Remember recently I told you that I SO don’t keep up with the Kardashians? The main reason I’m not a fan is because I know it’s all totally scripted.

And this last season, all the stuff they did to that basketball player giant was totally cruel! OK, so I MIGHT have watched just a little of their take New York show.

In this one scene, Khloe and Kourtney put a snake in Kris’ bed. Who does that?? Seriously, I can’t stand MacKenzie and I would NEVER put a reptile under her covers.

And then there was the way Kim treated him. She was always like “Wah wah wah…I’m so rich and SO unhappy because this isn’t the fairy tale I dreamed about!!”

I am usually super sensitive to boy problems because I think we girls need to stand by each other!

But it’s totally obvious she married him for the $18 million she made off their televised wedding, and then she made him look like a dang fool on national television.

SO mean!!

I think that E! should give ME a reality show instead! I can promise that NO 6’9” athletes will be hurt in the making of MY show!!

What will my show be about you ask? And where will the drama come from?

Hello! You’ve read my diaries! You know my life is drama central!

Of course I’ll have to script it just a little. I’m pretty sure I won’t attract millions of viewers with a slow-motion scene of Brianna spilling milk while trying to eat her cereal with her hand friend, Miss Penelope.

And even though the trash-in-the-locker thing was pretty scandalous for my school, I don’t think it would bring in the ratings like the hair-pulling brawls you see on those Real Housewives shows.

Don’t worry…I wouldn’t totally sell out or anything! I’d just have to make my life a little more interesting.

So here’s what I’m thinking: Brianna will need to have some kind of horrible habit that she’s totally in denial about. I think Red Bull would be the best way to go. No, I won’t give her actual Red Bull!!

She’s already crazy hyper! The last thing she needs is an energy drink!

I’d empty a bunch of cans (because I’m not drinking that stuff either! I read it stunts your growth, and I want to be Tyra’s height some day!) Then I’d fill them with apple juice, because it’s pretty close to the same color.

BAM: first point of drama for my very own reality show…my impressionable younger sister is throwing her life away on Red Bull!

The next thing a good reality show needs is constant bickering. I don’t actually like fighting very much. (I’m more the “Can’t we all just get along?!?” type).

So I’m going to ask Chloe and Zoey if they want to pretend they’re super mad at each other when we shoot the pilot (that means the first ever episode!)

I’m thinking it can be over some kind of boy drama. Ooooh! I got it!

Chloe can be like, “You’ve been flirting with Paul like it’s no big deal, and it makes me sick because he’s really your secret, long-lost brother!”

Everyone likes a secret relative!!

The only other thing I can think of the top of my head is mom getting pregnant with sextuplets. But I think that might take some convincing.

OMG I am so kidding about all of this! I would NEVER want to have a reality show!

Seriously, I think those people lose all touch with ACTUAL reality, and they never realize what’s happening because they’re too busy rolling around in piles of money and counting their designer shoes.

I just want to grab them all by the shoulders, shake a little sense in them, and say, “Step away from the camera!!!”

The competition shows are pretty cool though. I’m ALL ABOUT Dancing with the Stars!!

What do you think about reality TV? Good? Bad? And what shows do you like?

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539 Responses to MY REALITY SHOW!!

  1. Jamie (903) says:

    First…doesn’t ease the pain though.

  2. Taranpreet (9) says:


  3. Taranpreet (9) says:

    Omg that Is the closest I’ve eve posted I love u Nikki and I hope we can be friends :)

  4. Emily ;) (1660) says:

    Oh I like
    Switched at birth
    Adventure time
    House of Anubis and I don’t really like reality tv shows

  5. Arazeli (13) says:

    Closet I ever posted!

  6. samhorselover (172) says:

    I mean 6th haha :p

  7. Taranpreet (9) says:

    Omg right my life is just like yours but mine sometimes has way more problems Nikki if u reply to one of my comments I will be the happiest person ever cause I am ur biggest fans and one of ur first fans too we shud seriesly chat :) <3 you

  8. samhorselover (172) says:

    I like reality TV but it’s not like the Kardashians! :)

    • Lulu (10450) says:

      I am a huge fan of Reality Shows! :D
      I admit it…but real shows, the trials & tribulations that real people go through…crowded jails, fiends and teenage pregnancy :(

      They just show off with their money. I’ve gone 2 a lot of places but I don’t have $1 000 000 or something not even half of that!
      $500 000! I have like $1,25! :P :P

      But its great ur doing a reality show! :D

    • nikki (1485) says:

      Yeah I think the Kardashians is pretty much the worse one. There are so many better ones!!

  9. Jamie (903) says:

    My friends emailing me back! I’m waiting 4 her answer as 2 if she’s gonna commit.

  10. Jamie (903) says:

    SHE’S NOT GONNA!!!!!!!! Apparently it was just a sick joke. Now I’m mad at her. :(

  11. Agi (97) says:


    • Star (3007) says:

      15 but eh…

    • Star (3007) says:

      ;A; I have a major best friend crisis going on!! My only friend, Melody, she got really mad at me today. ;A; She kept saying I make up lies about her which I don’t.(It’s just a LOOOOONG story) She broke my secrets to one of my enemy. Darn, why should she be mad at me, I’m the one who should be mad at her!! Anyways, she got super angry at me and went to the girls’ bathroom. I tried to apologize to her but instead she showed me I’m number one (You know)twice…. -_- I glared at her and the lunch bell rang which meant we had to go to fluency class. I was so depressed and sad. :| I was practically cussing in my mind!! Anyways, the really awkward part was I HAD to sit between my Melody and my enemy in class.(The worst one!!!) So my enemy kept on bothering me. I just have such a hard, miserable life don’t I? No more friends(seriously I have none left…),
      *** STAR ***
      Mood:…. :\\\\\\

      • Mouri Ran (1307) says:

        Oh, that stinks! :( You know, if you guys are really best friends, it'll work out... in time. What you need know, is to not cling onto her, but let her know you're there for her and you're sorry.

