There’s nothing more annoying than having a big fat crush on someone and not knowing if he’s into you, too.

OK, so maybe there are SOME things that are more annoying…like getting a big wedgie when you’re dancing center stage in the talent show, but you know what I mean! Back to crushes…

Doesn’t it drive you crazy when he smiles at you in the hallway, and you’re not sure if it’s because he thinks you look super cute OR he’s really smiling at the CCP behind you?

Or, what about when he asks for your phone number, and you’re not sure if it’s because he can’t wait to talk to you after school OR he wants to have it in case he needs help with his homework some time?

Totally stressful, right? Tell me about it!! Why don’t boys just come right out and say, “I think you’re awesome and I have a big fat crush on you!!”?

I remember when I was in first grade, this boy named Darby (who would name their son that??) used to throw sand in my eyes every time we went to the playground.

My mom was all like, “That means he has a crush on you!”

Um, really? In what world does nearly BLINDING someone equal a show of love?

That’s not what I do when I have a crush on someone!

When I’m totally into a boy, I doodle his name in my notebook, talk about him 24/7, and then ask pretty much everyone I know, “Do you think he has a crush on me too?!?”

OK, so I’m no better than boys!

Since we’re all way too scared to just tell each other what’s up, I came up with the little guide based on super scientific research I’ve done in the past.

(And by “super scientific research,” I mean I’ve watched what Theodore has been doing to Zoey, because I know that boy has it bad!!)

You know your crush is into you when:

1. You catch him looking at you in class. Did you just happen to lock eyes five times while taking a test recently? Unless you had the answers written on the side of your face, it’s because he’s TOTALLY INTO YOU!

2. He pauses a lot when he’s talking to you. It’s probably not because he’s a super slow thinker. It’s because he wants to say the right things because he’s TOTALLY INTO YOU!

3. He knows stuff about you, like what activities you do after school, without you telling him. Unless you’ve been emailing him your life story, one chapter at a time, he’s TOTALLY INTO YOU!

4. He just happens to walk by your locker all the time, even though his is nowhere near yours. Unless your side of the school smells awesome, like sizzling bacon, he’s walking over there because he’s TOTALLY INTO YOU!

5. He drops things a lot when he talks to you. It’s not because he has some kind of disease that makes him tremor 24/7. He’s just nervous because he’s TOTALLY INTO YOU!

6. He asks your friends stuff about you. I know, I know, he could be completing an English assignment to write about all the girls in school. OR maybe it’s the way more obvious answer…He’s TOTALLY INTO YOU!

7. He laughs at your jokes, even the silly ones. That knock-knock joke you busted out in homeroom? Nope, not funny! It’s just that he’s TOTALLY INTO YOU!

8. He defends you against CCPs. Remember when that evil girl said something obnoxious, like, “Where did you buy your shirt? The 99 Cents Store??” And he was all like, “I think it’s kind of cool.” He’s not just REALLY into girls’ fashion. It’s just that he’s TOTALLY INTO YOU!

So that’s my super scientific research! What do you think…good stuff? If your crush likes you too, how did you find out?

Update: I just noticed I actually gave you 8 ways, not 7, like the title says. My bad! Consider the 8th one a bonus. :)

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    • iWannaBeURfriend! (547) says:

      1! i mean, i dont no if i have a crush or not- like i said its super complicated. i USED to like a boy right before lunchtime.. and after lunch today i started not liking him. he hurt me ;{ mentally

      • iWannaBeURfriend! (547) says:

        LOL nikki its because HE’S TOTALLY INTO YOU!

        • Mouri Ran (1307) says:

          I, agree!!!!!!

        • nikki (1484) says:

          Haha I just wanted to make that point TOTALLY clear!!! :)

          • Mimi (10) says:

            Well u stated it well, Nikki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Ms.Smiley12 (2054) says:

            OMG thanks nikki super great advice too bad my crush doesnt do any of them things to me :(

          • Buttercup Lilly (2) says:

            I am so CONFUSED and SAD right now! Ok here is my story, I live in Pontotoc and I go to South Pontotoc Middle School, and this guy is in my 8th grade 4th period class and he sits right beside me you see and his name is Raiden but he hasn’t done any of that stuff, and now I am starting to think he doesn’t really like me at all! WHAT DO I DO!!!!! I am so confused! Help me Nikki! WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO!!!!

          • kolystar (2) says:

            what if your crush does none of those thing,one time he said to some one that he likes me but then he lide and said that he did not what dose that mean

          • i think he likes me but im not shure if he has a girlfriend beacuse my frined said she saw a girl hug him but he diddent hug back. i mean i have hugged a boy before but i really wanna know if he likes me cuz if he doesnt then i i ask him out and he doesent like me it would be so humiliating i know im only in yr 8 but i really like him :/

          • omg im so crazy over him but guess what, i fell in lovew with him when he was sick on the coach to alton towers !! xxxx ^^
            will someone tell me how to do that face properly plz!

          • Confused (1) says:

            OK. So i really like this boy, and he hasnt done any of that stuff :( but one my friends (who’s a boy, and also my crushes friend) says he likes me, and that he said i was hot. He didnt say it to me, just to his friend. I told my BFF, and she said she would agree with him, and it would be cool if we ended up dating. but i also havent been in a relationship in a long time, Im so confused!! Any ideas pls?? :) for a hopeless girl?? ;)

          • Bella (1) says:

            I have a huge crush on this guy in my class.I’m confused because he’s sending me mixed signals.In the beginning of the year, we got partnered up as dance partners.It was pretty AKWARD!In the middle of the year, we got paired up to do a project together, and when I sat down next to him, he said”Hey gorgeous.”.I just sat there like ” What!?”.He had also called me beautiful at lunch one time, and his friends started laughing as if it was a joke or something. I don’t know if he was dared to say that or maybe he meant it. I’ve noticed him glancing at me during class and asking me questions about myself a lot. Do you think he may like me!? I’m confused…

          • ~$#1PINKLOVER1#$~ (141) says:

            Nikki! Can you come on new posts too? Also, how do you get a picture on the side of your comment?

          • Martha (2) says:

            Jeanie he is totes into you. I sail with my crush and he’s so talented but he’s kinda popular and if he likes me I cannot tell.

          • eve (1) says:

            Mine does a few..

          • terry (1) says:

            I love this boy but his friend also loves me now and am having fellings for both of them now what must I do?

          • totally dorky (1) says:

            my crush does all those thing but he won’t admit it even tho everyone can tell he likes me

          • I ❤❤❤ Dorks (11) says:

            It’s complicated, he kind of sends mixed feelings, one minute he’s chatting and joking, the next he’s looking my way, and the next he’s nearly ignoring me! I’m do confused, and kinda obsessed!

          • Dara (546) says:

            unless you like wrote the answers on the test on your face….. He toatally in to you lol

          • Sarahjo2002 (211) says:

            i didnt see this until your recent blog post lol hi nikki!

        • stephanie (13) says:

          lolz “like”

        • anime lover (1) says:

          Brandon and Nikki siting on a tree -K-I-S-S-I-N-G-!!hahaha. I just love true love!!

          • leah (1) says:

            ok so i am going to 4th grade and i have this crush on super cute boy and my i told my 2 of my friends and my bff she said she has a crush on him too anyway one of my almost legal friend heard me talking about him and they blabbed it out to to my classfellows and i just want to kill her but i can`t and u might be thinking that my crush is nerd but he is the fastest boy in the class…..plus u might be thinking that i am crazy to have a crush bcuz i am only 9 but actually he likes me ….. ok he likes me alot we do the lock eye thing and its pretty cool…i did mentin earlier that my bff has a crush on him too well i am ok with that cuz she`s not allowed to do anything crazy + i love her

          • Hazel (3) says:

            don’t worry. ive had crushes for a long time to. ur not a nerd for liking him btw!

        • noo (1) says:

          ok the guy I like I don’t know if he likes me coz he is always asking wat im up 2 and he is always hanging around me but I don’t know if he feels the same way I do so…. wat do u think?

        • shileigh (1) says:

          i think that is all correct that was awsome advice

        • jessie w (5) says:

          thanks need it and one more when he likes you does he play a lot and punches you but playfuly?

      • malia (18) says:

        Dude technically thats 8 ways 2 kno he has a crush on you…

      • nini (69) says:

        what i think is that when some one has a crush on you they’d either be mean to you or be totally nice!!

        • christine (3) says:

          I think I started liking my crush cause I seen his soft side but my bff liked him first and shes going to ask out my cusin and she wont let me try to go out with my crush were both 12 and I don’t know if he likes me so what do I do

      • stephanie (13) says:

        what did he do?

      • Jazmin LaSpina (5) says:

        OMG,I have a mega crush on this boy in middle school that sits beside me and acts all cool and smiles at me and once he told me something that i was the first to know, he always talks a little to me and i really have no clue if he honestly likes me replay back thank you i hope he likes me

      • moxy13 (3) says:

        all guys make mistakes but he probably doesnt want you to get the wrong idea

        • moxy13 (3) says:

          hey do any of you beleive that the guy should make the moves

        • Lilllllllllll (1) says:

          I like this guy. He looks at me. He told me a secretamd I was the first to know. His friends tell me secrets too though. He sits next 2 me. His other friends sit with him but he just talks to me sometimes. I’m not rly sure if I like him

          • yellowpanda (2) says:

            really i dont know but i would try getting over him. he betrayed your trust. try finding out if he was in on it. if not comfront the friend.

      • Anonymous (1) says:

        Hi, so recently my crush messaged me and said that he liked me and he was flirting with me. He asked me if I liked him and of course I said yes because he said he liked me too. Then it runs out he doesn’t like me and it was just his friend saying that stuff, that was not true. I feel so embarrassed. What should I do? :(

        • GeekChic (87) says:

          Don’t sweat over it! I mean my friend had a crush on me and I felt nothing, and yet some other kids who were our friends were ALWAYS doing stuff like that to us. Well, not EXACTLY like that, but notes and such. My best advice? Pretend it never happened. I mean, in our case, we were all a huge group of friends, but we always made up and never talked about it. If they are your friends, then they’ll forget about it too. :D

        • Someperson (109) says:

          My crush messages me too. It was weird at first but now he’s like my boyfriend :D . People say we’re like soul mates or something.
          <3 <3 <3

      • alice kelly (1) says:

        i like a guy today but i did not like him 2 days ago hes name is aaron but i thing he likes ella collins

      • jade (2) says:

        poor you i hope you are alright :)

      • Zoe VonSuhr (1) says:

        i totally know how u feel! that happened to me at lunch the other day to. he was totally rude and swore at me! i think i like someone else though….

        • sassy diva (7) says:

          hi mary. i have the same problem. when u have friends like that tell them ” look i have other friends beside u i dont need u ruining my life”. then walk away, and find other friends to hang out with thats what i did when i had ur same problem

          • Imogen E. Faith (9) says:

            I know exactly how u feel. I’m a 15 year old girl from the UK and a massive fan of Dork Diaries. Near christmas I discovered I had a massive crush on a boy in my year – the only problem was, I already had a BF! We split in January so I was free to crush on the lad. He showed all the signs of liking me and even started walking home with me and sitting by me in lessons. I was over the moon until he asked me to check my arch rival’s Facebook relationship status and admitted he was crushing on her!!! I remember all the colour draining from my face so my disappointment must have been obvious since now it’s a miracle if I can even get him to talk to me. My crush on him faded that same day, but now my life has become complicated since there are rumours going round that 4 of my male BFF’s fancy me! One of them is 3 years younger than me! Any advice???

          • yellowpanda (2) says:

            im only 12 but i see where your comming from.i dont think he ment to hurt you he was totally honest with you. anyway yu sound nice and you dont have to have the same feelings towards the 4 other rumored boys.

          • Imogen E. Faith (9) says:

            thanks yellowpanda! I’m sure you are an amazing person :D I managed to help the guy ask his crush out and now they are an item. We are talking again and it seems everything is back to normal. :) Best keep my mind off boys in the real world for now abd focus on the ones in my book ;) I really wanna finish it by the end of Summer and before the GCSE exam rush.

      • Supergirl (701) says:

        Yes it is complicated.

        • funsizefreak123 (1) says:

          I’m 12 too and im staying the night at my crushes this weekend, he lives on a farm. I don’t know what we should do. He also likes me back. We are having a midnight picnic by the river and getting there by horses. I need help, I don’t know what to wear and stuff like that just plz reply with ur advise

      • lovebokks (52) says:

        I love my crush

      • Katiel-Heartz (5) says:

        I thirded it!

      • chocolatemonstar (238) says:

        Okay – so I have a crush. He looks kinda of cute with his long frinch and since he’s super good at Takweondo (judo), he is so SWEET :) But when he cut his frinch, hair – he looked like a.. very.. ugly.. monkey!
        Urgh -> I have to search for other boys! :(

      • tina envey (1) says:

        I known a guy for about 7 years and I like him a lot..since we are friends and we talk and all we had a few sparks but how do I tell him I like him with hurting our friend ship if he has a girlfriend or he’s not interested?

      • Hopeless (1) says:

        Hey gal! I think I feel the same as u cause suddenly one day he called me fat! Nowadays he dose it even more often. But I still can’t stop crushing on him since the rest of the time he is super kind to me and BTW today is his bday and he even invited me to his party!

