Movies We Love


I really LOVE going to see movies!

This is a sketch of me and my little sister, Brianna, watching that new movie, UP!

Brianna is freaking out at that super-scary part where those really mean dogs are chasing the nice-but-cranky old guy, the cute-little-boyscout kid and that wacky, fuzzy bird.

I’m NOT going to say how the scene ended just in case you haven’t seen the movie yet :-p.

But, the crazy part is this–that lady in the picture I’m dumping my box of popcorn on is NOT my mom! I’m SO not lying to you. I don’t even know that lady!

She’s just some stranger sitting next to me, who was SO annoyed I thought she was going to slap me silly.

NEVER, EVER take your BRATTY kid sister to the movies with you!

DORK DISH: Tell me about the last movie you saw. Would you give it 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 stars? 5 Stars is a super-good movie and 1 Star is a super-sucky movie. OR, did you see the movie, TWILIGHT? Did you like it and how would you rate it?

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  1. Anonymous (8300) says:

    i saw twilight! i thought it was a great movie! im gonna try to see new moon the first day it comes out!

  2. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:

    I saw Twilight too! I give it 5 Stars. I can't wait until New Moon comes out.

  3. Anonymous (8300) says:

    I dont like Twilight! :p

  4. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:

    Hi Anony7:42, It's totally okay for everyone to like and dislike different stuff. So, I guess this means you would give the Twilight movie only 1 or 2 Stars?

  5. Anonymous (8300) says:

    I abot to see Imangine that. I love to see any Eddie Murphey movie. any YEAH

  6. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:

    Hi Anony3:18, You're gonna LOVE the movie
    "Imagine That." I saw it this weekend and it was hilarious! My fav part was when they went on the long journey through imaginary lands to get stock market advice from the imaginary princesses. And, then the advice would be really silly, like "don't invest in this company because their pants are going to fall down and everyone will see their poopy underwear," which meant the company was going to be exposed for illegal insider trading. TOO funny! I give this movie 5 Stars!

  7. Anonymous (8300) says:

    Hi:]Your Diary sounds really coo!Where can Ifind it? I am in MA.

  8. Anonymous (8300) says:

    I actually just saw Up, too! It was really good! I'd give it 5 stars.

    Twilight was pretty good. I'd give it 3 1/2 stars. I didn't really like the guy who played Edward, though. =)

  9. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:

    Hi Anony5:31! I think you can pick up a copy of my diary at alot of places in MA. I know Barnes & Nobles, Borders and Book-A-Million all have copies. And, probably your local neighborhood bookstores too. Maybe try calling a few places and ask if they have it or if they can order it for you. Oh! And, you can try your library too. If none of these options work, you can always order it online at Which, BTW, would help my very CRUDDY Amazon ranking which was almost 1 ZILLION the last time I checked :-( !

  10. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:

    What's up Anony5:55! Thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me your movie ratings. A question just popped into my head [POP!!]…if YOU were the director of Twilight, what actor would you choose to play Edward? Looking forward to hearing your answer :-) .

  11. Frindship In Trouble:( (8300) says:

    My best friend is a HUGE Harry Potter fan and she thinks Harry Potter is better than Twilight, and I love Twilight, I ve tried to have her give it a chance beacause shes never even seen the movie OR read the book. Whenever I mention it around her she fake pukes or calls Edward and Bella Ednerd and Smella. Im getting really tired of it. What Should I do???

  12. Anonymous (8300) says:

    i just love twilight not too much it's movie and i would give it a 4. i saw star trek and i fell in love with the movie. i gave it 10 cause 5 isn't enough. i wanna see the next twilight and harry potter movies in the summer and spring.

  13. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:

    Hi Frindship In Trouble! OMG! You are NOT going to believe this, but you just gave me a really GREAT idea for a blog entry and sketch. I'm gonna go work on it right now…

    • Ginny Weasly (1) says:

      Hey, Nicki! I am here all the way from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry because I wanted to ask you something. Harry Potter and I are married now, and we need your opinion on what to wear on our anniversary. These are the options:

      a) Matching Clothes
      b)Fancy Clothes
      c) Clothes with the Same Colours

      Please help!

  14. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:

    Hey there, Anony11:01! So…you're a TREKKIE! That is WAY COOL! I saw the new Star Trek movie too and I really liked it! As you can see, I go to the movies an awful lot. I'm like the "Movie Goddess" or something. My fav part was when Kirk was a little kid and stole that car and was being chased by the police! That rocked!

  15. Anonymous (8300) says:

    I was joking around playing along when I wrote the note from MacKenzie, please post it, i think ppl wil lik it

  16. ginnginn1♥ (8300) says:

    Hmm The Last Movie I Saw WAs Paul Blart Mall Cop! It Was Hilarious. You Definately Need To See That

  17. Anonymous (8300) says:

    where cani i find a copy of your diary? i am in the philippines

  18. Anonymous (8300) says:

    do you know the song if i were a boy? TOTALLY COOL!!! panget ka ba?

  19. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:

    OMG! Anony3:12 you totally FREAKED me out! I thought that note in the "My Friends" section was really from MacKenzie. You are a little STINKER!! :-p! But, I have to admit, the whole thing WAS kind of funny.

  20. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:

    Hi ginnginn1♥, I did not see Paul Blart, Mall Cop. But, I heard it was really funny. I need to ask my mom to buy me the DVD.

  21. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:

    Hey Anony4:13! You live in the Philippines? That is SO cool! I wanna live there TOO! If your bookstores don't have Dork Diaries, maybe you can ask them to order a copy for you. Thanks for visiting my blog…all the way from the Philippines :-) ! WOW!

  22. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:

    What's up Anony4:16, Yep! I like the song, "If I Were A Boy." Have you seen the video? Beyonce ROCKS!" I think she is SOOOOOOO pretty and she dances SOOOOOOO good. I wish I could dance like her. I would wear a black leotard and heels and sing, "If you like then you better put a ring on it…Oh, Oh, Ohhhh…!"

  23. Anonymous (8300) says:

    I just saw Hotel for Dogs starring Emma roberts, i'll giva it four stars cuz it's really heart warming and a lot of dog lovers would love it!!

  24. Anonymous (8300) says:

    dear Nikki,

    in your latest dork dish posts you say you like movies. please give me your top ten movie count down!

  25. Anonymous (8300) says:

    dear Nikki,

    i have read your dork diaries book and completely loved it! :)
    I would love for you to make more books !


  26. AMELIA (8300) says:

    OMG!How can somebody not like Twilight.I mean it was totally cool and I think the guy who played Edward is super cute.I would give it 5 out of 5!
    Up was a good movie but I kind of freaked when he took his walker thing and hit the guy in the head with it over the mail-box!I mean how can somebody get that attached over a mailbox!

  27. AMELIA (8300) says:

    I love Twilight and Up! New Moon is coming on my b-day and my sister said she would take me to see the midnight showing!!!EEEEEEEEEEE! I also want to see Night At The Museum 2 and Ice Age 3:Dawn Of The Dinosaurs!

  28. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:

    Hi Anony4:09, I saw Hotel For Dogs TOO! Only I rented the DVD and watched it at home in my heart PJS! My fav parat was the scene with all of those fancy contraptions they built for the dogs, like the automatic dog feeder. VERY cool and heartwarming :-) .

  29. Tink0214 (8300) says:

    I read Twilight loved it saw the movie loved it bought the movie love it 5 stars if it isn't already obious

  30. amelia (8300) says:

    Hey Nikki I was wondering what your favorite actor\actress was and why.My favorite actress is Amy Adams in Enchanted and my favorite actor is Jim Carrey in The Mask.

  31. Beldandy (8300) says:

    ooo isaw twilight on thanksgiving. I was in the movies with a buncha old peoples and my mommy. And the old ladies were like ooo edward and when Jasper came on (he looks like an older version of the guy i like alot) i jumped up pumped my fists in the air and yelled.
    "WHOOOOOOOOP GO JAZZZZZPER WHOOOOP" my mom pulled me to sit in my seat and said
    "Be quite youre gonna get us in trouble" She stuck her tounge out and i giggled. But i like alice in the movie and books i am like jst like her small pixie like, but i cant see the futrue but i do like doing heart and soul readings. But im like 11 so yup i love drawing bella and edward and alice and jasper. Yup and i the Alice thingy my hair is short and curly so when i brush it with water its like all spiky and my eyes are like this weird golden yellow so im thinkin bout being Alice for haloween

  32. Zoe (8300) says:

    i saw up too!!! it was a realy great movie.. i almost cried at the begining when the old man was with his wife. 5 stars all the way!!!

    p.s. I cant wait to read your book. my sis just bought it for me ,but i have to wait until my b-day(which is tomorrow!!)

  33. Zoe (8300) says:

    i saw twilight too!! i read the books waay before the movie came out and it was super cool! i think that the Alice character totally rocked the movie!!

  34. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:

    Hi Anony 2:27, You want to know my TOP 10 movies in a countdown? Hmmmmmmm…that's a hard question. Because my Top #1 movie will sometimes depend on my mood and like if I want to watch something about highschool, dating or really funny. So…I will give you my TOP 10 fave new and old school movies, but it's NOT in the order of how I'm loving them the best. 'Kay! Here goes:

    Highschool Musical 3
    Lion King
    Harry Potter
    Home Alone
    Akeelah & the Bee
    The Incredibles

    Okay Anony 2:27! Now tell me YOUR Top 10 :-p!

    • My top ten are:

      8.The Wizard of Oz
      7.Diary of a Wimpy Kid
      6.The Incredibles
      5.Toy Story
      4.James and the Giant Peach
      3.Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
      2.Toy Story 2
      1.TOY STORY 3!!!!

