OMG I’m so excited!! Tomorrow after school I’m going to the mall with Chloe and Zoey and then they’re coming back to my house for a sleepover.

I LIVE for sleepovers!! When else can you eat TONS of junk food, watch TV all night, and stay up giggling without being told to go to bed?

But tomorrow night it won’t be just ANY sleepover…we’re having a makeover sleepover!!

We’re going to take turns doing each other’s hair and nails and stuff. We’re also going to trade clothes with each other so we all end up with a totally different look.

I’m thinking we should have fun with it instead of taking it seriously, so we see what we’d look like if we did something crazy dramatic that we’d never choose for ourselves. I know EXACTLY what looks I want to do for Chloe and Zoey!

For Chloe I’m thinking goth! She already has black hair, so she’s basically just a goth chick waiting to happen. We’ll paint her nails and toenails black. I could even draw little spider webs on them so they look totally creepy.

I have these glittery black tights I never wear. I was thinking I’d cut them, so that each leg is separate, and then put five little holes in the foot part of each. Then I’ll use safety pins to attach each one as sleeves on a black tank top.

So it’s basically see-through black sleeves that she can put her fingers through like gloves.

Then Zoey will have to let her borrow this lacey, frilly skirt that she wore as a witch one Halloween, and I’ll let her borrow this big platform shoes I wore in a talent show skit once.

We’ll have to give her super dark make up with thick eye liner, and of course white looking foundation so she looks like death on heels.

I was thinking we’d get these colored clip-in hair extensions I saw at CVS. They have purple and hot pink, which I think would look awesome!

And then to top it all off, I’d give her some scary tattoos, like a vampire Care Bear or a possessed fairy.

Sounds awesome right?

For Zoey, I was thinking we’d go with a Hollywood glamour look. The most important thing for this is the hair and the dress.

For the hair, we have to do a fancy up-do, like a French twist, or we can keep it down with soft curls. Think Lady Gaga on New Year’s Eve, without the pizza-sized glitter mask.

And then of course she’d need bright red lips that make her look like someone punched her in the mouth. Nothing says glamorous like a smile that looks like its bleeding!!

For the dress, we need something that’s like a prom dress. Since I don’t have a time machine to thrust me into 2016, I don’t have one of those…but I know someone else who does!

My mom actually saved hers, which she wore at some point in the 80s….and that’s kind of totally obvious! It has these HUGE puffy sleeves, like Cinderella’s ball gown on steroids.

And the skirt part has all these pink ruffles and layers. Truthfully, it’s a little cruel to make Zoey wear this, but she’s kind of fierce…I’m sure she can rock it!

So those are the looks I have in mind for them. I wonder what they’ll think up for me! Maybe I’ll end up looking all preppy, like something out of Abercrombie and Fitch.

Or maybe they’ll turn me into a Jersey Shore girl, with a skin tight dress and MASSIVE teased up hair.

What kind of makeover would you give me? And what kind of makeover would YOU want?


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    Opal says

    oops i put ist instead of 1st AND I AM SO HAPPY STILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SECOND TIME I HAVE BEEN 1ST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 99

    Opal says

    I AM SO SO SO SO SO SO SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIRST TO COMMENT! FIRST TO READ!!!!!!!!!! Like I said earlier, martians have Interenet!

  3. 115


    Nikki, I would give you massive big-foot style (one neon green, one hot pink) leg warmers. Before that, I would give you some lace leggings.. actually, scratch that. Nikki, I would give you massive big-foot style (one neon green, one hot pink) leg warmers. Before that, I would give you some lace leggings.. i would give you an ancient greece or egyptian look with a chiton or white glamorous dress with silver sequins or sparkles and bead your hair and put a gold bead crown with a bead gold belt and glamorous silver flats..

  4. 118


    I would give you the Jersey Shore. Once at a slumber party we were watching heresy shore and we decided to dress up like them. So we did. It was halatious. Our faces looked like pumpkins! Then we got a strobe light and turned all the lights off and danced. It was fun. I hope you have fun at the sleep over. It sounds really fun

  5. 130


    i would give you a candy sweet teenager look with lollipops in your hand and pink hair as cotton candy and tootsie roll gloves and your high heels would be made out of cotton candy and licorice

  6. 131

    Opal says

    you know more than half the girls at my school wear abercrombie and fitch, abercrombie, fitch, american eagle, or aeropostale, it’s like a trend that’s been going on for a couple of years

    • 143


      I Don’t know after what he did i don’t think he deserves u find another guy your just ajusting to the breakup your heart hurts and yearns for him but in time it will yearn for someonr else chances are if you go back what happened before will happen agian

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    Dorkalic♥us says

    I would give u, Nikki a total glamour queen look with designer clothes, kind of like the NEW Mackenzie, nice but fabulous!

  8. 153


    Nikki I’d give you a totally amazing makeover I’m thinking boho Chic (pronounced chick) with a cute dress, some nice colorful high heels, wavy boho hair, medium pink lipstick, and pale pink blush

  9. 155


    I would want some TOTALLY fun clothes! Okay, it’s not really a makeover, but I want to have fun on this so.. yup! I’m just making it fun for me! I’d like some HUGE threaded earrings that has aqua, white, and black thread mixed in with a bit of invisible purple(I don’t have my ears pierced though). I would want some vintage, scuffed up combat boots and a fedora(which I wear sometimes) and some someglasses pushed up onto my head(not over my eyes). My hairstyle? Hollywood messy bun gathered on the top of my head. I would want silver and deeeeeeep sparkly purple nail polish(which I NEVER wear nail polish but it’s called a MAKEOVER xD). I would want a sparkly sequined long sleeve silver dress above my knees.. ahahaha or maybe white chunky vinyl boots that go over my knees. AHAHA i am such.. a.. DORK!! :D

      • 158


        ya nikki would you like to chat on my website by clicking my name It would be an Honor we play fun games like would you rather and other stuff

      • 159


        Lol, yup :) they’re all so fun to read!~ and thanks for replying to my comments! made my day~ OMG today was SUCH a long day, i was starving, and I had a headache, and I heard these girls gossiping and snickering about me like they were ALL that! grrr OMG, my head is KILLING me, so I had three banana-Ghiradelli peppermint bark gonzola- homemade! I LOVE making it and most of all I love EATING it~ yummm.. and its raining like crazy..