      • Sasha Love (1) says:

        I like this boy name justin I am in love with him thats ALL!! :-$

    • Mary Margaret (16) says:

      Dear Nikki,
      I have this problem me+my bff are having trouble like a coulple of weeks ago she said to me “i might not invite you to my b day party beacuase sometimes your super anoying” that relly hurt and im a big drama queen(i took your quiz) and unless she got brain washed im positive she would Know it hurt me. Then at the party ( that every one in my grade got invited to) she didnt even let me bowl on the same lane as her it was just her+andy. The next day i asked her if she liked andy and she said she didnt have to tell me if she didnt want to and i said she could tell me anything im her bff and she said that she was my bff but i wasnt hers and that relly relly relly hurt and so ive been looking for a new bff and i got madi and madi is relly cool we both read the hunger games he both <3 olive garden except she has this group its not relly a clique but i relly relly relly relly relly dont like reagen but i relly relly relly relly relly like madi but sometimes i miss haley (even though i think shes relly close to her first kiss only in 5th grade and thats kinda creepy)but she made her own group now that i totaly dont fit in with ( she dosnt fit in either but thats not my problem) so i dont relly have a bff and all the people who dont mind being my bff are wingbats so i dont fit in with the timid team (as Haley my old bff calls them) but i do fit in with the Katniss Klub(katniss from the hunger games)(as madi calls them) but i cant get past reagen no matter how hard i try so heres my ?: Which Team Do I Take? Do I Try To Work It Out With Halet(Even Though I Dont Want To)-or-Do I Kidnap Reagen And Put Her In My Crawl Space…No just kidding but do i pretend to have fun with team timid or have fun with klub katniss but kringe at reagen plz blog about this.

      • nini (69) says:


      • nikki (1484) says:

        That sounds like a really tough situation!! It sounds like Haley was super mean to you, so it’s probably better not to spend your time trying to get her to hang out with you. I’d say stick with the people who are nice to you. Maybe you don’t have to be in anyone’s clique right now. You can like Madi without having to like Reagan right?

        • Mary Margaret (16) says:

          well me and haley are i guess still freinds. she just starting to read the hunger games i guess your rigtht but today i finnaly got her to confess she is totally into andy!!! :P GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But shes my friend so watev! I Think i should have her read this thanks a million:)PS when is book 4/5 comming out and how do you upload art when i try it says i cant

          • OnceUponATime (1) says:

            Hey Mary Margret!! Do you watch the show Once Upon a Time on ABC?? I was just asking because that’s the name of one of the characters. I’m not saying that that can’t be your name too!! But yeah, just wanted to know(:

          • Nikki jones (38) says:

            Hey crazy fan45 i fink you should test your crush ask him if he wants icecream or your number if he pause’s , blushes or both. Hes so into you if he says no really easy hes just not your type if he says yes ask him out on date 2

          • Mary Margaret (16) says:

            Yes i do watch once upon a time isnt it cool that thats my name that show rox!!! my favorite charecter is Ruby ( little red riding hood) does she ever where a longer skirt or does it stay at 6 inches??? lol once upon a time u rock!!!

        • bribri01 (1) says:

          But my best friend stole my crush away from me!What do I do??

          • cutiepie101 (1) says:

            i totaly agree with you she stold him he was everything he could have made me popular and i could have loved him but now i dont talk to him because hes mean to me because ugly girl stold him i odnt talk to her or him i basically tell people dont vote them for anything i want to ruin her life forever and ever

      • Mary Margaret (16) says:

        PS once upon a time next plog thing nikki uploads i want 2 talk about the show once upon a time with you oh nikki do u watch once upon a time if so whos your fav charecter???Why??? so plz blog me back both of you!!!

      • Mary Margaret (16) says:

        Here i go again um once upon a time wats ur phone number and wats ur real name its just once upon a time is kinda long 2 write. did u see the movie radio rebel? wats ur fav episode of once upon a time? its cool u noticed my name PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ blog me back u seem relly cool!!!:) :) :)

      • christine (3) says:

        I think you shoud be friends with madi she seems nicer

      • Gracie (26) says:

        Now that’s a toughie. If Haley told that to me I would burst into tears! I think you should be with people who are nice to you, and who actually respect you. Not the people who treat you like trash.

      • Annonymous (1) says:

        I think you should try to work it out with Haley if it doesn’t work tell Madi you really like her but not Reagan and if sometimes just the 2 of you could hang out you’d like that better. Don’t worry this happened to me too and everything worked out.

    • crazyfan45 (61) says:

      I don’t even know if my crush likes me! cuz one) have zippo amount of classes with him 2) only time i see him (if im lucky) is after 7th pd walking 2 my locker, 3) when i try to say hi to him i cant!!i like wimp out! he said hi 2 me once when i was at my locker and he was walking by and i even said hey back but ive seen him like a bunch of times after that but he nevr said hi. :( what should i do?

    • Dork Diaries Biggest fan! (127) says:

      omg this guy ask my friend about what she does in the summer like SPORTS and omg I think he’s into her :D
      well that’s my crush too but still awesome right?
      But out of all girls he talks to me and her the most, COOL RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • SAMNEET (4) says:

      ok this is my phoine number 604 820 9254

    • Opal (1) says:

      so their’s this dude named motgomery and I used to be really into him but then I backed off,but a part of me likes him unlike any other guy in the world,and me and him are friends on facebook and we have had a small conversation,could you tell me what “i have a freind who thinks your super cute” means???? here’s how it went: *
      Montgomery Miller
      April 4
      Montgomery Miller

      him heyy:)
      Opal Whitney
      April 13
      Opal Whitney

      me what’s up :P [:P]
      Montgomery Miller
      June 19
      Montgomery Miller

      him I have a friend that thinks your super cute
      Opal Whitney
      about an hour ago
      Opal Whitney
      assuming it’s a guy hmm,tell your friend I’m sorry but I’m waiting for the right guy,not to say he’s not.but I’m just a little too young to think about dating or even guy friends that aren’t connected too my family somehow.I’m sure one day God will show me the right guy and all but I think I still have a few years before I even want to really think about it.

      Montgomery is typing …
      Write a reply…

      so that’s how it went,did he really mean he had a friend who liked me or was it something more???like him useing it as a something to have a conversation about??? please help.

      • OMG (4) says:

        OMG The guy i like has the same Last Name! LOLZ :D Hahahah But he doesn’t have FaceBook! ;P

        • love expert #1 (1) says:

          if you want to find out if a guy likes you see if he does these things
          1.comes up to talk to you randomly
          2.talks to you over email facebook etc
          3.looks at you in class [if he is looking at you and you look over and he turns arround HE LIKES YOU]
          4.if he looks in your eyes when your talking to him


      • love expert (16) says:

        just be nice and laugh at his jokes. smile at him and look into his eyes. say hi in the morning and sometimes hang out with him and his friends. try this and tell me if it works. it worked for me!

      • Zoe (14) says:

        OMG! OMG!

    • Katherine (1) says:

      Ya i know what you. Mean i have the confusing. Story about this guy

    • CutiePie_Swag (1) says:

      Thats Sad…(Im sorry to hear that)

    • (=^-^=)jk lol(=^-^=) (1) says:

      well my crush we have diffrent classes but the same lunch when we walk togther he wants to go sit with his friends and i want to go sit with mine i am super scared because what if his friends dont like me but my friends love my crush they think his sweet fun and super cool but when lunch is done we talk about stuff and he did give me his number but then when we meet after school at HIS LOCKER he asks me all the time what do u need?? well then i said i want u to walk me to my locker but when i get to my locker my ex is there and he wants me back so bad!!! and i need help badly because i need to know how to ask out my crush :) :( HELP NEEDED PLEASE???!!!!!

    • jaycee (1) says:

      i like this boy we had this thing called the snow ball dance we slow danced 3 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i think i like him but not for sure.

      • confused romantic (2) says:

        Sorry it says there’s a lot

        • Izzy (59) says:

          There’s this kid that I kind of like. I’ve pretty much been his friend since kindergarten.But, a girl that used to be my friend is always glaring at me when I talk to him! He’s so far done 5 things to show he likes me, but the mean girl is now making sure I stay away from him! What can I do!? );

        • Niki (14) says:

          Tell an adult she is doing something mean and ya friends do not care. If they were your friends they would be nice and help you.

    • confused romantic (2) says:

      Theres this boy that’s in all my classes and it seems like he likes me bc we talk a lot sometimes in class but he told my bff that he totally thinks I’m retarded! :( so I’m totally confused! Oh and theres this dude that I really like , and I’ve known him since 2nd grade and some times he ssmiles at me when I walk by him but idk if he’s just being nice or he likes me!! He’s not in any of my classes! And I’m afraid that he doesn’t like me bc TheresaTheresa of cute girls in my school that would stab there own friends in the back to date him!! Nikki please help me! Oh and I’m a huge fan! I’m totally a dork!! Please give me advice! :( ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

      • chocolatemonstar (238) says:

        Okay – me 2 have problem!
        >> So I have a boy in my class. Very annoying. He always call me and my partner a COUPLE. I had punched him many times for calling me a couple! Of course it was annoying but a few days, I became the vice class president and made a promise that I will never punch boys! What should I do? :(

    • anastasia (2) says:

      i am head over heals for this kid and everybody knows it expect for him

    • Accalia (4) says:

      It’s really hard

    • me (16) says:

      i dont know about me having a crush but one guy definitly has a crush on me!

    • Izzy (59) says:

      There’s this kid I like, but almost all the girls go gaga over him! The worst part is my friend, likes him a lot! He’s done 6 things to show he likes me, but I’m not sure if he has a big fat crush on me. Please reply if you think he likes me!

      • Mew (14) says:

        ya bot I have an x crush and we keep looking at each other!!!! Its like a magnetic forse and it is SO embarrassing!

    • nerdybirdie125 (17) says:

      i really like this boy at my school but he’s in the other class. although he might like me back because according to ur list, he does 24567 and 8. YAY! :D he evan used to be my best friend last year. but this year he started hanging with the CCP’s and i never got to talk to him….then he came and talked to me! and the best part was nobody was FORCING us to talk. and now we hang out again. but because he wants to. im so glad he might like me :D

    • linnyann (1) says:

      Guys I have a boyfriend who is the bestest guy ever! And guess what!I asked him out! If you really like someone then just go for it seriously! If he says he or yes you will feel much better knowing

    • omg head (4) says:

      thise is really complicated-i say lets just ask them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      wut u say- please reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mew (14) says:

      ya bored I think I have a crush on two people!2! How does that work out?!

      P.S. I don’t know if I even like them! Help?

    • Anonymous (4) says:

      Aw Nikki I have a crushie on a guy

    • NIikki J. Maxwell (54) says:

      Somebody please help! Ok, so I like this boy in my class, but he does’t do all the things you mentioned, but one of my friends told me he’s got a big fat crush on me! What should I do?

    • Mine is complicated too, Nikki, I don’t mind if u don’t reply but I was talking to my friends and my mom came in and saw me writing “cuz she thinks we’re too young” I was talking about my crushes and my mom asked what I was talking about and I didn’t wanna lie so I said crush then she asked who I had a crush on and I said it now she knows and I feel aquared. Don’t know how to spell that. Yep, well, if anyone can answer my question, thx! It means the world to me this happened like 45 minutes ago lol  Bye!! :) 

      • Eden (137) says:

        In ur dreams hon… STOP STALKING ME!!! (. . . interesting name!), when I was crushing on this boy in fourth grade I told my mom too (she was super convincing). And . . . well, that’s it. Nothing happened.
        (If you have a little sister, DON’T TELL HER! [I learned that the hard way.] She will blab about it to EVERYONE if she’s like my sister! My sister Chloe’s always like, “Eden likes David!” and that ended SO long ago. I get so annoyed and I’m just like, “JEEZ, Chloe! I don’t even LIKE him anymore! Shut UP!”
        Just remember that if you have a pesky little sister.

    • Lollypop4life (449) says:

      Lol ikr(I know right)

    • ILoveDorkDiaries (1) says:

      I tried all of those things and it only seems like 2 out of the 8 things are what decribes him but really he has other aspects. I still don’t know if he is into me. It’s like so complicated.

    • Eden (137) says:

      Nikki, great advice! If only I had a crush so I could see if he does this stuff. (I haven;t met the right guy yet.)

    • i love trent (6) says:

      hey guys my crushes name i s trent
      aka”q” .hes done almost all of those things but he gets mad if i talk to him
      he knows i like him toooooo
      my friend told himwhen i was absent
      helpwhat should i do i lov e trent and oth er girls flirt wit h him tooooo

    • HARRYPOTTERFAN5731 (5) says:

      I know ryt, it’s really hard boys like to act all loveydovey and when their near their (buds) they forget abt you , it’s so stupid !!!!!!!!!

    • Brianna333255 (1) says:

      I have a crush on this guy and I liked him since 4th grade(I’m in 6th grade right now ) and sometimes I catch him looking at me , and I’m wondering if that means he likes me too…I’m embarrassed to tell him how I feel. Plz help I’m desperate :’(

    • susan (1) says:

      ok!!……dere was a guy in my clss hu liked me!!,,,i didnt know about it b’for,, i gt 2 know wen i heard his frnd saying him wen wll he propose me?!!…..i was really shocked 2 know dat!!…wen i tld dis 2 my frnd, she strted teasing me n slowly even i started falling fr him!!….i actually did!!-_-….he used 2 stare @ me in da clss, he tried 2 cum closer 2 me, he followed me, tried 2 talk 2 me..etc!!….den my frnd was teasing me in frnt of evrybdy in da clss,,,den he gt 2 know dat even i liked him!!….1 day my frnd tld me dat a junior girl proposed him n he accepted her!!…..dey were talking in da fone!!…i was soo jealous!!…..wen i indirectly mocked him about da girl,,,he gt 2 know dat i knew about dat girl!!…..n he didnt talk 2 me anymore,,,he started ignoring me!!…n i started hating him!!-_-……bt wen da girl broke up wid him,,he again fell fr me!!….bt i dnt like him anymore!!…bt my frnds tease me in frnt of him!!…n he thinks dat i still hav a crush on him!!…..how shud i prove him dat i dnt fall fr him anymorte

    • AshleyHeart (17) says:

      LOL, In these days ive been so depressed. Long Story. Well theres this quy I used to date, and we broke up for some stupid reason(another story). On summer we still had something between us and we used to talk over the phone 24/7. After school started, this new girl appeared and stole my place. He likes her and starts flirting with her when im around, but when he sees that she is kinda sick of him, he comes back to me and starts flirting with me. I JUST HATE IT.

