the results show that he likes me, but it dosent seem so in real life!!!! Sometimes it seems like he totally digs me, but other days he acts like I don’t exist!! I wish I could just know if he likes me or not. If he did, I would tell him I do too, and if he dosent I would just move on. HELP!!!

  3. HEY YA’LL!!!! How was everyone’s day? hope it was good!!!!!!

    • Cocoa (136) says:

      The only memory I have of a garage sale is the one the I hated the most. I was, like, four years old and we were selling all the junk in the garage. My dad said anything that was ours and we sell we got the money. My one sister got, like, $20 in 5 minutes. I was watching from inside the garage when I realized my favorite Dora tricycle was gone (Back then I was obsessed with Dora, Dora chair, Dora pants, Dora shirt, Dora beach ball, Dora underwear…)! I confronted my dad and HE said that some whining girl would not get off my tricycle, so they had to sell it (question, WHY was it for sale?). He even offered me the money, (what 4-year-old wants $10 when she could have a tricycle?) but I was like NO WAY. He even bought me a new “big girl” bike but I couldn’t ride. I just watched my siblings and cousin ride. (CONFESSION: I still can’t ride my bike D:)

      • Dorky chic! (50) says:

        My brother did the same thing to me once except it was my favorite diary( I had a ton back when I was 6) He got 30 bucks off that thing (it was avoice security diary) he had to give me ten dollars more and so I kept ten dollars and went and got me another one!

      • Amy (431) says:

        It’s ok………I got a bike when I was 8 and I rode it once…..the first time I went down the driveway and I hit the curb across the street dead-on. It hurt like crap and I’m not even a guy. :O
        A week later when I got on it again, I slipped off and it fell on top of me.:(
        I totally avoided my bike until two years ago when I finally learned to ride without training wheels. (Ssh, don’t tell anyone.)

        Ps.Click on this link for my picture.:D

      • nikki (1483) says:

        Awww that’s so sad! I can’t believe they sold your tricycle. That would have bummed me out when I was 4 too.

  4. Amy (431) says:


  5. Pinkeverything (16) says:

    Awesome it sounds like for your garage sale weekend.I’m so excited for the new book and the next post!:D

  6. Kat (815) says:

    Hey guys and YAY I GOT 10

  7. Star (3007) says:

    GUYS! One of my friends need help. D:

  8. Star (3007) says:

    UGH, nevermind!! No one is going to reply anyways. It’s not much of an situation…

  9. Dorky chic! (50) says:

    I seriously need help! :( My crush is dating my best friend and they look SOOO cute together but my bff KNOWS I have a HUGE crush on him! I think she’s trying to get even for two things I put the foamy party stuff in her locker for April fools and she TOTALLY FREAKED!!!!!! And second we had a huge arguement last week and we didn’t talk to each other for two whole days which is a miracle for us! I thought wed already made up again and everything….guess not… :(

    • Dorky chic! (50) says:

      Oh and yhe part where I need help is what to do! Should I accuse her of taking my crush…but he did ask HER out… and he’s SOOO cute!

      • Dorky chic! (50) says:

        I NEED help! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Star (3007) says:

          OH MY GOSH!!! D: THAT’S TERRIBLE! Wait how old are you? Not to sound like a stalker or anything but I think kids shouldn’t have dates. WHICH IS ONLY MY OPINION. Anyways, if she really is a best friend, then she would’ve gone with this: SISTAS BEFORE MISTAS!! And for one thing, why do you like him? Is it because of his looks? Anything special about him? If she knows you like him well… I’ll try to put this in a nice way. DON’T BE HER FRIEND! I mean, you’re hurt that they’re “together,” and she knows you like him. That’s a bit cruel and mean, isn’t it? I may not have the best advice but I know how it feels like…. I hope everything goes well for you!! :c You don’t need her, a REAL friend would never do that.

  10. Star (3007) says:


  11. Star (3007) says:

    iafiubsduhds I’m… I’m A Cookie Monster. IN <3.

  12. Star (3007) says:

    Okay, I’m not in “love,” But I feel like I’m totally crushing on someone. -.- SINCE no one gives a crap, I’m not going to say anything. My mouth is-er.. My fingers are IN A MITTEN.

  13. Summer (137) says:

    Hi guys. I’m new here. :D

  14. Star (3007) says:

    ._. Becca where are yooooou? I need you right now! MAH TWIN IS GONNNNNNE. ;A;

  15. Krissy (90) says:

    14th yaaayyy!! ahaha jk

  16. Cocoa (136) says:

    I don’t know how you feel, seeing I hate almost all the boys I know. Except one, which almost every girl in school is crushing too, so I have no chance.

    • Star (3007) says:

      Yeah, me too. .___. He just came to my country(Who is Korean too) but doesn’t know how to speak English properly. He’s really cute but YESTERDAY I saw a bunch of girls in a group surround him. NO JOKE!! LIKE FOR REAL! HE ONLY CAME YESTERDAY!!

      • Cocoa (136) says:

        Its like mine but its not. He doesn’t really KNOW everyone likes him. All the girls just go into groups kind of like there his fan club and start talking about him.I would be REALLY creeped out if it were me and I heard them talking about me the way they talk about HIM.

      • Cocoa (136) says:

        I feel so AWKWARD because one of my best friends is crushin’ and one of my enemies is crushin’ on the same guy. This girl (my enemy) is like BRAIN WASHING everyone!!! Even my CLOSEST friends! But you should SEE the way she talks to me. it makes me want to THROW UP! BUT I didn’t tell my BFF because I didn’t want things to get troublesome, and I don’t see another guy who catches my eye. But my BFF is iffy about him, ’cause she still likes this guy from her old school.

        That girl looks does look like you, but I can see some differences.

        • Star (3007) says:

          O EM GEE. GEE GEE GEE GEE, BABY, BABY! My enemy is like that too! She took about FOUR of my besties! And seriously, they told me that they are ALWAYS on my side. But WHAT THE EF WAS THAT?! -.- That’s why I hate her and I’m negative in school… SHE FRICKIN’ RUINED MAH LIFE!!

    • Summer (137) says:

      I’m sure u have a chance

    • OMG!!! I felt the same way!!! i was in the EXACT SAME situation!!!!! This SUPER CUTE boy
      came to my class in 2nd grade and i had a crush on him EVER since!!!!!! All the girls made it seem they didn’t like him but i found out they all thought he was cute!!! Ughhhh!!! I tried to let him know i like him ex:going over to him all the time,laughing at what he said,ANYTHING, BUT HE IGNORED ME!!!! IDK why but he chose my friend Hayley!!!!!! AGHHHHH!!! I WAS FURIOUS!!!!
      But in 3rd grade he was my “BF” i know we were in third grade but there was NO kissing
      or going on dates!! YUCK!! but everyone knew we were really good friends!!! everyday was an adventure with my feelings,(no wrong ideas,i just thought he was cute) But he moved away and i’m really SAD!!!!

  17. Cocoa (136) says:

    Its weird because I usually don’t really hate at least one boy every year, but this year I’m not buying.

  18. natalie (5) says:


  19. o my goodness i can’t belive that nikki leaves a wrapper on the table and her mom freaks out but brianna can make a winter wonderland and her mom thinks its all arts and crafts. (wow)

    • nikki (1483) says:

      OK I may have exaggerated just a little!! But sometimes it seems like Brianna gets away with EVERYTHING because she’s young and cute!

  20. krazzzzeyyykatgirl (350) says:

    Highesrt i got yay

  21. alysha (1) says:

    too bad nikki probably wont notice my comment but here it goes i love your diaries please buy another one pls o pls:)

  22. hailey (69) says:


  23. Star (3007) says:

    .___. *SIGH* I will never find my true love. I guess he’s disgusted by me… Even though I did NOTHING.

  24. Cocoa (136) says:

    I don’t know ’bout my crush, he seems to like EVERYONE hes with. I CANNOT spot anything that says “Hey, I like you.”

    • Tori (2049) says:

      IKR?!?! I can NEVER tell if he is flirty or just friendly. And then, of corse i am terrible at hiding my feelings, and so almost everyone says we would b perfect couple of the year! The I have to deny that I like him, RITE IN FRONT OF HIM, so it would b super akward if I told him I liked him.
      Im sooo confused!!!

      • Cocoa (136) says:

        I’ve never told anyone about my crush, cause I know they would walk up to him and be all all like “HEY DUDE, THAT GIRL RIGHT OVER THERE LIKES YOU!” cause my friends did that to one of my BFFs, and now he thinks shes some kind of a stalker.