  10. 162


    hmmm. for you Nikki I would think…popstar or nerd chick.
    For me I would totally want a anime makeover!
    I don’t know what I would do for this, but i bet it would be sick!!!!!!!
    I hope you have fun at your sleepover!

    • 163


      I think that would be so cool!!!!!! Nikki,I think you should be a famous popstar in a nerd band!!!!!You could wear shorts with those straps that come up over your shoulder with a plane white t-shirt that says…”I’m a dork and proud of it!!! :)

  11. 167

    AniaGrace says

    Be glamorous,Nikki.Ask about styles Chloe and Zoey want and when doing it remember to be fashionable,like what would Tyra Banks do.

    You are a regular artist,Nikki, you know what to do.Believe in yourself.

  12. 174


    Me my friends made a rap for history class
    In this type of world we got presidiants don’t you see. We got George Washington who started the consitution, but he die so early cause over sickness. Then came John Adams you see .

    Thats all we got but what should we do next? Do you guys like it? :)

    • 175


      and now that’s not all for du family see next came thomas jefferson number 3 he wrote the rough draft of the declaration of independence with flies hangin round his room

      that’s all I got Sally Hope that Helps

  13. 193


    I didn’t say that stuff to Tyler. Every time I tried i couldn’t get it out of my mouth. And I couldn’t talk to Jim in private . Everybody had to get in our bees wax.

  14. 196


    thats pretty good. oooooooooh!!!!! u could do something like: presidents we dont see…….jefferson was number three…..
    something like that, i mean. I think nikki should go with a rockstar look and the goth thing is perfect for Chloe. I bet fangs would look cute on her! Im glad im 26 its the closest ive gotten…

  15. 219

    ♥Celia♥ says

    I would give you a school girl look.
    I could dye your hair blond and do a couple little curls and put a plaid head band in your hair.
    Then for your clothes it would be a girl preppy collar shirt thingy, with a girl tie.
    Then you’d have a plaid green and red skirt!

    • 225


      Hm, I think you should have a makeover as a POP STAR~ It will totally fit into your style! :) :) Since we all know you’ll be a pop star when you grow up and have a wonderful voice.
      *** STAR ***

    • 230


      Yeah I found out that she did lie. She got mad at me because I’ve been hanging out with the girl she hates so she ditched me for her other friends. But the girl she hates treats me really nice and we have a lot in common. She is actualy spending the night tomorrow and we’re going to the roller rink

  16. 232


    Nikki! I would LUV luv luvvvv to see you get a natural beauty makeover with earthy tones, and an awesome outfit to go with it and not clash it!
    It’s my bday today, and I’m totally up for makeovers soon! I’m going to eat sushi with my family. My mom makes thee best! Have you ate sushi before? :)
    I think I’d want for my birthday sleepover with my friends this Saturday, I’d have a light makeover. Sorta like, light pinks on my face. Pink lips, eye lids, and blush should do! Oh, and the nails with cupcakes on them! A cute dress and jeans will look nice! Don’t you think?
    When’s your bday Nikki? I hope you have fun at your sleepover! I know I will! If anything pops up, I’ll tell everyone here!

    —–I’m SUCH a dork!—–
    Mouri Ran (Miki)

  17. 235

    Jasleen says

    Nikki! I would LUUUUUUUUUUUV to see you get a natural beauty makeover with earthy tones, and an awesome outfit to go with it and not clash it!I wish I was ur BF too.

    I’m such a DORK!

    • 240


      I don’t know. We are still gonna invite him and my friend (McKinley) boyfriend. But my friend (Lorraine) that’s the one that’s mad at me said she was going to roller rink with her other friends. So if she sees me there with McKinley she is going to be very mad. Oh and Mckinley’s boyfriend is Lorraine’s crush

  18. 249


    Nikki, I would TOTALLY give u a Mother Nature makeover! I would put like a thin green fabric over a green outfit, put the same fabric as a veil on ur head, a green crown, some white flat shoes, and a bunch of sparkle eyeshadow in bright colors and tones of green and white! I went to a sleepover at my friend Seaira’s house once and there were 9 girls counting her mom, no boys! We put on makeup and put glitter in our hair, and we had a fashion show! Seaira’s mom had a bunch of tap dance outfits from when she was our age and she let us dress up in them and we used Seaira’s clothes. Then once we got dressed, we lined up in the hall between Seaira’s room and the living room, her mom put a Lady Gaga song or something on the TV, ya know how u can watch music videos with cable, and one by one we stepped onto the rug in the living room, posed some, and went back to Seaira’s room to change outfits and go again! Then after we were done, Seaira’s mom put some more music on, and we played freeze dance in the costumes we were in! Then after we were done with our activities, we layed out all of our sleeping bags in the living room, and watched Twilight (my friends were SO happy when they found out I brought it!) but I fell asleep before the whole thing was over. It was fun!

  19. 254


    BTW, I’m planning a sleepover and I need help on deciding what games to play. I’ve already chosen Truth or Dare, Would You Rather, and 20 Questions for girls (It’s a card game they sell at the store Justice.) Any suggestions on games? NOT board games or video games, I already know those, too. I need games like Truth or Dare and stuff ANy suggestions?

