There’s been something super weird about MacKenzie, pretty much since the start of the New Year.

She’s been acting TOTALLY nice and even kind of dorky.

I got to tell you, it’s wicked creepy!!

The other day when I got to school, I was going through my locker, and all of a sudden she was all like, “Girlfriend, your locker’s totally cute! Love the mirror. Fab.”

I assumed she was about to put gum in my hair, or spit on my mirror or something equally gross and obnoxious. But instead she just said, “Got to get to class. SO totally rufus. Toodles!”

What’s rufus mean you ask? Beats me!

I think it’s kind of like that scene in Mean Girls where Gretchen keeps saying “fetch” and she says it’s slang, but Regina’s all like “Stop trying to make fetch happen! It’s NOT going to happen!” Except MacKenzie has no one to tell her rufus sounds like dufus and is TOTALLY not cool!

So that was just at my locker. Then at lunch, I was doodling in my notebook waiting for Chloe and Zoey. I drew this math teacher Mr. Bucci, who looks EXACTLY like a turtle, with a tiny bald head and a HUGE shell type body—so I drew him at his chalkboard as a literal turtle in a suit.

MacKenzie walked by and started laughing like a hyena. She goes, “Oh Em Gee Nikki , you are SUCH a talented artist. Seriously, you have totally MAD skills AND you crack me up! So rufus. See ya!”

Then she actually gave me a hug. I was sitting down, and she was standing up, so it was a super awkward hug, with her arms dangling around my neck. I seriously thought she was going to snap and strangle me, but nope! Just a super long, suffocating hug!

I got fake fur all up my nose and stuff, which was SO not fun. Seriously, I don’t know who told her it’s cool to look like you’re wearing a schnauzer for a shirt, but she does it like ALL the time.

What was going on with that girl?! It was like, Twilight Zone, take two! I don’t think I would have been more shocked if you she turned into a zombie and started gnawing on my arm flesh. A world with a nice MacKenzie really feels like a parallel universe!!

When Zoey and Chloe got to lunch I told them all about MacKenzie. I was like, “An alien or a ghost or something has possessed MacKenzie and taken over her body, because that girl is NOT the MacKenzie we know!”

It turns out Chloe and Zoey experienced the exact same thing!

Zoey saw MacKenzie before school, and MacKenzie actually told her, “You have SUCH awesome hair. I bet you’d look SUPER CUTE with long braided extensions. Maybe I can do them for you some time!”

And she tripped in front of Chloe. The old MacKenzie would have been like, “What are YOU looking at? I lost my balance because I was distracted by the smell of LOSER in this hallway!”

But new MacKenzie just said, “Be careful girlfriend! This hallway is SUPER slippery today!”

In the world of mean girls, doing something embarrassing is TOTALLY grounds for attacking the completely innocent girl who was unlucky (or lucky!) enough to witness it.

Chloe went, “K, thanks for the warning Kenz!” Haha! I LOVE that she gave her a nickname! This just makes it even more obvious how WEIRD it is that MacKenzie’s been acting like everyone’s BFF when she’s never done anything but make our lives MISERABLE!

All jokes aside though, this really freaks me out! It would be awesome if she made a New Year’s resolution to NOT be evil, but somehow I doubt that happened.

Why do YOU think she’s being all nice? Do you think it’s all part of some long, drawn-out plot to totally hurt or humiliate us? Or do you think she’s just changed her ways??

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    • Star (3007) says:

      HMM, something smells fishy going on… And it’s not the smell of dead skunks. O-O Mackenzie might have had a new years resolutions to FINALLY BE NICE. Nah it can’t be. Or can it?!
      *spends 15 hours researching* GASP, HOW CAN THIS BE!? THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE!! Mackenzie=evil But how can Mackenzie=Kind BE TRUE?! Nikki, just in case watch for ANY more suspicious things going on. -_-
      *** STAR ***
      Status: Drawing on tablet

      i’m such a drama queen… -///-

  1. Lauren (144) says:

    Yes!!!! Never been this close to first ever!!

  2. Lauren (144) says:

    I am a huge dork diaries fan!

  3. Hope (64) says:

    3rd!!!Ive NEVER been the SLIGHTEST bit close to first!OMG!OMG!OMG!!!

  4. Lauren (144) says:

    I am super happy!!!! I am sooo close to top comment!

  5. Lauren (144) says:

    Hey hope, your actully 5th! I’m 3rd

  6. Hope (64) says:

    NEVER MIND!5! thats still pretty close!

  7. Lauren (144) says:

    Wanna chat anyone?

  8. Lauren (144) says:

    Sorry. I’m just soooo exited

  9. Lauren (144) says:

    I love purple

  10. Hope (64) says:


  11. Lauren (144) says:

    I think Kenzie might actually be being nice. I don’t know though, I think Rufus might be something mean. I knew a dog named Rufus once…

    • totally awesome (55) says:

      thats what i thought

    • Lulu (10450) says:

      I checked it out and it said ‘rufus’ was a type of name…like this old dude who wrote children stories…so Nikki they compaired u 2 an old dude who wrote childrens book stories?
      Or they compaired u 2 a naked mole-rat that is in a boys pocket?
      Okay I’m going a bit over-board!
      What the heck does RUFUS mean?

      • Harmony (3655) says:

        Oh, Lol! I didn’t see that comment.. XD

        Hmmm, maybe Mackenzie doesn’t even know what it meant, and she is just saying it? Idk…

        I wish Kim Impossible still came on.

        • Lulu (10450) says:

          Yeah me 2… :(
          When I was visitin my grandmama in South Africa, Kim Possible still played @ midnight! :o
          I was happy but midnight?! Seriously?! ;)
          Then they were playin WOWP episodes I already knew…it only ended on ‘MY 2 HARPERS’
          Not even ‘COME ON LITTLE ZOMBIES’ came on! :(
          But I was happy visiting my gran again! :D

      • M.K.I.A (191) says:

        means cool or dumb? HOW CONFUSING IS THAT!!! :mad:

  12. Lauren (144) says:

    Oh ok. Me 2

  13. Lauren (144) says:

    What do u think Rufus means?

  14. Lauren (144) says:

    Wow I can’t even believe I’m this close. I never get this close

  15. Lauren (144) says:

    Lolz! I’m everyone on Recent Comments!!

  16. Harmony (3655) says:

    I think she is acting nice to get Brandon to like her… Or maybe she is just acting nice so she could say “Yeah right! Like I would be friends with a total DORK like you!!” Or something like that.. I don’t know, that is SUPER FREAKY!! :0|


    • Fathiya (2694) says:

      I agree with harmony :) . Btw I read your 2 books I just need the third one and how to dork your diary. I think Mackezie us really up 2 something. I wish I did see her face when she lost the art competition. I can’t believe she would put food on your dress on her birthday. I feel for u Nikki

    • nikki (1483) says:

      OMG maybe you’re right! I bet she IS trying to get Brandon to like her!!

