Movie Madness

Have you seen the movie, NEW MOON?

If so, how did you like it?

Which movie did you like best, Twilight or New Moon?

Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!


  1. 21

    Anonymous says

    I havnt seen it but i think it will be great
    Twilight is cool too!

    Im tied to the teams i cant pick, there both awesome! :)

    P.S:Love your blog and your book! :)

  2. 22

    LAinsworth says

    i saw it, i loved it, i am team jacob in the movie (he is WAY cuter than edward) and i am team edward in the book (i <3 his personality)!!!

  3. 26

    LAinsworth says

    I loved the books, too!!! I finished them in a week, mo sweat! :) I like…idk which one I like the best, maybe Breaking Dawn, when Bella gives birth to Reneesme and she became a vampire with a KOOL ability!

  4. 27

    Gisellemusicgirl 101 says

    I'm on Team Jacob both the movie and book. Although I like Edward's dedication to Bella. Okay so I think New Moon better then Twilight because:
    1. There's more action in New Moon then Twilight
    2. You get to see more of Jacob
    3. Jacob is sooo much cuter then Edward!!!
    I saw New Moon the second day it came out, and it was AWESOME!!!

  5. 30

    Anonymous says

    I can't wait for the second book. I'm shore it will be just great! I have some friends problemstoo! I don't realy know what to do. Where could I find your second book? Are you going to write some more about your life? What are books 3 and 4 going to be about? Please answer those questions. I love your books and I want to know some more about them. Your life is so much cool then Mcanzie's. You have cool friends, you're talented and so much more.2 december

    • 31

      Lilly says

      Book 3 is about: Mackemzie films an embarrassing video of Nikki singing with Brianna at Queasy Cheesy. Mackenzie posts it on YouTube and tries to ruin Nikki’s life.

      Book 4: Nikki, Chloe, and Zoey skate for Fuzzy Friends, a shelter that is owned by Nikki’s crush,Brandons’grandparents. Mackenzie tries to stop them from competing.

  6. 34

    Raisa says

    Totally loved new moon! Team Jacob when i watched the movies but Edward when I read the books! I didnt really like the movie twilight.. too gloomy and dark love new moon soundtrack tho!

  7. 35

    Anonymous says

    your are so funny i can not wait for your other book and you got the coolset thing in your book hey did i say lol to your book

  8. 36

    Kiera says

    In your book that was a really good idea to make people donate books to charity and then give them tatoos! You should be a CCP girl. Mackenzie does not deserve to be a CCP girl

  9. 37

    Anonymous says

    new moon was awesoem exept the ending totally sucked , Team Jacob . I have not seen Twilight yet but i cant wait till eclipse . also have bot read the books sorry more into watching then reading

  10. 39

    Anonymous says

    My best friend is CONSTANTLY asking if I'm Team Edward or Team Jacob. So, I always settle in the middle with Team Corn! Team Corn all the way!

  11. 42

    Anonymous says


  12. 44

    Anonymous says

    definately Team Jacob! I saw it and thought it was AH-MAZING. But my friend still makes me very sad because of her propetual hate for twilight…

  13. 50

    Anonymous says

    im soo on team jacbob. hes soooooo cute and hooooot.i like new moon better than twilight. there so much more than ever.i saw it the first day it came out

  14. 51

    Ashley says

    I ♡ both the movies they r so cool! im more of a team switzerland myself….and nikii i cant wait for your next book i heard u were gonna make a 3rd and 4th one too!!! i ♡ your books! hope they can come out sooner..☺☺ GO TWILIGHT FEVER!!

  15. 55

    Anonymous says

    well i love the book new moon but i didnt love the movie that much and the twilight movie was better than the book, but i dont know if im team edward or jacob cuz' i luv both of 'em so i dont really know.

  16. 56

    Julia says

    I really loved New Moon. I've been to see it 3 times!
    I really like both the movies, but I think Eclipse, the 3rd one, will be the best! I can't wait for it because Eclipse is my favorite book!
    Who's your favorite character? Mine are Rosalie and Alice.
    Team Edward! Who doesn't love Edward and he has the coolest family ever!

  17. 57

    Anonymous says

    Hey Nikki,
    I saw New Moon a while ago with my friend and my sis. It was great! I saw and read twilight, but I never finished the rest of the series (isn't my thing). It was funny because there wasn't any guys in the entire audience.
    I'm on team Edward for the books and team Jacob for the movies. (Do you even have to ask why?) (\_/)

  18. 59

    Anonymous says

    I'm team Edward my mom read the book and I know Edward wins dunh!!!!!!!! I think Edward is HOTTER than Jacob,take that team jacob!

  19. 61

    $jessica$ says

    i loved new moon so its my fav. im totally TEAM EDWARD. execpt when he is depressed he looks scary (no offense Robby) but the rest of the time he is HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. 62

    Anonymous says

    yes i saw new moon!!!!!!!!!!! ilove it real i did love that movie:) I like both of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!im soooo in team jacob!:o

  21. 65

    candimonsterr says

    As a matter a fact I have seen them both and I think New Moon is better than Twilight and me and my friend from Indiana we are both Team JACOB!!!!! But what about you???

  22. 66

    Anonymous says

    i admit jacob is really hot but i am on team edward but if you are not talking about edward and jacob i am on team jasper

  23. 67

    Selinakwl says

    Hi Nikki! Mostly people are on Team Jacob! These might be the reasons why:
    1.He is cute
    2.He is not a vampire(some people dont like vampires)
    3.He is hot
    But then I like Edward better cause he is hot and so cute!I read Twillight and watched it and I read New Moon but i didnt watch it

  24. 70

    Blair says

    I have seen both twilight and New Moon!!!!!!!! New Moon is way better!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am both teams so i am Team Swizerland!!!!!!!!!!!!! New moon is a great movie to go c and i can't wait till Eclipse. The movie ends witha question and makes u have to c the next one.

    It iz very hard for me to chose either Jacob or Edward so i chose both just like Bella does…lol


  25. 71

    Koolkat :D says

    I have seen both Twilight and New Moon, but I have to say New Moon was better than Twilight. Jacob is SOOO hot, I'm on his team


  26. 72

    Anonymous says

    Only 172 days until Eclipse comes out so i guess we all have something to rejoice about plus for me tomorrow is national taco day yum i rejoice

    From Beldandy (who hasnt been on the PC as much as she would like too and is totally happy about Nikki's new book YAY)

  27. 74

    Anonymous says

    you are a cool but weird character in this story, but seriously, if MacKenzie keeps bothering you then kick her butt and give her REVENGE!!!!! :D

  28. 76

    Shelby!!* says

    I <3 both movie but new moon is better! & i am team edward exept when jacob takes his shirt off…6 Pack! and when he turns into a wolf to protect bella! HOTT! BTW i love your book i read it all the first day i got it & have u ever read paisley hanover acts out? it also is her own journel with doodles in the back! I saw your daughters name is Nikki also! Y did u name the girl in the book that too? Please comment back! Your book is great & i cant wait for the 2nd one! Bye!