      Have you seen the Wizard of Oz?It’s kinda sad in the first scene when Dorothy sings Somewhere Over the Rainbow and then a tornado comes.

  35. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:

    What's up Anony 2:30! Glad to hear you LOVED reading my diary. I'm busy working on my second one. So stay tuned.

    please!!!!!!! :-) !

  36. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:

    Hey Ameila, girlie! Yeah, I gave Twilight a 5 out of 5 too. You're gonna see New Moon for your birthday at MIDNIGHT??!! EEEEEEEEEEE! How cool will THAT be! I wanna come TOO!

    • Ultimate Dork (31) says:

      That would be soo cool! You could feel that Edward could come running through the door any minute and kissing someone like you, Amelia!! :) Cool, eh?

  37. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:

    Hey Tink0214! Yes, it's VERY obvious. You totally LOOOOOOOOOOVE Twilight :-p!

  38. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:

    Hi Amelia, You wanted to know my favorite actor/actress. Hmmmm…that's a hard question. Hey! I know! I know! It's WAAALLLLLLEEEE! From the Wally movie :-) ! He is SO CUTE! Can a robot be your fave actor?!

  39. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:

    Wow, Beldandy! It sounds like you had a CRAZY fun time at the movie with your mom! I wish I was there too! I think you'd make a good Alice for Halloween. Cool idea!

  40. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:

    Hi Zoe! Can I sing "Happy Birthday" to you?:




  41. zahria (8300) says:

    I saw twilight and it was awesome!!! i really want your books and i am going to the library today and maybe i can get it!the first time i saw it was yesturday and it looked awesome! i begged 4 it but i couldnt get it!:( i searched at the library and they said they dont have it but i am gonna call! write back!

  42. cool girl (8300) says:

    yeah i saw the movie twilight and it was awesome.when edward was coming for the first time everyone in the movie theater scremed!!!!!!!!!!when new moon comes out i soooo want to be the first one to see it!

  43. Beldandy (8300) says:

    Dear nikki,
    Thanks, but sadly my sister who is just like yours drawing on walls faces on hands (the got milk thing killed me<—- i could actually pull off the vampire thing im dead cuz of how funny you are) But yeah it was fun. But my sister wants to be an egg for halloween and my mom who i think can be brain dead at some points in time said OMG THAT WOULD BE CUTE and you beldandy can be bacon and ill be a waffle. So now my sister is on the whole egg for halloween ugh i wanna be a vampire any suggestions on what i could do? I need major help

  44. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:

    What's up Zahria! I really hope you can find a copy of my diary some where. Otherwise, you can read a few chapters at the Girl's Life website. Copy and paste the link below. Then scroll down the page until you get to the seven Dork Diaries entries. You can read about 75 pages. Enjoy :-) !

  45. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:

    Hey Cool Girl, When you saw Twilight, girls actually screamed when Edward came on the screen?! Wow! When I see New Moon, I'm going to scream too! Like this…EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKK!


  46. izzi loves your diary (8300) says:

    nikki i did see twilight a 5 out of 5. BTW new moon is coming out on nov. 20 09 ya know what is awesome my friend has a life sized EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is awesome just to tell you nikki my parents have the iphone and my sister has an itouch

  47. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:

    Hi Izzi, Your friend has a life size Edward??!!! OMG! I think you and I should go to the movie and put the life size Edward in the seat next to us. Then all of the girls will think he's real and start screaming their heads off. Your sister is so lucky to have an iTouch. Hey, maybe she'll let me borrow it! Ya think?

    • Ultimate Dork (31) says:

      Awesome! Nice idea, Nikki! Then you could kiss him and all the girls at the screening will cry because you kissed ”Edward”! Wicked!! :)

  48. i LUV ur books (8300) says:

    i saw twilight, and it was AWESOME!! my friend has a iphone, and, i think it roks!!!!!!!(im so sry ur mom didnt let u get 1!!) another friends of mine is like, insanley OBSESSED with Twilight, she has watched it 55 times

  49. Anonymous (8300) says:

    I saw Twilight it was great but I am like a Harry Potter ADDICT! I CANNOT wait to see Half-Blood Prince on the 15th!! Nikki ask me something about HP I will answer it later I am an EXPERT!! P.S. I think Daniel Radcliffe is SOOOO HOT!!!!

  50. Anonymous (8300) says:

    I loved Twilight I saw it it was awesome I personally thought the movie was better than the book. I went to see up my favorite character was russel the boy scout and doug the dog they were real funny i give it a 5

  51. Anonymous (8300) says:

    the last movie i saw was harry potter and the order of the phoniex because my sister made me watch it. it would give it a 4. it was really well edited and they were great actors1

  52. claire (8300) says:

    did you see Harry Potter?It was soooo cool!So far I have read number 1 and 2.What character do you like?I love your book!

  53. Melanie (8300) says:

    The last movie I saw was ice age 3. It was good, I think I would rate it a 4 star movie. But the experience I had while I was there was definantly a 1 star one! My new brother is 2 months old, and we took him with us to see the movie. It was going good for a while, but halfway through the movie, he started crying really loud!!! We couldn't get him to stop! It was SO embarassing!

  54. lydia (8300) says:

    HI! I like twilight but it just got annoying after awhile. My friend is totally obsessed with it(I sometimes think shes crazy!)but she is still my best friend ever!Sorry to all who love twilight but i love Harry Potter so much better! : )

  55. Anonymous (8300) says:

    i LOVE twilight

  56. Anonymous (8300) says:

    5 stars totally i luved it! i also luv the books 2.i have a life size jacob black he has a big roll in new moon my room is like a shrine of him he is sooooo HOT!:)

  57. Anonymous (8300) says:

    Guess what, Nikki? Last night, me, my brother, my cousin and my grandma saw Half-Blood Prince! First day it came out! I was Anony 2:05 my name is Samantha. How come you haven't responded to my last entry? Write back soon!

  58. Anonymous (8300) says:

    I watched Twilight.A couple of times actually, it was ok. I last watched Coraline, it was AWESOME!!!!!!

  59. Giselle (8300) says:

    I love Twilight but after you watched it 4 or more times it gets kinda boring. But still i rate it 4 and a half stars. At my school girls go crazy about Edward Cullen. Some of them like they'll marry Edward! The movie I really really really liked was Titantic. It's sad but still a good movie. Paul blart mall cop was sooooo funny. I laughed so hard.

  60. Anonymous (8300) says:

    It's Olivia again! That stinks to have a sister like Brianna. i have a sister just like Brianna. Well anyway, i saw UP to. Did u like it? Also, wat was ur fav part of it? My rating is 4 stars, cuz i liked alot, but it just didn't have the click to 5 stars i think. i have seen lots of movies this summer. The most recent won i saw was Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. i would give it 4 stars too cuz some parts were hard to get for me but i still liked it alot. i think my fav movie i have seen this year so far is Hannah Montana: The Movie. i like that movie sooo much! i would definetly give it 5 stars! i have seen all of the Hannah Montana episodes and liked them all. i haven't seen Twilight cuz i am too young for it but most of my friends say they wanna c it so badly. And, they get all dreamy over Edward. The commercials didn't look that interestng to me but maybe if i saw it i would like it. Well srry i couldn't get u my rating for Twilight. Anyway, cya later Nikki! Ur Dork Diary fan, Olivia

  61. Anonymous (8300) says:

    Twilight is the best movie ever!.I rate it 5 stars.I understand you,I have 2 little sisters!.This year I'll going to middle scool and I'll be the new girl too!.Well,bye!.

  62. Anonymous (8300) says:

    I SO WANNA SEE TWILIGHT!! dont be surprised, my mom thinks its "bad" beacuse a girl falls in <3 with a vampire

  63. Anonymous (8300) says:

    Nikki that Brianna person is so crazy never let her read this blog. Look on the bright side you have a password don't you?

    PS:Make her watch babyish shows instead!

  64. Orangie (8300) says:

    You should say u need a cell phone in case of an emergency. or if something comes up at school.
    And so that u can call ur parents to tell them u got 2 school if u walk. or if u need somein' that u forgot.
    hope this helps brainstorm!!
    p.s. can u create acounts on here???
    p.s.s. u should make acounts and diff blogs for members!!! and online diaries for members 2.

  65. Shae (8300) says:

    Up is soooo sad in the begining, it made me cry when the old guy's wife dies

  66. Kaylee (8300) says:

    Hey Nikki, I know u probably heard this 1 million times ,but i luvv ur book and cant wait for ur 2nd one!! when will ur other book b out??

  67. Anonymous (8300) says:

    I think the last movie I saw was Harry Potter 6 and I would rate it 4 or 5 stars. Because Harry Potter is SO AWESOME! (sorry, not Twilight because I've NEVER seen it. Did you know they have Twilight Forbidden Fruit candies? They're yummy!♥)

  68. Anonymous (8300) says:

    OMG! I saw up and cryed when he waz looking at pictures of his wife who died!it waz that most exiting and the saddest movie i`ve ever seen!

  69. HomeGirl98 (8300) says:

    Hi! I TOTALLY luv 17 Again; i'd mrk it as a 5, but I wouldn't tell my friend Jenny Lyn cuz she totally hates zac efron…. personally, I think hes…. ok. I also loved Inkheart…. I'd give it a 3, cuz, they got a LOT of stuff wrong…. i got the sequel from the library, so the book spilled the beans cuz THE LIBRARY DIDNT HAVE INKHEART!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ps: have any advice for a homeschooled, non pierced eared, no nail polish canadian 11 year old girl? people say that they wanna be homeschooled, but id rather be in public school.