  25. krazzzzeyyykatgirl (350) says:

    Anyone on all aslone forever guys everyone vote on which new name for dd 1:ava 2:avalon selenea everyone vote or tell me your own u think i shld have vote or else

  26. Amy (431) says:

    I feel sad for you Star :(

  27. krazzzzeyyykatgirl (350) says:

    Hi everyone votte

  28. krazzzzeyyykatgirl (350) says:

    Hi star amy evveyone vote

  29. krazzzzeyyykatgirl (350) says:

    Its official im being ignored:(

  30. Cocoa (136) says:

    (>^-^)>c|_| *sip* Hello krazzzzeyykatgirl. You must be new here.

  31. krazzzzeyyykatgirl (350) says:

    Hi krazzeykatgirl wanna cha sure i luved to everyone ignoring yes they are ( coversation bwetween me and myself because everyone is ignoring me

  32. krazzzzeyyykatgirl (350) says:

    Hihi coco finally someone to talk to

  33. Amy (431) says:

    And I don’t have a crush right now……although I think Brandon is kinda cute. Nikki draws him really good don’t cha think.
    Darn it, I typed “good” instead of “well.” Grrrrrrr

    Okay now it’s time for………….

    Amy’s random question of the post!

    Your opinion on tacos

    A.Not that tasty, but it’s fun to call ppl a taco(Me: Same haha)

    B.They taste absolutely amazing(Me: Who makes your tacos??????)

    C. LAME!!!!!!(Me: *rolls eyes* whatever)

    SO get to anwsering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. krazzzzeyyykatgirl (350) says:

    I nkno i was playing witheveryone

  35. PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

    Cake is spamming again for the kabillionth time. -.-

  36. Star (3007) says:

    I love tacos now!! *pushes away pies and cookies* ಠ_ಠ YOU’RE DEAD TO MEH!!!

  37. Cake (442) says:

    vegan??!! HOW CAN U LIVE WITHOUT EGGS!!!!!!!??????

  38. Cocoa (136) says:

    Ever since I tasted my schools tacos I lost my taste forever.

  39. Star (3007) says:

    Excuse me?

  40. Cocoa (136) says:

    By “Spam” do you guys mean Spiced ham or Internet Spam.

  41. PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

    Dear Nikki Maxwell,

    Cake is spamming and it’s driving everyone nuts. Everyone is fed up with it and we want a stop to it. Please do something because she’s been doing this for a long time. Please either delete the spam comments or ban Cake or something. We just want a stop to it.


    Fed Up, and everyone on DD.

  42. Cocoa (136) says:

    I haven’t tried spam before.

  43. Cocoa (136) says:

    Hmm, it looks good on that sandwich (>*-*)>

  44. Cocoa (136) says:

    Hold the mayo, cheese, and mustard, put on some ketchup, some lettuce, and that could be my dinner!

  45. Star (3007) says:

    *-* I love this song and its lyrics!
    One mistake, that one regret
    One memory I know we can’t forget
    I’m a prisoner
    And there’s no way out
    Cause the future’s past
    I’m stuck in here now

    Could ever bring us back
    And no apology
    Is gonna get this on track.

    -o- I LOVE IT!! http://harmzblog.webs.com/apps/videos/videos/show/16294898-snsd-girls-generation-time-machine-demo

  46. peacelovechocolate (696) says:


    woo hoo*

    *me being sarcastic

    i once got 6 befor

  47. Aimy (9) says:

    OOOHH !! I would luv to buy sum of those old dvds .

  48. Cocoa (136) says:

    I liked what I heard but I have to go :( I hae a standerized state test to take tomorrow http://www.nooooooooooooooo.com/

    hope that worked

  49. Sally (461) says:

    I’ve only been fith. GIVE ME A CHANCE SEPNE SO O CAN BE FIRST!!!!’ please!!!

  50. Sally (461) says:

    I know Cake is spamming but O bet she has been crying because she thinks everyone “hates her.”



  53. HelanaSparkle (274) says:

    Goodnight everyone

  54. Tori (2049) says:

    I have guy problems!!! Look at comment # 5 and go dOwn two. Pleez!!

  55. @ P.W.F +STAR THANKS!!! STAR:you must really like tacos huh?
    P.W.F: i’ve never “known” a vegan b-4!!! COOL!

  56. Kat (815) says:

    Hey everyone!

  57. Tori (2049) says:

    Im almost finished with my colonial newspaper!!!! Its due tomorrow……..boo.

  58. Kat (815) says:

    I’m so angry. Today I almost punched the computer. I THINK I’VE GOT PROBLEMS…MY LIFE IS RUINED

  59. awesomeweirdo (1) says:

    i read ALL the books!> _< IM SUCH A DORK :)

  60. Tori (2049) says:

    Woah…star….hit the mute button wiil ya??

    • Ivy Vega (588) says:

      SOMEBODY PUH-LEASE CHAT W/ ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Lulu (10450) says:

        Hiya •_•

        • Ivy Vega (588) says:

          Hi, Lulukinz!! Diamond in the Rough!

          • Ivy Vega (588) says:

            Sooooooooooo………………………………………………………… :D

          • Ivy Vega (588) says:

            ^!^ I love Lip Smackers :)


            upload pics and videos, read and post blogs, chat with other cosmetic lovers, take polls, read E-books, play games, listen to music, shop for cosmetics, send E-cards, and enter contests all at Lip Smacker Lounge!!

          • Ivy Vega (588) says:

            What is it kai???

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            - If your crush tells you he loves you what would you do?
            - If that special-someone wants to date you, but you promised your grandmother you wouldn’t date what will you do? Date the “boy” of your dreams or follow your granny’s rules?
            - Your crush asks you to the school dance, but you promised you would be with your BFF @ movie night. What Do you think is the right thing to do?
            - Your crush tells you he has a crush on your mother! -.- What will you say to him?
            - Your BFF tells you she saw your boyfriend gawking @ another girl, but she lies to break you guys up. If you were in the crush’s shoes how would you feel?

            ••• THATS IT!! :P :P :P •••
            ••• If you don’t have a crush/boyfriend pretend you do or change half the questions to the questions you want based on relationship moments. •••
            ••• This Quiz was illustrated by:
            - Lulu
            - Lulukinz
            - Lu
            - Lulurox
            - Lululicious
            - Lovely Lulu
            - Lucky Lulu
            - Luscious Lulu
            - Hot Mama 4112

            ~ Thank You For Taking It ~
            ♥♥♥ Lululicious ♥♥♥

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:


          • Kai (1626) says:

            Hi Pheonix,me really sad,u wanna know why,look at com # 94

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            I know…I’m sorry for your loss..

          • Ivy Vega (588) says:

            OH. MY. GOSH. Kai, I am so sorry!!! :(

            here is a special song for you:


            I really am so so so SO sorry!!! :( :( :( :(

            I know what it feels like to lose a loved one.

            You’ll be in my prayers!!!

          • Maria Teresa (1540) says:

            Aww that was really sweet!!! I say the same to you Kai!!! <3

          • Tori (2049) says:

            1) i wou7ld totally FREAK!!
            2)I WOULD TELL HIM, if we just “hang out” my granny would b ok.
            3) i would postpone the movie cause he might not ask me again.
            4) i woulod say, “dude, my mom is married!! but im free! heheh…”

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            349 Days Until:
            Until everyone abruptly stops talking about Mayans.

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            Oh. my. gosh. I saw a pop-up. >.< Excuse me while I kill my eyes and computer with fire and holy water….

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            Posted twice. >.<

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            Anyone on? ..I’m so alone!

          • Kai (1626) says:

            I am on!

            Bad news guys….my Great-Grandad,he passed away,so sad,can’t stop crying,I need to talk to someone

            I lost my Great-Grandnan to Cancer,I lost another one to a Cardiac Arrest

          • Kai (1626) says:

            My world is falling apart now,Please,God,Please help me

          • Kai (1626) says:

            I wonder,what Is going to happen to me next…

          • krazzzzeyyykatgirl (350) says:

            U guys r on dork diaries at schol anywhooo i am having hotdogs today hi nikii u never reply to me so i wanted to tell u hi and im ur biggest fan akikkkk im talking to nikki maxwell i love u nikki maxwelland dd

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            I’m back! Sorry, I was watching Maury.

          • Cocoa (136) says:

            Hola everyone! I think the standardized test I took today was fine, but I think I got a C on my math test. Just cause my teacher was too LAZY to make a real test, he made us do the test in the book when I didn’t finish the assignment! So basically he gave me less than 5 minutes to take a test AND to finish the assignment Seriously sometimes I want to SCREAM at my math teacher, but instead I do it in the bathroom. screaming into a toilet somehow makes me feel better :)

          • Bella (2720) says:

            i know my techers a jerk too

          • Cocoa (136) says:

            I feel so bad for your great-grandfather. But think about it like this; Your great granddad wouldn’t like to see you sad and falling apart, he would like to see you happy and cheerful, sad that he passed away, but not moody and crying every other second. If hes looking down on you, he’d like to see you strong so he can say, “That’s my girl!”