    • 255


      Well I played a game at a sleepover that was really fun. You get in teams if it’s not even make a reff. You give each other dares and they have to do them and if you have a reff you go to the reff and tell them what your dare is. If it’s too harsh the reff won’t let you do it. Or the reff will approve. It sound boring but it’s super fun

    • 259

      Ellen says

      Hiya Madison! In my new school, our lote subject is Italian. I have NO idea how to speak Italian but I can kind of make an accent. :| Plus, Mum says that’s why we have school. Come to think about it, she’s 100% right! ;)

      • 261


        Wow, that’s really pretty! I wish I speaked Italian… I can speak some German… I know French, Japanese, English, Spanish, and Chinese… Lol. Luv your name!

        Ran (Miki)

      • 262

        Ellen says

        Yes, I agree! Harmony’s Italian sounds really pretty! And wow! You can speak heaps of languages! I’m kinda jealous… aha :D

      • 263


        Yeah, I guess I do speak a lot!! I’m in advanced languages so I get better and better at speaking more!! I’m taking German soon! I have a friend and her name sounds like Harms’ . Her name is Mata pronounced Ana mata.
        What grade you in? I’m in 8th. :)

        Ran (Miki)

      • 267


        Are you talking about Valentina or Harmony? Because both are really pretty names! My singing teacher (well one of them) is going to name her daughter Harmony when she’s born (She’s 5 months pregnant)

      • 271


        I’m Canadian, French, and Japanese. I know how to speak English, Chinese, Japanese, French, and I’m taking Spanish right now. I could help some people if they need the help! In 8th grade learning adv. language right now. :)

        Ran (Miki)

  20. 272

    Ellen says

    The probs is, my mum and dad don’t like sleepovers. You know, they’re the over-protective type. Oh NOOOOOOO! :o Right??? But anyways, I think a makeover sleepover sounds soooo awesome! ;) It’s like a sleepover but double the fun! It’s like having a Halloween sleepover but better, right??? :D Oh, Nikki, that’s soooo exciting! I think Chloe and Zoey would LOVE your ideas. And I think a rockstar or a famous singer would suit your style. Oh, I wish I could go on a makeover sleepover! :(
    Have fun, Nikki!

  21. 275


    Emily your 100 percent right. Not a lot of people take French. So I went to both of there presentation and they were both right. I’m thinking of Frencj but I also want to do Espainol or Spanish

    • 279


      No I don’t take French. I am next year. You see 6th grade where I live is still elementary school so I don’t take honors or AP or electives. Nothing like jr high. But I really want to do French next year

      • 280

        Agi says

        Just saying, french is pretty hard dont want 2 change ur mind, but its gonna be hard 4 u unless uve bin takin it since grade 1(like me)

  22. 286


    hey nikki so i have majore bad news and i need help!! my friend is dating this guy and he used to like me but i didnt. ANYWAYS im so ticked because now she ditched me for him like 5 times and i dont understand:( she hangs out with all thease boys that he hangs out with and she drags me along to!and befor when they wernt dating she would send me to ask him out for HER! i was ticked! can i have some advice? pleeeaseeee!!!!!!!!!!

    • 287


      Hey there gurl. I’m not Nikki, but I’ve got my fair share of advice. She’s your friend but not your best friend right? Otherwise, she might know about this. How he used to like you. If you feel ticked, that must mean something. Like… you still have feelings for him. If they are dating, what’s his reaction. Is he looking at you more than her when you guys all hang out?
      Hey, and one last piece of advice, you can tell your friend, but what I would do is live on and while she may be dating him, you can always be his close friend! That is unless you like him in a different way. :) If so, maybe you could prove by being yourself, that you can be his type.

      You can do it, it’s like how fantasies end, and how they start!
      Ran (Miki)

  23. 292

    Sarah says

    Hey! I hope you have fun tomorrow with your besties!! Tomorrow night, I’m going swimming with my bestie!! It’s gonna be awesome!!
    If I were to give you a makeover, I would make you look like a CCP girl or a model with high heels, a pair of skinny jeans, with a “fancy” belt, a purse, hot pink lipstick, blue eye shadow, maybe some blush, do your nails with flowers on them and maybe and some accessories of some sort!! That would look sooo nice on you!! And you could talk\act like one! *cough, Mackenzie, cough*


    As for me, I wouldn’t really care! Anything would be cool! I would let you use your imagination and create something!!


    • 296


      You missed me? How long was I gone for? I missed you too! I was drawing on my HUGE canvas I got for Christmas..

      Hmmm, Idk.. I guess it would be having a lot of games, making cool videos, splattering paint on canvases, and making cool cakes for fun!! :0P XD

      What’s yours?

      • 302


        6th, we dorks unite! (My randomness acting up again!) :)
        *** STAR ***

      • 303


        Lol! Isn’t 6th grade so much fun!?!??! 7th grade was sooo weird! But glad to know! Are you planning to take any languages in 7th grade? I’d luv to help! I can speak French, Japanese, Chinese, and English.

        Well, I’m such a dork. ;)
        Ran (Miki)

      • 305


        Star, you don’t need to know. Have fun with just trying em’. For now, enjoy 6th grade. :) What culture are you?
        I’m Canadian, French, and Japanese.

        Ran (Miki)

      • 307


        My majority of friends are Korean lol! I can say a few words, but I know the whole alphabet! Oh, and I can write some words:


        That says hi!!! Well, hi! Lolzzzzz.
        Ran (Miki)

    • 310


      Hey, you guys are lucky. I’m lucky too. :P Live happy no matter how old you are. I turned 14 today, but I cried like a 6 year old when my friends threw me my surprise birthday party today. :)

      You see, age doesn’t matter. What we feel in the heart, and what we do great, makes great deal. Even age difference, can’t stop making younger or older friends. And isn’t everyone on DD going to agree?