        I'm so sorry to hear about your bad day! I hope I can make it a better one!

        • Star (3007) says:

          -_- I’m not sorry, she had been a bad friend to me. She was racist, she cusses, she’s kinda annoying, and laughs like EVERY 2 SECONDS! Gosh, I handle that kind of stuff like 24/7. I gotten used to it and not act like a bratty idiot about it. >:\\\\\ The one who should apologize is her!

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            Just sweep her away like a ball of dust, and I bet everyone cusses now.

  12. Emily ;) (1660) says:


  13. Star (3007) says:

    My fave shows are:
    1.Ghost Adventures
    2.Playful Kiss
    3.Ichigo Mashimaro
    5.Boys Before Flowers
    AND MOVIE!!!
    It would be the perfect show for us dorks!~ :D
    *** STAR ***
    AING!!~ :P

  14. Jamie (903) says:

    Mah fave shows r:
    Criminal Minds

  15. Pinkeverything (16) says:

    No,I rather be true to myself!I would like to enter American Idol,it’s not like i’m constantly NOT being true to myself!

  16. samhorselover (172) says:

    My fave TV shows are:
    Disney Channel ;) jk um
    Shake It Up (not reality)
    Ellen (reality)
    American Idol(IDK)
    Some of the stuff my mom watches like Tabatha’s Salon Takeover and Chopped and Cupcake Wars (or whatever that’s called :P )
    I love Bravo channel :)
    So yeah! :D

  17. Jamie (903) says:

    G2G eat dinner

  18. Elise (769) says:

    Whats the last one?

  19. kai (1626) says:

    wow and like triple wow.u do have a lot of drama going on in ur life!lol ;) if u reply to me can you say my name so i dont get confused.thankyou so much and i am so grateful

  20. iWannaBeURfriend! (547) says:

    OMCEEEEEEEEE! my daddy bought me chocolate hand-dipped thingies! for a thank for for temptation crisps! JKJK he just bought em, and he pranked me today :D lolol he did! i can tell ya if yu want. mmm now for my first bite.. AUGh smells SOOOOO good first bite, 2/29, *deep breath* ahh 3:44- CHOMP

  21. hey hey! is lyndserr on???? :)

  22. iWannaBeURfriend! (547) says:

    hm.. shoud i eat another one of those absolute delish cookies? and 3:53 and i finished around a minute or so ago..

  23. Elise (769) says:

    This is elise im leaving

  24. samhorselover (172) says:

    OMG plz tell me how to do that!!! :o

  25. Agi (97) says:

    OK guys
    GTG now!
    adios amigos!

  26. Kaylee (1) says:

    Hi Nikki! O my goshes i just love ur books! they r so funny! can u plz write back? thanks :) 8)

  27. wizzy bee (11) says:

    hey im new how do you do all the different thingies i don’t oh yea font how do you do different fonts

  28. Tori (2049) says:


  29. wizzy bee (11) says:

    any one on how long do these wit in moderation cuse im bored and want to type yall

  30. Ashley (1) says:

    Guys please stop fighting n if u want 2 keep on calling her names then u dont have 2 even comment on this!!!!!!!!!

  31. wizzy bee (11) says:

    hello anyone going to talk to the new person

  32. Elise (769) says:

    bye guys!

  33. Agatha (9) says:

    Hi im a new fan and i think ur awsomesauce!lol <3

  34. Tori (2049) says:

    ok, whoever is this “fake Elsie” cut it out and change your name! this blog is only for people who treat others w/ respect!!! and if it is the same elsie pretending to be 2 people, its not that funny.

  35. wizzy bee (11) says:

    bye pretend elise

  36. Karlee (2) says:

    I love your books and All but people think Nikki is real. She is just a character in a book. It’s proboaly just the author.

  37. wizzy bee (11) says:

    are you guys pretending im not on here

  38. Daisy (27) says:

    Nikki should soo have her own reality show! It would be a BIG money-maker, considering how many fans Nikki has with just 3 DIARIES!! OMG that would be sooo good! The least that could be done is a movie…

  39. wizzy bee (11) says:

    40 i think

  40. wizzy bee (11) says:

    42 i hope

  41. wizzy bee (11) says:

    yay it was 42 i have sicik abilitys i guess im 43

  42. wizzy bee (11) says:

    man now im 45

  43. Trina Clement (68) says:

    I think reality shows are both good and bad because like every reality show I watch has SO much drama in it.

    My favorit shows are Real Housewives of Atlanta,and Love in Hip Pop.

    I probably watch more than 2 reality shows,but those are all I know of.

    Although I really hate this reality show called Basketball Wives because:

    1.It has SO much DRAMA on there.
    2.They fight all the time and hitting each other with glasses.
    3.And last,but not least……they are fake. That stuff is SO NOT REAL!:(

  44. Casey (84) says:

    Hmmmmm… reality TV shows… No thank you!
    These people are so scripted and mean to each other! I know some Macs in my grade, but I wouldn’t act that way to anyone. Anyone agree?

