OMG! So much has been happening around here lately that my head is spinning :-)!

FIRST, my book, DORK DIARIES: TALES FROM A NOT-SO-FABULOUS LIFE, won the 2010 Children’s Choice Book of the Year Award for the 5th/6th grade division!

SQUEEEEEEE! That was me screaming in excitement!!!

Here is a drawing I did of me holding my award!

Is it not BEAUTIFUL?!!

I’d like to say THANKS to all of you who voted for my book.


SECOND, my new book, DORK DIARIES: TALES FROM A NOT-SO-POPULAR PARTY GIRL is going to be released in just a few days on TUESDAY, JUNE 8TH!!

SQUEEEEEE! That was me screaming AGAIN!

THIRD…my wonderful publisher, Simon & Schuster/Aladdin, has just emailed me to let me know that Book 2 has been shipped out and is already on it’s way to all of my WINNERS of the VALENTINE’S DAY POETRY CONTEST!

This means that all of you winners who emailed me to claim your prize should be receiving your book ANY DAY NOW! How exciting is THAT!

SQUEEEEEE! That was me screaming a THIRD time!

As soon as your book arrives, come to my blog and post here and say, “Woo Hoo! I GOT MY BOOK!!” Okay?!

And, guess what I’m doing now!

Watching TV? NO!

Hanging out with Chloe and Zoey? NO!

Eating a baloney sandwich? NOO!


You guessed it!!!!

OMG! You people are SO smart!!

My mom is calling me now, so I gotta go!

TTYL :-)


  1. 29

    madison says

    hey nikki guess who voted for you.ME!So i went to so i read a sneek peek of your book and the funny part was when you were like la la la i'm la la la so la la la……..can you tell me a little bit tiny peace of the third book.Of course you won because everyone on the blog voted for you.I just can't wait to get the second book.

  2. 32

    Katherine says

    I'm so glad you're diary is having so much success. I'm so glad you have a blog. It's such a fun sight! My dad pre-ordered the second book when we saw it online. It was so exciting to find a good book. I hadn't read one in a while and I picked up you're diary and loved it! The second, which I am reading right now, is equally awesome. I love the whole concept of Mackenzie's party. Is it hard to survive having a locker next to her?

  3. 33

    drama queen says

    Lol! I'm so happy Dork Diaries won the award.. Congratulation Nikki! Cheers… I'm so proud to be one of the readers..can't wait to buy the new released episode.. OMG,there's a third episode? Yay! xoxo. Congatulation again,Nikki.. (^_-)v

  4. 34

    Selena B. says

    Nikki, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sooooo happy for you I think I might cry… lol:D! Yeah… soo… what's book three gonna be about? Well, I hope you and Brandon get to go out or something. Gosh, I really wish they made it into a movie so I could watch. Well, I could also read. Yeah… so… about Africa… I'm going tomorrow. YES, tomorrow NIGHT! AHHHH! I bought a purse, shoes, clothes, and everything.

    Well… gotta go… byee:)!

  5. 35

    Anonymous says

    I have some not so exciting news: There was a tornado and it distroyed the water park :( My dad works at a book store and I told him to look for your 2nd book whe it comes out (He got me the first one at that book store).

    • 37


      Nikki could you pls stop writing on that diary somewhere else……….:)i love this book i am waiting at june 7 to buy the 3rd book and i am the first one to buy it

      • 39

        arjin says

        Well, I’m getting the third book and I can’t wait. The first and second book are fun.

      • 40

        Lola says

        Also…. How is it going with Brandon:D I think he likes you EEEEEEK! :D I Have no crush but my Bestie has crush’s on like every boy in the whole class room! XD I have two besties like you do! :D Anyway, can you help me figure out how I can know if my bestie likes a guy?? Thanks! :) Lola.

      • 41

        Lola says

        OMG Nikki! :D! I Was wondering….. Did you really go to that school? Also are all those stories true? Thanks! Love : Lola!

  6. 44

    Jules says

    I'm so happy for you, Nikki! Can't wait 2 read the second book! Tomorrow's Tuesday, and that's when it comes out! I have no money, though :( Maybe if I beg my parents they'll let me borrow some! :D

  7. 45

    Anonymous says

    Hey Nikki….conGrats winning the contest….:) is there a way where you can sign my book? I would love it..cant wait 4 tuesday…luv ya ;)

  8. 46

    Allen says

    Hey Nikki. Congrats on the award(I voted 4 u)! and I'll try to get your new book ASAP! Can't wait to read it ^_~

  9. 47

    Khadija Hakim says

    Whoo Hooo!!!!! I GOT MY BOOk!!!! I love my life!!!! Already lovin it!!!!! Brandon is sooo into you!!!!

  10. 49

    Khadija hakim says

    (this is khadija hakim) ps. My dorky friends and my dorky self are gonna have a lanch party for dork diaries 2!!!! Super fun!!!! And nikki is invited!!!!

  11. 50

    Sowmya says

    "Woo Hoo! I GOT MY BOOK!!" Writing that poem finally paid off. The 2nd book was FANTABULOUS and Brandon finally asks Nikki to the dance! Talk about excitement! So that's the only sneak peak I'm going to give all the Dork Diaries fans (I'm just another one). Since I'm not unpopular at school, I kinda know how it feels to be one of the top 9 most unpopular people(Nikki!). BTW, my BFFS acually got in a fight because they wanted to read my book!

  12. 51

    Anonymous says

    My dad (who works at a book store) was going to get me ur book and when he came home, he told me that it WASN'T going to be published :( , but I know that it's a lie because other people got it. That's SOOOOO unfair!! I want it SOOOO bad.

  13. 52

    Anonymous says

    OMG!!!!!! can't wait till the third book comes out. me and my friend anna go NUTS over your books.(yay now i'll beable to surprise her with news!!! time to do the snoopy happy dance i'm la la la so la la la happy la la la!!!!!LOL!)p.s. congrats on the book award:)

  14. 53

    Lily Earlywine says

    Hey so i don't get it how did your first book come out june 2 and your second book come out 6 days later on june 8? just a question

  15. 54

    Nikki Maxwell says


    I'm sorry that your dad won't give you the book. Why don't you ask him why not?

  16. 55

    Anonymous says

    Hey Nikki! Just a question are you going to continue writing the series after the 3rd book! because i just got the first book today and have only read the first 20 pages and i already love it and want to get the second!!!!
    PLEASE answer this question i'm sure other people want to know too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. 56

    Anonymous says

    OMG!!! I love dork diaries!!!!! I just got the second book last night and I'm already done it!! So…. it took me less than 24 hours to complete it! I love Nikki's story and I think of Nikki as some kind of role model=] Well I really look foward to reading the third book (if there is one)!!! Please let there be a third book!!!!!!

  18. 58

    mika1 says

    Nikki I have both of ur books! They r awesome! Can't wait til book 3 comes out! wat color is it gonna be?

  19. 59

    Nikki Maxwell says


    Thanks a bunch for being a fan! You seem like a very fast reader. Thanks for thinking of me as a role model. It makes me feel very special.

  20. 60

    Nikki Maxwell says


    Wow! It seems like you're really excited about my diaries :-)! The third one will come out in June 2011, so we have a while to wait. But just be patient. I'm glad that you have a friend that you can share your joy with. And thanks!

  21. 61

    Anonymous says

    I love dork diaries! and i can totally relate! i cant get enough. Already done with the 2nd book!

