I can hardly believe that HALLOWEEN is right around the corner!

And, YES! Brianna has already dragged out her stupid, fake spider and actually tried to scare me with it (AGAIN) this morning. HOW?!

By burying it in my bowl of Fruity Pebbles cereal, that’s how :-(!

OMG! I almost had a HEART ATTACK when I saw those fuzzy spider legs drenched in milk sticking out of my cereal.

My bratty little sister needs some serious counseling, that’s for sure!

BTW, the picture you see above is a sketch of my last Halloween costume. You probably recognize it from my October diary entries.

Anyway, UNFORTUNATELY, I don’t have the slightest idea what I should be this year.

So, I REALLY, REALLY need your help, ‘KAY!

Do YOU have any suggestions for what I should be for Halloween? If so, please post them below.

I have less than a week to come up with something and I’m starting to get a litte worried.

And, while you’re here, tell me what YOU plan to be for Halloween AND what YOU’LL be doing.

Will you be Trick-Or-Treating with your BFF’s?

Or, attending a super fun Halloween party and hoping your CRUSH will finally notice you’re alive and ask you to dance?!

Maybe you’ll just be chilling out at home and handing out candy to all the ghouls who ring your doorbell?

Inquiring minds (like MINE) really wanna know :-)!!


    • 2


      hi nikki i love you books same with the oher girl make a book about valitines o and can you methon me and the other girl my name is taylor o and can you mothn my bf prtty pls josh pls i would relly love that i love you and your books o and if you come to my school come at 10 ok

      never stop writing ok promis

      love taylor

    • 13

      lover of dorkdiaries says

      love dork diaries and you should be yourself at haloween!loves ya! i am ur biggest fam(: ok se ya love chelsxxx

    • 14


      I just love your diary its so funny don’t think
      that I snooped through your diary yet I have a feeling Mackenzie would if she knew where it was but she would never find it because she has
      the IQ of LINT. Well lets get down to what I wrote for. Well I totally loved your idea of
      being bags of trash for Halloween last year, but I personally think you should go as your self because I think your awesome and totally

    • 20

      Cookie 2 says

      Ok,i think the boy you like thinks you should be some girl from a cool band or farm girl or even dress up like the girl you hate and zoey and chloe should do the same.But just dont dress up in what MacKenzie gave you.Shes so rude

    • 21

      honeytubillie says

      like hello for me you should just be your inner scarer self like me i chose a witch because that’s me so i suggest to be yourself

      • 22


        i am your BIGGEST fan! please write a blog answering this question: why do you let other people buy copies of your diary and let complete strangers read it, but not your parents? thank you!!

      • 23

        Longer Deversity says

        Wanna scare kids, dress up as the most revolting creature with IQ of a plastic bag… you guessed it…
        Mackenzie! !!!! Sry Mackenzies out there, I mean Mackenzie from Nikki school WCD

    • 28

      Gillian says

      i think you should be a dead zombie prom queen its a prom queen with ripped dress and u gott to look like you have just come back from the dead mackenzie will be soooooooooo jealous

    • 29

      brandon says

      i think you shall go as ghoast.
      zoe is good if she’s a skelleton. youcan paint her a dress/costume.The same with cloe.
      or the bothcostume as bookwourms ;)

    • 33


      maybe a zombie artist or something. a vampire would be cool! my 1 idea is witch. a witch wouldn’t cost much and i bet you already have a broom.

    • 34


      i think you should be a pop star. you will look so awesome.(you show that brat Mackenize i know a new name for Mackenize,BIG CRY BABY!!!! EVIL LAUGHS!!!!)

    • 35

      Aidan says

      You should be a (really cute) Witch.Zoey should go as beyonce and Chloe should go as Sasha Silver (from her fave book series).

      • 36

        Gabrielle says

        nikki im your 1#fan because im dork to the cpp group and i have a secrit crust and two friend

    • 38


      I think you should be something creepy like a witch or a vampire, or you could be something creative, like ART GIRL!!!! Oh my gosh, i just came up with that NOW, but I should SERIOUSLY be that one year. But this year’s booked–I’m gonna be KATARA FROM AVATAR!!!! And next year I’ll be KORRA! WOO-HOO! For those of you who know who I’m talking about, YOU ARE EPIC!!!! The things I’ve been for Halloween so far are:
      -a witch
      -a princess
      -a fairy
      -a ballerina
      -a vampire
      -a mermaid (you should SEE my costume!!! it’s amazing, made by my mom)
      And like I said before, I’m going to be Katara this year, and then Korra next year! Maybe I should be Toph after that, and then Asami! Then I’ll be Art Girl. Yup, got it all planned out. :)

    • 46


      I think that u should try 2 dress up like princess Elsa or Anna from frozen or try 2 dress up something princessi. I think u would rock the night. BTW, If I were u, I would go 2 the Halloween party 2 hope my crush notices me.
      luv u!!!

      u are strong!!!

      from, your fashionista!!

  1. 47

    Nikki Maxwell says

    What's up Cookie!

    Thanks alot for your Halloween suggestions.

    Your painting idea is super COOL! Especially since I LOVE art and my FAV painting got run over by the Roach mobile :-(! Remember that fiasco?

    I also LOVE your Naughty and Nice idea for Zoey and Chloe!

  2. 52

    nhun says

    Hey Nikki I have a great idea for you!For your 4th book you should write a valentine book or maybe about a christmas one.But I think Valentine's better.It would be so cool and maybe it could be about the chemistry of you and you-know-who together.Oh and can you please mention my name in your book pretty please with sugar and dork diaries on top????If so my name is nhun mawi.My friends will be so jealous.It would be such a pleasure. thank u for listening.

  3. 57

    Anonymous says

    I really love your books. I havent't read them yet but I will tomorrow on my birthday October 27,2010. You are amazing Nikki. You inspire me to read. I love art soooooooooooooooo much too just like you. We seem to have alot in common. And CONGRATS on getting book 3 and 4 made. You already got my comment on waht you should be For Halloween but I will repeat myself. You should be an paintbrush or artist. Could you also wish me a Happy Birthday. Thans Soooooooooo MUCH. Talk to you later.

  4. 66

    Bryanna says

    u should your idea yu drew or juliet in thebook romeo and juliet because u seem like such a nice person in life and brandon your crush could be romeo becuz u guys make such a nice couple.-bryanna or bree p.s. i sended you fanmail.

  5. 68

    Jordyn says

    you should be a police woman i like the costume they have my party store in town. i am going to be a mid evil princess. i wish my crush would dance with me but he proboly wont

  6. 71

    Anonymous says

    I think you should be Mackenzie look EXACTLY like her be EXACTLY like her so she can have a taste of her own medicine!

  7. 73

    Anonymous says

    Hi Nikki I think you should dress up as Mackenzie and go trick-or-treating at her house and say: Don't I look scary! That would be a great one

    p.s my name is HAYLEE

    • 76


      Hey nikki your books are amazing! I just luv them.For halloween you really should be Mackenzie so you can finally get back at her and you could tell her off just like how Tyra Banks would on Americas next top modal.oh and just one last thing! CAN U PLEASE PUT ME IN yOUR BOOK I WOULD REALLY. APPRECIATE IT IF YOU WOULD. I WOULD BE VERY GREATFUL . Thank you for your time. Bye bye!

  8. 78

    Imma-Spazzy-Dork-named-Logan says

    I think you should go as TinkerBell!! I lvoe fairies and TinkerBell just seems perfect for you!!

  9. 79

    Lilanime says

    Try Lady GaGa. I wanted to be her this year, but it appears:
    A) Her clothes are skimpy B) It's hard to find C)Wait…you shoudln't wear it…IT'S SKIMPY!
    LOL misspelling. BTW, Can you teach me some french to outsmart both my mom AND aunt? Also…a list?
    Brianna's Stupid Spider dead version
    An Iphone
    The Girl out to kill MacKenzie (LOL!)
    Anyway…want a cell phone?
    I can lend you a 97 cent cell that's like, so awesome! It may not appear right at first, but open it, it's like an actual exspensive phone.

    • 80

      Breana says

      I think you should be Juliet and Brandon should be Romeo and you 2 could meet in Paris, France. I hope you like my suggestion. Hey Nikki what should you do when you get (RCS) rollercoaster syndrome around a boy?

      • 81

        Breana says

        I have an idea for your 4th book you could do a skit about you being
        juliet and Brandon be Romeo and then Corbin Blue comes and he gets jealous because you are with another man. Can you please put my name in your 4th book pretty please with dorks with cherries on top? If you can I would be so happy! BTW my name is Bre’ana Chavis.

    • 82

      Breana says

      Nikki I am so sorry that your dad ran over your drawing. And it was funny when Brianna was beating up Makenzie. But Makenzie diserved it she was always mean to you. I wish you and Brandon were dating because you 2 seem like a good couple. I am so happy you won the $500 for the Art Contest. Now you can buy a phone. Hey Nikki will you be my best friend forever.

    • 83

      Breana says

      Nikki can you teach write down a Spanish list so I can learn Spanish and will you teach me how to draw as good as you? Nikki you need to make your own tv show evryone would like it.

    • 84

      Breana says

      I think you look very pretty no not pretty beautiful on your last halloween picture and you are going to look beautiful on this halloween, but I don’t celebrate halloween just to tell you. But have a happy halloween. P.S. Please write back to all my answers that say Breana on them.