    • Leila (1) says:

      OMG ; He is totally into Me :3 !!

    • Annabeth (2) says:

      the guy whom i like is my bestest friend and he shares everything wid me… thanx for this post .. it helped me a lot

    • liza (1) says:

      see please help me out my friends saye he looks at me always then when he was about to fight with a boy when i came by he just looked at me and turned around blushing ! but he doesnt talk to me much so please help me out

    • nikki (49) says:

      ever thing but 2 is that bag cause i have no cule:s

    • Rundevilrun19 (1) says:


    • cat (1) says:

      cool :-)

    • Hadassah (6) says:

      Thanks for the advice Nikki. love is sooo confusing

    • Hadassah (6) says:

      Ok here is the problem with the guy I like a lot. So all of my friends think that he likes me. The problem is I barely came to the school this year. And of course my little brother told him. I know he guessed already because he told one of my BFFs. one of my Bffs say he looks at me when I leave school. Also a few weeks ago my brother had a track meet and my crush happens to be on the team too.He flashed me a smile when he passed me by. Also I’m on a trip right now, so I have been missing school. And my mom said that he asked her when is Hadassah coming back?

      I want to believe he likes me but guys never like me back!!!



    • ally maxwell (1) says:

      omg i like this guy named dominik and we are dating! ask anyone if you want to go on a date with them they might say yes you never know :0

    • "SECRET" (1) says:

      Umm so Im a boy so let me say something. We always like if when we look to a girl she looks backs to us or its ok if she doesn’t looks to us but her pulse becomes beating faster and lose concentration on whatever we were doing . And when we have your number we would always be so so happy if your the one to say “HI” first or if you call us for no reason just to say ‘HI’ but we sometimes would be sad if when we say ‘HI’ in facebook but you dont reply even if there’s the green little dot beside your name. We boys don’t really need to do some of those tips above but we have secret ways to show ways that we like you . Here’s one – Pranking you everyday since kindergarten to Highschool

  1. Dorky Pres (13) says:


  2. Mouri Ran (1307) says:

    I… dunno, Nikki! A guy who had a crush one me gave me a secret Valentine and just came out with it straight forward! For most people, guys like to hang out with girls when they kinda have a sweet/soft spot for them. They may focus on their looks more often, stumble on words around you, and look at you a lot etc.

    Hm, if I think hard, I DID have one crush in 6th grade. Hm, well, I’m sure he might have liked me because he’s always included me and I caught him staring at me before. But… I still catch him looking. I’m not an expert with guys! So, my friends think he likes me since December when he bought me a present, but I don’t know what to think. I think even YOU have a better clue!

    And I think it would be TOTALLY annoying if the guy you like you think is smiling at you, but is looking at someone else?! Embarrassing too!

    So… That’s all I have for now! :)

  3. Trina Clement (68) says:

    1.The way he looks at you when he talks to you.
    2.The way he compliments you on my outfit.
    3.The way he smiles at you like……forever!
    4.The way he talks about me to his friends.

  4. 143 ;) (6) says:

    I know i have a crush and i just found out that he likes me to!!! just from reading the things on this website!! How cool! my friend used to like him and he used to like her so now im worried hes gonna stop liking me and start liking her!!!!!! all well hopefully we dont find out any time soon!!! ;)

  5. April (909) says:

    That’s some really cool advice, I’ll think of that whenever a boy is talking to me just to make sure. But no boy really talks to me at my school, sooooo yaaaaaa……
    Good advice Nikki!

  6. Jamie (903) says:

    Three sounds a bit stalkerish, But seven is true (for girls, at least). Once, my crush told an extremely pathetic joke, and I laughed so hard, boogers flew out of my nose. And milk. This happened at lunch, do me and my other friend who liked him(and other people with no part in this story) were sitting together. He came over and told the corniest joke ever. Me and my friend(who had seltzer in her mouth) laughed so hard that a mixture of boogies and drinks flew out our noses, collided in midair, and flew everywhere! It was soooo embarrassing!

  7. Nikki's BIGGEST Fan!! (684) says:

    great advice nikki! thanks for posting again!!!!!

  8. Harmony (3655) says:

    Thanks Nikki, ill use these when soccer season starts, which is in March, that is really soon!! Well, some are about school… But I could still use them in this situation. Thanks!


  9. Sabrina (57) says:

    nice, i got #10

  10. April (909) says:

    I remember in 5th grade there was this boy that COULDN’T STAND me. We were both in track and before track he would always pick on me (he was smaller then me, but for some reasn he thought he could beat me up) soon he started punching me, so I punched him back. Everyone told me it was because he liked me, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t that since he never once talked to me besides when he was trying to annoy me!
    Do you guys think it was the crush part of him speaking or just him being a jerk?

    • Mouri Ran (1307) says:

      Hey April, I think he might’ve really liked you! But, you know, I’m a mi-git for an 8th grader (at least I feel so) and I’m an black belt before any of my other guy friends. Plus, I’m the only girl in my class for karate and I’m hard to beat in 1 on 1. :) Don’t judge our size!

      But I bet he really liked you. You’re a great girl! ;)

    • vanessa (14) says:

      he totally is crushing on u

    • Lulu (10450) says:

      Okay guys I promised 2 tell y’all about my dilemma and this especially 4 u Saffie.
      If this isn’t too much I would like it 4 u 2 give me advice…mostly everyone please! Okay…

      This guy named ______ is beyond cute and he always charms me. Like calls me nick-names and tells me I’m beautiful and stuff.
      Then he starts charming my best-friend and my friends and almost every girl…but we were talking on the phone and even he’s brother says he’s totally into me!

      So he says I have a crush on he’s best friend named ______ (so not true) and I said he has a crush on the popular girl.
      He was like totally annoyed and freaked out!
      He said he ‘loves’ me.
      But how can I believe him when he’s like this? Charming girls and stuff…even everybody says we have a spark.

      I don’t believe it and I just totally wig out!
      I don’t know what 2 do I am lost and confused…please help me guys I’m miserable!

      I’m confused and we do have a spark but…*screams* I really don’t know…I’m as lost as an orphan…please help me guys!

      •••• LULUKINZ OUT ••••
      Status: I am as confused as ever…and I am listening 2 music. Great I switched 2 jazz!
      Which is kinda soothing!

      Mood: Angry, sad, Happy and Excited! IDK why so many emotions!

      What she’s doing: Being mellow, sad and relaxed…I still don’t know why so many emotions!

      What she’s about 2 do: ‘I’m about 2 relax and drink warm milk…I mean who needs men right? Go woman power… *sobs*
      Oh well…’

      •••• LULUKINZ OUT ••••

      • Sapphire (2779) says:

        Thats confusing, umm… well my only advice is Follow Your Heart. Its harder than it sounds, considering that your heart if an organ that gives you blood but oh well. So basically, whoever you like, think about them, what you like and don’t like about them, are they worth it? If they are keep trying, if not maybe move on. But if he goes around charming every girl, and you end up as his GF, he might not change, and you’d find that irritating right? If my boyfriend eyed up other girls all the time I’d most likely be upset.

        Hope I helped.

        ✿Sa℘℘ℋ iℛ ℰ✿

      • Lulu (10450) says:

        Thx 4 the advice Saffie…its really hard since its an organ that helps me live…but thx! :D u helped a lot! :D :D :D

        Plus that’s amazing pics! :D I love the girl in the bikini and the bear and the puppy and the butterfly and I love everything! :D

        That’s amazing! My fave is the girl in bikini and the anime bikini chick!! Their beautiful! :D
        Well done Saffie! :D :D
        Yeah…that’s fresh yo! 8)

        • Sapphire (2779) says:

          Thanks! I like the anime girl and the puppy dog best.

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            How’d u do that?
            Sorry I was off…in a couple of moments I’m going 2 Extra-Maths and Choir! :P

          • Minty (197) says:

            Cool, Sappphie!

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            Okay Minty! :D
            Chill… ;)
            Plus Sapphire I was wondering if u could be a look out 4 me on Sat&Sun for my friends or any imposters coming. Or remember that girl Michelle coming back… ‘Kay? Coz on Saturday I won’t be here…I’m going 2 my friend Gwen’s house and its a really long road. On Friday her mom’s picking us up from school and we gonna aleepover and stuff…’Kay? :D

            •••• LULUROX IN ••••

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            Hey where r they? :(

      • elizabeth (40) says:

        omg those pictures are so cool

      • Mouri Ran (1307) says:

        If you like him, go for it. Don’t look for a long path, just be yourself and surely be “nice-ish” to him and make it clear your not the devil of Hell. So, I think you have a spark going here, ;) and don’t let it cool down just yet!


      • cupcakelover (1) says:

        okay so there is this guy i like and he knows i like him because my friend told him and he everytime he is talking to his friends he looks at me then we were walking in the hallways at school and he bump into me then he ask me a few days later if i like him or its just rumor then in class it was time to switch seats but when we switch seat he sat close to me but behind me then next month he sat in the same talbe but not next to me
        and today i was talking to my friend and i wasnt talking to him and he replied to me what do all of these things mean if your crush know that you like him reply plz..

        • beatrice_prior (56) says:

          I know exactly how you feel! My crush knows that I LOOOVEEE him. But the thing is he likes me even more so yea. If your crush doesn’t like you or that’s what you think, say that it’s just a rumor but if he likes you then tell him!

  11. Jamie (903) says:

    G2G! NCIS is on!

  12. ASHALEY (1) says:


  13. Sabrina (57) says:

    like all of these guys are crushing over me, not 2 brag… :( and it gets SUPER annoying when they start FIGHTING over u!!! arg! :( It’s not like i don’t think i’m cute or anything. JK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. vanessa (14) says:

    well i found out that my crush likes me when his friend told me…he doesnt know that his friend told me and hope it stays that way…if that went around the school then i would be TOAST big time….i think ur research was great by the way….oh and nikki do u know what i should do in my little problem? he acts stupied around me alot….but its sooo cute!!!

  15. Madison (2694) says:

    Sadly my crush never does that. But i don’t know he is talking about me. Does he like me?
    1. He flirts with me ( ones every 4 months)\
    2. looks at me with no expression.
    So i don’t know if he likes me. But he doesn’t do anything on the list for me. Have you notice boys and girls want the same thing like
    1. Why cant we boys/girls go up to him or her and say “Hey i like you.

  16. peacelovechocolate (696) says:

    number 20 ohh yeah

  17. Diana (878) says:

    Hey Nikki!!!! When is the new stuff is coming on to DD

  18. peacelovechocolate (696) says:

    hey nikki
    love your blog

  19. iWannaBeURfriend! (547) says:

    OMG then it’s official, Nikki. Brandon is totally INTO yu!! i mean, right? :) snoopy happy dance and celebrate, woohoo!

  20. Cinnamonspice* (762) says:

    You can tell he’s totally into you Nikki
    I really hope so!

    *snoopy happy dance*

  21. hailey (69) says:

    OMG nikki of course he is into u! what guy wouldn’t??? (mean guys!)

  22. Tori (2049) says:

    Eeeeeee! Closest ive green!

  23. Iz-raining-sugar (762) says:

    Omg! Nikki that’s means Brandon is so totally into you!
    You should really tell him how you feel!
    Well, when Mackenzie’s not around!

  24. Tori (2049) says:

    I mean closest I have been.

  25. animeotaku (1) says:

    Weirdly, there’s a guy that into me… he insults me and is somewhat nice to me half the time. How do I know this? A friend told me and he actually admitted it in front of other ppl. Ironically, I’m the only one who isn’t into guys in my group of friends. Love is one of life’s puzzles awaiting to be solved…

  26. kinger (147) says:

    not the closets ive been but still good

    • Minty (197) says:

      Gals, I’m writin’ a story. Anyone wanna” see?read it? Please!

      • Lulu (10450) says:

        I do! :D

        • Minty (197) says:

          Okay. I just can’t stop writing down “gals”. :(

        • Minty (197) says:

          Here it is.

          Girl House
          By: Minty

          Chloe was just about finishing to put on her seventeenth layer of her favorite, red cinnamon twirl, lip gloss. She looked into the mirror to see her blue eyed, brown haired, happy forteen year old reflection. “Perfect” she said to herself. She was in the apartment talking with her friends, Nikki and Wendy. “OMG” Nikki cried. “I still can’t believe our parents let us live together for the summer!” “I know!” wendy answered.

          • Minty (197) says:

            This is just the beggiening of my story.

          • Minty (197) says:

            Here’s the full thing:

            Girl House
            By: Minty
            Chloe was just about finishing to put on her seventeenth layer of her favorite, red cinnamon twirl, lip gloss. She looked into the mirror to see her blue eyed, brown haired, happy forteen year old reflection. “Perfect” she said to herself. She was in the apartment talking with her friends, Nikki and Wendy. “OMG” Nikki cried. “I still can’t believe our parents let us live together for the summer!” “I know!” Wendy answered. The girls did a big group hug. “ The last one to the kitchen is a rotten egg!” Chloe yelled. They ran into the kitchen for breakfast. “So” said Wendy, “What did you make for breakfast today?” Nikki asked Chloe. “Well, Cinnamon toast, Hot chocolate, and blueberry pancakes!” “Whoe” said Nikki and Wendy at the same time.