  22. 63

    Emster =) says

    YAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! You totally deserved the award! I am also SOOOOO SHYCHED for your new diary! I think later or tommorow i am going to go get the book!!!! EEEEEEEPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!! And lastley O.M.G I cannot wait for your 3rd book! lol I wonder what it will be about! Ok bye!

  23. 64

    Books n' Ballet says

    Congrats on the award! I'm reading Book 2 RIGHT NOW!

    (P.S:: Hint Hint, on page 143 of Book #2, the answers of X, Y, and Z in the Geometry Test are these:

    X= 90 degrees
    Y= 135 degrees
    Z= 135 degrees

    I LOVE MATH AND DORK DIARIES! Can't wait to finish.

  24. 65

    Anonymous says


  25. 66

    Anonymous says

    heey nikki

    your books are amazing,i hope you make a 3rd book.
    Im reading book 1 but im almost done that book and then im going to read book 2 :)
    well bye…. im going to go read now ;)

  26. 67

    turtle3789 says

    WOO HOO I GOT MY BOOK YESTERDAY AND READ IT ALL IN TWO HOURS !!! I can't wait till the third one comes out !! btw Nikki, Good luck with Brandon u two seem like such a good couple in the pictures u drew !! U are like one of my role models…. it's just how u make everything so funny !!
    (btw i love when u say "JUST CRAPTASTIC")
    Hope u have fun writting ur books :) and btw, I love to write too. And I'm also not the greatest at math like you are… lol.

  27. 69

    Anonymous says

    I just bought your book for my daughter who just turned 12yrs old. She loves the book, and is half way done….she stayed up late reading almost until midnight. I hope that you come out with more books besides the two you have. Take care and God Bless!

  28. 70

    funkymonkey712 says

    I love your book! I borrowed it (both) and I fell in love with the book when I saw the word "DORK" on the cover page! :) You are sooooooooo awesome!

  29. 71

    Anonymous says

    u r such a talented artiest nikki!!!!!!!!!!!!! you should give art lessons!!!!!
    i would definitely sign up!!!!!!!!!

  30. 72

    Anonymous says

    i got my dork diaries 2 and it is awesome you must be sooo proud and you make amazing art
    lov your book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  31. 73

    Anonymous says

    I LOVE your diary so much! It actually inspired me to write, and now I'm on my second diary! I'm so excited for summer vacation! Are you doing anything fun?

  32. 75

    Anonymous says

    hi nikki.i luv your books and i can't wait 4
    3 and 4,and BTW,i especially LUV your Snoopy
    Happy Dance!!!

  33. 80

    Phoebe says

    Hi Nikkie!
    I am from the uk so sadly I can't c u :(. I hope u will write more diaries so I can read them. U r the best aurthor ever!!! R u and brandon married yet? Have u trapped Brianna in a garbige ccan? lol

  34. 81

    Anonymous says

    Hey Nikki ;-) Once at Christmas I got one of you books and thought "WOW this looks boring" but boy was I wrong. Can you make number 3 come faster I just can't wait. By the way I'm a pretty good artist myself.

  35. 83

    Nikki Maxwell says


    I'm sorry that we can't see each other. Thanks for being a fan though! And no, me and Brandon aren't married. And no, I also haven't trapped Brianna in a trash can. Yet…

  36. 85

    Anonymous says

    Dear Nikki,
    i just finished your 2nd book today and i got it last night you remined me of myself alot and every one thinks i am a dork your sister is just like my brother


  37. 86

    Emilee says

    Dear Nikki,
    I absolutely love you! Your diaries are soooo fun to read! When i saw it i was like ugh, another diary book, but then i started reading it and was like OMG! this book is great!!!!!!!!


  38. 87

    Layla says

    Dear Nikki,
    I just got you 2nd book and finished it today ^_^! It rocked! When do you think your 3rd book will come out?

  39. 89

    Katherine says

    Hey there Nicki!
    I'm soooo excited for your third book. It will be amazing. I have loved books 1 and 2. It's the best series EVER and can't wait for three. Each book is better than the last.
    Do you have a favorite animal? I do. I really like cats and monkeys. My teacher loves monkeys.
    We only have a few days of school left. I am really excited to leave for summer, but I love my teacher and I know I will miss her.
    Any advice for me, Nikki?
    Please write back ASAP. I want to to know your advice before school gets out, even though I CAN'T WAIT FOR SUMMER, so it really is not a big deal.
    Have a wonderful day, Nikki. You are awesome. Stay strong and keep acting the way you do. If I'm ever bullied, I'll think of the way you handle your life. You are amazing.

  40. 90

    Anonymous says

    I think there should be a Dork diaries do-it-yourself diary. So there is girlie version cause the Wimpy kid one is not girlie. what do you think???
    I also love the books 1&2 can't wait for the 3rd


  41. 93

    Anonymous says

    I have the 1st and second they were on our acceleratated reader program at school and my friends were begging me to read them so that they could get more points

  42. 94

    Angela says

    Hey Nikki!

    Guess what? I JUST got my copy of the second book yesterday and I'm loving it! When I first saw it in the store, I BEGGED my mom to get it! I'm in the middle of it, and it's really good (:
    Can't wait for the next book!

  43. 95

    Nikki Maxwell says


    Did you like the second one? And I've heard that little brothers are just as annoying as little sisters.

  44. 98

    Nikki Maxwell says


    Thanks for those wonderful comments. It really helps make me feel good about myself. Actually, I don't think I have a favorite animal. For your teacher, maybe make or buy her something small. Something that can last awhile so that she can look back at it and remember you.

  45. 102

    apple says

    hi nikki,i love your books so much. i have you first book but not the second.i don't have much friends at school for so reason.BTW,u know where i can get your second book in singapore? thanks,
    P.S. this is not my real name,i'am protecting my identiy
    P.P.s.s. please reply!!

  46. 103

    Aaron says

    Nikki, I read both of your books. I can't belive that Jessica would slap a plate of fruit and chocolate like that.MacKenzie is such a SNOB!

  47. 104

    Savannah C. says

    when is the thrid book comin out. and while i wait for tht do u kno any other diary books. not diary of a wimpy kid. i read those. but some like urs. ???? thx.

  48. 105

    Anonymous says

    i love your diaries. they're just super funny.say hi to Chloe and Zoey for me please. Just to let you know brandon totally likes you. :)

  49. 106

    Lindsey H. says

    OMG! i just love your books/diares!They are amazing i finished the first one in 3 days and the second in just 2 days.I am dieing to read the third one.Let me know when it comes out.

  50. 107

    Anonymous says

    what's up

    i love your books i read the first one in two days and the second in one day. say hi to Chloe,Zoe, and Brandon for me. he so likes you!


  51. 109

    Jessica says

    I'm not sure what my favorite part was…I LOVED ALL OF IT! :) All my friends want to borrow the book and read it!!!!!

  52. 110

    Nikki Maxwell says

    Savannah C.,

    I'm not sure yet. I'll let you know once I do though.I don't know of any. I'll let you know if I do think of some though.

  53. 113

    Nikki Maxwell says

    Lindsey H.,

    I'll let you know once I have an exact date for the Book 3 release. But as of now, I think it will proabably be in June 2011.

  54. 114

    Anonymous says

    Hey nikki! it's Melinda again. how does Violet have an itunes collection of 7,427 songs??? that must have taken a long time to have that big of a collection. I think my brother has a huge itunes collection. I don't have a clue how many songs he has because he hasn't let me use his ipod since i got an mp3 2 years ago and than my aunt got me an ipod shuffle…Probably gonna get a new ipod next summer…if i have money. I do write in a diary and i carry a little note book with me when i am with my mom shopping and see something i like.. i write it down.