  29. 77

    Anonymous says


  30. 78

    Anonymous says

    Ok i thought both movies were pretty bad the books where WAY better
    I'm on team jacob in the movies but edward in the books

  31. 85

    Anonymous says

    i am on team Edward. my mom rrad the books and jacob gets a gf that he likes better than bella. what team are you on i liked new moon the best

  32. 91

    Anonymous says

    Sorry to say, I haven't seen it and i don't know if i want to. Anywho….You rule! and do you know how to get rid of pimples? Bi!

  33. 92

    UnicornFace says

    I didn't see any, but I'm a total Jacob fan. I know about the movies though cause my friend gave me the 411 on it.

  34. 93

    Alexus says

    Nicki you are such a great artist I love your diary and the way you talk about Brandon and that SNOTTY Mackenzie, cant wait for your next diary you are such a dork how I love that! P.S. Wow I hope that Brandon isn't reading your diary!!!

  35. 96

    Anonymous says

    I'm not allowed to watch twilight anymore because I got into a lot of trouble.I'd go for Team Jacob any day because I love him for who he is,not for the cuteness of him.I think you and I are like sisters because I am my school's dorky 5th grader.NIKKI,YOU ARE THE BEST GIRL EVER!!!!!

  36. 98

    Anonymous says

    I love all the twilight saga books and movies!! I am so happy that i could read little about something about twilight in your frist book can't wait till the next of your books comes out!!

  37. 99

    Anonymous says

    I read the books and I LOVE THEM!!! I read them before all the movies!!!! I LOVE New Moon!!! The end is so good, a cliff hanger!!!!!! TEAM EDWARD HERE!! My BFF is Team Jacob! Sorry, but I have a thing about WEREWOLVES. I HEART VAMPIRES!! I love Dork Diaries, Nikki! Can't wait for number two!

  38. 100

    Anonymous says

    I love both of the movies and books! Im tied with both movies!! But for teams! I' team EDWARD!!!!!!!! Haha!! I love your book!! I just got found out about you book this past Monday!! I have been reading it non-stop!!! Please write another!!

  39. 101

    COOLIO1234 says

    I liked New Moon a lot better! I dont know which team im on because Edward has sweet eyes, an amazing face and great hair! But, Jacob has warm eyes and abbs! Who do u like better Nikii?

  40. 103

    Kaylie Meade says

    (known as Kaylie….Dork of MMS)

    I am on Team Jacob and I lov New Moon better cuse it has moor Jacob HOWTNEZZ!!! Also…. he FINALLY CUT HIS HAIR!! :P

  41. 104

    Anonymous says

    I am on Team…. wait for it….
    JACOB!!!!! He is so cuter Rob is ugly
    I LOVE New Moon better cuz of more JACOB HOTNESS!!!

  42. 105

    Aisthebom says

    I am totally on team jacob cuz EDWARD LEFT BELLA!!!! i read the entire series but i dont care!!! jacob is totes better than edward!!!!

  43. 106

    Ðєʂтιиєє☆ says

    *flashes back to the scene were Jacob ripped his shirt off* TOTALLY TEAM JACOB! Edawrds too pale. >:P JACOB <33333

    Jacob team member, Ðєʂтιиєє☆

  44. 107

    Emster =) says

    OMG That is such a good question YES!!!! I saw New Moon with my friend the nwith my family!!! Same with Twilight but the day after I saw it I bought it!!! I like New Moon better though because it is more like the book. I read the series it is good! Though my favorite book is yours!! I can`t wait for more books! What team are you on Nikki? I`m on team Jacob because I understand him. Maybe you should tell us what team you are on! Thanks for reading! Keep on writing!

  45. 108

    Anonymous says

    I saw it and ………….. LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!! New Moon was SOOOOOO much better! TEAM EDWARD ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean who dosn't love sparkly,HOT vampires

  46. 109

    Angela says

    Team Edward of course! He's like the one who won! I DON'T GET PEOPLE WHO ARE ON TEAM JACOB BECAUSE EDWARD WON! Anyway I'm not really into twilight saga… I mean i don't really like gory or vampire like thing :(

  47. 110

    Anonymous says

    I saw New Moon….AS A BIRTHDAY PRESENT! :D YAY! By the way, I am Team Switzerland! My motto is, "Jeez, can't we all just get along? SHUT YOUR TRAPS AND KEEP TO YOURSELVES!" I it is like, the BEST motto ever! YIPPE!

  48. 114

    Anonymous says

    ok soooooooo many ppl only see the movie and don't read the books i did both!!!! and ppls who haven't red the books they are way better than the films!!!!! so i suggest reading them first!!
    team jacob all the wat he iss soooooooooooooooooo HOT!!!!!
    omg new moon was soooooo much better!!! (then twilight)

  49. 116

    Anonymous says

    i love all ur books omg i have to say edward but when i saw jacob in new moon wooooooo! so i guess i say both and new moon jacob+action yeah new moon is way better in book form and movie

  50. 117

    Bookie Nook says

    there is no team edward or team jacob. It's more like Vampire, Werewolf or …SWITZERLAND!!!!

  51. 119

    Anonymous says

    omg twilight! new moon! eclipse! breaking dawn!
    i memorized the twilight movie. i am the 1
    twilight fan!!!! new moon is come in out march 20!!!! eclipse comes out june 30!!! i love new moon better though! btw hi niki

  52. 120

    Anonymous says

    i just wrote 1 twilight fan with dates
    btw i am team EDWARD
    i have a pillow case with him on it

  53. 124

    Anonymous says

    hey i loved twilight and newmoon and in both of them i was team jacob all the way!!! and i can`t wait in tell ECLIPSE!!!!!! OMG

  54. 125

    Lila says


  55. 129

    Sophia says

    i did!! it was sooo cool!!! I got the movie alittle ago, it was a special pack thimg so it came with a neckless and extra futage!! :)

  56. 132

    Nikki Maxwell says


    I know lots of people who like Edward. And also Jacob. I didn't plan on telling anyone about your friend's crush.

  57. 135

    Kayleigh says

    wow Nikkie really post back coments that is so cool!!!!!! Nikkie i am a really big fan and i herd about the little lunch room thing and you and Brandon that is soo cool i bet you will make a gert cople

  58. 136

    LOLgirl says

    I dunno what team Im on———— i dont watch Twilight——– i think whoevers the werewolf——- Isnt it Taylor Lautner? Can you give me some Twilight backround, Nikki? Thanks!!!!!!

    —- LOLgirl:)

  59. 138

    Nikki Maxwell says


    Of course I post back. Thanks for being a fan. And you never know, maybe we will be a great couple. :-)

  60. 139

    Nikki Maxwell says


    Twilight is a novel that goes through the ups and downs of a high school girl's life. There are many ups and downs that anyone could have but since she's in love with a vampire, they're a little bit different. That's mainly it though. It just goes through the problems they have.