      • 86

        kala says

        I’m gonna be a punk rocker for Halloween this year. You could be a rocker or a rapper,Nikki. Btw, I sent this from my new cell phone from Sprint. And it’s actually my first cell!

      • 87

        kala says

        Oh,here are my other suggestions.
        1.Tyra Banks
        5.Goth girl

  10. 89

    Anonymous says


  11. 90

    kklover123 says

    I think you should be….a werewolf….or a nerdy monkey with fairy wings….or the tooth fairy (that way you can scare Brianna)…or genie…..but you`d also look cute in one of those 50s car hop girl waitress costume. Also Mona Lisa. Maybe you could come as your diary. Or a pop star. A painting of you or a cartoon or a famous painting that inspires you. I have a bunch of ideas though…But honestly, you`d look pretty in almost anything! I don`t celebrate Halloween though…It`s fun to think about it. Hope you have an awesome Halloween !!!!

  12. 91

    Anonymous says

    omg u should dress like u draw nikki in ur books or u could b a can-can dancer or just xpress urself!or just b a hobo me and mi frends did that last year!and omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg!it wus hi-larius!we got the most kandy in the naborhood (i thimk!) hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  13. 93

    Nikki Maxwell says

    Happy Birthday to YOU!
    Happy Birthday to YOU!
    Happy Birthday Dear Anony 4:57!!!
    Happy Birthday to YOOOOOOUU :-)!

    And, thanks for the Halloween suggestion of artist and paintbrush.

  14. 94

    Nikki Maxwell says

    Hi Summer,

    Lady GaGa is a great idea, thanks! Maybe I could wear a meat dress like hers.

    I know, how about a HOTDOG dress :-p!

  15. 95

    Nikki Maxwell says

    Thanks Bryanna! I especially like the idea of Brandon being ROMEO!

    I'm getting a severe case of RCS (Rollercoaster Syndrome)just thinking about him!


  16. 97

    Nikki Maxwell says

    Hi Jordyn,

    I think being a policewoman is a cool idea!

    Wouldn't it be cool if I came to your Halloween dance?! Then I would go up to your crush and say, "Hey, why don't you dance with Jordyn?"
    And, he would say, "I was just going to ask her to dance. I think she's really nice!"

    And, then you would almost FAINT!!

    How COOL would that be :-)?!

  17. 98

    Nikki Maxwell says

    Hi Anony 4:23,

    I really like your idea of being an angel. Especially if Brandon will notice me :-)! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    I'd LOVE to hava a Dork Diaries movie TOO!

  18. 99

    Nikki Maxwell says

    Hi Haylee and Anony 5:54,

    OMG…you both had the idea of me being MacKenzie!

    That would be super FUN! Then I could give her a little of her OWN medicine.

  19. 102

    Nikki Maxwell says

    Thanks Rachel,

    I really like your idea of being a wizard! Sounds exciting.

    Wouldn't it be cool if we BOTH were WIZARDS and went Trick-Or-Treating together?!

  20. 103

    Nikki Maxwell says

    Hi Imma-Spazzy-Dork-named-Logan,

    I like your name!

    I think a Tinkerbell costume would be TOO cute! Thanks for this great idea. BTW, I have the Tinkerbell movies. FUN!

  21. 104

    Nikki Maxwell says

    Hi Lilanime,

    Thanks for your list of cool ideas.

    What word do you want to know in French?

    Also, I'd LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have a 97 cent cell phone. Hey, I'm SO desparate I'd take a 10 cent cell phone or a 5 cent cell phone or a 1 cent cell phone :-p!

  22. 105

    Nikki Maxwell says

    Hi Anony 3:03,

    A french artist is a really good idea!

    I'd LOVE to see your Twister Girl costume. It sounds creative and FUN!

  23. 106

    Nikki Maxwell says

    Hi Anony 5:40,

    Thanks for your artist idea. That has been a very popular suggestion.

    I'm also happy to hear that you enjoyed reading my diary.

  24. 107

    Nikki Maxwell says

    Hi KKlover123,

    OMG! You have A LOT of very unique and creative ideas. Especially the Nerdy Monkey With Wings.

    If I were the Tooth Fairy, Brianna would go totally CRAZY :-)!

  25. 108

    Nikki Maxwell says

    Hi Anony 7:31,

    I like your hobo idea!

    You and your friends got the most candy in the entire neighborhood! WOW! Lucky duckies!

    Hey,I wanna go Trick-Or-Treating with you guys :-p!

  26. 109

    Anonymous says

    Dear Nikki,
    I love your diary its awesome :) i dont think your a dork. where can i get a pen like yours except purple? I can't go to walmart cuz i live in aussie.
    See ya!
    Elizabeth xxxxxxxxxx

  27. 111

    Anonymous says

    you should me a vampire or whitch the mean girls could be rubbish bags p.s im vey naughty and a very good girl mean girls vs nikki the coolest girl in the world

  28. 112

    Anonymous says

    dear nikki Hey I love your books they r so awesome I just read the first book in two days its awesome. im telling my mom to buy me the second and when the third comes out I want it so bad it looks awesome.I hope u right lots more diarys(BOOKs)thanks

  29. 113

    angelique says

    hey Nikki i so think MacKenzie is a total jerk.oh i read one of your diaries in three days.i dont think your a dork and i think Brandon does like the way you should be a vampire or a devil for Halloween im a eskimo princess.Brianna can be annoying from what your diary says well good luck!0:)

  30. 114

    angelique says

    Nikki your first two books are great i cant wait to read the third!!!!!!!!!!(why are you making me wait so long for the third one!!!!!!!) :(

  31. 116

    Anonymous says

    Heyyyy nikki. I think you should go as a fairy or at least something cute, lol. Im going as a vampire & yes im am trick or treating with my bffs. unfortunetly no halloween parties! but i absolutely love your books. i cant wait till book # 3! thanks for lisening.
    plz reply!

  32. 117

    Anonymous says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your books!!!
    well actually ive only read the first one but im gonna borrow the 2nd from one of my frieds after shes done with it. for halloween, i think u should go as an artist with a lil french berette n stuff.

    <3 Nicole

  33. 119

    Anonymous says

    I think you should dress up to impress Brandon or dress up as Mackenzie!You know whats weird…i hav a guy at my school who i hav a crush on and his name is Brandon too!Is is such a hottie!Anyways,ttyl

  34. 120

    Marley says

    Hey Nikki,

    i know this is a weird one, but you should see if brandon would go trick or treating together and go as an orange and an apple! So cute!!!! :):):):):):):):)

  35. 121

    Anonymous says

    hi im macy ur cool so is mekenzie but u seriecly hate her she populer save some money and buy a phone secretly!! i so <3 ur books there cool i mean, really cool!!! love macy

  36. 125

    Anonymous says

    Hi Nikki

    I just love your diaries so much
    Anyway when I was at book and character day do you want to know who I was??? Of cause it was you I think not much people know you because they just asked what I was and well i just said it.
    And anyway I think you should me the mona lisa, a french girl who has paintings and a rockstar but you can also be a person that sells apple things if you want!!!!

    Your no.1 fan

  37. 126

    Husna says

    Dear Nikki,
    I love your diary (Your secong one) I hope I can read the first one and the 3rd one. You should be a princess since Brandon is going to be a mussketeer and Mackenzie is gonna be a vampire. Like this: Once upon a time, there was a BOO-TIFUL Princess Called Nikki. Nikki was sooo BOO-TIFUL. One day, the evil vampire Mackenzie was really jealous of her BOO-TY that she want to kill her. When Musketeer Brandon heard that Princess Nikki was in trouble. He ran to Mackenzie's den and fight her. She stabbed Mackenzie and saved Nikki. Brandon and Nikki was happy together.

    THE END!

    Cute isn't it? That's how it goes.

  38. 127

    Anonymous says

    Hey Nick,

    Im Safiyyah, well ppl call me najwa, but I like safiyyah more, my full name is najwa safiyyah zaharuddin, I really love your book, and I would like to help you with your halloween costume, maybe you could wear……..thinks…I DONT KNOW..I try to help ya later

  39. 128

    Anonymous says

    Dear Nikki
    I read your diary(the first one) and i love it i can't wait till part 3 comes out till then i'll read the first 2 over and over again!!
    see ya

  40. 129

    Anonymous says

    dear Nikki,
    i love your books u should have in one of your books a new girl comes and her name is sofia monaco and she could be ur bff

  41. 130

    DorkDiariesAwesome says

    Dear Nikki
    I think you sould be a dead bride or dead prom queen because one of my friends was a dead bride and she looked awesome with her makeup and her dress was so poofy

  42. 132

    Anonymous says

    Dear Nikki,
    You fantastic at drawing.You and are like the same were both dorks!
    Well, I just love your diary.BTW-I agree Mackenzie is so vain!
    Have a great day!
    <3 Janetsa

  43. 135

    Anonymous says

    Dear Nikki,
    You wanna get a good costume? Don't worry, I could help ya! It's real simple actually, all you have to do is find something that suits your style or something that you think your crush would totally love. Like, maybe… a totally awesome, classic, fab-4-ever DORK?!! Works for me! ;)

    Scarlett Blades

  44. 136

    Anonymous says

    You should find out if you-know-who is in your neighborhood, find HIM, and say hey, brandon. um…im pretty…..interesting-lookin right now so bye.


    p.s. did mackenzie know u danced with brandon at the dance i need to know RIGHT NOW GIRLY!!!!!!!!!!!