          • Harmony (3655) says:

            Cool Minty! I like it!! :0)


        • Minty (197) says:

          Hey, dork diary fans! read my story below! what should the problem be in the Story? Help!

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            That’s a really cool story! :D
            I like it 2! :D

          • Tori (2049) says:

            maybe one girls parents say she has to go home and all three girls hatch a plan to make sure she doesnt leave! or mable one girl gets kidnapped, or lost? just posting my thoughts.

  27. Emily ;) (1660) says:

    Yeah my crush does a lot of those things. And think about him 24/7 and draw hearts on my papers with his name in it. I’m in love. I also ask my friends if he likes me. They say he does but he is scared that his girlfriend will find out

    • Mouri Ran (1307) says:

      Aw, that’s sweet!

    • Sapphire (2779) says:

      Emily, as hard as it is, I think you should maybe move on, this guy has a girlfriend, and right now that isn’t going to change, for now at least. You could move on just until they break up, because if you show signs of liking him or ANY rumors get around
      a) you could get a bad reputation of breaking people up
      b) it would break this girls heart
      c) your crush might not be very grateful.

      So just leave him as he is now.

      • Emily ;) (1660) says:

        Well he actualy already knows I like him. I’m not afraid to tell my crush or anybody else that I like him. He likes me too but he I guess likes mazee more. He kissed me in 3rd grade 

        • Lulu (10450) says:

          I agree Sapphire but she has 2 decide…Emily tell this guy’s girlfriend…work it out first. Coz it’ll look like ur secretly dating behind this girl’s back…

          It’ll break her heart.
          So work it out…okay? :)

      • Lyndserr99 (501) says:

        well, Sapphire, sort of the same thing is with me. The guy I like has a girlfriend, who is super mean. But he likes me, and I’m pretty sure he knows that i like him. :)

        • Sapphire (2779) says:

          For now give the guy some space and don’t be mean to his girlfriend or flirt with the guy, it’ll break the girls heart and make her meaner to you, and your crush is probably happy with his girlfriend now. You may have to get used to the fact that he has a GF that isn’t you.

          • Lyndserr99 (501) says:

            but i don’t care if i break her heart. well, she’s not that mean. i just don’t like her. and he doesn’t even like her. i don’t even know why they’re still together. he almost hates her. he’s getting really tired of her.

    • Minty (197) says:

      This is for Harmony:
      Thanks! should I post more of my story today or tomorrow?

    • Minty (197) says:


    • wowwowgirl (1) says:

      ok so if he does none then he doesnt like u but if he does all he TOTALLY LIKES YOU …LOL …….so Emily if ur in love wait till his girlfriend breaks up with him then go right for him or speak up and give him hints and stuff or speak up and tell him he might really really like u, u might just have to tell him

  28. Tori (2049) says:

    *sigh* love is a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

  29. crazyfan45 (61) says:

    well i have no clue if that stuff works cuz a) i have no classes with the guy i like b) i only see him on my way 2 my locker after 7th pd and c) i havent worked up the courage 2 say hi to him… yet.

  30. Tori (2049) says:

    Yeah, I agree. I definetley can ruin peoples lives……….
    :’( but sometimes its great! :’)

  31. Sally (473) says:

    Nikki he is definitely crushing on u

  32. nikki=lover (8) says:

    it is good stuff

  33. nikki=lover (8) says:

    my crushes friends told me he was 2 embaressed bbut i was in like 4th grade

  34. nikki=lover (8) says:

    good tips they are awesome thanks
    2 bad i dont have a locker but the rest work thanks soooo much :) :) :) :)

  35. Sally (473) says:

    Guys I feel like everyone hates me. And I bet u all do….

  36. Cori (2694) says:

    What does mean if Your crush gave you a special. Valentines on valentines day

  37. Cori (2694) says:

    Sally I don’t hate you. Wanna chat.

  38. Cori (2694) says:

    Okay Why r u do mad Sally

  39. Cori (2694) says:

    Sorry good night read comment 41. Talk 2 u at 8:30 am if I dont have plans. Oh Sally do you have a e-mail I want to e-mail you

  40. Harmony (3655) says:

    STAR’S AND I’s POEM FOR NICOLE’S poem contest!!

    The park was silenced
    The reflection on the pond was a copy-cat
    The glorious flowers were bloomed
    The cherry blossom were flourished with beauty
    People rest in the lush green grass
    underneath the shady trees
    birds chirp the beautiful songs
    With a sense of peace and relaxation
    Yet has the graceful, glorious sight
    Morning Glories, Roses, Daisies were mixed into the colorful meadow
    Clouds crept across the sky blue sea
    butterflies fly by and reach for the stars
    New-planted flowers bloomed gracefully
    Why is it a such beautiful park?

    By Star and Harmony.. SO DON’T STEAL IT! Thanks! :3

  41. iWannaBeURfriend! (547) says:

    I don’t like dat guy anymore ever since lunch (crying)
    Idk, it’s so weird how incomplete I feel without a crush.
    Or maybe it’s confusion. I’ll take that.
    I think these guys are cute and sometimes they’re just.. nice and mean and.. AURHGHHH
    (that was me tearing my hear out in frustration- lol i “borrowed” nikki’s fabulous line- not fabulous about the frustrated hair part tho O__O)
    Anyways, today at lunch.. Imma use FAKE NAMES k? coz its kinda ummmm PUBLIC?!? idk..
    So Grape(keep in mind, these are psuedoynms) said to Orange, “Can I wear your glasses?” And then Apple said to me and said,
    “Can I wear your glasses?” Of course I said yes. I am a pushover and SERVANT practically to EVERYONE or else theyll KICK MY GRRRING BUTT UGHHHUIFESHj sorry im just so stinkin MAD with myself, SHEHSHSHDSHREHES. grrrr
    i wanna tear out my keyboard keys agian.. hmm those are fun to play with but i feeel so0s dso wiri!!!jHIUHFRIUHF
    its so complicated. if yu wanna no the story, feel free to ask. im just supoer ugh and distracted sna FLIJOIEEIURi rite now so.. yuhhhhhhpies :)

  42. iWannaBeURfriend! (547) says:

    im so mad but i reread yur thing and I feel so much happier again!

    • Greenowl (588) says:

      My crush is soooooooooooo akward. He never does that stuff, besides the fact that he always sits next to me ALL the time. He said my voice was like an angel’s once. I laughed SO hard inside, but just tthanked him on the outside. Thats when i said, “Alex, i totally have a crush on you. Except i said tthat in my head, so nobody but me heard.

      • iWannaBeURfriend! (547) says:

        LOL so dis guy likes me(i thot he didnt anymore but apparently today he did) and joel came to me and said,”jack h is dedicating his book to yu” and i was like “huh?” i didnt turn read or anything i was so clueless..

  43. Mouri Ran (1307) says:

    :0 I golly, why do you think that?! I don’t hate you! Do you have an email address? You shouldn’t tell the whole world here (your email), but you can post it on my “blog” (which is very boring) in the comments. I do better without all these comments flying everywhere on the site. :) I want to help you the best I can.

    What’s wrong?

    • Sapphire (2779) says:

      Yeah email me too, i do not hate you! We don’t hate anyone here! HATE is a very strong word, we do not hate you or dislike you in any way okay?
      And guys I don’t think its all that unsafe to give away your email, i mean, you shouldn’t post it randomly in the streets but here it seems like no one is gonna read it apart from us.
      So mine is:

      The only danger is that people can pretend to be you on here.

      • Lulu (10450) says:

        BRB! :D

      • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

        well most of the time there ight be grown men who are pedo-bears and they act like there *girls* or they just check this website every day to see if anyone said anything personal….

      • Mouri Ran (1307) says:

        Mind if I save your email for future reference?

        • Mouri Ran (1307) says:

          WHOOPS, that was too Sapphire.

          • Mouri Ran (1307) says:

            It’s 4:30. I’m going to do my science hw and I’ll be FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Rachel’s Status: finishing hw
            Rachel’s Feelings: puffer fished

            You wanna know the something funny that happened today? xD I’m laughing hard and blushing hard right now. *slaps forehead* WHYYYY am I so weird?!? I have a secret admire ALREADY. Then what’s my problem? …



            *^)o 3 o(^*


            I’m so helpless! I’m going to email my older cousin… but can anyone help if they want to? I’ll only post what’s going on if someones willing to help cause I’m helpless!

            ^.^ Thanks!!!!!!!

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            I’ll try to help :)

          • Mouri Ran (1307) says:

            Okay, here’s the deal… I had a secret admire on Valentine’s Day, and he got me a huge box of Godiva. The next day I found in my locker a bouquet of roses. Then the next day when we didn’t have school, I opened my door to find a pearl necklace and earring to match! Then I found a letter saying he wanted to take me out for some dinner or a movie. I found out who he was on Monday. …and I know him alright! He’s in all my classes but he doesn’t get around talking to girls a lot so I didn’t really see him in class much. And that’s shocking now that I noticed I see him so much! And I actually talk to him so much too… I’d always thought he was nice, friendly, and a great science lab partner! But what do ya’ know– sitting at his lunch table and being in the same classes seems like I made a heart flutter. [laughs] Maybe I should patch some holes about “Jack”… I’ve known him since 3rd grade… I’ve also hung out with him my fair share of times! But it doesn’t get into my head– he was always an nice friend to me. But anyway, he came over today, and I said, that we could just stay at my house to watch a 3d movie I owned and we could eat out– along with my friends. He seemed relieved we didn’t have to be alone and truth is- I was too! So… this Saturday, he’ll be tagging along with my best friends! Originally, I was to hang out with my best buds but I suppose one more guy doesn’t hurt! I hope he can take it if I tell him I don’t knowwww if I like him the same way, but I’ll just be a better friend and see what to do with this!

            OKAY. Now that’s filled, the problem starts. During gym today, we played in door soccer. We have the smallest class of all classes for 8th period, and I was set on a group of bad athletes. Anywho, I did my best getting the ball— oh right. I forgot- Miss Athlete was slower than me– she was Miss Popular’s best friend. On my team, but when she’s in game she doesn’t care as long as we won. So, that did good. She takes soccer, but she doesn’t seem to be really good at it. I’ve never played soccer… but somehow, I had the most fun!! I kick the ball and stuff (our team lost) but the best part was kicking the ball!

            It’s hard to get the ball if a guy has it they say. (non athlete players in my team) But it’s the best fun!!!!!! A guy and I were in a corner trying to get the ball out (we were on opposite teams) and I couldn’t see where the ball was and neither could him– so we started kicking randomly! I kicked him a lot I suppose and it was hilarious! We were laughing at my lack of aim but hey! I was hecka fun! o///o

            But I realized, that the guy was the guy I liked… back in 6th grade. T_T So, I shouldn’t worry right?! Wrong… :( I still liked him unforrrrtunatly even if I say I don’t– and I hardly talk to him! But… I still like him because he does talk to me. URGHS. And he sits next to me in math and science! WHO AM I KIDDING?! I’ve never thought this way again about him till todaaay!!!!!! Now I’m all ashamed of myself that I like a guy (he’s Asain, yes) and a guy likes me… that I don’t know if I like that way!

            o////o I think I’ll follow my heart and charge forward with what I have— any suggestions? Just for safety?

          • Mouri Ran (1307) says:

            Yawn, I’m almost done with hw. Yessssssssss…. Should I walk the dog today or should Frank? OOPS! Sorry. :) You don’t mind my thoughts right? Well, see ya in a few! (x2 post)

          • Chrissycat (9) says:

            Hmmm that’s tricky business but do what ur heart tells u. I know, I know, mellow dramatic clichés never help us solve problems with the heart do think of it this way: would u rather go for the guy that may or may not like u or the guy who likes u who u may or may not like. If ur still confused try getting to know both guys and see what u like/dislike about them. Are they worth it? Which one seems like a better choice? In one scenario one u may date and the other a good friend, or u may loose both. But I’m just letters, so don’t take my word, like I said before, do what u think is best.

          • Mouri Ran (1307) says:

            I like what you said, and I think I’ll see what they’re good and how they’re bad. :) I know “Jack” pretty well… but until I see, I can’t say for sure! Hm, phones ringing. Gotta get off my phone for a sec!

          • Mouri Ran (1307) says:

            OH YEAH! Thanks sooo much for the help, and guess who called: the guy! The guy = soccer game. I’ll give him a fake name: Nick. (notttt his real name) He assssked me if I wanted to go to some amusement park with his friends and I could bring 2 people (GIRLS). Supposed to be his bday. I said I’ll try and go and I’d tell him later. He emailed me the info, and I’m sure excited! Hm…. I’m gonna go, and find out some things about his real self! It’s this Sunday… OMD, right after my “play daaaate” with “Jack”! Hm, this is getting interesting!

            THANK you sooo much for the help! You’re the best!

          • Mouri Ran (1307) says:

            I kinda freaked out when I answered the call… ^.^

            Me: “Hello?! This is Rachel speaking.”
            Him: “Oh… hi Rachel. Am I bothering you?”
            Me: “Um, who are you, and not really bothering me…”

            THOUGHTS: He sounds familiar… hm, I dunno.

            Him: “I’m “Nick”.”
            Me: “Oh, whoops. Though you were some advertizing person. They annoy me and I was doing something… I’m fine now.”
            Him: [laughs] I was just wondering if you wanted to…” etc.

            Oh right– he asked if I could be on his basket ball team tomorrow. Some guy was leaving the game (injury) and it was a unfair game because 2 guys were off the whole team and only one person could fill in. Well, I agreed so I’m going over to his house today. Wish me luck! (x2 post)

          • Kat (815) says:

            Good luck Rachel!! I hope you have a good time.