  61. 141

    Anonymous says

    I don't know much about twilight and New Moon but I read like 1 chapter of twilight but I think I am on team Jacob.

  62. 142

    Anonymous says

    EDWARD is totally hot man I LOVEEEEEE TWILIGHT better than new moon because there is more of EDWARD he is so HOTTTTTT

  63. 149

    Sarah H says

    Hi Nikki I Love Your Books SOOO Much!
    But Come On ppl Team Jakeward! Coz I LURVE Them Both!
    PS Nikki will you be doing any tours in Britain?
    luv ya and leave ya

  64. 151

    Nikki Maxwell says

    Hi Sarah H,

    So, you're on TEAM JAKEWARD because you LURVE them both?!

    VERY FUNNY!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! (That was me laughing at your very witty joke!)

  65. 152

    Anonymous says

    I like both movie but I have to say Twilight. (Where the awesomeness starts off!!!) I am on team . . . JEDWARD!!! I like both!

  66. 153

    Nikki Maxwell says


    I like them both the same amount awesome! I'm also not on a "team" so we sound alike.

  67. 154

    EMMY GIRL says


  68. 155

    Nikki Maxwell says

    Emmy Girl,

    I'm also not sure which one to like. I'm stuck in the middle. Shout out to Allyssa who loves my book. Thanks for loving it and keep on reading!

  69. 156

    Anonymous says

    In the movie Twilight Bella looks as pale as a vamp so I like New Moon cuz she looks better. I am reading Eclipse and I will foreva be on Team Jacob both in the movie and book. Just so you no, this is 2 Team Jacob, Jacob and Bella make out in Eclipse.

  70. 158

    Nikki Maxwell says


    I haven't noticed that she looks pale in the first. Maybe she does. But it doesn't really matter. I think you just spoiled the book in Eclipse for some people.

  71. 159

    Rebekah says

    Ugh! It was HORRIBLE!!! The book was wayyyyyyy better! The only good part was Taylor Lautner!

  72. 160

    waffles says

    I love it! my neighbor got it and I asked to borrow it yesterday and got done! I love it when MacKenzie is upset! Anyways I am gonna ask for the second book!!! Please make a third!!!

  73. 162

    Nikki Maxwell says


    I agree that the book was better. Books often go "behind the scenes" and capture things that movies can't capture.

  74. 163

    Nikki Maxwell says


    That's nice of you to lend your book to your neighbor. I'm sure you'll love the second book as much as the first.

  75. 166

    Imogen says

    OMG! I've just discovered a movie called "Life-Size" about a tomboy girl whose new doll comes to life and it is so funny! It stars Lindsay Lohan as the girl and guess who plays the doll. It's Tyra Banks!!!!!!!!!

  76. 168

    alexis says

    Hey Nikki! Just let me say your book was the best I've read.Can't wait 'till the second!

  77. 170

    Nikki Maxwell says


    I've heard of that movie but I've never seen it. OMG! It stars Tyra?! I have to check it out! Thanks for letting me know.

  78. 172

    Nikki Maxwell says


    It's an honor for you to like my book so much. Thanks! I also can't wait for you to have my second book.

  79. 174

    Solstice says

    I have only seen the 1st one and I really liked it but it is not my favorite movie it's my second

  80. 175

    Dancing Queen says

    I love it!!! I cant wait for the next movie Eclipse! It was sooo coooolll! I am totally team Edward because Jacob is a little to young for Bella, and plus Edward liked Bella first! BTW your diaries ROCK!! They are so funny! Cant wait for the next book! I would really want you as a friend!!!

  81. 176

    Anonymous says

    I love both of the movies!!! They are sooo romantic! I am team Edward because he is so HOT!
    BTW I love your diary! It is soo funny! Cant wait for the second one! I would really want you as a friend!!!!

  82. 177

    Solstice says

    The movie is now one of my favs. I really want to see the second one. The guy that plays Jacob is in another movie that I like called Sharkboy and Lavagirl.

  83. 178

    mariana says

    well im not big of a fan but i personaly like the first one better,(theres more action!!:p) oh and im not sure but if i had to pick id be team edward…

  84. 181

    Solstice says

    If you were to make a movie of your books I would want to play you because you are awesome just like me and n a few monthes I will be going to a new school.

  85. 182

    COOLIO1234 says


  86. 183

    brittney says

    Omg it was a REALLY COOL movie, but I hated the ending!!Gosh all Bella did was gasp. And by he way TEAM JACOB ALL THE WAY BABY!!!!:)

  87. 184

    Nikki Maxwell says


    I can definitely tell that you like Edward. I can also tell that you like capital letters. Thanks for being a fan!

  88. 185

    Nikki Maxwell says


    The movie was pretty good. Yeah, the ending wasn't the very best but they try their best.

  89. 186

    Gadier says

    Het Nikki, the book is the best I've ever read that I'm dying for the second part. I also want to know where is the movie of the book. I never seen it in stores here in Orlando, FL.

  90. 188

    Nikki Maxwell says


    Thanks for loving my book! I can't wait for you to have the second book either. There is no movie of the book. But I hope there will be one.

  91. 191

    hizz42 says

    Totally agree Anonymous. I'm on Team Potter and Team Percy. I really don't like Twilight. BLEH. Anyway, I LOVE your books, Nickki!

  92. 193

    The Fuzzy Pink Pen says

    I'm that Anonymous,
    oh Nikki, not offending any twilight fans but my opinion is that twilight isn't for me.

    But i REALLY love your book, Nikki! it totally is LOL-material!

  93. 194

    Estefania says

    I love New Moon!!! I can't wait until the 3rd movie comes out! I read all the books like 3 times already. I'm on Team Jacob. I'm also on Team Potter.

  94. 195

    Nikki Maxwell says


    I'm also a fan of New Moon. I can't wait for the third movie either. I've read each one a good number of times too.

  95. 196

    hizz42 says

    *WHEEZES LOUDLY* I can't beleive Nikki actually posted a reply! I am hyperventalating! (Did I spell that right? Oh well.)

  96. 197

    Estefania says

    I think I read the Twilight books 3 or 4 times I'm not sure. I'm seeing the 3rd movie with my 3 best friends, my mom, my aunt and maybe my 2 cousins. My favorite book from all the Twilight Saga books is….Breaking Dawn because its longer and I think it's sweet and funny!! Also thanks for the reply!!!

  97. 198

    teamjacab says

    bella can nt married edward i want her to married jacab but edward ask her first be fore jacab cann but edward was her bf i hate her she go out with jacab

  98. 199

    Nikki Maxwell says


    Yep. I try to respond to all of my comments. I actually have no clue how to spell that word.