    • Ultimate Dork (31) says:

      I wanted to watch 17 Again, but my parents wouldn’t let me.

      P.S: About public schools, I like them too!

  70. LAinsworth (8300) says:

    hey, last night i saw 17 again cause my stepdad just bought it 4 me. it was awsome! then my mom and stepdad made a bet. my mom said that zac efron was around 20, but my stepdad said he was like 17. john looked it up on the enternet, but im not telling you who is right, you have to figure it out on your own! :)

  71. Anonymous (8300) says:

    I've seen Twilight and I Can Do Bad All By My Self
    I give them both 5 stars :p

  72. isabella15emo (8300) says:

    yeha i wanna cell phone to -sigh- and yup meh parents wont let me and ive like been keeping meh eye on the one i really want the most but -sigh- they keep saying no

  73. Anonymous (8300) says:

    hey seen twilight i waz still reading the book wen i saw it now im on breaking dawn also ill give twilight 5 stars it waz asome im insanly in love w/jacob hez so cute!!!

  74. Anonymous (8300) says:

    i love this dook will you make another

  75. slurpee797 (8300) says:

    I just saw FAME! and i'd give it a 4. Maybe a 3. It was a good storyline, but a little hard too follow. They ("They" being the magic Hollywood-People-Who-Mess-Up-Everything)should have made it longer.
    BTW: I love your Diary! You should have published it WAY before now. Are you getting any money for it?? P.S. my journal(barely started) is: Thanks!-Slurpee

  76. Anonymous (8300) says:

    I saw up with my 9-month old niece and her parents during the summer, though she slept through it!

    I totally LOVE up, it is an awesome movie.

    Twilight is kinda dorky by my standards, Bella is too whiney and Edward is kind of annoying. My sister saw it and laughed hysterically.So I'd give it a 1 out of a 5.

    But a EXCELLENT movie I saw was Star Trek, which made me an offical Trekkie and Zachary Quinto fan(The guy who played Mr.Spock.)Captain Kirk was hott too! I rented star Trek 2,3,and 4 after I saw it and I was like OMG AWESOME!!!

  77. Anonymous (8300) says:

    I LOVE Twilight and can't wait to see New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn! I'd give Twilight a 9.99 out of 10!

  78. Kay (8300) says:

    I saw Pokemon Giratina and the Sky Warrior.I rated it 5 stars because I love Pok'emon.

  79. Anonymous (8300) says:

    hey nikki im kinda a shy quiet person and my best friend kate is outgoing and loud and she got a text i guess when she was all done reading it she screamed really loud,OMG!!! people started to stare so i covered my head with my hoodie hoping no one would see and i keep on getting embarrassed what should i do about it from lily

  80. ashanti "LOL" (8300) says:

    Hey Anony 2:26,

    i know the feeling. my friends do that all the time, but i dont get embarrassed. thats how my BFFs r & thats how they act. they're outgoing & stuff. maybe u should try to be more like Kate. u know, enjoy screaming "OMG!" & "LOL!" & stuff. it feels good to scream…. once in a while. seriously, when my bro screams, it feels like my ears r gonna pop. LOL! anyway, just loosen up a bit.

  81. Anonymous (8300) says:

    The last movie I saw was Hannah Montana The Movie. Ok, I haven't been to the movies in a LONG time. Sorry…
    But I'd give it a 3 and a half. :)

  82. Anonymous (8300) says:

    i saw twilight and it was awesome. but friday i saw new moon and it was awesome! better then twilight. especially because jacob (taylor lautner) was shirtless!!! :D

  83. Anonymous (8300) says:

    Do you like Selena Gomez? I thing she's realy cool! My favourite movie is "Another Cinderella Story". It is fabulos! If you didn't saw it, I think you should! 2 december

  84. Anonymous (8300) says:

    I love to watch movies! I have so many favourites movies that I've already forgot them.

  85. kiera (8300) says:

    I have not seen twilight or new moon they sound too scary. I HATE vampire movies so much they are just to scary for me.

  86. Anonymous (8300) says:

    Twilight was really bad because Bella was whiny and Edward was annoying so I give it a one.

    A really good movie you should totally see is Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I give it five for the action, romance, and comedy.

  87. Anonymous (8300) says:

    Well i give planet fifty one a 4 because of the comedy

  88. Anonymous (8300) says:

    I want 2 c alvin and the chipmunks the squeakual
    'cause it looks cool

  89. Amy (8300) says:

    Saw the movie UP funniest movie EVER!

  90. Anonymous (8300) says:

    hi nikki,i saw twilight and it was AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I also saw New Moon the day it came out!! all AWSOME movies!!!!!!!!!P.S.taylor lautner is HAWTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. tiana (8300) says:

    i already saw twilight and new moon, it was so cool, im on team edward , who team r u on

  92. Essence (8300) says:

    i totally think that the last movie every one saw was NEWMOON.
    that was the last one i saw.
    it was totally awesome
    i totally give it a 5 out of 5!!!
    (sorry i went crazy with the word TOTALLY)!

  93. Anonymous (8300) says:

    I saw A Christmas Carol. It was kinda creepy! Me and my friends were freakin' out!

  94. Anonymous (8300) says:

    i loved twilight and new moon i give them both 5 stars

  95. Anonymous (8300) says:

    I have seen twlight and i would give it a 4 stars. The last mo vie i saw was The Princess ANd the frog AWESOME I WOULD GIVE IT A 5

  96. Shelby!!* (8300) says:

    Aww! I saw up & some parts were really funny but i thought it was really sad! there was this 5 year old and she left when the old guy was yelling & she was like crying really loud & i give it 3 stars!

  97. Selinakwl (8300) says:

    i love twillight! i rate it 5 stars!!!<3

  98. Ashley Gomez (8300) says:

    Hi Nikki!!!! I am a HUGE fan. I'm from the Philippines and when I first saw your book on the bookshelf I was like that must be so cool and when I read it I was blown away!! oh by the way I so love twilight and I kinda loved Alvin and the chipmunks 2 the squeakquel,too!! oh heres a filipino word that means thank you its salamat you know for sharing the book with us..anywayz LOVE your book. and cant wait for the 2nd book!! =) =)

  99. Anonymous (8300) says:

    the movie i rely wanna see is the twilight saga movie eclipes they alredy hav the trailor i cant wait till it comes to theter

  100. Anonymous (8300) says:

    I saw The Princess and the Frog i give it ♥♥♥♥♥ It was so cute you should take ur little sister she won't get scared

  101. Alannaha (8300) says:

    I saw AVATAR.

  102. COOLIO1234 (8300) says:

    I wanna see valentines day.theres a lot of famous ppl in it and it looks really funny!

  103. Alannaha (8300) says:

    But don't let your sister whatch AVATAR.

  104. roxieandsusannah(twins) (8300) says:

    Hi i havent seen this movie yet cause it hasent come in cinimas yet but i wanrt to see alice in wonderland tim burton

  105. Ðєʂтιиєє☆ (8300) says:

    Hiya Roxie and Susannah! It's so cool that your twins!

    I want to see that movie too, doesn't it seem like a whole other type of alice in wonderland?

    This time she's fighting, and there's a new nice queen, and the bunny's gone insane!

    I want to see it too.

  106. Ðєʂтιиєє☆ (8300) says:

    I saw the movie UP! But I didn't like it as much as I loved slum dog millionaire and the lovely bones! It was so awesome, so romantic, but also very sad. I cried in both movies. T o T

  107. Ðєʂтιиєє☆ (8300) says:

    I would rate the lovely bones and slum dog millionaire both 5 stars!

  108. roxieandsusannah(twins) (8300) says:

    alice and wonderland hasant come out on cinimas yet :( never mind its coming out march 5th!! yay!!

  109. Ðєʂтιиєє☆ (8300) says:

    How awesome right roxie and susannah?

  110. roxieandsusannah(twins) (8300) says:

    hi destinee are you talking to us?

  111. roxieandsusannah(twins) (8300) says:

    yes its so ausome

  112. Anonymous (8300) says:

    I have seen twillight and it rocked you should totally see it !!! I love vampires now since i watched that movie !!!!!!!

  113. Anonymous (8300) says:

    I love Valentines Day. That movie was so funny and very romantic. I would rate it 100 stars. :D

  114. Alannaha (8300) says:

    Im dieing to see Alice in Wonderland because Tim Burton made all of my fave movies and, Johnny Depp(who's smoken hot) is in that movie. Do you know Tim Burton is married to the woman who plays the red Queen? And I also want to see it because, it has Anne Hathway as the White Queen.

    I know its good because, Tim Burton is a genius. So I will give it

  115. Anonymous (8300) says:

    me too can not wait till Friday plus can not wait 4 the second dork diaries book !!!

  116. (8300) says:

    I saw Coraline and i rate it it99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 stars

  117. Basketball Dork 0 (8300) says:

    ALICE IN WONDERLAND RULES!!! Oh and uh, I think the Mad Hatter proposes to Alice in the end of the movie. EEEP!! So excited!! I just am really excited becuz I want to know what happens in the end. I'm going to see it Saturday!!!!!! YAY!!! I kind of like Tim Burton. But sometimes, his movies CREEP ME OUT!! Just like Coraline and 9.

  118. roxieandsusannah(twins) (8300) says:

    hi basket ball dork im going to see alice in wonderlnd on satday tiooo!

  119. Anonymous (8300) says:

    Have any of u ppl ever seen Joe Dirt?

  120. Anonymous (8300) says:

    Hi! I couldn't figure out how to post a comment but I got it! I loved your first book (even though I read it really fast) and I am sooooooo excited for the second book. When is it coming out? Thanks.