      • Lulu (10450) says:

        Nikki, u know what they say a leopard never changes its spots! She is up 2 something! Hmmmmm….(Lulu hums again)
        Okay galz! Let’s see if u can follow this math aquation! ;) :D
        Mackenzie + Niceness = ???
        Mackenzie + Meaness = ???
        Mackenzie + Brandon = (I can answer that) = NEVER!
        Mackenzie – Popularity = ???
        Mackenzie + Nikki – Rudeness = ???
        Plus Nikki u can answer this 2 since u know the answers! ;)
        Please answer! :D
        Thx! Ur rockin’ stylish fan LULUROX baby! :D :D

  17. Lauren (144) says:

    Hey Nikki, sorry 4 filling up your comments, but I have a question now: when is the new dork diaries coming out? What month?

  18. Lauren (144) says:

    Haha. Everyone is reading this

  19. Lauren (144) says:

    Hey harm. I think your right

  20. Lauren (144) says:

    Made u look ;)

  21. Lauren (144) says:

    Seriously, does ANYONE want 2 chat?

  22. Lauren (144) says:

    I can’t see your comment star

  23. nini (69) says:

    i really think sum things up nikki! don’t trust her just yet! wait a little longer to see if she keeps this “nice” thing up. ya never know if she has sum thin in store for u!!! see ya! :D

  24. Lauren (144) says:

    Now I see it. RIGHT?!? Me 2. I’ve been taking drama lessons for 7 years.

  25. Lauren (144) says:

    I agree nini

  26. Lauren (144) says:

    Goodnight everyone. U too nikki

  27. isabella (2) says:

    hi i toatly luv dork diaries i stayed up really late last night so i could finish the first one it toatly ROCKS!!!

  28. Lauren (144) says:

    I agree fathyia

  29. Lauren (144) says:

    Alright if anyone is reading this, look how many times I commented

  30. Lauren (144) says:

    Alright I’m going to bed now

  31. pizzagirl (94) says:

    i think I know!

  32. Fathiya (2694) says:

    Guys is it werid that I’m being nice. ;)

    • Lulu (10450) says:

      Yeah it is…but I like this side of u Fathiya! :D
      Plus I’m so sorry I said those stuff about u. :(
      Could u forgive me?
      Plus I forgive u 4 sayin I have a pig-nose and that I’m…w…w…WEAK!
      Sorry but nobody calls me weak not ever coz the first person called me weak they winded up in hospital with a plastic tube down there throat! ;)
      But I forgive u… :D

    • Amy (431) says:

      I’m sorry I cussed at you.:( It was only cause you sounded so much like the girl that has been bulling me ever since third grade. That’s 4 years of constant name calling

  33. isabella (2) says:


  34. Lauren (144) says:

    Why is it weird?

  35. Lauren (144) says:

    Alright I need to sleep. Sleep is important. Ttfn

  36. Madison (2694) says:

    Its not werid. I don’t think we will be the best friends like last time. But can be still friends. Peace or truth. :)

  37. pizzagirl (94) says:

    I bet Mackenzie got in trouble for being mean: because a teacher caught her!And she has to swear to be nice!So now she’s acting all weird while people are watching or around or she thinks somebody could be coming or around!i don’t know! just a guess!

  38. Ashley (31) says:

    wow that good at least you don’t have to worry about mackenzie

  39. Alyssa (2694) says:

    Yeah I don’t think it’s werid I like the new Fathiya

  40. Sally (2694) says:

    I like the new Fathiya :)

  41. pizzagirl (94) says:

    Fathyia i’m super glad you made the right choice

  42. Fathiya (2694) says:

    Thanks guys make up to u guys. I watched switched at birth today did any body watch it. ;)

  43. pizzagirl (94) says:

    From now on NO more bullying from anybody should be a fun place where even little kids can go and hang out with their friends! :)

  44. pizzagirl (94) says:

    i didn’t is it good?

  45. Alyssa (2694) says:

    Your welcome Fathiya. Ah I smell flowers. Peace or truth.

  46. pizzagirl (94) says:

    My all time favorite show in the history or the world is. . . GUESS! Whoever wins gets first choice of their character in my story

  47. Fathiya (2694) says:

    Good night. Peace or truth.

  48. Lauren (144) says:

    Temple run is the best most addictive game ever 4 iPod or iPad!

  49. Alyssa (2694) says:

    Whats up friends. I’m working in this project called

  50. Lauren (144) says:

    If anyone notices this comment, please reply

  51. Lauren (144) says:

    What is the project called?

  52. pizzagirl (94) says:

    By the way Fathyia i’m sorry about comment number 43 i didn’t mean to hurt any feeling i just felt there was a need to say it. i wasn’t talking just about you, about anybody who gets angry, mad or has a rough day and feel the need to start getting hurtful to others! And i too even start getting out of control and say things i wish i had not said! nobody’s perfect remember that everybody! please only post positive comments! i’m sure Niki will enjoy us being respectful on her blog!;)

  53. Cupcakeconfetti4 (103) says:

    Mackenzie might be acting strange but I sort of like it. Instead of worrying, Nikki, I suggest you enjoy it for a while. If it fades a little, start worrying. U shouldn’t relax so much! Good luck though! Mackenzie might actually be ur frend too! :) Pleez reply!

  54. Lauren (144) says:

    :) :):);):):):);););););););):(:)

  55. pizzagirl (94) says:

    NEXT COMMENT I POST WILL BE THE CHARACTERS ON MY STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Cupcakeconfetti4 (103) says:

    Oh, BTW, People need 2 notice me! I may be new but I need friends! Hello? People? pizzagirl? lauren? anyone?

  57. Lauren (144) says:

    Nikki emailed me 4 times!!!! :) :) :) ;) ;)

  58. Lauren (144) says:

    Heeeeey I want a friend 2!!!

  59. pizzagirl (94) says:

    but by the way nobody guessed the answer :( please at least try next time!

  60. Lauren (144) says:

    Cupcakeconfetti4 I love your screen name! I love cupcakes so much! Of course I’ll be your friend!

  61. pizzagirl (94) says:

    i’m SUPER sorry cupcake!!!!! soooo . . . what’s up?

  62. Lauren (144) says:

    Can you give us a hint pizza girl?

  63. Lauren (144) says:

    Hey guys, you don’t have to answer this if you don’t want to, but how old are u?

  64. pizzagirl (94) says:


  65. pizzagirl (94) says:


  66. Lauren (144) says:

    Status: half sleeping

  67. pizzagirl (94) says:

    oh and Lauren of course i’ll give you a hint! it’s on Disney channel!

  68. Lauren (144) says:

    I’m 12

  69. Lauren (144) says:

    Wizards of waverly place?

  70. Apple (180) says:

    She has really changed.

  71. Cupcakeconfetti4 (103) says:

    so what’s going on with you guys?

  72. pizzagirl (94) says:

    Lauren you know what? you will already get first pick we’re pretty much buds now right?

  73. Lauren (144) says:

    Shake it up?

