Hi everyone!, which also has an official countdown thingy.

In the meantime, can you guess…

What color the cover is going to be?

What I’m going to be doing in the picture on the cover?

What the book is about?


I’m been super busy finishing up Dork Diaries Book 3, TALES FROM A NOT-SO-TALENTED POP STAR!

YEP! That’s the name of my new book!


That was me screaming in excitement.

Since the book will not be available until Spring 2011 and you all have been waiting so patiently, I have a really big surprise for you.

Would you like to see a SNEAK PEAK of my new cover?!

YES…? I thought so!

On Saturday October 9th, I’ll be posting the brand NEW COVER right here at,


That was me screaming again.

So, be sure to check back on Saturday to see the new Book 3 cover.

Post your guesses below.


  1. 42

    CCGAL10 says

    I know the cover is going 2 b ORANGE!!!!!!!!!! And u r going 2 b wearing a FAB outfit!!!!!!!!!!!U r also going 2 b singin' into a mic!!!!!!!!! NIKKI U ROCK!!!

    • 45


      I already haf the third dork diaries book cant wait 4 da 4th one i haf book 1 and 3 my BFF is gonna let me read book 2 and im gonna let her read the first and the third 1. BTW the front cove of the new book is yellow and nikki has 2 watch her sister brianna at the mall and brianna takes money from a fountain and says she wants 2 go 2 quesy cheesy the pizza place so they did and their table number got called and they had to sing the qeusy cheesy theme song “i luv qeusy cheesy” but mackenzie caught nikki on video singing and posted it on youtube then 1 day at school during lunch she walked in and everyone was laughing at her cause of the video. i will tell u more soon jasmine-9

  2. 49

    Anonymous says

    You in those sparkly pop-star costumes with you head set on the singing with the spotlights behind you. And the color will be green.

  3. 51

    Emily says

    yay! first comment! Anyway i think it will be blue,you will be frowning and holding a microphone, and duh the book is about you!

  4. 53

    Anonymous says

    PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!

    show me show me show me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


  5. 55

    kklover123 says

    Well…..I went onto your Dork Diaries website and I saw waht the name of your book going to be…and I`m guessing you try out for a talent show? I`m curious……and I think the cover is going to be orange….in the main picture, you could singing solo with a microphone or singing a duet with Bradon or maybe a dance with Chloe and Zoey. I can`t wait for the new book!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want it!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! Nikki`s goonna a singer!!!!!!! and if you do become a singer, i`m your number #1 fan, even in your book! hugs and kisses cuz nikki is awesome!!!!!!!!!

  6. 56

    Kalesa says


  7. 58

    Beth says

    Is the cover colour maybe:
    Are you maybe in the picture going to be:
    Singing into a microphone or playing an instrument.

    Did you maybe…
    win a contest and end up winning the chance to preform with this famous band, but Mackenzie is trying to ruin it all.
    Or maybe, instead of winning a contest, you (or maybe someone else) puts up a vidio of you singing/playing an instrument, and some talent people ask you to preform at an event, but Mackenzie (like the last guess) is jealous and trying to ruin it all.

  8. 59

    Anonymous says

    EEEEK! I'm sooooooo excited!!! I have your first diary in my backpack RIGHT NOW!!! I'M READING IT AGAIN!!!! I love your life!!! I wish I could live it!! My friend bought your second one and I GET TO READ IT NEXT!!!
    BOO YA!!!!

    ur numba one faaaan

  9. 61

    Anonymous says

    Im thinking its gonna be GREEN!!! Your gonna wear an awesome outfit and showing Mackenzie your better than her! lol and it's You, Chole, and Zoey singing while Brandon is in he crowd listening to you girls amazing voices!!!

  10. 62

    ♪Ali♪ says

    OMG!OMG!OMG! That is so cool.I hope it comes out a little bit earlier 'cause that would make me like the happiest girl in the world. I think that the cover is gonna show you holding a microphone and looking nervous.I sorta think that maybe the book is about you entering the talent show and MacKenzie is your competition. Oh gosh I can't even wait!!!!!

  11. 63

    Anonymous says


  12. 64

    ♥ Husna ♥ says

    Hi Nikki,

    I can't wait. Squeeeeeee! That was me screaming! But i dunno if my parents let me to buy it :(

    I think the cover will be yellow gold since its about pop stars. Maybe brandon tell u his secret!!! and Mackenzie gets jealous! You entered a pop star compettion and then u think u will never make it! Suddely brandon asked u that he wanted to do a duet with u!! and then u won.

    I am your BIGGEST FAN!!
    ♥ Husna ♥

  13. 65

    Lola-Nicole says

    Well….. I think the cover will be either orange or yellow, and you will be, um…… singing! Yes, singing, with a microphone, and, probably with Chloe and Zoey. YES! That's it! (Sorry I'm writing like this, I just got out of school). And it'll be about… you (of course) and MacKenzie, competing in some sort of singing competition, like a Talent Show, or in Choir, or something. Anyway, you'll end up being put down by her and she'll end up losing, like in the avant-garde art competition. And you and Brandon will probably end up going out.

    That's just a guess though, for all I know, your bellybutton could turn blue and you could grow wings and fly away. But that will probably not happen

    (btw, i'm one of your biggest fans.)