  45. wizzy bee (11) says:

    so if thes get out of moderation hi guys if anyone is one and i might not be on when its out of morderation oh and nki that would be cool if you had your own reality show i don’t realy watch reality

  46. Sunny :D (1) says:

    OMG, 38!! Closest I ever been!! YAY :D

  47. wizzy bee (11) says:

    do the red names mean they have there own website

  48. Karlee (2) says:

    This is an awesome website!!!

  49. Elise (769) says:

    Bye everyone! I’ll be on for 5 minutes more, then I’ll go.

  50. Nikita (63) says:


  51. Jamie (903) says:

    Ok. About the whole dilemma earlier, she wasn’t sure if she would. She didn’t lie; she’s sure that she will not now. Sorry peepl!

  52. mandy (19) says:

    wellllllll lets seeeeeeeeeeeee hmmmmmm oh yeah CAKE BOSS, lady gaga mtv interviews
    ummm hmm my dog ate wut, aspca , umm yeah im really into comedy shows like modern family and movies like feris bueller’s day off that one is MAD FUNNY i wish u had a movie i think as the awsome actress i am i would be well………… dorky perfect XD

    • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

      I watch reality shows sometimes. but like housewives i DON’T LIKE them. i like Joan and Mellisa: Joan knows best?, Cake Boss, and Toddlers and Tiaras (IM ALL OVER THAT SHOW) but anything else i hate, except for 19 Kids and Counting (COOLEST CHRISTIAN FAMILY EVER <3 )

  53. iWannaBeURfriend! (547) says:

    What r my little cookies’s fave songs?
    Translation in boring average American:
    what’s your favorite song(s)?

  54. Sarah (125) says:

    I think reality TV could be good…I mean like funny and interesting kind of good and it could be bad as in to dramatic and boring..

    Some of my fav shows are Sherlock, NCIS, Amazing Race, oh and The Voice also So you think you can dance, American Idol and hockey


  55. hailey (69) says:

    heeeey nikki u should totes have a reality show….. and u should sing in it! and wat happened with your new singing career?? in the end of the third book, you guys were supposed to be in the recording studio! and shouldn’t you and Brandon be together already??? just go on a date already!!! its about time!

  56. iluvdorkdiaries (16) says:

    Reality TV is weirdly named becuase
    The stuff they make up on those shows is
    SOOOOO unrealistic!! Lol! ;)

  57. aniagrace (63) says:

    I have never even watched one episode of the Kardashians and I don’t even like it because of all the drama. But one of my favorite shows is The Voice. It’s a great show!

  58. hailey (69) says:

    oh yeah i love the voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  59. Cupcakeconfetti4 (103) says:

    does anyone here like the show the X factor?

    • Sapphire (2779) says:

      Yeah it was good!

      • Lulu (10450) says:

        I like x factor…I even said it! :P LOL!

        • Sapphire (2779) says:

          You have to be like 16 to enter right? But I wouldn’t really like to become a singer by winning a singing show for some reason, and I wouldn’t want to become famous by Nickelodeon or Disney, especially when I look really young.

          I’d be known as “the girl who was on that show” or “the girl who won so-and-so.”

          I mean look at Zac and Cody! Even when they graduated they still reminded me of the little kids I watched on The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody when I was 7-8 years old!

          BTW random fact: Victoria Justice was on the Suite Life, in the beauty pageant episode Cody has a crush on him, its superold though.

  60. hailey (69) says:

    i watch the kardashians somtimes

  61. Starz (132) says:

    If I could make a reality TV show it would be like Survivor, but without Boys vs. Girls. COLTON IS A JOKE!

  62. briann (1) says:

    hi,i’m a big fan. i am a dork too. like nikki i have a diary. people think i am a dork!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Kathy (1) says:

    Love You Nikki!

  64. LIGIA (180) says:

    Did anybody get their posters yet?

  65. LIGIA (180) says:

    Happy leap year day!

  66. Star (3007) says:

    Anyone wanna chat on Harm’s live chat??

  67. Jamie (903) says:

    Nope! Just her sick idea of a joke.

  68. PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

    I cut my hair when I need to take anger out.

  69. Ndork (166) says:

    i do want a TV show someday AND THE KARDASHIONS R NOT IN IT!it’ll b about a girl whose life changed when she became a Mugician(Magic and music spellcasters)at the age of 5.After being home-schooled 4 a while,her parents decides 2 bring her 2 public school 2 make new BFFs.In the fist day,she got popular in a second!Because of her magic!She had a crush on one of her classmates,Caide.Halfway through the year,they fell in love with each other.It’s comedy,fantasy,and romantic.

    Hey,that reminds me!Videos!Remember 4 videos?The one with the little girl describing the 1st book,the other one with girls doing d.d. scenes,and the others with doing the bathroom thing?can we,i mean WE, make a video of our DORK DIARIES scenes we liked?

  70. Mouri Ran (1307) says:

    AWESOME ideas Nikki! I like to watch Hell’s Kitchen. I think you’re idea is just FAC, and I would really like to watch it all day/hogging the t.v. 24/7 watching it! xD


  71. Ndork (166) says:

    did u just typed the H-word?????!!!!!!!

  72. Ndork (166) says:

    can ANY1 chat?!I know tommorrow’s my school.Bye

  73. Sally (473) says:

    Great reality show ideas, Nikki! And hey Rachel! I LOVE Hell’s Kitchen. Wanna chat? :D

    • Mouri Ran (1307) says:

      Cool!!!! xD Sad it had to end but awesome too. I thought he would win, and I loved how in the end, the real people shined when they laughed in the kitchen you know? xD And sure!