    Beloved Wisdom–Believe In my Creation

  45. 137

    Anonymous says

    sup sup sup girl

    u shoud give us a real pic of ya

    please reply

    my lil sis is begging for ya chat for me

    its sooo annoying, girl!

    Vi & Her Lil Sis, Lilianne

    • 138

      Breana says

      Dear Nikki, I think you should be the girl that was with Michael Jackson in the movie.
      And you should turn into a zombie when MJ starts singing cause this is Thrillerrrrr, Thrillerrrr night. I LOVE MJ AND YOUR BOOKS. BTW my fav part in book 1 is when you said that Jessica( the girl who Makenzie wanted to give a invitation to but you thought it was for you and ripped it open) looked like a barbie doll in the mall and on top it said Ticked Jessica.

  46. 140

    Anonymous says

    Jules Von Brightson

    I luv ur book.

    You should be a….zombie, dancing to thriller like in book 1 during gym!!

    Jules luvs replies

    Nikki, gotta luv my styyyyyyle

    Please Excuse my sisters Vi and Lillianne

  47. 143

    Anonymous says

    just be juileit (if i spelled it right)The only thing that you have to worry about is if Mackenzie will kill you before halloween other than that your safe (LOL your gonna die)
    BTW my sikitrawia Jk your not going to know >:D

  48. 145

    DorkDiariesFan! says

    First of all, I love your diaries! My friend and I obsess over them.

    For Halloween, you should get a piece of cardboard, paint something on it, and cut out a hole of your face to go as part of the painting! You could also be the tooth fairy and freak your sister out, but that might be mean.

    I can't wait for your new diary to come out!

  49. 146

    Anonymous says

    wake up in the morning feeling Nikki Maxwell,
    got my diary and pen im gonna hit the school
    before i leave dump miss penelope
    in a bowl of milk
    and when i leave 4 the school i aint coming back
    im talking bout writing in my diary, diary,
    mackenzie getting fiery, fiery, fiery,
    meeting a girl called myery, myery,
    drop topping, playing my favorite cds, finishing up my essay, feeling a little bit….dorky…
    please stop teasing pops mackenzie shut up your mouth
    tonight im getting a cell till i see the sunlight
    please stop teasing pops mackenzie shut up your mouth and woah-woah-woahh

    Thank you from Janet

    You should be an iPhone

  50. 148

    kklover123 says

    So Nikki…what did you end up as for Halloween? I really am curious……please tell!!!! :)
    kklover123 in the house! Happy Halloween!!!

  51. 149

    Anonymous says

    OMG! i LOVE your books! your so funny! i have a sychopathetic sister too. ONLY SHE'S EVIL!:( still, shes my sister( i think.)i'm a witch for halloween. what about you?

  52. 150

    selena says

    hey nikki hope you had a good halloween i went as a witch love all of your books (diary)!!! happy halloween DORKS!!!!! ps. i did go trick-or-treating with my friends it was sort of fum it stared to rain and i got soaked ( i had ornge color in my hair that comes of easliy with water so you can probley guess what happend) other than that i had fun we played got tons of candy and steped on each others cap on purpes. selena signing off (till tommow of couse)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. 151

    Anonymous says

    i think you should be……yourself!!!!! your already cool! (not scary) lol or you can be makenzie now that girl is scary!!! ttyl

  54. 153

    Anonymous says

    Hey Nikki, I think you should be a Rainbow Princess! BTW, it looks great! Your Very Best Fan (YVBF), Anastasia Lawson.

  55. 157

    Cutecupcake says

    Hey Nikki! You know, you should make many books about the holidays for example: Tales From A NOT SO Scary Halloween, Tales From A NOT SO Loving Valentine's Day, Tales From A NOT SO Merry Christmas, or even Tales From A NOT SO Awesome 4th Of July. Maybe you can even make one about Tales From A NOT SO Happy Friendship. I hope you make one of these! I am so happy this website existed! I never knew that this website was so much fun!

  56. 159

    Anonymous says

    OMG! Totally my fave book ever!!!!!Also I'm a DORK! But the thing that I'm SOOO ecstatic about the new book! I can't stop reading the series! Hope the book turns out awesome!…..Wait I know it will! ^-^

  57. 160

    Anonymous says

    Heeeeeey Nikki!
    I love love love your books! I read them each in like, 15 minutes! I couldn't put them down!

    Anyway, you should have gone as a french babe! If you found a really hawt costume, Brandon would totally notice you! ;-) wink wink!

    BTW, I brought my book to school, and EVERYONE wanted to read it! Even the boys!!!

    BTW (again!), my birthday was November 1st. It would be soooo cool of you to wish me a happy birthday. (even though it was yesterday) For my b-day I got this really pretty eifel tower (I don't know how to spell that) necklace.

    Luv Ya!

  58. 161

    Anonymous says

    Nikki, I need help…serious boy help. I have a crush on this boy in my class…but theres this blondie girl who always flirts with him and trys to get his attention. Almost everyone likes him. Aklso he knows that I nick name the girl "blondie" and now he knows that. Any my teacher heard that I said blondie to him when I asked Who told you about blondie? and she gave the whole lecture about gossiping. Nayways…I really like himm…..and I don`t know what to do. I really let go of me liking him…Help!!!! :) Love ya! God Bless you!!!! <3

  59. 162

    Allyson Rock says

    Hey Nikki!!!!

    i haven't read your book yet but i really want too!!!!!!!!!
    so i was thinking of u should be a great black witch!!!!!!!!!!!!
    super evil!!!!!!!!!
    and go put a black lipstick with it!!!!!!!
    that will sure kick the other costumes away!!!!!

    sure would love to read ur book but i am asking my mom to buy me!!!!!!!! but we will still talk about it!!!!!!!!

    i wanna read ur book so badly!!

    love u so much!!!!!!!!!
    loving u……

  60. 163

    Anonymous says

    Hey Nikki,
    I was a pop star for Halloween.Why don't you be a singer or celebrity?Maybe your costume will be better than Mackenzie's!Wouldn't that be,like,SO COOL!I mean, she was a vampire for the Halloween Dance.Everyone does that.It's not everyday you see Juliet holding a pumpkin!

  61. 164

    Anonymous says

    hay i really want to get the book really bad omg looks like a cool book people treat me like a dork i only have 2 friends only they treat my sisters with love and buys them whatever they want when i want something small they say no to me every time i want some thing !!!!VOTE!!!!!! can u send me a book


  62. 167

    Lilanime says

    Hi Nikki! Well idk… maybe this sentence:
    "I'm smart in French! And I have good pronounciation! so THERE!" XD
    Anyway, thanks for taking your time! To reply, lol. Oh and to make MacKenzie jealous, here's a Nintendo DSi for you. I have one. XD I so doubt MacKenzie has one. And also, my mom says if she was you, she'd be mean to MacKenzie back. I wish we were sisters. My grandmom buys me designer clothes vurry often.
    Lol how I love to mispell things on purpose.

  63. 168


    i know that halloween iz over

    but i think that i can still give u some petite tip.

    1. u can ask wat brandon iz wearing and u can do the same(feminime, of course) and u can go out as a couple stuff…

    2. do not wear last years costume
    u will b doomed 4 the rest of ur life

    3.dont do STORE BOUGHT clothing
    cause this year
    i wore my STORE BOUGHT clothig

    and i did not FIT IN
    yes i was the ONLY one with out creativity



  64. 169

    Anonymous says

    hey i am new to the diaries i just got this little slip of it it seems cool and that boy u crushing on make good friends with him like any other friend he is no different then just complement him make him come to you !!!!!!!!

    btw call me jobester

  65. 171

    Anonymous says

    i think u should be juliet and brandon should be romeo. but i know that brandon is going to be 1 of the three muscateers. please write back….
    (BTW i read both of ur books today they are rad)
    you have a lot of problems i have:( p.s i have a mean girl in third grade out to get me
    cause she is jealous of me i don't get it:(

  66. 172

    Angela says

    I think you should be a palette(The thing you put paint on while painting)or a sketch book. Or a GIANT PENCIL! That would be awesome! I was going to be a cowgirl for halloween, but I couldn't cause i couldn't find anything!! I was trick or treating with my BFF. You can also be paper, pencil case, or a diary.

  67. 173

    Elina Acevedo says

    hii nikki maxwell, ive read your books over three times because i cant get enough, im a complete bookworm and a dork too!! lol:) i hope that the next dork diaries come out pretty soon other then 2011 and 2012.i cant wait till they come the mean time ill be reading other books while waiting for your books to arrive in,for holloween im suggesting that u be a zombie bride or zombie prom dork diaries u should defenitely do that u know…sinse u would be the perfect match with brandon. what im goin the be for holloween is an 80z chick and ill make sure i sashay all around my going trick or treating with my bffl shaylynn and my nameis elina acevedo im 12 going on thirteen in middle school and write books and poems of my own.well good luck with your dork diaries…happy holloween!

  68. 174

    EPic says

    Nikki – you could totally ROCK a crayon!! They make crayon dresses and they come with cute little hats. And Cloe & Zoey could be mustard and ketchup!!!

    P.S., I LOVED both your books! And I re-read the first one. The second one I finished and donated to our library!!!

  69. 175

    Leila says

    you could maybe make a costume but since halloween has gone this year, you could save it for next time or for a fancy dress, and maybe write down your fave ideas, and make it on ur own!