  14. 66

    Anonymous says


  15. 68

    Anonymous says

    I think the color of the BEST BOOK EVER is going to be hot pink.I think on the cover Nikki will be doing something to humiliate herself on stage like getting words mixed up or something.I think the book will be about Nikki entering a talent show and choosing to sing but gets confused in the words. I think she decides to sing a song she doesn't know without practicing first. Disaster !! I think it will be AWESOME :)

  16. 70

    Imogen says

    I have a feeling that that the cover is going to be yellow or orange and there is a talent show going on. I also think that you, Chloe and Zoey will be taking part and MacKenzie is taking part as well.

  17. 71

    Kylie says

    I hope you and Brandon will be together, so I think you'll sing a love song to him! Like I did to my boyfriend!

  18. 72

    Lorena Angela says

    Hey Nikki! I guess the color is ORANGE. Haha. I've been waiting for this book!! Do you know how to sing? Are you good???!!! I can't wait for this BOOK!!

  19. 73

    Solstice Peltier says

    I think that the color of the cover will be orange, you will be holding a microphone by the cord and that the book will be about you (Nikki Maxwell) being in the school talent show.

  20. 74

    Anonymous says

    Heyy Nikki I love all the dork diaries im a dork my self so itz awsome to read about you!!!!!!! I cant wait to read number three. Plzzzz make a whole collection! Im waiting for the day im like Nikki!!

  21. 75

    Lee says

    Coolio! I cannot wait for it to come out!! I have the first one and am begging my mom (please!??) for the second one. I am totally gonna get all you books!

    Good luck, and you rock, Nikki!!

    ~Another one of your fans :D

  22. 76

    MADI$ON says

    Thats so awesome nikki.I can't wait to get dork diaries tales from a not so talened pop star.I sawl the book it looks awesome.I bet you and Brandon are gonna have a date and your first kiss.Oh I'm blushing right now.What if mackenzie start singing?But can't sing.That would be totally funny.Your #1 fan Madison.

    • 77


      hey nikkie im just going to writte my gueses here what color the cover is going to be orange what your going to be doing on the picture holding a mick what the book is about rock am i corect or not send me a messege on your website many thanks love from leila mohamad osama abdelhak

  23. 78

    Anonymous says

    yay yay yay yay yay!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it I 've been waiting for this. I can't believe I have to wait until next year because I just can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

  24. 80

    Chole says

    Hey its Chole in the house.Yep i'm back Nikki. And plus I sawl the cover of book.Why why why can't it come out on christmas.(I should never sawl the cover)I krazy over that book.I sell your books.Make clenders of the book.Have a party about the books.So i might be a craze fan of your book.When will you and Brandon kiss.I hope Brandon does a duet with you.Maybe you chole and zoey make a band.So theres this talent show at your school.Right?So you pratice singing.Chole does the drums and zoey does the guitar.So brandon ask if he can join the band.But Mackenzie gets jealous and sign up for the talent show also.Mackenzie v.s Nikki.Now that is a good book .Your craze fan chole.

  25. 81

    Victoria says

    What sup Nikki Its victoria I've read book 1 and 2.I didn't like it I loved it.I wonder what your book looks like.I bet its gonna be orange and yellow sparkly stars all over it. What is the comment on the back.Maybe you could do a show about the book.That would be awesome.I wonder if you and Mackenzie fight.Oh ya butt kicking.Maybe it would be too violent. well see ya.

  26. 82

    hannah doss says

    i cant wait to get the new ddb i love then and i read the second on in 3 weeks ilove dork diaries my cuz did not like them that much

    smiler 123 or hannah doss

  27. 85

    Anonymous says

    OMG!!!I so can`t wait for that book to be released!!!I have books #1 and #2!!!I thought #3 would be blue,I really CAN`T wait to get that book!!!

  28. 86

    Anonymous says

    i think it would be pink or at least on a stage with nikki, chloe and zoey on the cover! I ♥ Dork Diaries

  29. 88

    EPic says

    i think it's gonna be purple with a really cool background like ribbons and balloons and stuff. HEY – MAYBE THEY'LL HAVE A BIRTHDAY!! MAYBE IT WILL BE ABOUT BRIANNA!!! I think the next one will be about brianna and how brianna's middle school private school life is

  30. 90

    therese says

    OMG!!!!!!! i just love your new book cover i was like "omg omg omg omg" i just love it i wish it was out already im so excited i already have all your books.But my guess is completely wrong my guess was it was color blue (my fave. color) and you look like a REAL POPSTAR and the book would be about: you actually were a popstar in your school and then you were so popular you were even more POPULAR THAN MACKENZIE then mackenzie was so jeaulous of you that she tried to ruin your fame then she ended up as a popstar too! and there was a big competition and you and mackenzie survived and you won!!!


  31. 91

    Rachel says

    Like, I am the ultimate dork, and I love your books! For some reason I am accident prone! I really don't know why….

    Rachel, your number 1 fan, and awesome dork!

  32. 92

    kklover123 says

    Omg! I saw the cover! Nikki, it`s amazing! I love your outfit and the cover is all yellow orange and you holding a microphone!!!!! You are gonna be singer!!! Can I have your autograph??? Can`t wait your book! :D Reply back!

  33. 93

    Sally says

    OMG! The cover to dork diaries 3 is the cutest thing ever! It's adorable! *Gasp*
    I'm so sorry I haven't been on lately! In the summer, I was totally occupied, and during school too! I am the worst advice goddess ever! I'm so sorry to let you down love! :c I'll try to visit more often if time allows!