      Keep your head held high Emily and Star!
      Ran (Miki)

    • 314

      Agi says

      dont worry, people bin telin me that im gonna hate 7th grade…(im in 6th to)
      and to cheer u up, im never gonna go to middle school…
      since in canada we dont do middle school…

  24. 317

    담비 says

    Hi Nikki!! I’m gonna dress you up as a Korean princess ;)
    I want a makeover as Bidam!! ;D
    Yup,I’m crazy.
    OVER HIM!!!

    • 328


      Cool! Yeah it’s really fun there.
      My stomach is killing me! It’s weird because all this week everybody has gotten sick in my family. First my sister now my brother and probably me.

  25. 331



    Do you watch:
    Once Upon a time
    Switched at birth
    Good Lick Charlie
    Jersey Shore

    Favorite color:
    Dark colors
    Anything neon
    Don’t have one

    Favorite singer:
    Katy perry
    Taylor swift
    Selena Gomez
    Lady Gaga

    Favorite Animal:

    Those are all the questions. If I didn’t give the exact answer just choose the closest!

    • 332


      My answers
      Do I watch:
      Once upon a time
      Switched at birth
      Jersey shore

      Favorite color:
      Anything neon

      Favorite singer:
      Katy perry
      Adele (Can’t choose)

      Favorite animal:

      • 335

        BlondieBlue says

        Do you watch:
        Adventure Time

        Fav. Color:
        Hot pink
        Light Pink

        Sugarland(i’m into country…sue me)

        Fav. Animal:

        Whaddya Think?

      • 336

        ms.DORK:-) says

        Do you watch:
        Good Luck Charlie

        Favorite color:
        Anything Neon

        Favorite Singer:
        Taylor Swift

        Favorite Animal:
        Horse :-)

    • 338


      I watch:
      None really, I don’t really watch TV all that often

      Favourite color:
      Either very pale pink or very pale blue IDK!

      Katy Perry

      Squirell (don’t ask me why because i don’t know!)

    • 339

      APROUDGIANT:) says

      Do you watch:
      Good luck charlie
      Favorite color:
      Dark colors
      Favorite singer Selena Gomez
      Favorite animal

    • 340


      Do I watch:
      Okay, I know it sounds weird, but I watch older shows like The Cosby Show

      Favorite Color:
      Dark colors. Goth is SO cool.

      Favorite singer:
      Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez (But my 4 year old sister would just DIE to see Katy Perry live! :) )

      Favorite animal:

      I know my answers are so weird. But my parents say switched at birth and all that stuff isn’t appropriate for a 10 year old like me who can’t even handle twilight.

      • 341


        Omigod I looove the Cosby Show!! I have the box set of EVERY SINGLE SEASON!! Me and my mom watch em together!! And sometimes, when I imagine my books being turned into movies, I always imagine Bill Cosby having one part! LOL!

    • 343


      Do you watch:
      I don’t watch TV very often, but I’ve seen Switched at birth once and I liked it!

      Favorite color:
      My fave color is purple, but I like either blue and pink!

      Favorite singer:
      Adele, she’s AMAZING!!!

      Favorite Animal:

    • 345

      Nicole says

      Do you watch:
      None of those!

      Favorite color:

      Favorite singer:
      Taylor Swift. IDK, I guess it’s just cuz my BFF loves it!

      Favorite Animal:

  26. 346


    I watch all of those shows. Favorite collar is blue my favorite animal is all animals but not exotic animals as my pets. I seen Fatal attraction those people are crazy in there minds.

  27. 362


    Ray ray?????????????????

  28. 378

    Nicole says

    Vampire Girl

    Sophia Johnson (main character): Me (Nicole)
    Caitlin Johnson (Sophia’s sister triplet): Lulu
    Avery Johnson (Sophia’s other triplet): Avery
    Amelia Ricks (The triplet’s friends): Amelia
    Harmony Ricks (The triplet’s friends and Amelia’s triplet sister): Harmony
    Bethany Ricks (The triplet’s friends and Amelia and Harmony’s other triplet): Jaime[ ‘-‘]
    Sophie Johnson (Sophia’s enemy): Sopmonkey
    Stacey Johnson (Caitlin’s enemy aka Sophie’s BFF): Cupcakeconfetti4
    Sharon Johnson (Avery’s enemy aka Sophie’s BFF): Maria Teresa
    Sophia’s mom: Nikki’s BIGGEST Fan!!
    Sophia’s dad:
    Sophie’s mom: Emily ;)
    Sophie’s dad:
    Amelia’s mom:
    Amelia’s dad:
    Christopher Johnson (Sophia’s big brother): Elise (sorry you’re a boy)
    Hannah Johnson (Sophia’s big sister): Krissy
    Jessie Ricks (Amelia’s big sister aka Hannah’s BFF): mooni rox
    Justin Ricks (Amelia’s big brother aka Christopher’s BFF): Leen
    Mrs. Thornburg (Home room teacher):
    Mr. Carter (P.E. Teacher):
    Mrs. Ward (Principal):
    Mr. Bruce (Science teacher):


    About: At the start at fifth grade, Sophia’s cousin enemy, Sophie and her family, is moving in to her house. And Sophie even bosses her AROUND LIKE Sophia’s the one who MOVED in! Each night, Sophia hears shadows and people screaming. But she just thinks it’s her imagination. Can Sophia and her friends and family find out what happened? Who is the shadow?

  29. 382


    Actually Nikki today I’m gonna be doing something pretty similar as in shopping and a sleepover, weird coincidence.

    Well, for our school a box of stage makeup is required, and I have loads since its really fun! I can make my friends look like zombies, vampires, spiderman, and i also have a fake Harry Potter scar, you just stick it onto your face and it looks really creepy!