          • Mouri Ran (1307) says:

            Thanks sooo much! I’m in the car now. Hw just finished– I’m set! I’m staying at his house for the night– my parents and chauffeur won’t be home. Going to New York City for business. So… bing! This means I’ll be either living at his house for 2 whole months… orrrr stay here today and live at my BFF’s the next. Well, it’s all depended on how “Nick’s” family says.

            This, is a life changing second! G2G! We are here! Post more later!

            THANKS soooo much!!!!!!!

          • Kat (815) says:

            *thumbs up* Definitely life-changing.

          • Minty (197) says:

            I wish you luck!

          • Mouri Ran (1307) says:

            Thank you, Minty!!!!!!

          • Mouri Ran (1307) says:

            It’s 10:30 p.m. I’m getting ready for bed… at Nick’s house. After dinner, we decided to play some Wii and me and Nick went out side to walk to the near by grocery store to run an errand I volunteered to go for. I usually have a walk after dinner and it was also a good chance to get to know him. (Nick is notttttt his real name.. his name is better. LOL) We didn’t buy much but he did teach me basic basketball rules and he trusts me that I’d try my best on the court even with out training. :)

            He has a older sister who goes to high school in 10th grade. She’s so pretty and resembles Nick so much! Liana just knows me just like a sister. ALREADY! She’s always helping me. I got my own room — the guest room and WHOOP, it’s 3 whole MONTHS that I’m staying here– so they say I could decorate the room. Hm, I’m good. I like they’re medieval princess style in here. Very medieval… [laughs] His mom is a great cook and his father… is very… interesting! HA~!

            He works as a beauty maker– pretty cool. Liana often tests the ones that were done and complete. :) What a great family! Mia (my newest BFF) has a older sister in 10th grade and guess what-? She’s friends with Liana! The connections are pretty cool. [laughs] For a diff. reason. Nick said his German shepherd can sleep with me. I’ve always loved my dogs, but turns out… my parents needed them for the job. I think it’s to help the patients or SOMETHING. I’ll ask sometime later. :) I’m smiling so much!

            Lol, well, I better post this to my blog. Who knows what miracles can happen these days~!

            Rachel’s Status: mm… tired. blogging!
            Rachel’s Feelings: deflated x-ray

            (x2 post)

          • Mouri Ran (1307) says:

            Good night everyone! 11:15! Sweet dreams! I feel so happy!!!!! Good night… yawn… Rich…ard…

          • Tori (2049) says:

            are you sleeping at his house???

          • Nicole (1443) says:

            OMG! That’s soo cool! Ya know, at first I thought you were posting ur story! LOL! BF! :D

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            PhoenixWrightFOREVER’s status :D
            Status: Drinking hot cocoa :D WITH MARSHIE MELLOWS
            What I want to do: go to Target LOL
            What I’m GOING to do: PLAY ON MY 3DS XD

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            Lulu’s Status: In a blanket drinking tea and eating an omlet! :P
            Rashaan is next 2 me, reading dork diaries and mouthing the words…he’s like: “ka..ka…re…re…ayyie…keey. :P so cute! :D an he’s like “do…dork…li…a…lic..us.” :D :D
            He is so cute! :D :D

            What she’s doing: Watching Rashaan eating my omlet! :o :D
            And reading my book. He is so struggling and yet he is enjoying it. Him and he’s blue-glasses! :D :D :D
            • In a Blanket
            • Eating
            • Drinking
            • Watching my baby cuzzie :D
            • Laughing @ him 4 saying “These words don’t make sense! They r like this! Ke-rey-zee and lic-us! What is that??” So CUTE! :D :D
            • Blogging duh…

            ~ but he said half of that in Spanish. So…yeah! :D

            What she’s about 2 do: Wash dishes and fool around! :P
            Plus call Gwenny-Poo, Siggy, Camilla, Chloe, Nicole and more… :D :D
            Haahhaaaahahahaha! :D

            What she’s wanting 2 do: Go 2 the Mall! I saw these really cute jeans one-day. Its so dorkalicious y’all! :D :D

            In Dream Contact: Go 2 The Bahamas and Bora Bora, Hawaai (I visited there once on Christmas ’09! :D
            I wanna travel the world!! :D :D :D

            •••• LULUKINZ OUT ••••

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            what is your fave hcocoa brand :) mine is Nestle :D
            STATUS UPDATE: Reading fanfictions on FanFiction.net lol PHOENIX x MAYA!!!!!!!
            What I’m going to do:Go to Target to find messanger bags lol

          • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

            im reading romantic PW fanfictions :D ITS SO SWEET I LOVE THEM PxM FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            Hi guys…I found my crush charming my best friend! :( :x
            Oh MY GOSH!! :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x
            And he called me he’s darling, he’s special girl after I see he is staring @ another girl! :x

            Guys…I’m hurt and I’m crushed…I’ve never felt this way about a boy before. I mean they always been ma-homies! But this one is the one (atleast I thought he was)

            I should just give up on men, since there’s no special someone in my life…*sighs sadly* its hard! :(

            Sorry 4 Bringing Everyone Down… :(
            Hey its a Fun Day! Let’s have fun…*she says sadly* :)

            I just couldn’t hold this in anylonger! :(


            I HATE HIM!! :x
            •••• HE TOOK MY HEART AND GAVE IT 2 ME BROKEN ••••

            *sigh* :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

          • Harmony (3655) says:

            That should never happen to you Lulu!! You are a sweet, nice, caring person!.. There will be someone special in your life.. You just have to wait for him.

            I’m not good at these love talk things.. :x

          • Sapphire (2779) says:

            I have to do a LOT of love talk, I’m doing an Ask Saffie page in the school magazine and practically ALL the letters I’ve got are along the lines of “My crush barely knows i exist!” “My crush has a girlfriend what do I do?” and “how do i tell her i like her?”
            But I totally love giving you guys advice, come to me whenever you need advice or email me! Whatever works! I can even live chat with u on HarmzBlog if you set up a meeting with me.

            ASK SAFFIE PEEPLZ!

          • s@ssy (228) says:

            My crush ____ has girlfriend who’s name is ____ his girlfriend is mean and rude. He still is my best guy friend but sometime I think he doesn’t like but then sometimes he does it just so UUGHH!!! My friends keep on teasing me like : when where in math class on of my friends ___ keep on saying that me and him should go out and it always becomes silent after she say that but I know she is just playing but I still her friend. Saffie : can u plz help or anyone else!!!!!!!!

          • s@ssy (228) says:

            hi Sapphire can u give me some advice on this problem plz

          • s@ssy (228) says:

            *What your favorite color(s)?
            *Do u have a crush,what his name? if you want to say
            *Do you have pets?
            *Where do you want to live?
            *What is your favorite animals?

            MY ANSWERS:
            *Neon colors
            *Yes (PRIVATE)
            *Yes I have 2
            *Florida for I can see MT (my BFF)
            *dogs,puppies,kittens,zebras,tigers,and many more !!

          • Elise (769) says:

            Blue, purpul
            here! (Were my home is)

          • s@ssy (228) says:

            THX Elise for replying to my quiz !!!!!!!

          • Valentina (238) says:

            *Lilac and all of the other shades of purple
            *Not really
            *Yes, I have 2 dogs, 1 bird and fishes
            *London, Paris, Hawaii or Dubai(BTW your answer for this question is so sweet!)

          • Sapphire (2779) says:

            i like pale pinks and any shade of blue
            Yes I do, he’s my boyfriend now.
            Yes kittens, turtle, fish
            Hawaii with my family (who live there) or where I am already-Florida.
            Kittens and penguins.

          • Harmony (3655) says:

            *What your favorite color(s)? Blue
            *Do u have a crush? Yes.
            *Do you have pets? Yes, 3 ferrets, 3 cats, 2 birds, and 1 dog
            *Where do you want to live? Italy… Or Paris.
            *What is your favorite animals? Elephants


          • Emily ;) (1660) says:

            Who is your crush?

          • Maria Teresa (1540) says:

            *Los Angeles (aww S@ssy you’re so sweet! :3 I miss you!)
            *tigers and cats

            ₪ ø ||| ·o.

          • Breezy (42) says:

            *black and white :3
            *YESH!Charles ^_^ aka Chuckie!
            *I WUV MEH KITTEHS!
            *florida!i was there few days ago and its fun ^_^
            *kitteh,dogs…you get the picture!I WUV DEMS ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

          • Vanessa101 (19) says:

            1. Purple and orange
            2. Yes
            3. No
            4. California, Hollywood
            5. Dogs and horses

          • Sapphire (2779) says:

            When your crush has a girlfriend the best thing is to leave them alone for a bit. Try and find someone else, its okay to be friends with the guy but don’t try and be anything more until he is officially over her (not just after they break up IF they break up but give me a couple of days or maybe weeks to recover).

          • Maria Teresa (1540) says:

            S@ssy, first, don’t try anything with that guy before he breaks up with that girl. You know they’ll break up someday, because if he’s nice (I predict he’s nice because he’s your best guy friend) and she’s mean and rude they’ll ‘collide’, if you know what I mean… Don’t worry, just give it some time. If you two are best friends, then that’s because he likes your personality and to be with you, right? ;) Hope I helped and wish you good luck!

            ₪ ø ||| ·o.

          • Harmony (179) says:

            Hey, can you set up a meeting with me? At about 7:00Pm EST? Or whenever your free? Please.


          • Sapphire (2779) says:

            If you mean me, then sure! Your livechat. Is right now a good time?

          • s@ssy (228) says:

            THANKS Sapphire for helping me OOH Also on more thing but my crush might be moving next year and i like him stuff but if he moves maybe I might not even had a chance to date him ! THANK U VERY MUCH FOR HELPING ME AND A BILLION THANK YOU MORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

          • crazydaisy783 (2) says:

            neon green and hot pink
            5 in all 2 dogs 3 cats (we used to have fish and an underwater frog but my sis put 2 bata fish in the same tank and the frog dies :-( )
            Jerusalen, Israel

          • Sapphire (2779) says:

            Don’t ever do that! Like I told Harmony “There’s someone for everyone and everyone will have someone.” There’s gonna be a sweet, sensitive guy out there who’ll love Lulu for who she is, I’ll change my name if there isn’t, in fact I’ll change my name to “FIBBER”, but I won’t need to do that coz I’m promising you SOMEone is gonna see the true awesomeness of Lulu!! Its okay, maybe at a later stage in your life your Prince Charming will come- I found mine, and I want you to find yours. You need to risk other guys to find out which one is truly the right guy!

          • s@ssy (228) says:

            S@ssy’s Status:Going to dance practice eating fries and chicken, when I am finish with dance going to Jersey Garden Mall,A.M.C Theaters,and T.G.I. Fridays !! lol
            What I want to do is:Go to the sleepover/party,sleep.sleep,sleep
            What I am going to do : go out get finish with dance and sleep !!!
            Wearing:Dance leotard,Dance tights,Gold Hollister shirt,Pink skinny jeans , with moccasins on lol!!
            P.S im also mad,sad,excited,and tired, also online chating !!!!!!! TTYL guys S@SSY OUT be breezy lol be breezy !!!! =)

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            Thx Saffie! :D
            Ur like a fairygod mother 4 me! :D
            Or a dorkgod sister?? IDK what u r but what I know u r is that ur a LIFE-SAVER! :D :D

            Thx 4 the awesome advice (again) I’m sure ur even tired of hearing my ‘thank you’s’ all the time! :P
            Thx Sapph. ;)
            Ooh…did it again! :P

          • Sapphire (2779) says:

            No I could never get sick of a thank you, feel free to say it as much as you like :p :D

            LOL I joke, I joke! Your welcome! And I hope your willing to go out into the big big world and try to find the right guy.

          • Bookworm (Aine) (506) says:

            Sapphire, I was an agony aunt in my old school’s mag too!!!!
            Thats so cool!

          • Greenowl (588) says:

            OMG! Lulu! :( I am so sorry! That is just how boys are. They stare at girls they think are pretty. They aren’t always loyal. I know it must REALLY hurt. He will come back to you if he really likes you. Meanwhile, think about who else you are interested in. You will soon find the perfect guy, i am sure of it! :)

          • Star (3007) says:

            Aww, at least you got to experience love before. I never did cause I’M UGLY!! O-O Seriously dude, I’m ugly and no one would want me… :P Anyways, He doesn’t deserve you anyways. YOU’RE TO COOL FOR HIM!! xD Lol
            *** STAR ***

          • Harmony (3655) says:

            Harmz commented on PW’s status: Yumm!! I want hot ccocoa!

            Harmz Status: I want to go to the mall again, SO BAD!! Too bad my parents have so much to do on Saturday and Sunday.. I won’t be doing anything… *sigh*

            What I’m going to do: Hw.
            Mood: bummed
            Face: :x DX


          • Lulu (10450) says:

            I am also so angry!! :x
            I hate h/w!! :(

            I have Math and English its little subjects but so lot of work! Oh My Gosh!! :x

            4 Math:
            Excercise 1.7. Real hard but real easy! :D

            4 English:
            Q&A and reading a book called “The Silver Sword” which is kinda like a book 4 my age group but 4 smaller children. :P

            Plus we have 2 write lines 4 our teacher:
            200 pages long girlfriend! :x :x :x

            “I must not talk whilst my teacher is out.”
            “Out?” Out where??? :x

            Uggh…did I mention really irritated on my status box! :x
            Oh well…but Rashaan is lifting my spirit guys! :D

          • Lyndserr99 (501) says:

            Wow, LULU! U sound really stressed!!!!!!!!! I hope you can finish it all. :)

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            LOL! :D
            I am so cool… :D
            I can finish it all don’t worry! ;) ;)
            Wanna chat? :D
            How are ya?? :P

          • Lyndserr99 (501) says:

            my reply is on comment 162

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            I know I replied! :D

          • Mouri Ran (1307) says:

            Ha ha! :) That’s kinda funny– my life as a book… hm, that’d be interesting huh?