  34. 94

    shaolin sanders says

    I'm guessing it is orange…..your wearing an AMAZZZIIINNNGGGG!!!!!! outfit and doing' the classic peace sign and it is gonna be about u trying your hardest to make Mackenzie fail at winning your dream!!!!!!!!!!! In the mean time hope to hear from you!!!!

  35. 95

    Kirstin says

    I <3 the new cover Nikki! I want it 2 come out sooner! I really want 2 meet u! we would have sooooo much incommen!!!!!! Peace :P

  36. 96

    Sally says

    I'm guessing that this story is going to be about a talent show, and Mackenzie thinking she was TOTALLY going to win? Hm?! Tell me if I'm close! (:

  37. 97

    Anonymous says

    I`ve just reread book #1, isn`t Nikki`s grandmother suppose to visit her, and when are the LSAs going to their ' meet and greet' thing?I just hope those things will happen!!! I SO can`t wait for that book!!!
    – Dawn_2000

  38. 99

    Anonymous says

    I LOVE ur books! SO much DRAMA!! I have #1 AND #2
    BTW, the cover is orange, you'll be in a FAB outfit singing, and of course, it's gonna b about: YOU!!!!!
    <3<3 ur #1 fan <3<3

  39. 100

    Courtney says

    Hi Nikki! I can't wait to read your next book. I bet it is going to be amazing like all your other Dork Diaries books. They all rock!! I am going to go to the website to see the cover. I'll talk to you later Nikki!

  40. 102

    Deeny says

    Nikki Your cover is totally fab! I cant wait till I get it CUZ u r AWESOME (like myself)
    LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUV IT I am giving you a mental high five right now

  41. 104



  42. 105

    brittany says

    I am a total dork and new to middle school i have 1 friend in the whole world and she attends a completely different school than moi(shes my bff ame and we r making an actual CD at an actual studio SQUEEEE!)and i cry myself 2 sleep at night)-: also,i just got ur first book and am desperate 2 get the second but i keep forgetting the contests can i get a copy of book 2 somehow?i can totaly win it!

  43. 106

    eder says

    Nikki you are way better than Mackenzie because your secret crush asked you to be his partner and he also cares for you!!!Chloe and Zoey love you too!!!!Love you're book!!!Tell Mackenzie she is totally prissy!!!!

  44. 107

    Nicole says

    heyyy nikki i think you are better then mackenzie cause you are way nicer and have real friends anyways love your books

    sincerly, nicole

  45. 108

    Anonymous says

    ahhhhhhh! hi Nikki i am your biggest fan u rock i think the cover is going to be orange!!! :) and i think it will be about u becoming a popstar but not a popular one :(! what i think u are going to be doing in the cover is this u will be holding a mike and be all sad :(! BTW Brandon loves u gal friend! :) !


  46. 113

    Anonymous says

    (this is about your new book, you know.)
    hey niki! you know your "tales from a not so popular party girl"? well, rachel renee russell
    sent my mom, Wanada Bowser,a coppie of it that her daughter just finished. i just finished it. it was awsom! i was writing to see if your makeing a third one, but apearentley its allready in prossess!



  47. 114

    Kayla| says

    If had no clue about the book, I would've thought it was some love story all about Nikki and Brandon FINALLY GETTING TOGETHER!!!! Since,I have a clue it might be about how Mackenzie's realitive is some kind of big time singer manager and thinks Nikki's got talent so, she offers her a spot on something, and Mackenzie gives her this corny song or outfit to make a fool out of herself, but in the end Nikki and the help of Chloe and Zoey make that corny outfit (or song), not so bad after all, and ends up singing : "Where'd you get that thing?" and ends up making the "like-you-meter" of Brandon's thoughts coming up pretty,pretty,pretty,pppppprrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeettttttttyyyyyyyyyyy HIGH!!! But, that's just what I think, kind of taking parts from Book 2 Peace out, Kayla| (that | was supposed to come out as a heart if its bad SORRY!!!)

  48. 115

    Anonymous says

    I CANT WAIT!!! i need to have the third book
    i cant belive ill have to wait like a year and i heard the 4th one is coming out in 2012 plllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeee i want all the books to come out earlier i just cant wait u should show a sneak peak like a sumery then i wont sooo desperate

    i <3 dork diaries
    im a big fan!!

  49. 116

    Anna says

    Nikki you are so patient with the scared-of-balls girls! If I were you in 'tales from a not-so-fab-life", I would be sreaming my butt off at them bout' the tatoo thing!!! BTW Mackenzie's soooo mean!!!

  50. 118

    Alannaha says

    Hey Nikki, long time, no speak. can we have a new competition to win your newest book? Maybe an art contest? Your choice. Please?

  51. 119

    Anonymous says

    Hey Nikki
    OMG!! i can't wait till the next book is coming out i have been waiting so long for the next book to come out dork diaries is like the best book ever!!
    tomorrow i am so going to school and telling my friends that there is going to be a third book coming out like OMG! OMG! anyway i think that the next book cover is going to be orange like pretty cool cover! Tomorrow when i go to school my friends will be going OMD! OMG! ahhhhhhhhhh are you serious!! OMG!