  55. 115

    Angela says

    Hey Nikki!
    It's Angela again. I finished the book a few minutes ago, and I love it! It was so awesome when you and Brandon were sitting together on the bench. Too romantic! ;-) You guys make such a cute couple! Also, that's funny when Mackenzie used the idea, "My date's the band member!" thing. Totally funny!
    Can't wait for the 3rd book! :-)

  56. 116

    Anonymous says

    this may seem out of the blue but,HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!YOURE BOOOKS R AWESSOME!but i have a little problem of my own.i totally need help starting a diary.i only know all this really kute girly tips but im not quite sure how to express them in my diary.PLEASE HELP!

  57. 117

    savannah.V. says

    hey nikki your the best and your awsome come on is this girl not awsome she has brandon chloe and zoey there like the best finds ever i totaly need them oh and aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i cant what till the next dork diaries book comes out aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh me screaming at the top of my longs 4 the 2nd time hahaha talk to you soon oh and brandon really likes u

  58. 118

    purplemonster says

    i got it me and my mom were shopping at Target on june 8and i saw it YAY i read it like 50x 50% of my BFFsasked for it and loved it i loved the part when u got that telephone on eBay for 12.99 and it was
    a public pay phone i told my little brother and he wanted to read it and he's 5 and im 9 i love
    your books

  59. 119

    hizz42 says


  60. 120

    Nikki Maxwell says


    It took her a while to get all of those songs. And I'm glad that you write in a diary. And it's very smart of you to write down stuff you want to buy while shopping.

  61. 121

    Nikki Maxwell says


    It's nice to know that you like my book. And the ending. It is funny that she used that also.

  62. 122

    Nikki Maxwell says


    Just start writing. The beginning words are always the hardest. But as you start writing, they come easier.

  63. 126

    Faith says

    OMG Nikki when does the amazing book 3 come out, i can't wait, this is my fav book ever i have both so far.
    My life is a tiny bit like yours i have 2 bffz, 1 crush, peole say i'm a good artist, 1 mean ccp girl that dive me nutz, my hair is short and i put them in ponies, and i keep a diary.

  64. 127

    Anonymous says

    Omg, I absolutly LOVE your books (yes, the "LOVE really is in capital letters)! When I was leaving Barnes and Noble and saw the second book, I almost DIED (that's in capitals,too)! L8er, Nikki.

  65. 128

    Jamie says

    I love your books!I bet you could make a zillion more.When my mom saw the second book,she was so impressed that she bought it just for me!Dork Diaries books are funny!

  66. 129

    Alannaha says

    Thanks Nikki, i got it 5 days ago but forgot to thank you. I finished it the day i got it, i read it till 11:37pm.


  67. 132

    Anonymous says

    Hey nikki! about the Dork diaries do-it-yourself diary: what kind of activites would you have in the book? I was just wondering if you need me to give you any ideas just ask.


  68. 133

    Alannaha says

    ~Dear Melinda

    Where did you get that Idea? 'cause i wrote it in the valentine winner section? Did you get it from there?

  69. 134

    Anonymous says

    Dear Alannaha,
    I post the Dork diaries do it yourself diary idea on june 13 At 4:27 on this page and you posted in the valentine winner section on June 21 at 10:08 am. But I'll say this great minds think a like.=)


  70. 136

    Nikki Maxwell says


    I think both of you have great minds. Just as Melinda said, great minds think alike.

  71. 137

    Anonymous says

    Dear Nikki,
    OMG! congratulations! Can't wait to have the book 2… most probably I'm gonna force my uncle to buy me a copy… It's too bad that I wasn't able to join the contest, if I knew about it sooner I might've joined.. anyway.. congrats again!


  72. 140

    Anastasia says

    AND ALL I NEED are…
    the other books. LOL.
    *(and btw there HARDCOVER) *
    One question. When do u think u will release it ?

  73. 141

    Anonymous says

    you are the graetest writer that i ev er read. i love your books as sooon as they came out i beged my mom to get them for. me i finished the first book in one hour did i mentio im a fast reader. lol omg

  74. 142

    Nikki Maxwell says


    Thanks! I can't wait for you to have book two either. And if your uncle gets you the book, thank him a lot and love on him.

  75. 144

    Nikki Maxwell says


    I'm not sure when it will come out yet. I'll let you know once I find out though.

  76. 145

    Nikki Maxwell says


    Thanks for being a fan. That really means a bunch to me. You definitely sound like a fast reader.

  77. 146

    Ashley The Mew Mew says

    Keep up all the good work, Nikki! Also, I can't wait to read book 2. MOM! DAD! IT'S TIME TO GO TO THE BOOKSTORE! Lol! Sorry! Just so excited!
    SQUEEEEEEE! Me squeeling along with you! Tee hee!

  78. 147

    Ashley The Mew Mew says

    Did I mention I'm a dork and geek and a freak and an artist? OH, OH, OH! And a future actress! LOL!

  79. 149

    Nikki Maxwell says

    Ashley The Mew Mew,

    I'm doing my hardest. Let me know once you've got the second book. You sound exactly like me. That's really cool!

  80. 151

    dork diary diva says


  81. 152

    Katie says

    WOW!! Nikki you are awesome whens book 3 comeing out i got book 2 yesterday and read the whole thing in 2 hours!! and Nikki i have some ideas let me know if you want them!!

  82. 153

    Anonymous says

    Hey Nikki i love your books! i read both of your books. in 7th grade i went to a dance. but it was not a Halloween dance it was an April dance. it was fun on some parts weren't. i have a little sis in 6 grade. we both have horses and chickens.and we hope the third one comes out soon!

  83. 154

    Anonymous says

    Hey, Nikki! I love the books!! I got the 2nd book about 2 weeks ago and it took me 2 hours to read!! It was so good, I couldn't put it down!!

  84. 157

    Nikki Maxwell says

    Hi Sha Kay Kay,

    How to make a blog is kind of complicated to explain here.

    But, if you REALLY want one, I suggest that you go to the web site or any other blog hosting sites and sign-up for a blog account.

    Once you have opened your own account, you'll be given detailed instructions on what to do next. Basically, you just type what you want to say into a text box and then click "post."

    Then, it magically appears on your blog online.

  85. 158

    dork diary diva says


  86. 159

    Nikki Maxwell says

    Dork Diary Diva,

    I'm excited that I'm making it also. I wish she was jealous of me. But it's kinda the other way around right now. I'm not totally jealous but I do wish that I had some of the stuff she had. Thanks!

  87. 160

    Tasha says

    I just LOVE your books!!!!!!!!!!!! Mackenzie should be JEALOUS that you write such AWESOME books!!! You Rock Nikki!!!!!

  88. 161

    rora-mai says

    im a GINORMOUS fan of your books and i am SOOOO desparate for the 3rd one!
    why is that mackenzie chick so darn mean!?
    i mean, your a much better person than she is,
    and from what ive seen, your prettier too.

  89. 162

    Anonymous says

    hey Nikki, I'm ur no.1 fan! i got 1 of ur books and soon i'm gonna get the others :) WOOOOOOOO

  90. 163

    Anonymous says

    by the way how i kno u kno how to make a blog but do u kno how to make a website? if u do it wud be great !

  91. 164

    Anonymous says

    omg squeeeeeeeeeeee im buying all your books!!
    oh what was the song u used in the trailer for youe first book i LOVE it so can you tell me???? omg i love u and im starting middle school!!! yay!!