  30. 400


    My mom can’t make me breakfast cuz my little brother is sick :( now I’ll be hungry all day because all I have to eat is cereal. Well I guess I’ll be eating reccess puffs

  31. 406


    Hiya! I’m in the students lounge, it’s break time, so I can’t stay here much more time! I’m leaving in 10 mins.

    Today I’m going to shop with my mom, my sisters and some cousins, and we’re also going to the cinema. It’ll be a girls night out LOL!

    I bet you’ll have lots of fun Nikki!!!

    • 411


      Oh cool and same i’m in my school students lounge (which is in the open air, which is pretty cool, and its 74 degrees, which is really nice) and my dance class just ended, it was kinda embarrassing because I was wearing ballet shoes (because they’re softer, and who wants to thump around like an elephant when they dance?) and I slipped and fell in a pile of costumes, EMBARASSING!!!!! But who honestly cares, I have a private singing class (they have those at my school) in like a minute so I GTG soon!!

  32. 412


    Maria Teresa, I saw your comment about the 5 names in the other post but I’m going to answer to it here:

    Tinsley (my BFFAE’s name!)
    Elena (I chose this name for my little sister)
    Hayley (my older sister’s name)

  33. 418

    Sara says

    The colors that match me are: Purple, Blue, Grey, Black, and White! I can make Blue as jeans……Black (short sleeve) as T-shirt….Purple T-shirt(long sleeve) under the short sleeve…..White accessories (bracelet, hairband, and necklace)…….Grey Converse (or Vans)! How is that and its easy to picture it! Nikki, I’ve heard you have brown hair and a little bit of tan skin (both like me) so I think this outfit may match you! Hope ya Like it!!!

      • 420


        The colors the suit me are summery colors like light pink, blue and purple, and also sometimes yellow and black and white, silver and gold suit me too (when I’m wearing sequins)

      • 421


        Hey Sapphire! :D
        I talked 2 Michelle and now she’s crying!! :(
        Her parents were on my case and her so called boyfriend said I’m so mean! Why does ”Willi-Poo” have 2 talk? If I tell him she said they were datin then he wouldn’t talk!!
        Then she leaned 2 his shoulder and acted all voulnerable!!! :( :(
        Great…what should I do???

      • 422


        Omigod, your friend-no offence- is an evil little cyberbullying witch, what i wud do is

        a) tell her parents, this is bullying bullying is NOT a normal part of growing up and you should tell before it gets worse.

        b) tell her “Willie-poo” what she said about him, IDK why you should do this but she lied, lying is never good, and also just to embarrass her-LOL!

        c) Tell YOUR parents, it may seem tricky, and you may be scared or embarrassed, but tell them everything, parents will ALWAYS have your back, parents are ALWAYS gonna support their own child, (except if that child is Michelle, boy will her parents explode IF you handle the situation in the right way).

        Tell me if it helps, and need any more advice just tell me, I channel my anger into advice!!! (and right now I have a WHOLE LOT of anger for you Lulu, because you have to put up with that drama-queen little brat)

        And if your REALLY angry (this may get you into trouble if Michelle is the type not to fight her own battles) but tell her that “I heard you went to an ugly contest and the judges said “sorry, no professionals”!!!

      • 423


        Thx Sapphire! :D
        U Rock!! And that is definatly a classic!
        And also no-offence-but she is an evil cyber-bullying witch! ;)
        Man…now she’s trying 2 make me jealous by ‘having’ a new ‘best friend’ and charming boys! :o *yawn, yawn*
        ‘OH DYLAN U HAVE MAD SKATEBOARDING SKILLS!’ And more…man that girl! She…ugh…I…d’oh! :(
        Man I wish I could fight her and make her nose bleed! But my dad says I can’t get into street-fights anymore! Ugh…I could beat her up u know! ;)

  34. 425


    Who’s online?

    Status: My classes just finished and me and my best friends Tinsley, Ivy and Lexi are going to Lexi’s house to have lunch and then I have Artistic Program’s classes!

    Mood: Happy and excited for tonight! Tinsley is also coming to the GNO with my mom, sisters and cousins! :D

    • 430


      Do you see where is says “You my use these HTML tags and attributes:”?

      The HTML tags are right there. They are separated with these “>”.. Like “strong” has those things pointing out, right next to it.. So.. For me it’s kinda hard to explain.. :|


      • 436


        Please go 2 fan art and look @ my art! :)
        Lulu Divalicious Galz! :D South Africa… (I was visitin my gran @ that time)
        Please go! :D :D

      • 439


        Do u really think he’ll believe me?
        Plus now she’s left me alone…can’t say I’m happy but I’m happy I’ve got space. :|
        Plus she has been hanging with this other girl (I think foreign exchange student…IDK)
        2 make me jealous…like I was walking with Siggy (Bff 4 LYFFFF) and she was laughing saying ‘OH U R SO FUNNY HAHAHA’ :(
        Isn’t that just pathetic??

      • 440

        APROUDGIANT:) says

        She’s trying to make u jealous so you will go to her and tell her that you want to be friends with her again

      • 441


        Thx Aproudgiant! :D
        I’m the one with the pony-tails and my friend with the little hat…and those r all my friends in anime form! :D

      • 443


        Yeah and I think its just sick…I mean we sit next 2 eachother in Science!! I can’t stand her constant talking about her new ‘BFF’
        She told me ‘OH WE HAD A WONDERFUL TIME AND SHE BOUGHT ME JUICE and blah…blah…blah… :o *yawn*
        That’s just boring!!!
        Plus now she’s hangin with the boys and touching them saying ‘OH DYLAN U R SO COOL ON UR SKATEBOARD and all that junk…ugh…

      • 445


        Yeah well its sickening…plus I’m going 2 Nicole’s party over the weekend and a sleepover! :D yaaay…but what really wazzes me off is that Michelle is there! :(
        But Lulu don’t hold no grudge and I am so cool I make snow melt in 5 minutes! ;)
        So yeah…(I hope she’s not annoyin tho) :o
        What about u? Any problems? :) u don’t have ta tell me… ;)

      • 447


        Lucky… ;)
        Our class met the new teacher and she called us ‘ugly’ and the other teacha called us rats and crazy!