  121. Anonymous (8300) says:

    hey Nikki i think you should see the movie
    "Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightening Thief". It is awesome and my favorite subject is Greek Myths.

  122. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:


    I guess I will have to go out and see those movies. I can tell that you like Greek Myths.

  123. Mariah (8300) says:

    The last movie I saw was Alice in Wonderland in 3D. I give it 5 stars. It's a great movie!!!

  124. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:


    I heard a couple of people in the hallway talking about that. They also said it was great! What was your favorite part?

  125. Susannah (8300) says:

    Hi Nikki. I have seen Alice in Wonderland Tim burton. It was fantastic!!! Have you seen it? And I have brought the DVD of the movie Up so I might watch it in a couple of days.

  126. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:


    Hello Susannah. Actually, I haven't had the time to see Alice in Wonderland. But I really want to see it. I have seen the movie Up. It's really good.

  127. Anonymous (8300) says:

    Dear Nikki,
    the last movie I saw? it was Alice in Wonderland and I probably give it a 3..I watched it at a mall just near my house..the same mall I got a copy of your book, I'm from the Philippines and I am forever going to wait for the next book.I also saw Twilight last year and it was awes0me, currently I'm watching Twilight on a channel called Star Movies,and i have the DVD so i could watch it all the time.<3 I also like the new Percy Jackson movie<3.Who do like better Edward of Jacob?

  128. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:


    I haven't seen Alice in Wonderland so I guess I can't really rate it. I liked Twilight a lot also. What was your favorite part? I'm actually not on a team. I have no clue why though. Which do you like better?

  129. Anonymous (8300) says:

    it's actually team Jacob…(my cousin likes him 'cause of his abs!haha and me just like him!)


  130. Anonymous (8300) says:

    Hi, my names amy and i luv yur books. I am art mad to. I saw alice in wonderland in 3D!!! Omg omg! It was soooooo good! I bet mackenzie will be sooooooooooooo so soooo jelous about that, now beat that mackenzie! see if u can play a trick on mackenzie! I have one. Put a note in the locker of mackenzie [ type it on the computer] that is from one of the hottest boys in school. it will say do u wanna go on a date?
    say were you want them to meet in the note and place it in her locker. She will spend all the time getting ready, and when she gets there she will have no one to date with!

    p.s I sign my emails with A.D

  131. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:


    It's good that you like t draw. It's especially good when you're bored and you have nothing to do. My Easter weekend was good. How was yours?

  132. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:


    That's cool that you like my book and you like art. I heard Alice in Wonderland was good but I haven't seen it. That sounds like a cool trick. Maybe I'll try.

  133. Amy dolphin (8300) says:

    Hi nikki,
    if u do do that trick can u tell me how it went?
    By the way, i played that on vicky from josh. She loves him. She went to spice cottage[ an indian food restruant] and waited for 5 hours for him. The next day she had a right meltdown. She stomped up to Josh and screamed, I WAITIED 5 HOURS FOR YOU AND YOU DIDN'T SHOW UP!!! Them she burst into tears and ran down the corridoor and hid in the girls toilets. I can't wait till your next book. Have u seen coraline? I don't like it. My birthday is on the 9th of June, so maybe I will get your new book for my birthday.

    From A.D

  134. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:


    If I do it I'll let you know. But I'm not sure if I will. And that trick doesn't seem very nice. Especially if a girl cried. And maybe you will get my book for your birthday. That would be awesome!

  135. Imogen (8300) says:

    Hi Nikki, have you seen the movie "Mean Girls"? It's a really cool American comedy with Lindsay Lohan about a girl called Cady at a new high school in America and she meets this girl's clique lead by the trendy, yet nasty Regina. My favourite character is a funny goth called Janice and it's hilarious, you should really watch it someday!
    Rating: 10/5! (Okay, I know that it's usually 5/5 but the movie was so great!)

  136. Imogen (8300) says:

    To Nikki Maxwell,
    My Easter weekend was fantastic! Two of my best moments were firstly, discovering your diary and buying it and secondly, going to North Hamptonshire. It has red kites (birds) and loads of trees to climb in my holiday home!

    Also, I like stories, especially diaries. Your diary is definately one of my favourites!

  137. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:


    I actually haven't seen that movie. It sounds a lot like my life though. Doesn't it? I guess I'll have to see it because you rated it so good.

  138. Imogen (8300) says:

    I'm not a big fan of Twilight or New Moon but I do like horror movies with vampires in, just as long as it's not too scary. I've just started to watch a creepy, but funny movie called "Haunted House" and it made me laugh out loud!

  139. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:

    I've never heard of the movie, Haunted House. I might have to check it out sometime, especially if it's funny.

  140. Solstice (8300) says:

    I saw Diary of a Wimpy kid. I give it 5 stars not only because it was funny, but also the kid that plays Greg is so cute

  141. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:


    I haven't seen that movie yet. But, I've heard it was funny.

    • Ultimate Dork (31) says:

      Yeah. I’ve read the books, they were good but I perfer.. drumroll please….


      As it’s done by a girl, for girls!! :)

  142. Anonymous (8300) says:

    I don't like the cartoon Alice in Wonderland so if the real movie is anything like it (weird) i won't like it!!! Just my opinion!

  143. Anonymous (8300) says:

    i haven't watched twilight cuz it's rated pg-13 and i'm not allowed to watch those movies. but i did watch 2012

    ps im almost 11 years old! blah!

    im cynthia

  144. Kimmie (8300) says:

    Isn't Twilight like, a vampire movie or somthin? I've heard of it, but I havn;t watched it. I'm eleven. I don't watch vampire movies. But, my cousin loves vampires, but hates the Twilight movie. I just don't undrestand that girl! I also don't understand MY 6 year old sister. She may be 6 but she is strong! She beat my 9 (or 8) year old friend big time in tug of war.

  145. Anonymous (8300) says:

    Aw, UP was so sweet! I love Pixar! I can't wait to see Toy Story 3 when it comes out on June 18th! :)

    Recently, I just saw The Last Song. It was SO sad! It made me cry. Miley Cyrus is such a good actor! And in my opinion, Will Blakelee (real name: Liam Hemsworth) is hotter than Jacob Black and Edward Cullen combined.

  146. Anonymous (8300) says:

    UP was such a good movie! :D


    It's probably not for kids seven-and-under, though.

    I just LOVE stop-motion animation! :D

  147. Sunny (8300) says:

    i don't know…but if dork diaries has a movie i'll sure love it

  148. Anonymous (8300) says:

    Hey Nikki!Have you seen the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie?

    From Megan

  149. Aaron (8300) says:

    Do you have to be a girl to be able to read Dork Diaries?

  150. Aaron (8300) says:

    I just saw The Karate Kid last Saturday.Man, that movie was the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. Noelle (8300) says:

    Hey Nikki, if you want to watch super good movies, then I can give you some suggestions! Ok, here goes:
    1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid
    This movie ROCKS! I'd rate it 5 stars!
    2. Alice In Wonderland
    This movie ROCKS too! 5 stars! Very imaginative of the director..
    3. The Karate Kid
    Well, I haven't watched this yet, but from the trailer I can tell that this movie is THE BOMB!
    I KNOW it will be made into a movie! IT SHOULD!!! If it does get made into a movie, then, lol, 100 stars!

  152. Anonymous (8300) says:

    One day i watched the last shrek movie,with my four year old cousin Aleah.Aleah would scream "SHREK"when she saw Shrek.Aleah also made a big temper tantrum because she had to share the popcorn with me.And she cried so loud I thoght my ears were going to pop.

  153. Anonymous (8300) says:

    nikki i love your book its one of my top favorites.i do not like twilight it is evil. my favorite movie is avatar it is awesome i would rate it 1000000000 stars you should watch it but do not show your sister it

  154. Alannaha (8300) says:

    ya thats true. But you have to watch Prince of Persia, IT ROCKS! MY FAVE MOVIE! and watch alice in wonderland, its amazing

    P.S don't let your sister watch Alice in wonderland

  155. Anonymous (8300) says:

    Nikki, my favorite movie's Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I'll bet it's one of the most watched movies of this year because it's based on the best selling book of 2007 here me BEST SELLING BOOK!! If you haven't seen it, you totally should. Just for the recored I think that the main kid is totally HOT!!

  156. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:


    I haven't seen Prince fo Persia. But I've heard it's pretty good. Along with Alice in Wonderland.

  157. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:


    I haven't seen that movie. What's it about?

  158. Alannaha (8300) says:

    Nikki, you have to watch prince of persia (which BTW is my fave movie in the whole world) Alice in wonderland (seconde in line) and AVATAR (third in the line)


  159. Anonymous (8300) says:

    Hi Nikki!have you seen avatar?

  160. jen (8300) says:


  161. Sally (8300) says:

    Umm, I'm going to watch Toy story 3 this Wednesday, I heard its fab. Like a Jail break but with toys. :3

  162. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:


    I've also heard that's a really good movie. I'll have to check it out though.

  163. GOLDFISh (8300) says:

    HI Nikki, i luv toy story i think its so cute i am thinking of putting one day aside in the school holidays so i can have a toy story marathon

  164. Anonymous (8300) says:

    i saw new moon and twilight!!!i love it!!i give it a 5 of 5 stars!!!!!i really wanna see toy story and karate kid!!!i heard they're awesome!!!

  165. Solstice (8300) says:

    I saw Toy Story 3 in 3D and I rate it ***** (5 stars). It was great, I loved it!!!!!!

  166. dork diary diva (8300) says:

    YAY! somewhere this week i'm going to see Toy Story 3. I don't know if were going to see it in 3D or not. But i'm still loooking forward to seeing it. I rate the other Toy stories *****. Even my parents thought it was five stars. Toy story is AWESOME.