  92. 165

    Nikki Maxwell says

    Hi Anony 2:28,

    The the very cool background song on my Dork Diaries book video is called, "Where'd Ya Get That?!"

    I really LOVE that song :-p!

  93. 167

    dork diary diva says

    I really like your Dork Diaries trailer. Are you going to do another one for the 2# book? If you are its probably going to be awesome.

  94. 168

    Nikki Maxwell says


    Hmmmm…I'm not entirely sure. I don't really have a favorite book. What's yours?

  95. 169

    Nikki Maxwell says

    Dork Diary Diva,

    Thanks for liking my trailer. It was hard to make but I think I finally caught the hang of it towards the end. I'm not sure if I'll do one for book two. I'll have to think about it.

  96. 170

    Claire says

    Hi Nikki.I'm your super big fan from Taiwan(I's a small country beside China!!!)I really like your diaries.They are awesome!!!I cant wait for your second book to be published here!!!

  97. 171

    Nikki Maxwell says


    I'm very happy to have fans from different countries. It's actually pretty cool! Thanks for being a fan and I hope you like my second book!

  98. 172

    Anonymous says

    I just finished ur 2nd book it was amazing.u&brandon would make a great couple you should go out. cant wait till june 2011

  99. 174

    Anonymous says


  100. 175

    madison hiebert says

    i LOVE all of your books i have 1 question thought how is brandon and you oh and chloe and zoey hoping u keep the janoters closet clean

  101. 176

    valerie says

    hey nikki i LOVE both of your books they are so funny, and i stay up really late just to finesh them tell me when the third one comes out I CANT WAIT!!:)valerie

  102. 178

    Nikki Maxwell says


    I'm glad to hear that you liked the second book also. And I can't wait 'til 2011 also.

  103. 181

    Nikki Maxwell says


    Thanks for loving my books! It really means a lot to me. He's doing fine. I guess…And we try our best so that no one knows that we go in there.

  104. 185

    MeWhosNotU says

    OMG when will your third be out??? I hope soon but I'm superexcited!!! There are 3 books I have been DYING to read and your new one is one!! I'm lending my cuz you first two books so she's superexcited with me like my mom and Twilight!!!!!! BTW I LOVE UR BLOG AND DIARY!!!!

  105. 186

    Anonymous says

    are you having a third book i loved both of your other books if you are cAN YOU MAKE SURE I GETS TO CANADA THE SAME DAY IT GETS TO THE USA because i live i canada

  106. 188

    dork diary diva says

    Are you going any where for summer vaction? I bet you're really happy that schools over. School can be like torture!Its even more torture when there's a girl like Makenzie in your school.

  107. 189

    dork diary diva says

    I can't wait till your 3# book comes out. On the dork diaries website it said that it was coming out in June 2011. And the 4# one is coming out in June 2012. If any one wants to know when they come out tell them to check out my comment or the dork diaries website.

  108. 190

    DancerGirl66 says

    Hey Nikki! Sooooo happy your writting Dork Diaries 3! Squeeeeeeeeee! Lol I am screaming too. I just went to Borders today and got the SECOND book and almost devoured the whole thing in ONE EPIC NIGHT! Anyway, ca';t wait to read book #3! ;)

  109. 191

    DancerGirl66 says

    LOL and….. I want to be an author so I can write books as AMAZING EPIC and FANTABULOUS as yours I even submitted one of my stories to a children's writing magazine and waiting for a response. I think I might DIE if they don't respond soon! :)

  110. 192

    Katherine says

    Hi Nikki!! Just wanted to say I love your book! It is now one of my favorites, even though I'm 15 & it's mostly aimed for younger kids. Well- I guess age dosen't matter. It made me giggle!! Oh, and I adore that you like Tyra Banks! I just LOVE that girl!!!! :]

  111. 193

    dorky diva says

    Hi Nikki! I like your blog it's totally AWESOME! I'm a really big dork like you. But I call my myself a dorky diva because I want to feel good about myself.

  112. 194

    Katie says

    Hi Nikki, i love your books this is my first time reading your book i am reading it right now this is what you are saying.
    (i think my hiccups must have gotten on his nerves or something because he stopped right in the middle of his speech, gave me an evil eye, and growled.
    I am so NOT lying. He actually growled at me!)

  113. 195

    Nikki Maxwell says


    I'm happy to hear that you liked my second diary. And I can't wait 'til what you think of my next one. Happy reading!

  114. 196

    Nikki Maxwell says


    I'm happy to hear that you like my book. It really makes me happy. And age doesn't really matter as long as you like what you're doing.

    • 198


      My gosh Nikki,your books are awesome.I really really like it:)I finish all of it,including the 3rd one.I want to spend whole night or day reading it.I can’t wait to buy the Double Dork Diaries and read it.It is a very inspiring book.It is the best bookthat i have read.

  115. 199

    Nikki Maxwell says


    I'm glad to hear that you're reading my book. And that was actually pretty scary when he growled at me. I totally freaked!

  116. 201

    Anonymous says

    nikki why come brandon dont ask u out already?its not that hard. and brandon dont even like her. i have a boy that likes me too and i like him too. but he wont say it.HELP ME. WANT DO I DO?

  117. 202

    dork diary diva says

    I really like your books! And your such a good artist! I'm a artist too and I'm one of the best artist in my grade. Except I'm not as good as you.

  118. 205

    Nikki Maxwell says

    Dork Diary Diva,

    Thanks for being a fan! And I work my hardest on my pictures. Just keep practicing.

  119. 207

    dork diary diva says

    Thanks for the advice about drawing because I'm now betterthan you!!!!!!!!!!! Even though your really good too.

  120. 210

    Ashlynn says

    Hi Nikki. i love Dork Diaries. Dork Diaries is a book that mostly girls would read. So it is nice to know that us girls have our own book. Nikki keep on dreaming and soon Brandon will be yours. Forget all about Mackenzie and just be your self. You have Chloe and Zoey to catch you when you fall.

  121. 211

    Anonymous says

    Dear Nikki
    I just love your books,<3
    My mom says that she loves you and your books to! I am getting your books no matter what, but the sad part is that my mom says that i have to save up my money but your books are so awesome but there are just to expensive.
    Good luck on writing the book.

  122. 213

    Nikki Maxwell says


    I'm glad that you like Dork Diaries. It means a lot that you're saying that. I'm glad that girls now have their own book to read. And I'm glad I have them.

  123. 214

    Nikki Maxwell says


    Thanks for loving my diary! I'm happy that your mom loves me as well as you. I hope you can save enough money for my diary.

  124. 215

    Smooshyteddy says

    EEK! Hello Nikki!!! I love your diary!! I got the second one first because that was the only one they had at the store but I LOVE it! I MUST buy the 1st book and I can't wait for the 3rd book to come out!! EEK! << That is me being happy…

  125. 216

    Arielle says

    Hi Nikki! I'm a big fan and I love your drawings! I just got Dork Diaries: Tales from a NOT-SO-Popular Party Girl. :) I'm an artist, too and when I usually save up for something, I end up buying art stuff. Heehee! :D

  126. 219

    Nikki Maxwell says


    Thanks for loving my diary. I can't wait for you to buy my first diary and my third one once it comes out. Happy reading!

  127. 220

    Nikki Maxwell says


    Thanks for being a fan! And we seem exactly alike. We save up money and then spend it on art stuff. But that's fine, we just get better at drawing and stuff.