          • Cocoa (136) says:

            are my comments too long?

          • Cocoa (136) says:

            I cant reply ’cause it likes to move my comment somewhere else so every time I comment I have to hit reply so it goes to an actual comment and not some random place.

          • Bella (2720) says:

            hey guys, i made this up.
            when ur feeling sad about breaking up and cant find the one, remember girl, thats gods way of sating im saving this one for someone specail.

          • Bella (2720) says:

            i mean saying…

          • Bella (2720) says:

            do u guys like my saying?

          • Nikki2 (2153) says:

            that is a REALLY good lesson to learn. Even though you’ve broken apart, it is just a way that god is saying you are saved for someone special.

          • Tori (2049) says:

            hey guys!!!!
            One of my friends started flirting with my crush, and I think he likes her back. I m really ticked!!!!!!!!!!! HELP?

          • Cocoa (136) says:

            Don’t ask me for dating advice unless you want to be banished to a small island in the middle of the Atlanic ocean with nothing but the dictionary to keep you company.

          • Tori (2049) says:

            Huh??? Its not really DATING advice, more like CRUSHING advice

          • Cocoa (136) says:

            And that has happened to me, so if you want do what I do. Curl up in your bed with a tub of ice cream in front of the TV where they’re playing a re-run of a dramatic Lifetime soap opera.

          • Cocoa (136) says:


          • Cocoa (136) says:

            Invite your friend to a sleep over. Before you go to bed tell her your crushing on him and you need some advice. If she tells you SHE likes him, tell her that you don’t want to get mad at her or anything. THEN, start a conversation about him, like, OMG he is soo hawt!

          • Cocoa (136) says:

            That way its not TOO awkward (sorry I can’t reply to my comments. it wont let me >,<

          • Tori (2049) says:

            :) thanks for the advice!! :D ill try that!! :P

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            Back everyone!! Sorry, watching Simpsons! lol

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            I just googled my name…o.o Google yours and see what you get.

          • Tori (2049) says:

            My name means winner, conquerer. ^-^ sweet!

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            I found http://www.Kay.com LOL not what I expected..

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            Anyways, I got this from Wikipedia:

            Karina (ka-REE-nah) is a female given name of modern usage. It can be a variant spelling of Carina (from Latin carus = love) or a short form of Katarina/Katrina.[1]

            It is mainly used in Greece, Scandinavia and Poland; when spelt Carina it is used in Italy and Spain.

            In Greece it means “pure” while in Poland it is more likely derived from Ekaterina, another variant of Catherine – again meaning “pure”.


          • Tori (2049) says:

            Nvm, it dosent work…….sry! !!!!!

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            Don’t worry! In the suggestions I found it! Mine is:

            karina means a girl that is shy but not around her true friends doesn’t think she is pretty ever though she is

            That is so true that it is scary..

          • Ivy Vega (588) says:

            Hey, y’all!!! :) :) :)

            If you knew you’re crush didn’t like you back, would you still like him??
            Ask yourself:
            do you like him because he’s cute or because he has a great personality?
            The saying “It will be if it is meant to be” is SO true!!
            If you like him just because he’s cute, it just might not be a match.
            If you like him because he is nice to you, and has a great personality it is a bigger chance. Remember, we’re still young, and have a long time to make our choice on the guy we want to marry and spend the rest of our life with. The big man upstairs (god) has a plan for you. But, anyway, if you really like the guy, I would suggest having a sleepover with your friend and randomly dropping a conversation about him. Like:
            “Have you noticed how cute (insert his name) is??”
            Good luck, Girlie!!

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            Here’s the full articale: http://www.what-does-my-name-mean.org/name/karina/ (you can replace the Karina part and put your own name to see yours.)

            Gender: Female
            Usage: Scandinavian, Polish, German, Russian, English
            karina means a girl that is shy but not around her true friends doesn’t think she is pretty ever though she is
            “Karina means a girl that is shy but not around her true friends doesn’t think she is pretty even though she is” VERY TRUE.
            Karina means a dove in the sky, love will be found when not looking, it means pure, loving, caring and very beatiful without admitting it
            Musicaly talented, smart, and athletic. U are very nice and a great friend….(don’t put mean things or bad words on name meanings )
            it means the most awesomest, sweetest, coolest girl in the world and i love her shes my sis
            karina means my dear one or the pure one. she is different from everyone around her because she does not follow anyone and is found wierd by many because of her this. she is a talented, intelligent and beautiful person but wiil never agree to it.
            karina means beautiful, cool, awesome and I think that is a cool name for girls, my cousin is also Karina
            loves to hang out with friends a lot
            nice sometimes
            shell of a nut

            This is so true..

          • Tori (2049) says:

            the thing is, i dont know if he likes me or not! sometimes he acts like he does, others , no! thnx 4 the advice.

          • Tori (2049) says:

            Even if he didn’t like me back, I would still secretly love him. He is SUPER nice, and hes cute, but that’s not y I like him. But the problem is, hes in my homeroom class and I stare at him, and I am afraid its starting 2 affect my grades. And I am not a good secret keeper so here’s the list of ppl that no:
            Ashley (bff so that’s ok)
            Emma (another bff
            Isabella (super mean girl and she found out PURLY by accident, she also sits next to him and im jelous of her)
            Yeah…. I know, long list. Buy I was being totally honest.

          • Nikki2 (2153) says:

            im SO sorry your grandad died!! :( :( :( :( THNK OF IT THIS WAY: He is in a better place. <:)

          • Summer (137) says:

            AWWWW that’s Sooooo sad :(

          • Nikki2 (2153) says:




          • Lulu (10450) says:

            I’m also sorry girlie. :( I ♥ U! :D

          • Nikki2 (2153) says:

            If your crush tells you he loves you what would you do? DIE FROM HEART ATTACK
            – If that special-someone wants to date you, but you promised your grandmother you wouldn’t date what will you do? Date the “boy” of your dreams or follow your granny’s rules? Granny!!!1 I would TRY to obey her..
            – Your crush asks you to the school dance, but you promised you would be with your BFF @ movie night. What Do you think is the right thing to do? Say “I’m REALLY sorry!! But, I already have plans! With my BFFs, maybe we can meet up there on Friday?”
            – Your crush tells you he has a crush on your mother! -.- What will you say to him? “Get out. She’s married.” (OR that she is dating, even if she is single!!)
            – Your BFF tells you she saw your boyfriend gawking @ another girl, but she lies to break you guys up. If you were in the crush’s shoes how would you feel? TERRIBLE!!! WHY LIE!!!?

          • Summer (137) says:

            Cool answers:) I’m summer. Well. Duh. It says it right there XD

          • Summer (137) says:

            Wait. I meant to put this on someone’s comment lol. I’m so dumb sometimes ;)

          • Cocoa (136) says:

            Victoria (vic-TOR-ee-ah)

            The name Victoria is originally Latin for victory. In Roman mythology Victoria was the name of a goddess and means victory or conqueror. The Queen of England Victoria started connoting royalty. :)

          • Summer (137) says:


          • Ivy Vega (588) says:

            Here’s mine:

            (My name) is the meaning of a women that is beautiful inside and out. She has a way of moving people and making them feel amazing. She is one that is pashionit and has a beautiful attitude.She can make you feel loved in way that no other girl can. She’s caring and innocent and will always tell you the truth no matter what the situation may be. If you are with an (my name) keep her and treat her well she will never cheat or hurt you. Show her off as if she is a gold metal or a million dollars. She will love and care for you if u do the same in return. (My name) also means moon goddess.

            You know…… you can call me Lizza or Lizzie. That’s kinda close to my name…..
            My mom wont let me say my real name, because sopmonkey already knows where i live, and I’m kinda a….. blabber mouth.

          • krazzzzeyyykatgirl (350) says:

            Who wanna chat hi

          • Cocoa (136) says:

            Is your name Elizabeth?

          • Cocoa (136) says:

            Is your name Elizabeth??

          • Cocoa (136) says:

            I’m allowed to say my first name, but nothing else.

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            lol I’ve got almost everyone talking about what their names mean. :)

          • krazzzzeyyykatgirl (350) says:

            Hi peps who wanna chat :)

          • Ivy Vega (588) says:

            Maaaaaybe it’s Elizabeth ;) ;)

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            lol Well you are sharing your first name with 1,000 people.