      • 449


        That’s what our teachers say 2!! :P
        She says even grade 1′s r maturer than us…plus she is really cool!! I luv her even tho she ridiculed us this morning! :P
        Mrs. Van is the best! :D I know she has a nehicle 4 a surname…awkward and weird…she says that coz its small and cute and the year would probably finish when we learn her ‘real surname’ ;) :D

      • 451


        Do u know music? R u good @ it? Then let Lulu test ya 4 $60 every question! ;) lol kid-kid peepz! :D
        Okay here’s a little excercise Aproudgiant and dorkalicious fans:
        Who sings this song:
        I could catch a grenade 4 ya (yeah, yeah) throw my hand on a blade 4 ya (yeah, yeah) I’d jump in front a train 4 ya (yeah, yeah)
        • Beyonce
        • Rihanna
        • Bruno Mars
        • Drake
        • Nikki Minaj
        • IDK! I don’t even know that song!! :(

        Who sings this song:
        I aint gonna comb my hair coz I aint goin anywhere (no x9) I’ll just strut in my birthday suit and let everything hang loose (yeah x11)
        • Bella Thorne
        • Selena Gomez
        • Lil’ Wayne
        • Bruno Mars
        • Demi Lovato

        Who sings this song:
        Yeah x4 my best friends brother is the one 4 me!! BFB!! BFB!! My best friends brother, my best friends brother!!
        • Victoria Justice
        • Ariana Grande
        • Avan Jogia (Beck)
        • Leon Thompson III (Andre’)
        • What the heck is BRB???

        Who sings this song:
        When I walk in the spot this is what I see! Everybody stops and they starin @ me I got a passion in my pants and I’m not afraid 2 show it x3
        • Michael Jackson
        • LMFAO
        • My pet snail! :P

        Who sings this song:
        I wanna be a millionaire so frickin bad (sorry don’t know the rest nicely)
        • Bruno Mars
        • Maroon 5
        • Eminem

        Did u enjoy the quiz?
        • No! Its was stupid and pointless!
        • Yes!! Please make more!! :D
        • Sorta…I didn’t know some…
        • I have no idea what ur talking about! I just want fried chicken!

  35. 474

    Chloe&Zoey101 says

    Heeeeey Nikkiii!! Omigosh omigosh omigosh I cannot WAIT until our sleepover!!! Madame Chloe Christina Garcia is going to fix you up GOOD! EEEEEKKK!!

  36. 491


    awesome! i love sleepovers but dont have many :) i will though! i was just watching ‘Sleepover’ at my friends house, and i think u should watch it with Chole and Zoey! :D

  37. 492


    Hey guys I’m doing a Art contest. So it can be anything. Here how you enter
    1. Draw your picture or painting.
    2. Put it on Fan art on here.

    Then I will print them and pick 3 winners.

    Due date: Febuary 3rd
    Hope you guys enter. :)

  38. 496


    Thanks guys! I took your advice. I’m wearing A white tank top, black skiing jeans, red flats and a black flower hair band. Any thing I should add. Party starts at 4Pm

    • 497


      Ooh…girlfriend! ;) lucky! :D
      T-minus 8 minutes in counting or 7 even 9! ;)
      Don’t worry I don’t think of u as a butt-scratching animal. Its from Madagascar!! :D

  39. 499


    For a sleepover makeover, I would give Nikki a….. Space girl look! It would consist of a short pale blue wig,a glittery silver dress, a pair of sequined purple leggins,white boots,green lipstick, hot pink eye shadow and dark blue eyeliner.

    • 500


      Wacky! :D
      For me…I would give her a rock star chick look! :D
      Red wid, black leather jacket, pink tights and purple sneakers. Green lipstick (thick) gray eyeliner and maroon blush! :P with a white glove! :D and maybe yellow highlights! :P
      I just said random colors! :P

  40. 517


    Id dress you as a….punk rockstar:
    Crazy hairstyle,
    One of those shirts that look like they’re ripped but it’s really just a white shirt underneath,
    Leather jacket,
    And boots.
    For me…..
    I guess I would want Chloe’s look. Since t.hats what everyone thinks I am!!!!! THE QUIET ONE!!!!

  41. 527



    CONTEST ENDS TOMORROW!!! (I changed the date)


    E-mail me if you wanted to enter the “Book cover” contest!

    I noticed I was staying the night at my friends house tomorrow(for the first time). So I might not be on here tomorrow.


    • 529


      D.O.R.K.Y! :D
      Are u W.E.I.R.D or C.R.A.Z.Y?
      • Weird: witty, enchanted, island, rabi, dudette? :P
      • Crazy: couragous, rabi and zero yetti? :P

  42. 543


    Okay here’s MY music quiz

    “In another _ I would be your girl”

    1a) Whats the missing word?
    b) Which song is this from?
    c) Who is it by?

    Lemme see you put your _ up yeah! If we give a little love maybe we can change the world

    2a) Missing Word?
    b) Song name?
    c) Who is it by?

    Never mind, I’ll _ someone like you.”

    3a) Missing word?
    b) What song?
    c) who by?

    Coz girl your _ just the way you are!

    4a) Missing word
    b) Song title
    c) by whom is this song?

    Tell me how I’m s’posed to _ with no air

    5a) Missing word
    b) Song name?
    c) by who?