  74. Emily ;) (1660) says:

    Wow hey guys. Sorry I was gone for so long I had to go to this shopping thing with my mom all the way across town. Then I went to go buy a book from Hastings. Finally I went to McDonalds for ice cream. Long night. But I’m back!

  75. Jamie (903) says:

    ~the kid in the corner screams~

  76. blahblahblah (29) says:


  77. Madison (1) says:

    I don’t like the Kardashians, WAZZUP PEEPS!

  78. Jamie (903) says:

    Listen; you will hear.
    Hear; you will understand.
    Understand; you will know.
    Know; you will speak.
    Speak; you will write.
    Write; you will be known.
    Be Known; you will always have a friend.
    Friends; they will always listen.

    ~the kid in the corner screams~

  79. Jamie (903) says:

    EPIC. I <3 this story! One of the best on dd!

  80. Harmony (3655) says:

    I like some reality TV shows! I want to be on a TV show.. I want to be an actress and a pop star… You should have a movie! :0D

    My fave reality shows are,

    Cake Boss(is that reality? I think it is.. I don’t know), and
    American idol
    My fave TV shows are:

    1. FRIENDS
    2. The Walking Dead
    3. Switched At Birth
    4. 2 Broke Girls
    5. New Girl
    6. How I Met Your Mother

    Lalalalala *<:0)8

  81. Nicole (1443) says:

    I don’t even watch reality shows!

  82. Nicole (1443) says:


  83. APROUDGIANT:) (885) says:

    70! :P

  84. April (909) says:

    I love TV! Yes, sometimes it does get really stupid shows on, but yet it’s fun to make fun of and laugh at!

  85. Jamie (903) says:

    I <3 90 minute delays!

    ~the kid in the corner screams~

  86. Elise (769) says:

    Oh, g2g.

  87. SAM (25) says:

    i know the next dork diary name is!!it’s tales from tales of a not so graceful ice princess.
    its on (no pic yet:()comes out june 5 2012

  88. Harmony (3655) says:

    Harmz status: just got back from a Chinese buffet.

    My fortune: practice what you preach.
    Mood: tired
    Face: -0-zZzZzZzZz


    • Harmony (3655) says:

      P.S. when I get home, I am going to work on my painting of cartoon characters.. Bunch of AT characters in it! What other cartoon characters should I put in it?


      • Lulu (10450) says:

        What about Simpson characters? Can u draw Marceline? Just wondering…or Death. Or..or…Jake? Finn. The Ice King? :D :D :D

        Sorry I just love AT… :P XD

        • Harmony (3655) says:

          Iv’e drawn Marceline, Fin, Jake, and Ice King (Iv’e drawn, I think all of the AT characters). Thanks for telling me about the Simpsons, I totally forgot about them!

          I love AT too! XD

          That’s so cool!!! I’m not that great at drawing my own cartoon characters >.<
          I will try though! Thanks!

          I will totally show y'all my painting when I am done.

      • Maria Teresa (1540) says:

        OML! I love to draw cartoons!!!
        I’ve been drawing ragdolls with different personalities and lifestyles, like, I drew one who’s goth, other is hippie and I’m working on an emo right now :) I’m even ‘ragdolling’ my friends, ahah!
        So I guess you could create your own cartoons! And you cold upload the draws to your blog, what do you think? :D :3

  89. Elise (769) says:

    I <3 it! :D :D :D

  90. Sapphire (2779) says:

    Yeah… most reality shows aren’t REAL! Beats me why they’re called REALITY shows, they should be like FAKEality shows or something… I do like competitions too, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, they are 100% real and still 1000000 times better then so-called reality shows.

    So wats up with life peeps?

    • Maria Teresa (1540) says:

      Yeah, I think reality shows are fake too! Well, I like Chelsea Settles, which is a reality show, but still I think the story is kinda changed… Oh well, the show is anyway. :P

  91. OMG! I might need glasses! :(

    • Maria Teresa (1540) says:

      Don’t worry, glasses are so fashion now! ;D

    • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

      I WANT glasses!!! I’m getting contact lenses soon though.

    • Jamie (903) says:

      I hav had glasses since I was three.

      • Nicole (1443) says:

        really Jamie? I’m wearing glasses too. It’s no big deal.

        • Sapphire (2779) says:

          I don’t wear glasses, sometimes I wear fake glasses though, coz I think they’re cute, some people think glasses are a turnoff and completely nerdy, but thats just mean.

          I read online that ROUND FACE SUITS SQUARE FRAMES, SQUARE FACE SUITS ROUND FRAMES if that helps.

          You can get all kinds of awesome glasses these days! Sparkly ones, colored once, zebra print ones, they are SO cool!

  92. My fave reality shows are JERSEY SHORE AND CAKE BOSS! YEAH BABY!

  93. Sapphire (2779) says:

    LOL Guys! Funny story:

    I have this app called KIK Messenger, its an instant message kinda thing, so my friend was just adding random celebrities right, and she added Elizabeth Gillies from Victorious, and she was like

    HER: Hi! How’d you get my username? :)

    ME: Oh… uh… sorry! My friend was adding random people whose names she knew…

    HER: Ahh… well its okay, I’m gonna delete you in a while because this is my private account, for close friends… but if you wanna chat with me for a while then thats alright! but after today just chat on my public account “lizgillies” is the username.