  99. 200

    Nikki Maxwell says


    It seems like you like to read. I think you should see it with that group of people. Sounds like fun! I also liked Breaking Dawn.

  100. 204

    Anonymous says

    I Loved New Moon. I went to go see it for my sisters birthday and it was the best im going to see Eclipes for my birthday

  101. 205

    Anonymous says

    yes i seen new moon it was awsome i liked it at the end ween edward ask bella will she marry him. it was so cute iam team edward and jocab. p.s. i want your book.

  102. 206

    Estefania says

    Ya I LOVE books! I'm starting the 3rd book of Harry Potter and I seen all the movies of Harry Potter (but not the 7th one).

  103. 207

    Nikki Maxwell says


    I also like New Moon. I also not on any particular team. I want you to have my book also.

  104. 209

    Nikki Maxwell says


    I can tell that you like books. You do sound like a very advanced reader. Very.

  105. 210

    Efe naomi ogbevoen says

    I didn't see the movie New Moon too.But I heard that The Twilight Saga eclispe on July soon.

  106. 211

    Emster =) says

    I saw the trailer for Eclipse! => So syched to see it! I was going to plan to a IMAX theature with all my friends that like twilight and see it! Still Team Jacob! I like the 2nd trailer better. I like when the army of vampires come out of the water that is so sick! Have you seen the trailer?

  107. 212

    Estefania says

    Lol thanks! Also I'm seeing the 3rd movie of Harry Potter right now(I've seen it about 6 times already). I'm still on the 3rd book but I'm almost done with it. Have you ever heard of a series of books called the "Underland Chronicles"? There by Suzanne Collins. Oh and sorry I kinda talk a lot. Also did your 2nd book/diary come out yet?

  108. 213

    Estefania says

    Hey have you read Percy Jackson And The Olympian books yet? They are AWESOME!!! I just <3 them. Oh and ya I bet I'm kinda being annoying with me talking about books. Lol so I'm just gonna stop.

  109. 214

    Anonymous says

    New Moon was so much better than Twilight! The special effects were way better.

    I think I'm on Team Jacob.

  110. 216

    Bella says

    I looooveed New Moon way way way way better!!! It was sooooo awesome!!!! BTW I'm team Edward. What team r u on????? On New Moon I love the Volturi!!! well Bye!!!


  111. 217

    Anonymous says

    I don't think Bella really deserves someone as great as Jacob, as much as I like Jacob, I just don't think Bella and him were meant to be.Edward and Bella were meant for eachother and will always love eachother. I recently saw New Moon and it was way better than Twilight, I love how the Volturi kill people! E clipse comes out on my birthday!Sorry about all my talking! PS They are just books so it dosen't really matter

  112. 219

    Nikki Maxwell says


    I agree with you for some of that stuff. In some peoples opinion, different people were meant to be. I actually haven't seen New Moon yet. Although I really want to.

  113. 221

    Anonymous says

    I am Twilights saga #1 fan
    or team Alice
    Eclipse is coming out on my Bday seriously my actual Bday YAAAAAAAAAAY
    luvv ur books =]

  114. 223

    Anonymous says

    i luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv new moon way better then twilight i think jacob is really HOT i go for both!

  115. 225

    Alison says

    I saw both of them and I liked them both! I am totally team Jacob. He is so cute. I saw the trailer for Eclipse and it was AWESOME! Who's team are you on Nikki! I can not believe your bratty sister Brianna broke your phone and hid it in the dish washer1 I can't go to see Eclipse until I'm a legal adult which is 18. How unfair is that? When are you allowed to go. If you're already allowed to go I just have to say, YOU ARE SO LUCKY. I read each of your books in 2 days! That's how interested I am in your books! I like how your books include music, celebritys, and movies that are so popular like Twilight, Miley Cyrus and Thriller. I just have suggest a little thing can you put Taylor Swift in book 3 or 4. I am totally going to read the next ones.


  116. 227

    Anonymous says

    im on team jacob cuz he is so cute! new moon is better because there is more jacob and more action.

  117. 228

    Anonymous says

    i have seen new moon and will see eclipse at the midnight release party!! i cant wait to go!! jacob is so better and new moon is the best SO FAR but eclise will be better…

  118. 229

    Anonymous says

    I didnt like new moon much cause it didnt have enough edward!!!! i liked twilight better. and new moon had wayyyy too much action!!! TEAM EDWARD AL THE WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 I <3 Edward!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. 231

    Anonymous says

    I Have seen both i don't know what to say about the movies, they were good movies but kinda of confussing! I'M A TEAM JACOB!!!!!!!!!
    Btw my name is ashlynne :3

  120. 233


    i for SURE think twilight was etter rhan new moon, cause new moon was to slow, and hardly any words!! but i deffinatly think eclipse will be the best!! TEAM EDWARD! TOTOLLY!! HE IS , LIKE SOOO HOT! i have all the books, and ive read eclips, and it is really GOOD! I COULDN'T GET MY NOSE OUT OF IT!! im talking to much!!! bye!! luv ya, nikki!!

  121. 235

    Nikki Maxwell says


    I've heard lots of different opinions on whether people like New Moon or Twilight best. But I'm not sure which one is. I guess it depends on the person. You sound like a mighty big Edward fan.

  122. 237

    Rachel says

    Icant c how every1s engrossed in that book or movie vanpires just happen to freek me out! soooo ples do turn uto 1 of those twlight fans ples! Id rather u like somthing like the ipod touch Btw Do u still want that iphone? U got 500$ dollers however gtg Ray

  123. 239

    Hannah says

    I haven't seen the movie but i read the book im on team Jacob 4 sure he is sooo sweet and all he wants to do is take care of Bella!

  124. 240

    Ashley The Mew Mew says

    have not. not really a huge fan. seen the first movie, tho. like the baseball scene. skyler might drag me into her home theatre and watch it with me.

  125. 242

    Nikki Maxwell says


    I've seen the movie. It was pretty good. That's so true! He does take care of her.

  126. 245

    Anonymous says

    nikki i love your book/diry!I'm on team Edward!i'm on not so popular party girl book. i read your 1 book.make more books of your times.i'm a bid fan of your books.if you want to see me you have to e-mail me 1st.bye julia zipp

  127. 246

    Sally says

    I haven't seen New moon either, read twilight yet. I'm so out of date right now! But anyways, I still think its interesting I guess. I mean, you don't see vampires holding apples often.

  128. 247

    Anonymous says

    I'm DEFINETLY on team jacob!!
    taylor lautner is soo awesome
    i liked new moon cuz it had lots of action & lots of taylor :D

  129. 248

    TheGodOfDorkiness IncludingMe says

    New Moon is kewl but im not on either teams because they're total dorks too, man I need to watch eclipse

  130. 250

    Nikki Maxwell says


    Thanks for being a fan! It really means a bunch to me. Edward seems like a pretty nice guy. Let me know once you've finished the second book.