    Talk later Nikki

  52. 121

    Ashton S. says

    Nikki YOU ROCK! I love to read ur diary! (that sounds really weird) And I have both books and I am getting the 3rd book for my bday (july 15th)

  53. 123

    molly says

    i'v read BOTH books and i have to say…WOW!! i love both of them, i got my 'cuz reading them and she loves them too! my 'cuz and i cant wait for the next one!

  54. 128

    Candi says

    HEY NIKKI!!,
    I think that your books are really cool!! I've already read both of then I cant wait for the tails of the not-so- Talented pop star.Hope you finally get that iphone you,ve been wanting plus your books ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!
    By the way are you going to have a fourth fifth and sixth book suer hope you do I will always love your books

  55. 131

    Anonymous says

    OMG!!!!!! I can NOT wait for your #3 book to come out! I'm a total freak for your books (cause they're so awesomely AMAZING ;3) Me and my freind in California just LOVE to read 'em I'm also a bit of a dork myself so when I read the #1 book I was like: WHOA!!! MAYBE just MAYBE this would happen to ME when I got into MiddleSchool! Isn't that just the CRAZIEST thing you've ever heard?

    My mom just made dinner and it's my FAVORITE!!!!!!!It's called chillie cassorall. Sorry if I spelled cassorall wrong it's just a bit difficult for me. Anyways gotta go: written by your BIGGEST FAN of Dork Diaries and WArrior Cats!BEYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. 133

    Ashleigh says

    the frist time igot your book i said it seems cool but just wish i had known about the frist book but i thik im going to get it so i can have two of your that is my fav book and i cant wait til your book tales from a not so talented pop star comes out you know i was thinkinthat you might have a orange book now ya do and remember nikki you are way better than M Mackenzie

  57. 134

    Anonymous says

    Hi, Im a big fan of ur book if i was u i wouldnt be so scared to say things u think to Mackenzie. Maybe u can try in ur next book.

    Best wishes,
    Shenir D.

  58. 135

    Nicole says

    Makenzie is a freak:) nikki, u rock!!!!!!
    ps im also such a dork with two bffs that are like Chloe and Zoey! hahahaha thts sooooo weird! :P and my names Nicole oh wow thts creepy:D

  59. 137

    Anonymous says

    melany said……you might be wearing a pop star costume on the front cover and maybe brandon will ask you out on the book!

  60. 140

    Anonymous says

    Hi Nikki i love your books im reading book 2 still so far its good your way better then Mackenzie i think your secrete crush will ask you to be his date i hope he does tell Mackenzie she is a big phoney

  61. 142

    Anonymous says

    you know what?? gurls.. sorry but.. but im a mackenzie like girl.. we rule the school!! so you dont need to hate her.. but still, nikki rocks!, and mackenzie rules.. i love the book!! ;)

  62. 143

    Anabelle A.K.A The bell says

    Hey nikki i an you #1 fan i have read both of your books you are a great artist i cannot draw a stick figur u rock. I love to write i hope to follow in you footsteps.And goood luck with brandon i have just started middle school OMG!!! my crush's name is wilfrado i am crushing BAD

  63. 144

    Anonymous says

    YOU R THE BEST ARTIST!Niki your book 3 cover looks so nice!That Mackenzie will be a total loser:0 and you r winner:D

  64. 145

    Jessica says

    I think ur next book is gonna be about you having an internship with a famous recording studio and Mackenzie will be so jealous she will try to mess up your sond with weird sound affects and you will look like you have no talent! Am I close? ALso I LOVE LIP GLOSS!

  65. 146

    Diana says

    Hi! I love you diary and I can't wail till the next one comes out! I just wanted to know.. HOW did mackenzie become so rich? Is her dad a celeb or something?

  66. 150

    inuyasha says

    omg mackenzie in the boook is a tottaly a jerk shes mean i wouldnt tolorat this i would stand up for myself

  67. 151

    Dorky kid says

    It's alredady past Oct 9 and I'm new to this blog so I didn't get to see it. I know this sounds really selfish but it's not only for me It's for everyone who didn't see the sneak peak. Okay here it goes, can you show the cover again sometime. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  68. 152

    Julia says

    Hi Niki!Im your biggest fan and i LOVE your diaries so much!I think your the funniest girl in the whole entire WORLD!I just wanted to ask,how come in book 2 the art looks different?But, any way your diaries are the best!I can't WAIT for BOOK 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG I really wanna read it I hope i comes out sooner!BTW you r WAAAAY better then Mackenzie!HOPE u make millions of diaries!
    With lots of LOVE,

  69. 154

    Anonymous says

    I love these books and I hope to read the next book and i also think that Nikki is better than Mackenzie lol and I love the author who writes these books they are cool and funny and I just want to say some people say that these books are trying to be like dumb diaries. lol

  70. 156

    Kristen says

    Okay i'm new to this but i love you Niki! This is a great book! I'm your new biggest fan! Looking 4ward 2 the next book!

  71. 157

    Lilanime says

    The 2nd book was released last June. The contests are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over. The 1st book was released 2009.

  72. 158

    Anonymous says

    I love your books so so so MUCH!!! There the best books I have ever read! I cant wait to read you newest one! :D So excited!

  73. 159

    Anonymous says

    well what I think it going to be about is…………. well I dont know but I know it going to be awsome:)

  74. 161

    Anonymous says

    Your books are AWESOME!!
    You,Brandon,Chloe, and Zoey are cool!
    Don`t listen to Mackenzie your way cooler than her!