  167. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:


    I haven't seen the third Toy Story. But I really want to see it. That would be a good idea. I might have to do that also.

  168. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:


    I'm happy to hear that you've seen the movies. I thought they were both pretty good. I also want to see those other movies.

  169. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:


    I've heard it was good. I want to see it.

  170. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:

    Dork Diary Diva,

    You lucky duck! I also want to see it. Not seeing it in 3D is better than not seeing it at all. I looooove toy story!!!

  171. dork diary diva (8300) says:

    I think my brother is totally addicted to spying now that he watched the spy next door. Now he's been spying on me.

  172. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:

    Dork Diary Diva,

    Hahaa. That's kinda funny. Has he gone through your stuff? If he hasn't, I advise you to lock it up somewhere.

  173. dork diary diva (8300) says:

    He hasn't. Yet. But I think I should lock my stuff up. I got him back by video camraing him. TEE-HEE!

  174. Anonymous (8300) says:

    OMG!!!! I love your book. Question: where do i submit questions that actually get published to the blog?

  175. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:

    Hi Anony 6:59,

    Based on everything you said in your post, it sounds like you need to watch BOTH of your friends, Lenna and Ashley, very carefully until you figure out if they are truly trustworthy. At some point, each girl will show her true colors. Good luck :-) .

  176. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:

    Dork Diary Diva,

    Hahaa. I think you should lock it up also. And you should show the film to your mom. That way he also won't go through her stuff.

  177. Aaron (8300) says:

    I just saw eclipse, and man all the girls in the theater screamed when Jacob came on screen,why couldn't I get one of them???????????

  178. Anonymous (8300) says:

    Aaron what u need to do to get a girl is ask a girl that u like and is your age when school comes and most of the time they say yes cuz i pretty much do unless im with someone like right now.

  179. Anonymous (8300) says:

    I saw twilight the eclipse and i LOVED IT <3!!!!!!!!!!! i Rate it 5 stars

  180. Anonymous (8300) says:

    Dear Nikki Maxwell,
    I am not allowed to see Twilight :-(
    Can you give me some advice on how to convince my parents???? I NEED HELP!!!!!

  181. Anonymous (8300) says:

    I seen the first twilight its awsome but i havent seen any others…. but i realy want to see despicable me!!! :l

  182. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:


    That's some really good advice for Aaron. I hope he'll use it.

  183. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:


    I still haven't seen it yet. But I hope to see it soon. It sounds really good.

  184. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:


    First, you would need to find out the reasons why they won't let you see it. But sometimes they won't budge and you have to wait 'til you're older. Hope that helps!

  185. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:


    I hope you can see the rest of the Twilight movies. And I also hope you get to see Despicable Me.

  186. domi99 (8300) says:

    hey nikki i was just wonderin if ur doin a 3rd book nd if u do,eeeeeeeekkkkkkk!(dat was my hapy/excitd scream)lol i cant wait!!! nd if u will b brandons girlfriend anytime soon in ur diary!? pleazzz i really wantd brandon 2 ask u out sooo bad!!! i thought he was gonna ask u out in da 2nd book but it didnt hapn soo pleazzz let it happen!!!!! thxs!!!!!!:)

  187. dork diary diva (8300) says:

    What was your favourite part of UP? My cousins really liked it. My mom actually cried at one part.

    Anyways,hope you had a nice summer.

  188. Anonymous (8300) says:

    I kinda think your book should be a movie. If it was a movie i would give it five stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  189. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:


    I'm actually working on my third diary right now. I hope you guys like it.

  190. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:

    Dork Diary Diva,

    My favorite part was probably the talking dog. He was soooooooo cute! What part did your mom cry at? And I hope you also have a good summer.

  191. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:


    I'm glad to have one fan rooting for a movie. And you'd have to wait 'til it came out before you rate it.

  192. dorky diva/ dork diary diva (8300) says:

    My mom cried at the part when that old lady couldn't makem it up that hill. You know that part at the beginning.

  193. Anonymous (8300) says:


    I am about 2 watch Marmaduke today at Celabration Cinema with my brothers and Grandma. I've never seen it… it looks HILARIOUS though.

    I've seen UP 2. It was really good. I rate it probably… 4 1/2 stars. I LOVED Dug. "SQUIRREL!" LOL

    All of my friends are Twilight fanatics… my friend Kirsten loves it the most though. I am the ONLY ONE in my group that has never seen the movies or read the books. I would, but my mom REFUSES 2 let me. She says there's bad stuff in them, but everyone tells me that the first 2 books aren't bad at all. I want 2 read the WHOLE SERIES. I mean come on, I AM in 7th grade.

    Please post this and write back because I REALLY need advice to help persuade my mom to let me AT LEAST read the Twilight books.

    P.S. A good book for you 2 read is "A Smart Girl's Guide To Money" It'll give you tips on how to make, save, and spend (wisely) money so that you can get enough money to get that iphone you've been dying to get. (Just keep in mind that you need money for the phone plan 2, which is AT LEAST $19.99 a month.)

    P.S.S I would LOVE LOVE LOVE if your book became a movie. I would rate it 20 stars!!!
    (OK I can't rate it 20 stars so I guess I'll just rate it 5)


  194. Anonymous (8300) says:

    i love your book i give it one billion stars i have all the books and i like the not so fabulous party girl book better than the first!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just love your books Nikki!!!!!!!

    P.S. and also my favorite part was when Brandon asked you to the dance!

  195. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:

    Dorky Diva/Dork Diary Diva,

    That was pretty sad.

  196. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:


    I've never seen thata movie bafore. But I want to see it along with a list of other movies. Up was pretty funny. At least that's my opinion. And I'm sorry that your mom won't let you read the Twilight saga. And to persuade her…hmmmmmm…tell her that you're old enough and mature enough to handle this stuff. But only tell her that if it really applies to you. And I'll have to check out that book. Sounds like it's full of advice.

  197. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:


    I'm glad to hear that you like my book. And I'm glad that you would rate it that many stars. A billion sure is a big number.

  198. Anonymous (8300) says:

    hi nikki!! i am a great fan !!!!!!! they should make your diary into a movie and you would be the star!!! how cool would that be?! ok well the latest movie i saw was The Last Air Bender it was really cool but i got bummed when the movie just said to be continued ….. I like really hate that but anyways i couldn't wait for the second movie ok well i love your books bye!

  199. Imogen (8300) says:

    Even though this is not actually a movie, it's still extremely hilarious. It's a gameshow called "101 Ways To Leave A Gameshow" (the title is a bit weird at first though) where eight contestants (late teens or adults, though I would like a early teens or children's special though) have to answer one question on each round. But there's a twist, there will be a certain amount of answers depending on how many contestants are in that round and all of the answers apart from one will be correct. They must avoid the wrong answer and they how to choose an answer different from everybody else's. The contestant with the wrong answer exits the show in a crazy, yet funny way, such as falling through a trapdoor or being tipped off a chair into a swimming pool. The contestant who is left in the game by the end of the show (so far, it's been Matt, Lucy and Sally) wins £10,000 (it's a British programme though I think there may be an American version). My favourite exit is "The Drag" and I give the programme five stars. The exit that I would like MacKenzie Hollister to exit by (if she was on the programme) would be the "Emergency Exit", I would absolutely LOVE to see her getting covered in spaghetti and gunge!

  200. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:


    I'm glad you're a fan. That would be pretty cool if my diary turned into a movie. It would be a dream come true! I haven't seen that movie but I might see it. I'll have to think about it.

  201. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:


    The title is a bit weird. But that's all right! But it does sound like a pretty cool show. But I definitely wouldn't want to fall through a trap door or something. And I would want that money. That way I could definitely buy the phone I want so badly.

  202. dork diary diva (8300) says:

    I wish I had a blog. Tell me how to have a blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Think having a blog would be so fun!

  203. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:

    Dork Diary Diva,

    First of all, you should ask your mom or dad. Or even both to be extra safe.

  204. dork diary diva (8300) says:

    I am going to watch cats & dogs revenge of kitty glore

  205. dork diary diva (8300) says:

    I love your blog nikki!!!

  206. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:

    Dork Diary Diva,

    I really want to see that also.

  207. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:

    Dork Diary Diva,


  208. dork diary diva (8300) says:

    I watched the first cats & dogs too.

  209. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:

    Dork Diary Diva,

    How was it?

  210. Emily (8300) says:

    The last movie a saw was toy story 3
    When will your diary come out in a movie?

  211. dork diary diva (8300) says:

    It was funny.

  212. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:


    I've heard that's pretty good. And I'm not sure. But I do hope that it will turn into a movie.

  213. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:

    Dork Diary Diva,

    I'm sure it was.

  214. sugababe 101 (8300) says:

    I saw the barbie diaries. it rocks! u shoud go see it.

  215. Groovey (8300) says:

    I saw shrek foreverafter it was super funny you girls should see it

  216. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:

    Sugababe 101,

    I might have to check it out sometime.

  217. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:


    I'll also have to see that. I really just need a movie night so I can catch up with the latest of movies.

  218. Groovey (8300) says:

    You should have a film im sure it would be nice

  219. Groovey (8300) says:

    I would give shrek 5 stars and
    Dork Diaries Infinity :D

    • Ultimate Dork (31) says:

      Me too for Dork Diaries! Go on Nikki, convince Hollywood to turn Dork Diaries into a film, then leave me to beg my mum to buy me it on DVD or take me to see it at the cinema!

  220. Anonymous (8300) says:

    dorkdiaries is now my favorite book i'm now saving my money just in case they make a movie about it

  221. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:


    It would be pretty cool wouldn't it? And thanks!