  70. 177

    Anonymous says

    I think you could be a very famous ARTIST!!! I think you would look cool since you love to draw. GUESS what I want to be a artist too!!! I wish I was a Artist all ready!!! How about u?

  71. 179

    Lola-Nicole says

    You should be a nerd!! Or a geek, whichever one. I looked everywhere for a nerd costume and all I could find was one in "Adult Male" so I'm a pirate. A nerd for sure next year though!!

  72. 181

    connie says

    hey Nikki,whatever u do dont b a hipie, cause trust me, i went there and u really wouldnt want 2 b imberessted in frount of a cutie boy from biolagy or mackenzie and jesica now would'cha?………i think u should b a runway model!i mean how much attention does that attract!!!!!!!!!!!!!(:

    • 184

      lovelygirl says

      i think u should be a chic type of princess to beat mackenzie or she will be wearing costumes nicer than urs good luck nikki! plus chloe and zoey should be your maid i mean wearing servants costumes… (hee hee naughty idea)

    • 185

      Jenna says

      Hey Connie, I honestly think that Nikki can be what she wants to be. She can be a hippie, OR she can be a runway model.

    • 187

      kitty says

      OMG!!! THAT IS A PERFECT IDEA but i think nikki should be juilet or mackenzie and tell them to say if you look scary say boo!And Mackenzie will be like sooo mad.!ha ha ha:)

    • 189

      emma says

      niki in your second book you were a rat at the cosume party you should where a cat cotume so bye nikki and one more thing, i thinck mcenzie is a total drama qween

  73. 191

    Rawr says

    Hey, Nikki!!!! You should be like a vampire…. with NOT phony fangs (have em teeth sharpened) and…. a black wig… (of course that Brandon will fall in love with!) And of course…. a black outfit! :) Hope you liked em! (The tips!!! :) )

  74. 195


    Hey Nicki,
    What’s up! I ahve totally been thinking of your idea of halloween and I have a greatest idea. I think you should dress like Mackenzie hollister so you could just tick her off.

  75. 196


    As we all know Halloween is a great way to choose a costume. Nikki as you refere yourself to be a dork I think you should have a costume that shows the real you. OM you should so be Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift. Or Tyra Banks. I am going as Bariss Offee from star wars. Bariss has cool green skin,Wears all black, and has a cool hood. Zoe should go as Little red Ridding hood. I mean she fits the look. and Chloe should go as Miranda Cosgrove. I think you should talk Brandon into going as Justin Bieber.

  76. 197


    I love ur books there soooooooooooooo cool and funny!!!
    Would u like to on Tv more? Or just be known as u write dork diaries?

    Love, Sarah

    P.S. I love Dogs!!

  77. 200

    samhorselover says

    I think you should be a fashion designer. If you don’t know how, well, it means dress quirky and your own style! Plus add a cloth measurer on your neck. Good luck, and good job (spoiler!)getting Brandon(!!) as your date!! Good luck with Mackenzie BTW she is so mean I would’ve slapped her if I were in the book(not in real life!).

  78. 201

    samhorselover says

    P.S. I LOVE you’re books! I read one in a day! You are just so sweet and I love that you try to make everyone happy.

  79. 202

    abigail says

    for halloween this year im going to be wenseday like from the adams family im just like her and im going to scare the socks off the three year olds and im going to steal there candy after that and no one will get in my way

  80. 203

    abigail says

    plus i think u should be for hallaween is edward from twightlight and mackenzie should be jacob and brandon should be bell.just kidding you should be princess daisy from mario and brandon should be luighy and mackenzie should be buoser because she does not want brandon to be ur bf/boyfriend.

  81. 204


    Hi Nikki! I absoloutly love your books, i have even decided to write my own. i personally think you should dress up as a french artist because they are sooooo awesome or my other idea is maybe a sooo cute girl from the olden days dressed in vintage clothes! thanks, from tiana foot.

  82. 206


    i have a crush on this guy at school named jordan it is almost the end of the school year and he still rarely even talks to me. p.s. school is out in one more week.please tell me what to do i am depending on your advice. ;)

  83. 207


    hi nikki, i love your books they are so amazing and i can’twait i till’ the new one comes out you are better than greg from diary f a wimpy kid u rock nikki love your books!!!!

  84. 208


    i think u should be a angel and your the gold angel and zoey and chloe can e the white angels!!! p.s my name s daisy and cn you pt me in your book pleasee it would be sooo awesome if you did!!! :)

  85. 209


    Hey, if you want to inpress Brandon, ask him what he is wearing, then you can be a matching couple! Mackenzie would be really jelaous that she really need to rub lipstick on her head to make up her mind! But if not, just be a vampire!!!

  86. 211


    How about you go as a modern Disney Princess? How about Modern Tinker Bell (Though she’s a fairy, not a princess.) Or Modern Kida, or Modern Pocahontas, or Modern Ariel, or Modern Cinderella, or Modern Esmeralda, or Modern Snow White, or Modern Sleeping Beauty, or…Well, you’ll get the idea what I’m talking about.

  87. 212


    Nikki! For halloween you should be a piece of bacon! I know it sounds stupid and dorky but my friend was a piece of bacon last year and he ran up and down the steet the whole time screaming bacon! I was like, OMG, BTW don’t run and scream like he did though.

  88. 215


    Hey Nikki!I’m IN LOVE with your diaries! And I think you should be …….. a Queen!!!:)
    And Chloe and Zoey be princesses! ISN’T THAT COOL?!?!My name is Je’Anna(JE-ANNA) and please please please put my name in one of your books!!!!!peace love and hope and happy halloween Nikki!

  89. 216

    icecreamluver says

    hi nikki, what is your third diary going to be about???? tell me becuz… I CAN’t WAit!!!!

  90. 225


    hey nikki you should be a flower chloe and zoey should be grass and brandon needs to be a (hot) gardener. ha ha well bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. 228


    wake up in the morning feeling Nikki Maxwell,
    got my diary and pen im gonna hit the school
    before i leave dump miss penelope
    in a bowl of milk
    and when i leave 4 the school i aint coming back
    im talking bout writing in my diary, diary,
    mackenzie getting fiery, fiery, fiery,
    meeting a girl called myery, myery,
    drop topping, playing my favorite cds, finishing up my essay, feeling a little bit….dorky…
    please stop teasing pops mackenzie shut up your mouth
    tonight im getting a cell till i see the sunlight
    please stop teasing pops mackenzie shut up your mouth and woah-woah-woah-woahh
    please stop teasing pops mackenzie shut up your mouth and waoh- woah-woah-woahh feeling lucky well dont play with your ducky i hope you liked it

  92. 230

    Brooklynne says

    hey i love all of ur books u r so cool n btw i cant hav a cell either it is so lame n i cant wait for ur new book 2 cum out oh ya i almost forgot i think u should be afamous singer like TAYLOR SWIFT cus she is cund of lik u she was sumwat a dork in skool n look at her now she has her own nation ow n i luv tyra banks 2 i luv the way she says mmmmhm GIRL

  93. 231


    Hey Nikki,
    Remember I emailed you.
    I really wish that you were
    a real girl.
    And always remember DO NOT BE FRIENDS WITH
    They are always mean to you and playing tricks on you.Thats why I don’t want you to be with friends with them!!

  94. 233

    patricia says

    Hello nikki I read your first book and now I`m reading the second book that I got because I got good grades and so far I love your book. I am really loking forword to reading the third book.I LOVE YOUR BOOKS.

  95. 236


    Hi I am in love with ur books. I almost died! Ur first book is awsome. Like srsly. I’ve read it about a trillion times and I never got bored. I totally love ur illustrations and drawings! My sister is such a pest like ur sis Brianna, but sometimes they can be sweet. lol. For halloween, I think you should dress up as a notebook. You can scribble on a blank t-shirt and draw things you like to draw. Hope I helped. Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. 237

    Danielle says

    Nikki u so should be:
    Lady GaGa, just buy some silver leather and lace and 30-50 clear plastic balls.
    Or be adele just get black hair in a bun and a black dress.also plees put me in ur diary.

  97. 238


    Hi NIKKI!!!!!! I think you should be a twister girl and BTW i can’t belive you have a friend named zoey in your book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. 243

    Mackenzie says

    hey nikki!i am not mackenzie hollister but i am popular like her tak eadvice from me and my bffs(we <3 ur books!)you should be candy corn i was that all the ccps are wearing it so it would drag u in the clique!!!:)

  99. 257


    I think you should dress up like Mackenzie Hollister and have Zoe be Jessica and have Chloe be another CCP. That would have you be their worst nightmare and they might not be mean to you again!!!!!! But that is like a 2% chance that it will happen so that it might not work but if you don’t like that idea:( then just be yourself for halloween.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):)

  100. 259


    hi nikki i think you should me a runway model because that would deffinetly attract Brandons attraction. i know it would of attracted me if i was a boy so be strong

    p.s please be calm and dont let mackenzie get in your way!!!!!!

  101. 262

    J.D. says

    Hey Nikki I am such a fan of your books and I think you should be a fairy for Halloween so you can freak Brianna out, that would so be pay back for the spider trick!!! And I think Brandon should be a super hero like superman!!!

  102. 266


    a black cat.oh, and i need to say something else,no offense or anything,but no one says omg anymore, sorry other than that you are awesome!!!!!!!!