  128. 222

    PinkCakes10 says

    Hey Nikki
    Have you seen Twilight New Moon or Eclipse well i have seen all of them. I go for TEAM EDWARD. Well I think we have lots things in common I mostly spend my money on art stuff and i want a new iphone i dream of a iphone. I have a diary too i put my juicy secerts.

  129. 223

    gabrielle puente says

    im THE biggest fan of your books!! i love them sooo much i told my dad i had to have the second one cause i was dieing to read it cause i already had the first one soooooooo i got it!!!! eeeeeeeeppppppp also i wanted to know are you and brandon good so far??? and guess what inm going to michigans adventure tomarrow i wish i could meet you in person!!! <3

    -love gabrielle P.!!!!
    p.s i love your books!!!! <3

  130. 226

    Ashlynn says

    well nikki pelase make more contests to get the secound book free i can't really spend money cause i'm saving up foro a dsi

  131. 228

    Arielle says

    You're so right, Nikki! :) I'm hoping to be a graphic artist/illustrator when I grow up. Just like you, I get crazy when I can't draw everyday. I have to bring a notebook and pens EVERYTIME I go out of the house. :))

    P.S. I hope you can visit my blog sometime. :D Just click on my name. ;)

  132. 231

    Nikki Maxwell says


    That's cool. I hope you can achieve that. Actually, I know you can as long as you keep on trying.

  133. 232

    m8lavy says

    nikki,did you leave your diary at a bookstore cause I bought it and i was AWESOME!! i really loved the 2nd book, "Hi Dag! Hi Mog! Cheee-whoooo.Whath up! I'm will berry thorry I woke you up.Cheee-whoooo.I wuz justh working on my scienceth project and Brianna's room just got a little bit methy.Cheee-whoooo.LUKE I AM YOUR FATHER!! Cheee-whoooo." I LOVED THAT PART!! I laughed so hard

  134. 235

    Anonymous says

    Hi! I love the books and was just wondering what numbers 3 and 4 are about! So what ARE they about? ♥♥♥

  135. 236

    Ellie says

    Hi! I love your books. SO when I was re-reading the 2nd I realized there was the drawing of our very awesome author in the back! SO pretty! And while the girls say talent before brains, talent before beauty, ect, ya got it all!

    Now THAT isn't a loser, no matter what MacKenzie says!

  136. 238

    Anonymous says

    AAAWWW you and brandon are a cute together it would soooooooo cool if you started dated i bet you would LOVE that. Lol :p love, chloe

  137. 239

    Coolcemut says

    Hi Nikki….Congrats on the Childrean's Choice Book Awards. Your books (actually it's more of a diary. lol. :p)….IT ROCKS!!! I wish I could make something like that. I've actually written a couple of stories that I made by myself. But I never finish it 'til the end of the story. I never finish it because I always have new stories to write…so I move on to another story. I know…I'm a total "DORK". But you are so cool. When I read one of your books, it totally makes me really happy (since our life is almost the same. lol). But I just don't have any best friend. The only bff I've got are the ones I had when I was little. I still keep in touch with them. But it still doesn't make me more….hmm…I don't know. Anyways, could you help me. And btw, MacKenzie is totally like a student in my class. She acts like MacKenzie, but she doesn't love fashion much. All she loves is sport…but…she's a little "shorter" then me. I totally need your help. Well, I've read your book, and actually did the same thing. But not always the same. And I've this crush…he is a funny guy. Much like Brandon. But I'm not even his friend. What should I do? I actually want him to just ask me or something. But being a friend is totally what I want right now. Okay. I just think I wrote too much. Btw, LOVE YOUR BOOKS! I've already bought 2 of your books and just read it in 1 day…I'm a big fan. Anyway, hope you can help me. And…can I e-mail you? Thx. Catch you later. :)

    If you want to answer my comment, you can answer from your blog or my blog. Just click my name, okay? c u. :)

  138. 243

    Nikki Maxwell says


    I'm glad that you enjoy reading my diary. And I hope you expand your horizon because there are some really good books out there.

  139. 246

    Nikki Maxwell says


    Thanks a bunch! I'm glad you like that picture in the back. It took me awhile to draw it. And I'm glad I've almost got it all.

  140. 248

    smooshyteddy says

    You know I am actually reading a really good book called, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief! Guess what? I am writing my own book, do you have any tips?

  141. 249

    madison says

    Hey Nikki did you make a new trailer video yet? Some people are saying they seen it. Your trailer is so awesome i was wondering if you can put it on your mp3 player. Congrashulation for getting your award.Funny thing to mention i live in New York and it says New York times best selling authers.I went vigina for vacton and it said the same thing. Why is that? BTW your books are really funny.dorks rule and mackenzie durls.Your #1 fan Madison.please write back.

  142. 252

    Anonymous says

    do you like waffles yes i like waffles do you like pancake yes i like pancakes do you like french toast yes i like french toast cant wait to get a mouthful

  143. 253

    Nikki Maxwell says


    Thanks a bunch! I'm so glad I had so many adoring fans so I could receive the award. I try my hardest with my diary. I want to capture everything and record it in my diary. But isn't that what diaries are for? I'm sure you'll one day be able to get through an entire story. Or you could even come back to it sometime in the future. It's good that you keep in touch with your old friends. I wish I could do that. Or I wish I did that more often. To get closer to your crush, I would just say to interact with him more. I hope you can read my next diary once it comes out. GOOD LUCK!!!

  144. 254

    Pinkberry says

    Hi Nikki! I know this is Totally random…But are you a good singer? I ♥ to sing! I don't mean to brag but I'm a pretty good singer! This part is strange though…..Birds come to me when I sing!
    Singing just makes me feel better about things!
    ♫Well bye Nikki!♪

  145. 255

    Anonymous says

    OMG! Nikki I love your books! They are totally awesome. Oh and guess what my name is nikki too! Anyways i finished your book so quick i cant wait for the next one! I love these books beacuse i feel i can totally relate to them. Good luck with your friends crushes! BYE BYE!!!!!

  146. 257

    Tang Jia Wen says

    HI NIKKI! YOU ARE MY BEST IDOL,EVER!I JUST SAW THE NEW BOOK AT POPULAR ON SATURDAY,14/8/2010 AND IT WAS ENOUGH TO MAKE ME SCREAM OUT REALLY LOUD LIKE MAD AND I MEAN IT!!! IM CURRENTLY PERSUADING MY MOM TO GIVE ME THE MONEY..AND ALSO IM CERTAINLY GONNA SAVE UP!ANYWAY,IM ON A DIET SO I CAN SKIP FOOD IN SCHOOL..:DDDD It sells at S$14.93 in Singapore.. My friend knows about your book too..When I bought the first book,it was love at first sight!Just one look,and I just took ONE look at it and I knew it is the book for me! :) YOU ROCK!!! :DDDD

  147. 259

    Nikki Maxwell says


    I've heard that's a pretty good book. And it's also a good movie. But I haven't read it or seen it. But I hope I can sometime in the future. Tips for writing a book: follow through. Make sure you stay on topic and keep writing 'til the very end. Then you can add and take out some stuff.

  148. 260

    Nikki Maxwell says


    I actually haven't yet. But I might want to get started on it soon. I'm not sure if you can put it on an MP3 player but someone might be able to do it. And thanks! I'm so glad I won. I couldn't believe it. And it says New York Times Bestseller in both states because there's a list in New York saying the best of books. So no matter what state you go to, it will still say New York Times Bestseller. Hope that helps!

  149. 261

    Nikki Maxwell says


    Thanks! You'll just have to guess for now. It's a secret. And HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!!! I'll have to check it out once it's done.