          • Harmony (3655) says:

            Me too!


      • Valentina (238) says:

        My email has the mymelody.com domain too! :D

  44. Mouri Ran (1307) says:

    ‘Hm, good night guys. 10:10… little tired.’


    ‘Mmm, yep, I’m tired.’

  45. Jaslin062 (3) says:

    Bet thats,wat,Brandon does when hes around you ,Nikki

  46. Jaslin062 (3) says:


  47. Sapphire (2779) says:

    I guess its a lot less complicated for me since I have a boyfriend..

  48. Nicole (1443) says:

    Hey guys! I’m starting a poem contest!
    Date: Today until March. 2 (I changed the date because we need more time)
    Deadline of signing up: Feb. 22
    (Due to everyone’s enthusiasm, we have no limits)
    Rules: No bullying, no copying, no cheating, and most of all, have fun!
    People will get to vote on the poems on a few days or a few hours or a few minutes later (It depends because I don’t know how much free time I can post. Just keep your eye out for voting poem contests!) (The people who join the contest can’t vote for their own poem) Kids can team up to work on a poem together, but there is only one prize so you have to share.
    1st: Be in my 2012 awards section (your name will appear more than once) and get to create a character name in my next book. (ONLY name, and you can be that character, you’ll be in a very high level. You can tell me if you want to be the good guys or bad) and suggest to me about creating a new character (I’m going to do TWO stories at once, I’m still working on the new story. So I’ll tell the winner(s) when I’m done.
    2nd: Be in my 2012 awards section and get to suggest a character name and its style in my next book.
    3rd: Be in my 2012 awards section and suggest a character name.
    Questions? Feel free to ask me! Please post your poems on the comments that I show this contest! Sign up now!
    Tell me if you’re working in pairs or groups.

  49. Nicole (1443) says:

    You mean eight ways Nikki! :) Anyways, I LOVE it when you always end it: he’s TOTALLY into you!

  50. Sapphire (2779) says:

    OMG guys! I just vomited so I’m not going to school today.

    Mood: Sick

    Outfit: EAT MORE TACOS t-shirt and pyjama shorts + bunny slippers.

  51. Valentina (238) says:

    Good morning gals!

    Status: Lying in my bed, LAZING

    Mood: sleepy

    Outfit: pink pyjama tee + BeePosh heart print fleece pants (LOVE BeePosh!) + fluffy socks

    • Minty (197) says:

      Good day gals!

      Status: About to go on girlsgogames.com

      Mood: kinda mellow

      Outfit:pink striped ruffle shirt + gray pants

  52. Julliana (4) says:

    Wanna know why because the last time he caught me liking him he stop liking me! He was like to step: 1,2,4,6,7 and 8! i DON’T LIKE him now…
    it is too late to be liking him

  53. Valentina (238) says:

    I GTG now bye :)

  54. Jamie (903) says:

    I hav HUGE bags under mah eyes. Thank God mah glasses hide them! I mean, I probably shouldn’t stay up half the night posting here or going on YouTube On mah iPod touch, but it’s fun!

  55. Jamie (903) says:

    G2G! Don’t wanna miss the bus!

  56. Cori (2694) says:

    Wait you guys have to school don’t you have this week off.

  57. Sopmonkey (2156) says:

    OMG late srry has ayone ever been on brainpop caause i have aa brainpop quiz today lolz

  58. Sarah (125) says:

    Those are some good ways to know, Nikki!!!! They make alot of sense! I don’t have a crush because I’m not the king of girl who looks for “the right one”. Also, to me…some boys aren’t worth crushing on


  59. SAM (25) says:

    i been doing that to get a boy winsten.<3

  60. Apple (180) says:

    I hope these work! I might try them today.

  61. Sara (39) says:

    I hate all boys! THEY SUCK! (no offense) But Nikki, Lets be real….BRANDON is the one who’s TOTALLY INTO YOU!!

    • Elise (769) says:

      As well as having some good friends who are boys, I am boy crazy. And whats more, your saying you hate, well, your family! Boys are sometimes crazy, but they DO NOT SUCK. They are humans too, you know! It wasn’t there fault they were boys!
      Sorry, I get like that sometimes. Don’t take offense. I get like it when people say they like steak. I’m touchy.

      • Jamie (903) says:

        I like steak. BTW, u r waaaaaaay 2 touchy. People r allowed 2 hav opinions! If u don’t like that, don’t comment! Sorry if that offended u, it just REALLY annoys me when u get that disgusted look and act like its against the law to like something. I don’t mean to be harsh.

      • Sapphire (2779) says:

        Yeah they’re humans too, and they deserve to be respected, God made everyone who they are today. Your not just disrespecting boys your disrespecting one of the creations of God, I wouldn’t hurt a fly or a spider, because they deserve respect too. Watch what you say, and just because maybe some boys PERSONALITIES you don’t like, doesn’t mean you should put them all on the same boat right?!

  62. Sapphire (2779) says:

    Saffie’s latest status: Have to keep a trash can next 2 me at all times… ugggh.

    Mood: Sick :(

    Outfit: PJs

    Location: Bed.

  63. Sapphire (2779) says:

    ☮мїℊ☺ⅾ ☂н☤ṧ ḯṧ ṧ◎ ¢◎☺ʟ

  64. Lyndserr99 (501) says:

    only 65?! i was late. :(

  65. Lyndserr99 (501) says:

    can you please stop copying all the stuff from wwww.fsymbols.com please? it’s sort of annoying
    sorry. it just takes up a lot of space

  66. Lyndserr99 (501) says:

    Thanks Nikki so much for the post!!!!!!!! I have this guy that I’ve been crushing on since the beginning of the year and I’m pretty sure he likes me!

  67. Harmony (3655) says:

    -☻/˚ •。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛★ 。 .˛° 。 ° 。 ˚ • ★ ˚ .˛
    /▌˛˚ ˛ •˚ ˚Is anybody on? ˚ 。 ★
    / \ ˚. ★ ˛ ˚ • 。˚ ˚。 ˛˚ • 。˚ ˚ ★˛ ˚ 。. • ˚ 。


  68. Harmony (3655) says:

    Quick “how well do you know me?” quiz:

    1. What’s my fave animal?

    2. What’s my fave color?

    3. Do I wear dresses?

    4. How many animals do I have?

    5. Do I go to a choir?

    6. Do I cuss?

    7. Do I go to public school?

    8. What’s my favorite Italian food?

    9. What’s my favorite kind of ice cream?

    10. What’s my favorite show?


    • Lulu (10450) says:

      I’m back sorry 4 the sudden leave! :P
      Let me answer ahem…

      1) Puppies or kittens
      2) Blue
      3) Yes
      4) 2
      5) Choir
      6) No
      7) No ur home-schooled
      8) Spicy tachos? IDK
      9) Straw-berry ice-cream
      10) Switched-at-Birth

      • I really didn’t know some of them…sorry Harmzie! :P

    • Harmony (3655) says:


      1) Puppies or kittens
      ✔2) Blue
      ✔3) Yes
      4) 2
      ✔5) Choir
      ✔6) No
      ✔7) No ur home-schooled
      8)Spicy tachos? IDK
      9) Straw-berry ice-cream
      10) Switched-at-Birth


      1. IDK
      2. Hmm… Red? (That was a wild guess, just so u know.)
      ✔3. Sometimes
      4. one or 2
      ✔5. yes
      ✔6. no
      ✔7. no, ur homeschooled, like me
      ✔8. pizza?
      9. IDK
      10. IDK

      Elise got 5 out of 10 right, and Lulu got 5 out of 10 right too..


      • Sapphire (2779) says:

        Okay lets see

        1) Bunnies?
        2) Blue
        3) Yes, you just bought one and wore it remember?
        4) None?
        6, No
        7) No you are homeschooled, but I think your joining public school next year.
        8. Pizza
        9. Chocolate
        10. Adventure Time!

        • Harmony (3655) says:

          1) Bunnies?
          ✔2) Blue
          ✔3) Yes, you just bought one and wore it remember?
          4) None?
          ✔6) No
          ✔7) No you are homeschooled, but I think your joining public school next year.
          ✔8. Pizza
          ✔9. Chocolate
          10. Adventure Time!

          7/10! Great job!

          MY ANSWERS!!

          1. What’s my fave animal? Elephant

          2. What’s my fave color? Blue

          3. Do I wear dresses? Yes, sometimes

          4. How many animals do I have? Nine! 0_0

          5. Do I go to a choir? Yes.

          6. Do I cuss? No!

          7. Do I go to public school? No.

          8. What’s my favorite Italian food? Pizza! >:) YUM!

          9. What’s my favorite kind of ice cream? Chocolate!

          10. What’s my favorite show? FRIENDS!

          Well, this was fun..

    • me (16) says:

      home schooled
      toddelers and tiaras

  69. Elise (769) says:

    1. IDK
    2. Hmm… Red? (That was a wild guess, just so u know.)
    3. Sometimes
    4. one or 2
    5. yes
    6. no
    7. no, ur homeschooled, like me
    8. pizza? Pasta?
    9. IDK
    10. IDK

  70. Harmony (3655) says:

    I am so bored.. So I’m going to make a song about it:

    Bored song, written by Harmony

    Bored.. OooooOOO..

    The End


  71. Lulu (10450) says:


  72. Harmony (3655) says:

    Harmz status: going to eat at Moe’s, yay!

    What I’m going to get: close talker, with steak, shredded lettuce, shredded cheese, and guacamole.

    Mood: hungry
    Face: :0o


  73. Erica (13) says:

    Man boys are complicated! I mean seriously! I have a major crush on the boy who lives next to me since 3rd grade,he hasn’t shown and signs since we don’t have CCPs in our school. I only see him when we switch classes. We don’t have lockers. He’s not even in my class. We do walk home together,only because he lives right next to me. I really really like him! What do I do?

    • Lulu (10450) says:

      Try spending quality time together, I mean the reason why u aint clickin is coz he may think u don’t like him since u probably don’t treat him like a friend.

      Try knowing him better and really connecting…then when u think its time ask him out or he’ll ask u out.

      Since right now ur just watching him in a sideways-glance.
      Spend a couple of months/years knowing him first, then when u think u can trust him for sure…go steady.

      •••• LULUKINZ OUT ••••

    • Brooke (1) says:

      I have a crush on a boy and I just found out that he likes me he told me 4 weeks after my friends told me

  74. Lulu (10450) says:

    Is anybody on?
    Coz I gotta go in a couple of minutes… :D

  75. 143 ;) (6) says:

    omg seriously stop posting ridiculous stuff like stupid pics ok?? good noiw stop it

  76. Harmony (3655) says:

    Do y’all like my new pic? I got it from the mall. You probably can’t see it very well… But, whatever…

    I think it’s pretty. :0)

  77. Harmony (3655) says:


    You can view it closer here. ^

  78. maggie (220) says:

    Hey Yallz! I wrote a song! And I’m not at school today. I’m sick at home with a cold. Bleh. Here it is:

    You played with fire, but you burnt me up
    You took me higher, then let me drop.
    You picked me up of the curb and put me there again.
    And I thought you loved me every now and then

    But now, I realize
    It wasn’t a surprise
    When I saw you with her
    That girl……Ohhhhhhhhh

    I saw you
    You said you were just friends
    But now I know
    This just ends
    My thinking of innocence
    For you…. Ohhhhhhh
    This now explains
    Why you frayed outside the lines
    And that explains
    The ring on your necklace that wasn’t mine
    Ohhhhhhh, you used me
    Ohhhhhhh, you confused me

    She was there, her bleach blonde hair
    You couldn’t get her just anywhere
    So you picked her up and spit me out
    Like I was hurting your mouth

    But now, I came clean
    You don’t really mean
    That much
    to me…… Ohhhhhh
    But now I understand
    She thought it wouldn’t hurt
    To play with my emotions
    Like a toy….
    And now
    I know
    I gotta find
    another boy…..

    Sometimes you realize
    You’ve hurt someone else
    I guess you haven’t realized
    You’ve only hurt yourself…

    Thank you for reading! REMEMBER: I’m 10 Almost 11. My B-day is the 27th. Let me know what you think about the song!

    • Harmony (3655) says:

      Great song!!!! :0D

      I really like it!

      • maggie (220) says:

        Thank you! You should take my quiz below! And I saw your vid. I want to go to The WWOHP SO BADLY! Did you see the Chocolate frogs? Did you get a wand?

        • Harmony (3655) says:

          Lol, yeah they were so cool! I didn’t buy a wand, they are too expensive for me… The candy shop was really cool!

          • maggie (220) says:

            Did you see when the person got chosen for a wand and background music started playing and it was all windy like? SO COOL!

          • Sapphire (2779) says:

            i LOVED the candy store, every flavor beans were awesome, thank goodness they weren’t ACTUALLY every flavour, I remember when dumbledore got an earwax bean in the movie. I got a wand, in the wand shop it was soo cool, they chose me for a Hermione wand, and my sister got a Voldemort one. I hated those singer-guys who said they were the Hogwarts Choir, did you go on the simulation ride?

          • Harmony (3655) says:

            Yeah, I went on like, every ride in universal(well, not the kiddie rides though).


          • Sapphire (2779) says:

            I went on the kiddie rides just 4 fun! I also loved that ride where you sat in a car and had 2 shoot aliens, and the simpsons, and the Jaws ride but u said they closed that one.