  74. Cupcakeconfetti4 (103) says:

    can I be on ur story? sounds cool.:)

  75. pizzagirl (94) says:

    LAUREN!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GOT IT!!!!!!!! IT’S WIZARD’S OF WAVERLY PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Lauren (144) says:

    Oh ok! What am I sposta pick? Sorry if I sound stupid

  77. pizzagirl (94) says:

    SURE THING! the more the merrier!!!!!!!

  78. Lauren (144) says:

    Yay! I’m so sad wowp ended though.

  79. pizzagirl (94) says:

    you get first pick of character on my story

  80. Cupcakeconfetti4 (103) says:

    k so what’s the characters?

  81. pizzagirl (94) says:

    Let me list my Character names really quick!

  82. Lauren (144) says:

    My fave show is icarly

  83. Cupcakeconfetti4 (103) says:

    wait, just pick for me please. I don’t really care. :)

  84. Cupcakeconfetti4 (103) says:

    My fav show is icarly too! it’s funny.

  85. Lauren (144) says:

    Alright! List away!

  86. Lauren (144) says:

    Wow really? I also like victorious

  87. Lauren (144) says:

    R u there pizza girl? Sorry if I’m bothering u.

  88. Lauren (144) says:

    How old r u cupcake?

  89. Cupcakeconfetti4 (103) says:

    R U done yet? U don’t have to answer to this if u r working on it.

  90. pizzagirl (94) says:

    OMG! i’m soo sorry got to go to bed!

  91. Cupcakeconfetti4 (103) says:

    yeah, I have 2 go too. See ya 2morrow.

  92. pizzagirl (94) says:

    i’ll post the character names tomorrow at about 8:00 tomorrow

  93. Lauren (144) says:

    R u posting the characters?

  94. Apple (180) says:

    Rufus is maybe another word for weird supid or akward… anything like that. If she says that to Chloe and Zoey then my prediction could be true

  95. pizzagirl (94) says:

    oh p.m not a.m

  96. Lauren (144) says:

    Am or pm?!?!

  97. Lauren (144) says:


  98. Lauren (144) says:

    Goodnight pizza girl!

  99. Lauren (144) says:

    Good night everyone. I don’t know what tiresome your in, but here its 12 am!!!

  100. Lauren (144) says:

    I mean time zone!

  101. Kim (21) says:

    she’s up to something, don’t let your guard down

  102. totally awesome (55) says:

    be careful nikki she could be up to something

  103. Sapphire (2779) says:

    Maybe she IS trying to get Brandon to like her, because Brandon saw mackenzie trip u at the Halloween dance and thinks she is mean and nasty, or maybe your overreacting, could she really be changing her ways?? Just enjoy it for now and also if Chloe zoey or brandon is nicer to her, try not to feel jealous-they like u more!

  104. totally awesome (55) says:

    my computer keeps saying ‘ur typing to fast slow down’ i can’t help that :P

  105. Nicole (1443) says:

    Elise, can I be Lexi or Violet? :D

  106. Nicole (1443) says:

    Hey TaylorSwift26! You on? My BFF May LOVES Taylor Swift too! She’s MAD about her! As MAD as MAD LIBS(LOL)!!!!!!!!!!! AND BTW, EVERYONE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHECK OUT COMMENT 507!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D April, what happened to your scary story? I missed it! And BTW, why didn’t anyone contuine the Midnight story? Remember? The girl who has black hair and like she became friends with a boy who was actually sent by evil sprits? HELLO? I MISS THOSE STORIES! :(

  107. Nicole (1443) says:

    Vampire Girl

    Sophia Johnson (main character): Me (Nicole)
    Caitlin Johnson (Sophia’s sister triplet): Lulu
    Avery Johnson (Sophia’s other triplet): Avery
    Amelia Ricks (The triplet’s friends): Amelia
    Harmony Ricks (The triplet’s friends and Amelia’s triplet sister): Harmony
    Bethany Ricks (The triplet’s friends and Amelia and Harmony’s other triplet): Jaime[ ‘-‘]
    Sophie Johnson (Sophia’s enemy): Sopmonkey
    Stacey Johnson (Caitlin’s enemy aka Sophie’s BFF):
    Sharon Johnson (Avery’s enemy aka Sophie’s BFF):
    Sophia’s mom:
    Sophia’s dad:
    Sophie’s mom:
    Sophie’s dad:
    Amelia’s mom:
    Amelia’s dad:
    Christopher Johnson (Sophia’s big brother): Elise (sorry you’re a boy)
    Hannah Johnson (Sophia’s big sister): Krissy
    Jessie Ricks (Amelia’s big sister aka Hannah’s BFF): mooni rox
    Justin Ricks (Amelia’s big brother aka Christopher’s BFF):
    Mrs. Thornburg (Home room teacher):
    Mr. Carter (P.E. Teacher):
    Mrs. Ward (Principal):
    Mr. Bruce (Science teacher):

  108. Leen (41) says:

    i want ( justin ricks ) < boy its ok

  109. lovelygirl (9) says:

    she just want brandon to notice her…what a mean girl>;(

  110. Nicole (1443) says:

    Last Christmas I gave you my heart and the very next day you gave it away…

    MOOD: Singing (Harm says this is her singing face: -O- LOL!!!) :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  111. samantha (11) says:

    well i would always get bullied by the same person everyday Nikki. And after the New Year he somehow changed, and my friends told me that after bullying other students and me he decided to not be mean and be friends,and i even asked his parents and they said he won’t bully anyone again cause the trouble he caused. But the thing is sometimes people change.

  112. Leen (41) says:

    samantha do you want to be friend with me

  113. April (909) says:

    Let’s just hope and pray that she did change her ways!
    Hopfully she doesn’t backstabe you or something! Good luck at school!

  114. Ashley (2) says:

    Hey Nikki, do you watch regular show and adventure time on cartoon network?

  115. Jennette (12) says:

    Wow…she really changed nice

  116. APROUDGIANT:) (885) says:

    It’s hard to believe that Mackenzie is nice now :o

  117. Nikki's BIGGEST Fan!! (684) says:

    i hope this isn’t true but what if she’s just trying to act nice so brandon will like her!
    because he said he doesn’t like her because she’s mean so what if shes trying to win him over by being nice!!!! i really hope she has turned nice because it would be great if u wrote a new diary and it was filled with a lot of good stuff like: mckenzie not ruining ur life brandon dating u and brianna comes a little bit more normal!!! u can only hope!!! love ya nikki!!

  118. Nikki's BIGGEST Fan!! (684) says:

    hey maria teresa u probaly forgot about me by now but hi!!!!!!!!!

  119. Elise (769) says:

    I think you should enjoy it well it lasts, but don’t tell her any of your secrets.

  120. Emma (24) says:

    OMG!!! That’s so odd of Mackenzie to be acting so nice! Maybe someone dared her to be nice for a day, or maybe she wants to show Brandon how nice she can be to his friends, just to get to him. Maybe we should look up the word “rufus” in the dictionary, it could be a word!

  121. Lyndserr99 (252) says:

    hey Lulu r u on?