  222. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:


    I'm really glad my series is now your favorite one. I hope they do make a movie that way all of you guys can see it.

  223. Groovey (8300) says:

    Yes it would be pretty awesome like me and you!!!!

  224. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:



  225. dork diary diva. (8300) says:

    I watched despicable me 2 days ago. It was so funny. Have you ever seen it?

  226. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:

    Dork Diary Diva,

    I don't think I have. But I haven't seen sooo many movies lately. I really need to have a movie night or something.

  227. Anonymous (8300) says:

    Heyy Nikki! So see I have this problem with going to school.
    You see i'm close to the last stop and so when i get on the bus there is no seat , and I get really nervous bout not getting a seat. i know it's lame but it's like the only thing i'm afriad about school.

  228. Nikki Maxwell (8300) says:


    I would try to sit with a friend or somebody you're close with. Or you could see if you could get on earlier or even be driven it. I hope this helps!

  229. Anonymous (8300) says:

    dear nikki,i saw the soccere's apprentince.i totally recomended it:)I lovvvvvvveeeedddd this song called "tell me what you want" that they play at the very end.hope ya see ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  230. dork diary diva (8300) says:

    Yeah you do need a movie night

  231. Anonymous (8300) says:

    Hey Nikki,
    I have seen all of the twilight movies and I give them all 15/15 stars!So far I think Eclipse was best.OMG!When Carlisle and Edward were training to fight against the newborns,I laughed so hard!=)
    Anyway,are you coming out with a new book?I read Tales from a NOT-SO-FAULOUS LIFE and TALES FROM A NOT-SO-POPULAR PARTY GIRL and they were great.I can't wait to see what happens in your life next!
    OMG!I gotta go my little brother is totally smashing his guitar and I better stop him before he gets in trouble.

    Until next time,
    Bernadine Fox(a total dork!)

  232. Aaron (8300) says:

    Hey, did you see that new movie Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World,you should,it was EPIC!Please Reply!

  233. Emily (8300) says:

    I hope someone will make it a movie soon.
    I am kinda of actress so that would be major cool if i could play you. Have you ever thought about acting?

  234. Anonymous (8300) says:

    I LOVE YOUR BOOKS can't wait till the other books come out. i can finish your books in like 2 days i cant put the book down

    P.S please reply


  235. Katie (8300) says:

    love your books :) :) :) :)

  236. royalcandyapple (8300) says:

    Dear Nikki,
    Please try to make a movie if there was a movie it would be so cool like diary of a wimpy kind and try to read the book "The royal diaries" its diaries of princesses it is very nice but the diaries were translated i hope you and macenzie get along and is there a 3rd book i would totally buy it it is so going to be the best

  237. samantha.b. (8300) says:

    Dear Nikki Maxwell,
    I loved the book.I went to borders to go get a new book and this girl that was my age told me to read it I said 'hmmmm.'At first it looked lame but my mom made me read it and I could not stop!Then today I did everything I could I begged
    and pleaded cleaned my room so my dad would take me to borders to buy that book.I hope it is as outstanding as tales of a not so fabulas life! By the way my favorite charactor was Nikki I am the nerd at my school. Once this girl named Zoe she torchered me she would walk around school with her group and gosip about me then I tould the princeible and she got expelled!She was just like mackenzie but I am the girly girl now.But I am still a nerd!!!!!!!!!!!

  238. daniellemarie (8300) says:

    i like the movie up. the movie that i got tears is that when the old lady died it was so sad!

  239. Anonymous (8300) says:

    i hope the book is so cool

  240. kendye (8300) says:

    i saw eclipse did u

  241. carly (8300) says:

    i love ur books they are amazing my friend slept over and borrowed it she would not get her hands of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  242. the totally awesome anime artist who's a dork (^.^) (8300) says:

    Same with my friend carly!

  243. Anonymous (8300) says:

    OMG I am such a great fan!I love all ur books.The last great book i read was Twilight Saga New Moon.

  244. Anonymous (8300) says:

    yeah id give the gaurdians 5 star but if they eva made a dorkdiarys movie it would actually (i kno im gonna start talking nerd)PIE u kno the whole pie math thing(i hate math)not the pie to eat speaking of i had pie the othernight for desert

  245. Kelly (8300) says:

    Dear Nikki Maxwell,

    I like your book it was like the best book that I ever read. When my mother said she doesn't want to buy for me I am hopping mad. So she must buy for me. Please write more book for me Please!!!!:)

    With love,


  246. Kelly (8300) says:

    If I like a thick or thin book
    I can finish your book by 1 hour

  247. Anonymous (8300) says:


  248. Anonymous (8300) says:

    Hi Nikki I love Your Books and I can't wait to read the new one

  249. Pinkberry (8300) says:

    Hello Nikki, Are you going any were for Thanksgiving???

  250. Emma (8300) says:

    hi niki,
    do you like harry potter i love it!
    i'm being a character from it this halloween!

  251. Emma (8300) says:

    i what to read it sooooooooooooooooooo bad!

  252. Anonymous (8300) says:

    Hey Nikki im relly your No.1 fan and i love your book make new stories my name is Mira…….love you <3

  253. Anonymous (8300) says:

    I would loveeeee to see your book becoming into a movie!!

  254. Alexis (8300) says:

    Dear Nikki,
    My faveorite movie would have to be the Patriot. It's about the Loyalists and the Patriots. It gives you a better understanding of how the United States has come to be. It can be quite violent but it's perfect if you need to learn more about the 1700's!

  255. cream_berries (8300) says:

    Did you like the movies Toy Story 3,or Despicable Me?Those are my two favorite movies!^^

  256. Anonymous (8300) says:

    hey i am karen i think you should make a movie out of the book that would be great. i cant wait for your 3rd book to come out i already read the fist two ones bye talk to u another day I LOVE DORK DAIRIES :) :) .

  257. selena gomez (8300) says:

    i give twlight a 5

  258. Sophie (8300) says:


  259. Sky Girl (12) says:

    My favourite movie is Rio.It is really AWESOME!

  260. Sky Girl (12) says:

    I would rate Twilight…Hmm…What about 4 stars?

  261. Flying Girl (12) says:

    My favourite movie is ‘Another Cinderella Story’.Selena Gomez is really fabulous in that movie.

  262. Sky Girl (12) says:

    I live in Malaysia…!!!!!!!!!

  263. Dorkgirl_1221 (1) says:

    Dear Nikki,
    I like to read books what is your hobbie and what kind of books do u like?

  264. two lip (1) says:

    i love a boy named yousef abl- samir
    what to do

  265. Harmony (3655) says:

    Hey Nikki its me, I think you should make a MOVIE out of the books…. i know i would see it, or be in it. lol, well anyway, I STILL LOVE your books.

    TTYL Bye! :D

  266. Ultimate Dork (31) says:

    Tangled. It’s really funny, so I’ll give it a 5!! Nikki – I can’t watch Twilight. I’m reading the book, it’s REALLY good.

  267. Ultimate Dork (31) says:

    If it’s DVD-wise, How To Train Your Dragon. 5. Really good, one of the dragons are soooo cute. If you want to know, people who watched it, it’s Toothless. He’s sooo cute!!

  268. anonymous (2) says:

    OMG I luv your books lol im your biggest fan cant wait till the 4th book comes out ive already ordered the dork diaries pop star cant wait till i find it in the post P.S Please keep wrighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  269. anonymous (2) says:

    I also luv tangled and how to train your dragon

  270. i love the movies Diary Of A Wimpy Kid , and I would TOOOOOOOOOOTALLY LOVE A DORK DIARIES MOVIE!!!!!!! I WOULD WATCH IT ALL THE TIME

  271. XxthedorkydiariesxX (21) says:

    Mesn girls (PG13) ALL THE WAYY!!!!

  272. Carina (1) says:

    I saw Twilight =) I would rate it the five stars. Jacob was trying to be with Bella and Edward does too. Last time i saw Judy Moody.
    I would also rate that one 5 stars

  273. Breezypup112 (43) says:

    MacKenzie:OMG! you’er writing in a DIAY?!

    MacKenzie:Nikki,YOU are a
    Nikki:MacKenzie,if i FLUSH, will you go away?!

  274. Breezypup112 (43) says:


  275. lily (549) says:

    I SAW ZOO KEEPER!it was crazy:
    me:SELNA SHUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    celna:i hate thiis part!
    me:i not take ya out.
    celna:TAKE ME OUT!(sounds like a monster)
    me:oh you little brat!
    me:fine exits this way.

  276. Tatianna (4) says:

    I saw the movie twilight! It would be rated 4 stars :] but the movie i saw on the 7/21/11 was Tangled which would be rated 5 stars :D I love that movie so much i cried at the end…then i stopped :]
    Mackenzie: Nikki unlike YOU, I was born to be a SUPERSTAR! When my fans hear me sing, they’ll scream hysterically.
    Nikki: If MY ears were bleeding I’d scream hysterically TOO! :]

  277. lily (549) says:

    i saw the smurfs.i ate rainbow nerds.exept
    when that fandago preview came on,some of my
    nerds fell on the floor cause it was LOUD!!!
    here is how it went:
    preview:FANDAGO,COME ON LETS DO IT NOW!!!!!!!

    • Harmony (3655) says:

      I dropped my nerds once in the middle of the movie. I said ‘No! Oops, sorry.’ Lol!

      Im Harmony and im a TOTAL FREAKIN DORK! <3 H.K. :]

      • April (909) says:

        OMG! how was the Smurf’s movie!?
        I want to see it so bad!
        I’m gonna call my friends later and ask if they want to see it with me!
        I hope you liked it!