  103. 267

    Bolton14 says

    Although I don’t celebrate Halloween, I love to think of cool costume ideas! I think you should dress up as your favorite singer!

    P.S. Love your books!!


  104. 268


    Hey Nikki I just found out I’m a dork!
    I can’t find my inner peace so I thought you can help.
    every time I take a spelling test I always get an A PLUS.
    A girl in my class thinks I’m a geek AND a dork.
    is that normal?
    I really think you should be a MONSTER HIGH GIRL!
    Trust me on this the girl FRAINKEY STIEN is really pretty.Your biggest fan KRISTIN.

    • 269

      nikki says

      Thanks Kristin! It sounds like you’re doing AWESOME in school, and remember that being a dork is cool and fun. :-) So don’t worry about what the other girl says. Just keep up the great work and remember, you ROCK! :-))

  105. 270

    butterflycat says

    dear Rachel,
    for your 4 book well its going to be decmber becuase your doing a whole year and one thuoght i had was for chirstmas is nikkiis going to want a iphone!:)

  106. 272


    we (zoe and lindsey)love your diaries!!! me, zoe read the frist one in 3 days and the second one in 2 days.were kinda the same we call the populaer girls at school CCPs.were with the cunt down,none pationly!!!

  107. 273

    Cate says

    i love love love your books. i have like read them a million times! i think you, zoey, and chloe should go as the The Muskaterrets! get it like dudet? but just on Muskateers? lol! i cant wait for your new journal to come out!!! :) luv you Nikki!

  108. 275


    hi nikki im sarah i love your books so much i have the same problems as you do i like this boy have to bffs and i am a dork ilove books 1 and 2 and cant wait or the 3rd and the 4th just for an idea just like rhun said you should do valentines and have brandan ask you and that should be the first time you kiss or date you know your the cutest couple in your school and for mackenzie make her jelous as posible oh and if you do pertend you two are love birds and ask mackenzie what valentine does she have and make her mad cause she really deseves all that kinda any who cant wait till the 3rd book love sarah ps my b-day is fathers day oh ya almost forgot for hallaween be a deva

  109. 276

    aly says

    I think you should be the same thing as MacKenzie so you can RUIN HER!! To figure out what she is, snoop and hide!

  110. 277


    I think you should be a cute diva. You should wear a black and pink dress with sparkles, a black mask, and a black with sparkles dress. I mean I think you would look cute. Look I bet you’ll look better then Makinzie.

  111. 279

    iLuVyAhH says


    • 281

      iLuV yAHhH says

      hey nikki yuh should be a fairy anqel or a black kat yuh would look super cute even yuh can flirt wit brandon yhur secret crush and have fun at da dance wit yoh friend$ buh bye!!!! p.$. luv yahh

  112. 282


    you should go as wait for it……………. Makinze. hahahah she would be so mad she sqwirt chocolate form her chocolate fountian on her self. and make sure its her not you cause the brandon will think you are a…… DORK.!!!
    xoxo :D

  113. 283

    vanessa says

    hi i love your books i wish i had your life its so cooooolll!!=)having a boy ask me out!!! i would dye. especially if its my hot next door neibor!!shh its a seccret!

  114. 284

    Sarah says

    I think you should be Tooth Fairy and give Brianna and Miss Penelope a revenge ~! Beside, if you be Tooth Fairy you will look more cuter than MacKenzie!

  115. 285


    wake up in the morning feeling Nikki Maxwell,
    got my diary and pen im gonna hit the school
    before i leave dump miss penelope
    in a bowl of milk
    and when i leave 4 the school i aint coming back
    im talking bout writing in my diary, diary,
    mackenzie getting fiery, fiery, fiery,
    meeting a girl called myery, myery,
    drop topping, playing my favorite cds, finishing up my essay, feeling a little bit….dorky…
    please stop teasing pops mackenzie shut up your mouth
    tonight im getting a cell till i see the sunlight
    please stop teasing pops mackenzie shut up your mouth and woah-woah-woah-woahh
    please stop teasing pops mackenzie shut up your mouth and waoh- woah-woah-woahh feeling lucky well dont play with your ducky .

  116. 286


    wake up in the morning feeling Nikki Maxwell,
    got my diary and pen im gonna hit the school
    before i leave dump miss penelope
    in a bowl of milk
    and when i leave 4 the school i aint coming back
    im talking bout writing in my diary, diary,
    mackenzie getting fiery, fiery, fiery,
    meeting a girl called myery, myery,
    drop topping, playing my favorite cds, finishing up my essay, feeling a little bit….dorky…
    please stop teasing pops mackenzie shut up your mouth
    tonight im getting a cell till i see the sunlight
    please stop teasing pops mackenzie shut up your mouth and woah-woah-woah-woahh
    please stop teasing pops mackenzie shut up your mouth and waoh- woah-woah-woahh feeling lucky well dont play with your ducky i hope you liked it

  117. 289

    mackenziehollister says

    oops! i was joking! i am not meanie “MacKenzie Hollister”! I am your bff zoe! so i must “Apologize” to the “angel nikki maxwell”. i am sorry i read your diary and called you bad names!

  118. 293

    Anna says

    I kow I know Haloween is over but I figured it didnt matter. I think you would look so pretty as a fiftys sock hop girl. I went as that last year it was so cool. I wore my moms pearls and ya thanks

  119. 295


    i think you should dress up as selena gomez because if you do then you will have justin bieber and EVERYBODY!!!!!!! do u know wat i mean?

  120. 296

    Jenna says

    Hey! I think you should be a little more confident in yourself because let’s see, you won the Avante Garde Award over MacKenzie, you got Brandon to go to the dance with you, AND you’re nicer and prettier than MacKenzie. You also got Brandon’s TOTAL attention drawn to you at the Halloween dance, (You guys are SO going to go out sometime soon.) You don’t need to be popular to be cool. and you are already cool! I learned that the hard way. Trust me.

  121. 297

    tia says

    hi Nikki whatever u wear you would make Mackenzie and Jessica jealous and u might be a ccp (cool,cute and popular) I hope we can be bff? so be who u want to be.

  122. 298

    niKKiFaN says

    you should be a fairy or never mind you will scare your sister but i guess thats ok or you should be kitty kat and i love your books or you should be a masquerade!!!=)

  123. 299

    Cassandra says

    OMG!!!! I just can’t wait til your new book comes out. I have both of your books and I can’t wait to get this one. My favorite one is the first one. Maybe this one will become my new favorite. I can’t wait!!!!
    :D tehe :D

  124. 305

    Sassy Girl MaeKenzie says

    hey Nikki i think for your costume you should dress up like a goth fairy! oh yeah and its weired because my name is Maekenzie and so is
    the mean girl in your book just her is Mackenzie mine is with an e not c

  125. 307

    britt says

    OMG!!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE ur books. i cant wait till the third book comes out but i honestly think u should make a movie bout it den more people will want to read the books but i hope there will be many ore books.

  126. 309


    HI Nikki i think u should be a real cute doctor with red lip stick on and i think branden would notice u because if he heart his self u can be right there to help him because u is a cute doctor so i well help all because of your beauty and doctor skills.And Mackenzie will get mad

  127. 311

    kierdis says

    i know Halloween is over but next year be a vampire and SCARE Mackenzie by having Brandon show up to her house with roses then have Zoey walk by, tackle her and fake like you’re bitting her neck when you two are on the ground you take one of those fake cherry blood packs and put it on her on the ground so that it looks like Zoey has blood on her neck and have her walk twords Mackenzie while Brandon runs away then while Cloey puts fake blood on too and you all run twords Mackenzie chanting her name followed by “we’ve come for you” please type back and if you do it any night or even on a full moon night draw the scared look on her face and send it to me LOL xOxO Kierdis ps i love ur books im a huge dork who just got out for summer vaycay!!! ps (again) I was a goth angel for Halloween!!!

  128. 312


    hey nikki i love your diaries sooooooooo much
    i read the commet that you posted that sayed
    they could make a movis that will be awsome so ttyl ;)

  129. 313


    Hey Nikki,I think you should be a fairy witch.That’s a little wierd right?Here’s the explanation,you’ll look totally beautiful if you’re a fairy. And if it’s halloween, you should be something evil and that’s a witch!So you’ll look both beautiful and evil.

  130. 314

    dork girl says

    heyy OMG !! i Have the same problems as u niki and like i have a brother not a sister so we are not that alike

  131. 315

    dork girl says


  132. 316

    dork girl says


  133. 317

    Kimberley Lin says

    Hi Nikki!I’ve been waiting for your 3rd book, and I can’t believe it is less than 5 days away. Anyway, I think you should dress up as:
    1) Cleopatra
    2) A Black Cat
    3) A casual gal but with designer stuff on

  134. 320

    Kathryn says

    Hi Nikki,
    You are my role model, I love you!!! I can’t wait fro your third book to come out IN about 5 days!!! Thats when my school gets out isn’t that funny? Anyway please, please, PLEASE write more books the sooner the better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love ya,

    P.S. I have read your first and second book like 5 times each because I’m so exicted for your third book to come out.
    YAY DORK DIARIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  135. 324

    nay nay h says

    hi u rock u are the best book every!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  136. 325

    nay nay h says

    hi u rock u are the best book ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  137. 326

    julia trinidad says


    I suggest like why not use you’re own style whatever you would be, just ENJOY!