  131. 252

    Nikki Maxwell says


    Jacob's also pretty nice. New Moon also had lots of action and whole bunch more of Jacob.

  132. 257

    Tasha says

    OMG!!!! It's sooo hard to pick!!!!

    But I think I would have to pick team…….


    Because he's more protective. He saved Bella's life like TONES of times!

    I still remember in the first movie when Bella was in the Collin's garage,getting into the car, then Edward said to Bella,"Bella, Your my life now."

    Has Jacob ever said that to Bella?

    You rock Nikki!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. 259

    Anonymous says

    im so sad, i had a plan, to have my friends sleepover on june 29, and then see Eclipse the next morning on my birthday, but i got sick. :(
    also at the end of New Moon I think it is stupid how Edward goes, "Marry me" and then Bella stares at him for like ten seconds and then finally gasps, talk about a late reaction;)

  134. 260

    CHOLE says

    TEAM JACOB RULES! #1 HE IS SUPER HOT #2 HES MORE PRO TECTIVE THEN EDWARD. Nikki i'm a huge fan of twlight. why don't your frends don't like twiligt again.

  135. 261

    Nikki Maxwell says

    Hi Chloe,

    It wasn't me or my friends that didn't like Twilight. Personally, I LOVE Twilight!

    I received a post from a Dork Diaries fan whose best friend didn't like Twilight and was a big Harry Potter fan instead.

    She asked me what to do about the situation and a few other people and I gave her advice.

  136. 270

    Maddie says

    I've seen New Moon, although I'm not the type who follows the crowds! I thought it was O.K, funny too! I am Team Mike Newton.

  137. 273

    Anonymous says

    Hi I love both of the movies new moon and twilight. Also I am team jacob here is a little joke I found on face book it is just exactly what I said. Here it is: Everybody laughed when I said shark boy was hot now who is laughing now?

  138. 274

    Anonymous says

    hey, Nikki i saw new moon and i loved it. New Moon is way better than twilight. i am on team jacob. that movie was fantastic and funny

  139. 276

    Anonymous says

    jacob was actually kinda weird… "he's such a marshmellow." i remember him saying that! lolz

  140. 278

    Nikki Maxwell says


    I'm glad to hear that you liked New Moon. I've heard the second movie is better than the first. But that depends on the person I guess.

  141. 279

    Nikki Maxwell says


    I'm not a mega fan either. But I have heard that New Moon the movie is better than Twilight.

  142. 285

    Anonymous says

    My Mom won't let me see any of the Twilight movies!!!!!!:( (sob!) p.s i cant read the books' either (even bigger sob!!!)

  143. 286

    Henrietta says

    I haven't seen it but I love the commercials for it.It seems great.I'm not sure which team I am on though(Yet).

  144. 287

    Anonymous says

    seen both! and im team edwardddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is the best i can't wait to see all the movies!!!!!!

  145. 289

    Kenzie says

    Hey Nikki, jacob is the HOTTEST of them all!!!!! I love that he cute his hair and has a six pack of abs BOILING HOT don"t you think so 2? I mean you know you are in middle school. Oh and when r you making the third book i have read the first 2 come on write and illustrate more people love your books. TEAM JACOB TEAM JACOB TEAM JACOB TEAM JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. 291

    Gabby says

    I am on both teams. And i think I liked Twighlight better because new moon was kindof boring because Edward wasn't there the whole time.

  147. 293

    Nikki Maxwell says


    He does look pretty nice. But I'm currently working with Brandon so I'm going to try to stick to him. And I'm trying my best to write my fastest.

  148. 298

    Anonymous says

    TEAM JACOB!!!!!!!!! HE IS SO HOT ME AND MY FRIENDS CALL HIM TALOR HOTNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TEE HEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LETS GO TEAMM JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  149. 299

    ...Electra.... says

    I stopped being a Twilight fan in 2005. I think that there are many, MANY much better-looking guys than Robert & Taylor out there. I also think it's unbelievable how they earn 45 million dollars for each movie. Very, very silly indeed. :|

  150. 304

    Nikki Maxwell says


    I see your point there. There are many, many, MANY fish in this sea. And I wish I had that much. I would draw so much it wouldn't even be possible.

  151. 305

    Maddison says

    im on team both i think there both super cute but im gonna post a book review soon and i hope you read it a lps animal toy will be talking but it will still be cool

  152. 306

    Eliana G. says

    I LOVED New Moon, so I'll write a poem/song to you about it!

    There once was a girl,
    her name Bella Swan,

    and she was real normal,
    'till she fell for one,

    Super-hot Vampy
    named Ed-ward Cullen

    Then all these bad things be-gin to happen…

    She gets her leg- BROKE!
    She gets her blood sucked!

    People chase her!
    It's really scary!

    A little while later, Edward wants to go bye-bye.
    A vampire named Victoria wants her to die-ie.

    A werewolf named Jacob's erally in love with her,
    Her whirlwind of a life is real fast like a blur.

    Jacob's crazy. AND
    Edwards gone So

    It's enough to drive her maaaaaaaaaad
    Then she meets the Volturi and things get all violent-y and now isn't as bad…


    What did you think? It's kinda-sorta to the tune of 'My Favorite Things' but not totally. ♥☺

  153. 312

    Anonymous says

    LOL! I ♥ TWILIGHT! Edward is sooo hot. I saw eclipse now i am team RILEY! he is gorgeous!!! *He is the one who forms the army for victoria fyi* I REALLY LOVE THOOSE BOOKS! Jacob is sooo hot in new moon! But in twilight I was team Edward all the way!!! I am curently Team Riley. Which team are u on Nikki?

  154. 316

    Anonymous says

    I LOVE YOU NIKKI!! your just like me i love your books.. BUT im TEAM EDWARD CUZ JACOB SUKS i mean really who woould like a guy that smells like dog or a wolf boy or yeah anyway like who would like that yukk!! well nikki love you always will peace out!!!

  155. 318

    Nikki Maxwell says


    Thanks for loving my dairy! And some people obviously like Jacob. But others like Edward. And then there are people like me, don't really care or is caught between the two people.

  156. 319

    Anonymous says

    i love dork diaries and its like i'm not alone anymore and i love the party time one but i'm still reading it though and you should buy it some time bye

  157. 321

    75BFFs1 says

    Hey! When are you gonna Make another Diary? Can't wait for the next ones! Oh, and is the books gonna be in stores the same day? Please answer! Later! ;)

  158. 325

    EricaJoy says

    Nikki ! I currently have both of your books and I have to say it is a really AWESOME book ! I read both of them in one day, it was that good – I hope you're planning to write more, it is a good & funny book – I loved the part with Dark Vader, on your second book, I couldn't stop laughing about it ! & BtW, I love your happy dance and the drawings are great as well :) Best Wishes

  159. 327

    Anonymous says

    I think you r pretty incredible in youre comicks on the back of your book The Tales Of A Not SO Popular party girl

  160. 328

    Anonymous says

    i like your comic on the back of the not so popular party girl superglue instead of lip stick
    that was great

  161. 329

    Deeny says

    Hey I am writing a book too!!!!!!!! Its inspired by you nikki!! Its called tales of an awsome nerd
    I consider myself the queen of awesome because I can so and make sashes and tiaras its awsome

  162. 330

    Anonymous says

    hi Nikki I am a big fan of your diary I have a big problem and need advice I am going into middle school and literly my schedule is 2nd floor to the 1st floor to 2nd to 1st to 2nd and so on. What do I do to get to my classes in 4 minutes plus go back to my locker?