  278. Emily ;) (1284) says:

    i saw the last harry potter i think it was the best 1

  279. O FRICK :p (389) says:

    i saw Karate Kid yesterday w/ my BFFL @ a theater it wuz SICK :D !!!!! 4 outta 5 stars

  280. dorkaliciouse (573) says:


  281. Ms. soon 2 b popstar (218) says:

    I saw the lion king back in theaters. in its 4 younger kidz but i luv all the disney movies. lion king, loin king2, beauty n the beast, princess n the frog, sleeping beauty, ponyo, alladin, cinderella, snowhite and the seven dwarfs, tangled, and much much more!!! hurray 4 my inner 6 year old!!! :) :P !!!! i give them ALL a 5 STAR RAITING!!!!

  282. Ms. soon 2 b popstar (218) says:


    • April (909) says:

      Ya I love disney movies too! I am also a little kid at heart, (don’t tell my class mates though!) I even once in awhile pull out my polly pockets with my BFF and we just play around with them! It is fun! GO INNER LITTLE KIDS!

  283. Maria Alejandra (13) says:

    I went with my brother :( The worst day ever i went to see cars 2 with him and he wouldnt stop bugging me and he dropped 2 3D glasses!!!! Nikki your so right about not bringing your sister!

  284. STELLA (1) says:

    I went with my little sister cornilia to the movies and she just wont stop bothering!!!!! i bielive that ur rihgt nikki all little kidz are anoying

  285. Emily (59) says:

    I like Harry Potter, I give it a 3 and a half rating.

  286. stella3200 (151) says:

    The last movie I saw was Monsters Inc. I give it a 5 because IISFIAWIOAOA (It is so funny I always watch over and over again):)!

  287. Dreamer021 (1) says:

    I love Monsters Inc. Too it`s so awesome

  288. Domian (2) says:

    i saw Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer and i loved it. Who else saw it?

  289. alissa (28) says:

    my favorite movie is lemonade mouth. i like there songs too.i love music.lalala!!! :) :) :)

  290. alissa (28) says:

    i love popcorn

  291. Samantha Le (7) says:

    I love twilight! i would give it 5 stars but at the end it was so scary it so much blood and shote! :(

  292. Halima (4) says:

    Dear, Nikki I live in Canada and I want to buy your how to dork your diary book were can I buy it for a cheap price

  293. Halima (4) says:

    dear Nikki can you please,please,please,please,please hold a diary contest for your 5th or more diaries thanks,Halima

  294. Rhea (3) says:

    I saw Twilight.Loved it & will give it 5 stars!!!!

  295. kinger (147) says:

    my fave movie is glee 3d concert i giveit 4 stars

  296. iWannaBeURfriend! (547) says:

    Wow.. it’s been a long way since the first blog post or so..

    • PhoenixWrightFOREVER (6085) says:

      I was 8 years old when this was posted :’( I wish i was 8 now because i wouldnt care bout boys and school, etc etc.

  297. Chloe (4) says:

    I saw Never Say Never and I will give it 5 stars. Its a really good movie if you like Justin Bieber.

  298. daniella (208) says:


  299. daniella (208) says:

    (: )

  300. kikooki (1) says:

    If there was a movie for dork diaries it wod b my fave 1.

  301. Nikki M (48) says:

    I have seen twilight,awesome move,I rate it 5 stars.Nikki,why don’t you make a movie diary? My favorite is dork diaries.

  302. Celia (74) says:

    I saw Hunger Games, and i rate it 6 stars!!!:-p

  303. Hannah (1) says:

    I watched Hunger Games and also give a rate of 6 stars. I would give ur diary a 10 if a movie of that came out!!

  304. Epic9925 (50) says:

    The last movie I saw at home was “Hop” and I give it 5 stars. The last movie I saw in a theater was “The Avengers” I think and I give it 5 stars. If there was a Dork Diaries movie I would give it 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars (I don’t have a clue of how many stars that would be)

  305. Bella (2720) says:

    already this many comments? darn, I was commenting on wrong post.

  306. Bella (2720) says:

    I hate rwilight.

  307. Bella (2720) says:


  308. Aria (4) says:

    I just saw Brave and i would totally give it 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

  309. danni (1) says:


  310. Abbi (5) says:

    Brave – 4 stars
    Twilight – 5 stars
    Snow White and the Huntsman – 4
    The Lucky One – 4 stars
    Abbi :)

  311. starr (393) says:


  312. Mariam (189) says:

    I have a lot of favourite movies! I now watch some of them on Netflix. One of my favourite movies is… earth. It’s sort of like a documentary/movie. It was about the sea, and I would give it 3 stars. Another one would be Alpha and Omega and that would also be 3 stars. My FAVOURITE movie of all is…….I don’t know! I have lots of favourites, like Madagascar, Open Season, and lots more!

  313. tori (1) says:

    nikki since u have a crush on brandon i should tell u this after school i saw brandon and makenzie at the park thats not the bad part this is they were kissing!!!!

  314. Paulyn deguzman (1) says:

    this story is so beautiful ilove reading the dork books i read 3 of your books and it so fun i spend my time in reading dork books it much FUN………

  315. Brooke (4) says:

    Hi Nikki, the last movie ii saw was Ice age 4
    it was so awsome and funny, i didn’t think it would be that funny cos it’s number 4 and they usually die out of funnyness in the movie. so i rate it 4/5

  316. Chase (1) says:

    It’s remarkable to pay a visit this web page and reading the views of all friends concerning this piece of writing, while I am also keen of getting knowledge.

  317. Hello.This post was extremely remarkable, especially because I was searching for thoughts on this topic last Saturday.

  318. adrianna thomas (3) says:

    awesome books i love them

  319. Jessie (4) says:

    twilight – o stars
    perks of being a wallflower (which i havent watches but i know its going to be AMAZING – 10 stars LOL :D

  320. morgan (1) says:

    brave, i am now currently merida obsessed 5 stars

  321. Tiffany Khuu (1) says:

    i haven’t been 2 the movie theater in a long time but I might go c twilight breaking dawn part 2. Anyways what i think u should do is make ur books into cool movies like how Jeff Kinney got diary of a wimpy kid to turn into awsome movies.

  322. martha (2) says:

    hi nikki i love all of your book there so cool can you make more ????????????

  323. martha (2) says:

    and yes i am 9 years old your very awsome

  324. Th last movie I saw ( THE ONLY one this year) was The Lorax! I’d give it 4,5 stars

  325. bella (6) says:

    omg i saw the new movie the twilight sagabreakingdawn part 2 it was awesome i saw it last friday!!!!

  326. bella (6) says:

    i give the movie waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than5 stars!

  327. colleen harrison (2) says:

    i <3 dork diaries it is good ma fav is the 3rd one

  328. the nikki identidy (17) says:

    ive seen G force the littel ginny pigs are so CUTE!

  329. the nikki identidy (17) says:

    im a 9 years old and look like nikki!

  330. the nikki identidy (17) says:

    i love dork diarys SO MUCH SO MUCH SO MUCH SO MUCH SO MUCH SO MUCH SO MUCH SO MUCH SO MUCH SO MUCH SO MUCH SO MUCH MORE THEN ANY ONE IN THE WORLD RACHEL YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you rachel nikki are number1!!!!!!!!!

  331. julia (1) says:

    I saw breaking dawn part 2 it was unbilevabel I hope they make anoter one.<3

  332. cooliowoolio (12) says:

    Atleast you don’t have an annoying older brother like me.

  333. kim (2) says:

    i swathe last twilight. it was awsome. best movie of 2012 its tied with avenger wich was awesome too.

  334. kim (2) says:

    i swathe last twilight. it was awsome. best movie of 2012 its tied with avenger wich was awesome too.

  335. SashaLuver (5) says:

    uhmmmm…. it’s The Lorax! 5 Stars :)

  336. Miss-Know-It-All (47) says:

    My favorite movie is Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs.

  337. jaden (1) says:

    I went to see the lorax. it was a good day and i went to go see it with my grandpraitns

  338. Destiny (2) says:

    I love The Hunger Games and House at the End of the Street

  339. Toh'toh (1) says:


  340. The Scarlet Letters (98) says:

    I love Despicable Me!!!!!! :)

  341. Lauren (3) says:

    I know this kid who looks just like Russell from Up.

  342. Anony (1) says:

    Can’t wait to read dork diaries 6 i’m acutally writing a book my self just don’t know how to get it published

  343. Anony (1) says:

    Can’t wait to read dork diaries 6 i’m acutally writing a book my self just don’t know how to get it published help!!!

  344. TatorTot (84) says:

    Literally i’m watching lord of the rings right now! :) my sister likes a HOBBIT!!

  345. lexxe (18) says:

    my last movie i have watched is oz the great and powerful i rate it 4 stars its not really cute i do love the avendgers and im awating iron man 3 so exciting sqeeeeeeeee

  346. gracie (1) says:

    hey i was going to say that on the first book you took your little sister to a movie and you split popcorn on the person next to you and she looked like the same person on the book and almost every body was dressed up as a unicorn or a princess and and your little sister got scared because of the fary part is that picture from book one ???
    she got scared because she is scared that the tooth fairy will nock out all her teeth to make dentuers for old people

  347. lalila (5) says:

    I AM SUCH DORK! its a long story.but just to make it short,i i saw that movie to, and lol,i freaked 2!

  348. Hannah (30) says:

    The latest movie I watched was High School Musical 2 (I know), I’m kind of embarrassed to admit this but I cry so much in the High School Musical movies! I mean, Troy and Gabriella really seem meant for each other and when they break up it’s just SO SAD! I would give it a star rating of 3 out of 5 because some things are repetitive but it’s a really good story and moral.