  122. Lyndserr99 (252) says:

    hey guys i made this click my name

  123. Lyndserr99 (252) says:

    hey where’s mooni rox?????????????

  124. Lulu (10450) says:

    I am so bored! Ugh… :(
    Doo doo di di!
    Peru peru peewee peewee!!
    Served served merved derved!!!
    1 + 1 = 6000000000 !!!! Yaaaay I’m right! :P
    Wow I’m bored…pff… :|

  125. Lulu (10450) says:

    Logging off! Ugh…
    Boredom u won this battle!
    But I’ll be BACK! ;)
    See ya! :)

  126. APROUDGIANT:) (885) says:

    Hi!!!! :D

  127. Elise (769) says:

    Anyone on?

  128. Elise (769) says:

    Hi! :)

  129. Elise (769) says:

    Want to chat?

  130. Elise (769) says:

    What are you doing? I was doing schooling(I’m home schooled) But then I got bored and Mom said I could stop for a while. :)

  131. Elise (769) says:

    Guess what? On the 15th we are going to the Cayman Islands! :D

  132. Elise (769) says:

    like sad songs and rock songs! Like the band Freedom.

  133. Emily (8) says:

    guys i know what rufus it means EVIL ttyl

  134. Elise (769) says:

    I say this a lot:
    Tap dance!
    I hate tap dancing, its just fun to say! I say it when ever I don’t know what to say. I’m trying to spread it!

  135. Elise (769) says:

    Whats wrong?

  136. Harmony (3655) says:

    Hey gals!!! :0D


  137. Lulu (10450) says:

    Galz I going 2 get a muffin! :P
    BRB! :D

  138. Harmony (3655) says:

    The word “Rufus” is a boy’s name that is of Latin origin. The name is pronounced as “ROO-fuss” and it means something like “red-haired”. The name was very common during the nineteenth century. The name has two variations as well namely “Ruffus” and “Rufous”. It is also found mentioned in the Bible as the name of two early Christians from the first century. Several famous people also share this name, namely Rufus Sewell an actor from Britain, Rufus Wainwright a Canadian cum American singer and songwriter, and then there is Rufus Thomas who is a singer from the United States, King William the Second from England who was nicknamed “Rufus” probably due to his reddish face, and several others.

    Rufus is also the name of a place in the United States state of Oregon. There are also several fictional characters called Rufus including Rufus from “The Rescuers” an animated feature from Disney, Rufus Scrimgeour from the popular Harry Potter series of books.

    Harry Potter!!!! XP XD

  139. Harmony (3655) says:

    I know what Rufus means!!

    It’s a slang. Rufus-dumb. to screw-up doing basic things.

    He is such a rufus!

    Everyone goes to that party, it’s rufus.


    • Lulu (10450) says:

      Oooh! :o
      That makes sense! :)
      So rufus means 2 screw-things up like dumb butt and all…
      I knew it Mackenzie hasn’t changed a bit! :o
      Wow that’s a shock… :|

      • Harmony (3655) says:

        Yeah.. She will never change!

        • Sapphire (2779) says:

          She’s not really supposed to, considering Rachel created her as the mean character and MacKenzie actually makes the books really interesting.

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            Yeah! IKR! :D
            I never mentioned that coz Nikki would not like me but Mackenzie is actually very interesting in DD! :D
            I kinda like her but I dislike her…u know what I mean. ;)

          • Harmony (3655) says:

            Yeah, but Mackenzie is based on a real person… Because Rachel made the book based on real events..

          • Sapphire (2779) says:

            No she didn’t, it specifically says

            “This book is a work of fiction, characters names places and events are all from the authors imagination, ” it also says if there are people who you know, dead or alive, and they sound exactly like characters from the book, or if any events occurred in real life that sound like the ones in the book its purely coincidental.

          • Harmony (3655) says:

            What?! 0_o

            Really? Oh, because I read in the “Meet Rachel” section:

            “Are the events in the book true?
            Many of the events in the book are based on the experiences I and my daughters had in middle school.”

      • Lulu (10450) says:

        That is true Sapphire! I am re-reading the book and it specifically says that…her daughters had the expireance Nikki has…plus where do u think she has her inspiration? :D

    • APROUDGIANT:) (885) says:

      So she’s still the same but acts all nice. Im sure she has a plan! Who knows what she’ll do now

      • Lulu (10450) says:

        Yeah and I thought…(Shudders)…u know what people don’t change.
        A leopard never changes its spots!
        Plus how do u do the angry face? >:O
        Or /:(

        • APROUDGIANT:) (885) says:

          I dont know I’ve been trying to do it but I cant >:( X:( X(

        • Sapphire (2779) says:

          A leopard never changes its spots, UNLESS the zookeeper dyed its fur.

          Basically, if MacKenzie is changing her ways, something-or someone- is influencing her to do that, so right now it seems like she’s trying to show Brandon what a kind and caring person she can be, and also Nikki should look on the bright side- at least MacKenzie is capable of being nice!!

  140. Lulu (10450) says:

    Thank u so much harmony! :D
    I know it took u a while 2 do this huh?
    U ROCK SOLID BRO! I mean sis! I mean ur not my sister…ur my brother. I mean…uh…u see…um…ur my friend, yeah friend but ur my sis @ heart not that ur in my heart coz there u would be caged by my ribs and its all bloody…and…nevermind.

  141. Maria Teresa (1540) says:

    OMG this is creepy! NASA found the first habitable planet besides Earth! It’s the Kepler 22-b and it’s located out of the Solar System. What if there are ALIENS living there? :O

    • Lulu (10450) says:

      OMG! I know girl!
      There’s living things there on that Earth duplicate! :D
      Its so cool! :)
      What if there’s another Lulu! *gasp* :o
      But she has 1 eye and she aint interestin like the gal u know here baby! ;)

      They say its called Eris (like the roman goddess) or (greek goddess) or somethin…IDK.

      • Sapphire (2779) says:

        What if there’s like, another Sapphire on that planet!!! I’m picturing her to have the same hair and clothes as me, but blue skin and 1000 eyes, (that would be SO cool!!)

    • Harmony (3655) says:



    • Maria Teresa (1540) says:

      I know right! The planet is actually called Kepler-22b and really does look like Earth.
      If there are duplicates of us living there… I hope the other Maria is smart, so I could call her by telepathy and ask her to replace me at school :D

      • Sapphire (2779) says:

        Hahahaha!! I’m gonna look up that planet

        *Searching, searching listening to music*

        *”What the heck?! This is TOO weird!!”