  163. 332

    Zia says

    Hey Nikki!!
    I saw New Moon on the opening day. (I have a ticket to prove it!!) It is better than Twilight but I don't think the movies in this saga give the books ANY justice!!! Lolz… Also, in the books I
    m team Edward, but for the movies Taylor Lautner is just so h.o.t. (handsome, overpowering, terrific-looking) that I am totally team Jacob for the movies.
    My BFF and I lurve ur books -ahem- diaries!
    I am currently writing one entitled: The 'Like' Files. Cuz, ya know, middle schoolers say like after, like, every word! Lol.
    Peace! ;)

  164. 333

    Anonymous says

    :D :D I LOOOVVVEEE dork diaires! I borrowed it from my friend and read it in like a half hour! (All of it, because I'ma SUPER FAST reader) I have a girl in my school who is like mackenzie. Ugh…. Cathrine… Big lips, big hair, big eyes, small heart. tee hee. anyways, keep up the good work! P.S. can't wait until the new book! :D

  165. 334

    Nikki Maxwell says


    I'm really glad that you have both of my diaries. You seem like a pretty fast reader if you read the diary in one day. I plan on writing more. The next one will come out sometime in 2011. It was pretty hard to breathe through that mask. Thanks for being a fan!

  166. 338

    Nikki Maxwell says


    That's cool that you're also writing a book. It can be lots of hard work. I hope it turns out well.

  167. 339

    Nikki Maxwell says


    Thank you for being a big fan of my diary. See if you can use a backpack and put in stuff for the first two blocks and so on for the rest of the day. You can also try to get your locker moved or ask the counselor about moving your schedule around. Hope that helps.

  168. 340

    dorkest4EVER810 says

    i LOVEEE the whole dork diaries series!!!!!! I got the second one from my friend on my birthday and i LOVED IT!!!! keep up the good work!!!! i can't wait until the 3rd bookk comes out!!!!

  169. 342

    Anonymous says

    I saw all 3 of the movies that came out so far, Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse! They are sooo cool!!!! I'm team Jacob, bc/ he's hot. <3

  170. 346

    Anonymous says

    hey nikki i really liked reading dork diaries especially the second one (i liked the last entry u put a lot) i wish u can give us a hint about the third but if you cant its ok with me thanks

  171. 347

    Deeny says

    I hope so too I have written quite a few other books but gave it up when I saw your advice was on writing books was write about something you know very well I am starting sixth grade soon

  172. 349

    Nikki Maxwell says


    That's pretty cool that you saw it on the opening day. Or night as some would call it. I also thought the books were a lot better. Mainly because they can get inside the character's head. I hope your book turns out good. Keep me updated!

  173. 350

    Nikki Maxwell says


    I'm really glad you love my diary! And you are a super duper fast reader if you read it in half an hour. I hope that you and Catherine do become friends in the future sometime.

  174. 354

    Nikki Maxwell says


    Thanks for being a fan! I'm glad you got my second diary from your friend. I also can't wait for my third diary to come out.

  175. 359

    Nikki Maxwell says


    Thanks! I'm really glad you enjoyed reading my second diary. And I'm sorry, I can't put up any hints just yet.

  176. 360

    Nikki Maxwell says


    I hope you can follow through and finish your book. Good luck in sixth grade! And yes, you definitely are a very fast reader.

  177. 362

    Anonymous says

    I really can't decide!!! I mean, Edward is the guy who would kill himself for Bella, but Edward gave Bella up for grabs and Jacob tried for her, I guess I'd say Jacob

  178. 363

    Anonymous says

    nikki im a big fan of new moon .im team edward .
    whos team are you on nikki . im reading your 2nd book i havent read your first but im sure its super cool just like your 2nd well then the parts ive read already. now i think about it im kind of like you in middle schoool unpopular, only 2 freinds tiffany and charlotte , Star is the the most popular kid in school, she hates me very much. but i havent had any dances yet. luckly halloween is coming up. ps i have a diary too :)!!!
    hope you get this ,

  179. 368

    Nikki Maxwell says


    I'm not really on a team. Both of the guys seem pretty good. I do hope you get a chance to read my first diary. I hope this year turns out good for you!

  180. 372

    LoverEk says

    Dear Nikki,

    I have heard that movie! I like new moon, twilight not very good to me.. and i am team Edward! hahaha.. I've share my thoughts… Hope you reply me! :) (as soon as possible! :P)

  181. 374

    LoverEk says

    Dear Nikki, I hope i can watch this movie again. haha. anyway, i will read you book everyday forever in my life! hahaha! :D

  182. 376

    Nikki Maxwell says


    I also hope you're able to see it again. I'm also guessing you really like my diary if you say you're going to read it everyday. Thanks for saying that.

  183. 378

    LoverEk says

    Yup.. And you knw.. I like it soo much that "FOREVER IN MY LIFE" hahaha!!! Whether your story is good or bad, i will read it. NO MATTER WHAT!! :P

  184. 379

    Anonymous says

    OMG!!!!! I love my boy friend Jacob lol jk I am so on Team Jake lol but edward is pretty cool i have read allt he books and stuff I love Breakingdawn I would say somthing but I dont want to give away the book!!!!!!! And i see allt he movies at midnight!! I<3ECLIPSE!!!!!!!! the movie and boook and I also by the movies when they come out at midnight!!! lol im a twihead!!!!!! I run with wolves!!!! my fav part in newmoon in the movie is when jake is in the rain with no shirts and in eclipse my fav part is when there in the tent people who have read it no what i mean lol ;)

  185. 385

    Nikki Maxwell says


    That's pretty cool. You seem like a pretty big fan though. Very big actually. And those were some pretty good parts also.

  186. 386

    ellie says

    i am on both their teams . But a little more JACOB And people who are on Edward's side you just choose him because he is a hunk or vampire . But JACOB has a SIX PACK . Hope you change your mind Edward fans.JACOB a has a six pack i say a six pack!!!!

  187. 387

    Ally says

    Hi Nikki,
    My 'rents won't let me watch those type of movies,not even on youtube. But maybe I'll be on Edward's team…since i heard Robert Pattinson is handsome :)


  188. 390

    Anonymous says

    I'm on both but I'm team Bella!!
    It's a newer team for the people who can't decide if there team Jacob or Team Edward.