  349. SashaLuver (5) says:

    I love Pitch Perfect. 5 OUT OF 5 STARS! :D

  350. SHELLEY (1) says:

    i like dork dirais a lot i want all the boooks

  351. nyanka (1) says:

    i love these books they are intresting

  352. Imy (9) says:

    Oohhhh I’ve seen UP! It’s a good family movie. But anyways, I really like Oz The Great and Powerful. 5 out of 5 stars! And I LOVE Pitch Perfect!! 5 OUT OF 5 STARS!! :D

  353. ella (19) says:

    I just saw ozz the great and powerful i give it a 4 stars

  354. Haniyah (4) says:

    I love it I’m on team Edward whose team are you on Nikki

  355. dork diaries fan (4) says:

    i love twilight, i would give it a 5 star :)

    oh i seen up it good :D

  356. dork diaries fan (4) says:


  357. Nikki m (2) says:

    i LOVE dork diaries cant wait for the next book :D

    • steelpretty (2) says:

      OMG!Nethier can i am the most excited person i am super super super super super super super super super super super super excetera (xgoogle exciteds)

  358. XxTheDorkDiariesxX (21) says:

    1 day left! I’m

    leaving school early to get the book :D

  359. Angie Choe (6) says:

    like your best friends and like youy but i want to be like you but such life is ahead and mackenzie is my arch nemis

  360. lilypad10209 (5) says:

    i cant wait 2 get my hands on the 6th book . i cant wait until i read it . i hope that brandon and nikki hook up they would make a perfect couple !!!!!

  361. juduth (1) says:

    love dork diarie,read every book. sugh a great story. one of the best ive read. cant wait for the next one to come out!!!!!

  362. DazzleGirl (55) says:

    I would be mad if I had a sister like Brianna!I feel so SORRY for Nikki!

  363. Vanessa :D (14) says:

    I am gonna watch Monsters University!!! And Despecable me 2!! Plus I love High School Musical 1,2 and 3.

  364. caitlyn T (1) says:

    I LOVE the dork diaries and I loved the last movie I saw too. it was beautiful creatures. i loved the story line just like I loved the story line to dork daries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  365. Demetra (3130) says:


  366. cool cat (21) says:

    the incredibles= ***** (stars)

  367. cool cat (21) says:

    oz grat and powerful****************************************************************************** (stars)

  368. cool cat (21) says:

    twilight is a 0 star rate

  369. alwaysSmile (2) says:

    I love dork diares!! keep making LOTS MORE BOOKS

  370. Benny (1) says:

    I Love You!!!!!!!!

  371. Starwarsgirl (30) says:

    As u see by my name I am a HUGE fan of Star Wars.i also like les misareble

  372. Yana (2) says:

    I want 2 see the next dork diaries book i have like all the books!!!!!!! :)

  373. Katerina (1) says:


  374. zeeshan (1) says:

    ya i totally like mooveez!moo-vv-ee-zz!!! :)

  375. cindysmiles2 (7) says:

    pink panther2 is so awesome i could…………………………….
    (fill in the blanks)

  376. Jasmine Bloomer (3) says:

    All i got to say is, I LOVE TWILIGHT!!!! I want all the movies. I would give twilight a 5. Isn’t Taylor Lautner hot or what?!

  377. Dorky girl (8) says:

    i went to the movie UP! with my best friend
    its was an amazing movie we liked it very much :) but when im going to the movies with my mom and my little brother its exactly looks like the pic of u and brianna !

  378. Anna (1) says:

    You know what you should do? Make a movie Dork Diaries! Wouldn’t that be cool!

  379. :) :) :) :) (78) says:

    gosh the last movie I saw at the movies was How to train your dragon 6 times in one week!!!

  380. ChibiGirl (1) says:

    *I don’t care what anyone else thinks of me :|
    I had to watch Equestria Girls ’cause of my love for My Little Pony :D
    It was good, though, it wasn’t as good as I was hoping for it to be :|
    *Insert “Too old for MLP” comment here*

  381. alayna (8) says:

    I love lots of movies

  382. Anonymous (2) says:

    Hey I wish people made a movie for dork diaries they should its like one of the best books ever

    • Caitlin (4) says:

      Same here! Lol they say it is ‘against our religion’…i am just Christian I dont rly think it matters but i watched it at my friends house anyways XD

  383. callie (1) says:

    my mom will not let me see twilight so if you have seen it email me bout it at thank you :) <3

  384. Caitlin (4) says:

    Speaking of movies when are you going to make the DORK DIARIES ONE?!?!?! I am anticipating the seventh book, too, even though it is below my reading level. BREAKING SCHOOL RULES BABY!!!!!!!!! #whyME

  385. Caitlin (4) says:

    I saw ‘The Apparition’ it was a pretty good movie I would give it a 4.6 or so. If anyone has seen Monsters University email me about it at or

  386. Ernie B (132) says:

    Last movie I saw… MU!!! I love Mike Wazowski, so it’s a 4.

  387. arianagrande (52) says:

    i want to see percy jakson and the lighting thief and the sequel the sea of monsters

  388. Huskeygirl3 (4) says:

    I saw The hunchback of Notrie Daim.

  389. Dee (5) says:

    i watched all of the harry potter movies!!!! So totally AWESOME!!!! i super <3 hp!! i m such a dork!!!!

  390. Nikeeta (9) says:



  391. Sheena (4) says:

    My favorite movie is THE HUNGER GAMES! Although it’s kinda violent I still love it! 5 STARS! :)

  392. alena (7) says:

    TWILIGHT i would say 3 stars in the middle.
    because its not my type because im young so im not uesd to those type of movies im only 9

  393. cececool (6) says:

    i love breaking dawn a

  394. Rachel (283) says:

    to tell the the truth,I’ll give up 4*.Not 5.It was just too sad when the old man’s wife died!

  395. Rachel (283) says:

    to tell the the truth,I’ll give up 4*.Not 5.It
    (don’t be embarressed Hannah!High School Musical 1 and 2 rocks!!!)
    was just too sad when the old man’s wife died!

  396. Grace (1) says:

    I got all of the Dork Diaries except the indigo one.

  397. jazz (37) says:

    I like the movie up too! Some of my favorite movies are the Tinkerbell movies I have all of them. :-)

  398. Rita (6) says:

    Here’s my top 5!!!

    The Avengers
    Another Cinderella Story
    The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
    The Parent Trap (1998)
    13 Going On 30

    I have tons of faves, it was hard choosing even these. But the first two really ARE my top two.

  399. hunger games fan (23) says:

    i love the hunger games i read the book and
    i love the movies i rate 5 stars i love
    katniss and the cat buttercup

  400. hunger games fan (23) says:

    i love the hunger games i read the book and
    i love the movies i rate 5 stars i love
    katniss and the cat buttercup

  401. hunger games fan (23) says:

    nikki if dork diaries had a movie it would
    be all 5 stars

  402. hunger games fan (23) says:

    one of my fav person is suzanne collins
    she made the hunger games she made the books
    she rules

  403. hunger games fan (23) says:

    who likes jurassic park it is a good movie

  404. hunger games fan (23) says:

    who is your fav people in the hunger games

  405. Caitlin (13) says:

    I would say but i am not aloud to even READ the book! So i don’t know but i bet it is an AWESOME movie!
    Also, happy day after new year’s!

  406. *Movieloves9* (3) says:

    I watched One Direction This Is Us it is so awsome. (spoiler allert) I like it when they do the dinisaur move and the bird! And when Niall dressed up as the gaurd and was saying 1d was horrid and he didn’t know who they where and then Liam said he looked like a fat Russel Brand

  407. shivi (4) says:

    the last movie i saw was THE LEGO MOVIE i would give it 5 stars. but no i haven’t seen the movie twilight.

  408. ♫Chloe♫ (2) says:

    Probably The Lorax!!! x

  409. Tracy the argentine (188) says:

    ive seen ODD THOMAS. i’d give it 10 stars and more!!!
    after watching it i was thinking a’s great and entertaining. i haven’t seen TWILIGHT but i’m sure ODD THOMAS is WAY WAY better than this one.
    ODD THOMAS is a bit philosophical so for those who don’t like deep thoughts DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME!!!!
    you won’t understand it anyway.

  410. Emmalie (23) says:

    I watched frozen the latest I’d give it 5 stars i think it is the best movie Disney has ever came out with. Oh, yeah never seen Twilight, People say it is awesome!

  411. Aria (8) says:

    I don’t really like watching movies if I were going to be honest. I rarely watch any book that was made into a movie because a LOT of movies are so effin’ different from the book and I can’t stand that.

    • Isabelle Prez (2555) says:

      Oh my god I know right! But if they included ALL the details from a book to a movie, it would SUPER long.

  412. Hermione (2) says:

    I love Disney frozen also I think the best character is Olaf.

  413. epic_marshmellow x (24) says:

    i saw kicking and screaming it was hilarious 5 stars definitely

  414. Chelsea (43) says:

    The Hunger Games and Catching Fire are both 5 out of 5!

  415. Sandra (1) says:


  416. queendork (12) says:



  417. BookDork33 (10) says:

    Frozen rules I totally give it a five stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  418. MegaFave (1) says:

    I absolutely love frozen I’ve been watching it ever since it’s been out I’ll give it a 4.5 good songs but too many!

  419. Isabelle Prez (2555) says:

    I don’t think my comments work :(

  420. Mackenzie Hollister (59) says:

    yup frozen Elsa is best when is frozen 2 out! i
    really want it to be out

    () () BTW, that’s a bunny
    (o o)
    (U U

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