  138. 327

    Alexandra says

    Definetly not a rat! You should be a vampiress. Or you, Chloe, and Zoey could all three be popstars. Anything where you would have to dress really pretty. Something that would both catch Brandon’s eye and show MacKenzie and Jessica whatfor. :)

  139. 328

    rolyshaye says

    hi nikki i think you should be nikk minaj you know dress up lie i hip hop life size barbie. for your fourth book, please mention my name its rolyshaye but you can say i made a new frend named shaye or something like that im writing a book now that comes out next year hope you read it yu can find me on facebook rolyshaye thomas

  140. 329

    Anonymous says

    I think should be a princess! U would look really cute grl!
    BTW, I LUV reading ur books they are so funny cant wait till ur other 1 comes out!
    Peace out!:)

  141. 330

    Kristina rust says

    cant wait for your next book counting the secounds so excited!!!! =) you are truely an amazing author!

  142. 331


    WOW!!!!!I LOVE<3 THIS BOOK SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!:) I bought it at my schools book fair thank GOODNESS i bought this one!I finished the book in just TWO DAYS!!I finished it yesterday and today i went to the libary to get the second part YAY it wasnt checked out so i GOT it!!!:D I read to page 104 in the libary then i went home and READ some more to my surprise i FINISHED the book in ONE JUST ONE DAY!!!!! I couldnt stop reading i CANT wait for the 3RD part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!:D Im so exited!!
    How old r u??R u really 14??
    LOVE UR BOOK!!!!UR my FAVORITE author and this is my FAVORITE SERIES!!!!!!!AHHHHHH!!!!!!!
    give me all the deeds lol LOVE IT!!!!!:)

  143. 336

    brandon says

    Hi dork diaries is very cool!!!. i’m from germany and i have got the 1st part. do you know when the 2nd is coming HERE?

  144. 340



  145. 341


    niki be a geisha you might win a halloween contest instead of makenzie all lot of reasons first impressing brandon and he will be a samerai he might shows any cool features

    good luck!!!

  146. 343

    Lizzy says


  147. 346


    I ordered your #3 book like,5 months ago cause i thought that it came out till then so since it’s close to when it comes out,i have NOTHING to lose!<3 u Nikki!;)

  148. 347

    Hannah says

    Hey Nikki,
    For Halloween I thought maybe you could get your trash costumes from last year and turn them into zombie costumes.
    As for Mackenzie, groan i THOUGHT I`d cheer up your day by writing you this,

    Msckenzie is boring,
    she has no style,
    she can`t see fashon from miles.

    Jessica is silly,
    she can`t spell words
    and she chucks food for the birds.

    Nickki is artistic,
    she is sweet,
    time with Niccki is sweet.

  149. 348


    omg i change my last comment. i thought it over and i totally think u should go as mackenzie because if u do then she will freak out and u can give her a taste of her own medicine

  150. 349


    Rachel Ren’ee Russel,
    I love your books.I cant wait for the third book to come out. You are a great author! I really don’t like reading but your books make me want to read . I hope the make a movie from your books.

    Tori Trent

  151. 350


    nikki plz dont listen 2 connie because if u do then it would be so hard to find the perfect outfit to wear i mean because there r soooo many clothes in this small small world! if u know wat i mean

  152. 352


    i think u should be a brat doll then go to mackenzie’s house and say my name is mackenzie i am a brat but do not say it when her parents are around

  153. 354

    Anonymous says

    Hi Nikki,
    I loves your diaries so much that I read them twice or maybe more !!
    Anyway I think you should design your own costume after all you are an artist,then tease Mackenzie,she did the fab. 4 ever collectio in Diary 1 :)

  154. 355


    june,6 2011 i think that you,zoe,and,cloe should make outfits that you can all wear like,zoe goes as the letter b,cloe goes as f,and you go as would be so cute!’cause together you guys would say bff.

  155. 356

    Afro-dite says

    Hi-hi Nikster. Wassup? Before I type up my suggestion for your future Halloween costume, I should probably give all you people a quick message on how it is pronounced.
    So, you know that Greek goddess Aphrodite?
    Well, I have an AFRO, so I just typed up AFRO-dite. Get it? I know, I know, dumb hair humor.
    Anyway, I think you should be a kick-butt PIRATE!
    You could dress up like Whats-her-face Swam from Pirates of the Caribbean. And Chloe and Zoey could ALSO be kick-butt, totally hot, pirates.
    I hope you like my idea! ;)
    PS-Be on stand-by when Chloe and/or Zoey shoot down your/my idea cause they think it is stupid. ^.^

  156. 357


    Nikki you should be a Juliet again Brandon will totally fall for it a you and he will ask you out soon what a fantstic way to annoy
    Mackenzie andoh yeah don’t be a runway model to expensive don’t u think????

    reply plez

  157. 358


    Sorry it doesn’t make sence it is supposed
    to say Nikki you should be juliet Brandon will totally fall for it and i am 100% sure
    he will ask you out BTW don’t be a runway model to expensive don’t you reckon????

    Reply Plez

  158. 362


    You should be a witch luv !!!!!!!!!!!

  159. 364

    bluesprite12 says

    well i just have to say i love your book and here is what you could be for halloween

    niki cloe and zoey
    (witch) (pet cats)
    (cowgirl) (horse&cow)

  160. 369


    o,m,g i think the one that she has ,the one she was trying to inpress her crush look’s awesome ,amazing, fantabulas , and omg.

  161. 370

    addison says

    hey nikki in alabama its summer well almost! well uhhhhhhhhh……………ding! well im gettin’ a few suggestions belly dancer,cowgirl,hula dancer,cheerleader,minnie mouse,bama fan,rolltideroll!

  162. 373


    Nikki you Zoey and Chloe should dress up as ccp girls and say like oh no! I broke a finger nail!!!!!And, make it over exaggerated ha ha ha!!!!!!!!! :) :) :0 HHHAAAAAA


  163. 374


    Sorry Nikki, I forgot to tell you what i’m doing me and my Bff’s are gonna do what I said you should do. It will be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :0 :) :) :)

    L8r Girl

    Mood: Happy

  164. 377

    mackenzie says

    hi nikie, you rock i think you should dress up as a muskater like brandon.your # 1 fan,mackenzie

  165. 378

    mackenzie says

    im so looking foward to the new book i am a big fan! i have read all of the books but the new one hope to read what nikki deos this time :);):~)

  166. 381


    well u should just be yourself and hang around with your truelove BRANDON. sorry but he is SO cute, and HOTT!! well that was from me even though i dont celebrate halloween. im really a BIG fan. bye!

  167. 383

    Moonkitty says

    Just a tip, don’t do the SUPER common vampire, witch, pumpkin, or anything like that. This year, I went as a video game character, and my DAD was the mentor of this character. It was awesome!

  168. 391


    Hey Nikki, I have a sis. She is so annoying. I’m Jordan and 10, she’s 8, but still a brat. But, do you have any advice. Well, I have to go.

    P.S You should be a cute spunky modern diva good luck ttyl !

  169. 395

    Teagan says

    um problably a country diva and i don’t know why people call you a dork you would be popular

    Zebulon Elementry School NC

  170. 398

    Alexandra says

    I think you should be a MacKenzie. She’s so mean that she scares people even without a costume!

  171. 400


    hey nikki girl u should tell chloe and zoey i said hi. tell mackenzie i said she should back off because brandon is yours if she does not ……….do what she does to you in dork diaries and do everything u can to show brandon u r better.remember to do everthing u can to embarass her.i think u should be Juliet because Brandon is Romeo he asked u to the dance

  172. 401

    Nikki says

    Hi,Nikki!I can’t believe that we have the same name!!I think that you should be a princess,like Cinderella!!Really!!

  173. 402


    I think you should be a wolf girl.
    I love your diaries.Their hilarious!Oh,i’m sorry for reading them!LOL!I’m a girl just like you in physic.I think i’m a dumb clumsy dork.Just like you.I have brown hair.Blue eyes.Thats all i have to say dork web!


  174. 405

    Alison says

    I think you should be a witch I tried it last year now I’m trying a witch’s cat with my friend see if I can fool my nieghbours.

  175. 407

    eakmimi says

    Dress up like a pretty fairy! Brandon will think you look nice, the two friends of yours will love it! You can also scare Brianna’s pants off! (Find some of your baby teeth and glue it to some plastic theing that looks like fake teeth!)

  176. 408


    Hey Nikki I am one of your biggest fans!What I think you should be for halloween is black spider girl(that’s what I’m going to be.)OR a cheerleader.I also really think that they would make a movie.p.s.your books are amazing!:-)

  177. 412

    Draculaura says

    You should be a wicked vampire, like Draculaura from Monster High! Brandon should be Clawd Wolf from Monster High, so you two could KISS!

  178. 422


    Hi i would lovefor you to put my name in a story my name is Emily hope you can i would really love that thank you any ways

  179. 423


    You should go as: Tyra banks, stylish vampire, an angel, or mackenzie! Wear a blonde wig, put on makeup, a cute dress, flats with a purse and nag at everyone and do a realistic( as in a totally funny and exaggerated) imitation of her.

  180. 424

    Jenny Liang says

    I think u should dress up as Juliet,and Brandon dress up as Romeo. Before halloween, I been design custom like this, most of all I like Romeo and Juliet one design the best!
    Hope u like my idea, I think if u take my idea, maybe u and Brandon would start to invited each other to dance. If u two dance, please send me the pictures of u two dance together. I am a Belizean Chinese, hope we can be B.F.F.!!!!