  189. 391

    Anonymous says

    (it's 4 people who can't decide between edward and jacob it kinda like being a platapus Duck fan + Beaver fan)

  190. 392

    Anonymous says

    New Moon is way better than twilight! It has more drama,passion and action in it! it rocks!!!
    I've read all the books and I's say twilight 8+
    newmoon 9+ Eclipse 10+ and breaking dawn 12 or 13+ Even so I''m 10 and a half and have read them all!! NIKI U HAVE TO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It's soooooo AWSOME!!!!!

  191. 395

    Anonymous says

    Team Edward All The Way!!! Oh BTW I Have Read All The Books {Including "the Second Short Life of bree taner" And The Guide to Twilight Or Something like that….I read Them all TWICE! :)

  192. 396

    Nicole♥ says

    I saw it and i LOVED it!!! either new moon or eclipse was my fave
    TEAM JACOB!!!!!!
    still debating on getting ur book :/

  193. 397

    Katie says

    Jacob is SOOOOOOOOOO my choice, Why? Because he is ssooooooooooooooo hot, he is super sweet, and super protective, he has a six pack, he is not cold 24/7, Bella doesn't have to give up her life for him, and he is a WOLF!!! OMG,,, ANYONE WHO DOESN'T THINK WOLVES ARE AWESOME IS CRAZY! Also wolves are hot, not only are they soft, but they are also fast, strong, and cute, unlike Edward, he is so, EWWWW, I can't even explain him in words. But if i could choose from anyone, not just those two, I would be team Alice!!!

  194. 398

    jamie14 says

    hey nikki!!! i really admire you.. that's why i am asking you for your advice…
    i have this seatmate of mine whom i thought was a kind seatmate.. but then i discovered that she thinks that i'm a weirdo just because i am quiet and a bookworm.. at first i really became angry.. but then i realized that she will be my seatmate for a long time that's why i should treat her kindly.. what should i do???how should i treat her?? please help me nikki!!! =D

  195. 400

    Metta says

    I don't know who's side i want to be on..because they both are just great!i liked twilight saga better!and i really liked ur books.their amazinnnnnnnn.

  196. 401

    metta says

    hi nikky!i know the it's not valentines but i want to give u a a poem…

    spiders are icky.
    curency reeks.i like ur books,but not Mackenzie's.

  197. 403

    Tollywood13 says

    i love you'r books i was sick yesterday it was the book fair my mom got me the book i love it p.s because im a dork and a nerd for science

  198. 404

    Anonymous says

    hi im on team Jakeward. I loved all the moves. But new moon i cryed throu the hole thing =-). Edward is so hot.eeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkk.. Jacob is soooooooooooo hot to .I loved the scean short hair , no shrit, and it was raining. he is ssssoooo.hhhooottt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  199. 408

    Anonymous says

    team jacob cuz he is like soo cute! i absoulty luv him he iz like suuuuupppeeerrr hawt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and i havent seen new moon so i like twilight!(jacob is super cute)

  200. 411

    Fayseh says

    Hey Nikki its fayzeh.M favorite movie was twilight because it explained everything.My favorite part was when they were lying down in the feild together.I thought it was sad in the second movie when the feild was ruined.Im absolutely on TEAM EDWARD!!!!First off,i love vampires!Second,i think its sweet how edward cares for her so much and would do anything-even leave her,just to protect her.My boyfriend,deven,is on team bella!Is that even possible?Grr im so jelouse!

  201. 413

    Anonymous says

    i watched them…BOTH!!!!!
    im on team…JAKEWARD!

  202. 414

    Anonymous says

    I have read all the books,seen all the movies so
    far,decided which team I'm on,and read the graphic
    novel.I'm a Twilight fanatic my backpack says
    Team Jacob on it!

  203. 416

    Anonymous says

    ♥☼♫ luv this book and its so like so many people's life. love the characters and everything about it. it couldnt have been at all better! ♫☼♥

  204. 417

    Taty :) says

    You know who I love and that's……
    TEAM JACOB!!!!!

    -tATY :)

  205. 418

    Anonymous says

    i have seen both of the movies and read the books and i totally love the twilight series i love both jacob and edward but i hav to say jacob is hotter so team jacob but edward is sooooo sweet

  206. 420

    maia papaya says

    UGH!!!! don't u think Jacob is such an ICK???!!! he totally STOLE Bella when he KNEW Edward wasn't around!!!! COWARD!!! CUT YOUR HAIR!!!! But it's all up to Bella so Iguess I'm TEAM BELLA!!!!! 8D

  207. 423

    Anonymous says

    i love newmoon and i am team jacob of course i love dork diaries and i love twilight eeeeeekkkkk (that was me excited)

  208. 424

    Anonymous says

    Totally on team jacob and i've all of them so far twilight new moon and eclipise i think thats how u spell it but the one i liked the most waz new moon cuz jacob waz on it the most and then eclipise waz sad at the end but i dont wanna say too much well c ya later girlfriends!! :))

  209. 425

    Kaliedo-Star says

    Hey, nikki! Love ur book! Bought one about a month ago!

    I'm about to upload a pic of u on DeviantArt. I hope u like it :3. Even though it's not up yet XD. U should have a DA account :3 ur a good atrist. We're one in the same XD. Love to befriends too :3. Don't wanna be a bother though ):.


  210. 427

    Anonymous says

    hey nikki you are so not a dork you are much cooler than mackenize!!!!!!!!!!!i totaly think brandon waz or well still isso crushing on you cuz you are like so totaly awsome and i mean what boy would like mackenzie more than you!!!!!c ya later girlfriend!!!:):):):):):)

  211. 430

    Anonymous says

    Totally on team Edward and its not because hes a major hottie its because he can control himself and Jacob cant.He always gets mad and then turns wolf and plus Edward is not always mad wen Bella says she loves Jacob and that she wants to see Jacob.Only Jacob does that.And Edward is unique. Jacob is always trying 2 be like Sam and whoever the other boy was.My fav book was the last and they needa make a movie.The book is called Breaking Dawn.Its soooo awesome,Bella gets married 2 Edward and she gets pregnant on the honeymoon and he turns her into a vampire.The babys' name is Renesmee.Bella named her that because her moms' name is Renee and her mother in laws' name is Esmee

  212. 433

    Gabriella says

    hey nikki i REALLY need advice!!! ok. my former best friend HATES my new best friends guts, and while i was getting my lunch i saw them talking. so i thought they made friend. BIG MISTAKE!! they started fighting but it truned on ME!!! they said for me to choose their best friend and both of them wont talk to me until i choose! its been a week and they STILL wont talk to me! PLZZZ help!!! :( P.S call me gabby!

  213. 439

    Anonymous says

    Can you make the new dork diarie 3 book faster plllllllllllllllllllllz. And can you preorder the book? ( CONFUSED ) 0_0

  214. 442

    Alyiah says

    Team Bella ( I'm not really sure i'm confused! Well, it defenetly rocked! But it was kind of depressing! You rock Nikki! Hope you like it or you liked it!:]!