        *Posts link so the others can see*

      • Lulu (10450) says:

        IKR! :D
        I hope the other Lulu is excactly like me!
        She can draw and sing and stuff then when we meet (destiny, fate, an accident 2 teach me somethin) and she can do my homework and chores and I just goof around! :P
        Plus I pay her $5 every 2 weeks or so… :P
        I know cruel but…I like 2 hit up the mall u know! ;)

      • Harmony (3655) says:

        Lol! They probably have school there too. Or not.. Idk.. It’s not like I live there…. 0_0

        I want the other me too have an AWESOME fashion sense! :0P And I want mine to be BLUE! Tee he he. 0-0


        • Lulu (10450) says:

          I wish I could visit there!
          I wanna see. How it really is! But instead of having day and night seperatly…they have it together. Like the other side of the world is night and here its day but they share it instead…if there was acountry called LuluLand :P and a country called KristyCountry…and its over seas.
          It would both be night and both be day! :D

  142. Lauren (144) says:

    Hey!!! See me up there!?! 3rd comment, and Nikki said congrats!!! I’m super happy

  143. Sapphire (2779) says:


    Do your parents have an embarassingly stupid nickname for you? And if so, what is it?
    If there was a DD movie, what role would you like to play??
    Do you like the Muppets/ Sesame Street??

    • Sapphire (2779) says:

      My answers

      Saffie Sunshine (my dad)
      Hm… I’d love to play MacKenzie, it would be a challenge to pull off a role that nasty!!
      I LOVE them!!!!

      • Lulu (10450) says:

        •My little beautiful Lulie Tanyie Angel! (My mom)
        • I would love 2 play Mackenzie! :D I think her role is very interesting! And she is really sassy and a diva! :D
        • L.O.V.E ‘em! :D

    • Maria Teresa (1540) says:

      Not really, but sometimes my mom calls me ‘Kikas’, although it doesn’t go with my name

      Nikki for sure! I LOVE Nikki!!! If I couldn’t be Nikki I would like to be Chloe or Zoey, because they’re really good friends :)

      Of course I do! They made my childhood!

    • April (909) says:

      Sweety, honey (not that bad, theres another one but that would give out my real name!)
      I would like to be Chloe, since she is a bookworm like me!
      hmmmm…let’s see…YES!

    • Harmony (3655) says:

      No. Well, Skinny Minnie
      Hmmm, Chloe or Zoe!
      I like The Muppets.. Not a big fan of Sesame Street though.


  144. Lauren (144) says:

    I am :)

  145. Lauren (144) says:

    Not really, Id wanna play Chloe or zoey and yea I liked the muppets.

  146. April (909) says:

    I feel like everyone is forgetting me :(
    Does anyone even remember me on here?
    I’m sorry that I havn’t been chatting much lately, it’s because mid-terms at my school are coming and I’ve been getting a lot of homework recently.
    Well, gtg. (More hw to do :( )

  147. Lauren (144) says:

    Sometimes my mum calls nina

  148. Lauren (144) says:

    I don’t really remember the name April but I recognize the picture.

  149. APROUDGIANT:) (885) says:

    GTG bye !

  150. Lauren (144) says:

    I’m pretty sure Rufus means dumb. I looked it up.

  151. SAM (25) says:

    EVIL PLOT!!!!!She could never be that nice!!!!!!!

  152. Lauren (144) says:

    Buh bye!

  153. Maria Teresa (1540) says:

    I’m typing some random words and you’ll say what goes on your mind when you read each one of them! Sounds cool? :D

    - Bacon

    - Pirates

    - Movies

    - Sandals

    - Kepler-22b (XD)

    - Popcorns

    BTW my mom’s watching Hannah Montana and I’m just here staring at her and laughing XD

    • Sapphire (2779) says:

      My mom used to watch HM with me when I was like eleven!!!

      My family don’t eat pork

      Eye patch

      movie theater with BFFs planned for this Friday if there’s a good movie on

      I ALWAYS get sand in my sandals EVERY day, living on a beach has its downsides


      Yummmm!!!! I’m gonna go make some, BRB!!!

    • Maria Teresa (1540) says:

      - Bacon: probably the only reason why I’m not a full vegetarian (I don’t eat all kinds of meat)

      - Pirates: Pirates of the Caribbean, my epic obsession

      - Movies: I’ll be in one someday

      - Sandals: Let’s paint our toenails!

      - Kepler-22b: WEIRDNESS. CREEPYNESS.

      - Popcorns: a miracle of a food X)

      • Lulu (10450) says:

        - eye balls!

        - bacon breathe!

        - toe nails!

        - chocolates!

        - nose hairs!

        - nostrils!

        - baby puke! (Ewwwwww….)

        - dead skin! (Horrifying!)

        - potatoes!

        I feel like a salad! Hmm…I hope we get meat loaf and salad 4 dinner! :D
        I’m gonna ask my mommy! :P
        Hope she’s not watchin soap- operas! :P

        • Sapphire (2779) says:

          My mom HATES soap operas, she watches this comedy show from the eighties called The Cosby Show, it was acceptable in the eighties but its kind of SO last century!! LOL!!!

          • Maria Teresa (1540) says:

            My mom hates soap operas too! She says they’re dumb and too dramatic.

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            Well my mom thinks it teaches u about life and love…whatever! I’m young I don’t even know what love is! :P
            Plus my dad listens 2 Bob Marley and hoping he is havin an effect on me… :D
            Oh well…
            Plus my aunt swears a lot and goes 2 clubs! ;)

          • Maria Teresa (1540) says:

            My dad knows 2 Justin Bieber musics and sings them ALL THE TIME at home. Hope he doesn’t do it at work too XD

        • Harmony (3655) says:

          My mom watches “Young and the restless”.. I don’t like them though..


          • Lulu (10450) says:

            My mom watches The Bold and the Beautiful!
            (Shivers) I hate that! Its just the same as it was when it started…I seriously don’t get it…plus now that WOWP is over I have nothing 2 look forward 2…except S@B and PLL! :P
            U know sometimes I don’t even watch Disney anymore… :)

          • Harmony (3655) says:

            Yeah, me either.. What’s PLL? is it “Pretty little liars”? My sisters friend watches that show.. Is it good?

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            It is! :D
            It is really good! :D ask Fathiya! :D

    • Harmony (3655) says:

      - Bacon.. I’m thinking of becoming a vegetarian. So.. No bacon for me..

      - Pirates I wanna dress like one for Halloween next year.

      - Movies DESPICABLE ME!!! My FAVORITE movie!!!

      - Sandals I like them.. I don’t wear them anymore though.

      - Kepler-22b is AWESOME!!!! I wanna go there!!

      - Popcorns I had some yesterday.. And drew some on a piece of paper(art class). :0)


      • Maria Teresa (1540) says:

        semi-vegetarian here! I’m managing to be a full vegetarian someday, I ate to eat animals :(

        Despicable me is my fave cartoon movie!!! It’s so funny!!!

        • Harmony (3655) says:

          My sister became a Vegetarian.. Well, she is, for a week.. I HATE eating animals!! :(

          IKR!! They are making a ride for it at Universal Studios, and they are making a 2ND MOVIE!! EEEEEPP!!! XD

          • Maria Teresa (1540) says:

            AWESOMEEEE!!! :D

          • Lulu (10450) says:

            Me 2 I’m semi-veggie eater 2! :D
            Carrots and potatoes and pumpkins and string beans and mmmh… :D can’t wait 4 dinner! :D

          • Sapphire (2779) says:

            Despicable me is HILARIOUS, I am SO glad my dad forced me to go, i mean, it was a Saturday afternoon and when I heard my dad and my mom and my sister were going to a little kids movie I was like “No thanks,” but my dad made me and I’m SO glad coz it was SO funny! Also, I’m not Vegetarian but me and my family only eat a special type of meat, its called Halal meat (its basically either chicken, beef, or lamb cut in a special way, and we don’t eat pork), we only eat it because its supposed to be much better for you!