  181. 428


    Nikki I should guess you could be a…
    A) MUMMY
    C)WITCH (you can be cute in a wizard but you’re not a boy.)

    Use any, and take revenge on Brianna whom put the artificial spider in ur cereal by scaring her off..
    Maybe you can do that to Mackenzie and her CCP?
    Or dress up as a princess and do your lovey dovey stuff with Brandon

  182. 430

    kat says

    You should wear the haunted mask from goosebumps(although your head may get stuck…)but bear with it if you want to see Mckenzie scream her lungs out!LOL!!!

  183. 431

    caylee says

    I think you should be either a good fairy or an evil fairy. better yet make the costume with items you can find in your house. it will save money and everyone can see how creative you really are. :)

  184. 433

    Cassie says

    You should be a girl ninja. I could be like an black and red off the shoulder dress with a cut off skirt and black knee high boots and like a sword or something. Also a red headband would be cool It would be like one of those pretty yet if you touch me your dead looks

  185. 435


    you should be anything u want to be just follow your heart and think about nice stuff and what mackenzie will be jelous about and you will have something very beautiful for the dance so i hope u think about it!!!

  186. 436

    Alyssa says

    I am going to be Hermione Granger from Harry Potter.

    I think you should be Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter.
    P.S. She is blond and wacky so if you don’t want to be her you could Mackenzie a picture of Luna from the internet and you could embaress Mackenzie.

  187. 437


    well from the 2nd book the costume that i liked the most was wacko emo and the raging rebel rocker and cos girl cutie. I THINK U SHOULD BE A Wacko Emo. That looks good on u!

  188. 440

    #1 Dork Diary Fan says

    You should be a:
    black cat
    (Brandon’s) Bride
    Mackenzie aka a devil in designer clothing
    or one of the three musketeers with Chloe and Zoey

  189. 441

    jessie says

    umm.. you should be rapunzel or a goth vampire queen. that will make brandon go Crazy!!! Love the 1, 2 and 3rd book… :)

  190. 442


    I think your books are absolutely genius I LOVE them I wish I had one for every day!!!
    I think u should go as a vampire bride and brandon should be the groom :) :) :)
    LOVE THE BOOKS!!!!!!

  191. 444

    Grace:p says

    I really like your books and i have read them like 80 times each!!(im exagerating of course). and for halloween i think you should be one of the three musketeers with chloe and zoey!!

  192. 447

    TAM says

    well nikki, i think it would be totally awsome if you were somthing that would boost your popularity, like some sort of hawt new popstar or a chic cowgrl. i have also heard that candy corn witches are cool. or why don’t cha be some sorta rock ‘n roll hippie? :D

  193. 449

    victoria says

    you have to be Mackenzie for Halloween she is bad angry and scary and i am sure that your sister will be afraid of her…

  194. 451

    I'd Rather Not Say says

    What about Helena from A Midsummers Night Dream? It goes with the whole Shakespeare theme.

  195. 453


    You could be Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon with the imperial silver crystal, that would totally attract Brandon. :3 And if MacKenzie says another mean thing about how other girls dress up…SHE SHOULD DRESS UP AS DORA THE EXPLORER! And that would probably make her little sister Amanda and Brianna happy.

    • 454

      Ms. soon 2 b popstar says


  196. 455


    OMG… you don’t know what to where this is a emergency. well for holloween i was a bumblebee. and you can bet a looked better than Mackenzie’s fabulous lipstick. maybe you sould be a bumblebee or a queen ladybug.

  197. 456


    Hey Nikki! OMG, I know what you should be. You should be a rock star and then Brandon (your crush) can be like the awesome drummer and you guys perform one song and the crowd goes wild!


  198. 458

    Madeline says

    Hey Nikki! I know exactly what you should be!
    1) An angle!
    2) A cute Goth/zombie!
    I hope you like my ideas! If you were an angle, Brandon could be a devil! I am definitely going to be a cute zombie!

  199. 459

    Stephanie says

    u shuld become another mackenzie. orrr you can be crayon since u luv ta draw. or mona lisa. or u can be a 3 inch dragon who sings soprano :)

  200. 460


    l think you should wear anything funky or fun to catch everybody’s eye.I KNOW!!Get a plain gown(all white) and decorate it all you want!THAT is what l call a REAL piece of art!l don’t care what snobby mackanzie thinks. Design it your way. Express your feelings and show YOU can be better than mackenzie!don’t worry if it has turned out to be a mumbo jumbo!Just imagine they are all ADMIRING it1

  201. 461


    I love the the drawings of Nikki and her friends! I wish I had such an artistic hand! Rachel Renee Russell is the BOMB!! :)

  202. 467


    i think you should wear anything that catches anyones eye. lt doesn’t matter if the snobby mackenzie doesn’t think it is designer or not just enjoy the party

  203. 473

    Ms. soon 2 b popstar says

    Nikki i think u should b HANNAH MONTANA i dont obsess with hr i jest think ud look cute] i’m gonna b a 60′s chic teenager i don’t need 2 buy i costume cause i have clothes tht go 2gethr 2 make 60′s wear. it will b awsome. Im goin into my last yr of elemantarary school n i want 2 make it memrable. im gonna try 2 get straight A+’s no tardys. Though i won’t have perfect attendance cause evry wintr i go to florida to visit fam. im gonna get a new wardrobe n life will b grate. ill hav no incompletes. I won’t b teachers pet im jest gonna b well a normal student. im gonna try to get no detentions. cause u miss resses. on the first day of school ill b prepared. ill hv my clothes set out 4 the morning. ill hav my sneaks n gym clothes jest in case we have P.E. first. My art smok in case its art n ill have a whole plan of wat my desk will look like. I hope im goin to school with my bffs tht wood b awsome i hope i get the teachr i want 2. Evryone wish me luck most of this happens.

  204. 478

    Diana says

    I Think You Should Be A Chic Vampire!And Mackezeine Should Be Here Self Beacase She Scary!How Does Amanda Live With Here?(Poor Girl:( Omg!)

  205. 482


    ok maybe you 4get to buy a coustume so it you run out of time and have to be the bug on your dads extermanater truck and i cant wait to buy book 3 but ill have to do chores 4 it

  206. 483

    Christiana Maria Lombardo says

    I think you should be a dead punk rocker. well i mean you know thats what im being so we would match if you go as that.That would be awsomk i luv ya nikkie your my fav person ever!

  207. 487

    Iseabail says

    I think you should be very scary vampy. Remember? You where shoping for a dress for
    Makenzie’s party. I’m sorry about your dress!
    Makenzie and jessica are SUCH brats!

  208. 488


    I already read Dork Diaries 2 and I liked that you went as Juliet and Brandon went as a Musketeer (although he looked more like Romeo!!), it was just like Romeo and Juliet. Juliet (Nikki) kept running off (to be with the kiddy party and her BFF’s)just like Juliet having to go home because of her father disliking Romeo.

  209. 489

    jasmine says

    you should be brandon and (fake) date do it everytime when mackinzie walks by act all bf an gf and just be yourself :)

  210. 490

    Niki says

    Well, me andsome of my friends are going as diffrent colored crayons. So maybe you and your friends can do the same thing! It is going to have some awesomness into it!!!!!!!!

  211. 493


    Nikki I think u should b…….a lady bug and choke and zoey should b a butter fly and a dragon fly the hole bug thing,lol just kidding I am gonna b miss america.I hav a really beautiful ball how that looks lik what she would actually wear I am gonna wear all the fake stuff lik they do on toddlers n tiaras in the gluts section I’m gonna look really pretty

  212. 494

    Ryan*:) says

    hey it ryan i am in the 6 grade and my huge crush asked me to the dance just like you but mostly it was alot of work and i know your like what did this girl say??? what i mean is i had to you know hang around him ok back to the point i really dont know what to wear i mean should i be something scary cuase i am a tom boy or should i be a girly girl and wear something cute but should we go as a pair ????????? like bella and edward or beauty and the beast ??? i really need your help!

    yours turly,


  213. 498

    Imogen says

    I think that for this Halloween, you should go as a rat like you did last year. However, instead of wearing that rat suit again, buy some Mickey Mouse ears and a cute mouse tail to wear, paint whiskers on your face and wear grey or brown clothes (make sure they look cool though!). Alternitavely, instead of wearing brown or grey, wear a Minnie Mouse t-shirt and a nice flouncy skirt to go with it! Hope you like my idea! X)

    • 499


      cool idea-
      i also think you should wear a scary tooth fairy outfit!!!!
      for brianna- you should make it really scary though….
      you could put a bloody tooth neckalace on your neck and you could wear a regular tooth fairy costume but do some stuff to it like make more freaky and your age kinda thing,
      hope you like my idea too!!
      oh and one more thing,
      you can have like a basket full with fake teeth,lol that’ll really finish the outfit..

  214. 501

    Lola says

    ^^ Hey Nikki! I was thinking, how about be… One of like Santas Little Elves. XD And Chole And Zoey can be err… Um Like Naughty And Nice from Cookies Suggestion? :D? Love Ya! ^-^ Lola

  215. 502

    izzy k says

    im going to be a mummy but you and cole and zoey can be the three muskateers or the three blind mice i think my friend is going to be a vampire

  216. 505


    oh u should be aphrodite the goddess of beauty and love!i mean u alredy are beautiful so are chloe and zoey but u guess also need to make other dorks like me!beautiful to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!since ya’ll already are beautiful like i said the first time!