          • Ivy Vega (588) says:

            I didn’t say for sure -_-

          • Ivy Vega (588) says:

            the potter gang = awesomesauce


          • Ivy Vega (588) says:

            Nikki, Dork Diaries did NOT invent that ‘Baby baby’ song!!! That is a really old Amy Grant jam!!

          • peacelovechocolate (696) says:

            i thought that song seemed firmiliar

          • Kat (815) says:

            Hi guys!

          • Star (3007) says:

            Okay, I’m going to make this clear. Rachel Renée Russell never said she “invented” it. Her niece, Shania, did the cover of the songs:Amy Grant’s “Baby, Baby,” Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours,” and Michael Jackson’s “Ben.” Before you start accusing she said she invented it, please look up your facts. And she might release subsequent albums too. -.- Just saying, not to sound rude.

          • Ivy Vega (588) says:

            HOW AM I S’POSED TO LOOK THAT UP STAR, HUH????????????????????????? ugh seriously.

          • Star (3007) says:

            One word. Google.

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            A magical thing called Google. -.-

          • Ivy Vega (588) says:

            but i just said it inside my had so nobody heard it but me.

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            Then go to Yahoo, AOL, Bing, or ANY search site. -.-

          • Star (3007) says:

            DUDE, you don’t have to be rude. -.- How were we suppose know that you get grounded going there, huh?! Do you think we really know that? No, so stop complaining and don’t get mad over such little things. Alright? I mean, How would you like it if we said,”YOU ARE SOOOO CLUELESS!! DORK DIARIES NEVER ANNOUNCED THEY INVENTED IT!!” -.- … So, let’s forget about this and just bleh.

          • Ivy Vega (588) says:

            What do you mean?? :D I never ever said that.
            I only did in my HEAD.

            Hey Nikki, I have a very personal question for you. “What the heck is your problem with lip gloss?!?!?!?!?! I mean, I can totally understand Mackenzie’s addiction. I have the same thing going on with me!!!
            I mean, what is wrong with nice, moist,
            Paul Frank Julius’s red-velvet-cheesecake flavored Lip Smackers??????
            Or a liquid Strawberry Grapefruit Lip Smackers??? Or even a 100% natural blueberry gloss? Or a refreshing Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers? Or a Stellar Strawberry Lip Smacker shimmers?? Or a sparkly very cherry Expresions lipgloss??????????? I’m just sayin’!!!!!!!!!!

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            -.- We can read minds.

          • Star (3007) says:

            What are you talking about? -.- You just said it- nevermind. *Goes back to eating tacos*

          • Kat (815) says:

            HI everyone

          • Ivy Vega (588) says:

            I LOVE Lip Smackers!!!!!!!
            My fave flavors are:
            Lemon Lime Rush SPF24
            Paul Frank Julius’s Coconut Cream
            Paul Frank Chachi’s Fried Ice Cream
            Stellar Strawberry Shimmers
            Color Kiss Duos Strawberry Kiss
            Color Kiss Duos Melon Kiss
            Dr. Pepper
            Pink Chocolate
            Girl Scout Thin Mints
            Girl Scout Do-si-dos
            Funnel Cake
            Snow Cone
            Cherry Kool-Aid
            Vanilla Bean
            All the 100% naturals
            All the StarBursts, M&M, Skittles and Sodas
            A&W Root Beer (GREAT with a little vanilla on top)
            All the Crush’s
            Do you girlies love Lip Smackers??
            I also LOVE their Lipstick, eyeshadow, bodyspray, blush, and EVERYTHING ELSE!!!
            What’s ur favorite flavor???

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            Lip Smackers don’t moisturize my lips, so I just use Vaseline or petroleum jelly.

          • Star (3007) says:

            I like the skittles one. IT’S GREAT! :D

          • Ivy Vega (588) says:

            Oh yeah, that’s one of my alltime faves!! That and Dr. Pepper

          • Ivy Vega (588) says:

            Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm I just put on some Mexican lotion, it smells DEVINE :D

          • Tori (2049) says:

            I only have two lipglosses, but im saving up to buy more cause im addicted to them.

          • Tori (2049) says:

            i meant. Lipsmackers. I have TONS OF LIPGLOSS.

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            Goodnight everyone…So tired, but I still have the pop-up image in my head. >.<

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            Hola chicas! :D :D :D
            I’m here and I’m here to stay! *please, please hold the applause* And I’mma be here all day and night until Wednesday! :P LOL! Can’t wait to not say G2G! :P lol! But there is a limit to what time I have to give in! :P :P
            Okay then so what goes on people?????? :D :D

          • Ivy Vega (588) says:

            *Yawn.* Just woke up. Gonna watch Harry Potter now!!! :D

          • Sapphire (2779) says:

            LOLZ! Lulu!!! Yaaaaaaaaay!!!

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            LOLZ I feel LOVED NOW! :D :D :D :D

          • Ivy Vega (588) says:

            LOL :D :D

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            Heehee! :D :D

          • Sapphire (2779) says:

            Me: *sits up and blinks*
            Lulu: I’m kinda hungry
            Me: Here have this!! *gives olive sandwich*
            Lulu: *forgets about olives* Thanks Saffie! *BITES* *COLLAPSES*
            Me: MWAHAHAHAHA

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            LOL! XD
            Me: *bites sandwich* *faints*
            You: Why?? Why did I do this to my friend.
            Me: Has a few minutes of life left in me. Aww…you really think of me as your friend.
            You: What?? Not you the olives, I could never put those poor defenceless circles through such pain!
            Me: Oh…then see you later.
            You: ‘Kay pick you up @ the Cemetery.
            Me: Whatever girl. *faints again*

          • Sapphire (2779) says:


            *CURTAINS GO UP*
            BOTH: *bows*
            THE END

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            LOL!! :D
            BOTH: We wouldn’t have done it without our poisonous olive!! :P
            S and L Productions! :D
            SaffieKinz and Lulukinz!! :P :P

          • Tori (2049) says:

            Wow! Lol. Ivy, that clip was funny in a cruel sort of way. :P

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            You still there?
            Hiya Tori.
            You also still there Ivy?
            Google your name! You wanna know what it means! :P

          • Ivy Vega (588) says:

            i’m still here!!!

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            Meaning of Lulu – What does the name Lulu means?
            Gender:Girl Name
            Name Meaning:Precious, a pearl. Swahili, E. Africa

          • Ivy Vega (588) says:

            Lulukinz, aren’t you supposed to be at…… school???? *huggies*
            Ivy’s random question of the hour:
            Do you dorks like Lip Smackers better or Expressions lip shine better??
            What are you’re fave flavours??

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            In Hawaiian, LuLu means precious; pearls, peaceful, and protected… this name does mean something pretty strong.
            Meaning of Lulu – What does the name Lulu means?
            Gender:Girl Name
            Name Meaning:Precious, a pearl. Swahili, E. Africa
            And my African name means:
            Peaceful, Unselfish, Blissful, Leader, Beautiful! :D
            I love the Internet. :D :D so sweet. :P

            Oh wooow…LOL! :D :D Nope no school today! :P Not until Wednesday! :P Yaaay! Long Weekend! :P :P but lotsa Homework! :o :o How about you Ivy? :D not @ school also? :D

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            “Always the same narrow people, the same mindless chatter.”

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            Hiya! =)
            Plus this is meant for Tori:
            ‘Kay, ‘kay! :D good luck with your crush! hope he notices you! :D see you @ 11 girlie! :D

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            Okay. Hi.

            (Always the same narrow people, the same mindless chatter.)

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            Huh? What’s that suppose to mean? :|
            (Always the same narrow people, the same mindless chatter.) What’s that suppose to mean; am I narrow and we sharing a mindless chat? :| :| -.- -.- :| :|

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            Sinking -.-

          • Ivy Vega (588) says:


          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            I’m making a nail design! I’ll post a pic on my blog when it’s done!!

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            I’m back! :D
            So what goes on again? :P
            Anyone on??? :)
            I’m hungry. *grpp, grpp* that’s my belly; keep quiet belly or I’ll feed our brussel-sprouts again!!

          • Kai (1626) says:

            Hi Lulu,I found out,Fluffy was a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            I had dental surgery 2day,in a lot of pain,Surgery took 8 hours :(

          • Kai (1626) says:

            Terrible pain,absolutely terrible…

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            OMG sorry Kaikinz. :( I hope you get better! :D
            Its great Fluffles is a B.O.Y. :D :D
            I though HE was a GIRL! Lol! I was wrong! :P :P
            Hope you feel better KaiKinz.

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            I’m almost done with my nail design!! I just have to clean around the nail with remover and I’ll take a pic and upload it on my blog… But nobody cares.

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            Kai you there? :)
            I wish I could see it but I can’t since I can’t sign up. Oh well…I’m sure its beautiful! :D :D :D :D

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            You don’t have to sign up to see my blog.