    • superdorky (29) says:

      i was Hannah Montana till moody became a bad role model. I thought that show wasn’t on anymore

  154. Sapphire (2779) says:

    Guys my comment said “awaiting moderation!!”

  155. Lauren (144) says:

    I ate a cinnamon bun

  156. Sapphire (2779) says:

    Ok I got my bowl of popcorn, but i can only stick around a few mins longer!!! I have a TON of Shakespeare HW and me and my friends are all meeting at my house to do it together (its always more fun)

  157. Maria Teresa (1540) says:


  158. Fathiya (2694) says:

    I keep missing pretty little liars I keep thinking its tuesdays but know its Monday’s.

    • Lulu (10450) says:

      Fathiya who do u like in pretty little liars?
      U know there’s a book called pretty little liars… ;)
      I haven’t read it yet coz someone took it from the Pub. Libr. :)

  159. Madison (2694) says:

    I will post the first chapter of what happens in the woods.

  160. Lauren (144) says:


  161. Lauren (144) says:

    I <3 cinnamon buns!

  162. Lauren (144) says:

    If anyone has an iPod or iPad temple run is a must have game!!!

  163. Lulu (10450) says:

    It say coz of the bill board that he did 4 Bay 4 her birthday (since it was illegal) Someone might have saw him and reported that he was the one doing all the pics that Bay has been doing around town.


    4 attempting 2 buy alchol with a fake I.D.
    IDK guys
    That’s what the INTERNET told me…

  164. Maria Teresa (1540) says:

    Hello! I’m making the characters list of my new fantasy story! Meanwhile, here are the (female) ones I’ve already created, if you want a part, just ask! :)

    - SAGE MARKS (main character: 11/12 years old. She was bubbly and nice but has become shy and grumpy after her parents passed away)

    - HAYLEY MARKS (Sage’s 19/20-year-old sister. She dyed her hair red and loves rock music, is very nice and relaxed)

    - YVETTE VANBIRCH (Captain Vanbirch’s 20-year-old daughter, everybody likes her. She becomes Hayley’s best friend)

    - SWANN LEEMNEY (Sage and Hayley’s cousin and frenemy. Swann is rich and very popular at school)

    - LYITO FERAE (9-year-old gypsy girl, she becomes friends with Sage)

    - MYTHEA FERAE (11-year-old gypsy girl, Lyito’s sister)

    - ELIANA SLUNCE (Sage’s classmate. Eliana is an actress and is famous among the Magic Ones)

    More soon! Do you like those?

  165. Maria Teresa (1540) says:

    Sure! :D

  166. TaylorSwift26 (552) says:

    Maybe she’s putting a plan to embarrass you Nikki! Be careful!

  167. TaylorSwift26 (552) says:

    Sorry hadn’t been here in a long time. (Well just 2 days)

  168. Emily ;) (1284) says:

    Hey guys. This is Emily’s sister. She has been gone for a while. She wanted me to tell you that she was grounded and that she will be in grounded on Saturday. She misses y’all a lot. She keeps begging my mom if she can just go on here once but my parents keep saying no. So don’t worry she didn’t leave.

  169. Ghennah (7) says:

    Mackenzie being nice could be a new year resolution or she could be planning something or something big. You never know so I’d stay on my toes if I were you

  170. superdorky (29) says:

    Maxkenzie has got to be smarter than she looks. Maybe she made a resolution to date Brandon and her plot is this:

    1. win wwcd talent show (Because “You have more talent in your smallest burp than she has in her whole body.” and yes I quoted Brandon.)

    2. get on your friendlist (Curtesy of “Keep your friends close, your enemies closer.” No one got quoted. And “Any friend of your is a friend of mine.” since Brandon is your friend.)

    3. let you, Chloe, and Zoey sit at CCP table (So Brandon and all of you might think you see a different side of Makenzie.)

    4. (Most important.) Snap your tiny little hearts ( As in break up as gal pals.),go for the kill (have you catch her and Brandon making out.),and voila she has little boyfirend wrapped around her finger.

    I so hope I’m wrong for once. Keep her as it says “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”. :) Good Luck and warn Chloe and Zoey. Brandon might think its nuts though.

  171. Lulu (10450) says:

    Ey superdorky! :D h

  172. TaylorSwift26 (552) says:

    The Darkness Chapter 2 The Accident
    Charlotte’s Story

    Dear Journal (Or diary),
    Yesterday at Jana’s B-day party, WAS THE BEST! I was glad I brought a swimsuit so I had it under my clothes and took it off, then I went to the very awesome pool. Jana and Sara and me played around in the pool. I really wanted to go to the hot tub, but it was full of adults. Then I had to change back my clothes and we started eating the cake! It was sooo good. The good thing was, there was vanilla in it. I had a fun time though. Well I’ll write more tomorrow.
    XOXO, Charlotte

    I put my journal in my usual spot. And went to the kitchen to eat breakfast. Yesterday, Jana told me that they needed to get her gift from 20 miles from here. I wanted to go but I know my parents. I was eating my breakfast suddenly Tommy yelled “I’M HUNGRY!”
    “Tommy your 9. I think you can make your own food.” I said. “NO! You make me pancakes!” He yelled. “TOMMY! You stop being lazy! You know how to make microwavable pancakes!” I yelled. Then we both started arguing. “Whoa! What is going on here?” Said my dad. “Charlotte won’t make me microwavable pancakes!” Tommy whined. “Charlotte, Do what your little brother said. I think your the one who’s lazy.” My dad said leaving the kitchen. My jaw dropped. Geez my dad. So I gave what Tommy wanted. I went to the living room to watch TV. Then the phone ringed. “MOM! The phone is ringing.” I yelled. Then my mom came. “Lazy kids!” Said my mom laughing. “Hello? Oh hey mom. What? What do you mean?” My mom said. Then her face turned pale. “What’s wrong mom?” I said.
    I need to go! Everything is on channel 49!” Then my mom got her keys and purse then slammed the door. “What?” I said. So I changed the channel to 49 and listened to the news lady. “Breaking news. A terrible car crash in San Diego. Apparently the parents survived, but not a girl in the backseat.”
    Ok I still didn’t get it. Why would mom get in a hurry… wait a minute. I then saw Aunt Susan crying. “I… I never knew my little Jana will just die!” I saw Susan bloody everywhere. I then also turned pale. I ran to my room, slammed the door and started crying. “Why did she had to die? Why?” I cried more. Then I realized Cocoa followed me to my room. I hugged gim real tight. “Why did she had to Cocoa?” I put my face in his fur. He also seemed very sad. So I kept on crying, crying and crying.