  75. 163

    Candis says

    Anonymous said…
    Hey Nikki, I,ve been wondering if I can interview Rachel since, I'm the new news paper person for my middle school.And this will be my first add in the news paper An INTERVIEW FROM BOOKSELLER RACHEL RENEE RUSSEL!! By the way my middle school is john griffin if you come it will be a honor I love your books please come and let me interview you. I will be cool like you thats what, I've always wanted to be cool and popular!! One more question can you come to my school and autograph my book plz!!!!! Sincerely, Candis

  76. 164

    By Cutie's clubpenguin cheats says

    Hey Nikki, I LOVE Dork Diaries I have been reading the book over and over again!!! And I was thinking maybe just maybe if Rachel could come to my school it's Timy Baranoff and I am now a new fifth grader I have been there for six years at my school Kindergarten trough fifth grade and I was thinking maybe later on Rachel could vist it?? Anyways Plz respond. Sincerely, Gabriella

  77. 165

    Anonymous says

    I just looooooooovvvvve dork diaries!!!!! It is my all time favorite book series. i just love those kind of books. do you think Rachel could come to like a homeschooling place because im homeschooled and i reeeaally want to meet her.


  78. 166

    Daisy says

    You could draw a pic of you wearing an awesome designer dress that only POPSTARS wear on stage and a crowd with MacKenzie in it looking a bit like on page 13 in Dork Diaries party time and a red cover!
    <3 Daisy

  79. 167

    Alyssa says

    hey im gonna be a gothic bubble bee . And im going trick-or-treating with my crush!!! i think you should be a gothic ladybug. he he that would be so lol funny . i am so looking forward to reading the whole series !!!!!!! <3 <3 !!!!!!!!!

  80. 169

    hannah says

    holy crap i love love love your books i onley dont like how you like justin biber….. i mean really you arn't crazy to like him but he sings like a girl ;P

  81. 170

    Anonymous says

    OMG!!! I can't wait to get my hands on Book 3, Im too excited, I think the front cover will be a sky blue if not a lime Green, what ever color it is im sure it will be nice….. An I can't wait to see Brianna in the book …….

    Bianca … ***

  82. 174

    babyteddyx33 says

    Hey Nikki,
    i love all of your books
    it was dorky
    i beet these things happened when you were in middle school
    i hope i don't catch it
    i love the part when your sister almost scared you
    but instead it was a real spider
    that was so funny
    i am also sorry for that you Nikki
    you hade a hard time in middle school
    for being a dork
    but i think a dork diary will help you remember these times
    so you can tell them to you children
    hope you get popular one day
    i hope you don't get even dorkier in middle school
    hope you survive middle school with the dorkyness
    first,it doesn't matter if you dorky
    its who you are
    don't just change all because of dorkyness
    in middle school
    i was a dork too
    i didn't do anything
    i stayed the same
    even though what people think
    you don't need to care because its their opinion
    what ever you do
    don't care what people care about
    its who you are
    it doesn't matter if your a dork
    its who you are

    • 175


      Yea, don’t change, Im a dork because I were these weird glasses every day, But they have no lenses in them. I wear those glasses because I like them and I don’t care what other people think! :D And because im awesome in my own way, and so are you! :D :D :D

      Im Harmony and im a TOTAL DORK! <3 H.K

      • 176


        Yea, don’t change, Im a dork because I were these weird glasses every day, But they have no lenses in them. I where those glasses because I like them and I don’t care what other people think! :D :D :D :D

        Im Harmony and im a TOTAL DORK! <3 H.K.

    • 177


      Yea, don’t change, Im a dork because I were these weird glasses every day, But they have no lenses in them. I where those glasses because I like them and I don’t care what other people think! :D

      Im Harmony and im a TOTAL DORK! <3 H.K. :D

  83. 179

    Shatasia says

    Hey i read the first book and it was awesome but i didnt get to read the second but i knoe that is going to be awesome!! i bet the third book is going to be about nikki in a talent show and she probably win second place to mackenzie the book is gong to be so interrestinnnnngg im going to send out invites to this website on facebook add me all dork diaries lovers SHATASIA THOMPSON add meeee so we can make our own dork diaries club on facebook to get the word out

  84. 183

    Anonymous says

    hi Nikki
    i hate you….. not really

    but seriously do you know how much i hate waiting in this anticipation


    congrats on the 3rd book please make as many as possible

    by emily

  85. 184

    Anonymous says

    Hey Nikki, it's me again. I just love your books! They're SOOOOOOOOO cool! I've read book 1, but hoping for book 2. Maybe for book 4 Brandon should have a little brother named Broden. And Brianna falls in love with Broden. That would be Soooooo FUNNY! YVBF, Anastasia Lawson.

  86. 185

    Sarah says

    I think the cover will have you (Nikki) on the front with a mic and peace sign with alot of twinkling stars and the cover will be yellow! and out of all guessus there should be a disco sign in the o of DORK

  87. 187

    Anonymous says

    i think the cover of the book will be gold with a pic of you (Nikki)and i think it will be about you being a popstar.i love your books.

    isabella <3

  88. 188

    Anonymous says

    OMG!!! already you have a thirid diary? you fast like a tiger. Oh and by the way i am in love with your books!!!!

  89. 189

    Laura says

    I have a feeling it's gonna be about you and you crazy friends (no offsne) dreaming about being a pop star and you're gonna make a DORK (see what i did there) out of your self.