  215. 443

    Kylie G. You says

    I am totally in lov with ur diary, why aren't u a CCP, because u r pretty in the drawings and ur diary is around the world. I bet u r better than MacKenzie.

  216. 444

    Anonymous says

    Hi i loved ur second diray an i was wondering why we didden't see it in our diray i really what to see it!

  217. 447

    Anonymous says

    OMG!!! I luv ur "dairies" lyk seriously, itz awesome! Ur biggest fan in da WORLD!!!!! Luv ya Nikki Maxwell……….

  218. 454

    Anonymous says

    I have to say im on team switzerland
    THey are both just sooo HAWT!!!
    AND its REALLY hard to choose soo I am on both
    :) <3

  219. 455

    Anonymous says

    Im so on team jacob. not only because hes hot but he deserves bella. hes totally in love with her. MORE than edward is. i've seen all the movies so far. i cant wait till breaking dawn comes out! geee! btw, cant wait till your new DORK DIARIES 3 book comes out! i absolutely love your other two books; they are AHH-MAZING! Well im gonna scadattle. lol. bye.

  220. 456

    Anonymous says

    Hey Nikki I just came back from the book store and the book I got was Dork Diaries Book number 2 I love the series can't wait for book 3-Andrea

  221. 457

    missfabulous123 says

    I absolutely LOVE your diary! the minute I started reading it I couldn't put it down. I have a question about middle school. first of all is it hard? and B do u have any tips? BTW u r soooo awsome.

  222. 460

    Verity Chow says

    Yeah,I did see Twilight.It was kinda scary!First,the Theatre was FILLED with teenagers!I was the ONLY kid there!Second,some parts were scary.THIRD,I didn't even get any popcorn!Anyway,I'm on Edward's side.

  223. 461

    Anonymous says

    I seen New Moon, and loved it i loved New moon better then Twilight i only love new moon BECAUSE OF TEAM Jacob plus i didn't like Edward there was like every scene with Jacob


  224. 466

    NICE Mackenzie says

    OMG i love twilight i am sooooo team jacob though because edward looks like my grandma no offense to any of you because thats your opinion or to edward…. :P

  225. 474

    jaydee says

    omg i know haow u feel about mackenzie she is sooooo stupid…i has a mean girl in my class shes soo annoying…:P

  226. 475

    caramelldancer says

    dance to the beat wave your hands together come feel the heat forever and forever listen and learn its time for prancing now we r here with caramelldansen o o o oa oa
    omg i just LUVVVVE dat song!!!!!!!!!!!

  227. 479



  228. 481

    alexcia cooper says

    TEAM JACOB ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hes HOT
    hes CUTE
    he has a 6 PACK
    he so CARING
    hes so THOUGHTFUL
    hes so SWEET
    edward sucks boo vapires
    I LOVE YOU JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  229. 486


    Hey Nikki! i have not watched New Moon but I think u would like this:Rapunzel, A Tangled Tale. Rapunzel in the story got grounded for 18 YEARS!!! OMG!!! My Mom will surely ground me that long if i fail my final-year-exam.but Rapunzel and Eugene Fitzherberth(Rapunzel ‘s fiancee)Were like u and Brandon at the hollaween party.From: Fatihah PS i a m a dork at scchool.

  230. 487

    nikki says

    i havent watched them yet but i think im on the werewolve side i love dogs! lol my name is just like yours! keep on making your books i can read one in two days im going to by more of your books soon!:)

  231. 488


    i like new moon and i also saw eclipse it very good and awesome you should see it! i love your books they are awesome they are better than any book in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are #1 author ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  232. 492

    aussie says

    i like twilight cozz thats the one i really just saw and im on team edward because that was bellas first choice and the first one is better then the second thats wat i say

  233. 498


    I’m TEEEEEAAAAM SWITZERLAND! Just like Bella! :) Jacob is now a jerk but is hot and Edward is cute with a bit of pretty boy. So yea

  234. 501

    Atira says

    i have seen all the twilght movies and waiting for the fourth so ISN’T JACOB HOT! lol love the diaries keep up the good work go jacob team.

  235. 503

    mia $$$$$$LOVE MONEY says

    hi, im only nine so i cant watch it but iv seen the first one ……….

    GO JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  236. 504

    sarah says

    Nikki I know how you can get rid of Mackenie is to do whatver she does and she gets so mad she will leave you along for good how I know because I do it all the time to kids that hate me now they’ar my friends try it love your books:)

  237. 514


    shey can you give me a movie about you I live straghit down in egan and In dunberryln pleases and I can’t wait for that new book come I would love to read that new book to come

  238. 515


    I have to agree i’m a Jacobe fan.
    even though I like both out of all of them I like Jacobe.
    Love your biggest fan MONSTER HIGH FAN.
    P.S I can not wait until the new book comes out.

  239. 524


    im havin a great summer sofar but my bfa which is means bestfriendangie is coming over my house next weekend yeah chat later!!!!!!!!

  240. 529

    Rebecca says

    ok i like new moon better and im on team edward. Just joking i HATE Edward! Im totally team JACOB!! he is soooooooooo HOT!!!!!

    p.s sorry to edward lovers but he is ugly!

  241. 531

    snoopy says

    who saw monty carlo???
    i luv it!!
    p.s. should we b talking
    about ”twilight”???
    p.p.s. harmony can u b my frend????

  242. 535

    Alle says

    omg !! yes i have seen it !! i have the movie !! but now eclipse is out !! i have seen that one too !! omg team jacob !! TIME FOR THE WEREWOLVES to win this time !!! WHOS WITH ME QUEEN OF DORKS !! YEAHH BUDDY!

  243. 538

    O FRICK :p says

    OMG I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LUV WOLVEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :b

    • 540

      O FRICK :p says

      did u see the poem i wrote on Post a COOL Valentine Message and You Could WIN?! its pretty good if i do say so myself :)!

  244. 541

    brooklyn62 says

    TEAM JOCOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8)


  245. 542

    Emily says

    JACOB! I <3 Taylor Launter!! He actually dated one of my favorite singers, Taylor Swift. Edward has a great personailty, but I don't like Robert Pattinson at all. No offense.

  246. 553


    makenzie is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mean i don’t like when she said she was gonna post a video about the girl she don’t like at quessy chessy with brianna.

  247. 558


    TEAM JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  248. 585


    rachel i love ur books so much everytime i go to the library at my school i always get ur books i two copy of ur books now thats how much i love ur books and love reading i hope u can write me back

  249. 587


    Twilight is so much better than Blue Moon I saw all the Twilight moviesand im totally on team Jacob he has mad abbs and edward just is sorta creepy to me….why did Bella even pick him anyway their daughter is so cute !!!!!

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