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            Oh okay, can’t wait to see your nail art. 3

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            ‘kay. It’s drying right now, can’t wait for everyone to see it!!

          • Kai (1626) says:

            That’s ok! :)
            ~(That is what my mouth is like!)

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            Hey Kai

          • Kai (1626) says:

            Heya girl,I know it looked like I was spamming on no.174,I wanted to see if my new gravatar worked!

          • Kai (1626) says:

            It unfortunately didn’t work though,a lot of cash for my surgery eh?!

            I got special permission for my teeth to be whitened,you gotta be 17 to get them whitened here in the UK,I am 9!!!!!!!!!!1:)

            ;) :) :P

          • Kai (1626) says:

            @Lucky Lulu,If it is ok with PWF,I will post three things for you on her website!

            There is one picture,2 videos!

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            It’s fine, because you’re the only one I trust(well, there is alot of other people, but I trust you most) when putting vids/pictures!!

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            Ooh…you don’t trust me? Fine *talk to the hand* That’s right I gave you the hand! Lol! JK JK! Its fine! :D :D Kai is very trustworthy! :D :D

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            LOL *le GASP* THE-THE HAND?!?!!? :P :P

          • Lulu (10450) says:


          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            *air freshener* YOU CAN NOT DEFEAT ME!! I HAVE AIR FRESHENER BY FERBREZE!!(gonna do the video now, so bye!! we’ll continue part 2 in a few minutes! :P )

          • Spottyfur (770) says:

            Hows the weather like where you are? It’s pouring here.

          • Spottyfur (770) says:

            Who here knows who Om Nom is? He’s the green thing off cut the rope. He’s sooooo adorable!

          • Spottyfur (770) says:

            See ya guys! Hope you all have a good day/night (depending on where you live).
            Luv your blog Nikki! Can’t wAit for tales of a not so graceful ice skater comes out! :)

          • Kat (815) says:

            Hi everyone!!

          • Tori (2049) says:

            Hey galz!!!!!!!!!!! What’s up??? Im back from school! !!!!
            Hey girlie!!! Im Tori (duh) and im really happy 2 meet u!!!!!

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            Hi!!! I just got back from the park(I ran and did bench crunches)!! I’m going to make a smoothie, so brb!!

          • Tori (2049) says:

            :) KK! im gonna do my nailz with this new polish i got, maybe, so….. brb too!

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            ‘Kay, ‘Kay! :D :D
            OMG so lucky, its my dream to get my teeth whitened! :P and sorry about the gravatar, I can try making an account for you if you give me your email address.

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            Why not try Crest Whitening Strips or Colgate Optic White? I can make a video and post it on my blog on how to whiten teeth if you want!! :D :D :D :D :D

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            Yes! Please!! :D :D I’m not sure if they white enough you know!! and I brush ‘em twice a day but still they white but not the white I want them to be you know! :P

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            Coolio! I just use toothpaste, baking soda, and Crest white strips to whiten my teeth!

          • Kai (1626) says:

            @Lulu,I am still here!

            @Pheonix,WOW!I am sure it is great,I <3 your blog,really good!

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            Hello? Where’d everybody go? :P

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            *facepalm* *headache*

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            *facepalm* *confused* *irritable*

          • Tori (2049) says:

            Hey lulu!! Ive g2g to school 2day, wish me luck with getting my crushes attention!!! Ill probably comeback on around 11, reccess

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            ‘Kay, ‘kay! :D good luck with your crush! :D hope he notices you! :D see you @ 11 girlie! :D

          • Tori (2049) says:

            Hey galz!!! I just got back from AWANA*, ot was paper airplane night, which was all kinds of fun!

            *AWANA stands for, Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed, its kinda like church, but way funner!!

          • krazzzzeyyykatgirl (350) says:

            Be-Be-Be my BFF cause idk wats coming next and lmho to the rest so ttylxox who knows that song!!!! I love the mash up something to dance for everone name a song thgey like what makes you buetiful

          • Cocoa (136) says:

            Hot Momma?

          • Sapphire (2779) says:

            1) Umm i would say actually nothing so as not to ruin the moment :D
            2) follow granny’s rules. There’s nothing more important than family to me.
            3) I hate disappointing people, either hold the movie night the day before, let my friend tag along to the dance or hang out with him some other night!
            4) Whenever someone tells me that someone did something i make it a point to clarify that they did/didn’t do it, however i ask them in a way that doesn’t offend them.

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            Aww…please stop making me blush! :D
            Your the Diamond in the Rough not me!! :D :D *blushies* :D

  61. Kat (815) says:

    YAY! I changed my profile pic AGAIN. I love making PICTURE COLLAGES!!!

  62. Star (3007) says:

    I just have a really hard time, okay? I have to get surgery and I found out it costs 10,000 DOLLARS! I cannot say a word about this because I’m sure that everyone will make fun of me. It’s a rare surgery. I know this sounds,”FAKE,” but this is NOT a joke. I swear! D: My mom has to pay a 100 dollars every month to the bank as a loan. My brother was trying to make a statement and was trying to make me feel bad. SEE, I HATE MY LIFE!

  63. Kat (815) says:

    Oh wow. I just tried to post a comment and it said, “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.” IM A FAST TYPER, OK? I HATE MY COMPUTER

    • Iz-raining-sugar (762) says:

      That happens to me a lot too!

      • Lulu (10450) says:

        What?! Nikki deleted all my comments! :( all of them!! :( :( :( I can’t believe it; is it because I was talking about Nelson Mandela or…even Kai’s comments. Phoenix’s. What happened? :( :? :( :? Oh well…bye guys I’m leaving! :) :) have a good day without me around! :P :P G2G bye. :D

        • Lulu (10450) says:

          Oh now I get it, its because this is a new blog post, I just got confused sorry! :P FALSE ALARM! :D now I’m leaving lol! :D *blushies*

          • nikki (1483) says:

            Oh good! I was like, “Did I really do that??” I didn’t think I did. Glad it was just a false alarm. =)

  64. Sena (3) says:

    OMG! When you said about the not-so-graceful skater, did you mean that you’re going to put a skating incident in your next book?

  65. Alyssa (38) says:

    You’re so lucky to have Chloe & Zoey 2 help you clean up. I don’t have any friends or siblings 2 help me. I’m an only child.

  66. Spottyfur (770) says:

    I love your blog Nikki!

  67. Kai (1626) says:

    Hi guys,me not well….

  68. Kai (1626) says:

    @Lulu,good news!!!!!
    Fluffles actually ate more,still working on the video!

    • Lulu (10450) says:


  69. Kai (1626) says:

    I stayed home from school

  70. Kai (1626) says:

    Okay,I am gonna say this now,we should make a deal with cake

    Here’s the deal:Cake,everyone will stop moaning at you IF you stop spamming,deal?

    if u don’t accept the deal,we will moan at you even more,please stop,This is really getting to PWF now,I can see it,please stop,Cake,plz

    • nikki (1483) says:

      I think I deleted all the spam comments. I tried, at least. There were a lot!

      Cake, I’m glad that you’re here and you like my posts and all. Maybe just less of the random comments? That would be cool!

  71. krazzzzeyyykatgirl (350) says:

    Than,ks kai you have a cool ussername to anyone on i have pie

  72. krazzzzeyyykatgirl (350) says:

    Ok did everyone vote

  73. krazzzzeyyykatgirl (350) says:

    To day is math state test and regonals for some peeps most important test of the yaer lol

  74. Sarah (125) says:

    Wow! That’s sounded awesome so far! I wish my mom would let us have a garage sale but NO! But I kinda understand. We live on one of the leasd busiest streets in town! Can’t wait to hear how the acctual sale went! :)


    • nikki (1483) says:

      Yeah it’s tough if you can’t get people to come to it. We got a pretty good turnout at ours. I’ll write all about it tomorrow!!

  75. PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

    Good morning everybody! I still can’t hear any sound out of my laptop when I go on Youtube. >.<

    • Lulu (10450) says:

      Okay guys I just completed my Math Test! :o I’m so Nervous!! :o :o :o I wonder what I got!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a Nervous-Wreck!! :( :( I feel confident yet scared! Our Math Teacher said we have to get 60% and Above, I know I got less! :o :o I am like so…*shudders* Scared. :( :(
      What Should I Do To Cure My MathoPhobia???????????????????????????? :P :P

      • Lulu (10450) says:

        Okay guys I gotta go. :) D I have to go to Detention. Uggh…I hate it that the girls and some of the good boys have to be punished. :o :o oh well…bye! :P I’ll be back though! :D

  76. Tori (2049) says:

    wow…….. that must b hard………. just DONT THINK ABAOUT IT. When do you get your results? Just know that there is NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT NOW, and I hope this advice helps!