    ME: Cool! Well alright! Actually we’ve met before a couple of times,, IDK if you remember me, I’m Sapphire, dark hair, blue eyes and my dad told you that I wanted to be as good an actress as you.. haha.

    HER: Oh, right, well I think I might remember a Sapphire, if you sent me a picture of you I might be able to remember.


    HER: Oh yeah! that face is a little familiar….

    ME: Well it was nice talking to you, you should maybe delete me now, but I’ll chat on your public account.

    HER: No, no, its all good! u can chat 2 me on this account if u want. I may not get on often though. I G2G now! Byeeee!!! :D

    Me: Bye!

    So now I’m FRIENDS with Elizabeth Gillies. Pretty sweet!

  94. Maria Teresa (1540) says:

    Status: Typing and drawing my original ragdolls (I’ll might post a picture of them in my blog) and following celebrities random on Twitter :P

    Mood: Happy! I had a nice day :D

  95. Maria Teresa (1540) says:

    “People only see me as what I am now. What they don’t see is what I can become”


  96. Madison (2694) says:

    Hey guys for my web show i was thinking of making book talks a book reviews

  97. Agi (97) says:

    hey peepl!
    i’m outta school cause
    as much as i hate school, i miss being with my friends.

  98. Ndork (166) says:

    today was HORRIBLE!!!!!!my friends became enemies AGAIN,my class is rowdy,UGHHHHH!!!!!!

    oh yea,and i HAVE 2 sit at a lunch table of TROUBLE MAKERS,because once im assigned at a table,its perminit…4…THE REST OF THE SCHOOL YEAR!!!!!!!DARN!!!!!!!!!

    • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

      Status: Snuggling in a blnket that came out of the dryer a second ago :D
      Mood: Happy
      What I want to do: go to school
      WHat Im going to do: hang out on Tumblr
      Hashtag: #blanket

  99. Ndork (166) says:

    Debate 4 today is………..
    Should schools allow kids to use cellphones?

    I say Yes.Type ur answer(if u guys say yes,u can make rules 4 cell phones)

    • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

      yes but my Sister uses it during class, so there should be some rule like if its an emergency or something, at lunch or bus or somewhere else i guess you can use it…

    • Agi (97) says:

      no, only at lunch and recess cuz kids could get distracted if theyre learning something important.

  100. Sapphire (2779) says:

    Umm… okay sorry for being so touchy these days but “duct tape privileges”? is that YOUR sick idea of a joke? You should love and respect your sister no matter how much she talks, and hurting her and taping her mouth is a horrible horrible thing to do, and no matter how much she irritates you-she’s still your sister, and there’s nothing you can do about it, you can love each other and never hurt each other or you can have negative vibes and not get along,

    If the duct tape thing is a joke its a really awful mean one.

    If its true then its a horrible, mean thing to do.

    • Jamie (903) says:

      U say that. U haven’t met her. And I’m with Phoenix; I can b pretty cruel.

      • Lulu (10450) says:

        G2G guys bye! :D
        See ya laterz @ guess…midnight! :D :D maybe… ;)

      • Sapphire (2779) says:

        Okay I’m really confused, yesterday I was in a bad mood coz of the heat, idk it had an affect on my mood, so I told you off, no need to be so violent though.

      • Sapphire (2779) says:

        And are you basically telling me to DIE IN A DITCH?! Is that supposed to be a threat? Well sorry but I’m not afraid nor upset about death, because when I die I hope to go to heaven and there is no evil there.

      • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

        @Jamie agreed. but I do it for self defence and not just like pick a girl out of a bunch like Lulu and say,”ew your fat ugly blahblahblah” I only do that if they are mean to ME. I can fight with someone but I know my limits.

        • Sapphire (2779) says:

          Why would you want to fight at all? It just makes things a whole lot worse, I always tell a trusted adult or just walk away or say “Whats your problem?” really calmly. It always works, you don’t need to have a full on fight, that doesn’t scare them, it just shows them that you think your better than them, and thats a battle they’re willing to fight. the bullies WANT you to get irritated and fight.

      • Sapphire (2779) says:

        Jamie PLEASE stop being so violent,

      • Tori (2049) says:

        0h.. im used to it. my friend is kind of like you.

  101. Emily ;) (1660) says:

    Finally home from school. I don’t have a crush on anyone anymore

  102. TaylorSwift26 (552) says:

    I think reality shows are awesome! I like to watch American Idol!

  103. Harmony (3655) says:

    I think I wanna make a reality show. Lol :0P

    There’s always stuff going around in this house, especially with a clown in the house aka my dad.. XD

    … I want candy.

  104. PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:
  105. peacelovechocolate (696) says:


  106. Kinger (147) says:

    hi sorry i have not been on in foreve

  107. Mouri Ran (1307) says:

    I am here peeps! (And I have not blogged) I WILL tomorrow… heh heh. I have ANOTHER test tomorrow (boo hoo!) and I need to study!

    I’ll pop on Harmz chat though!

    • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

      My Favorite Shows are:
      Modern Family
      The X Factor
      The Voice
      Dancing With The Stars
      Tom and Jerry
      My Wife and Kids

  108. Kinger (147) says:

    my fave show is Glee on FOX

    • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

      My Favorite Games Are:
      Ace Attorney Series
      Mario Games
      Phoenix Wright Series
      Cooking Mama 4 Kitchen Magic
      Professor Layton Games
      My Favorite Singers:
      MJ (RIP)
      Whitney Houston (RIP)

  109. Jamie (903) says:

    ~They tell you to be yourself, but then all they do is judge you~
    My friend hayley. We made up!