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            That’s an awesome song! :D

          • s@ssy (228) says:

            i luv the song

    • Minty (197) says:


      • Nicole (7) says:

        1. Nicole
        2. Blue
        3. totally Selena Gomez!
        4. A.N.T. Farm
        5. 10
        6. I LUV reading and I have a dog!
        7. uh… never watched any of it… only a lil of Pretty Little Liars though…
        8. not MAN, GIRL!
        9. Nikki!!! Totally Nikki!
        ~ Nicole! :D

        • Nicole (1443) says:

          Um, hi Nicole! wanna be friends? Just asking, can you change ur name to like, say:

          Nicole2 or something? Cuz people might get us confused. Anyways, just suggesting. I love blue and reading and hate mean girls too! I’ve ALWAYS wanted a dog! Do you like dogs or cats. I like dogs better! :D :D wanna join my poem contest? Details on comment 52! TTYL!

  79. maggie (220) says:


    5. HOW OLD AM I?
    Thank you for looking! Peace out moondogs! YO YO YO!

    • Valentina (238) says:

      1. Valentina
      2. Lilac
      3. Selena Gomez
      4. Either America’s Best Dance Crew and The Vampire Diaries
      5. You? Well, I don’t know
      6. I’ve a bubbly personality and I guess I’m funny and nice, and I’m quite a dork!
      7. Neither
      8. A Muppet!
      9. NIKKI!
      10. Well, my ideal story is actually about fantasy and fiction, but if I have to choose one of those subjects then I’ll choose mean girls

      • Minty (197) says:

        Hey, Gals! I am having a song contest! Do not forget to sighn up! (Contact me with a reply if you want me to be in the contest) DO NOT COPY, CHEAT, TELL ANYONE ANYTHING MEAN OR RUDE ABOUT THERE SONG, OR YOU WILL BE DISQAULIFIED! Have it at least 28 words.
        people alowed: 30
        1. Minty
        2.Empty slot
        3.Empty slot
        4.Empty slot
        5.Empty slot
        6.Empty slot
        7.Empty slot
        8.Empty slot
        9.Empty slot
        10.Empty slot
        12.Empty slot
        13.Empty slot
        14.Empty slot
        15.Empty slot
        1.Empty slot
        2.Empty slot
        3.Empty slot
        4.Empty slot
        5.Empty slot
        6.Empty slot
        7.Empty slot
        8.Empty slot
        9.Empty slot
        10.Empty slot
        12.Empty slot
        13.Empty slot
        14.Empty slot
        15.Empty slot

    • Opal (216) says:

      1. Opal
      2. purple
      3. Gomez
      4. Good Luck Charlie
      5. 99999999999999999999999999999999 years old
      6. Too much to describe
      7. Never seen either
      8. Muppet
      9. IDK

    • Harmony (3655) says:

      1. Harmony
      2. Blue
      3. Gomez
      4. FRIENDS
      5. 10
      6. I’m funny, nice, sensitive
      7. Pretty Little Liars
      8. MUPPET!! XD
      9. Nikki and Mackenzie!
      10. Both


    • Sapphire (2779) says:

      1. Sapphire
      2. Pale pink, lilac and any shade of blue.
      3. Gomez
      4. Friends
      5. 10 almost 11 (you) if your asking about me 13 going on 14.
      6. Cute, friendly, artistic, mature, deep (I hope these things are true)
      7. Pretty Little Liars
      8. I’m a MUPPET OF A MAN. LOL JK, A Muppet, I loved that movie!
      9. I love Nikki’s mom! She’s too funny! “He kicked sand in my eye.” MOM: “He has a crush on you!”
      10. I guess mean girls, but I read this book called Cupcake Diaries about these two sisters who opened a bakery and I liked that, although it was a true life book.

      • maggie (220) says:

        Sapphire, I know what you’re talking about, but in my example,The Cupcake Diaries was a book about four girls named Mia, Katie, Emma, and Alexis. I think you’d like it!

        • Harmony (3655) says:

          I read that book!!


        • Sapphire (2779) says:

          Thats a different type of book, my sister is reading the cupcake diaries YOUR talking about. There’s actually TWO books called Cupcake Diaries, one is a true life story about 2 sisters who opened a bakery in NYC, the one your talking about is one of those schoolgirl type books right? I think its about these friends who like to bake together? And there’s this one new girl? IDK, my sister talked about it for half an hour straight but I wasn’ concentrating

          • maggie (220) says:

            LOL! No there isn’t a new girl, it’s just their first year of middle school. Yeah, I looked up The Cupcake Diaries on Google, and I saw two middle age women, and I was like, “What the…?”

          • Sapphire (2779) says:

            Thats the one I read. The one with the middle aged ladies.

        • crazyfan45 (61) says:

          THOSE BOOKS R AWESOME!! the first two have cupcake recipes in the back of the books but the rest don’t. :(

    • Minty (197) says:

      1. Elizabeth
      2. Blue (or pink)
      3. Gomez
      4. IDK?
      5. 9
      6. sweet, sassy, mellow, a little CRAZY!
      7. CLIQUE
      9. Chloe
      10. Cupcake ( i heart bakin)

    • Maria Teresa (1540) says:

      1. Maria Teresa
      2. purple
      3. Gomez
      5. Hmmm… 11 or 12?
      6. I’m shy but funny and nice to everyone(I hope so). I’m also VERY distracted and dorky!
      7. I don’t know
      8. A Muppet :3
      9. Either Chloe or Zoey – they’re so funny!
      10. I rather read books about fiction and all of those stuff, but I have to say mean girls

    • Kat (815) says:

      1. Katherine A.K.A Kat
      2.Bright pink
      4.Adventure Time!!
      5. Well, if u are talking about you then almost eleven but if you are talking about me, then twelve
      6.I’m really outgoing and funny
      7.I’ve never watched them.
      8. MUPPET!!
      9.My fave is ,of course, NIKKI
      10. Mean girls

    • Mouri Ran (1307) says:

      My entry!!!

      1. Rachel Miki Aiko
      2. Pink, blue, purple, green (in order!) ^3^
      3. Gomez- much prettier voice and prettier outside. o_o other wise… i dunno.
      4. Does anime count? Detective Conan or Samurai X. Otherwise… Hells Kitchen.
      5. You? 6th grade? I’m in 8th. (14) Your… 10 or 11!
      6. Mm, I like charging forward in life and I’m unpredictable.
      7. THE CLIQUE- OMD!
      8. A duuuh. I’m a muppet! [^-*-^] My abnormal face proves it!
      9. Zoey or Nikki
      10. MEAN GIRLS (cuz their mean! lol)

    • Lulu (10450) says:

      1. Lulu
      2. Red
      3. Selena Gomez
      4. Wipeout, My Wife and Kids (really funny and realistic shows like Survivor or whatnot…)
      5. You are 10 turning 11 and I’m ___ years old! :P
      6. I am bubbly I laugh @ a lot of things! :D
      I am so silly, funny, weird, crazy and free-spirited! :D I love my personality.
      I get easily frustrated (that’s what I don’t like) if irritated. And more…but I don’t wanna bore u guys! ;)
      7. Pretty Little Liars! ;)
      8. A MUPPET BABY!!! :D :D :D :D
      9. Hmm…I have a lot. Nikki, Chloe, Zoey. Don’t hate me guys but I kinda like Mackenzie. Sorry…she just entertains me! :D :D :D :D :D sorry Kenzie-Haters but I LIKE HER! :D :D :D
      10. My ideal story is about Mean Girls. :D

  80. maggie (220) says:

    1. Maggie
    2. Probably pink or purple.
    3. Selena.
    4. Probably Cupcake Wars, Man VS Food, or something like Hardcore Pawn or Phineas and Ferb
    5. I am the only one who knows. HA HA!
    6. I am fun, lazy, creative, PRETTY DORKY, and Harry Potter Fanlike
    7. The Clique. KUH-YUTE!
    9. Nikki, Chloe, and the character I like drawing most is MacKenzie.
    10. Hmmmm…. I like BOTH! There is a book called Cupcake Diaries with cupcakes AND mean girls! Yay!

    • Sapphire (2779) says:

      Wait there’s two books called cupcake diaries, one is a true life story about two sisters who opened a bakery, and one is a fictional schoolgirl story. Thats cool!

    • lily (387) says:

      2. Purple
      3. Selena Gomez
      4. The Amazing World of Gumball, American Idol, iCarly, and How To Rock
      6. I am nice, friendly, fashionable, and not the most popular, but not at the bottom either.
      7. The Clique.
      8.I’m a MUPPPPET!
      9. Nikki, Chloe, Zoey, MacKenzie, Jessica, and Lisa Wang.
      10. About mean girls

  81. lily (387) says:

    I got a crush on Trever Watters! I’m fourth most popular behind Natalie Larson, Sasha Harris, and Miranda Benson.

    • Sapphire (2779) says:

      Cool, to be honest I’m probably one of the most popular girls in my school, it doesn’t make me a MacKenzie it just means I like to be friends with everyone.

      • Minty (197) says:

        Hey, Gals! I am having a song contest! Do not forget to sighn up! (Contact me with a reply if you want me to be in the contest) DO NOT COPY, CHEAT, TELL ANYONE ANYTHING MEAN OR RUDE ABOUT THERE SONG, OR YOU WILL BE DISQAULIFIED! Have it at least 28 words.
        people alowed: 30
        1. Minty
        2.Empty slot
        3.Empty slot
        4.Empty slot
        5.Empty slot
        6.Empty slot
        7.Empty slot
        8.Empty slot
        9.Empty slot
        10.Empty slot
        12.Empty slot
        13.Empty slot
        14.Empty slot
        15.Empty slot
        1.Empty slot
        2.Empty slot
        3.Empty slot
        4.Empty slot
        5.Empty slot
        6Empty slot
        7.Empty slot
        8.Empty slot
        9.Empty slot
        10.Empty slot
        12.Empty slot
        13.Empty slot
        14.Empty slot
        15.Empty slot

        • ayee twek some (1) says:

          its not nun errors soo yeahh aha its all about if you like eachother then the boy is going to ask you out and if you like him you would tell him that you do dont be slow.. your welcome twerk somee ayee

      • lily (387) says:

        I want to join! Do I post the song in here?

        • Minty (197) says:

          You can join, Lily!

        • Minty (197) says:

          Hey, Gals! I am having a song contest! Do not forget to sighn up! (Contact me with a reply if you want me to be in the contest) DO NOT COPY, CHEAT, TELL ANYONE ANYTHING MEAN OR RUDE ABOUT THERE SONG, OR YOU WILL BE DISQAULIFIED! Have it at least 28 words.
          people alowed: 30
          1. Minty
          3.Empty slot
          4.Empty slot
          5.Empty slot
          6.Empty slot
          7.Empty slot
          8.Empty slot
          9.Empty slot
          10.Empty slot
          12.Empty slot
          13.Empty slot
          14.Empty slot
          15.Empty slot
          1.Empty slot
          2.Empty slot
          3.Empty slot
          4.Empty slot
          5.Empty slot
          6Empty slot
          7.Empty slot
          8.Empty slot
          9.Empty slot
          10.Empty slot
          12.Empty slot
          13.Empty slot
          14.Empty slot
          15.Empty slot

        • Minty (197) says:

          Yes, you post the song here.

  82. Emily ;) (1660) says:

    Today in p.e my crush was staring at me. SQUEE!! I thi k he is nervous to talk to me

  83. Jamie (903) says:

    “Well, I’ve been a musician my whole life. When I was two, I would sing the theme from Star Wars in my crib; my mom taped it for proof. Then, when I was five, I asked for a violin. No one knew why I would want one, but my wish was granted and I ended up a classically trained fiddler by age 12. The only problem with that was, when you’re a classical violinist, everybody expects you to be satisfied with playing Tchaikovsky for the rest of your life, and saying you want to play jazz, rock, write songs, sing your songs, hook up your fiddle to a guitar amp, sleep with your 4-track recorder, mess around with synths, dress like Tinkerbell in combat boots, AND play Tchaikovsky is equivalent to spitting on the Pope.” 
    ― Emilie Autumn

  84. elizabeth (40) says:

    lol HE’s TOTTALY INTO YOU :)

  85. Sapphire (2779) says:

    Today my boyfriend and my best friends surprised me after school by coming over- so sweet of them!! They also told me that today they discussed a school magazine in class, we’re gonna make one, and they said they put me forward for the “Agony Aunt” meaning I’m gonna have a special “Ask Saffie” page where I give advice. Sounds fun!

  86. maggie (220) says:

    Wow. I was sick from school today, and MY SISTER WAS SUPPOSED TO BRING MY WORK BUT SHE FORGOT IT! WOW. So, anyone want to chat?

  87. Sapphire (2779) says:

    Saffie’s Status: As happy as I feel about my friends surprising me I still feel pretty bad. I vomited 5-6 times today, my temperature is 102.8 and I think I got that stomach virus Harmony got a while back. Boo. But now I guess I’m stuck being sick, I had no choice, so I might as well be grateful that its not anything worse like Swine flu or cancer, I could just as easily have been diagnosed with those illnesses.

    Mood: sick but still appreciating my life.

    Outfit: A new pair of PJs (my other ones were kind of icky)

    Location: B-E-D

    • Harmony (3655) says:

      O! I hope you feel better Sapphire!! If you have Popsicles, then suck on those, and eat crackers. Dink ginger-ale. Keep a bucket right next to you, while you lay down in bed.

      I hope you feel better really soon!

      • Harmony (3655) says:

        Not Dink, I meant to say “Drink”.. My bad!