  150. 264

    Nikki Maxwell says


    I wouldn't say I'm terrible, but I wouldn't say I'm awesome. I'm okay at singing. I wish I could attract birds when I sing. That would be pretty cool.

  151. 265

    Nikki Maxwell says


    Thanks for being a fan! I'm happy you think they're awesome. I try my hardest on them. I hope you can get my newest one once it comes out!

  152. 267

    Nikki Maxwell says

    Tang Jia Wen,

    I'm glad I'm your idol! It really means a lot that you're saying that. And please don't skip lunch at school. Food is good for you. If you don't eat food, then your brain won't be able to read the words!!! I hope you get it though!

  153. 268

    Anonymous says

    hi niki,it's Anoy1156!I so wish to be in your school.everyone in my class thinks I'AM WERID JUST BECAUSE I LOVE MUSIC.HAVE ANY TIPS?

  154. 269

    Nikki Maxwell says


    I wish you were in my school also. You seem like a pretty nice person to be around. And they shouldn't think that of you. I love music also. Music is the thing that makes the world go round. :)

  155. 270

    Anonymous says

    Nikki u may not know this but we have like soooooooooooooooooooooo much in common. We both have an annoying younger siblings(i have a 7 year old brother),we have mad art skillz(my drawings are killer!),we both want decent phones really bad,and we both have really good bffs.O and 1 more thing nikki:ur like a sister 2 me.Not a blood sister or an annoying sister, just a kind sweet and funny 1. (-; luv ya lots,sugababe 101

  156. 272

    Nikki Maxwell says

    Sugababe 101,

    That is pretty weird. We DO have a lot in common. I'm glad I'm like a sister to you.

  157. 276

    Macy says

    Hey Nikki! You are soooo amazing! And literally it seems like you 'borrowed' MY diary and changed the names, and then published it! You rock!

  158. 278

    Anonymous says

    I am so happy for u! im not surprised u got a award! Your book is amazing!i was in a book shop {i had spent a lot of money} and i was just looking around and i saw book 2! then i remembered i hadn't been given my last 2 weeks poket money so i got the book with that,cu from eve

  159. 282

    Anonymous says

    Hey Nikki! Today I went shopping and saw your diary. I had no idea what it it was, but I bought it anyway! It is the best book ever!

  160. 288

    Emily says

    I have secret plan on how to take down Mackenzie.
    When shes not looking take her clean clothes out of her gym bag, and put in something ugly! then when she goes crazy looking for her juicy couture shirt and skinny jeans, put her clothes back in the bag. ( Make sure someone is keeping her busy so you can make the switch)
    :) Emily :)
    ( Some people think I'm evil)

  161. 289

    ♪Ali♪ says

    Hi Nikki!!
    I'm Ali (this is only my nickname btw).I'm a LONG-TIME fan and first time blog commenter (is that a word? Ok never mind).Congratulations on the SUPER awesome award.I just wanted to say that I just read your second book a few days ago and when I finished it in around 3 hours I went all, "Wait that's it?".I can just say that I am SUPER-DUPER MEGA EXCITED for the 3rd book.Oh and I hope that Brandon asks you out!(How CUTE would THAT be??)I 'm kinda typing really fast right now 'cuz I just ate some Snickers and I think I might be having a sugar rush.And I'm actually listening to Justin Bieber's song,Baby,right now and I can't help but keep on dancing but I can't dance while I type can I? so I'm putting dancing on hold for a little while.Oh and lastly I just want to say that I hope you write a lot more books (or is it diaries?)!!!Can't wait for the 3rd book.BYE!

  162. 293

    Anonymous says

    Dear Nikki,
    EEEEEEEPPPPPPPPP!(me screaming in excitement) my dad finally got me book2 yesterday! And I read it in like 2 hours straight! OMG!!!! And I can't believe MacKenzie used that "My Date's a Band Member!" trick…


  163. 294

    Nikki Maxwell says


    That sounds like a pretty good idea. But it would be pretty hard also. And I'm pretty sure I would chicken out or something. But thanks for the suggestion!

  164. 295

    Nikki Maxwell says


    I'm really glad you've found this site. Come back and visit whenever you want! I'm happy that you're a fan. Aren't you? You'll just have to wait and see what happens in the third. I hope you like it once it comes out though. Have fun dancing!

  165. 299

    Anonymous says

    hey nikki Love the book can't wait till' book 3!!!!!!! Hope brandon asks u out ( u guys would b such a cute couple)!! Anyway have 2 go to bed ( four the 4th time) )-:
    Any way good luck!

  166. 300

    Ally says

    Hi Nikki,
    I totally love your new book(Book Two). And don't worry,You're not a lying,scheming little rat like Mackenzie. You're a truthful,honest little mouse who tries her best to please her friendz. So love ya!!


  167. 301

    bonny says

    I <3 YOUR books :D I'm a pretty fast reader so took me 1/2 an hour to read. oh well… IT'S AWESOME!!!! How many books might you write?

  168. 302

    coolio123 says

    ahhh! i just found out my huge crush has a girl friend, the worst part is , she is one of my friends! i can't believe it! help!!!!!!!!!!

  169. 303

    Nancy says

    Hi Rachel! I just finished reading your book and it was great. At first I was just reading the book to make sure it was okay to put into my classroom library, but I actually really enjoyed reading it. I'm a 5th grade teacher in Southern Maryland. My students are going to love reading this book! Do you ever visit schools?

  170. 309

    Anonymous says

    Hey nikkie school has started and i like this boy and he and i are best friends and i dont know what to do i mean i think he likes me but i'm not sure and i dont want to break our friendship. people at school think we really make a great couple but he doesnt really like it when they say that but he keep staring at me when he sees me.
    Thx if you will help me!
    Vanessa S.

  171. 310

    Anonymous says

    Hi so you have 4 books because i thought you only had 2 and i read them like a milion times and right now im on the tale from a not so popular party girl for the 1,000,001 time so plz reply to double check you have 4 books and when were or are out they came out

  172. 315

    Lee says

    Yay!! I love your books! I have the first one and am begging my mom (pretty pleeeaaaseee??) to get me the second one!! Hey, Nikki, what new drama is goin' on in your new diary?
    Good luck with your new book!!!

  173. 316

    madi says

    OMG i read both the books they r SO awesome i can't wait 4 dork diaries 3!!!!!!guess what 5th graders 4th graders and 3rd graders got a chance 2 get ur book!!i hope a LOT of people got it me and my friend didn't get it because we already had it!yep we were (and still are now!!) awesome before every 1 else!!!…..I LOVE DORK DIARIES!!! :D im still a bit sad because your book wont come out till im going in2 6th grade D: O well i am so glad that ill get 2 see the cover soon and U started working on it then AWESOME!!!!!I <3 DORK DIARIES!!!!(im sorry is the <3 turns out not a heart)

  174. 318

    The totally awesome anime artist who's a dork (^.^) says

    Hi nikki I'm totally obsessed with drawings. I'm totally awesome at drawing too. Not that I'm bragging or anything. I just wanted to tell you that.

    Anyways, i totally lov your books. I can't wait till the third one comes out.

  175. 319

    Anonymous says

    i know i finally convinced my teacher to let me do the 2 book for my book report!! yes!!:) although i have to work on my PowerPoint:( Stupid middle school!!!!!!!grrrrr!!!!:( :(

  176. 320

    Anonymous says

    Lol i read the 2nd book a while ago nd i finished it in a week. now im doing the first book for literature circles at school and i got picked as the illustrator without even being asked if i wanted 2 be. ok i did but still i should be able to pick what ob i should have. right?? am i right people????