    ~the kid in the corner screams~

  110. Jamie (903) says:

    I watching BONES!!!!!! So happy now :D

  111. PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

    My Breakfast EVERYDAY:
    (I make this myself) Omlette with ketchup and french toast

  112. Jamie (903) says:

    My favorite singers:
    Emilie Autumn
    Avril Lavigne
    Within Temptation
    Scary Kids Scaring Kids

  113. Cori (2694) says:

    Hey guys do you guys do cheerleading I do. I turn 14 in April 7th

  114. Apple (180) says:


  115. Sally (473) says:

    Anyone wanna chat? :)

  116. nikita (63) says:

    I actually think that the reality is a decent idea but I kind of think it is more personal. The thing I do agree is don’t put scripts! People mostly like things when it is unexpected. Just saying.

  117. ! <3 <3 <3 talk shows. honestly, i like ELLEN, The tyra banks show , CSI miami, and stuff like that.

  118. Hail16 (55) says:

    im super sorry nikki that i have not been on! lots of things have been goin on!

    • Tori (2049) says:

      Is anyone one 0n?? If no one is I guess I can post whatever I want YAY! I <3 KFC! Taylor swift rocks! I m a dork! My crush acts like I am invisable……. um yay? I just misspelled invisible! Random! I <3 Eben on American idol! Not really! I am so hyper! I bet you can tel! (Wait, nevermind, no one reading this.) OH WELL!

      <3, TORI!

  119. Sally (473) says:

    I repeat anyone wanna chat? :|

  120. Actually my fave is TODDLERS AND TIARAS!!!!!!!!!!

  121. Sally (473) says:

    I guess no one wants to chat. Ok fine ignore me. :(

  122. Sally (473) says:

    Oh hey Tori!!! What’s up? ;)

  123. Alison (138) says:

    I like Cake Boss, The Real Houswives of Beverly Hills, The Real Housives of New Jersey, The Real Housewives of Orange County, The Real Housewives of Alanta, Mob Wives, Cops, and sometimes Operation Repo. There’s more, but Im afraid it will take 2 long 4 u 2 read! And no, I DONT watch the Kardashians!

  124. Sally (473) says:

    Hey Nikki! Love the show ideas! And anyone wanna chat? Anyone on? :)

  125. I don’t think “reality shows” are really “reality shows”. They are always made up…and if I became famous I would not want to have a reality show.

  126. Here are some questions:

    Do you like Taylor Swift?
    Do you like writing?
    Do you have a crush?
    Do you share your secrets with your friends or do you keep them to yourself?

    • My answers:

      1. Yeah!
      2. I LOVE to write!
      3. Kind of…okay,yes.
      4. I tell them to friends I trust.

    • Jamie (903) says:

      My answers(don’t hate me for them)
      1: she’s, uh, okay…….?
      2: HECK YEAH.
      3: Not really.
      4: mostly I keep them to myself, but I guess it all depends on the secret and the friend.

    • Nicole (1443) says:

      So-so. Maybe. But it’s cuz my BFF loves her.
      Kind of…
      It depends on the secret…

    • Maria Teresa (1540) says:

      I share with my best friends

    • Sapphire (2779) says:

      1) She’s okay
      2) I love it
      3) Yes
      4) I share them if I have them, but I hardly ever have dark secrets, they’re just something attention-craving people do to get attention.

      • Lulu (10450) says:

        I have secrets but really weird secrets from when I was little! :P
        Like when I was little I ran around naked and screamed “NO I DONT WANNA BATH MOMMY!” :D :D :D

        Like weird, crazy secrets not like um…when I was little I dated this other guy and we kissed secretly or something…I only had one boyfriend and that’s it but we never kissed or anything…I have never had my kissed… :P :P :P :P :P

        But then…this special guy in my life I don’t wanna be 2 forward. But I would like 2 date him.

        •••• LULUKINZ OUT…. ••••

        • Sapphire (2779) says:

          I have embarassing secrets too.

          When I was really little i used to have this THING about Wal-Mart- I hated it! I have no idea why but i just did!
          So every week or so when we did our shop at Wal-Mart when we were in the car and i saw where we were going I’d go stiff, i wouldn’t throw a fit, I wouldn’t cry, I’d just go completely still and stiff and wouldnt move, so when my parents carried me inside and I had no escape, I’d run right to the middle where loads of people were and yell……..

          I HAAAAAATTTEEEE WAAAAALLL MAAAAARRRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          really loudly, LOL. My mom told me this in the car in front of my BFF- embarrassing!

    • Lulu (10450) says:

      My Answers:

      • Yeah! :D she's as sweet as pecan-pie! :D
      Even though I've never tasted P-Pie! :P

      • Yes! Writing is my LIFE! :D :D I love 2 write! :D

      • Yes...but sometimes my love 4 him flows away. :( sometimes he takes my heart and gives it 2 me broken... :( :( oh well...

      • Yes! :D I trust them! :D they r 4EVER COOL AND DORKALICIOUS! :D :D :D :D

      •••• LULUKINZ OUT ••••

    • Alison (138) says:

      I like Taylor Swift
      I like writing
      I have a crush
      I keep some secrets to myself and some I do share with my friends.

  127. Sally (473) says:

    Hey chicas! Anyone wanna chat? ;)

  128. Emily ;) (1660) says:

    Has anybody read Gone by Michael Grant?