    P.S. I can't wait!!!! EEEEP!!!

  90. 191

    Anonymous says

    to be completly honest when i got the 1st book on christmas last year or 2 i thouhgt i would hate the book! luckly i loved it and would stay up till midnight reading. i was so pumped when the second book came out that i to buy it asap. it didnt take me long to read it. these books without a dobt are my faves cant wait till the next one comes out. i bet the cover will be yellow or blue. you'll be dressed like a popstar with the mic in front of you frowning.

  91. 199

    Anonymous says

    I was thinking the book will be LIGHT blue. But when i went on your website, it was orange. I like that. Also I LOVE yer books!! I hope i will like your next book!

  92. 200

    Anonymous says

    OMG!! cant wait i love ur books they r awesome but my sister got in to them and i really want to read the book first but she does too i dont know what to do!!! But I cant wait until JUNE! love ur books good luck in the next one<3

  93. 201

    Anonymous says

    you should really make the cover aqua! and i think your gonna be singing with the mic and wearin' a a legit outfit! And…. that's all i can guess!! XP

  94. 202


    its gonna be orange with u (nikki) singing into a mic.,in a awsome olfit,BTW “Nikki” ur awsome and keep writing awsome stories so i can read them cause girl i read fast and ur books are fabulous,thanks for writing them!(smiles)


  95. 204

    garima says

    i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dork diaries!i just have to read it everyday!i still nagging my mom about getting the 3rd one cause i need it!i know its awsome by even not reading it! i have a crush on the dork diaries books!

  96. 206

    Sophie says

    OMG!!!! I just started reading your books!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait till it comes out!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way I’m Sophie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. 208

    I says

    Omg im like the only boy who likes this i mean its suuuuuuuchh a good series!!!!!!!!!


  98. 211

    jaydee says

    its about when mackenzie finally becomes nice and stays liek dat and she dumps her other friends jessica sarah and lisa for nikki chloe and zoey and on the cover show all of you playing soccer at a community center summer camp and screaming “lolz this is fun!”
    and its called dork diaries tales of a FINALLY better life.:)

  99. 213

    Brooklynne says

    hey i wood luv 2 c ur movie i meen uhno if u make 1 r u making 1 cuz i wood luv 2 c it u rock n i just wanted 2 let u now that n dont ever listen 2 any 1 how trys 2 bring u down n it is totaly abviose that brandon realy liks u i meen how woodnt i hav only read ur books n i know u n i cud be bffls u r just lik me n my bffl

  100. 214


    Nikki you rock you have the two most best friend’S ever and a very cute crush and you can stand up to Mackenzie and Jessica you rock. Btw you and brandon are MADE for each other oh and i loveeeee your books.You should make a whole series of dork diaries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. 219


    the cover is gonna b yellow and its about nikki singing or something….. its weird cuz i love singing and and the color yellow!!!! i cant wait for the next book!!!!!!!!!!

  102. 222

    tia says

    I think u might be singing with a mic and doing the peace sign and wink.Also two hair banned and i can’t wait for the book to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(:(:(:(:(:

  103. 223

    Maleia says


  104. 224

    kamie17 says

    i love all your books i think the next one will be you singing in a cute outfit the cover will be baby blue

  105. 225


    Hi,I don’t know whether it is gold or orange and I am sooooooo excited to read it because I know that it will be a great book.I will convince my parent’s to buy it for me.

  106. 226

    heavon says

    i really love your books!!!! and you really freaked me out when you said you was moving to a diffirent school.because thats where the brat makenzie is!;)

    {p.s i lowercased her name because her attitude is lowercased} I luv nikki!!!!!!!!

  107. 227

    samhorselover says

    If I made it it would be gold and some pink. You would be singing (BTW wearing a CUTE outfit!!), and Zoey and Cloe would be going SQEEEEE!! and hugging in the background. Even though It’s already come out(but i haven’t read it yet):-I can’t wait!!!), I would make it look like that.
    P.S. U r totally inspiring my drawings! I <3 art, so u totally inspired me (also I love manga and that's how I draw-just a little different style. Kind of half-manga.)

  108. 231

    Sam says

    The Cover is Orange, nikki’s wearing a pop-star like outfit, and nikki’s holding a mic in her hand and i bet the books about Makenzie trying to ruin Nikki’s chances of becoming a pop star.

  109. 232


    I can’t wait till the new book comes out.
    Every morning I wake up go on Dork and I lose my mind until it comes out.
    I couldn’t wait till the book came out.
    Even right now I am so exited!!!
    If I never found out Dork Diaries came out I would always be board.
    And the thing with me is I am a book worm.
    Every time my mom picks out a book I read it in like 5 seconds.
    Even novels I could read in 5 seconds!!!
    Only 5 % of me is happy about school and 9,000,000 is on books.

    From your biggest fan MONSTER HIGH FAN

  110. 234


    well i cant wait till the new one on june 7 it will be AWESOME :P :) ! i’ve seen the cover its awsome but Nikki listen you chloe zoe brandon are awesome to the power of coolness or so but Mackenzie and jessica have no right’s to say anything i mean ANYTHING to you but i know that this book will be awesome because all the books are cool about your life and private stuff but its amazing and fun to read :)

  111. 236

    jazzy says

    yeah cool today the new book are coming i can’t wait! i want to collect all dork diaries! i love u so much dork diaries

  112. 238

    samhorselover says

    It’s out everyone!!! Let’s celebrate and “shake our groove thing yeah yeah” guess where I got that from?? (: !!