  177. 322

    Anonymous says

    hey nikii its destinee I love your book and your coming out with a third. I think your the best writer in the world im not interested in any other books besides yours and we just had a book fair and got both your books even though they were the most expensive of all but worth it at first I got two boring books then my mom said those books are boring I said no she said yes and then she picked out your books at first I said no then she said yes and when I got home I had the best reading experience of my life cant wait to get your third book im shaking lol see yah bye keep writing dork diaries I love you. love destinee

  178. 325

    Anonymous says

    I finished both the books and I just can't wait for the third one! I'm sooo excited!:)

    Hopefully, I'll be the first one to buy it!


  179. 327

    Anonymous says

    hi nikki i know you got your after your sis was born but maybe you can make a diary entry of how u felt when ur sis was born

    DORK DIARIES: tales from a not so cool big sister r o t f l o l – rolling on the floor laughing out loud

    by emily

  180. 328


    OMG!!!!!!!Nikki i am a dork too i wish ill meet you and of course wanna buy the third one wish it was released,BTW,wheres chloe and zoey i love those guys your such a dork……Nikki do you want to be a CCP?

  181. 329


    OMG!!!!!!!Nikki i am a dork too i wish ill meet you and of course wanna buy the third one wish it was released,BTW,wheres chloe and zoey i love those guys your such a dork……Nikki do you want to be a CCP?
    My Brother said i was like Brianna and i got angry…=D

  182. 331

    SOPHIA says

    I love the book and i hope u get bradon as your bf and GET A CELLPHONE so we con text OMG OMG 8D 8D

  183. 332


    I am so happy for u Nikki.
    And with everything up your back u actually get a award.
    U should win everything for all the books and it takes so long but I am always patient.
    2 me u make the funniest jokes.
    I wish I can wright u a novel of how I love your books.
    And u draw AWESOME!!!
    So do I because in art I always never need 2 do it over again.
    But we are all dorks no matter what…
    So we all just act normal.
    I have a hard time at school I get a strict teacher but I hold my head up high.

    Love your biggest fan MONSTER HIGH FAN

  184. 334



    ur BIGGEST fan ever emilemilemilie!!!

  185. 337


    Oh nikki this is poetry for u!

    Oh nikki
    Mackenzie’s so stinky
    like a stunk sandwich
    and when u tell her she screams her pitch
    becomes nothing
    and you start laughing
    and then she’s so angry
    she splashes curry
    at everyone.
    And you wash
    and wash
    it off.
    you’ve got your revenge!

  186. 340


    wow nikki,you are so lucky!!! i read all of your books and loved them!!! well i got to go,i have to walk my dog.Cant wait until the forth book comes out!!!!

  187. 342


    hey Nikki! just wanna say congrats on winning the awards. your books are so cool and I read the 2 one but that the only one that I read so I’m hoping to get the first one and then I’d read the 2 one AGAIN! And I just wanna say that I think you and Brandon are a really good couple. It’s like you guys were meant for each other. YOUR BOOKS ARE AWSOME YOU KNOW!:D ;) :D

  188. 362

    amber says

    dear Nikki,…..
    are you going to make a movie about the first book?? i hope you do and if you do i am going to SCREAM!!!!!!!

  189. 364


    Today is vocal camp!!! Yay! Doi want to be the dorkiest one there?? With fake glasses that I don’t even need but wear? HECK YA!!! I think. Lol! Bye ya’ll gtg!

  190. 367

    April says

    Today I am going to VBS! (Vacation Bible School!)
    I am a crew leader!
    That means, the little kids have to do what I say,
    and I get to act like I’m SUPER excited all day even if I’m in a bad mood!
    It’s actually quite fun, because the little kids get super happy when I’m super happy!
    And the whole day we just do crafts, a cool make believe game, watch a video, and dance and sing like maniacs!
    It’s from nine to noon,
    so I won’t be able to go on till after!

  191. 368


    Omg! Today I went to vocal camp and it was SOOOO fun! I made a friend(anna.. I think), Saw three people I knew(teachers)…

    I had a GREAT time! We got to go outside and play red rover(A AWESOME GAME)… They picked me and I broke threw these boys arms!

    When we got to talk to the person we met, We all told storys(at lunch)… I was in group blue…. With is ages 11 and 12… There was this one girl that looked 14 or 15 and she said she was 11. It was an AWESOME first day!!!

    P.S. My sister came to help out and everyone kept asking me if Destiny(my sister), was my sister, and I said ‘Yeeeaaa’.

    P.P.S. Remember when I said the fortune cookie thing??? If you didn’t then it said ‘you will meet an old friend before the month is over.’ I did see someone I knew. But I didn’t know it was him until someone(Destiny) said something.

    Im Harmony and im a TOTAL DORK! H.K. <3 :^)

  192. 371


    yea and wen r u gonna post ur next blog u said u wer gonna do it 2day i love u nikki(n the romodel way)gtg i a about 2 watch the 2nd diary of a whimpy kid

  193. 373

    Tatianna says

    I got your new book!! I begged my parents to get it and right when i saw it i ran up to it and picked it up im actually reading it now…SQUEEEE I would love it if yhu kept making books yhu are the best author for children books!!
    #1 BIGGEST fan! <3

  194. 375

    lily says

    im startin a blog guests are
    annoymous,selena b,deeny,samhorselover,amber,
    emily,and tatianna

  195. 393


    I LOVE U NIKKI u are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool i love ur books and i am one of ur biggest fans,if i dont get ur 4th book i am going to die of sadness :( plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz reply
    ps.i realy realy love u
    pps.i wonder if brandon is going to be ur boyfriend.

  196. 395


    Lik amber lik are u crazy..(jk) lol :) I LOVE them I am obsessed wit them I recommend them 2 ALL my friends this book is the best book on the planet next the another awesome book by Veronica Roth called divergent(see what it’s about on super cool fan video blog post) u don’t kno how awesome these books are until u read them so thts y I recommended it 2 everyone! I love Nikki I HATE HATE HATE HATE rat face(Mackenzie) and I think Brandon is sooooo hot and tht briana is exactly lik my lil 6 year old sis….annoying ;) :) :D

    • 396


      I think that Brandon is perfect for Nikki, Brianna is just so frustrating and Mackenzie is mean outside but just might be nice inside!!! She is too spoiled we have to change her somehow!!! :D I love the Dork Diaries books and it hurts so much that I haven’t read the 3rd JUST BECAUSE the library ppl are taking 4EVA to read it!!!! *tears hair out*

  197. 397


    i kno brandon and nikki look so good 2gether and i dont think makenzie has one good anything n her body she is cold blooded and needs 2 get over the fact tht brandon likes nikki and not her and tht they look good 2gether :)

  198. 400

    Lola says

    Last question… Nikki What colour hair do you have?? I imagine its Blonde ( Like Mine :D ) But it also seems like it could be brown :O Please tell us! ;) Love : Lola! :D

  199. 401

    addison says

    hi! my name is addison nolen I have all three dork diaries books and have read all three. I give advice if you ask any question in these I will give you advice include all details the more details the better advice. it might take a few minutes for me to reply, but I will give you advice. good luck!=D

  200. 402

    Maria Alejandra says

    Congrats!! *claps* I know im late :P but i tried, i was busy with stuff like with my little bother and crushing problems;)

  201. 407


    Ahhh! on the i love diary 2 comment i did another comment! HELP! do you have any tips for love sending comments and cant stop to help me send me one please?!