  129. Jamie (903) says:

    H.O.P.E. hold on pain ends. This phrase means just about everything 2 me right now.
    ~the kid in the corner screams~

    • Madison (2694) says:

      I Like housewives of New jersey, house wives of orange county, and others house wives Mobwives, Jersey shore, Teen mom, Project runway, Big rich Texas, jerseylicious, How do I look, Glam fairy, Wife swap, the Voice, Cake boss, Dance moms, The Kardasions, Toddlers &tiaras, love & hip pop, silent library, and 24 catwalk

      • Alison (138) says:

        OMG we could SO watch TV together and agree on something! I luv all those shows, too! Except The Kardashians. BTW, The Real Houswives of New Jersey is my FAVE housewife show! And I absoulutely love Mob Wives!

    • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

      I will love someone for a thousand years, if they love me a thousand more. That is my phrase <3 also: Being forever alone does not exist, Temporary is.

  130. Hi guys!Do you love Dork Diaries?Me I love this book!This book is awesome!But,actually,I don’t like Mackenzie.Did you know that she is mean but,popular?She does not deserve Nikki as a popular and fashion girl.But still,I like Nikki because she is simple and she does not like mean people.Well,I also like her sister Brianna.But maybe she is spoiled.Well,I still like her.I love Dork Diaries.It’s also a comedy book.Well,it seems like fun to me and I deserve it.I also like Nikki’s best friends,Chloe and Zoe.They also don’t like Mackenzie.They trust Nikki because they are her best friends.If you love Dork Diaries,just write a comment.I love to write comments.Well,thanks for reading my comment1:)

  131. Madison (2694) says:

    Hey Emily can i talk with you with you

  132. Madison (2694) says:

    Oh my gosh almost everybody likes house of Anubis. Who watched it today.

  133. Sally (473) says:

    Hey Madison! Wanna chat? :D

  134. Sally (473) says:

    Everyone seems I be ignoring me…. oh well I bet no one likes me anyway. :(

    • Tori (2049) says:

      Look, sally. Not everyone has all the the in the world to chat on dork diaries! I m so sorry if you think were ignoring you, but I m busy, and I bet most of the people here are busy. So, chillax! Lets all just get along. ;D

  135. Madison (2694) says:

    Sure Sally I will chat with you sorry I was watching book hauls. Dorky but watch theebookmonster she have good book hauls

  136. Madison (2694) says:

    Sally are you there…………………………………….,,,,………..,,,,.. When you come back yell owl I guess I will
    Watch more. Book hauls

  137. Madison (2694) says:

    Good night >:(

  138. Madison (2694) says:

    P.S Sally I don’t like you I think your a cool person what happen to u u wanted to chat with you an hour ago.

  139. Nicole (1443) says:

    Our school sings a lot of songs. I know some are kind of childish or weird, but I kinda like it. I kept singing all day. Here’s some:


    I had a thought to other day,
    when I went out to play.
    Should I take care of all the plants,
    and bees and birds and even ants?
    I never knew I must confess,
    who cleans up when I make a mess?
    Suddenly, it ocurred to me:
    *Music plays*
    I do my job and take care of things,
    learn from my mistakes it gives me wings!
    To make good choices and see,
    it’s up to me to take responbities.
    It’s up to me!
    Up to me!
    Up, up, up to me!
    It’s up to me!
    Up to me!
    To take responbitiy!
    *Repeat the whole song again and the end it with the last line*
    I guess it’s really up to me!
    *Music plays*

    *THE END!*

    *No title*

    Oh, it ain’t gonna rain no more no more.
    It ain’t gonna rain no more!
    *Read the next part really fast*
    So how the heck you’re gonna wash your neck,
    if it ain’t gonna rain no more?

    *THE END*

    *No title*
    The staff has five,
    it has five lines.
    E G B D F,
    E G B D F!
    In between each line,
    there lies a space.
    F A C E,
    it spells the word face!

    • Sapphire (2779) says:

      We had little music rhymes to help us remember notes at school when I was little

      E G B D F is

      And F A C E
      was just FACE

      We also had:
      The last flat is fa
      the last sharp is ti
      If there are no sharps or flats
      then doe is middle C

  140. Nicole (1443) says:


    Do you have pierced ears?
    Are you allowed to paint your nails?
    Do you have your own cell phone?
    Do you have your own laptop?
    How old are you? (don’t need to answer)
    What country you live in?
    Do you have a crush?
    What’s your favortie color?
    Had you entered my poem contest?
    Do you like me?

  141. Madison (2694) says:

    Got to get ready for school
    Mood: :(

  142. Sally (473) says:

    Recently doing: Wairing for the bus
    Mood: :(
    Why?: I am so sorry Madison.

  143. Elise (769) says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON”T GO! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. Becca (23) says:


  145. Tori (2049) says:

    have u guys been on vampy island?? it just came out 2 day!

  146. Sapphire (2779) says:

    You can’t stop an avalanche, as it races down the hilllll
    You can try to stop the seasons girl, but you know you never wiiiilll.

  147. I’m gonna do my homework.

  148. I need a new iTunes gift card!

  149. Jamie (903) says:

    That’s a promise.

  150. April (909) says:

    Hey guys! New book idea! Here it is!
    Title: Do I Even Exist?
    About: Alone in life, shunned by everyone, Katie has always found some reason to cry. Having to face the hardships of life without anyone to help her find her way. She has no friends except for a golden retriever named Emma. And everywhere she goes, she feels as though everything is laughing at her existence. She faces the one question in her life, Do I even exist?