  77. Tori (2049) says:

    Im on!!!!!! :) what’s up, pheonix, my bff?

    • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

      Nothing much! ^-^ Oh, stop it you! (lol meme) My computor still isn’t making any noise or audio or anything when I go on Youtube. Disk Utility always has an alert lol What about you? :)

      • Lulu (10450) says:

        I’m back but for a short while since I was in Detention! :D Tori thanks you helped a lot. :D Hi Phoenix. =D
        Is Phoenix your BFF? That’s great! :D *sobs fakely* I thought I was your BFF!! *faints* :D lol! But its okay Kai is my BFF! :P I think…I maybe think she thinks of me as just a friend! :P

        • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

          Hey! Why did you get detention?! You dirty, dirty cheater. tsk tsk. LOL jkjk XD What’s up? :D

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            OH MY GOSH!! LOL! XD XD XD XD :D I got Detention because I copied homework! *gasp* The Police didn’t want me so they said Detention! :P :P
            Lol! Nope the real reason is because the class was misbehaving we had our phones and stuff and back-chatting so Detention for Today and Tomorrow especially me and Cindy since we were late! :P
            I had to talk to my teacher! :P so yup! :P
            What Goes On With You Girlie-Girlie! :P

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            Oh LOL :) That explains it :P I’m just on Tumblr, trying to get my computor fixed(there isn’t any sound when I’m on Youtube >.<) and I'm drinking some lemonade! ^-^ A normal day…aha. lol What's your profile pic? Just wondering because it looks like…*squints '.'* a water park…?

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            Oh hope it gets fixed! :P and yeah it is. Its a waterfall. Next I’ll post a beautiful sunset. Then a rainbow, then nature, then cute things then celebrities then an ant! :P :P lol. Then my art. Yep and maybe my friends and I and stuff! :D :D

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            Coolio! I take LOADS of pics of nature ^-^ I take pics of some stray bunnies outside!(they’re okay, they run away though LOL) Yeah, if I get it fixed, all of my favorite websites, tabs, my homework, EVERYTHING gets deleted, so I either need a new computor so I can transfer all my stuff to that computor, OOOOOOORRRRR I risk my computor history and tabs and homework etc. to fix it. I think I’ll go with plan A. Which computor should I get? ^-^ (NOT a Mac. I don’t know how to use it…eheh..)

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            LOL! :D IDK what computer you can get! :P I’ll see what computer is really in good-shape. Good-use and cheap/expensive. Don’t know what’s your price-range. :P
            But IDK lol! :D LOL XD XD Bunnies run away!! :D LOL! :D I take pictures of flies, for some reason they fly away from me! Even when I smell good and get all dressed up for ‘em; they fly away! Uggh…just because I can’t fly they suddenly reject you!! :P

            And maybe post pics of the beach and the sea and sea themed stuff! :P :P and Tia and Tamera! Love those two twins! :D :D

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            OMG YOU LOVE SISTER SISTER, TOO?!?! :o I love them!! Those were the days when you didn’t have to tell children to not do this(Tom and Jerry, etc.) at home. c: lol My price range is $100-$230 dollars. :D

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            OMG That’s nuts!! :o :o I LOVE SISTER SISTER!! :D :D :D :D Its the best!! :D :D :D :D the 1st season I had no idea who was who. They looked exactly alike, but now I can tell ‘em apart!! :D :D I love Sister Sister!! :D :D
            And I’ll try finding you a computer that is from $100-$230 dollars ‘kay? :D :D :D

        • Tori (2049) says:

          Yore mah bff too lulu!!!!
          I <3 all of the dorkers here on dd!!!!!

  78. Lulu (10450) says:

    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ *SCREAMS* AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON’T YOU JUST LOVE LOVE???????????? ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  79. Lyndserr99 (501) says:

    hey what did i miss?????????????????

  80. Nikki2 (2153) says:

    hello people!!

  81. Nikki2 (2153) says:

    how are you? I am TERRIBLE…LONG tests today…50 questions…

  82. Kai (1626) says:

    OMG,I have just found out the most horrible news,It is terrifying

  83. Kai (1626) says:

    My Great-Grandad,he will have a Cardiac Arrest,in approximately 2 days,and when he does,the docs,nurse,are gonna let him die

  84. Kai (1626) says:

    @Ivy Vega,my Great-Grandad,gonna have a Cardiac Arrest in approximately 2 days,then the staff at the hospital are gonna let him die,he is only 99

  85. Kai (1626) says:

    -.-,tired,angry,Just,I don’t know what to do with myself,my world is falling apart

  86. Kai (1626) says:

    I am making the present I am going to put in his grave now,A little message,his Favourite crystals,A little photo of me & my 4 siblings :’()’:

  87. Tori (2049) says:

    for lulus quiz:
    1) i would TOTALLY FREAK OUT!!!!!
    2) i would tell himm im not allowed to date but if we were just “hanging out” mah granny would ok with it .
    3) i woulod postpone our movie cause this is a

  88. Kai (1626) says:

    I wanna go to sleep,but I cant,gotta babysit

  89. Kai (1626) says:

    Thanks for wishing me luck guys!!

    @PWF,What are ”Mayans”

    @Ivy Vega,how do you do that sorta stuff? As in like when you typed,you are very special to me? *Am so happy to have friends like you guys*

  90. Maria Teresa (1540) says:

    OK guys, I’m writing 4 stories at once and I want to develop one and finish it before the others, so I would like if you tell me which one sounds better for you:

    1. Fantasy story that envolves magic powers and creatures, curses, Gods, a secret organization and mistery.(It’ll be a series of 5 books)
    2. Fiction story that happens in a season of war. The main character goes on a journey to find a man who has a haunted nomad circus.
    3. Mystery story about 9 sisters who are boarding schoolers. It envolves a lot of family mysteries and all of those detective stuff.
    4. Story about pirates. I’m still working on the plot.

    Thanks! :)

  91. Kai (1626) says:

    Bored,somebody on,I need to talk!

  92. Kai (1626) says:


  93. krazzzzeyyykatgirl (350) says:

    Hi evheryone guess wat

  94. Kai (1626) says:

    Omg,I am in,physically,in pain…

  95. Trina Clement (68) says:

    That sounds like awesomesauce! I which I could’ve did that.

    I can’t wait to hear the other part about the garage sale. I also can’t wait to read Dork Diaries 5: Tales from a NOT-SO-Graceful Ice Princess. :)

  96. Cocoa (136) says:

    Hola everyone! I think the standardized test I took today was fine, but I think I got a C on my math test. Just cause my teacher was too LAZY to make a real test, he made us do the test in the book when I didn’t finish the assignment! So basically he gave me less than 5 minutes to take a test AND to finish the assignment :( Seriously sometimes I want to SCREAM at my math teacher, but instead I do it in the bathroom.

  97. Bella (2720) says:

    hmmm…i hate my techer too…

  98. Bella (2720) says:

    shes way too serious.
    be back real quick!

  99. Bella (2720) says:

    hey guys, i made up something.
    when u break up with a lot of guys and cant find the right one, thats gods way of saying, “im saving this one for someone specail.”
    You like? when u feel sad about all those boys breaking up and stuff, remember that saying.

  100. Bella (2720) says:

    i meant saying…

  101. Bella (2720) says:

    be back real quick!

  102. Cocoa (136) says:

    And here’s one I made up.
    If your feeling bad about someone breaking up with you and leaving you stranded in the rain while you cry there, remember this. You were WAY to good for him, SISTAH!

  103. Nikki2 (2153) says:

    hi everybody!! Hi nikki, spring cleaning here was sorta fun. :D We cleaned my room, then put a TV in there! :D OMG!! I’m always watching a movie while studying.

  104. Tori (2049) says:


  105. viviana arellano (16) says:

    You should confront her why are you flirting with man or talk it out if that doesn’t help…well……then flirt with her crush then she be ticked off too!!!!!

  106. Tori (2049) says:

    Tori means winner, conquerer. ^-^ Awesome!!! And as most of u guys know, it also means a British soldier,

  107. Star (3007) says:

    crazy coffee cat.

  108. Tori (2049) says:


  109. arianna (107) says:

    PWF are yoy still my friend?

  110. Sally (461) says:

    My new BLOG everyone click on my name and please reply!

  111. Star (3007) says:

    GUYS! YOU SHOULD TOTALLY GO ON THIS! http://whatdoesmynamemeans.com/74-2/ o-o It said I’ll get EIGHT possible love connections. Shiz. lol

  112. Summer (137) says:

    Hiya:) is anyone on? I’m new. I’m also a big motermouthXD

  113. Sally (461) says:

    PLEASE IM BEGGING YOU GUYS CLICK MY NAME NEW BLOG!!!!!!!!!! And yes people are asking if I’m the real Sally. YES I AM!!!!!! I’m not a Sally poser I just go a new profile pic! CLICK ON MY NAME PLEASE NENEON!