  202. 408


    uh uh i cant stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 HELP ME SOME BODY I LOVE NIKKI SO MUCH!!1 I LOVE YOU NIKKI BUT HELP! :(

  203. 415


    Dear Nikki I have book two i read all three books from the library. I love them all! ;) be sure to reply me i like when people do replys. I love your books! Good bye 1 Best friend forever Nikki. :)

  204. 417

    kelsey says

    hayyy umm……….. i seen the blue dork diarie book but dont remember the name i really want it to so…….. peace out

  205. 420


    OMG!!!!!!!!! nikki!Brandon just asked you if you want to be he’s GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG!!OMG!!

  206. 423

    georgie says

    Dear Nikki,
    BTW i love love love infinity love all of your diaries so keep on writing.and there are even more people out there that love them. Nikki i was also wondering if u were macking a movie of dork diaries? if so that would be great! enyway keep it up.
    From Georgie Pie!

  207. 428

    gillian sena says

    when does dork diaries 6 come out i really want to know if brandon and niki go out and i hope you make a movie!!!!.

  208. 429

    weena says

    Dork Diaries are the bbbeeeesssstttt!!!!!!
    I even took the second book to India during summer holidays this year and showed it to my friend in India. I can’t wait for the 6th book and Iam like dying for it!!!!!!!!

  209. 432

    jenypher says

    hey nikki i love all your books im reading number 4 the ice skating one im barley on page 183 i love it and also im waiting for ur new books ahhhhh i love them and rachel renee russell i also call u rrr ha your initalials

  210. 434

    kyra says

    Omg………, i, like love you!!!!!! I,ve read all.of your books and when i get new one’s i always finish it in a couple if hours!!!!! Please, please make. a movie about it!!!! thanx sooo much!!! Keep rockin.


  211. 435

    meadow says

    I LOVE DORK DIARIES BOOKS BECAUSE THEY ARE SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  212. 437

    Laura says

    Hey Nikki will there be a dork diaries movie in Ireland I hope there is so me and my two BFF’s, Ava and Caoimhe can go see it we are absolutly in love with your books!! Can’t wait for the sixth book to come out!!:):):):):):):):):)

  213. 445

    Benita says

    I have only got two dork diary books.The books are Skating Sensation and Pop Star. The one I like best is Skating Sensation since it was the first Dork Diary book I got.

  214. 448

    Venetia says

    OMG! I really hope you come out with a 7th book haha u better! I would just die if u guys kissed! I can’t wait Nikki!

  215. 449

    sky says

    omg!!!! i just found this blog!!! im bookmarking it now and im gonna be on here alot!!! nikki im earning money so i can finally read the tales from a not so happy heartbreaker :) i love your books and got my sister to start reading them btw she also loves them :) :) :) you have the best books ever and im really starting to think they r a whole lot better then diary of a wimpy kid…squeee….omg u do it so much better hope u reply back bye nikki !!! :D

  216. 450


    OMG Nikki I love your diaries! just finished the 6th book, hope theres a 7th! i have all the books! im your biggest fan! hopefully my mom gets me an iphone too!:)

  217. 453


    i have some ideas for books tales from a not so good babysitter! what do you think it can be brianna and you ! oh ya and the next book can you have brandon and nikki kiss!? ppppllllleeeeaaaasssseee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  218. 457

    sky says

    anyone that read the tales from a not so happy heart breaker looking to fill me in on what happened??:D

  219. 458

    sky says

    NIKKI oh my fudgeing gawd!!!!!……did i get ur hope/spirits up? well congrats…but i dont have any good news…..still waiting 4 the chance to buy the newest book… luck yet :’(

  220. 459

    Victoria L says

    Hey Nikki, I’m so glad that you got the award, congratulations!!!!
    I really enjoy reading all of the dork diaries books, before I read dork diaries, I really hate reading, but thanks to your book, I spend my time reading now!!
    So, the reason that I comment here is that, I’m just suggesting that, I think you should start thinking about making a movie on it, I think it would be a huge success because there are millions of kids and teens that are reading dork diaries, so I hope you would consider my suggestion and good luck!!

  221. 461

    Ashley says

    will there ever be a Dork Diaries movie?
    i would love to be in it if there will be, can you tell how to audition and stuff if there is going to be one? :)

  222. 462

    sara says

    Ok Nikki I like reading your books and all but the thing is, you always make a big deal of tiny problems, like in dork diaries 2 when YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD CHLOE AND ZOE that you didnt want to dress up as garbage :()

  223. 467

    Soyon says

    OMG!!! I have all your books, 1,2,3,4,5,6, and even 3 and a half!! I love your books, Rachel.. How do you get the inspirations?! And Nikki, I really want to see you actually post in the comments;) I’ve never seen you do that before!

  224. 469


    Im brooke and i love dork diaries i have everything that has to do with dork diaries i spend all my alounce on dork diary things i would love to meet the author love brooke <3

  225. 473


    Love your diares nikki i read NOT-SO Fabulous Party Girl, NOT-SO Fabulous Life , How To Dork Your Diary,NOT-SO Talented Pop-Star, NOT-SO Graceful Ice Prinecess,NOT-SO Smart Miss Know It All,NOT-SO Happy Heartbreaker, and OMG It’s All About Me Diary cant wait for dork diaries eight!!!

  226. 476

    bailey says

    hey! i was wondering if u were thinking about making a movie? and if so plz comment because i looovvee acting and i would reallyy love to play a part in it!(:

  227. 481

    Ilove Pie says

    OMG! I lost the first book which is really sad because I love that one. Any way I have all the books cant wait until the 7th one comes out in June. I wonder if its about her summer because all her books are about her school year.

  228. 482

    PIE says


  229. 484

    Madison says

    Is there going to be a Dork Diaries movie? I hope so!!! Nikki, YOU ROCK!!!! I LOVE ALL OF YOUR BOOKS AND HOPE YOU WILL MAKE A MOVIE JUST AS GOOD!!!!!!!1

  230. 487


    omg like Nikki and Brandon make a good couple in the book dork diaries don’t mean to spoiled the moment in the 7th book Nikki and Brandon kissed and it was the best thing that happen to Nikki plus Mackenzie try to to hard to date Brandon he prefers a nice girl not a mean girl like her by the way Mackenzie need to get a

  231. 488


    omg can’t wait for dork diaries #7 dork diaries is my fav book series it rocks i want them to make a number 8 to i wish they would never stop making dork diaries books so i would always have something good to read dork diaries is awesome!

  232. 492

    Jadah Ashcraft says

    Your books are so totally-awesome-completely-unbelievable-to-good-to-be-true-exciting-and-wonderful book that was something you wrote in your seventh book Tales from a Not-So-Glam-TV-Star I’m on the 9th page and can I just say it is probably the best book I have ever read I am hoping your books will eventually go global I love your books so much I’m 11 and I’m in 6th grade! Thank you for making this blog Nikki!

  233. 493

    awesomegyrl says

    I love dork diaries to me its the best book eva especially scince were in the same grade!! Thanks for writing a great book!!!!

  234. 496


    EEEEEEEEKKKKKKK! Nikki im sooooooo happy you won i love your books there like the number 1 book i read iv been waiting for a new one to come out like in forever so I was so tired of waiting I read the Sam book over again book 3/1

  235. 497


    Nikki I know your not real sooo Rachel I love your books are you gonna make a movie of of them please please please make a movie of them I.mean dork diaries

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