  173. Katie (13) says:

    Ok idk if this right or not but rufus is slang i found this definition:

    •dumb. to screw-up doing basic things.

    like i said IDK if its right or not :/

  174. Maria Teresa (1540) says:

    My sister’s ex-teacher wrote on Facebook, along with a video: “This was the music that was on the top of the charts when I was born”.
    And my sister commented: “Did music already existed in that time?”

    OMG… :o XD
    She made log out immediately XD

  175. TaylorSwift26 (552) says:

    Hey had anybody watched The Smurfs movie?

  176. Madison (2694) says:

    What happens in the woods?
    Chapter 1
    I can’t believe our parents let us camp bye our selfs .Tessa said. I know I heard hack there’s madlyn said with excitement. You see Tessa and Madlyn had crush on jack the cutest guy in school. But they both don’t know they both have a crush on Jack. Tessa went to to Madlyn’s house. Oh pizza. Yun! Said Madlyn and Tessa said at the same time. When they Finsh the Pizza. They went to Madlyn’s room. Madlyn ro was awesome she had two rooms in 1 room. The first room was for sleeping but the second room was the hang out room. Help me what I ‘m going to wear. Said Madlyn. Should I wear this jean shorts with my adventure time t- shirt or my love pink T-shirt. Said Madlyn. It’s not a Fashion show Madlyn said Tessa. Shut up and help me gather important stuff. Said Madlyn with an attitude. After they finsh Madlyn packing they went to Tessa house. Tessa went to her room it wasn’t as great as Madlyn’s room. Tessa had all her stuff pack but couldnt find her flashlight. Where’s my flashlight? Tessa asked. Dud you look every where asked Madlyn. Oh my gosh where did you find it asked Tessa. It was under your bed. Said Madlyn. Oh well thank you said Tessa.

  177. Anna (22) says:

    OMG a little girl stole my snack i dont even knw her she stole a whole pack of it from my hand!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRR

  178. Anna (22) says:

    Nikki i think makenzie is being nice to u cause she wants to let Brandon know that shes
    kind to his friends and nice (but no shes not)

    ANNA <3

  179. Madison (2694) says:

    Do u guys like my story do far? :)

  180. Elise (769) says:

    Hi! Is anybody on?

  181. Elise (769) says:

    Here is the list of my people in my story!
    Lexi: Nicole
    Violet: Me(Elise)
    Lexi’s mom:
    Lexi’s dad:
    Violet’s mom:
    Violet’s dad:
    Andy’s mom:
    Andy’s dad:
    Rose(The mean girl):
    Tree Women:
    Does anyone else want to be in my story? I’m going to start tomorrow!:)

  182. nina (50) says:

    happy new year girls :)

  183. nina (50) says:

    Hey elise *

  184. Elise (769) says:

    Yes I’m here!

  185. Elise (769) says:

    wanna chat?

  186. Elise (769) says:

    R you still here, nina?

  187. Elise (769) says:

    Nina? Anybody on?

  188. Elise (769) says:

    Cupcakeconfetti4, do you want to chat?

  189. TaylorSwift26 (552) says:

    Today in class, we were playing a minute to win it where there’s a cookie placed on your forehead and you need to get it into your mouth! It was so FUNNY!

  190. Nikki's BIGGEST Fan!! (684) says:

    nobody thinks of me anymore!!!!!!!!! :( :( :( :(

    • Elise (769) says:

      I think of you! Would you like to be in my story, BTW?

      • Nikki's BIGGEST Fan!! (684) says:

        oh thanks!! i had a bunch of friends like sapphire,emily,amy,maria teresa and a bunch of others but i hadnt been on in a while and i guess they 4 got :( but i would love to b in ur story!!! yay i love being in stories!!!!! thanks!!!!

  191. Elise (769) says:


  192. iWannaBeURfriend! (547) says:

    I think MacKenzie’s new year’s resolution was to be nicer or something…

  193. iWannaBeURfriend! (547) says:

    hm.. lemme see what happens

  194. Cupcakeconfetti4 (103) says:

    no, that’s not what happens

  195. Elise (769) says:

    Lets do something. I’m bored.

  196. Madison (2694) says:

    Was my story that boaring. :(

  197. Sally (2694) says:

    No it wasn’t boar ing I think its good . :)

  198. Alyssa (2694) says:

    I liked it a lot.

  199. TaylorSwift26 (552) says:

    Who has Hpw to Dork your diary? I DO!

  200. Elise (769) says:

    No! I liked it!

  201. Elise (769) says:

    I don’t yet.

  202. Elise (769) says:

    Everyone type a random word!

  203. iWannaBeURfriend! (547) says:

    Im supposed to be doing homework, but I’m addicted to the computer..

  204. Lyndserr99 (252) says:

    me too! Hey iWannaBeURfriend! where do u live

  205. Elise (769) says:

    I live in CT.

  206. Elise (769) says:

    Its not that cold here.

  207. i love pancakes (69) says:

    hey ppl! im new here. i hope no ignores me :(

  208. TaylorSwift26 (552) says:

    When you move is like a full-on rainstorm, and i’m a house of cards. (LOVE THAT LYRIC!)

  209. iWannaBeURfriend! (547) says:

    안녕 Dork Diaries~! That means “hello.” sorry, just felt like typing in another language >.<

  210. Elise (769) says:

    What language is it?

  211. Elise (769) says:

    I don’t think anyone wants to be in my story. :(

  212. iWannaBeURfriend! (547) says:

    Does anyone have KakaoTalk- the free application?

  213. TaylorSwift26 (552) says:

    I ♥ Dork Diaries!
    ♪LA LA LA♪

  214. Elise (769) says:

    Its about a princess, Lexi, who thinks its girly and stuck up to be one, and she runs away with her BFF, and her crush, Andy, to the woods. The list of people are on 188. Thanks for wanting to be in my story! :)

  215. iWannaBeURfriend! (547) says:

    Aack, I guess I might as well do my homework *pouts*

  216. Harmony (3655) says:

    Harmz status: Just got done painting my nails. Thinking of calling Radio Disney, and trying to get on the radio.. Any songs that I should request, if I don’t get on Radio?

    Mood: Happy/silly!
    Faces: :0D / :0P 0_0


  217. Ashley (16) says:

    OH MY GOSH!Nikki something MUST be up!Cuz I thought it might litteraly kill Mackenzie to be nice! SERIOUSLY! If Mackenzie plus mean equals distaster,then what does Mackenzie plus nice equal?

  218. TaylorSwift26 (552) says:

    Can’t.. leave.. site. Must… comment… more..

  219. Elise (769) says:

    Okay, that was random.

  220. iWannaBeURfriend! (547) says:

    Does anyone want to be in my story? I posted the first chapter already, I post it again, along with the second chapter. It’s about 3 best friends who signed up for a play and only 2 of them got the part. the 2 that got a part in the play didn’t think about the other girl and they started fighting. their friendship was lost. then, the girl that lost(her name was violet, but u can change it) and one of the girls that got a part(annastesia) starts crushing on the same boy. Violet finds a new friend for herself(Kirsten). It turns out that the boy they were crushing on happens to like the other girl that got a part(Charlotte), and Annastesia and Charlotte aren’t friends anymore. I’ll post some more of the summary and story when I finish my hw!