  113. 239

    #1 fan!!! says

    The cover is going 2 be orange/yellow.It will have a disco ball 4 the o in dork.Its gonna have nikki on the cover singing and she looks like a popstar.I LOVE dork diaries.Once i read the 1st 1 i was crying,litterally,2 buy and read the 2nd 1.I cant wait 2 read the 3rd.

  114. 240

    Jennifer says

    I LOVE the Dork Diaries’s books. I have both of the books and I hope to get the 3rd one! And I told my sis that if she got me the book that I will get her the Justin Bieber Perfume!!! :)

  115. 241

    Jennifer says

    Nikki u should make a MOVE!!!! i would be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HAPPY if u DID :D :P :)<3

    Jennifer .G.

  116. 242

    Elizabeth says

    I love your books, Nikki! I have loaned the first and second books to my BFF and we are so looking forward to buying your third book!!! We have also promised each other to buy your book for our birthday!!! My BFF & I <3 u 4ever!!!!

    • 246

      Miranda says

      Oh my gosh!! I just read the third dork diaries book!!! I LOVED IT SO MUCH!!!!! I love all of those books!! it is my favorite book series EVER!!!!! I mean I won’t give anything about the third book away but i will just say it is AMAZING and i finished it in like 7 days!!!!!! I can not wait for other people to read it and i cant wait until the fourth dork diaries comes out!!!!!! <3 :D :)

  117. 248


    omg!!!!!i cant wait to read your new book.i have all your books and i love reading them over and over i love your books and cant wait 2 read your new one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    your biggest fan, Imai

    • 252


      i know right !
      BTW do you have a sistere named lorelie? if so, then i know you guys. you all were in trinidad and you came by us. it she-ann and tshervy. BTW, the t is silent. I read 1, 2, 3, 3 1/2 and 4. they’re sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!i can’t wait to read no.5! BTW Nikki, you rocked on that ice out there. and i can’t believed YOU AND BRANDON…..ACTUALLY…..HUGGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. 254



    You should practice singing and sing a song to Brandon! LOL

  119. 255


    OMG!!!!!!!!! I got your third book Nikki! Before i got 2 read the whole book, I looked at some sections in the back. When i read about the compition, i was shocked that Mac’s Maniac’s won. U must of felt heart boken that you had to leave WCD. But when i read that u were going 2 be on TV, i felt proud of u! =D

  120. 258


    The colour is yellow blended with orange. Is that right? You and Brianna are so cute doing the Queasy Cheesy dance. Sorry Nikki, I’m not trying to be like Mackenzie. And you got the audition in Trevor Chase’s proggrame . It s called I dont really knoe yet

  121. 259


    If you go on poptropica there is a picture of the front cover of the new book and I have both books that’s. Why I have to get this one and I hope there’s much more :p so happy

  122. 260

    Karina says

    I thinks its gonna b Yellow.
    Nikki u r sooooooooooooooooooo awesome!!!!! iLove yuhh likeeeeee soooo much!! Your books rock!! I have themm all even the third one!!!! It’s soooooooooo awesome well im not done with it yet cuz i bought it to dayys ago and started reading it yesterdayy but i know its gonna b tottally FAB!!!!!!!! iLove you Nikki Maxwell :).
    Hugs.. Karina.!
    P.S. Pls make more books in the future..!!

  123. 265

    Apple says

    I know right? It rocks but some guys dont like it because they thought Diary of a Wimpy Kid is better but I like both of them equally.

  124. 267

    TAM says

    i think it is going to be yellow, you r going to be singing, and it is going to be about u entering ther talant show ;D am i right?

  125. 268

    jb says

    i love your books ! i love them so much i finished it in 2 hours!!!! (but that i sort of due to the fact that i am a SUPER fast reader)

  126. 269


    GREAT REVIEW! I pretty much agree with all you said in your post, especially at the middle of your article. Thank you, your post is very valuable as always. Keep up the good work! You’ve got +1 more reader of your super blog:) Isabella S.

  127. 272


    OMG…. i just bought the new book on my nook and all i have to say is. the book is yellow you’re on the cover wearing a fab outfit and you have a microphone and you’re singing. well that was all i have to say

  128. 275

    Ananymous says

    I bought you new book, and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even though I’m not even half way through with it yet. It’s so much fatter than the other ones!!!!!!!!!!! I own them all BTW. In hardback. I’m a little obsessed with them.

  129. 276

    Jess says

    NEXT book shud b green! (called Tales of a Not-So-Stylish fashion designer?) like, a school uniform designing contest !? :D

  130. 279


    wow your awesome and you know the lady who helps you the teeniest bit with the writing she is my hero i have always wanted to be a attorney in law and i have always loved and enjoyed writing and reading books

  131. 284


    Omg! I love books #1,#2,#3! Please please please make a 4th one! BTW I have book three now and I can’t believe u and Brandon almost xxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your biggest fan in the history of dork diaries,Galaxie

  132. 287

    Bella says

    OMG! I can’t wait to read it
    I’m like just about to go out and buy it!
    <3 <3 *_* *_* .^. .^. +^+ !_!