      • Sapphire (2779) says:

        Thanks Harmony but I can’t stomach anything, its one of those things where even one sip of water can make me retch. I’m trying to drink ginger ale but its taken me 2 hours to get through half :(

        • maggie (220) says:

          Wow. One time I was so sick, my mom told me if I didn’t eat, she’d have to take me to the hospital to get shots and stuff. So I ate lots of stuff through the whole day, and then I puked right when I went to bed. Then I never got sick since then. So try to eat something. You may throw up a couple times afterword, but it’s worth it. This happened TWO YEARS AGO, and I have a REALLY strong stomach.

          • Sapphire (2779) says:

            Well I was born quite delicate, and I’m used to getting ill once a month or so, and when its THAT time of the month it gets really painful for me.

          • maggie (220) says:

            Oh wow. Sorry Saffie! I can’t imagine throwing up like once a month! My sister is JUST like you. One time, she pushed a toothbrush in her mouth like kinda far, and she PUKED UP A STORM! And my sister got sick on Jan. 1st 2012 and she puked up everything except for some mucus, and when Grampa got the bowl to clean it out he was like, is that it?!?!?!?!

  88. maggie (220) says:

    1. What is your favorite character?
    2. What is you favorite character pairing in and not in the books?
    3. What is your least favorite character pairing in and not in the books?
    4. Who is your least favorite character?
    6. If you could Accio, what would you Accio?

  89. maggie (220) says:

    Sorry you’re sick, Saffie. No one likes puking! I really hate it. Luckly, today I only have a stuffy/runny nose. Bleh. When did you start puking?

  90. Bookworm (Aine) (506) says:

    I go to an all-girls school, kind of hard for a BOY to crush on you!

    Update on the lion, the witch and the wardrobe
    Got rehearsals tomorrow!
    Really nervous this time next week, my form will on next! It’s a comp, H go first, I’m in E so I go 2nd then A,R,T! HEART! This Saturday I’ve got practice! Boo Hoo! Though the prize is a free trip to a West End show!

    Update on my life
    Today: I HATED IT!
    In pe (Phys Ed, I think?) I got my level 3H, RUBBISH! I’m so upset! Plus u know that 500 words I was going about, my friend’s story is finished and amazing! She worked on it for 2 days! I’ve been working on mine for 2 weeks! Though it’s finished now and I love it!

  91. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think is into me its all true everything to im so happy i wanna tell him but my mom would kill me if i be hes girlfriend bc she doesnt want me to be with a guy wen im 12 years old and i dont think its legal to go to school dead. tell me how to tell him and wut do i do about my mom? pls nikki help me maybe zoe and chloe can help u too but pls answer me back i need ur help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! still so happy

  92. Sapphire (2779) says:

    Now my boyfriend is sitting at the edge of the bed talking to me, he’s so amazing, he’s willing to come over when I’m sick.

  93. Bookworm (Aine) (506) says:

    1) Ron Weasley
    2) RonxHermione
    3) HarryxHermione ARGH! BLEUGRH!!!
    4) Don’t know
    5)Draco: he is one awesome dude! The best baddie… EVER!
    6)Don’t know
    7) Hmmmmmmmm, talk then if totally evil and beyond professional help, AVADA KADAVERA
    ——–SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!—————
    S P O I L E R



  94. Bookworm (Aine) (506) says:

    Get well soon and yeah I think that is one of the prizes!

  95. Sapphire (2779) says:

    I GTG chat with my boyfriend for a bit, he’s taken so much trouble to come over here the least I can do is give him my full attention.

    B on in a couple of hours maybe? And I’ll be on tomorrow, no school again 4 me. ur not allowed at school within 24 hours of vomiting.

  96. maggie (220) says:

    OK, bye Sapphire! I gotta go too! I gotta do make-up work! WISH ME LUCK!- MAG

  97. Bookworm (Aine) (506) says:

    1 Louis Tomlinson
    2 Niall Horan
    3 Harry Styles
    4= Liam Payne & Zayn ?


    • Sapphire (2779) says:

      I LOOOOOOVE One Direction! I have ONE DIRECTION INFECTION Aine!! It just so happens I went to London during X Factor and there was this movie premiere and all the X Factor peeps were there (is it like the American Idol of UK?) and One Direction were there! i have AUTOGRAPHS!

    • beatrice_prior (56) says:

      I don’t like one direction! eww! I’m a DIVERGENT FAN!!! :D AND I LOVE THE SUMMER I TURNED PRETTY AND SHATTER ME

  98. TaylorSwift26 (552) says:

    I have a crush and I really do need to know if he has a crush on me! Thanks so much! :)

  99. Jamie (903) says:

    Which deathly hallow:
    Stone, wand, or cloak?
    Classic, I choose the cloak.

  100. Sapphire (2779) says:

    My favourite phrases people in my life often say:

    1. Sapphire did you remember to do the dishes? ~Mom
    2. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! ~Lexi
    3. Please! You don’t need to call a professional! i can do it myself! ~Dad
    4. I love you. ~My boyfriend*
    5. I believe in you~Mom and dad

    *That one was a personal favourite, and its not just him who says it, lots of family members do too, its just I like it the most when he says it. IDK makes me feel special.

  101. Maria Teresa (1540) says:

    AARRRGGGHHH my Carnival break ends tomorrow! :( ((

  102. Maria Teresa (1540) says:

    Gotta go now! :( It’s 10:58 p.m. and I should be sleeping by this time, tomorrow I have classes *sigh*. Atleast I’ll see my friends again!
    xoxo :3

    ₪ ø ||| ·o.

  103. Maria Teresa (1540) says:

    OK I can stay for a little while :D

  104. Sapphire (2779) says:


  105. Maria Teresa (1540) says:

    OK now I really have to go… bye dorkies :3

    ₪ ø ||| ·o.

  106. Harmony (3655) says:


    That awkward moment when, someone catches you staring at them.

    I hate it when websites ask, “Are you a human?” Umm, Hello? I’m obviously a unicorn.

    “OMG I want this! *looks at price tag* Never mind…”

    When your mom thinks you have an attitude with her, but all you did was answer her question.

    Lol, XD

  107. Minty (197) says:

    Hey, Gals I am having a song contest! Do not forget to sighn up! (Contact me with a reply if you want me to be in the contest) DO NOT COPY, CHEAT, TELL ANYONE ANYTHING MEAN OR RUDE ABOUT THERE SONG, OR YOU WILL BE DISQAULIFIED! Have it at least 28 words.
    people alowed: 30
    1. Minty
    2.Empty slot
    3.Empty slot
    4.Empty slot
    5.Empty slot
    6.Empty slot
    7.Empty slot
    8.Empty slot
    9.Empty slot
    10.Empty slot
    12.Empty slot
    13.Empty slot
    14.Empty slot
    15.Empty slot
    1.Empty slot
    2.Empty slot
    3.Empty slot
    4.Empty slot
    5.Empty slot
    6Empty slot
    7.Empty slot
    8.Empty slot
    9.Empty slot
    10.Empty slot
    12.Empty slot
    13.Empty slot
    14.Empty slot
    15.Empty slot

  108. sara (170) says:

    i had a crush on a guy in the 5 grade!
    he was the only guy one who was nice to me

  109. Jamie (903) says:

    Emailing mah friend with school email. Mah friend just ate dinner. Gonna call her McNutterbutter now! No idea why.

  110. sara (170) says:

    ill sing up!………………………..ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm may be not

  111. Jamie (903) says:

    Ok, I’m looking up blu waffl. I can stomach a lot, dont worry. I’ll probably just feel bad for peepl with it.

  112. Vanessa101 (19) says:

    I like this guy in schOol to but it’s seriously hard to know
    If he like me boys r so complicated

  113. Jamie (903) says:

    I looked up blu waffl. OMG, poor women! BTW, don’t look it up if ur squeamish. The first thing I happened to see was a pic. Looks painful.

  114. Sally (473) says:

    Hey lyndser99 luv the new photo!

  115. Harmony (3655) says:

    Lol! XD
    Awkward moments:

    The awkward moment when, you have to stare at a text for 5 minutes to figure out how to reply.

    That awkward moment when you’re talking to yourself and start to smile like an idiot, because you’re so hilarious.

    That awkward moment when you’re telling a story & you realize no one’s listening so you slowly fade out and pretend you never said anything.

    The awkward moment when you catch yourself singing a song you’re suppose to hate.

    Awkwardly standing there as your friend talks to someone you don’t know.


    • Harmony (3655) says:

      That awkward moment when you’re walking & then you think about how you’re walking, & you feel like you’re walking weird.

    • Jamie (903) says:

      The awkward moment when ur mom and dad are staring at the same cloud, mom says ‘snoopy’, dad says ‘cumulus’,and you say ‘skull with a bullet fracture’. Ur sis says ‘wait, what happened?’. Clueless Steph. Then parents stare at u and sis catches on ten min later. Then stares at u. Never go on hikes with mah family.

  116. maggie (220) says:

    Here’s another orig. song!

    When I walk on by
    Ron Weasely’s like, “Who’s that guy?”
    I have a lightning scar
    I am an official Hogwarts star
    Yeah that’s how I roll
    Griffindor scarf on patrol
    I laugh at Draco
    I really don’t like him ya know
    When I Apparte into Hogwarts
    This is what I see
    Voldemort stops and tries to kill me
    I got Dobby in a grave and I’m not afraid to show him, show him, show him.



  117. Dakota Burkett (5) says:

    YO YO YO! Wasssssss up?

  118. Alma (A.C.) (1) says:

    I’m Elmo and I know it!!!

    • Chrissy (9) says:

      actually its gotten slightly better i do know for sure he called me unattractive but i dont know if he meant it one of my friends said it was forced out of him by someone else. and the other day he was throwing woodchips at me and when i asked him what he was doing hes like throwing woodchips at u and he was smiling the whole time. like wt fudgepops? and just yesterday i was talking to my friend about an annoying boy i used to know and she said that maybe he liked me. he was next to us but i didnt know so i looked away but she saw his face and she said he looked irratated and she raised her eyebrow at him and he made a wierd face to cover it up cuz like i said , total doofus. thats when i started looking and i said that was awkward. so now my friend says shes on to him cuz one time she said he was walking and stoped and stared at me but then she saw and he saw her so to cover it up he pretended to cover it up by throwing out trash. i also told her about the phone # thing i mentioned earlier and she said was his voice shaky and i said well yes actually so she said he ws obviously trying to cover it up. the thing is, as much as i wanna believe that he likes me i can imagine all of that happening bit i cant reality it, ya know? also im pretty sure he knows i like him cuz i was talking about him with my other friend and was rite behind me!!! when he got up he turned around and winked at me or sonething ( i wasnt sure cuz i was looking at the floor.) so my friend said he likes u but hes afraid to tell u how he feels but i dont think so i mean if u like somebody who u knew liked u back would u ignore him i know i would but i dont think hes the same way and i think he was teasing me when he winked at me they say hes not mean but what if he hates me so much he acts mean to me. i think some ppl who r friends with him who know i like him tell him too. and he listens cuz he hates me! i dunno really but i need to! its driving me insane! someone plz answer me back and gimme some advice.

  119. Chrissycat (9) says:

    Guys, I’m lost I could really use ur help. Where do I start? Ok, well I like (no, love, I love this guy) and he’s kinda like me: funny, nice, really cute, a total doofus. And well, I read ur blog and I noticed that he does stare at me sometimes, like for three or four seconds, like I’ll be doing something and I’ll look at him, and he’ll already be staring at me like I stare at him: emotionless, but with wide eyes for at least a couple seconds. And sometimes he walks by my desk but it’s usually cuz he’s talking to one of his friends. And he laughs at my jokes, even when I don’t say anything funny he just smiles at me really big. And he doesn’t talk to me much, he talks to a lot of girls in the class except me, but I guess I do the same and ignore him cuz I don’t wanna b to obvious, but whatever’s. About all of my friends have said he likes me at least once this school year, but sometimes they’ll be like no, he doesn’t and then they change their minds. Like the other day, they told me he said I was unactractive but then they said that a girl who is really mean to me and knows I like him and is friends with him because he doesn’t know how mean she really is, none of the boys do, told him to say it and he doesn’t mean it. And I told him about him making a total idiot out of himself during musical chairs right in front of me and she’s like, maybe he was being stupid for you. The thing is, every single girl on my class (8) has once had a crush on him, and even more girls have liked him in his home town. So why’d he go after me, seriously, I’m not that pretty, I mean Im not ugly but I’ve never considered myself pretty. Oh, and one time he recorded this funny video and i was like u have to send it to me and my nosy but means well friend was like, oh I’ll give u her number and I’m all, no —- don’t begging u and he’s like yeah I never really wanted ur number anyway. So by the time you’ve finished reading this, ur really confused and ur not sure how to answer. I mean, I’m just as confused as u so plz just do the best u can I’m just about to cry this bOy is really confusing me.

  120. mandy (19) says:

    omg i really dont think my crush likes me i geuss it wouldnt work out any way lol

  121. vanessa (1) says:

    I think this one guy might like me not sure what do i do? im not even in Middle school yet! so what else are some signs

  122. lily (387) says:

    I’m doing a new book. It’s a book series called The Fight for Stacey Sutton.

    Stacey Sutton: Samhorselover
    Jacob (The guy who loves Stacey): Sally
    Keith (Stacey’s boyfriend): Harmony
    Jessica (The girl that likes Keith):April

    Book 1
    The Beach

    Book 2
    The War

    Book 3
    The Rave

    Book 4
    The Truth

    17-year-old Stacey is at the beach the summer before senior year. She is dating Keith, but she meets Jacob and things change. A war starts between Keith and Jacob, and Stacey will date the guy who wins. We won’t know that until book 3 or 4.