    This is based off of my life as being a victim of bullying. Half of these parts I came up with, the other half are real. I hope you enjoy!
    Copy Write by April.

    Here are the parts!:
    Emma (golden retriever):
    Sarah (Mean girl):
    Alivia (Other mean girl):
    Trisha (Sarah’s BFF):
    Dare (Alivia’s BFF):
    Nicole (girl in Katie’s class):
    Cammy (Other girl in Katie’s class):
    Tony (Boy in Katie’s class):
    Will (Other boy in Katie’s class):
    Sam (Girl in Katie’s dance class):
    Lee (Katie’s PenPal):
    Maggie (A girl that Katie meets by faith):
    Franny (Girl that Katie meets at a park):

    INFO!: Each charecter part has some kind of significant part in the book, each part must be filled and they all are good aprts! (Hint: Soem parts that might not seem important, might be very important indeed, but don’t come till later in the book)

    Plz tell me which part you would like to be! I hope to have the first chapter up by tonight! Remember, copy write by me!

  151. Neptune's Pretty (41) says:

    I think reality TV show/Dramas are pretty cool!
    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG! ITS THE BEST SITCOM EVER!!!!!!!!!

  152. Tori (2049) says:

    any one on????

  153. Sapphire (2779) says:

    i’m sick of all the violent and weird things people post on here and am going offline for today until Harmony or Lulu or MT or someone nice who I know really well turns up.

  154. Maria Teresa (1540) says:

    I’m going to a concert in a few mins! It’s not those concerts-that-are-just-my-thing, but it’s alright :P

  155. Sally (473) says:

    I think ppl want me to quit dork diaries. :(

  156. Sally (473) says:

    Hey Elise. Well I forgot to reply to Madison’s comment and I think she’s mad at me. :(

  157. Jamie (903) says:

    I’m gonna go eat an icicle or something.

  158. elizabeth (40) says:

    my fave show is dance moms!!!!

  159. Sapphire (2779) says:

    Listen Jamie I’m sorry! I agree its the wrong thing to do to hack your iPod, but you shouldn’t really tape her mouth shut, you could have calmly and kindly told her to not do that, you really shouldn’t mind that much, after all, you don’t have anything to hide on your iPod do you? She probably wanted to play a game, I let my sister play on my iPhone all the time

    • Jamie (903) says:

      No, I don’t hav anything 2 hide. She has her own iPod, and I don’t hav any games! She does. She just calls me a suspicious little freak. And in the comment above, she wasnt hurt. And she kept it on 4 like 2 seconds. She forgave me 4 it right after, and I’m not even sure she remembers it. But glad were friends again:)

  160. peyton (2) says:

    i love your reality show nikki and mackenzie is so vain

  161. Tori (2049) says:

    What’s up? Everybody, I would like to for u to meet my new friend, Lizzy.

  162. Lyndserr99 (501) says:

    That’s awesome! Chopped is the bomb!
    I don’t know the judges names yet *blushies*
    Did u see the episode where they had 2 use ‘quinoa’ wow…WTHeck IS QUINOA??
    And where that guy bled and put it in the food…*ewww…*


    This is for Lulu:
    IKR? Chopped is awesome!Yeah, I saw the one where they used Quinoa. My mom let me taste it on Thursday. It’s actually pretty good! :)
    And I saw where the guy bled in the food! That was so gross!!!

    And what do you mean by: WE SHOULD GET 2GETHER 2 SEE IF WE REALLY MIX WELL…

    I don’t know.:\
    See ya!

  163. cia (11) says:

    Nicki, if u really did make a reality TV show, I would totally watch it!

  164. Awsomegirl (59) says:

    I hate it when a populur girl comes up to you and there like o wow i love your shirt my dog has the same shirt i hate people like that

  165. Bree (1) says:

    I have never seen the Kardashians show

  166. Lily (2) says:


  167. Nikki2 (2153) says:


  168. Raihah (6) says:

    If I were stuck babysitting my little brother… I would totally leave him with a stack of pizzas and burgers and unhealthy things in front of the TV and watch a Korean movie on my laptop. Hohoho :P

    • Raihah (6) says:

      GAH ! OMG ! Embarassing, I commented on the wrong post. XD And my favourite shows are : Running Man, Happy Together, Dream Team, Strong Heart and Star King. All of them are Korean shows XD

  169. Lilly (1) says:

    Don’t watch the Kardashians PLEASE!

  170. 5D's Girl (4) says:

    I told you the kardashians are lame!

  171. cady thorp (1) says:

    i’m not into reality shows, but my little pony friendship is magic is SO GOOD! It’s for people who are about 8-14 years!

  172. LayLyann Tarabay (1088) says:

    Our fave TV show is Winx Club!

  173. Annie (85) says:


  174. Miss-Know-it-all (162) says:

    Most reality shows are good like funny!

  175. Jade Jones (4) says:

    Y don’t u make it a movie?

  176. lexxe (11) says:

    I think u should have a movie series of each book each movie should be sold with the book
    Or in stores

  177. Krystal (11) says:

    omg i can’t type! well, its hard anyway. I’m a righty, and my whole right arm is numb!

  178. Queenie Wang (13) says:

    MacKenzie’s name should be Mac cheeseburger

  179. juri koey (74) says:

    i sorry but i dont get this wasnt ur last blog about babysiting briana? y did it skip sudenlly?

  180. emilia zola (7) says:

    I love dork diares

  181. avery (2) says:

    I love your book!

  182. avery (2) says:

    hope you like this comment.

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