  221. Elise (769) says:

    Yes, crazy. Now I’m hungry for cookies…

  222. Elise (769) says:

    Yep! :D

  223. TaylorSwift26 (552) says:

    Icy Icy makes me chilly! Hehehe!

  224. Elise (769) says:

    Thats fun to say!

  225. iWannaBeURfriend! (547) says:

    working on character list and descriptions! Elise, you can change ur character if u don’t like the description

  226. Elise (769) says:

    Tap dance!

  227. Elise (769) says:

    No, I hate tap dancing.I just like too say “Tap dance!”

  228. TaylorSwift26 (552) says:

    I’m back! So did I miss anything?

  229. Elise (769) says:

    I have to go, but I’ll be back in a few minutes !

  230. TaylorSwift26 (552) says:

    Hey Elise want to be a member in my website? Just click my name then go to ‘Members’

  231. Elise (769) says:

    I’m back!

  232. iWannaBeURfriend! (547) says:

    Violet- open
    Violet has dark, big, luxurious golden-brown eyes with silky black hair and curls that cover the surrounding of her face. She has tan skin, and is medium height. She isn’t the type of person that is always laughing; she is a very neat and graceful person. Violet is super-careful and cautious-not all the time- and has clever retorts. She doesn’t earn a part in the play, although her audition was beyond fabulous. She has a crush on Dave, replaces Charlotte and Annastesia for Kirsten, and has a secret admirer(not Dace). More to be added.
    Charlotte- Elise
    Charlotte is a blonde that lets go of lost friendships easily, but not lost mothers and dogs. Like many blondes, she has blue eyes, but her blue eyes-although they aren’t big- are friendly and welcoming most of the time. She is very popular and not snobby unless someone gets on her nerves big time. She has the best lunches and is a great gymnast and cheerleader. She is outgoing and LOVES roller coasters. She has almost every social network created and can get away with everything because she is a sweet girl to grown-ups. Charlotte has long eyelashes that curl up naturally, and wears the very best outfits. She is a very fun person in general and is very comforting to friends and little children. Dave has a crush on her. More to be added.
    Annastesia- open
    Annastesia almost always has a smile on her face. She is a vivacious and bubbly person, and enjoys reading romance novels. She sneaks sweets like cookies and malt balls into her room all the time- even though she has braces and is not allowed to eat them. She is a brunette with blondish streaks and pale green eyes. If you look through her pictures, she is almost always posing with a silly face like her tongue sticking out or one puffed-up cheek. She is mischevious and has a gleam in her eye when she’s happy(almost always happy). She is boy-crazy and ends up meeting Dave and falling in love with him, even though Violet likes him, too(and Violet and Annastesia are not friends anymore). When she is sad(almsot never until she turns smack into drama) she has big, innocent looking eyes and her hair covers the sides of her face. More to be added.
    Violet’s mom(knows something is up)- open
    Violet’s mom is only the best mom EVER. She makes the best cookies, and has a cheerful smile on her face. She loves to cook, and she can clean very well. Her home is really comfortable, and knows when Violet is sad. She is very sympathic and comforting/caring. She also has big golden brown eyes and black hair, but her curls are put in a ponytail and while she cooks, she wears a red bandana-style hair band with white checkers and a sunny manilla colored apron. More to be added.
    Kirsten(who Violet hangs out with)- open
    Kirsten is officially a cool girl. She is understanding and easy to talk to. She has black straight silky hair that goes down to her elbows and is always tucked behind one ear and gathered on the other side. She is pretty tall, but not THAT tall and very skinny. She looks very good in pink pearls and flare jeans. She has black eyes shaped like pretty almonds(LOL) and a very sophisticated look. Many boys like her. She has braces that complement her skin color. She is a nice person overall.
    Dave(cute guy in the neighboorhood)- open
    Dave has shaggy hair and friendly eyes. He is SO irrestible and SOOO cute you could just DIE! He likes Charlotte and plans to ask her out. He is a buyer of school lunch and dresses like a cool guy. Snagger of girls(means he has many people like him). All you need to know that is cute and hasMore to be added.
    Charlotte’s sister- open
    Annastesia’s dad(drives them to school after sleepover)- open
    Brandon- open
    Cole- open
    There will be more characters and descriptions added.

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    is actually super sweet but pretends to be mean!)

    Isabelle:(Is very nice,tomboy,hates Mandy,and is Claire’s best friend!)

    Claire:(girly girl,cares about how she looks but is NOTHING like Mandy,Isabelle’s best friend!)

    Cam:(Isabelle’s little sis, about five years old and tattles about EVERYTHING,tries to tag along with Cindy and Isabelle!)

    Isabelle’s mom:(very pretty,has to bribe Cam with cookies so she’ll leave the girls alone,can’t cook,and is into peace making!)

    Mrs.Hoover:(Best teacher ever, tries to get Mandy and Isabelle to be friends,is very old, most respected person in the school(besides Mandy),Isabelle’s favorite teacher!)

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    Sophia Johnson (main character): Me (Nicole)
    Caitlin Johnson (Sophia’s sister triplet): Lulu
    Avery Johnson (Sophia’s other triplet): Avery
    Amelia Ricks (The triplet’s friends): Amelia
    Harmony Ricks (The triplet’s friends and Amelia’s triplet sister): Harmony
    Bethany Ricks (The triplet’s friends and Amelia and Harmony’s other triplet): Jaime[ ‘-‘]
    Sophie Johnson (Sophia’s enemy): Sopmonkey
    Stacey Johnson (Caitlin’s enemy aka Sophie’s BFF): Cupcakeconfetti4
    Sharon Johnson (Avery’s enemy aka Sophie’s BFF): Maria Teresa
    Sophia’s mom: Nikki’s BIGGEST Fan!!
    Sophia’s dad:
    Sophie’s mom:
    Sophie’s dad:
    Amelia’s mom:
    Amelia’s dad:
    Christopher Johnson (Sophia’s big brother): Elise (sorry you’re a boy)
    Hannah Johnson (Sophia’s big sister): Krissy
    Jessie Ricks (Amelia’s big sister aka Hannah’s BFF): mooni rox
    Justin Ricks (Amelia’s big brother aka Christopher’s BFF): Leen
    Mrs. Thornburg (Home room teacher):
    Mr. Carter (P.E. Teacher):
    Mrs. Ward (Principal):
    Mr. Bruce (Science teacher):

    Comment 115

    About: At the start at fifth grade, Sophia’s cousin enemy, Sophie and her family, is moving in to her house. And Sophie even bosses her AROUND LIKE Sophia’s the one who MOVED in! Each night, Sophia hears shadows and people screaming. But she just thinks it’s her imagination. Can Sophia and her friends and family find out what happened? Who is the shadow?

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