      • 562


        Saffie’s status: Lazing in my hammock in the sunshine, waiting for the rest of my friends to come over (one of them is already over, Lexi, since she came home with me after school)

      • 563


        My status: lazing all the way! XD My grandpa came to our house so he and my dad can watch the soccer game together, and next I’m going to my grandparents’ house!

        Mood: tired but excited for tomorrow!

  43. 565


    Mackenzie is so cool. You know why? Cuz cool means:
    Nikki is so dorky. You know why? Cuz dorky means:
    Dorkily Awesome
    Out of this world.
    Kangaroo-tastic (Fantastic+Kangaroo Awesomeness)
    Younger than old Grammas

  44. 575


    Harmz status: About to go to the circus!! Yayz! After the circus, I will post pics on my blog.

    Mood: Bored
    Face: -_- _0_ (< Me upside down, being bored)


  45. 579

    sweetalicous28 says

    Bored like extreme plz talk!!!!!!!+
    Thats me SUPER!!! Bored hey my friends sleeping’ over tomorrow par Tay hope someone. Answers me :(

  46. 586

    Autumn says

    Hi !!!! Someone im new and i said that my friend : She said that she was going to invite me to her b ~day party and then she said she wasnt :( So my other friend told me that i shouldnt be friednds with them cuz all they were going to do is be mean and make me cry . So what do you think i should
    do ? Please answere i know you dont know me but i need to know :) Thanks :)!!!!
    ~ Aut

    • 587

      Nicole says

      Hi Autumn! Nice to meet you! Can I be your friend? I think that you should listen to your friend. That girl is mean! She broke a promise and make you cry. Just ignore her and play with your TRUE friends. That’s all I know!

  47. 589

    lily says

    In going to a CCP sleepover soon! Me, Sasha, Natalie, Miranda and Dawn! At either Sasha’s house or Miranda’s house. I’m excited! We’re going to the mall and the movies first!

  48. 599

    lily says

    Hey as soon as my computer is fixed I’m uploading a video series called Webkinz Puppies. It’s about this pink poodle named Rosie, who gets accepted into Puppy Academy, the biggest performing arts school in the US for talented pups. But Rosie has to share a room with two mean pups. She has a bunch of crushes and 3 friends, Paws and Vanessa, who are girls, and Puggy, who is a boy. Rosie gets emberessed by Miss Prissy (mean girl) and Ashley (other meangirl) at the school show. Worst of all, Vanessa said last year at the show pup named Monica was emberessed by Miss Prissy. And she left Puppy Academy after the show. Rosie writes to her friend Sweethart a cat who can’t come to Puppy Academy. She describes the school and how everyone (besides her friends) are so cruel. Can Rosie face the teasing and live her dreams?

    The parts:

    Rosie (pink poodle):me
    Sweethart (cat):
    Miss Prissy (ribbon yorkie/mean girl):
    Ashley (black poodle/other mean girl):
    Charles (cocker spaniel/Rosie’s sort of crush):
    Blackie (Portuguese water dog/Rosie’s crush):
    Paws (Black lab/Rosie’s friend):
    Vanessa (Cream soda pup/Rosie’s other friend):
    Puggy (Pug/A friend of Rosie):
    Mickey (Basset hound):
    Principal Snowflake(Labrodfodle/Princepal of Puppy Academy):
    Madame Ana (Mystic pony/music instructer):

  49. 608


    Hey Nikki what the worst clothes MacKenzie has EVER WORN? List them like this:
    And u r so lucky! i cant have a sleepover bcuz we r busy right now!

  50. 612


    oh! my aunt FINALLY had her baby! :) so excited gtg see it right now with my mom. it was SUPPOSED to be born on my half birthday, but it wasnt. OH WELL! OMG my mom just showed me the pictures and he’s ADORABLE!! :) SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  51. 617

    BlondieBlue says

    Ok I need help. This guy who I used to date, I have a hunch that he might like me again. And his best friend(literally they are like bros, born on the same day and everything) might like me to. Please… me. :( uugghhhhh… 7th grade problems!! And btw do all of y’all know each other? ‘Cause I feel left out. But anyway…Nikki I would give you a Beyonce look. Like in her video “Love on Top” when she has that cool leotard and hat…I can’t think of a word to describe it…whaddya think???

    • 618

      Nicole says

      Well, we mostly do know each other, but wanna be friends? :D So this guy you used to date, then you broke up? So how do yo think they like you? And if they do, do you like them? Do you want to date with them? (Sorry I’m not much help, I’m only in fourth grade) Answer those questions first then tell me more!

    • 620


      Well, the longer you come to DD, the more you get to know these people! Today, I learned Star, is Korean. :) I’ll be your friend, and I’m in 8th grade. I know what you mean; 7th grade is a toughy for everything for me. 8th grade; EZ.

      What I don’t understand is what your worried about. Who does you heart go thump thump to? That’s someone you want to consider. But who makes you feel comfortable? And are you sure? Don’t rush it. Start having best friend like talks with them both, and see what you get back! :D

      Ran (Miki)

    • 621


      That’s a huge problemo, I had the same prob girlfriend. We don’t know eachother some do but some don’t…we just bond in a surtan dork diary way…anyway I was thinking about ur condition and
      just follow ur heart and really think 4 a moment (quietly when ur alone)
      Think long and hard…ask ur self questions about them. Trust ur instincts and ur heart.
      Which one do u really click with and have a special connection? THINK 2 URSELF!
      HOPE I HELPED! :D :D

      • 622

        BlondieBlue says

        Y’all really helped me out…and btw, Sopmonkey the guy broke up with me. But I don’t know what my heart heart just wants to decide already. And I’ll be y’alls friend. :D Thx for the help everybody!!