  217. 506


    Yea she would scare me 2 by just being her self she is so ugly and scary!!!! And I agree with partyrockgirl3000 u should b a godess of love u would b so pretty and Brandon would totally fall for u or u couldb b……idk miss america she is pretty and I kno Brandon would fall for u if u wer that but idk :) ;)

  218. 514


    Ur welcome partyrockgirl3000!!!! I live in texas and it ain’t the perfect place in my town,but Hawaii would b awesome 2 live in. And harmony y did u change ur name?

  219. 521

    harminnie says

    Oh, I’m on my dads computer(Thats why my name is changed)…. Soooo, I think I’m ganna go back on my laptop. Lol~

  220. 522


    hay um………….emily do u have a potropica account cause i do we could be friends do u have a phone if u do well thats awsome i do to!to bad for niki though she does not have a phone how old are u?emily?

  221. 524


    Ohhhh I wasn’t sure if u wer harm or a new girl lol. I’m 11 1/2 I was born on thanksgiving November 25th. And yea I have had an account 4 lik 3 years… I luv that place. Oh and I’m in 6th grade

  222. 540


    Really u wer gonna name her Emily? I dint really lik that name my 2 favorite names in the world would b alissa and harmony lol seriously I’m not kidding I just think they sound sooooo pretty!!! Oh and yea I luv the name Madison 2 it’s sooo cool and rocks!!!! U wer born the day after my dad he was born august 5th. ;)

  223. 541


    My mom and dad were thinking of making my first name Skye. But ya, they decided Harmony. I like Harmony better, Lol! Now Skye is my middle name.. Lol! I always liked the name Emily. :0)

  224. 542


    I really don’t lik the name Emily lol!! My parents we’d gonna name Daniel not the boy version the girl kind they sound different. My middle name is Nicole that is a pretty name 2

  225. 548


    Hahaha either way ur name is spelt it’s still pretty. Lol thanks I guess,but the only reason I comment that fast was cuz I am on my iPod not computer(inane Internet) and the first thing that pops up wen I click the lil internet button on here is the home page then I click the side where it has who is on what blog blog’s name and it brings me straight 2 the latest comment made….so yea it’s actualy a pretty fast process

  226. 550

    Sasusaku4-ever! says

    for me, the most GREATEST thing is:
    Greatest book = Dork Diaries
    Greates Character = Nikki Maxwell
    Greatest Comics = Comics in Dork Diaries
    Greatest BFF = Chloe & Zoey
    Greatest illustration = Pictures in DorkDiaries
    Greatest Artist = Nikki Maxwell!
    Luckiest Girl = Nikki Maxwell (because Brandon likes her and she`s famous around the world)

    • 551

      Sasusaku4-ever! says

      oh,i forgot:
      Luckiest Guy = Brandon Robert (because Nikki likes him,yet, Mackenzie likes him too!,so,is that supposed to be “The Luckiest,yet I Feel Bad For This Guy = Brandon Robert)

  227. 552


    Good nite I’m going 2 bed it’s lik 10:45 pm where I live now and I’m exhausted!!!! Oh and I might do a dd short film this weekend or the next….MAYBE so u will b able 2 c what I look lik or wen I get a face book. Good nite I’ll talk 2 y’all in the morning!!! Luv u guys ;) X)

  228. 554

    harminnie says

    Night! My bro has a soccer game tomorrow… But my friend(that use to be my BFF) that moved, is coming tomorrow! And IDK what to do! When we see each other it’s kinda akward and weird… AHH!!!

    • 555


      Hahaha that’s so cool!!!! My sister Alison has her BFF that moved 2 Dallas and she comes 2 visit us a lot because their family lives here and stuff. My sister Alison also has a soccer game her team is really really good lol they r alled the dragon flies and my other lill sis Evelyn has a soccer game 2 their them is pretty food too. I am like the only one out of all 4 kids that doesn’t play soccer. I play volleyball at the YMCA!!!!!!

  229. 560

    JennaCarrey5 says

    HI Nikki it’s me Jenna and I just started a new middle school out of m distrect and I sireously hate it do you have any advise??

  230. 565

    Gabi says

    Definitely be Juliet! Maybe you could get Brandon to be Romeo, but he looks awesome in his Musketeer outfit at the Halloween dance anyway. I’m a Christian and Christians don’t celebrate Halloween! And I’m like, ‘WHATTTTTTTT?’ it’s just asking for candy! Anyway, you’d make a BRILLIANT Juliet again!

    (BTW, ask Chloe and Zoey to be Beyonce and Sasha Silver. Your drawings of them look wondrous, and it would be a shame if they didn’t dress up as them)

  231. 566

    calia says

    Cool howloween par-tay you dig I’m gioni’ be…get this you haa JK btw that means just kidding i’m really going to be a vapy like you enime was last year or whatever year that was.

  232. 567

    Fayelyn says

    Me and Nikki are kinda alike

    .Wears department store clothing some from the mall
    .Bullied by the most popular CCP Gal in school
    things diffrent im in middle school and im 11

  233. 568


    Hi I just got my 1st dork diaries book.Middle school looks harder then it seems.But I think you should be a rockstar like your latest book.

  234. 577


    Hi Nikki!I loved your Juliet costume last year!
    I think you should be a dork princess looking really beautiful.Believe me,everyone will stick to you like super-glue!Anyway,this year I am going to put up a humungous halloween party!I am going to be a Princess.I might be copying u caus,my princess type will be called,Dorkyprincess.Hope u like my Idea!

    Your biggest fan,NEHA.

    P.S,please reply!

  235. 579

    georgia angelique says

    hey nikki!! i love your books!!! i think that you should be makenzie! the little brat! you can go as her and then you can RUIN her reputation! but then again you dont like bad vibes but still…:)… um i have one question…i know u hear this alot but plz add my name in your next book my name is georgia williams and i am your #1 fan!! no. siriously.#1!! and i would love! it i have read your diaries SOOOO many times(so sory btw)i have worn out my books! but i need to know haloween i want to be you but idk how help me

  236. 581

    natalia meriles says

    i think you should be a singer like hannah montana or a vampair.also a zombie prom queen from party city

  237. 582

    Mr fluffypants says

    O.m.g i luv your books i think you are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think one of your books should be about valitines and that makenzie tries to ask Brandon won’t go unless with you, and that he gives you a painting that he did but it was very good and she loved it and they were about to kiss and then brianna comes up saying shes lost. Clasic

  238. 584



  239. 585



  240. 587


    If your going for a scary costume be Mackenzie hollister abed aft.rotten pretending to scrutinize dveryones costumes which is so much like her! I’mwas Hatfield and I halloween in the car going to Florida from new York.. we finaly stopped in both carolina

  241. 591

    Mariam says

    You know what you should be…………..Drumroll please…………………….Yourself! You look great the way you are! :)

  242. 592

    Emily says

    I think you would be perfect as a superstar!

    I’m going as korra, from the legend of korra. I know Halloween is in like two months, but I have to MAKE the costume.

    • 593


      OMG!!!!! I totally LOVE legend of korra… I was pratically PRAYING for a sequel to avatar and when legend of korra came out, i just about died!!!!! you are sooooo LUCKY! how r u gonna make it???!!! (:

    • 594


      OMG!!!!! I totally LOVE legend of korra… I was pratically PRAYING for a sequel to avatar and when legend of korra came out, i just about died!!!!! you are sooooo LUCKY! how r u gonna make it???!!! (:

  243. 603


    I just love Halloween.
    Last year i was a Greek soccer
    player. I just love going
    trick-or-treating with my
    little brother & my two
    cousins. But mabey you can be a pop star for Halloween Nikki. ;-)

  244. 609

    Ella [soccer dork] says

    I think you chloe and zoe should be the 3 musketeers me and my friends were angry birds! ;]

  245. 610


    I want to be Nikki Maxwell for Halloween! You should be Mackenzie Hollister to show her how she acts! Than she would be embarass to wear 100 pounds of lip gloss ever again! ( Or she might get revenge on you. Good Luck! )

  246. 613


    you should be Juliet and BRANDON should be ROMEO it would be ssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! am I right girls.

  247. 615

    cute kitty says

    I think you would look GRATE in a cute cat costume! You know, does black cat’s. I don’t think that will be too much to do.

  248. 619


    You should dress up as a nerd with nerdy glasses, and suspenders and also wear bright colorful clothes. And wear one of those hates with a helicopter propeller.

  249. 620

    harribow says

    I think you should dress up as makenzie because nothing is as scary as her. Hahaha:)
    On Halloween my mom took me and myy friend to hoo farm we were devil twins!

  250. 621


    I love your books. I chose you as my author for my author study. I can only do 3 books not so happy hart bracer not so fab ice prinsess and not so talinted popstar thank you for your time so have a grate weekend

  251. 626

    Jacspit says

    Hey niki, for halloween im going to dress up as a witch or a vampire or a zombie or a princess (NOT) ok so its really hard to chose but maybe ok this would be really cute you chloe and zoey go as the 3 little pigs (LOL) okay maybe mackenzie will get all up your face again

  252. 627

    Lizzy says

    I think you should go dressed as a scary vampire they are scary or you could be I’m thinking u will say no make your self look like Mackenzie and scare her to death when u ring her doorbell she will just see a reflection of her LOL

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