  133. 289


    Well, I’d say the cover is orange and yellow that has a picture of Nikki dressed as a superstar like Ke$ha. The sticky note behind her picture is blue. The cover has yellow glitter stars and darker stage light beams. Plus instead of an O with a smiley face in the O, it’s a disco.

  134. 291


    I love Dork Diaries cos’ I’m such a total nerd,a geek,well not really a freak,that’s all YOU can see,so you gotta back off and let me be the me,the second dork eva!

  135. 293

    GodLovesU&Me says

    Loved the book and love the series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  136. 304


    Ummm Yeah I have lots of talent I guess and I’ve started making my own diaries And there turning out well here: Sept.28,2011
    It all started today when my mom asked me to take care of my little sisters Maricia and Daniella they’re so annoying I could Scream AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! So My mom took me too school today and the first thing that I saw was the bully of Frankford public School And Her name was Jessica Holister Sister of other bully Makenzie Holister. Things were just cruel in Frankford public school and I had no friends! But today was the first day of school andi’m already wanting to go back to west chester day middle school! Zoey and chloe lived in stirling and I missed them so much I could barely stand it when Mom said we were moving! I nearly droped dead!
    Today we went to gym and I had the time of my life! And guess what? I found a crush named brandon! He’s so cute and understanding and… Tonight is the halloween party for our school and he invited me to be his DATE!!!!!! And guess what he said to me: You’ll kiss my smile i’ll pull you closer! Now I’m listening to so much for my happy ending by avril lavigne!

    Today is the day when Brandon kissed me!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I just fainted right infront of him and he laughed.:(

  137. 308


    I don?t even know the way I finished up here, however I assumed this submit was once good. I do not recognize who you might be however certainly you’re going to a well-known blogger for those who are not already ;) Cheers!

  138. 309

    savannah says

    i luv these books i think its funny how the #s go 1,2,3,3 and a half i read all these in like one day i cant wait 4 book 4 i also like how theres a diary 4 u in the back of book 3 and a halh

  139. 312

    sophie says

    i only just started readin dork diaries i never knew it was a book until i was ill and we had to o food shoppin so i went to the book area and found it i read the blurp it sounded really cool so i asked my mum for it i finished it 3 days after i read on and off but its really cool all i need to do is ask my mum for the other two books

  140. 314

    ShaeNikole says

    How do you do it? You are SUCH AN AMAZING artist! <3<3<3<3<3<3Please<3<3<3<3<3<3! Email me some drawing tips!

  141. 325

    Isabel :-D says

    Okay, I am kind of cheating, cuz I own the 3rd book. But its yellow orange and it has a picture of you looking like a popstar! There are stars all over it and the O is a disco ball. :-)

  142. 328


    OMG! I LOVEE Dork Diaries! it’s my number fav book IN THE WORLD. IT’S Yellow! I have the book! ALL 4! <33 I Love you Renee "Nikki"!

  143. 333


    hey nikki i wnt to tell you that i love your books. so nikki um.. i went to texas for me and my family could go to six flags so in six flags i was riding a roller coaster. then i saw the book dork diaries and i got it then my mom told me lets go to that foller coaster and i said no i want to keep reading the dork diaries and my mom say …akward… so i smile sence that they i kept reading your books and i read them all because i have all off the books their is im readi g the last one the extra.

  144. 336

    Sona says

    OMG ive read every single book of dork diaries! In fact i got my ears pirced for book 4 and 5! ( oh im ten so i was a really big scardy cat until i heard the other books were out then i told my mom ill do anything for them! I guess i can say IM SUCH A DORK!!) :)

  145. 340


    Guys there is going to be a new dork diaries 6 I got 1,2,3,3 and a half,4,5 and I really want six it’s red and it’s called “Tales from a NOT-SO- happy heart break and on the cover there is her and Brandon I hope nothing bad happens well anyways it’s coming out June 4th 2013 SOOOOOOOO EXITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. 341

    Refifi says

    The first tym I read the book I was o happi and I think the book is yellow and u singing love you Nikki u rock u are awesome love you mhawwz (: D:

  147. 342

    Emma says

    Love the book nice details Rachel Renee Russell I’m mixing them up cause its fun and thanks I love the books so much

    • 344

      DEAR Miss-Know-It-All says

      i read all of the books and im going to make my kid read them when i get older, married, and have a kid. I LOVE THESE BOOKS AND CAN NOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE! SQUEEEEEEEE

  148. 345

    iroxy4 says

    What color the cover is going to be?
    yellow orangy

    What I’m going to be doing in the picture on the cover?

    What the book is about?
    u and ur frineds entering the talent show mackenzie finds a way 2 destroy it and u come up with the solution u wanted to name it dorkalious but u had to name it actually im not really sure yet

  149. 348

    Narwhal Nuby says

    Hey Nikki, when is Tales from a not so happy heart breaker going to come out? I’m DYING to read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  150. 351


    The book is i think a sort of amber colour because i have read the book and your singing and holdin the peace sign with a coool costume from your absolute biggest fan and to prove it im doing a speech on dork diaries cause i love it soooooooo much

  151. 353


    i read dork dieries all the time and i love your song baby baby i love it i have became a fan member and now i am super happy there is a new one coming out total yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa cant wait i wish i could meet her i will be her bfflnmw yaaaaaaaa bye

  152. 366

    Dork Fan says

    I have all the Dork Diaries
    1: violet,
    third:orange and yellow
    5:blue 6:red OMG:dark blue desine looks like a jeans.

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