  114. Cocoa (136) says:

    Victoria (vic-TOR-ee-ah)

    The name Victoria is originally Latin for victory. In Roman mythology Victoria was the name of a goddess and means victory or conqueror. The Queen of England Victoria started connoting royalty.

  115. Sally (461) says:


  116. Cocoa (136) says:


    I am nothing like this. I am the opposite.

  117. Summer (137) says:

    Hi. Anyone wanna chat?

  118. Summer (137) says:

    I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL THE NEXT BLOG!!! Isn’t it 2mrw?

  119. Star (3007) says:

    Mah name is:
    Someone who has hidden talents and doesn’t have very good selfcontrol, but is very kind to people who have treated them kindly. Gets along with people a grade above and below them better than people in their own grade level. Also, Jumpy, happy, smart, and very playful! WIll love you endlessly! She will follow you to the end of the earth and back! She’s so sweet and she loves everyone!
    Star is cool, has lots of friends, smart and gets good grades.
    I never said the last one! o-o I just copied and pasted it it. I agree with the whole thing that the anons said. V-V
    *** STAR ***

  120. krazzzzeyyykatgirl (350) says:

    Hi pwf wanna chat

  121. Summer (137) says:

    Aww. I gtg. EVERYONE IS REALLY NICE ON HERE:) hv a good nite;)

  122. PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

    But everyone shares their name with 1,000+ other people. v.v

  123. Coffee!!!! (38) says:


  124. My Name:Lacey
    Gender: Male & Female
    Usage: English
    lacey means nice, beautiful,good friend,and just a very outgoing person. some of you who be hattin on the name lacey are just jelouse because you dont have it.
    lacey stands for the most beautifull girl in the whoe WORLD! (:
    Laceys can also be very delicate and easy to hurt but care about others even if they are haters
    someone who is fun, good listener, and a perfect girl
    Lacey is a ROCKIN name you meano’s!!!!!
    Lacey means hopeful in greek
    A beautiful, gentle, poetic person
    A very nice person. Brown eyes, poetic, kinda short. Loves the guitar, and LOVES to laugh
    freakin awesome!!
    means outgoing and nice person even in a mad mood.
    Lacey is a great name and Laceys are BEAUTIFUL

  125. mandy (19) says:

    hi ppl :D

  126. STAR!!!! do u wanna chat? I need to talk 2 u!!!!

  127. peacelovechocolate (696) says:

    hi nikki i love your blog anyways its my birthdays soon and it would mean alot to me if you reponded to this comment

  128. peacelovechocolate (696) says:


  129. peacelovechocolate (696) says:


  130. peacelovechocolate (696) says:


  131. Victoria O. (117) says:

    Vicky’s quote of the Day:
    “Beautiful people don’t have one elusive quality that we have.
    That quality is DORKINESS.
    I mean, its not like its something someone would brag about, but its something, and its ours, and its wrong for them to steal it.” -Dear Dumb Diary Year #2: School. Hasn’t This Gone On Long Enough? By Jim Benton

  132. harrypotterfreak (3) says:

    ok fellow dork diaries fan i have an emergency!when i went to bowling (i am ina a leage) and i have a crush on a guy there, i was having a conversation with my freind and i looked over at him and he was looking at me with his big brown puppydog eyes!!! i thought i had something on my face so i went to the bathroom, and nothing was rong with my face!!! PLEASE!!!! reply and tell me what you think

    *P.S he is 12 and a half and i am all most 11!i am in fith grade and he is in sixth!

  133. Cake (442) says:

    HI GUYS!!
    GUESS WAT??!!
    WOO HOO!!!! :D

  134. Cake (442) says:

    My name means” pure”. Caitlin means the same!! :D

  135. Cake (442) says:

    Hello Stranger. *_________*

  136. Cake (442) says:

    bye!! Peace Out!!! Laterz!! Good Bye!! Ta Ta!! TTYL!!!
    Good Bye!!!

  137. spottyfur (770) says:


  138. spottyfur (770) says:


  139. Sapphire (2779) says:

    My name is Sapphire i gonna look up what that means

    Girls name
    Origin: hawaiian, Arabic and greek
    Precious Gemstone, most of the time blue
    A person who is easy going, lovable, able to laugh at anything including themselves. Will also try to help you in any way they can
    Nicknames for sapphire:

    • Maria Teresa (1540) says:

      Nice! Here’s mine (I searched for both, Maria and Teresa) :)

      Girls Name
      Origin: Latin
      Meaning: “star of the sea”

      Girls Name
      Origin: Greek
      Meaning: “late summer” (yay, my birthday’s actually on late summer!) Modern form of the name Therasia, that comes from the Greek Island.
      Nicknames for Teresa:
      -Tessa; Tess

      In Numerology my name is: Inventive – Imaginative, resourceful, eccentric, quiet and thoughtful

      • Maria Teresa (1540) says:

        If you don’t know how does Numerology works, here is a guide, so you can see what does your name means!

        1 – A;J;S
        2 – B;K;T
        3 – C;L;U
        4 – D;M;V
        5 – E;N;W
        6 – F;O;X
        7 – G;P;Y
        8 – H;Q;Z
        9 – I;R

        Basically you only have to add the numbers of the letters of your first and last name. I can’t explain very well, so here is my example:

        2+5+9+5+1+1=23 1+2+9+5+3=20
        So my result is 7!

        THE RESULTS:
        1. Competitive – a leader, independent, strenght, creative and original
        2. Diplomatic – friendly, tactful, peaceful, gentle and sensitive
        3. Optimistic – Easygoing, sociable, spontaneous and humorous
        4. Traditionalist – Determined, reliable, conservative, activist and organised
        5. Creative – Free spirited, artistic, enquiring, innovative and influential
        6. Contributor – Responsible, careful, conventional and reliable
        7. Inventive – Imaginative, resourceful, eccentric, quiet and thoughtful
        8. Organizer – Leadership skills, planner, strong, high achiever and sound judgment
        9. Humanitarian – Compassionate, caring, charitable and civilised

        What’s your result? :)

  140. Lulu (10450) says:

    Yeah that is true. Its horrible what they do. And to think Rihanna was once “innocent” Beyonce is the Queen of Illuminati and Chris Brown is one of them.
    He has a tattoo of a skeleton with a halo. Falling Angel, and everyone knows “falling angel” is the Angel of Death.
    Even he’s song says it all, Falling Angel.
    Listen to the lyrics carefully then you’ll see…

    • Sapphire (2779) says:

      Yup! Listen to the lyrics of UMBRELLA or just google UMBRELLA ILLUMINATI HIDDEN MESSAGES, and everyone knows “Good Girl Gone Bad” means innocent turned into illuminati.

    • Sapphire (2779) says:

      Fallen Angel has nothing to do with it, The Angel Of Death is a GOOD ANGEL, Death To me is sweeter than honey because it means we go back to god! But rihannas OUTRAGEOUS tattoo of the bavarian dude who started the illuminati, it’s massive!

      • Lulu (10450) says:

        Yeah, exactly. Some people even say Michael Jackson. He wasn’t exactly an Illuminati; he was a…well I don’t remember. Its some Illuminati thing that gives you to powers go into a dance-frenzy have high-pitched voices and have hair like a mere female.
        Also to be an Illuminati you’ll have to go to this church where this Illuminati priest will give you the power of wealth and seduction.
        He wears black and wears white contacts with a black circle in it. Only to show the black circle. Like cartoon eyes.
        Even Hugh Heffer. Don’t you ever wonder why an 80-something year old man gets so many woman and wealth? He’s filthy-stickin’ rich and gets girls in there 20′s or still teens. And they all stuck-up. Some stuck-up wannabe girls will think marrying an old man in he’s 80′s-or’90′s is gross or outdated.
        Is wrong, I hate that. And to think I actually listen to Rihanna’s music or Beyonce’s. Its disgusting what they say and stuff.

        I saw the “Fallen Angel” part on my sister’s Illuminati video. And all this info about Fallen Angel and Hugh Heffner, that old dude who invented Girls Of The Playboy Mansion.

        • Sapphire (2779) says:

          Michael Jackson was PLANNING TO EXPOSE THEM!! First he had no idea- they put messages in his songs- then he realised what was going on, he made a plan to expose them on the tour he was supposed to do but he died before he could, he put warnings in his songs to warn people of what was coming, his doc was in the illuminati and he drugged them unfortunately the illuminati also control news and magazines so no one would know the truth- but I found out..