      • 623


        well still hes a jerk (and not in the good way) for dumping you def let him go things don’t all ways work out like the do in tv shows and movies (good luck charlie) BTW I would love 2
        b friends 8-)


  52. 632

    Cynthia says

    I’d make you look like a vampire oompa loompa and Chloe look like a zombified old hag and then I’d make Zoey look like an old man!

  53. 633


    I would give u a total glam movie star/Ball gown glam/ chic/beauty! and me too so we could match it has a very long name though but it reflects me! I have a best friend! we are total besties! we have known each other for almost 4 years! :D

  54. 640

    Nicole says

    About: An orphan girl named Summer, had discovered she is a princess with magical powers. So then she was sent to Princess Magic School. At there, she had learnt magic, character, and lots more stuff. On the way, she made some friends and she discovered her long lost BFF Brittany, was here too! As she rushed over to greet her, Brittany pretended to not know her. Brittany teases her, play pranks on her, and more. Good thing her other friends stands up for her, or Summer will just feel lonely and powerless. When the whole school accuses her for stealing, Summer felt sad and lonely. She was going to get suspended for a whole week. When she came back, everyone in the school had disappeared! Sensing a mystery, Summer packs up and starts investigating. On the way she finds mysterious places and people. At times she even had been caught by traps! What are those people and traps? Will she ever find out what happened?


    Summer (main character): Me
    Brittany (Summer’s ex-BFF, mean):
    Katie (Summer’s BFF):
    Brenda (Summer’s other BFF):
    Adriana (Hannah’s BFF):
    Mrs. Rainbow (Guardian of the Rainbow and also the principal):
    Mrs. Ruby (Dancing teacher):
    Mrs. Water (Teacher who teaches how to control water):
    Mrs. Magic (Teaches magic):
    Paige (Mysterious person that was been frozen by ice):
    Brandon (Mysterious person that was been frozen by ice):
    Tyler (Mysterious person that was been frozen by ice):

  55. 661


    Harmz status: Watching Ghost Adventures!! I LOVE this show!!!! About to draw on my huge canvas!
    Mood: Exited for tomorrow(because I’m staying the night at my friend(Hanna’s) house!!!)
    Face: :0D


  56. 664

    Ashley says

    Nikki you should get a really peppy look to your makeover.You can still be yourself though.But, what I’m saying is that you should get a peppy makeover that’s even glamorous than Mackenzie’s looks so that way when you go to school with your new look you’ll be popular instantly.

      • 668


        Which movie? :)
        Plus I was cut off by my computer yesterday! DKW!! :( :(
        And I had 2 go 2 my uncles house coz he had a special announcement…*drum role please* :P
        HE’S GETTTTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D 2 a woman named Sarah? Hmm…we are gonna meet her 2day! Can’t wait!!! :D :D
        8) 8) 8) 8)

      • 669

        Nicole says

        I was watching Penguins of Madgascar I was a Penguin Zombie, it was so funny! :D Ooooh, MY uncle IS getting engaged! Same-same! Huh, Lulu? :D :D

  57. 673


    OH WHAT A”FUN” NIGHT I HAD! Firrst my crush got grounded so he couldn’t come and my friends boyfriend threw up at school today so he couldn’t come either. So me and my friend went to the roller ink. Alone. Well before that my friend that was mad at me (Lorraine) because (McKinley) was spending the night was talking trash and stuff and saying she was going to the roller rink. I didn’t believe her. Then she got my best friend in the whole world (Caroline) to hate me. So I stopped testing them and left. McKinley and I weren’t even at the roller rink 5 minutes and Lorraine shows up with her little posse. They came over there and talked to us. Her posse was being nice but she was acting like a little rat. Anyway,they only stayed 15 min. So after they left I saw some of my other friends there and we hung out. Then I got home and read all the mean text messages Lorraine and Caroline sent me. They were my beat friends :( so now they are going to talk crap about me to everyone at school. My reputation is ruined. And at school they are gonna give me dirty looks. Not how I planned Friday to go.

    • 674


      Aw, that stinks… And you meant ‘best friends’ not ‘beat friends’ right? And I really sorry…. :( That stinks, but are you okay right now? Like how do ya’ feel Em’?
      Ran (Miki)

      • 676


        Yeah sorry I meant best friends. I’m feeling… Sad. My life is ruined at school now I’m more popular than Caroline but not Lorraine So she can tell stuff that’s not true to everyone

      • 677


        That’s terrible! :(
        R u sure they’re the friends 4 ya? I mean maybe they’re just jealous that ur pop. And they not! :(
        That’s why my father always says 2 me: ‘THERES NOT A THING AS FRIENDSHIP’ :|

      • 678


        Lol yeah I don’t think they’re good friends. They actualy told me this ‘Emily, I don’t understand why all the cool and popular people like and hang out with you.’ so I guess they are jealous

      • 679


        Yeah, they prob. are. Are they nice to you usually? Cause new friends are silver but old are gold… Whatev that saying is! Don’t back out VERRRY fast okay? You know.

        Best of lukkkk!

      • 680


        Wow, that’s pretty terrible! You know, being a pop isn’t necessary, but tell me who you have more fun with, and tell me who has more value. Okay? Think it through!!!
        We DD gurls will help you through… For now, I have to sleeeeep. See you lata Em’!

        Ran (Miki)

      • 682


        Oh thanks so much! I’m glad you like it! And lol! Yuri? My Japanese name is Miki Aiko, but Mouri Ran is the picture of that girl. She’s from this anime that I’m kinda crrazy over! LOL.
        What grade you in? I’m in 8th. :) How’s school going?

        Joining the dorkinessss
        Ran (Miki)

      • 683


        Its going really well but this bully u know the type ‘thinks she’s cool/trouble maker/attention seaker…she hit me with an apple core on my head and chased me. She even hit me and dissed me! :( she’s just a huge jerkkk!! :(