        • Lulu (10450) says:

          Its sad and disgusting; I mean Wacko Jacko was gonna warn us and tell us what was coming but sadly that doctor had to murder him. I hope he gets what he deserves in prison!

        • Maria Teresa (1540) says:

          Yeah, and I heard that Marylin Monroe was murdered by them too…

        • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

          Wasn’t Marylin fromlike the 1620 or something? Or is it just me…?

        • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

          The doctor didn’t go to jail. It was in 2007 I think but they just let him go like Casey Anthoney.

  141. Sapphire (2779) says:

    Lulu? U there?

    • Lulu (10450) says:

      Yup! My internet kinda stopped working, if I’ve disappeared it means my I’m having problems with the internet server.

  142. Kai (1626) says:

    Hi Lulu,I found out,Fluffy was a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I had dental surgery 2day,in a lot of pain

    • Lulu (10450) says:

      WHART??????????!!!!!!!!!! Really a BOY? That’s wonderful! :D :D :D
      And you had Dental Surgery, woow…that’s good. Hope you get better! ^-^

  143. Kai (1626) says:

    It is ok!

  144. Kai (1626) says:

    It is ok!

    My surgery,Had to pay £1000,0000

  145. Lulu (10450) says:

    LOL! Why you spamming? :P
    Plus your Surgery cost that much money???? OMG. :o

  146. Kai (1626) says:

    I just went to brush my teeth!

    Still agonizing from my surgery,I will try to bear the pain!

  147. Maria Teresa (1540) says:

    I’m so excited for tomorrow!!! :D

  148. Maya (1337) says:


  149. #1dork (18) says:

    Hi everyone who wants to chat?!?!??

  150. #1dork (18) says:

    Hi everyone who wants to chat?!?!?!?!

  151. Spottyfur (770) says:

    Hello Nikki :) . When are you going to post about the garage sale? You said you’d do it today.

  152. Spottyfur (770) says:

    Is any body on?

  153. Spottyfur (770) says:

    I’m home sick today :(

  154. Maria Teresa (1540) says:

    Hiya, I’m creating a new personal blog, where I talk about my life, writing, books, acting, music and tigers, heehee. But I don’t know how shall I name it… I was thinking about a title that has to do with stuff I like. Doodles, purple, tigers, music, acting, cinema, fantasy, writing… Idk. Any ideas? :) :)

  155. Lulu (10450) says:

    Yes! Please!! :P :D I’m not sure if they white enough you know!! :D and I brush ‘em twice a day but still they white but not the white I want them to be you know! :P

  156. Spottyfur (770) says:

    I have a YouTube account called nzspottyfur.
    I make really bad videos because I can’t really think if anything else to do since I can’t show my face.

    • Lulu (10450) says:

      Hey Spottyfur! :D are you new? :D
      Welcome to the blog! :D hope you enjoy yourself and have lotsa friends! :D :D Have Fun chatting meeting people from around the world and getting to know different fans from different countries! :D :D :D
      Hola @ me if you want anything! ;) ;)

      • Spottyfur (770) says:

        Thanks LuLu :)

      • Spottyfur (770) says:

        Ive got a lot of gaps in my mouth now due to lost teeth. I lost my two pointy ones down the bottom and the two ones behind those and one pointy one up the top. I want them to grow so I can eat properly!

  157. Spottyfur (770) says:

    Omg my tooth just came out!!!!

  158. Spottyfur (770) says:

    It’s pouring where I live.

  159. Spottyfur (770) says:

    Who here loves Om Nom off cut the rope?
    He’s sooooo adorable!

  160. Spottyfur (770) says:

    Lulu are you on? Is anybody on?

  161. Summer (137) says:

    Gr I might hav already said this but sorry to sound dumb, what’s spamming?

  162. Summer (137) says:

    Pizza Party tomorrow :) YAYA.

  163. Summer (137) says:

    Aww. Be on l8r

  164. Spottyfur (770) says:

    Do any of you keep a diary?

  165. PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

    I FINALLY finished the video! I’ll upload it in an hour!! :D Welcome, Lulu!!

  166. PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

    I’ll be back in ten minutes!! I’m going to jog and exercise. I need to lose weight!!(huh, the “karina means a girl that is shy but not around her true friends doesn’t think she is pretty ever though she is” thing really is true…)

  167. Summer (137) says:

    I’m bak:)

  168. Kat (815) says:

    Hi everyone!

  169. Summer (137) says:

    Can’t wait til the next blog post:)

  170. Tori (2049) says:


  171. krazzzzeyyykatgirl (350) says:

    Hi everyone im going t change my name to drum roll plxz avadiiva ok evryone kno say i

  172. Sally (461) says:

    Hi people’s neoneon?

  173. lily (295) says:

    Ho ho ho! I am back!!!! You thought I left!

  174. Mackenzie Hollister (271) says:

    Dork i woulnt say that if i were u poor people

  175. Bluekate (271) says:

    No way r u gonna be as cool as awesome nikki

  176. Bluekate (271) says:

    Uhm yeh so shut up n leave us alone n since when did u know this awesome beautiful cool blog?

  177. Black Widow 01 (58) says:

    I agree with Bluekate U know Nikki is better than u so atleased Nikki probably gets to be with Brandon not a shallow girl like *rolls eyes* Like u! plus im sure she will get with brandon!!!!!!!!!!!

    So stop bullying and it is ovensive that u r callin people poor at least they arent a spoiled divea live ummm U!!!! DUH!!!!

  178. Nata (21) says:

    This comment is 4 star after she commented 2 # 13:i have a few things 2 say 2 u. 1st how could u say 4 her not to be her friend who says that bffs always get through things and i do have to say that u were right that if she were her bff she wouldnt do that.if that guy asked out her bff its 1 he wants to make her jalous or cuz he doesnt like her. the dudes going to move anyways that happened to me in the third grade except he was going to talk to me one day but i didnt know it was him that was saying my name so he got mad and started being mean to me and by the end of the year but he movedthat year which REALLY stung. i get how it feels.btw im in elementary school and everyone is already dating. not like going out at night but like saying “do u want to be my girlfriend(boyfriend)” its not that big a deal. and that her bff is going out with the guy she likes happens 2 every one i understand. star have a heart oh. star PLZ reply u 2 dorky chich. i get how u must feel but jxt try 2 get over hime cuz 1 if he did like u he would of asked u out and not ur bff. and 2 ur bff might acctually really like him. PLZ REPLY BOTH OF U.

  179. Abby (23) says:

    AAAAWWWWWWW!!! My mom NEVER lets mr order pizza at my sleepovers!!! :(

  180. Nikki M (48) says:

    Best of luck for that one Nikki.

  181. op (21) says:


  182. catrina (3) says:

    i love rachels books i so want the 3 and a half book!!!!!

  183. Anauncia (31) says:


  184. Nikki (31) says:


  185. Anauncia (31) says:

    wut dus that mean

  186. MacKenzie (31) says:

    wait til the final moment

  187. Anauncia (31) says:


  188. hopehopeNoeli (21) says:

    graduation tomorrow

  189. Mackenzie (31) says:

    don’t call me stupid

  190. LOZdorkyplayer (483) says:

    hi it’s been a while since i commented guess what?!?!? MY 6TH GRADE CONTINUATION IS TOMAROW!!! I’ve been SOOOOOO busy with my pretty silk dress, my pretty sandles, and the gifts for the teachers. plus i passed The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword again and im in hero mode again. so yeah. DID YOU MISS ME?!?!?

  191. LOZdorkyplayer (483) says:

    two more days of school left!! OMG!! LOCKERS YEAH!!
    … sorry got a little carryed away but all the Zelda songs im listening to are making me more exited!! and don’t listen to Zelda’s Lullaby and read Esperanza Rising at the same time because it eather makes you cry, or it makes you fall asleep! sorry i got carryed away in thought. well l@ter!

  192. Antoinette (2) says:

    Hey Nikkie just wanted to say I’m a dork just like you and you aren’t really a dork because i have to deal with the same thing all the time! like my oler sis that i love but hate is like your little sis, i dont mind if you dont reply im used to poeple ignoring me! love,Rose or Antoinette

  193. A (1) says:

    dont worry nikki i am a dork too people be mean to me and there are snotty rich girls that act like a CCP. :(

  194. kursus online (1) says:

    online education site in indonesia the best computer and math course

  195. Bette (1) says:

    Good article. I absolutely appreciate this website.
    Stick with it!

  196. juri koey (74) says:

    i hate it wen u have fun 4 so long and then whe ur friend leaves, u just remember that u haves stacks of hw due the day after tomorrow.
    but it was very good that u didnt have briana around that would ruinn everything

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